Know how Kerala is a Suitable Tour Destination for the People of Hyderabad

Famously known as the ‘God’s own country’, Kerala is a state with the Arabian Sea on the west and the Western Ghats on the east. It is known for its unique tradition and culture. Its untouched scenic beauty, exotic locales, pristine backwaters, and serene beaches beckon tourists from across the world and serve as the perfect destination for a leisurely vacation. Apart from its tranquillity, Kerala is known for its abundant wildlife and elaborate temples. In fact, holidaying in Kerala will unfold an awe-inspiring experience with nature’s magic playing in front of your eyes. No surprise, the gods own country is among the top listed tourist attractions as well as a honeymoon destination in India. Kerala is believed to be a wonderful present from the Arabian Sea as the gorgeous beaches like Kovalam and Varkala are the pride of Kerala. The breathtakingly beautiful hill stations, enchanting waterfalls, lovely lagoons, meandering rivers, and awesome natural scenarios further add to the reasons for people considering Kerala as a paradise. Kerala is also very popular for high standard Ayurveda treatments, coconut water, and oils which tourists look forward to experiencing. However, the highlight of Kerala tourism for anyone visiting here, be it the honeymooners or families or solo travelers, it’s the cruise through the backwaters of Kerala. The scenic beauty you can enjoy will make you wonder if you are in heavens for a moment. Idukki dam is another spot you can pay a visit to as it is the first arch dam in India and the largest in Asia.

Although people from other states as well as countries visit Kerala, recently it is been observed that Kerala tour packages from Hyderabad are happening in large numbers especially honeymooners. The reason for this can be the relationship Kerala and Andhra Pradesh shares and I have listed them below:

  1. Climate

 There is not much difference in the climate in Kerala and Hyderabad as both are usually hot. But however, there is a slight difference i.e. Kerala has a proper tropical climate whereas Hyderabad has a subtropical climate. Thus Kerala is more humid and more prone to rainfall than Hyderabad. This makes the people of Hyderabad use the same clothes and other things to use when they visit Kerala. They won’t have to spend a lot of money on preparatory shopping before visiting Kerala. However, don’t forget to bring an umbrella while visiting Kerala. Fears of health issues arising out of climate changes could also be kept at bay.

  1. Spicy Food

 A person from both of the states is fond of spicy food and often appears in the lists of Indian states with spiciest cuisines. In Kerala, rice cakes and steamed cakes may feel bland and tangy, but it’s the curries that are so lip-smacking. Kerala has always lived up to its title when it comes to cuisine. Needless to say, Kerala’s foods are bang-on. In fact, Kerala is certainly a seafood lovers’ paradise. However, be ready for the lip-burning, tearing-inducing curries but you will undoubtedly love the flavors.

 Now, Andhra Pradesh is nicknamed as the Mexico of India because of its fiery spice levels. Even the rice meals of Andhra are quite spicy. Some people believe it’s the Nawabi culture that results in red-hot meals.

 However, this has been a boon when people of Andhra Pradesh visit Kerala as they are comfortable with spicy and hot foods and can also look forward to an exotic form of spicy food.

  1. Languages

Languages play an important role when we select a tour destination for us. We naturally feel a little difficulty in being around people speaking languages that seem Geek to us and on the other side of the coin, we may feel confident if the language is at least familiar. In addition, it makes it easier to communicate. This is in fact what makes Kerala a good choice when people from Hyderabad visit Kerala. Both Telugu and Malayalam belong to the Dravidian languages and have roots in Sanskrit. Both of the languages use 80% Sanskrit words and follow the same grammar pattern too. Interestingly, this makes 85% to 95% words in Telugu and Malayalam the same. However, there are some differences in slang and style. Interestingly, if we take any sentence in Telugu or Malayalam, most of the times there will be at least one common word. Therefore, although different, Telugu and Malayalam do have similarities. As far as Sanskrit is considered, Telugu directly originated from Sanskrit whereas Malayalam originated from Tamil which originated from Sanskrit. So the major difference between them is that Telugu is as old as Tamil but Malayalam is comparatively new. Nevertheless, the similarities have developed a bond between the people belonging to two states.

  1. Movies

Kerala and Andhra Pradesh may not be neighbors but they are connected through the medium of movies. Telugu movie industry is generally known as the Tollywood and Malayalam movie industry is known as Mollywood. Ever since cinemas were introduced in south India, Telugu actors act in Malayalam movies and vice versa. It’s true that through movies we often develop a strange connection with the movie stars. The Malayalam actors who have acted in Telugu movies and were able to establish that connection are Nayanthara, Anupama Parameshwaran, Nithya Menon. This has made a soft spot or curiousness about Kerala in the hearts of Telugu audience. In fact, it is a mutual thing. Telugu actresses like Madhavi has acted in some remarkable Malayalam movies and won a place in the heart of Malaya lees as well. In addition, quite often Malayalam movies get dubbed into Telugu and vice versa. This trend also helps to establish a relationship with each other and a desire to visit the place.

 However, we often travel for experiencing a foreignness and travel itself is considered an opportunity to learn and grow. Some of the exotic things of Kerala are listed below which the people of Andhra Pradesh can look forward to while visiting Kerala:

  1. Houseboat cruising through backwaters

Kerala tour packages from Mumbai

 Backwaters of Kerala have become iconic to Kerala. Kerala is world-famous for its tranquil backwaters and it is something you can see only in Kerala. Thus, it is one of the must-visit spots in Kerala. There are so many houseboats available at all price levels and you can choose the one according to your budget. In any case, that sail through the calm and peaceful backwaters of Kerala beholding the amazing views of lush greenery on its banks will fill your heart with peacefulness and helps you to unwind the stress accumulated from your daily life as a natural process. This is especially useful for the ones on honeymoon packages in Kerala as they can relax and get rejuvenated after the tiring wedding festivities.

  1. Watch a Kathakali performance

Kerala tour packages from pune

Kathakali is Kerala’s own art form where the performers with painted faces sway to the rhythms of folk music. They also use hand movements. A Kathakali performance can be so impressionable as the whole attire is in a bright red color. However, the focus of the performance is to communicate a story often selected from Indian epics to the audience. There are so many cultural centers in Kerala where Kathakali shows happen. It would be great if you can go and watch any.

  1. Get thrilled by watching a healthy fight of Kalarippayattu.

Kerala tour packages from Chennai

Martial arts depict expression and skill and are often attributed to South Eastern countries like China, Japan, and Korea. Kalaripayattu is a martial art of India. The origin of Kalaripayattu is believed to have been from ‘Dhanur Veda’ an ancient text which means the age of archery. In fact, this wonderful combination of a physical, mental and perceptive form of arts was born in the state of Kerala in India. Kalaripayattu incorporates yogic perfection of postures and strength. This skilled art is however also practiced in the adjacent parts of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, northeastern Sri lank and among the Malaya lee community of Malaysia. The audience always feels thrilled on seeing the high-flying acrobatics, fluid water like movements and weaponry and the art of using it. The place for the training of Kalaripayattu is given is known as the ‘kalari’.  The various styles of Kalari are chaattom (jumping), ottam (running), marichil (somersault), so forth and so on.  Weapons used for Kalaripayattu are swords, dagger, spears, maces, etc. and the various attacking styles are kicking, grappling and striking and are done with and without the weapons. As a tourist, you can have great fun in watching those fights. In fact, you can also enroll for a short course for beginners.

