Celebrate your Family Vacation at Beypore Beach, Kozhikode

There are many places in the world that helps mankind to enjoy and revitalize. Some of the people are fond of metro cities encompassed with modern amenities and all kinds of luxury. While the majority of the people in the world like to explore the magnificent beauty of the scenic people. It would be hard to believe that the youngsters of the present days are more interested to enjoy the beguiling beauty of natural places. When compared to the past the present generation likes to learn the various aspects of nature and its resources. There would be no perfect answer for why people since ages love to visit the sun-kissed beaches and enjoy their beauty. Words are insufficient to express the alluring beauty of the beaches. Even though all the beaches carry similar characteristics but still they differ in various factors. When you think of discovering the beauty of a scenic environment the first image that runs into your minds will be that of the bottom-most state of Kerala. Kerala would be the only state in India that carries the astounding features of nature. To capture the scintillating beauty of nature into hearts hundreds of travel enthusiasts along with their families grab the tour packages for their family. The sun-kissed beaches of Kerala always attract travelers from various corners of the world. Beypore Beach situated in the hearts of Kannur. To know more about the fascinating features of the Beypore beach just scroll down the following paragraphs.
Some intriguing features of Beypore beach

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Positioned 10 km from KozhikodeBeypore beach with its astounding features attracts hundreds of beach lovers across the globe. The beach offers ample opportunities to enjoy the amusing beauty of nature and its resources.  The eye-soothing sunrise and sunsets of the beach delight visitor’s hearts and eyes. Situated at the mouth of River Chaliyar, Beypore beach is well-renowned for its marvellous beauty. If you are reaching the beach, you can find many people doing jogging on the soft sand bed by a witness the undistinguished beauty of the rising sun. Followed to it you can see many streets accompanying their carts to the shore in order to start their business. By noon the aroma of the signature dish of Kozhikode called Kozhikode Biriyani will induce hunger. Beypore was formerly known as one of the prominent trading ports in Kerala. Moreover, the 2 km long bridge constructed across the bridge attracts many travel enthusiasts. There are many ways to enjoy the stupendous beauty of the beach.
Different ways to explore the beauty of the Beypore beach

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The beach provides a wide array of opportunities to enjoy the beauty of the beach. Some of them are kayaking, jet skiing, parasailing, and many more. When you wish to practice the enthralling sports events, do not forget to seek prior permission from the concerned authorities. Moreover, if you think you are not confident enough to learn adventurous games without any hesitation seek help from professional guides. If you are good at angling or love to catch beautiful and fleshy fishes, with the help of authorities do the same. While angling you could find several local fishermen engaged in fishing using their modern and traditional techniques and equipment. If you are not interested in practicing the aqua venture games or tired of the same, you can gradually move to the dolphin point. It is the best and eye-soothing place where you can find dolphins of different ages engaged in fun-filled activities. If you are accompanying small kids and other family members it would definitely be a remarkable moment. Along with it, you can also explore the marvelous beauty of nature by availing of boat tours at cheap prices from prominent tour operators. If you are put up with your daily chaos and want some kind of relaxation and rejuvenation, you avail of Ayurveda packages at affordable rates from the eminent operators. Some of the travel planners hesitate to inculcate such therapies in the packages hence before buying the tour services communicate with their customer support team. Kozhikode is not only famous for its mind-blowing scenic places but also known as a haven for shopaholics. Before concluding your Kozhikode exploration do not forget to buy souvenirs for dear friends and family. The district is well-renowned for various types of sweets and other delicacies prepared in traditional style. When strolling the streets of the ancient ports of Kozhikode known as Beypore port will help you to go back to history. The port received not only national traders but also international traders from Persia, Europe, and other foreign countries.
When to visit the sun-kissed Beypore Beach?

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Beypore beach remains open throughout the year. But if you want to catch the astounding beauty of the beach you are requested to visit the sun-toasted beach during the chilly cold months that is from September to February. If you are decided to visit the beach on those months do not forget to carry woolen clothes, or else the weather conditions will spoil your trip mode.
How to reach Beypore beach?
Beypore beach situated in the heart of Kozhikode is well-connected to the airport and railway station. The nearest railway station is Kozhikode railway station and the nearest airport is the Calicut International Airport. To make your journey hassle-free grab the tour packages from the well-renowned travel planners in Kerala such as Gogeo Holidays.
To know more about the fascinating features of Kozhikode, purchase the travel packages from the Gogeo Holidays. They are the ones who curate the packages by incorporating the best tourist destinations. To make your journey stress free and exciting buy their services before it expires. To know more about them, just surf the internet. Their customer support team is always with you to clarify all your doubts regarding the packages and services. They are even ready to customize the packages on the customer’s special request. So don’t be late to grab the packages from them. they also surprise gifts to the lucky customers from random selection.

Discovering the Audacious Beauty of Kulathupuzha with Dear Ones

There are many places in the world that help people to enjoy their awesome leisure days with their dear ones. Can anyone tell which the most difficult task is for a person in the world? Is it to climb to the top of the mountain or to practise all kinds of adventurous activities? The answer may vary from person to person but for me, the answer is really something different. According to me the most tedious task in the universe is to explore the magnificent beauty of all the serene places situated in various corners of the world. The almighty Lord created the audacious planet in such a beautiful manner that we really hesitate to travel from one scenic place to another. It is my lifetime dream to enchant the audacious beauty of surreal nature glowing in various dimensions of the world. But due to financial constraints, I am always forced to postpone my dreams and wishes. It does not mean that I do not travel to fabulous places near to my hometown, Bangalore. In fact, I am a travel enthusiast and love to discover the beguiling beauty hidden in the nook and corners of the destination. At least twice or thrice I used to visit the unexplored beguiling tourist places in India either alone or with my close friends and cousins. Each time I used to enjoy the scintillating beauty of the marvelous places situated in my state. But this time I thought of witnessing the gorgeous beauty of the neighboring state called Kerala. Even though I am not so fluent in Malayalam I knew many salient features of the state through my Malayalee friends. As I am an adventure enthusiast my friends always used to tell me that I should definitely visit Kerala, because it is the only place where one could dig out immense opportunities to practise enthralling games. As I am not familiar with the state and the language I decided to avail of tour packages from Gogeo Holidays. I came to know about Gogeo Holidays from one of my friends who recently purchased their packages at cheap prices. Along with me two of my close friends also accompanied me to ‘god’s own country’.

