Kerala the Dreamy Paradise and the Honeymooners Aden

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Hyderabad even after being known as a dream city is one of the busiest business city mostly filled with roads, industries and a number of different construction which makes the city overpopulated and polluted. The city houses a number of constructions, and heritage buildings yet lack the beauty that the states to the south like Kerala holds in. With a number of tourist attractions and fascinating destination, Kerala to the south most tip of Kerala is a land that fascinates travellers from around the world.  The one thing that Kerala and Hyderabad as to 2 states have in common is the constructive buildings and heritage destinations which fascinate the travellers visiting the places with a number of stories of the past from the time of the British rule. Even after being a developing state like Hyderabad, Kerala houses a number of destinations with natural beauty which includes, hill stations, waterfalls, mountain ranges, valleys and plantations which attracts the travellers from around the world. Tour operators like Le Lagoon Holidays too attract travellers from such busy cities organises different Kerala tour packages by concentrating on domestic states which mostly includes Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad and Bangalore where there is an availability of development and history but lacks nature, beauty and romance. Most of the travellers visiting Kerala from Hyderabad and such cities are couples and honeymooners who wish to enjoy their honeymoon trip in a state with natural beauty and harmony. Kerala being a state with a number of hill stations with climate and ambiance apt for a romantic honeymoon is a place known as the honeymooner’s paradise among the couples and travellers in the land. Some of the best honeymoon destinations in Kerala most visited by couples and newlyweds from business and highly populated cities like Hyderabad and more are listed below.

Munnar – the land of dreamy climate


Munnar is one of the most beautiful hill stations in Kerala with a number of evergreen forest and tea plantations. One of the main elements that make Munnar the best destination for honeymooners is the climate that the place holds in and the romantic ambiance which adds up to the beauty of the place. The greenery and plantations of Munnar are things that a traveler or a couple could enjoy or experience in populated business cities like Hyderabad, Ahmadabad and much more. Being one of the best honeymoon destinations in Kerala the place houses a number of luxury hotels which offers the couples with the best-facilitated stay in the hills. Some of the best destinations in Munnar that the travellers and couples visiting the land should visit include the Munnar Hill Station, Top station, Mattupetti Dam, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Anamudi Hills, Eravikulam National Park and Attukal Waterfalls.

 Best time to visit: Munnar is one of the only destinations in Kerala which offers the best treat to the travellers visiting the place throughout the year.

How to reach: Munnar is located in the western ghats have no airports so travellers who wish to visit the hill station can board the flight to Kochi international airport from where you could reach the destination within 3 hrs. Roadways and railways are available to the hills.

Kovalam – the beach capital


 Kovalam is one of the most beautiful beach destinations where honeymooners and couples could enjoy rejuvenation therapies. Kovalam is one of the best beach destinations in Kerala that houses a number of Ayurvedic treatment centres. The palm-fringed beach sides and Rock Mountains offer the couples a visual treat. The main attraction in this beach destination is the sunset and sunrise, the peacefulness and the availability of luxury resorts which provides the best Ayurvedic treatments, massages and spa. Ayurvedic treatment is one of the main things that the travellers visiting the place from business cities like Hyderabad would love to enjoy as it provides them with a mind free from tension and stress. Some of the must-visit destinations in Kovalam include Lighthouse Beach, Vellayani Lake, Hawa Beach, Artificial offshore and Coral Reef.

 Best time to visit: One of the best times to visit this beautiful beach destination is from the month of September to February.

How to reach: The nearest airport to Kovalam beach is the Kochi international airport. Travelers can also make use of the roadways and railways.

Kumarakom – the inland water gateway


The backwaters of Kerala are one of the most prominent destinations in most Kerala honeymoon packages. The beauty of the evergreen paddy fields, moonlit waters, and the backwater villages add up to the beauty of a romantic honeymoon in the complex water. Kumarakom backwaters are one of the best honeymoon destinations in Kerala where couples could enjoy a romantic boat ride and a stay in the houseboats. The place is also known for the presence of a number of Ayurvedic centres which offer travellers with the best rejuvenation therapy in the land. Some of the major attraction in the land is the houseboats, complex backwaters, backwater festivals, traditional industries, backwater villages, paddy fields and Ayurvedic treatment centres. Travelers visiting Kumarakom must enjoy the beauty of all the attractions in the land.

Best time to visit: One of the best times to visit this fascinating backwater destination is from the month of August to March.

How to reach: The closest airport to the place is the Kochi international airport from where you can travel by road for about 4 hrs to reach the backwater destination. You are also free to choose the roadways if necessary.

Kerala being one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the south is a must-visit destination for from the northern parts of India which include Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Hyderabad and such destinations. For travellers and honeymooners who wish to explore the true beauty of Kerala must include the above destinations in the itinerary. Kerala being a destination with natural beauty and vegetation in abundance is the only destination to the southern part of India that promises to fascinate and entice the travellers visiting the land.