  1. Shake hands with tuskers 

Kerala tour packages from Bangalore

Kerala is famous for its elephant population. The elephants in Kerala are supposed to have a distinct beauty and mightiness. Elephant safaris are available in and around almost all tourist attractions in Kerala. However, the best place to spend some time with elephants is the elephant reserve in Konni in the district of Pathanamthitta. This is basically an elephant training center and there will be elephants of all age groups. Not only can you enjoy elephant safaris you can even try a hand in feeding and bathing the baby elephants present there. In the reserve, there is also a river where you can go on boating in circular bamboo baskets. It would be such a marvelous feeling as you sail away through the water amid the forests. In the middle of the river, the boatman may give a surprising spin to make the boating a little adventurous too.

Thus, with all the connecting facts and exotic facts, Kerala has it all to entertain the people of Hyderabad during their holidays. Traveling to Kerala from Hyderabad is not much of an issue as there are bus services, trains and flights operating between the places. However, in order to have a hustle free holiday, it’s best to ask an experienced tour operator to formulate a tour package for you. Le lagoon Holidays are the best among them and have special packages especially for the people of Hyderabad. The experienced and efficient team of tour executives of Le lagoon holidays will guide you and you will have an easy time planning your Kerala trip.

9 Ways to Choose the Best Cab Services

Kerala taxi packages

There was a time when people used to wait for long hours in the bus stops or waiting sheds for the arrival of buses in various parts of the nation. People never felt any inconvenience in doing so. They utilized such long intervals for gossiping and passing jokes. As the year passed, things started to change, many companies urged employees to reach on time and some were also asked to stay late at night. So people found it difficult to spend their precious time in waiting sheds. They were forced to buy their own vehicles. To some extent, problems were solved. It is commonly heard when one problem ends another start. As people started buying their own vehicles, traffic congestion increased on the roads followed by pollution. Again employees were questioned for their punctuality. In many situations, people were not able to drive their own vehicles to some places.

As a solution to prevailing problems, many private companies have come forward with excellent facilities like providing cab services to the public. It really helped the lakhs of people in society.  Especially state like Kerala, where cultural and traditional restrictions still exist, taxi services plays a major role. It really helped many women to reach home safely after working till late evenings in multinational companies.  Private cabs not only helped private company employees but also travellers who used to pay huge bucks for taxis in the airports and railway stations. Due to the awesome benefits of private cabs, many people in the present days are relying more on them than public transports. Day by day many private cab companies are sprouting. It has now become difficult for the common man to choose the best cab services. There are many ways to identify the best cab service available these days. Select the best cab and enjoy a secure journey.

  1. Safety

The main aim of travelling is enjoyment but what if the journey is not safe and secure? To make the trip safe, travellers must go through the previous safety records of the cab, driving habits of the cab driver and quality of fleet used for transportation.

  1. Punctuality

The main reason why people depend on these cab services is their punctuality. If the cabs are not reaching on time, people will lose their trust. So before booking cab travellers should go through the drivers’ reputation on punctuality. People who used Cochin taxi booking services have always given positive feedback on their reliability and punctuality.

  1. Professional Drivers

Cochin taxi rentals

A good driver always ensures passengers safety. It is really important that drivers should have good knowledge of speed limitations and road safety. Apart from professionalism, drivers must know all shortcuts so that they can drop off and pick up the passengers on time. Drivers must really be friendly. They must give prime value to passengers’ convenience. If they are not feeling well, just turn off the air conditioner and also the music player before they demand. The journey will be interesting only when there is smooth communication between passengers and drivers in the cab.

  1. Neatness

People never book a cab to walkable distant places. They seek cab services only when the journey is more than an hour. Just imagine a situation where you are forced to travel in cabs which are not clean and tidy. Don’t you feel suffocation? Before booking the cab you must check not only its exterior but also its interior. Private cab companies like Dreams cabs always give concerns on passenger’s health. For the safe and healthy journey, the company washes the cab twice in a week and also changes the seat cover, carpets and cushions once in two days. They also clean window panes of the air conditioner.

  1. Affordable Rates

The most important thing before choosing a cab is their transportation rates. Nowadays, there are many cab companies like Ola, Uber and Meru etc provide exciting offers and pleasing rates. So before booking the cab, just go through the prices and compare it with other companies, and select the best one.

  1. Booking Facility

Cochin taxi booking

Companies which provide good customer care support, people will go there. Cab firms must encourage both online and offline booking services. Prior reservation of cabs must be appreciated. While booking the staff must enquire about the type of cab the travellers need and also the destination. If the trip is of more than one day, the staff must seek information about their itinerary. All the transaction related to transportation must be cleared while booking the cab.

  1. About Driver

It is the duty of the company, before hiring any driver, they must go through the history of the driver. Driver must be free from all criminal records. Must have the ability to handle both native language and international language fluently. Companies must discourage the drinking and smoking habits of drivers while driving.

  1. Credibility

Before booking the cab, travellers must go through the reviews available on the websites via the internet. Also, gather feedback from the travellers who availed their cab services.

  1. Global Positioning System

Taxi kerala

It is good that cabs must install the Global Positioning System or in short, called GPS. It is used to track the vehicles and get a proper road map while travelling.

taxi packages in kerala

By going through the various tips of selecting the cab, one might have got deep knowledge of the best and worst cab services available in the market.  As there are many private companies coming forward with new offers and facilities, it is the intelligence of man to select the best one by keeping the above points in mind. Cab service is really user-friendly. It makes travel free from all kinds of worries and troubles and makes the journey a memorable one. Some cabs provide free Wi-Fi facility by which passengers can complete their pending works. They can also watch movies or listen to music using Wi-Fi. To reach on time and make the journey safe and secure, it is always good to rely on private cab services than simply wasting time on public transports which are not very reliable. If you haven’t started using cab services. Utilize the services at the earliest or else you will remain outdated in society.

Some Indigenous Dishes and Festivals of Andaman and Nicobar Islands that Point Fingers to the Origin of its Inhabitants

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a group of white-sanded Islands which often seems like a string of pearls. The beaches in Andamans are world famous with turquoise blue waters and beautiful coral formations in different shapes and sizes. Lovely beaches of Havelock Island, Chidya tapu, and limestone caves in Baratang are some of the must-go places in Andaman and are all well connected by ferry services. No wonder, Andaman tour packages sell like hot cakes in the tourism market. People from all over the world come to visit Andaman every year. However, only little do they know about the inhabitants of Andamans. People come to Andamans, get awestruck by its beauty and go back but it’s got a story. Apart from the tribes, the Andaman’s population comprises majorly of Bengalis. This is a story dating back to the pre-independence era. When the Bengal was being divided into eastern and western Bengal, a lot of lower caste Hindus from the eastern part of Bengal was sent to Andaman and Nicobar Islands as refugees. These people converted the uninhabited Islands of Andamans into livable places by cultivating architecture and constructing houses. However, the government also helped them with different policies. Gradually, they emerged as a distinctive group of people culturally but with traits of their Bengali origins. Even today, they talk with a Bengali dialect. Their cuisine is also influenced by Bengali culture to a large extent. Just like Bengalis, Andaman people also have a thing for fishes and are also often prepared in Bengali styles. Some of them are as follows:

1. Chilly Curry

Just like the name suggests it is a hot and penchant curry usually seen in the Andaman Islands. It consists of a lot of onions and tomatoes and has a mouth-watering flavour. However, if you are not so used to having spicy food, you better avoid it.
2. Macher Jhol

The curry is basically yellow coloured due to its high turmeric content. It comprises of fish, coriander seeds, chillies and some other ingredients too.
3. Coconut Prawn Curry


The local spices of the Andamans are blended with prawns and thick coconut milk to make this yummy curry. In Andaman, people usually have this curry along with white rice. The travellers also seem to have a very good opinion about this curry.

