Kerala is blessed with various kinds of resources. The state boasts of its pristine beaches, tranquil waters, traditional ‘kettuvalloms’ or houseboats which float in the lakes, distinct species of flora and fauna, pleasant climatic conditions and etc. There are also Ayurveda centres for refreshing mind and soul. Every year lakhs of people visit the state to enchant its mesmerising beauty and to be part of it. Kerala always has something new to treat its visitors. People irrespective of their age and sex enjoy every inch of the beautiful nature. Apart from the beautiful environment, there are many more to see. Like the modern industrial developments, universities, educational institutions, hospitals and research centres. To understand more about the culture and traditions of a state or country either people have to visit museums or study various art forms both ritual and cultural. Kerala also has unique art forms. The state has given birth to many eminent talented artists to the world. An art institution named Kerala Kalamandalam is home to various art forms. Malayalees and Non-Malayalees across different parts of the world take admission in the institution to learn deeply about various dance forms. Kerala Kalamandalam is located on the banks river Bharathapuzha in Cheruthuruthy in Thrissur. Famous Malayalam poet Vallathol Narayana Menon along with Mukunda Raja took the initiative to form Kerala Kalamandalam.

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Travellers who are planning to visit the state must definitely find some time to enjoy the beauty of cultural art forms which are popular not only within the country but also in foreign nations. Some dance forms are practised only during festival seasons like Theyyam, Arjuna Nritham, Mudiyettu etc. Some others perform dances on a competition basis or merely for entertainment like Thiruvathirakali, Kathakali, Mohiniyattom etc. People who are availing the Cheapest Kerala package from Dream Kerala tour partners will get an opportunity to view the dance forms directly. Dance is an art form which helps the beings to express their sorrows, joy and fury. A dancer’s performance will be successful only when his or her soul and body unite to give mind-blowing steps. Each dance is based on some mythological stories or epics. There will at least 2 singers to narrate these stories in musical form. Here, is the list of few popular cultural art forms of Kerala.

  1. Kathakali

Kerala Kathakali

Kathakali is one of the popular classical dances of Kerala. Kathakali can be split into two words ‘Katha’ means ‘story’ and ‘Kali’ means ‘play’. In short, Kathakali means ‘story play’. It is also known as an ’eye dance’. Kathakali always emphasises on gestures of hands, legs and palms and also eye movements. The dance performance was performed only by males and they used to enact the role of female characters. But now, females also started to participate in the dance. Usually, the theme of Kathakali used to be the mythological stories from Hindu religious book like The Mahabharata, The Ramayana. Present generations have started to take stories from English plays like from Shakespeare’s collections. These stories are narrated to the public by 2 or 3 singers. It is done so as to inculcate the western with Indian. In olden days, Kathakali performances prolonged till 3 days now it has been cut short to 5 hours. The performers appear on the stage with exotic make-up, colourful costumes which include swirled skirt. They also wear heavy ornaments and headgears. It takes long hours to dress up for the programme. People who are able to understand the gestures and facial expressions can really enjoy the classical dance. In olden days, Kathakali was practised in royal palaces, where Kings and others enjoyed the dance and in return rewarded the artists with excellent gifts. Later Kathakali was moved to temples so those common people irrespective of their creed and caste can enjoy the art. Now, the art form can be seen in various stages. The main musical instrument used for the dance is a drum known as ‘Chenda’. It takes 12 years for an artist to learn Kathakali completely. It is the main art form taught in the Kerala Kalamandalam. It is believed that Kathakali was originated from Kalaripayattu, Krishanattom and Kuttiyattom.

      2.  Mohiniyattom

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Mohiniyattom is one of the eight classical dances of India mentioned by Sangeet Nataka Academy. It also the second popular dance of Kerala. It is believed that the dance was originated in the 16th century and has flourished in the 19th century by the King of Travancore Swathi Thirunal. The origin of Mohiniyattom was mentioned in the chapter ‘Vyavaharamala’ from the book ‘Ghoshayatra’ written by ‘Mazhamagalam Namrayanan Namputhiri’. It was later rewritten by the great poet ‘Kunjan Nambiar’.  The word ‘ Mohiniyattom’ when splitting into two exactly tells what the dance means. Mohini means ‘maiden ’or devotee of Lord Vishnu and Attam means ‘seductive and graceful body movements’. Initially, this dance was performed only in palaces and temples and now it has been moved to different stages. There is a myth revolving around the dance that Lord Vishnu disguised himself as ‘Mohini’ to defeat the demons and to rescue lord Shiva. The delicate movements of the body and charming facial expressions are more suitable to females and therefore the dance is performed only by women. The song used for Mohiniyattom is written ‘Manipravalam’. It is a combination of Sanskrit and Malayalam. Mohiniyattom was performed by females called ‘Devadasis’.

Interesting Facts:

  •  The makeup for the Mohiniyattom is little exotic yet elegant. It involves red lips and dark kohled eyes.
  •  The language used for the dance performances is Manipravalam, is the fusion of Sanskrit and Malayalam.
  • The performer uses only gold ornaments since it is a symbol of beauty and prosperity.
  •  Only Jasmine flowers are used to adorn the hair.
  •  Initially, it was performed only in temples as a tribute to God especially Lord Vishnu.
  • The main attire for the dance is Kerala Kasavu saree.

     3. Thiruvathirakali

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Thiruvathirakali is one of the popular cultural dances of Kerala. Thiruvathirakali is also known as ