Exploring the Less Touristy Locations of North Kerala

This part of both the culturally and geographically rich Kerala is obviously less touristy. When compared with the visual treats offered from the Southern tip of the state, the Northern Kerala is way much exotic. There are the boons of a lesser crowd, more options, better people and less spoiled destinations. Although these tourist locations are not that renowned, the travel destinations in Malabar region never compromise in its scenic beauty and the very essence of travelling up to those outlandish spots. As far as an adventure-seeking or off-beat traveller is concerned, these locations would be just perfect for fulfilling their dream getaways.

Below given are few of the less touristy locations that you can readily drop in while on a road trip to Northern Kerala.

Adyanpara Waterfalls of Nilambur in Malappuram

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Even though the tourist site is located in the district of Malappuram, they are positioned to the eastern side of Thamarassery in Kozhikode. Adyanpara is rather close of the Nilambur town at a distance of 15km. So you may hire a taxi and reach at foothills of the waterfalls easily. However, any tour package that could take you to the destination would be minimal. Once you had reached there, you will be required to mount up to the steep hills that even be challenging to the adventurous travellers. Furthermore, the real beauty of the unexplored waterfall can indeed be experienced when you are visiting them in the monsoon from June to October. Then waterfall would be cascading with that heavy flow of pristine river water. It would indeed be a visual treat to watch the running waters smashing the unique shaped huge rocks in the dense forests.

Kodikuthimala of Malappuram

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Very perfectly called as the ‘Ooty of Malappuram’, the beautiful hill station of Kodikuthimala in Malappuram is full of surprises to its rare visitors. The lush green covers when you view from a top the hills are truly mesmerizing. For this very purpose, you have the two major options of a suicide point and a watchtower. Moreover, when trekking up the forested hills, several natural springs and cascading waterfalls will be welcoming you. Although not much known to the regular tourist lots, the serene location of Kodikuthimala is a favourite hotspot among the young adventure-loving travellers. For this very season, the entire hill station is still unspoiled and offers various scopes for further explorations.

Thikkoti Light House Beach in Kozhikode

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When talking about the popular beaches of the district, chiefly Kappad and Kozhikode beaches come into one mind. Nonetheless, on this side of the district, a remarkable lighthouse erected on the Velliyamkally Rock makes them a perfect blend for epic beach photography. Furthermore, as the beachside near the Thikkoti Light House is less touristy, you may have your own time and leisure without any barriers of the large crowds experienced in other major beaches of Kerala. Migratory birds from various distant locations do visit the tranquil beach during summer and the following months. As you move north towards Payyoli beach from Thikkoti, you could catch a glimpse of a dilapidated shipwreck. In addition to this, the rich palm and coconut plantations create a unique look to this charming golden shore of Malabar region.

Thusharagiri Waterfalls in Kozhikode

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The major portions of Kozhikode city are centred on the coastal region of the city. Yet the eastern and the hilly terrains of the districts are still unexplored to a greater extent. The mesmerizing waterfalls at Thusharagiri are most accessibly located on the way that would take you to the more popular tourist destination of Wayanad. Basically, the waterfalls at Thusharagiri do comprise of three other falls namely Thumpi Thullum Para, Erattumukku and Mazhavil Chattom. The travellers to the place will also get to view the drizzling river of the waterfalls flowing to a larger water body of Challippuzha River. Although the alluring region around Thusharagiri is protected as an Eco-Tourist spot of late, only a limited number of tourists do a stopover in the destination. If you are very much into mountaineering, this serene unexplored destination should be on your bucket list visit to North Kerala.

Paithalmala in Kannur

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The majestic hill deserves every right to be included under the list of the most renowned tourist destination of the state, besides the fact that Paithalmala is the highest peak of Kannur. However, they are not much popular as other hill stations of Kerala and are obviously unexplored.  Located in the borders connecting Kerala and Kannur, the hill station can be reached from Kannur after a drive of 55km through a serene atmosphere. If you are wishing for a travel to the hill station in lower rates you may catch a bus to Kudiyanmala and then hire a taxi to Paithamala. Once you have trekked all through the dense forest all across the hills to the top, you could have a panoramic view of Mother Nature. If the climate is favourable, you may even witness the Arabian Sea at a distance. Moreover, the hill station under the control of Forest Department is actually home to a large variety of flora and fauna. So when you are visiting Paithamala, you will be blessed to watch unique species of butterflies and birds you had never seen before.

Ranipuram in Kasargod

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Any traveller to Kasargod would be surprised to visit this lush green region, which is otherwise mistaken for a dry and tiresome district. So in every aspect, this spectacular hill station can be most perfectly included under the list of unexplored tourist locations of North Kerala. A nearby Thalacauvery Wildlife Sanctuary of Karnataka shares its borders with Ranipuram. Because of this very relevant reason, when you are further exploring the forest covers of Ranipuram, you will be rushing to various kinds of deers, monkeys, squirrels, boars and even elephants.