However, it’s not just food, even in Andaman’s culture and religion; you can notice that Bengali resemblance. The 4000 families of low caste refuges from the eastern Bengal has not abandoned their traditions. They still hold on to many of the festivals from their native culture and celebrates them with great gusto just as in Kolkata and this can be witnessed if your tour package to Andaman and Nicobar Islands is during the time of these festivals. Some of them are as follows:
1. Kali Pooja

Maa kali is considered in Indian mythology as the goddess who destroys evil. During the month of Ashwin in the Hindu calendar arrives this festival which is generally between the months of October to November in the English calendar. Kali Puja is celebrated by keen interest and enthusiasm by the Bengalese and they pray against death, diseases and other difficulties in life and so do the early settlers of Andaman. Premnagar houses a huge kali temple and it is decorated completely with lighted lamps for these festivals. Certain kinds of pujas and arthis are offered during this time. A lot of devotees’ especially Bengalese look forward to visiting this temple. However, there are also other places in Andaman where the idols of Maa kali are installed. The day after, the image of kali is taken as a procession as people sing and dance to music while carrying it to Haddoo jetty, Aberdeen jetty and Junglighat jetty for immersing it. The procession is usually a very curious thing for tourists and you can see large crowds of tourists assembled at Goal Ghar, Junglighat junction, Dairy farm junction, Aberdeen bazar etc. to witness the procession. In Bengal, it is the largest festival in the state and comes on the day after Durga puja. In fact, the origin of this festival is as such Raja Krishnachandra instigated the festival around the 18th century in Bengal and from then on it attained greater importance throughout the years. Apart from the celebrations, throughout the night they worship the goddess with mantras and rites. Flowers, sweets, fish, meat and lentils are offered.
2. Durga Pooja

andaman holiday trip
This pooja is celebrated by all Hindus especially people of West Bengal. This is done as Nava Durga puja as the festival is celebrated for 9 continuous days and it happens during the month of September to October. In the Andamans also same is done.  Durga puja is also known as Sharodotsav and reminds the power of female shakti. It is also very usual to hear the sound of Dhak, Dhanuchi nacho, a mild fragrance of Shiuli which are all too close to a Bengali’s heart.
3.  Ganesh Pooja

andaman tour packages
The month of Bhadrapad Sudha Chaturthi in the Hindu calendar witnesses Ganesh pooja every year. Ganesh temples of Aberdeen bazaar, Goal Ghar etc are decorated alluringly and the priests or pujaris will perform special poojas or arti for Ganesh. Out of all the Ganesh temples in Andaman, Sri Lakshmi Vinayagar temple at Aberdeen bazaar and Shri karpaga, Vinyagar at Goal Ghar are the main points of fascination during this festival. Another feature of this festival is that a dish prepared with rice flour, jaggery and coconut called ‘kozhukattai’ is offered to Ganesh as an important item of pooja prasad. Sundal is yet another dish used as prasad and is prepared from boiled chana and fried with mustard.
4. Pradhosha Pooja

andamannicobar tour packages from chennai
This is a festival commonly dedicated to Shiva. This was festival was not given much importance till 1999 but later the Islanders realized its auspiciousness and started to celebrate it in full swing. There is two Paradhosha pooja- one is celebrated when the period of the moon waxing down comes and the other during the period of depreciation when the moon comes up. For this festival, the Islanders will decorate lord shiva along with his wife, Parvati next to him. Nandi dev who is the security position of shiva will also be adorned with jewellery. Devotees usually bring rice to the temple as a present to Nandi dev and the same rice will also be distributed as prasad to all others present in the temple. Generally, devotees mix jaggery and cardamom with rice to offer as sweet. The devotees, on this occasion, whisper their requests in the ears of Nandi dev and it is believed that the Nandi dev will forward the same to shiva. As a result, long queues can be witnessed in the temple during these days.
5. Ram Navami

The month of Chaitra in the Hindu calendar sees Ram Navami and that comes along in the month of March to April. This is a very important festival in West Bengal and people even go on rallies through the city on this day. It is celebrated as the birthday of Ram. In Andamans, there are temples dedicated to Ram in Aberdeen basthi, Kumrakheti, Haddo and Diary farm and special poojas and artis are performed here on Ram Navami. The temples are adorned with colourful lights and to make the night very festive usually musical instruments are played. Songs on lord ram and Sita are also presented.
6. Sankatahara Chaturthi Pooja

andaman trip
This is yet another festival related to Lord Ganesh. The very name of the festival itself suggests the reason for celebrating the festival. ‘Sankat’ means “difficulties”, problems, sorrows, trails, straits, troubles, sufferings and narrowness” and “hara” means “to remove”. Therefore to remove certain stumbling blocks of life the devotees offer this puja to Ganesh. To celebrate this day, people lookout for a full moon day and after four days they perform the pooja. However, the pooja is performed at the time of sunrise as well. Kozhukottai, Pongal, Sundal, Laddoo are the usual items of prasad which the devotees present in temples. All the Ganesh temples on the Island will see a rush on these days.
7. Saraswati Pooja

saraswathi pooja
Saraswati pooja is celebrated with great enthusiasm in the Islands of Andaman. The puja is done individually as well as part of institutions such as schools, colleges, post offices etc. Sarawati is considered as the goddess of education and vidhdhai in Hindu mythology. Therefore people do continuous pooja and artis to succeed in those matters. There also happens a procession to immerse an idol of Saraswati and large crowds assemble to witness that.
8. Sri Shivaratri

In the Hindu calendar, the moth of Magha which is mainly in the month of February to March sees the festival of Sri Shivratri. The temples in Andaman dedicated to shiva such as Pahar Goan and Garacharma perform special poojas and Aartis with usual decorations. Shivratri nights in Andaman happens to be of a festive mood as bhajans, Kirtana, Devotional songs, speeches, talks, dramas, video films on shiva Parvathi continue throughout the night.

Thus its quite clear that how the people of Andaman are still connected with Bengali culture. I think every Bengali should make to Andamans at least once in their lifetime to see and experience their own culture presented slightly in a different way. There are a lot of tour operators in Andaman but however Andaman Tour Travel appears to be the best among them with foremost reputation and impressive customer reviews. They also offer the provision of customization so that you can make changes to the itinerary as you like. So don’t hesitate to pick up your receiver and talk to us about visiting the amazing Islands in the Bay of Bengal where those eastern Bengalis who still hold on to their Bengali culture and traditions.