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Encompassed with 14 scintillating districts the mind-blowing beauty of Kerala could not be described in singular words. Our itinerary was mainly concentrated on the southern parts of Kerala especially Kollam district. Kollam is actually known to be ‘home of varied species of cashew nuts’. Not only is the district blessed with immense beauty and irreplaceable resources of nature but also well-renowned with excellent hospitality services.  Due to its outstanding hospitality services, Kollam district is being adorned with a tagline such as ‘Kollam kandal illam venda’ which means ‘If you explore Kollam district and enjoy its hospitality services; you would definitely never return to your hometown’ in colloquial language. The tour package was for 2-3 days and we explored all the major tourist destinations. Among the several places, Kulathupuzha forest range attracted me a lot.

Kulathupuzha, located on the eastern sides of the capital city called Thiruvananthapuram is known to be a fusion of rubber plantations and dairy farms. To allure the stupendous beauty of the emerald places hundreds of travellers arrive in the region by purchasing the tour packages to Kerala. It is not the first destination we were visiting in Kerala. Actually the moment we stepped into the state we practised the various forms of adventurous events by visiting the breathtaking places and hills stations. As we were really tired we thought of exploring a scenic place where we could unwind and revitalize. Therefore, it was our tour guide you took us to Kulathupuzha forest range. Spread in an area of 1000 sq. km Kulathupuzha attracts hundreds of nature lovers every year. The forest range is known to be home to various types of trees such as wet evergreen, semi-evergreen and moist deciduous trees. Some of the trees are cultivated with an aim to enhance the industrial sectors. Teak, eucalyptus and sandalwood and so on are known to be perfect instances for the same. What makes the forest range so popular across the nation is due to the presence of Myristica Swamps. These freshwater species are rarely seen in India. The Himalayas are the other place where one could in large numbers. It is always seen that when there is a forest obviously a sanctuary or national park would be located associated with it. Shenduruny wildlife sanctuary is the mind-blowing wild home situated next to the Kulathupuzha forest range. Over there we are able to enchant the beauty of the unseen and endangered species of wild animals and birds. In fact, our camera was filled with amusing images of flora and fauna and also we did not forget to click our group photographs with the surreal nature as the backdrop. The forest also shelters some rare and precious medicinal plants belonging to various species in a small area and named it as Sanjeevani.

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After exploring the incredible beauty of the emerald surroundings we moved to Kulathupuzha dairy farm. As mentioned earlier, Kulathupuzha shelters one of the largest dairy farms in the state. The farm was constructed as part of the Indo-Swiss project and over there the employees use modern equipment for the functioning of the dairy farm. We concluded the Kulathupuzha exploration by visiting the Sastha temple. The temple experiences a large number of devotees during Vishnu Mahotsavam in the months of April and May. Followed to it we visited the Jatayu rock and enjoyed the panoramic beauty of the lush green environment. After enjoying the resplendent beauty of Kollam we packed our bags and returned to our hometown.

The Two Iconic Islands of Andaman and Nicobar

There would be no one in the world who hasn’t heard about the naturally formed islands situated in various corners of the world. Islands have always played a significant role in different civilizations and various segments in one’s life. With the advancement in technology and science, people have started to form man-made islands in many highly-developed regions. The resplendent beauty of the place attracts hundreds of travel enthusiasts from various corners of the world. Andaman and Nicobar Island is one of the oldest and fascinating islands in the world. Andaman and Nicobar Islands have always played a pivotal role in the history of India. The archipelago is known to be a concentration camp during colonial days. Many innocent and brave freedom fighters of India were imprisoned for no reason in the Cellular Jail of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Over there they faced many brutal torturing and mental stress. Some of them ended up in their precious life. While others patiently for the day of freedom. There was a time when people feared to visit the marvelous. After gaining independence the Andaman and Nicobar Islands came under the administration of the Indian government. After learning the scenic beauty and amazing collection of fauna and flora the tourism department of India took the initiatives to attract the tourist from various corners of the world. Understanding the scope of tourism in Andaman and Nicobar Island travel lovers from different corners of the world grab the tour packages to the archipelago. Some of the prominent islands of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are Port Blair, Neil Island, Havelock Island, Guitar Island, and many more. Before learning more about the islands and their unique features let us take a glimpse of the well-reputed travel operator called Andaman Tour Travel. They are the ones who curate mind-blowing tour packages by incorporating excellent tourist places and also create customized packages and itineraries. They try their best to provide outstanding accommodation with mouth-watering food dishes.

Boarding to Andaman and Nicobar Island

After availing of tour packages to the eye-catching tourist destination called Andaman and Nicobar Islands, you will be requested to board the flight to Veer Savarkar International Airport. It is the only airport situated in the governing city called Port Blair. If you really want to enjoy the ambiguity of the island, you can opt for the ship voyage. Usually, the voyage starts from Chennai, Vishakhapatnam, and Kolkata. People who are craze to enjoy the scenic beauty while sailing on the sapphire waters you can choose to the ship trips. It is always said that for a safe and reliable journey, experts advise opting for a ship voyage during the return journey.