The wonders of nature sited in the splendid state of Kerala such as the ones mentioned here can be explored further with the assistance of Dreams Cabs. The noted online taxi service has employed expert drivers to take you to all those scenic locations. If you are that travel enthusiast who would love to think out of the box things, then head on to these unexplored tourist destinations without wasting a minute!

Most Striking Reasons for Visiting Kochi in Kerala

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This is the place where you can see the longest railway bridge of the country, where the biggest shopping mall of Kerala, the largest International Container Transhipment Terminal of India and quite lately the only city in the state where Metro trains ply. What more reasons are required for any random travellers to not to skip Kochi from your bucket list visit to Kerala? The following can be listed under the most relevant reasons for stoping over once after you’re vacationing in either the hills of Munnar, seashores of Kovalam or mystic peaks of Wayanad. Below given are the reasons that we were pointing about.

 Adore the Dutch Palace

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Without walking much from the ferry station of Mattanchery in Kochi, you will reach your destination of Dutch Palace. Although popularly known as Dutch Palace, these ancient structures were initially built by the Portuguese but were annexed and renovated by the Dutch. At present, the heritage site is under the supervision of the Archaeological Survey of India and is functioning as a major museum of Kochi. You could very elaborately learn a lot about the historical facts behind the spice city of Kerala. You would inevitably be in love with the Palace and its exhibits if you are interested in History. Moreover, the tourists interested in Architecture of age-old buildings can adore at the artistic collaboration of Colonial and Kerala styles of construction.

Relishing at Cherai Beach

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Situated from around 25km from the mainland in the Vypin Island, the popular beach of Cherai is equally preferred by both foreign and domestic tourists alike. You may stay in the adjacent resorts to experience the real beauty of Cherai. However, it would be crowded during the peak season. So you will be advised to reserve them from early bookings. To reach the shores of the golden beach, you have to either hire a taxi or a rickshaw, as they are at a distance from the main road of the island. Moreover, the picturesque water bodies that are a part of the Cochin backwaters on either side of the path that leads to the beach makes them all the way unique and more beautiful, especially during the late evenings.

Shop for the Most Cheapest at Broadway

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Merely from the name of the place, you would never have to anticipate that they are indeed broad. It would be challenging enough to stroll over the intricate paths of Broadway during the onset of any major festivals in the state. However, once you are sure with the routes and is comfortable with the raw essence of any such Indian market places, you may readily choose Broadway for having the best shopping experience. Things are always cheaper and of diverse kinds in Broadway. Furthermore, the sellers in the place may not be the richest ones, selling only fancy pieces of stuff. But you could find various small shops selling Indian Spices, traditional clothes, earthenware, Indian confectioneries and what not.

Cherishing the history of Jewish Synagogue

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This is yet another historic site located in the old town of Mattancherry, which has the footprints of all the cultures ranging from Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch and Gujarati. However, the path the leads you to the 16th-century Synagogue will inevitably take you another world. For a moment, you would feel that you are indeed strolling in a Jew Town of any Portuguese origin. Numerous antique shops line these paths beautifully on both the sides. Furthermore, the indoors of the Synagogue are floored in a beautiful combination of blue and off white tiles, which were imported from China. The most fascinating thing about them is that each of the pictographs inscribed in it is different and unique.                                                                                   

Check out the Kochi Muziris Biennale

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The artistic venture that had international acclaim lately is comparatively a new crowd puller to the city of Kochi. For the same, artists from all across the world fly up to Kochi and display their installations in the Biennale extending for up to 3 months starting from December to March. You can experience the large cluster of World art in every alternate year. These installations are set in different locations centred in the premises of Fort Kochi.       

Ferrying in the Cochin Backwaters

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Even the backwaters of Kochi would be very much different from what you saw in Alappuzha. This would be the urban version of the Lake. Likewise, the urban side of everything that can be seen anywhere else in Kerala can be experienced here, besides the intriguing remains of its colonial past. Exclusive packages with the inclusion of ferrying across the backwaters, targeting the tourists are made available all through the day.  You may hire these fancy boats at any rate. If you are groping for a more economical option of sailing through the backwaters, you do not have to wait for these taxis. There are very cheaper public water transport plying from Ernakulam to Fort Kochi and Mattancherry.

Strolling across Fort Kochi Beach

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The post-colonial structures and its adjoining places of Fort Kochi are like no other in the entire state of Kerala. You can drop into the Aspin Wall House, Steam Boiler in the beach, Church of St. Francis, David Cafe, Pierce Leslie Bungalow, and Kashi Art Gallery, which are all in a reach of 3km square stretch. Besides all these, tourists spend hours in the walkway adjacent to the beach that are aligned with numerous Chinese Fishing Nets. Even the trees that can be found in the area too are worth to watch with concerning its age and distinct shape.                                   