Dream Desert Trip With Dubai Tour Trawell

Dubai, it is a dream holiday destination for backpackers and honeymooners. It offers exciting, thrilling, and a little bit adventurous activities. It is one of the noteworthy places in the Middle East. No one ever believed a small sandy desert region will turn out to be the most expensive and most captivating place in the world. Due to its amazing skyscrapers, man-made islands, tall buildings, dazzling malls, an array of entertainment centers and desert safaris, it captures thousands of tourists per year. For food lovers, there is a wide variety of cuisines available from all over the world. It is the perfect place to get rejuvenate and also to enjoy the unimaginable creativity of humankind with the naked eye in each corner of Dubai. Whether to have a remarkable honeymoon or to just spend fun time with family and friends, no other place than Dubai can amaze and entertain. As we all know visiting Dubai is like emptying our own pockets. It’s the expensive budget which forces travelers to change their destinations. There are several travel partners coming forward with exciting Dubai trips in reasonable budget. Throughout a year, thousands of people across the world have availed Dubai Holiday Packages at Cheap rates of Dubai Tour Trawell. Not only they provide trips in affordable rates but also they try to make the trip safe and memorable by arranging an experienced tourist guide.

Travelers especially families prefer the above package as it very economic while newlywed couples prefer Honeymoon packages in Dubai as it ensures more privacy. The trip is of 5 to 6 days and tries to incorporate the important places in the city like Burj Khalifa, Underwater Aquarium, Palm Island, Jumeira Beach, and Desert Safari are few among them.


Dubai tour packages from Hyderabad

It is one of the most attractive buildings in the world. The 830m high building captures millions of minds across the world. Standing on the 124tth floor of the observatory deck will give a splendid panoramic view of the entire Dubai city. The lift in the building takes nearly 1-2 minutes to reach to the top of the floor. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens and a spectacular Dubai water fountain. It is one of the tallest fountains created in the form of Fountains of Bellagio. It looks more pretty during the night.


Dubai city tour

It is one of the famous malls in Dubai. It is also a gateway to Burj Khalifa and Dubai Aquarium. It houses Dubai Aquarium, Snow Park, Kidzania and more than 1500 retail shops to collect souvenirs. For entertainment, numerous movie complexes hosting latest movies of different language at various timings. Fashion stores and festivals of various cultures are the regular episodes of the mall.


Dubai tour packages from Pune

It is a shelter to more than 100 species of various water lives. One can enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of the aquarium by walking through an underwater tunnel. Adventurous people can opt for glass-bottom boat tours which are done at the top of the aquarium and shark diving and cage snorkeling are the other options.


Dubai tour packages from Mumbai

It is one of the most beautiful mosques in Dubai. It was built in the medieval Fatimid style. It is a Xerox copy of the Al-Azhar mosque in Cairo. It is more attractive during the evenings when all the lights are flooded.


Dubai tour packages from Chennai

It is one of the world’s tallest hotels. It is also the most expensive hotel situated on the Dubai coastline. The most luxurious suites cost more than $18000 for one night. There are different ways to enjoy the beauty of the eminent hotel. To explore the beauty of the top view one can opt for dinner at Al- Mahara restaurant located under the water, where the glass panels allow you to see the various species of sea creatures while eating the scrumptious delicacies. Travelers can have their daytime food in Scape restaurant which is built in Californian style. On Skyview bar, one will definitely get the bird’s eye view of the entire city.


Dubai tour packages from Hyderabda

One of the world’s famous malls is the perfect place for shopaholic as it comprises numerous retail stores and restaurants to taste dishes from various parts of the world. The mall provides skiing facility and inside the mall, the temperature is always -4 degree Celsius.


Dubai tour packages from Mumbai

It is one of the nighttimes attractive places. It was built in 2016 and can accommodate 2000 viewers at a time. Dubai opera hosts both large and small production programs like theatres, ballets, musical concerts conducted by famous musicians, comedy shows and so on.


Dubai honeymoon packages

The water theme park is located on Palm Island, Atlantis. After busy shopping and sightseeing one really deserves a break and the water park would be the perfect place. The park comprises water coaster rides, longest water slide- Aquaconda and Leap of Faith – a nine-story water slide. Underwater safaris can also be done using sea helmets.


Dubai honeymoon packages

After going through the hectic busy streets of Dubai, one would really wish to breathe fresh air, literally itself. The apt place will be the Dubai Miracle garden. It was opened during a valentine’s day. Travelers will feel fresh after in taking the aroma of millions of flowers belonging to various species.


Dubai tour packages from Pune

Popularly known as Old Dubai. Bastakia Quarter was built in the 19th century. Tax-free trading and access to the creek of Dubai lured many merchants mainly from Persia. Inside the Old Dubai, Majlis Gallery and Al Serkal Cultural Foundation carry a good collection of Arab ceramics and art exhibitions.


Dubai city tour

It is a man-made archipelago in the United Arab Emirates. Palm Islands comprises of 3 islands mainly Palm Jebel Ali, Deira Island, and Plam Jumeirah. Till now Palm Jumeirah work is completed. The islands got this name as it takes the shape of palm leaves. It was constructed as part of promoting tourism. It wanted to bring all the shores, beaches, restaurants, multiplexes, malls, and other recreational centers under one roof. The most fascinating feature of Palm Jumeirah is, it is made up of only rocks and sands.

There are many more fascinating features which captivate thousands of tourist per year. Dubai city is a perfect example of hard work, strong determination, and creativity. So, don’t be late, try to avail the exciting tour packages from the Dubai tours before it gets expired. And one more thing don’t forget to carry a book with a smooth running pen to note down the interesting experiences during the itinerary. And also carry a digital camera or professional camera, if you are interested in photography to capture the lovely and precious moments of yours as well as magnificent Dubai.

6 Reasons on Why I will choose Taxi Services in Kerala for Every Visit

To all those who are getting ready for a trip to Kerala, this is a note for you. I have travelled to Kerala for quite a few times with my family and also for business trips. The most important thing that I felt was it was easy to pick out the destinations in Kerala, but when it comes to the navigation on roads, it gets a bit out of hand at the difficult roads in Kerala. So, after some of the trips that I tried to take control of with my own car or by choosing public transport facilities, I found out that I should have hired a taxi beforehand itself. One of the best taxi rentals and hiring services are provided by Dreams Cabs with their office at Cochin. By providing taxi services to all the places in Kerala, services like these are becoming the major mode of transport in 2019 by providing door-to-door services. The reasons for my decision that I would be hiring a taxi for all my trips to Kerala from now are listed below in case you find out a solution to the reasons that have kept you off from visiting the Kerala roads until now.

A wide range of cars to choose from:

kerala taxi packages

Even if you have a car at your home or not, you can always rent a car or hire for a taxi service at Kerala. There are different car packages from luxury to economy where there are cars ranging from Mercedes Benz, BMW, Mini Cooper, etc to Sedan, Innova and so on. For our family trip with 12 members, we hired for a Tempo Traveller which made our trip from Cochin to Alappuzha a convenient one.

Privacy and convenience:

Cochin taxi rentals

If you are choosing to travel on a bus with all your heavy baggage, you are sure to face troubles. The journey will tire you as you will have to hop from one bus to another or get into an auto where there are narrow roads or at places where there is no bus service. Even if you use public transport you will have to adjust with other passengers. You can rent a car if you know the road to your destination or else you can hire for a taxi service with chauffeur facilities. These services provide cars which are well-serviced and are in good condition. Cutting out a lot on your pricey expenses that will go on servicing your cars for a long journey are the benefits that you will avail on choosing this facility.

They value your time:

Cochin taxi booking

If there is something that is never irreplaceable when you think about taxi services, then it would be a perfect time management system according to which they are working. I have done bookings before a week when a trip with my family to Kerala was planned. We reached Cochin International Airport at 9 am and had to reach our hotel at the earliest for refreshments. So, there was our driver waiting for us at the airport even before our flights reached. He took us to the hotel which was about 36 Kilometers away in just an hour. So, for all my trips after this one with my family, I have opted for the taxi packages from Dreams Cabs and they have always taken me to my intended destination at the right time. I have never missed a meeting in Kerala after I started hiring taxis.