Jolly buoy Island

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Located in the hearts of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Jolly Buoy Island is known to be a haven for coral reefs and amusing underwater plants and other marine creatures. The island is known to be one of the stupendous islands in the whole region. It is one of the mesmerizing islands that marvel at each and every visitor with its eye-catching coral reefs. The best and effective way of exploring the mind-blowing coral reefs is to opt for glass-bottom boat rides. It is an ordinary boat with glass plates being fitted on the bottom portion. The captain of the main lead of the boat will take you to the portion of the island where you can witness the abundant collection of varieties of coral reefs and also amusing species of marine creatures. Glass bottom boat rides will not last more than 20 minutes. But I assure you that those few minutes will offer you enchanting moments. When you decide to explore the audacious beauty of the island do not forget to gain prior permission from the senior authorities. Understanding the need for basic facilities of the visitors the authorities of the island, have provided good functioning toilets and other basic needs.

Red Skin Island

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Popularly known as an alternate island, Red Skin Island is situated in the inner parts of the Mahatma Gandhi National Park in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The ambiguity of the island and its charming beauty will truly inspire you in many ways. Just like Jolly Buoy Island, Red Skin Island also carries many mind-blowing coral reefs and other noteworthy features of the marine world. The island is known to be a haven for not families but also for newly married couples and youngsters. After enjoying the beauty of the coral reefs do not forget to catch the alluring images of zebrafish, parrotfish and sea urchins,s and so on.

When to visit the gorgeous tourist place with your dear ones?

 Even though the Andaman and Nicobar Island are encapsulated with many eye-catching attractions and sapphire small islands, there are some places that carry some restriction. Just consider the case of Jolly Buoy Island and Red Skin Island, they remain open only for consecutive 6 months. So if you truly want to explore the magnificent beauty of these islands consult with your travel operator and check whether it is convenient to visit or not. Never conclude the island just discovering the beauty of the islands. Make your trip awesome and entertaining by participating in adventurous activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, jet-skiing, parasailing, and many more. Also, you can participate in trekking, wildlife safari, nature walk, and many more. Before practicing the adventurous activities never forget to seek permission from concerned authorities.

Four Ways to Discover the Magnificent Beauty of Kerala

There would be no one in the world that hasn’t heard or read the name of the most beautiful state of India famously called as Kerala. The state attracts travellers from various corners of the world through its captivating beauty and amazing collection of fauna and flora. The state has gained prominence not only through the tourism sector but also through its unique culture and traditions. The eccentric cultural art forms such as Kathakali, Mohiniyattom, Thiruvathirakali and many more always tried their best to capture the hearts of thousands of art lovers and travel lovers. Words are insufficient to express the magnificent beauty of the stunning words in singular words. It is always said to feel the beauty and importance of something one should definitely spend some valuable moments with it. The same principle is applicable to the beauty of Kerala. To enjoy the audacious beauty of Kerala one should definitely find out some valuable seconds from their life and dedicate to the arms of Mother Nature. Trust me if spend a few hours in the arms of Mother Nature; you could build lovely moments for your future. Nature is like an answer to all kinds of problems and issues in one’s life. There are many ways to explore the alluring beauty of the stunning nature of Kerala. To know more about it just scroll down the following paragraphs and absorb the vital information form it.

Way 1

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Exploring the gem hidden in the scenic beauty of Kerala within a couple of days is not practically possible. The 14 districts of the state are unique and well-known for its beauty, heritage and culture. To learn each district’s identity one should definitely spend more than a week in Kerala and enjoy its ambiguity. If you love to enjoy the beauty of the city as well as the charm of the countryside, the best option would be to select the itinerary that covers places such as Kochi-Munnar-Thekkady-Alleppey/Kumarakom. The speciality of these destinations is they provide excellent views of nature enriched with wide varieties of incredible natural resources. Munnar and Thekkady are the perfect breathtaking hill stations that provide excellent opportunities to showcase tour talent and bravery. The most popular activities that are widely practised in those areas are trekking, mountaineering, and nature walk, wildlife safari and so on. Many travel enthusiasts hailing from different parts of nation such as Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai and so on avail of the tour packages for their family to enjoy the beauty of the state especially the above-mentioned tourist places. Alleppey and Kumarakom mentioned in the list are the best places to enjoy the sailing in the traditional houseboat cruises. The houseboats in Kerala were once used for trade purposes and also for travelling from one site to another.

Way 2

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There would be no one in the world who does not like to enjoy the beauty of the sun-kissed beaches. No one has found the reason or cause for the people to flock to eth sun-toasted beaches when they are depressed or happy. Finding an answer to the above problem is really a tedious task. Therefore, let us concentrate on the beauty of the beaches. Every beach provides the same view and the same climate but they differ in the activities or sport they provide. Kovalam beach, Kerala that is prominently known as a haven for foreigners is the best destination to practise adventurous activities such as scuba diving, snorkelling and parasailing and so on. As Kovalam beach is crowded with domestic and international tourist, you could also enjoy the Ayurveda treatments available at cheap prices. It would be hard for one to believe that most of the travellers visit the place only to practise the Ayurveda therapies for rejuvenation and revitalizing by purchasing the tour packages for their lovely family. To entertain the kids the state government has built many fantasy or amusement parks on the shores of the sea.