While touring a complicated city like that of Kochi, relying on the confusing public transports could turn out to be an arduous task. Therefore, you must be compelled to hire the services of any reputed online taxi services such as Dreams Cabs. Moreover, for any outsiders of the city, travelling in any public mode of transport in a highly populated region can be exhaustive. The expert drivers of the taxi services are equipped with the latest technologies to take to your preferred destinations on the specified time at an affordable price.

An Exhilarating Road Trip from Hyderabad to Kerala: A Delightsome Travelogue

The aftermath of a tiresome wedding session lasting for a couple of days, we were craving for some refreshing getaways to be spent in any other places. Besides, we were very particular of choosing a location with varied contrasts to that of Telugu cultures, traditions, places and everything. Furthermore, I and my husband had some conditions prior to our trip that it should not be any North Indian locations or boarding any straight flights to the destination.

It was in this instant that I got to know that the hills of Munnar in Kerala were surprisingly laid out by a delicate layer of snow during the past year’s winter. The beauty of this whole new version of the otherwise lush green hills was rather astonishing, which would be ideal for a romantic honeymoon. Usually, the state of Kerala is known for its tropical climate with most time of the year drenched in soothing monsoon. Therefore, tourists dropping in Kerala mostly get to visit its backwaters and its golden shores, as they would be readily included in their tour packages to spend their vacations. However, we wished to do something different and explore on our own. We finally decided to travel to the Munnar Hills from our hometown of Hyderabad and that too by road.

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Since we only had limited time for our vacation, we set off our journey at a late evening in our own car. Most parts Telgana were covered in utter darkness expect the major towns of Mahbubnagar, Kurnool, Anantapur and Penukonda. Visiting these places in Andra borders were obviously excluded from our list as it was definitely not in our list, as we took the fastest road possible via NH44. Due to the numerous of tolls in the otherwise smooth path, it was almost midnight when we reached in the Electronic Capital of Karnataka, Bengaluru.

Bengaluru was like any other major cities of the country, in terms of their traffic congestion and the fastest growing infrastructure. Due to the time in which we arrived at this vast city saved us from this mess to a greater extent. On the wild path leading to Hosur, we got to realize that yet another state of Karnataka had also been left behind. Just then the name of Hosur just struck and later confused me that, isn’t’ that the same ‘Hosur’ in of Karanataka nearby Madikeri. The name was quite familiar to me as I had already visited a Samudri Ganesha Temple located there. However, this was a different place located in the borders of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

By early mornings, we reached the scenic locations of Krishnagiri district of Tamil Nadu. Again here too we could not experience the very essence of this beautiful ancient town. Later the first rays of the early morning sun were striking us when our car was very gently approaching towards Erode. Now, we were excited to journeying via the dense forest covers of Udumalpet once covering the temple towns of Thirvachi, Palladam, Avinashi and numerous other ones. We were almost in sync with our calculations of witnessing the dense forest regions of both Anamalai Tiger Reserve and Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary in broad sunlight. Consequently, we have succeeded in this very same venture also.

Up to these locations, the roads were not much challenging as the paths were laid out in plains. However, once we were about to cross the Kerala-Tamil Nadu borders, you will know about the very nature of the rocky terrains of this part of Western Ghats. Numerous hairpin curves on these roads will truly be testing most accurate driving skills of my husband. But he was definitely not in a mood to give up. Meanwhile, the deep gorges adjacent to the roads scared me.  From my research just before the trip, I had read that Chinnar is the sole rain shadow region in the state of Kerala

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In our research, I had already noted down that a waterfall named Thoovanam is situated at this location is a must-visit site. For trekking up to the waterfall, we pulled over our car in the parking area across the Alampetty Check post. The staff at the check post then said that to catch a glimpse of the Thoovanam Waterfalls, we need to trek across the dark jungles for a whole of 4kms. We just felt that we were walking very close to nature at its lap. When the cascading waterfalls were closest to our view, it was indeed a pleasure for our eyes to watch the beautiful sight. The trekking is basically a guided program operated by the State Tourism Department of Kerala.

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After the witnessing the surprising waterfall, we continued our journey via Marayoor, which has the only natural sandalwood forest among all the forest covers in Kerala. Here also we had to halt our travelling in the car, and had to catch a jeep that would take us to these rare forests. If we had opted for the other options of vacationing through the packages, we did not have to wait much in these kinds of places. But on the other hand, these halting could also give some rest to the former that had been plying all the way from Hyderabad. Along with us, we saw many other tourists enjoying the rich flora and fauna found only in these regions. Apart from that, we got to see a few ’Muniyaras’ which are the primitive cabins made of stone. Someone travelling with us on the jeep said Chinnar is home to a giant variety of flying squirrel and can be only be observed if you are lucky enough.