They know the roads the best:

taxi Kerala

So far, I have travelled to Kerala for six times and for almost all the trips that I took my own car for the trip, there popped up certain problems. The Google Maps facility on which I usually depended upon took me to a dead-end and I had to travel back to the spot from where I started with the help of some locals in the area. There were other times when there was nobody to ask for when we got stuck on roads and the internet connectivity was not working properly too. We were doomed and reached our destinations by taking the longest routes or the ones with never-ending traffic. These problems were solved with the choosing of taxis as they are a great help in this technology-driven era when we get too much dependant on the internet. The local drivers provided by taxi service operators in Kerala know how to make better use of technology and their local knowledge about roads. As a result, you will have a travel guide too.

You can calculate your travel budget before booking:

Cochin taxi

You would have availed a tour package by checking the prices and just like that you can book for a taxi prior to your landing at Kerala. The total amount that you will have to pay for your fare will depend on the base fares of the travel companies. The taxi operators will levy only a small amount per 100 Kilometers for a package taxi. By providing the details about your journey from the pick-up and drop off destinations and all the places you are intending to visit, the exact amount you will have to spend on roads can be calculated. The tensions about petrol or diesel refilling, insurance and fussing about parking space and cost can be avoided. This is not possible when you are taking your car. For travelling a bit more far from what you have paid for, the prices will be charged as per the base fare only.

No hassles of surge pricing:

taxi in Cochin

There are last-minute resorts like Uber at cheaper rates, this was my belief until when I had to get a taxi at night. It was late at night and Uber had increased their charges all of a sudden and I had to get the service by paying more than the basic usual fare. Surge pricing happens when there are more people looking for Uber services and there is a lack of drivers, so the ones paying the more gets the deal. Reasons like these are what makes booking a taxi at Kerala more reliable as they won’t dodge away from standard rates causing confusion and uncertainty among the customers. There were simply no hidden costs apart from the token advance we had to pay based on the standard price and they send a proper mail with the receipt and invoice.

If you ask me how I found out about the best taxi services in Kerala, the internet has not let me down. Confirming about the services provided by taxi hiring and rental service operators has been quite easy with the reviews they got. There were testimonials which helped me to find out more about how flexible and qualified the drivers are. The prompt services provided by taxi drivers is definitely what keeps the brand name among the top list. With drivers who are professionally trained and can handle many languages from the local language Malayalam to the global language English, a taxi ride will never disappoint you. These travel decisions were made by a lot of research and I have availed all the positive benefits of a taxi hiring system.

Exciting Trip to Exotic Kerala Backwater

I don’t think there will be any people in the world who doesn’t like to spend quality time with their dear ones under the shadow of nature. Where one could easily find the charming and serene beaches, fascinating bird and wildlife sanctuaries, tempting hill stations, deep valleys and mountains surrounded by thick green leaves of tea, coffee and spices, silently moving backwaters, authentic cuisines and revitalising Ayurvedic treatments and so on in the nature. All these features are clubbed together and it is showered solely to Kerala so that people who visit and resides here can together in a single voice say that it is a ‘God’s Own Country’. The state comprises of 14 districts. Each district has something to tell the tourists and mesmerise their hearts with its beautiful environment. From Kasargod to Thiruvananthapuram there are many amazing places which have the power to pierce the stressed minds of tourists and fill with remarkable moments. How would be the trip if one gets an opportunity to travel entirely in water and enjoying nature by barely touching the feet? Aren’t such trips being much more thrilling and exciting? To create the trip full of treasure of good memories, one should definitely travel in Kerala houseboat. Houseboats are being in use for long times in Kerala. As decades passed the purpose of usage changed. Initially, it was used as part of commercial trade and now it is used for entertaining the tourists by enjoying the beauty of nature. One can avail these packages organised by Lifemadeasy Holidays travel partners. The package is of 3 days and 2 nights. The places included are Alleppey- Kumarakom and Munnar.

Kerala backwater honeymoon packages

Alleppey, better known as the ‘Venice of East’ has been serving as the rice bowl of Kerala for years. Houseboat cruises flowing in backwaters captivate the tourists to visit the place again and again. While travelling on the cruise, one can enjoy the beauty of tranquilising backwater by moving fingers in water and can feel the aromatic smell of coconut trees lined up on the banks where people are engaged in various tribal works. Your mouth will remain open when you see small kids rowing the canoes like an expert. By watching this scene, obviously, your heart will be tempting you to try the same, with the permission of cruise captain; you can try it under the guidance of an expert. By the evening, you can see the sightseeing picture of the sun, dipping itself in the water, by sitting at the balcony of the cruise. Don’t get disappointed by thinking that your trip is entirely dedicated to nature viewing; inside the houseboat various plates of entertainment are served. Travellers have the option of bringing their favourite CDs, DVDs, pen drives or even laptops to the cruises. If they are bored of watching the same show again they can demand the authorities to arrange some cultural art forms like Kathakali, Bharatnatyam, Mohiniyattom and Ottan Thullal. Tourists can quench their appetite with mouth watering foods. Pearl spot, prawn etc. can be bought from the fishermen and chef will prepare it. However, they can also request Chinese, North Indian foods etc. beforehand and the chef will do accordingly. The cruise assures complete privacy, especially during the night stay. From birthday parties to candlelight dinners, cruise authorities are there with the tourists to cherish every moment. By spending nearly 1 day in Alleppey, the cruise will sail to Kumarakom.

Kerala backwater tour packages

On the way to Kumarakom, one can enjoy the virgin and unspoiled beauty of nature. The place is well known for the famous Bird sanctuary. Kumarakom is actually been serving as a shelter for lakhs of migratory birds and some endangered species. Fascinating wildlife creatures could also be seen there. Spending some quality time inside the tree house with their dear ones and catching each and every bird through binoculars will incite a thrill in each individual’s mind. While staying in the tree house, you can catch the first ray of sunlight early morning.

Honeymoon packages in Kerala houseboat

Munnar welcomes its visitors with the sweet aroma of tea leaves and coffee leaves. The plantations are protected by breathtaking mountains and valleys. When you look at the mountains, you may feel that it is calling you to test your bravery. Tourists who have good taste in adventurous activities can try trekking over there. Other places to visit in Munnar are Eravikulam National Park, Mattupetty Dam and Munnar Tea Museum. In Eravikulam national park, you can find various exotic species of flora and fauna. The park is famous for Nilgiri Tahr. Have you ever imagined a boat ride inside a dam? If not, then believe it, it is there in Munnar. Tourists are given chance for a boat ride inside Mattupetty dam. Munnar Tea Museum has to tell a lot about its origin of the plantation, machines they used, struggles they faced and so on. It is also the best place to collect souvenirs for life long memory. The place is popular for homemade chocolates and other sweets.