Way 3

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Festivals are the occasions when the family members and relatives unite together to enjoy happiness and also the beauty of the surroundings drenched in colours and lights. As everybody knows the southernmost state of India famously known as Kerala is well-renowned for its eccentric festivals and heritage, travellers gush to the state during those times. Onam, Vishu, New Year and so on also some of the cultural art forms which are played on specific days are the factors that grab the people from different parts of the world. Theyyam, Thiruvathiraklai, Kathakali, Mohiniyattom, and so on are played on the festive season. Pulikali is such a beautiful art form practised on the days of Onam festival is lures people from every nook and corners. It is an art form where the artisans paint themselves like the tiger and roam on the streets during the evenings. Onam is the festival where you could find natives wearing traditional dresses and engaging in various fun-filled games. How could one forget to mention the name of Thrissur Pooram that is prominently called as ‘festivals of the festival’ is actually a combined temple festival of temples held in the cultural capital of Kerala called Thrissur. It is held in the month of May every year. Just to witness the procession of elephants decorated in different colours and ornaments, people from foreign nations flock to the state annually by purchasing the tour packages from Gogeo Holidays, a well-reputed travel planner in Kerala.

How About Celebrating the Honeymoon in the Misty Munnar?

There would be no one in the world who does not like to enchant the gorgeous beauty of the beautiful nature. There was a time when people used to visit scenic places often and rejuvenate their tiring souls and body. As the competition in the corporate sector became stronger and vigorous people started to neglect to visit the emerald places and started to like to enjoy the artificial beauty seen in the highly developed nations and cities. But when it comes to the matter of marriage and honeymoon journeys post to it, people always love to choose the most ravishing and stunning lush green places situated in the inner parts of the country. The scintillating beauty of the awe-inspiring tourist destination will help you to build excellent and sweet memories with your better half. There are many scintillating serene places in the world that act as an exquisite stage for couples to enjoy their romantic moments. Kerala is one of the most stunning and mind-blowing tourist destinations in the world. Hundreds of travel enthusiasts from various corners of the world gush to the southern state of India to enjoy its gorgeous beauty and capture its alluring images into the camera. Whenever someone speaks about the audacious beauty of the serene nature, the first name that gushes into your mind will be none other than the misty and beautiful hill station called Munnar, situated in the southern parts of Kerala. The outstanding beauty of the hilly region will genuinely inspire your hearts. In simple words, one could say that Munnar is a haven for newly married couples to celebrate their honeymoon tour. Most of the couples avail of the packages to Munnar to enjoy the lovely by the enchanting awesome beauty of nature. To make the honeymoon safe and intriguing most of the couples purchase the tour packages from Dream Holidays, a trustworthy travel planner in Kerala. They are the ones who formulate the tour packages at the cheapest rates. Narrow down the following paragraphs and grab some intriguing information regarding Munnar and praiseworthy tourist places.

First day in Munnar

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Geographical area wise Kerala might be one of the smallest states but it does not mean that it is the tiny one. Each district in the state has enough area to accommodate the humans as well as the fauna and flora in large numbers. When speaking about the mind-blowing tourist destination, Munnar, it will take more than a couple of days to explore its beauty and charm. Let us start our exploration from the top station. Mattupetty dam, one of the finest dams in Kerala is known for its spectacular construction and shape. It is the dam in Idukki that provides the provision for the visitors to discover the natural beauty while sailing in the boat inside the dam. Pedestal boat would be the right option for newly married couples to enjoy their lovely days. Followed to it you can proceed to the top station to catch the bird’s eye view of the beautiful surrounding enriched with wide varieties of the natural resources. Very next to is the famous national park called Carmelagiri national park. It is the park where you could find animals and birds in abundance. When you are inside the park, do not forget to take out your camera and capture the stunning images of the alluring fauna and flora. The national park is well-renowned mainly for elephants. The scintillating beauty of the elephants captivates the travellers from various corners of the world to purchase the tour packages to the state. Feeding the elephants with sugarcanes and pineapples is the main activity practised by the visitors who visit the place with their dear ones. As Idukki, the district that shelters Munnar is devoid of railway systems, travellers will have to rely on the airlines’ services. People who are purchasing the tour services from Dream holidays need not have to worry, as they will inculcate the packages with airfares. They also draft packages to the people from Delhi and Mumbai.

Second day in the lovely Munnar

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The gorgeous Munnar is richly populated in the mind-blowing collection of natural resources. It is really a fantastic view to witness the beauty of the emerald surroundings being enveloped by the blanket of crystal clear clouds on the four sides. The hilly region is famous for sheltering the rare and endangered species such as Nilgiri Tahr and Strobilanthes or commonly called as ‘Neelakurunji’ in colloquial language. The speciality of the strobilanthes flower is that they bloom once in 12 years and on those days the region experiences a high number of tourist hailing from different parts of the world. It is said that the hill station has a strong relationship with the holy book The Ramayan. The main character called Sita Devi was said to take bath in the Sita Lake and Devikulam Lake in Munnar during her 14 years of exile. It is also said that she visited many of the places in the southern parts of the state and those regions are now turned out to be the best tourist destinations in entire Kerala. Devikulam gained fame through a super hit blockbuster Bollywood movie called ‘Chennai Express’, the famous song called ‘Kashmir mein tu Kanyakumari’ was cast in the lemon-grass field of Devikulam. It is an exquisite destination place where you can bring hearts into your mouth and enjoy your quality time without any interruption. To make your journey awesome and stress-free grab the tour packages as early as possible.

Is September the Perfect Time to Visit Kerala for Honeymoon Journey?