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We were departing from the sandal forest covers of Marayoor and saw yet another signboard indicating the path that leads to Lakkam Waterfalls. However, we could not make it to visit them as it was already approaching the dusk. Mounting up to the waterfalls in such an hour will be futile and also dangerous. From there it did not take much to reach the popular hill station of Munnar. While we reached there, the temperature was very chilling and felt exhausted. We sole groped for a space to lie down after the eventful journey.

Before planning for any road trips, it is always advised to book your dates to any efficient tour companies like that of Lelagoon Holidays. By doing so you would be visiting every tourist spots in a location in an organized manner without missing any exciting sights!

Reunion of Classmates in God’s Own Country

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It is been a long time that we have planned a fantastic trip to some exotic places. It was nearly 3 years ago that we had an exciting trip to Ooty and Kodaikanal during our final year of college. We split after getting the jobs in MNCs via campus recruitment. Most of us were working outside Kerala and were eagerly waiting to meet each other. It was after watching the Malayalam movie ‘Classmates’ by my dearest friend which tells the story of the reunion of college students after 15 years, she got inspired and messaged us to plan a thrilling trip. We somehow found the time and discussed the trip. We, 6 friends, had 6 different choices about the destinations finally decided to select Munnar located in our hometown, Kerala. The coastal state is blessed with awe-inspiring tourist spots. And we planned to rely on some taxi services in the metro city, Kochi. But the majority of us including me were hesitant to depend on them. Because we thought the presence of the driver will be an obstacle to our privacy and amusement. As we were hailing from Chennai and we didn’t have much knowledge about the state we were forced to depend on them.

One fine Friday morning we boarded a flight to Cochin from Chennai. As per the prior booking on Dreams Cabs website the cab which we had booked with a professional driver was there to receive us. We had a little fear about the cab whether it would be clean and tidy. But we remained dumbstruck by seeing the interior of the Scorpio (the cab which we selected). The floors of the cab were covered with luxury custom-fitted carbon fibre car mats. We were able to stretch and relax in leatherette 3D car seats with holders so that without any difficulty we could enjoy our drinks while clicking beguiling terrains. The AC vents were very well maintained and we were able to inhale cool air. As we were enjoying our road journey to Munnar suddenly it started raining like cats and dogs. The driver was not able to see the path clearly and we were scared whether we will meet any accident but to our surprise, the vipers of the car were so well-functioning that it wiped the windows quickly and neatly. Due to the heavy cloud burst, some of the roads were blocked. Thanks to the GPS and Wi-Fi facility we were able to identify a new route which comparatively took less time than the previous one. We asked our chauffeur to turn off the stereo as we really wanted to enjoy the pitter-pattering of rains. After an hour we asked to open the windows so that we could enjoy the fragrant smell of petrichor. With a single button, he lowered the window. We felt very hungry and asked the driver to halt the vehicle in front of any cafeteria so that we can heat ourselves with hot tea. The driver had a deep knowledge about the good restaurants and he took us to a reputed one and we had enticing delicacies with hot cardamom tea. We didn’t forget to parcel some traditional oily Keralite snacks to eat. We continued our journey by enjoying the rain outside while eating the snacks and by hearing the radio chats from our favorite FM channel. As we were closer to our destination the roads were seen to be pathetic with potholes here and there. The tires of the car were of high quality and of good friction. Our chauffeur was very careful and drove the vehicle slowly as we had already mentioned that one of our friends is having some issues related to the spinal cord. The cab also consists of aromatic car perfume which helped us to remain active throughout the journey.

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Reaching Munnar, he dropped us to the hotel which we had booked beforehand but unfortunately, it was not available for us due to some communication reasons. We were confused about what to do as we were unfamiliar with place and language. But the driver helped us. He took us to one of the best hotels in Munnar and bought the rooms at cheaper rates than which we had booked. After refreshment, he took us to the important tourist places like echo point, tea gardens, etc. The hilly regions of the place were carpeted with emerald tea meadows and the mesmerizing view delighted our hearts. Our driver cum tour guide told the tales related to the construction of the tea factory. At echo point, we were competing and teasing with each other by calling out each other’s nicknames. We took enough and more photographs that finally our phone gallery asked to delete some old files. I desperately wanted to upload all the good looking photographs in social media as I really wanted to make my colleagues jealous (just for fun). But my network connection was roaming and I was unable to fulfill my wish. I thought of uploading the amazing pictures using the hotel’s internet facility. But the signal strength was poor. Only then I remembered our cab’s Wi-Fi and ran to our cab and connected my phone with the internet and posted all the clicks. The driver didn’t forget to share the valuable information about each and every place.