Alleppey houseboat packages

In Kerala, trips in backwaters can be done in various prices. Houseboats are mainly of two types Deluxe and Premium. In Deluxe cruises, AC will be functioning from 9 pm to 6 am while in Premium cruises AC will operate 24 hrs. Shower panel and Jacuzzi are available in premium boats. Some Premium cruises also provide facilities for wedding functions. Houseboats can be used in two times. In between, 10 am to 11 am in the morning till 5 pm to 5.30 pm in the evening. The overnight stay begins from 12.30 pm to next morning 9.30am. During the itinerary, the houseboats will be anchored in the shores, so that travellers can enjoy the beauty of the village. As Mahatma Gandhi once told ‘In Villages, We can find real India’. In Kerala, backwater package price varies according to the type of cruise the tourists are selecting and places they are wishing to visit. The starting price of the simple Alleppey-Kumarakom and Munnar is Rs.10000/- per head and Rs.18000/- for honeymooners. They have a special offer for families of 5 members, the package will cost Rs.30000/-and additional member will have to pay Rs.7000/- only.  Travellers who are interested to enjoy the exotic beauty of backwater, grab the package as soon as possible.

A Trip to the Land of Coral Reefs

Andaman and Nicobar Island is an archipelago and one of the nine union territories of India. It comprises 572 Islands out of which only 37 are inhabited. The Island comprises people from southeast Asia, south India and also Negrotic ethnic people. What makes Andaman so pretty and favourite destination for tourists is the marvellous beaches, crystal water and an array of palm-fringed trees on the river banks. Adding to the intrigue is the underwater mesmerising aquatic world, excellent biodiversity, and many more. It would be very difficult to put Andaman in a nutshell with very few adjectives. To enjoy the real eternal beauty of Andaman, one should definitely visit the delightful place. Now visiting this fascinating place will be no longer a dream for travellers. As now many travel partners have come forward with many exciting tourism packages to the lovely Andaman Island. Andaman Tour Travel is one such travel company which emphasises on exploring the delightful and mesmerising Island at an affordable rate. Here, I would like to share the most important destinations and a few things that should be carried during the Andaman itinerary.


andaman-tourism packages

It is the capital of Andaman Nicobar Island. It is well known for serene beaches, beautiful coral reefs, tropical forest and moist biome. It is not only the natural resources, but the cleanliness which grabs the tourist towards the Island. The Island is famous for few important sites like Cellular jail, Viper Island and Radhanagr beach.

Cellular Jail – It is the most infamous place in Andaman but the most captivating site for tourists. It was the prison where convicts were kept during the colonial period and were brutally treated by the jail authorities. Instead of keeping all the convicts together in a single room, the authorities allocated single rooms or called ‘cells’ for each convict. This site is now a historical museum.

Viper Island – Before constructing cellular jail, convicts were kept in Viper Island.

Radhanagar beach – It is the most beautiful beach and rich with a large number of coral reefs and shells.

To enjoy the glory of Port Blair, many fun-filled activities can be practised like scuba diving, snorkelling, parasailing, banana boat ride and so on.


andaman tour packages

The most visited Island in Andaman. It is enriched with turquoise waters and pristine white sandy beaches covered with tall green trees. It is the perfect place for scuba divers and snorkelers. One can kayak through dense forest to reach the open sea. The Island comprises shrimps, barnacles, oysters, mud lobsters and mangrove crabs. Those who fear to try adventurous activities can opt for sea walking on Elephant beach under a guide.


People who have the thirst for peace, internal happiness,  and want relief from all stress by enjoying the natural beauty, the perfect place to quench will be Neil Island. It assures you complete solitude. It is situated 37km south of Port Blair. The climatic condition of the Island is perfect for the cultivation of various vegetables and fruits. And so it is known as ‘Vegetable bowl ‘ of Andaman Island. It is believed that all beaches on the Island have been named after characters from the Ramayana such as Ramnagar, Sitapur, Laxmanpur etc.


Being less developed, Baratang Island is a least visited Island in Andaman. The Island is famous for its limestone caves and mud volcanoes.


It is situated between middle and south Andaman. To please the tourist, the Island does not have fancy restaurants, resorts or any tourists. But it still tries to make the visitors happy by providing a night stay in virgin beaches and boat riding in mangrove forests and also offers plethora of various kinds of authentic Indian cuisines.


It is one most crowded and largest town on the Island. It is blessed with various kinds of flora and fauna, natural parks and mesmerising aquatic life.

andaman nicobar tourism

There are many ways to explore the beauty of the town like climbing the highest peak, exploring underground caves, finding the scientific theory behind an active mud volcano or observing turtle nesting and hatching in crystal clear waters. Diglipur is a wonderful place in all aspects.


It is the second largest town on the Island but least crowded as it is far from the capital city. It is the perfect place for the shopaholics for collecting things as a token of remembrance. Fishing and cultivation are mainly practised here.

Andaman tourism packages from chennai

I firmly believe that the above information regarding the important places on the Island might have pumped the level of curiosity. I would also like to add information about the things which should be taken care of while travelling to Andaman.


  1. Sunglasses, hat and cap for the protection from the sun.
  2. Sundresses, light cotton shorts and pants.
  3. Flip flops, slippers and comfortable shoes.
  4. Night attire.
  5. Raincoats and umbrellas if needed.


1.Sunscreen lotion with high SPF.

2.Sunburn relief products.

3.Insect repellents.

4.Antibiotics and antiseptics.

5.Toothbrush, paste, deodorants and perfumes.

6.Face wipes.

7.Sanitizer for hand wash.


  1. Digital camera.
  2. Mobile charger.

3.Power bank/Charge bank.

4.Notebooks, pens, travel guides.

  1. Water bottle
  2. Carry enough Memory card.
  3. As there are only 2 ATMs on the Island, it would be difficult to withdraw money when needed. So it is better to carry liquid cash.

Travel Documents

  1. Credit card.
  2. Passport
  3. Original and photocopies (xerox copy) of ID proofs.

4.Flight tickets and hotel vouchers.

There are many more places in the most fascinating water body, Andaman, where human footprints have not been seen. Tourism in Andaman and Nicobar will help nature lovers to explore the unspoilt and virgin places. One who gets an opportunity to visit the Nicobar Island should definitely taste the Pandanus or Nicobar Breadfruit. It is one of the rarest fruit seen on the Island. It is a wedge-shaped fruit with fibrous body and woody in nature with many edible seeds incorporated in it. The fruit and its plant are used for multiple purposes, such as the branches of fruit tree are used in construction, the leaves of the tree used in weaving mats and the woody exterior of the fruit is used as a brush for bathing.

Overall, visiting the Andaman Nicobar Island will give a lifelong experience with sweet memories to cherish.




A Short Trip to Dazzling Dubai


Dubai City Tour

Dubai and Abudhabi are the two most fabulous and attractive cities in the United Arab Emirates (in short UAE). Dubai is situated in the heart of Emirates. It is really very difficult for one to describe Dubai in a few words. No one in the world believed that the city will one day spring out from the desert and will turn out to be a most captivated tourist destination. It would have been very tough for the authorities of that time to transform the place into a mesmerising city. As the natives were stubborn in their religious values and showed hesitation in each step of transformation. But with strong determination and indomitable intelligence, there is nothing in the world that could not be conquered. We all are familiar with the proverb ‘To gain something, we should lose something’. The best example of the talk is Dubai. For the sake of the development and economic growth, the natives were forced to shut their eyes in many aspects. No wonder why the sandy land is known as ‘Diverse city’. For modernisation of the desert land, there was an equal hand of both the residents and non-residents of Dubai.