There is no specific time when and where one should celebrate their most awaiting romantic honeymoon days. Honeymoon is one of the most special and unforgettable days in one’s life. It is the time when two souls and body unite together to start a new life. Marriage is a special and irreplaceable sacrament were not only two different personalities unite together but also two families and their relatives join to start a new life. The marriage becomes blissful only when you receive the blessings of the elders, parents and wishes of your dear friends and cousins. Nowadays the enthusiastic and vibrant youngsters are ready to spend their savings on making their honeymoon more remarkable and truthful. To make the honeymoon inevitable and glorious the youngsters select awe-inspiring tourist destinations situated in various corners of the world. People who are situated in northern places like Delhi, Gurgaon, Uttar Pradesh and so on are always fond of scenic and marvellous places with moderate climate and pleasing environment. The audacious beauty of the serene places will truly inspire one’s hearts and according to the travel lovers such places always turns out to be an exquisite destination for celebrating lovely honeymoon days. According to nature lovers and travel enthusiasts, the southernmost state of India called Kerala seems to be an excellent place for revitalising and rejuvenating. Most of the travellers especially newly married couples purchase the honeymoon tour packages to Kerala, well-renowned as ‘God’s own country’. Grab the cheap packages from Dream Holidays. They also curate packages with airfares. Even though the beautiful state opens its doors throughout the year, but each season in the state carries something special that will definitely touch your heart. Just narrow down the following paragraphs and learn some peculiarities of the September, it is the time when nature of Kerala shines like crystal stars.

Excellent and favourable climatic conditions

Kerala honeymoon

The month of September is known to be a perfect time to enjoy the ambiguity and serenity of the emerald surroundings. Usually, Kerala seems to expect heavy downpours for consecutive 3-4 months starting from May to August. The very next month is known to be expecting mild rainfalls and also humidity in small scale. It is the right time to capture the amusing images of rare flowers blooming post to the monsoon season. Hold your partner’s hands firmly and through the lush green meadows and enjoy the melodious chirps of unseen birds and insects flying high in search of food, shelter and also for pollination.

The alluring picturesque landscape

There would be no one in the world who does not like to enjoy the beauty of green environment drenched in heavy downpours. If you visit during the monsoon season you will be restricted to visit some of the tourist places, but if you are visiting during the post-monsoon season i.e. from September you could enchant the alluring beauty without any interruption. Purchase your honeymoon tour packages post to the rainy season and enjoy your romantic days without any disturbances. Strolling through the lovely picture-perfect landscape and enjoy the unseen beauty of nature by capturing its meticulous images into your high-resolution camera. Kerala experiences a large number of tourist during the month of September especially from northern parts of the nation such as Delhi, Agra, Himachal Pradesh and so on.

Top activities that are widely practised in the month of September

Each season is popular not only for its unique beauty and charm but also for cultural activities and eccentric festivals. Every season of the state demands you to do something and refrain you from some activities. Here is a short information on the activities that are practised in the month of September.

Mind-blowing houseboat cruises

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The first activity that is popular across the state is the mind-blowing houseboat cruises sailing in the calm waters. Sailing in the houseboat will give you the feel like you are spending your precious time in the moving luxurious resort. It is one of rare and golden chance for the tourist to enjoy the virgin beauty of the countryside by sailing in the tranquil backwaters while savouring delicious and spicy food items prepared in traditional style. Also, it is really an awesome moment where you can learn the various lessons of angling from the local fishermen. You can also have a lovely candlelight dinner on its roof and enjoy your romantic moments. Houseboat rides are widely practised in lovely places like Kumarakom and Alleppey.

Heart-touching cultural art forms

When you are in Kerala never miss a chance to witness the live performances of the eminent artist. Kerala, the most gorgeous state is not only famous for its outstanding beauty and amusing collection of fauna and flora but also for unique traditions and culture. Participating the live programs of the cultural art forms such as Kathakali, Mohiniyattom, and Kalaripayattu- a martial art form widely practised in the various parts of Kerala, will truly take to the ancient days of Kerala especially during the colonial period. By watching the performances you can gain much knowledge about the lifestyle of the olden people and many more. Cochin cultural centre, Punarjani cultural centre, Greenix village and Mudra cultural centre are some of the well-renowned cultural centres present in the state.

Ayurveda hub- rejuvenating centres

Kerala packages

The herbal treatment or Ayurveda treatment is recognised and honoured across the globe. Most of the people who visit the state with an aim to rejuvenate and revitalize their body and soul by participating in the various kinds of herbal treatments available at different centres (authorised by the government of Kerala). There is a myth that only during the monsoon season Ayurveda centres will be open, but even during the post-monsoon season some of the well-reputed centres offer the therapies at cheap and affordable rates to the needy customers.

Sowing the Seeds of Marital Bliss at Ezhimala

I know that nobody needs a proper definition of marriage and married life. All the religions in the world believe that marriage is one of the holy sacraments. Due to its purity and importance, it is considered divine. It is said that the present youngsters do not believe in marriages and also not interested to take over responsibilities. But there are still a group of young and ambitious people who believe in the importance of marriage and purity. I am such a person who falls in the latter category. I am an ambitious and independent girl who wants to fulfill all my dreams and wishes. But also I like to follow all the traditional rituals and customs. Soon after completing studies, I was placed in one of the well-reputed multinational company in Bangalore. Like any young professional, I was really enjoying my professional and personal life in all aspects without any discomfort and difficulties. After dedicating my precious time, knowledge, and talent to the company for nearly 4 years, I decided to fulfill my parent’s wish i.e. to get married. In my life, almost all the important segments of my life were decided by my loving parents and their decision never went wrong. Hence I decided to handover the task of finding Mr. Perfect for me to my parents. Even though the task was tedious in general but for my parents, it was one of the easiest tasks, they found my dream man within a couple of months (I don’t know how it happened). After two-three official and informal meetings, we decided to get hitched. Like me even he was working in one of the eminent multinational companies in the same place where I work and also he owns a flat over there too!!!