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After 2 days of sightseeing in Munnar, we departed our chauffeur at Cochin International Airport. There are no words to express our sincere thanks to Dreams cabs and their vibrant team members. People who are planning short, as well as long journeys, must definitely select Dreams cabs as their hospitality is beyond expectations. They not only arrange cabs for expeditions but also for daily purposes such as picking up from offices, schools, colleges, airports, railway stations and dropping to their home or to desired destinations. Their main aim is to deliver outstanding taxi service packages at reasonable prices. They are one of the flourishing private cab companies in Kerala. What differ from others is they give the facility to its customers to select their favorite cabs from a wide range of choices. Additional expenses of any kind are mulcted. Another highlighting feature of the company is they provide the services 24*7 to the needy customers. They always value customers’ gratification and that is the reason behind their success which I and my friends had experienced.

A Spectacular Solo Trip to Beautiful Kerala

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I have always been fascinated by the amazing beauty of Kerala. It’s not only me I think but the rest of the Indians, as well as foreigners, are lured by the scenic delight of the state. Being born and brought up in Bangalore, more popularly known as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’, I have always been attracted by the calm ambiance of the Malayalam state. The pristine lakes, royal houseboats, exotic species of flora and fauna, hills and valleys covered with green meadows, tropical climate, etc captivate tourists to ‘God’s own country’. One could enjoy the harmonious chirps of birds and wild thunders of animals from thickly populated forest areas.

As I used to spend my summer holidays in Kerala every year, I have experienced the terrible and burning hot. However, I never experienced the cold monsoon days. After long years my dream was fulfilled I got the opportunity to be part of a lovely monsoon and play like a small child in rain. It happened so; I was working in a reputed MNC as a team leads. And one my relative invited for her sons’ baptism (naming ceremony) in Kochi, Kerala. It was in the month of August and it was peak time in my office but somehow I got the leave for 2 days. Every time I used to visit the state with my family but this time my parents and other family members didn’t get leave so they asked me to go alone and attend the function. I boarded a flight from Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore to Cochin International Airport, Kerala. As planned, my cousin promised me to pick me from the airport but due to some issues he couldn’t make it So, I was forced to depend on taxis in Cochin. To be very frank at first I was reluctant to seek their services because I had read many terrifying incidents in the newspapers. As there was no other option, I decided to go with them. I searched for many cab services on the internet and chose Dreams Cabs as they assured good facilities. To my surprise within 10 minutes after booking, the car arrived. The cab was beyond my expectations. I was astonished by seeing its interior, it was very clean and neat, the seat cover and cushions were well maintained. The AC vents were cleaned and there was good air circulation inside the cab. It is always important to maintain the vibes when we go somewhere especially if it is a long drive. And if the car smells bad and doesn’t have an odor absorber, it will make travelers tiresome. The cab which I hired had the best air freshener and made me energetic in the entire journey. The carpets and interior designs gave the cab a classy look. How could I wind up the beauty of the cab without mentioning the chauffeur? The driver was really a very good person. He shared much information related to the present conditions of roads, political issues, etc. I really had a comfy drive with him. Not like other drivers, he never overtook any vehicles nor drove at high speed. To spice up the journey the driver didn’t forget to play the stereo and he asked my taste in music and played songs accordingly. Traveling in the car I was able to enjoy the beauty of nature drenched in heavy downpours. I asked the driver to reduce the volume of the stereo so that I could listen to the rain patters. Suddenly I got a call from my office to complete an assignment and it was urgent. I asked the driver to halt the cab for a few hours so that I could complete the assigned work in any of the internet cafes. But again to my surprise, he told me that the cab had an excellent WI-FI facility and I was really thrilled. Because I was not willing to wet my favorite dress and it was raining like cats and dogs outside. Before I reached my cousin’s house I was able to finish my work before the deadline. The cab also had a few good books by famous authors. As reading is my passion I grabbed the books the moment I saw it. Thanks to the driver I was able to reach the ceremony spot nearly 2 hours early. I thanked him personally. My cousins and whole family remained amazed by how I could reach before time whereas they found it difficult to reach the spot on time. I described my whole journey to them.

By 10 pm, my grandfather suddenly falls sick and there was no one in the house who knew driving so that we could take him to the hospital. Again I called Dream cabs. We were in doubt whether they will be working overnight. As I wished, the same driver with the cab reached my cousin’s house. We reached the hospital at the time and were able to save grandpa’s life. For the next day, I booked the cab to the airport and on the way, I wanted to purchase a few things for dear friends and family. The cab took me to the best and cheapest place where I could buy things of good quality and in good quantity. Despite the roads being in worse conditions, the cab driver was very careful and drove the cab slowly as I had informed him that I got a sprain on my back during the ceremony. After the shopping, I reached the airport on time and boarded a flight to Bangalore from Kochi. I was really pleased with the taxi packages of Kerala and decided to recommend to my friends and relatives who are planning to visit the state. I also gave good ratings to their site with outstanding feedback.