Wherever you turn in the city, you could see only the best and extreme version of human talents. The city is better known for human creativity than natural beauty. Dubai is also known as the land of superlatives. And you might be curious to know why it is so? The tallest building – Burj Khalifa, the tallest hotel-JW Marriott Marquis, tallest residential building- Dubai Marina Princess Tower and the most amazing man-made island- Palm island, etc are the perfect examples for the same. There will be no end for the enthusiastic structures as the city is proposing many more projects to mesmerise the tourists. People who always like to explore new places and understand their unique lifestyle, Dubai would be the best place. As it is well known for its unique tradition, authentic cuisine, skyscrapers and it is also a paradise for shoppers. Nowadays many travel agencies are coming forward with their mind-blowing tour packages to explore the majestic Arabic city. It is a common saying one who wishes to visit Dubai should have a heavy wallet. But one who is grabbing tour packages from Dubai Tour Trawell will not have to worry. They organise a couple of trips in a month to Dubai for common people in limited budget. In their tour package, one could explore the Best places while a visit to Dubai. The travel partners are focusing to cover the most important and eye-catching sites in Dubai within a week. Here I like to mention a few most important picturesque sites in the city so that one could demand these places in their package if it is not included.


Dubai holiday packages

Whenever we hear the word Dubai, the first foremost thing which runs into our mind will be Burj Khalifa. It would be very bad if I don’t start with a magnificent skyscraper while describing the city. Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest and fascinating building. On standing on the 124th floor of the observation deck would get the 360-degree view of the entire city.  The lift to the viewing deck requires only 1 min. People who like to have their meals in clouds; level 122nd is a place to be.


Dubai travel packages

Situated near to Burj Khalifa, draws millions of tourists every year. It is obvious for one to think about how could a shopping mall be a magnet to visitors. One whole day will not be enough to visit the 1200 shops and 150 restaurants. The mall not only pleases visitors with shops and scrumptious delicacies but also with fun-filled activities. It is house to an indoor theme park, an ice rink, spectacular choreographed water fountain, Dubai Aquarium, and Underwater Zoo too.


Best places to visit in Dubai

The Dubai Fountain is positioned near to Dubai and situated at the base of Burj Khalifa features the world’s most appreciated fountain system.  This popular dancing fountain show jets water at a height of 150 metres in the air. Each time it sprays out a colorful and illuminated water jet. Per day two shows of dancing water occur one in the afternoon it starts from 1 pm to 1:30 pm, and on Fridays, it from 1:30 pm to 2 pm. In the evening, the show begins by sunset and take place every 30 minutes and continues till the last song played at 11 pm.


Attractions in Dubai

It is located in the Dubai Mall.  It is considered to be the largest aquarium in the world. It approximately carries 140 varieties of aquatic species. One can view only a few while toddling the 48-meter long tunnel. For a better experience, It would be good to try a few adventurous activities like cage snorkelling and shark diving. It will give a life long experience.  For elders and people who have health issues can choose glass boat tours.


Cheapest Dubai Packages

People who deliberately need a break from the hectic crowded city can run to Dubai. It assures a complete solitude with peace and comfort. It is home to various desert species like sand gazelles, Arabian oryx and mountain gazelles, etc. It also offers a luxurious stay in the fabulous resorts with lip-smacking dishes. It also entertains the tourist with belly dance. It gives the opportunity for the tourist to explore the beauty of the desert through desert safari.


Dubai Tour Packages

The world always praises Dubai for its fashion sense and ideas. The Alserkal district is the upcoming hub of fashion and art lovers. Here, one can visit many contemporary art galleries, start-ups and famous galleries like Ayyam Gallery and Green Art Gallery. It is the perfect platform for novice and expertise to expose their hidden talents and learn new techniques. The district is a unique combination of renowned cuisines and fashion.


Destinations in Dubai

It is situated in the centre of Dubai. It is the best place for people who love music, movies and other entertaining shows. It can accommodate up to 2000 viewers at a time. How could a person enjoy the show without tasting delicious food?  It also provides multiple cuisines in its rooftop.


Dubai Holidays

The world’s largest man-made island created in the shape of the palm tree is a crown to human creativity. The island incorporates many eminent hotels like Waldorf Astoria, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, and the iconic Atlantis. The island is connected to the mainland via monorail.


Dubai tourist destinations

It is a 3.2 km long waterway running from the creek in old Dubai to Arabian Gulf by touching the business bay.  It provides recreational activities at the waterfront like running path and cycling path of 3km and 12 km respectively. The atrium is well known as the series of five restaurants and is situated at the front of waterfalls.

The above mentioned are the few noteworthy places in Arabic city. There are many more places yet to be covered and that can be visited in their next travel package to Dubai. One week will be not enough to enjoy the entire city. Those who have resided in the city have always reported that there are yet more to be explored. To understand the depth of human talent, creativity, imagination, and intelligence the apt place is the Dubai city.

A Tour to Three Alluring Destinations of Kerala

The days were getting monotonous and I and my friends wanted to get out of the usual routine and start everything anew. So, all of us gathered together at my place as we had planned in our Whatsapp group. We were all working in Chennai and only I have travelled across India for long trips. So, the plan was to visit an alluring destination which is cheap and have got many attractive places to visit. For convenience, we agreed on visiting Kerala which was near and there were travel packages that were the cheapest. We wanted this tour to be perfectly planned and found Dream Holidays to do this for us. I did extensive research on all the best destinations in Kerala and I am listing out the places that I found attractive and worth visiting. This may help you in visiting this state on the southern side of Kerala. Take a look to find out the fascinations where you can visit with the savings you have. The list contains places we have visited and will visit for our next trip. It will take weeks or even a month to have some quality time at this place with immense things to explore and be a part of. From Chennai, we took only 80 minutes to reach the Cochin International Airport. A note to the newly-weds- all of these places are perfect for a honeymoon trip too.

Munnar, if you want greenery and high hills:

Kerala tour packages with price

Go straight to Idukki district in Kerala if you want adventures and peace at the same place. This hill station has got what every traveller would need. The plantations are the trump cards here – be it tea, coffee or spices like cardamom, the place has got plenty. Munnar is also the best location to get an ayurvedic rejuvenation therapy. With the moderate climate that Kerala enjoys and Munnar with its forests at places like Kannan Devan Hills, there are many resorts and spas set here at this place popular for tea estates. We enjoyed at the Top Station by setting a campfire in the evening and this place shares borders with Tamil Nadu too providing with a brilliant view of the Western Ghats. Always get sweaters, warm clothes and trekking shoes if you want to set out for an adventurous experience. Also, get a guide or a trainer who can help you with trekking and paragliding at Chithirapuram. Trust me, this experience will be worth every penny you are investing for this trip. From Kochi where the nearest airport to Munnar is located, it would take about 1.30 hours and from the airport, it takes only about an hour to reach.  The Tea Museum at Nallathani Estate has got every information about the inception of tea making at this place (Get some fresh tea powder to your home). To enter here we paid a price of 75 Rs and a price of 20 Rs for clicking some pictures. To talk about the food here, try the vegetable dishes and my personal favourite were idli with sambar. Get a cab or taxi for your convenience in visiting the routes that are quite challenging. We had rented bikes for which we paid around 300 Rs for a day.