Our honeymoon to Kerala…

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From marriage fixing till the end of wedding all the functions and what to say even the attires were pre-planned by parents and what should I say, I really do not know it was really fabulous and marvelous. Soon after marriage when I and Arun went to meet my family, they surprised us by handing over an envelope. It carried the tour packages of our honeymoon to one of the wonderful places in the world called Kerala, famously known as ‘God’s own country’. Even though I had heard a lot about the alluring state but never got a chance to explore its virgin and magnificent beauty. Kerala with its astounding beauty and amazing collection of fauna and flora grab the travel enthusiast from various corners of the world. The audacious beauty of the state attracts hundreds of nature lovers. To make our journey stress-free and relaxing my parents purchased the tour packages from the well-recognized tour operator called Dream Holidays. Does anybody know what makes the travel company so special and famous? It is they are the ones who curate the packages with airfares.

Audacious beauty of Kannur…

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We decided to discover the outstanding beauty of the serene nature of northern Kerala. It is said that the northernmost district called Kannur is known to be one of the most beautiful places in the entire state. Therefore we decided to celebrate our honeymoon over there. Even though there are many scenic places in the district, Ezhimala seems to be known as one of the eye-catching tourist destinations. The amusing collection of various natural resources, pristine rivers, shallow waters, and many more makes it an ideal destination for tourist to enjoy their holidays. Words are insufficient to express the beguiling beauty of the emerald surroundings. When exploring its meticulous beauty our tour guide Raghav explained many unheard and important information about the place and significance in simple words.

The stupendous charm of Ezhimala…

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It is really a tedious task to describe the scintillating beauty of Ezhimala in mere words. Situated at a distance of 38 km from main town Payyanur, Ezhimala steals the minds of travel enthusiasts through the picture-perfect landscape bordered with tall trees on four sides. More than the beauty of the region is popular for many reasons. It is believed that the region has a strong relationship with the Hindu mythological stories and also with some historical incidents. Situated at an elevation of nearly 200 meters the breathtaking hilly place provided us with the mind-blowing image of lush green surroundings. Thousands of thanks to the almighty and also to Raghav who insisted to carry a high-resolution binocular with us. When exploring the scenic beauty our tour guide shared some epic stories about the region. It is said that during the battle between Lord Rama and Demon Ravana, some of the followers of Lord Rama were severely injured as Lord Rama wanted to save his disciples he asked Lord Hanuman to bring 4 rare medicinal herbs namely shalya karani for piercing out arrows, sandhana karani for stitching cuts, vishalaya karani for healing wounds and mrithu sanjivani for bringing dead people to life. On reaching the Rishabdri Mountains Lord Hanuman found it difficult to recognize the 4 rare herbs hence he carried the whole mountain to Lord Rama. During his journey, a piece of mountain fell down and that piece later came to be known as ‘Ezhimala’. As a remembrance to Lord Hanuman, a huge sculpture has been constructed over there, known as ‘Anjaneya’. Ezhimala in colloquial language is known as ‘seven mountains’. On reaching the spot we came across the signboard which carried multiple names for the region names such as ‘Monte d’ Eli’ by British and ‘Mount Delly or Mount Eli’ by Portuguese. To make our trip more interesting we moved to Ettikulam Bay, which is richly encompassed with varieties of dolphins. It is really entertaining to watch dolphins’ fun-filled plays. We recorded them on our newly purchased camera. Followed to it we also enchanted the charm of the Indian Naval Academy Mount Deli lighthouse. After spending one more day we moved back to our hometown. If you really want to enjoy the beauty of Kerala purchase the tour packages at cheap prices from Dream Holidays.

Kannur- One of my Favorite Place in my Life

The scintillating beauty of Cannanore could not be described in mere words. Wait a moment does anybody understood the place Cannanore. If not I will let you know more about it. The resplendent beauty of the mind-blowing Cannanore took me to ancient days of Kerala. Cannanore is another name or old name of Kannur, the northern district of Kerala. Kannur is the only place where one could find the ancient and unfortunately rare art forms. From school days I am fond of art. There was not a single event in the arts festival that I haven’t participated. Twice I have won the over championship trophy. Along with art, I love animals and also love to explore the richly populated forests areas. My craze towards trees and animals is perfectly reflected in my home. Every nook and corner of my residential is occupied with wide varieties of plants and trees. Also, I like to pamper domestic animals mainly dogs and cats. Maybe all these features propelled me to visit the alluring district. I was quite sure that my parents won’t send me alone to Kerala to enjoy the magnificent beauty of the astounding place. Hence I surfed on the internet the different ways to enchant the beguiling charm. Finally, I got the result; the most efficient way to arrive in Kerala is by availing of the tour packages. At first, I thought of purchasing the group packages so that I could accompany my friends. But I changed my decision and selected family packages so that I could make my parents happy and proud of me. It is being only a year I have joined the company, I was not that financially stable. Hence I surfed for the cheapest tour packages that inculcate all the mind-blowing destinations of northern Kerala especially Kannur.