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Dream cabs also provide the facility to do online bookings for long journeys. They assign drivers who are very fluent in English, Hindi as well as in Malayalam. The drivers are very well efficient and have good knowledge of all the short cuts so that travellers could reach on time. The cab fares are very affordable and they are ready to customize their rates according to customer’s needs. The company also provides options to select the best cars from the given list. Unfortunately, if the vehicle meets any accident the company will take all the responsibility of both the cab and passengers. Above all, it is one of the best cab service companies in Kerala which is safe for women who are planning for a solo trip. To have a lovely Kerala trip, it is always recommended to hire private cabs than wait for public transports for long hours.

9 Ways to Choose the Best Cab Services

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There was a time when people used to wait for long hours in the bus stops or waiting sheds for the arrival of buses in various parts of the nation. People never felt any inconvenience in doing so. They utilized such long intervals for gossiping and passing jokes. As the year passed, things started to change, many companies urged employees to reach on time and some were also asked to stay late at night. So people found it difficult to spend their precious time in waiting sheds. They were forced to buy their own vehicles. To some extent, problems were solved. It is commonly heard when one problem ends another start. As people started buying their own vehicles, traffic congestion increased on the roads followed by pollution. Again employees were questioned for their punctuality. In many situations, people were not able to drive their own vehicles to some places.

As a solution to prevailing problems, many private companies have come forward with excellent facilities like providing cab services to the public. It really helped the lakhs of people in society.  Especially state like Kerala, where cultural and traditional restrictions still exist, taxi services plays a major role. It really helped many women to reach home safely after working till late evenings in multinational companies.  Private cabs not only helped private company employees but also travellers who used to pay huge bucks for taxis in the airports and railway stations. Due to the awesome benefits of private cabs, many people in the present days are relying more on them than public transports. Day by day many private cab companies are sprouting. It has now become difficult for the common man to choose the best cab services. There are many ways to identify the best cab service available these days. Select the best cab and enjoy a secure journey.

  1. Safety

The main aim of travelling is enjoyment but what if the journey is not safe and secure? To make the trip safe, travellers must go through the previous safety records of the cab, driving habits of the cab driver and quality of fleet used for transportation.

  1. Punctuality

The main reason why people depend on these cab services is their punctuality. If the cabs are not reaching on time, people will lose their trust. So before booking cab travellers should go through the drivers’ reputation on punctuality. People who used Cochin taxi booking services have always given positive feedback on their reliability and punctuality.

  1. Professional Drivers

Cochin taxi rentals

A good driver always ensures passengers safety. It is really important that drivers should have good knowledge of speed limitations and road safety. Apart from professionalism, drivers must know all shortcuts so that they can drop off and pick up the passengers on time. Drivers must really be friendly. They must give prime value to passengers’ convenience. If they are not feeling well, just turn off the air conditioner and also the music player before they demand. The journey will be interesting only when there is smooth communication between passengers and drivers in the cab.

  1. Neatness

People never book a cab to walkable distant places. They seek cab services only when the journey is more than an hour. Just imagine a situation where you are forced to travel in cabs which are not clean and tidy. Don’t you feel suffocation? Before booking the cab you must check not only its exterior but also its interior. Private cab companies like Dreams cabs always give concerns on passenger’s health. For the safe and healthy journey, the company washes the cab twice in a week and also changes the seat cover, carpets and cushions once in two days. They also clean window panes of the air conditioner.

  1. Affordable Rates

The most important thing before choosing a cab is their transportation rates. Nowadays, there are many cab companies like Ola, Uber and Meru etc provide exciting offers and pleasing rates. So before booking the cab, just go through the prices and compare it with other companies, and select the best one.

  1. Booking Facility

Cochin taxi booking

Companies which provide good customer care support, people will go there. Cab firms must encourage both online and offline booking services. Prior reservation of cabs must be appreciated. While booking the staff must enquire about the type of cab the travellers need and also the destination. If the trip is of more than one day, the staff must seek information about their itinerary. All the transaction related to transportation must be cleared while booking the cab.

  1. About Driver

It is the duty of the company, before hiring any driver, they must go through the history of the driver. Driver must be free from all criminal records. Must have the ability to handle both native language and international language fluently. Companies must discourage the drinking and smoking habits of drivers while driving.

  1. Credibility

Before booking the cab, travellers must go through the reviews available on the websites via the internet. Also, gather feedback from the travellers who availed their cab services.

  1. Global Positioning System

Taxi kerala

It is good that cabs must install the Global Positioning System or in short, called GPS. It is used to track the vehicles and get a proper road map while travelling.