Alleppey, for the marine lover in you:

Kerala travel packages

After the sightseeing at Munnar, we left at night to Alleppey and took us 1.30 hours to reach and we dozed off at once we reached our resort (I will talk about my Kochi tour later). With its beaches and backwater destinations, Alleppey is known as the “Venice of the East”. The houseboat cruise that started around noon when the climate was warm is the best in Kerala. There are places like Kumarakom and Kasargod as our travel operator said. On our next tour, we want to explore those places too. When we reached the Kuttanad area, our houseboat took a halt to take us to this area where farming was done below sea level. We could not visit the coir factory and museum where most of the women in the village worked. The rate of the houseboat with 5-star amenities starts from the price of 7, 500 Rs. We went to Alleppey Beach and spent about 2 hours there. Get some sunscreen safety while visiting. The taste of the lip-smacking seafood varieties and toddy is making my mouth water right now. Vembanad Lake and Pathiramanal are other places that intrigued us.

Kochi, the land of arts and colours:

kerala packages

Kochi, we reached here on the first day of our trip and I was saving the best one for the last account. I will start with the varieties of cafes and restaurants here. The Kashi Art Cafe, Farmers Cafe, Casa Linda, Hotel Seagull and Brunton Boatyard are my favourites from where we had the best European and seafood dishes. Kochi with its moniker as “Queen of the Arabian Sea” is providing ferry services to places like Fort Kochi, Vypin and so on at a price that was not more than 10 Rs. This is one place in Kerala where many art exhibitions like Kochi-Muziris Biennale happens. The heritage building known as the Aspinwall House is open during this time which is a famous location that has appeared in many movies. To stroll near the water attractions, there is Marine Drive which is also the place from where we did an extensive and heavy shopping for hours. There are other malls like Lulu Mall which gets placed in almost all tour packages to Kerala. Fort Kochi Beach is a perfect place for families to get together and enjoy. Mattancherry Palace and Hill Palace are other places that have got a lot to see by paying smaller amounts depending on age. All of these places can be visited by availing packages at with offers and affordable price.

Kerala tour travel

There are other places like Wayanad which is a hub of wildlife with its ravishing greenery. Places like Thekkady with wildlife reserves in its national parks. Bamboo rafting is another experience that I am not going to miss for the next Kerala tour.

Come to Kerala for a Royal Honeymoon Story

Honeymoon and “I love you to the moon and back” rhymes at certain points, right? Well, that’s what honeymoons are about – show that you love them like crazy and the bond will never weaken. Just like the vows you took to take care of each other at all times during your wedding, make your times together beautiful too. That is what you want too, Kerala knows that and has set itself as a warm and welcoming sight for the lovers like you! Hold your hands and come to Kerala’s lands for your honeymoon. To ease the burden of planning and booking everything you will need, take the packages that will benefit you as you can concentrate on each other without worrying about how your accommodation and destinations will be. Here comes the need of a travel operator to take that weight off your back. As your trip is to explore the places in Kerala, Gogeo Holidays is the perfect travel planner for you as they know Kerala the best.

Worry not if you are not from Kerala, there are flights, trains and good roads to Kerala helping you to fulfill the expectations you had in mind while coming to Kerala. There are many places that you can visit in Kerala that will be made available to you at all royalty by the travel partners. With a planned package in your hand and everything done in advance, you can get ready for that dream trip that will be cherished till eternity. Find out the reasons to choose Kerala as your honeymoon destination.

With a great array of waterfalls in Kerala, you can always visit the one that you feel is the best one for you. There are certain places that are quite famous with honeymooners. The beautiful gushing waterfalls in Kerala is as attractive as the backwater destinations and hill stations that are usually selected for a honeymoon exploration. Take note of the waterfalls that will be closer to the places you are visiting.

Athirapilly Waterfalls

Athirapilly Waterfalls Kerala

Situated at the Thrissur district of Kerala with Sholayar ranges as its emerging point, this biggest waterfall in Kerala jutting downwards from a height of 80 feet and extends to a width of 330 feet. This spot gives you the view of the Western Ghats and Sholayar Hills. This waterfall which has also appeared in movies is situated above at the Chalakkudy River at a distance of 1000 feet above sea level. Here, the couples can enjoy the waters, explore the forests and also visit the famous places nearby. Hesitate not while adding this place to your honeymoon package as it is known as “the Niagra of India.”

Best Time to Visit: Monsoon Season (June to October).

Visit this place: from 8 am to 6 pm.

Ticket cost: 15 Rs.

Approximate Time to Cover the Place: 2 to 3 hours.

Attractions: At times, you can see a rainbow if you are lucky.

The happy elephants enjoying their time as the human settlement has not covered a larger area here.

Adventures: Trekking, Treetop Stays, and Jungle Safari.

Best for: Photography, Nature Lovers, and Bird Watching.

Must-visit Nearby Locations: Vazhachal Waterfalls, Sholayar Penstock Pipe View Point, Chapra Waterfalls, Peringalkuthu Dam, Illithodu, Abhyaranyam Zoo, Sholayar Dam, etc.

Best Way to Reach: 39 Kilometers ride from the Cochin International Airport via Chalakkudy – Anamala Road.

Get down at the railway station in Chalakkudy and get a cab to cover the distance of 38 Kilometers.

Soochipara Waterfalls / Sentinel Rock Waterfalls

Soochipara Waterfalls

This exquisite mountain range of Wayanad district is bestowed upon the Vellarimala mountain range in Kerala. The waterfalls gush downwards from a distance of 200 meters. The place got its name because of the needle-shaped rock present here. The word “soochi” in Malayalam means needle and the rock goes by the word “para.” The place is usually closed from entry during the months March to June. If you are taking your honeymoon visit in a cab or car provided as per the package, park it away from about 2 Kilometers away as you will have to walk downwards to reach the waterfalls. Also, make sure that you carry no plastic items as it is not allowed on the premises. If you are traveling to Soochipara Waterfalls from Wayanad by road, it will take only 45 minutes to reach here.

Best Time to Visit: Monsoon Season.

Visit this place from: 8 am to 5 pm.

Ticket cost: Around 50 rs.

Approximate Time to Cover the Place: 2 – 3 hours.

Attractions: The sharp-edged rocks.

Adventures: Swimming, Rock Climbing, and Water Rafting.

Best for: Nature Lovers, and Sunset Photography (during Winter Season).

Must-visit Nearby Locations: Chullika River, and Velarimala Hills.

Best Way to Reach: Reach Wayanad from Calicut International Airport by covering 99 Kilometers whereas from Kannur International Airport there is only 93 Kilometers travel.

Attukad Waterfalls

Attukad Waterfalls

This waterfall is situated at Idukki district between Pllivasal and Munnar. Munnar is known as one of the best locations in Kerala to have a great honeymoon time. When it comes to adding Munnar to your travel packages, Attukad Waterfalls is a place to be chosen without second thoughts and is 9 Kilometers away from Munnar. The water is flowing through greenery from a height of 4160 feet. The place is only accessible by a wooden bridge to have the best moments with your partner at this popular picnic spot. Make sure you wear shoes fit for traveling across mountains and terrains at this hill station spot. Make sure you include a travel guide in your package if you are planning a trekking expedition here.

Best Time to Visit: Monsoon and Winter Season.

Visit this place from: 10 am to 6 pm.

Ticket cost: Free of cost.

Approximate Time to Cover the Place: 1 to 2 hours.

Attractions: Wooden bridge cross, abundant flora and fauna and view of the Western Ghats.

Adventures: Trekking and Swimming.

Best for: Nature Lovers, Adventure and Photography Buffs.

Must-visit Nearby Locations: Pallivasal Waterfall.

Best Way to Reach: From Cochin International Airport you need to travel for 101 Kilometers to reach here.

Aluva is the one if you like to take train journeys.