Our maiden journey to Kannur or Cannanore

Even though the Malayalam language is familiar to us but Kerala is known to be an unexplored destination for us. From the above sentence don’t think that we are not Malayalee. We are basically Malayalee, due to job opportunities and for a better lifestyle, our ancestors migrated to Madras, now formally known as Chennai. Since then we really became foreigners. Once in 3 or 4 years, we used to visit the ‘god’s own country’. That’s all! Through our neighbors we heard many unknown features of Kannur since then it became my lifetime dream to enchant its splendid beauty. To make our journey more economic we purchased the tour packages at cheap prices from Geogeo Holidays

Traverse to wild home – Aranmual wildlife sanctuary

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As mentioned earlier my affection towards wild animals propelled the tour guide to change the itinerary. The smallest wild home yet encompassed with unseen wonders of nature, Aranmula wildlife sanctuary sprawled in an area of 50 sq.kms will definitely captivate your minds. The moment I grabbed the entry pass I took out my camera as well as binoculars and started to lure the magnificent beauty of each and every fauna and flora. Some the species especially rare ones say barking deer, sloth, sambhar and so on whereas staring at me when I clicked the photos without asking their permission. The wild elephants that were commuting to the Cheenkannipuzha River to quench thirst looked at me with an angry face. The moment the elephants left the place we again continued with our exploration. While enjoying the beauty of the unseen dense forest suddenly we heard some sound. At first, we startled how could sound from loudspeaker could be heard in the forest. Our tour guide then told that it is an awareness programme conducted by the authorities for the natives as well as the visitors to share the importance of conserving nature and its resources. By the time my dad shared my interest in planting to our tour guide. He later discussed with the speaker and provided an opportunity for me to share my experience and hobby with the public.

My first ever trekking that to Katti Betta

Not only the scenic place of Aranmula wildlife sanctuary attracts hundreds of travel enthusiast but also the tallest peak called Katti Betta positioned in the midst of the forest will surely lure your minds. Katti Betta is one of the captivating factors that turn the tourist destination into a fabulous tourist destination. When ascending to the summit we are able to witness the unseen astounding beauty of nature. Over there we captured the amusing images of birds flying high in the sky in a particular fashion. Along with common birds like crows, pigeons and sparrows the region shelters many rare and endangered species of migratory birds. My camera was filled with beautifying images of birds and their various styles.

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Monsoon was the perfect time to visit

The right time to visit the sanctuary is followed to the monsoon season and our tour guide really appreciated our decision. He also told us that if we had visited the wild home during monsoon season, the venomous reptiles would have attacked us. Scorching summer days are another option to explore beauty.

After enchanting the marvellous beauty of the scintillating wild home we moved to one the temple (I exactly do not remember the name) to watch the live performances of the ancient art form called Theyyam, still practised in various parts of Kannur. Theyyam lasted for a few hours. Even though we did not completely understand the song, we really enjoyed each and every segment of it. An epic story from the holy book of Hindu is linked with the art form. According to the locals, the main performers get some messages about the specific people while practising Theyyam. After spending one more day over there we returned back to our hometown.


Tips for Planning a Perfect Honeymoon in Kochi Especially Fort Kochi

It is not for the first time I am visiting the marvellous Kochi situated in the hearts of Ernakulum district in Kerala. Even though I spent nearly a couple of weeks with my family and friends in Ernakulum I purposefully missed Fort Kochi it is not because I did not have much time but I had a misconception that Fort Kochi consists of many remains of colonial days. As I am least interested in learning the intriguing lessons related to history and geography I just skipped it. After a couple of years when I got married some of my friends suggested visiting Kerala famously called as ‘god’s own country’. I just told them “it is hardly being two years that I had a remarkable journey to the paradise of wonders”. They then asked me which all places I visited and what all I did? It was not hard for me to recollect the mesmerising places as those places really played a significant role in building good memories. Suddenly Ram asked me what about the gorgeous Fort Kochi. For a moment I remained silent as it is the only place in Ernakulum district that I omitted for a silly reason. I told him everything about what I did not visit it. It was through Ram I understood my decision was one of my great mistakes. He told me that “Fort Kochi is popularly known as the ‘old Kochi’ and carries many astounding natural wonders. People who visit the gorgeous place will be tempted to purchase the tour packages to Kerala again and again.”  Listening to our conversation my hubby insisted to change my mind and to avail of the honeymoon packages to Kerala and explore the stupendous tourist places that I purposefully and unknowingly missed on my last trip. It was Ram who advised us to purchase the tour packages from popular tour operators called Dream Holidays. They try to make their tour packages attractive by inculcating with airfares. The feature really lured our minds and we boarded the flight to Cochin International Airport from our hometown.

The scintillating beauty of Old Kochi

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It took more than an hour to reach the audacious tourist destination. To make our car journey more interesting our tour guide Mr Mohan described some unheard facts related to the Fort Kochi that is commonly called as ‘old Kochi’. The region was baptized as Fort Kochi during colonial days. The scenic beauty of Kerala attracted the traders Portuguese for trade. Hence the then King of Ernakulum handed over a land to them. Later they constructed a historic monument called Fort Kochi, and this is how the region got the name. Followed to Portuguese reign the region was conquered by Dutch, they abolished the monument and rued the place for several years. And the government of Kerala took the land from British officials.

Accommodation in Fort Kochi

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Just like the Kochi city, even the Fort Kochi provides ample shelters to refresh and unwind. It is all about your budget that determines where to settle and how to choose the best amenities suiting your lifestyle. As mentioned earlier, the amusing tourist place comprises of many Jewish synagogues and buildings. Some of these buildings have been modified into present luxurious hotels with many wondrous facilities. The audacious beauty of these hotels could not be described in a few words. Don’t feel bad even if you cannot afford these hotels, there are several cost-effective hotels available for the tourists who visit Kerala by purchasing the honeymoon packages. Most of the hotels over there offer a remarkable candle-light dinner with lovely Carnatic music being played on its background and we were lucky enough to enjoy these exciting features.