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By going through the various tips of selecting the cab, one might have got deep knowledge of the best and worst cab services available in the market.  As there are many private companies coming forward with new offers and facilities, it is the intelligence of man to select the best one by keeping the above points in mind. Cab service is really user-friendly. It makes travel free from all kinds of worries and troubles and makes the journey a memorable one. Some cabs provide free Wi-Fi facility by which passengers can complete their pending works. They can also watch movies or listen to music using Wi-Fi. To reach on time and make the journey safe and secure, it is always good to rely on private cab services than simply wasting time on public transports which are not very reliable. If you haven’t started using cab services. Utilize the services at the earliest or else you will remain outdated in society.

6 Reasons on Why I will choose Taxi Services in Kerala for Every Visit

To all those who are getting ready for a trip to Kerala, this is a note for you. I have travelled to Kerala for quite a few times with my family and also for business trips. The most important thing that I felt was it was easy to pick out the destinations in Kerala, but when it comes to the navigation on roads, it gets a bit out of hand at the difficult roads in Kerala. So, after some of the trips that I tried to take control of with my own car or by choosing public transport facilities, I found out that I should have hired a taxi beforehand itself. One of the best taxi rentals and hiring services are provided by Dreams Cabs with their office at Cochin. By providing taxi services to all the places in Kerala, services like these are becoming the major mode of transport in 2019 by providing door-to-door services. The reasons for my decision that I would be hiring a taxi for all my trips to Kerala from now are listed below in case you find out a solution to the reasons that have kept you off from visiting the Kerala roads until now.

A wide range of cars to choose from:

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Even if you have a car at your home or not, you can always rent a car or hire for a taxi service at Kerala. There are different car packages from luxury to economy where there are cars ranging from Mercedes Benz, BMW, Mini Cooper, etc to Sedan, Innova and so on. For our family trip with 12 members, we hired for a Tempo Traveller which made our trip from Cochin to Alappuzha a convenient one.

Privacy and convenience:

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If you are choosing to travel on a bus with all your heavy baggage, you are sure to face troubles. The journey will tire you as you will have to hop from one bus to another or get into an auto where there are narrow roads or at places where there is no bus service. Even if you use public transport you will have to adjust with other passengers. You can rent a car if you know the road to your destination or else you can hire for a taxi service with chauffeur facilities. These services provide cars which are well-serviced and are in good condition. Cutting out a lot on your pricey expenses that will go on servicing your cars for a long journey are the benefits that you will avail on choosing this facility.

They value your time:

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If there is something that is never irreplaceable when you think about taxi services, then it would be a perfect time management system according to which they are working. I have done bookings before a week when a trip with my family to Kerala was planned. We reached Cochin International Airport at 9 am and had to reach our hotel at the earliest for refreshments. So, there was our driver waiting for us at the airport even before our flights reached. He took us to the hotel which was about 36 Kilometers away in just an hour. So, for all my trips after this one with my family, I have opted for the taxi packages from Dreams Cabs and they have always taken me to my intended destination at the right time. I have never missed a meeting in Kerala after I started hiring taxis.

They know the roads the best:

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So far, I have travelled to Kerala for six times and for almost all the trips that I took my own car for the trip, there popped up certain problems. The Google Maps facility on which I usually depended upon took me to a dead-end and I had to travel back to the spot from where I started with the help of some locals in the area. There were other times when there was nobody to ask for when we got stuck on roads and the internet connectivity was not working properly too. We were doomed and reached our destinations by taking the longest routes or the ones with never-ending traffic. These problems were solved with the choosing of taxis as they are a great help in this technology-driven era when we get too much dependant on the internet. The local drivers provided by taxi service operators in Kerala know how to make better use of technology and their local knowledge about roads. As a result, you will have a travel guide too.

You can calculate your travel budget before booking:

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You would have availed a tour package by checking the prices and just like that you can book for a taxi prior to your landing at Kerala. The total amount that you will have to pay for your fare will depend on the base fares of the travel companies. The taxi operators will levy only a small amount per 100 Kilometers for a package taxi. By providing the details about your journey from the pick-up and drop off destinations and all the places you are intending to visit, the exact amount you will have to spend on roads can be calculated. The tensions about petrol or diesel refilling, insurance and fussing about parking space and cost can be avoided. This is not possible when you are taking your car. For travelling a bit more far from what you have paid for, the prices will be charged as per the base fare only.

No hassles of surge pricing:

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There are last-minute resorts like Uber at cheaper rates, this was my belief until when I had to get a taxi at night. It was late at night and Uber had increased their charges all of a sudden and I had to get the service by paying more than the basic usual fare. Surge pricing happens when there are more people looking for Uber services and there is a lack of drivers, so the ones paying the more gets the deal. Reasons like these are what makes booking a taxi at Kerala more reliable as they won’t dodge away from standard rates causing confusion and uncertainty among the customers. There were simply no hidden costs apart from the token advance we had to pay based on the standard price and they send a proper mail with the receipt and invoice.