Enjoy your romance in the sun-kissed beaches of Fort Kochi

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I don’t think there would be a couple in the world who does not like to enjoy the beauty of the sun-toasted beach by holding each other’ palms firmly and whispering some jokes with romance in it. The beguiling beauty of the beach will truly captivate our hearts. Just like any other beach we were not able to stroll on the soft sand beds or not even able to practice some fun-filled activities. But we were blessed to enjoy the beauty of the ancient fishing nets which are prominently called Chinese fishing nets. We did not forget to catch the image of the innocent and hard-working fishermen eagerly waiting to throw their Chinese fishing nets on high tides. The beach premises will be crowded during the evenings as it is the perfect time to witness the glorious beauty of the sunset. If you really want to indulge in beach activities or love to traverse on the sand bed by wearing beach suites, Cherai beach would an exquisite destination for it. Next to Cherai beach lies the marvelous tourist destination called Vypin Island. A naturally formed archipelago where one can enjoy the alluring beauty of nature and its resources.

Best place to view ancient art forms

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Fort Kochi not only shelters the incredible natural resources but also provides enough chances to view and enchant the meticulous beauty of the art forms like Kathakali and Kalaripayattu. The ticket rates may vary between domestic and international tourists. Kalaripayattu is an ancient form of martial arts and Kathakali is an art form where both male and female characters are performed by the male artisans. Watching the live performances of Kathakali might be a little boring but if you learn its story it would be an intriguing experience for you.

Malamel- a Perfect Destination to Bring your Hearts into your Mouth

Honeymoon is a divine occasion where two unknown personalities unite together to start a new life. Even though India has attained great heights in various sectors, the present generation still believes in arranges marriage (a marriage where the families find the perfect match for their kid). Most of the couples understand each other deeply after marriage. The real meaning of marriage comes into practice only when both the husband and wife understand each other in every perspective. Or else life will be really a mess for everyone. To make collect good memories and to cherish wonderful moments in future couples always love to explore many unseen tourist destinations either in their state or out of state. Today in this document I would like to describe one of the least explored but still popular tourist destination situated in the remote areas of Kollam district in Kerala. Can anyone tell me what image or phrase comes into your mind when you guys hear the name Kerala? For me, it is the gorgeous beauty of the scenic tourist place and lip-smacking cuisines prepared in traditional Kerala style. Most of the nature lovers always opt Kerala popularly known as ‘god’s own country’ to celebrate their mind-blowing holidays with dear ones. Now a slight change has come in the trend many newly married couples avail of honeymoon packages in Kerala. It is not because the travel expenses are cheapest but the gorgeous beauty it offers to the visitors is something that could not be compared with anything in the world. Most of the nature enthusiast would be aware of the well-renowned tourist destinations such as Munnar, Wayanad, Thekkady, Kumarakom and so on. But only a few will be aware of the least renowned tourist places for them I would like to dedicate this blog.

Malamel- the astounding hill station

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Malamel is one of the mind-blowing hill stations that cover many outstanding natural resources. When compared to any other tourist destination in the state Malamel is one of the least populated tourist centers. Therefore it would be an exquisite tourist destination for you to enjoy your romantic moments without any interruption and chaos. To enjoy the gorgeous beauty of the breathtaking hilly region one should avail of the tour packages from well-reputed travel operators like Dream Holidays in Kerala. They attract customers by inculcating the packages with airfare. Hence travellers who hail from Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore can easily commute to the exotic tourist destination. Along with airfares they also include many fascinating features in the tour packages.

Now, let us come back to our Malamel hill station. Malamel in colloquial language means ‘on top of the mountain’. Malamel is known to be one of the fabulous hill stations in entire southern Kerala. The ambiguity of the serene nature could not be described in mere words. Without understanding its beauty and value of precious natural resources some greedy industrialists try to destroy its elegance by constructing quarry over there. But the joint effort of the workers and native residents forced the industrialist to change their minds and hence protected the virgin beauty of nature.

 Explore the outstanding beauty of Malamel

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It is really not necessary that one must definitely ascend to Malamel hill to catch the panoramic beauty of the emerald nature. Spending a few minutes in the premises of Malamel itself will help to your rejuvenate your retiring soul and mind. But if you and your better half are desperate to explore the beguiling beauty of the stoopy hills grab the permission from the concerned forest department. Malamel hill is actually encircled with several hills namely Golandarappara, Nadukanippara, Kudappara, Ambalampara, Shankoothupara, Nadappara, Kochunadukanippara, Kombukuthipara, Ayiravallippara, and Pullakkampara. There is no shortcut for anyone to reach the top of the Malamel Mountain for that they should climb the above-mentioned hill stations. The actual trekking begins from Arakkal and followed to it trekkers or honeymooners will reach Ayiravallipara. By the time you will cover the following hilly regions Chanapetta, Kudakkathupura and Kulathupuzha. Nadukanipara and Nadapara are known to be fascinating hills in the region both of them are called as ‘oxygen hub of the place’. The region not only shelters medicinal plants and herbs but also a cave. The cave itself carries many intriguing and mysterious things. After exploring the surrounding hills, finally, you will reach your destination called Malamel hill. The audacious beauty of the region will marvel your hearts and rejuvenate your soul. There was a time when hundreds of travel enthusiasts flock to the region to view its glowing beauty. The stupendous beauty will make you more romantic and lovely. Over there you could encounter crystal clear clouds whispering themselves about the new visitor. Along with it, you can also watch many lovely and beautiful birds belonging to various species flying high in a particular manner in the sky.

After spending some valuable moments over there you can descend to the base station. The awe-inspiring tourist will surely play a significant role in making your honeymoon into a remarkable one. Do not conclude your exploration by visiting the Malamel hilly region but also visit some of the historic and serene places such as Thenmala, Varkala and so on. To know more about such fabulous tourist places communicate with customer support executives of Dream Holidays during their office hours. To avoid last moment rush grab the tour packages as soon as possible. So hurry up! Don’t waste your time.