If you ask me how I found out about the best taxi services in Kerala, the internet has not let me down. Confirming about the services provided by taxi hiring and rental service operators has been quite easy with the reviews they got. There were testimonials which helped me to find out more about how flexible and qualified the drivers are. The prompt services provided by taxi drivers is definitely what keeps the brand name among the top list. With drivers who are professionally trained and can handle many languages from the local language Malayalam to the global language English, a taxi ride will never disappoint you. These travel decisions were made by a lot of research and I have availed all the positive benefits of a taxi hiring system.

The Perks of Hiring a Taxi for Your Road Trip

I just came back after a fabulous road trip from Fort Kochi. This road trip wasn’t my first time but it was definitely my first relaxed road trip. We are hard-core travel enthusiasts who pre-plan our trips month before we embark on one. We just don’t want to take chances when it comes to travelling. Days before the trip we clean our cars and see to it that it is in perfect condition. We usually drive to our destination. But unlike the previous times, this time we hired a cab from Dreamscabs a popular taxi service render in Kochi. And I have come to realize that hiring a cab for your trip is much better than self-drives. Come to think of it, you just sit back and relax while you give your own vehicle some rest! That’s not all there are some perks when you hire a cab.

You Can Dodge the Fuss of Car Servicing

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I and my backpacker friends used to get in touch with the car service centre every time before we took our road trip. We would personally take our car to the service centre though we were asked not to take the trouble (the staff would offer to come and drive our car to the centre). This is because we wanted to give the service providers a detailed description of the route we were to take. We would ask them to take special care of our car and of course, provide some tips to keep our car in perfect condition even during the trips. We would double-check and strike off the checkboxes (which involved air pressure, tyre’s conditions, etc.) one by one after the car is brought back from servicing. It wasn’t as easy as it sounds. It demanded a good portion of our precious time. Hiring a cab not only saved us the trouble of servicing our car but also from the tedious double-checking procedures as well!

Save Your Vehicle from Wearing Away

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Your car will succumb to wear and tear during the trip and you simply can’t stop that from happening. So, however, your trip might be, your vehicle may have to go through some hard times. The ‘wear and tear’ that takes place then can lead to some serious deterioration later. Your vehicle not only loses the sheen of its outer body but also its ability and you might not get a satisfactory resale value too. I know this as we have had the same experience. In fact, that is one of the main reasons why we decided to add this ‘twist’ of hiring a taxi to Kochi.  Kochi’s roads did have a lot of potholes and were in bad conditions due to the constant downpours. This was indeed one of our best decisions as we did not have to worry about our car hitting potholes, or even about an engine-breakdown. We just sat back and listened to the melodious Malayalam music while we gazed at the impeccable beauty of Kerala.

Time Complies with Your Ways

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Driving seems to be simple but one needs to be super careful agile doing the same. You need to make sure that you are fresh. You can’t nod off even for a second while driving. It can lead to accidents. So, you need to have adequate sleep before you set out for a long drive. This eats up your time. You will have to adjust your work time or do various other adjustments for this. But you don’t have to worry about any of the aforesaid if you have hired a cab for the trip. In our case, we got some extra hours to enjoy our trip. We set out for the tour right after work and slept in the cab while our efficient driver drove us to our destination. This way we saved us some time. Hiring a cab makes your trip much flexible. You can decide when and where to start your trip. You have the upper hand here.

Select Your Favourite Car

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Now, this is the most tempting part. We own a hatchback and love taking it for trips. Since we had hired a cab this time we were doubtful of travelling in one. But fortunately, our cab service provider sent us a long list of cars and promised to provide any of the given cars for the trip. We selected a Celerio from the wide range of options that included SUVs, Sedans and Hatchbacks. Later, I came to know that almost every cab service provides this provision to its customers. I did not know that before! This is indeed a wonderful perk that cab services offer to their customers. This way we can travel to our favourite destination in our favourite vehicle. How cool is that!

A Driver cum Guide for Your Trip

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Did I say that being able to select your favourite car was the most tempting part? Well, then, I will have to make a slight change. It is one of the best parts. The service of an efficient driver is another great advantage of hiring a cab. Ours was not only an excellent driver but a fabulous guide too. He knew every nook and corner of Kochi. He knew the routes very well which is why we literally had no interruptions during our ride. And we did get a bonus point too! Our driver took us to some offbeat tourist spots on the way to our destination. He also knew of the local shops where we could get quality stuff at cheap rates. Thanks to him we bought quite a few souvenirs at unbelievable prices! This road trip was simply the best!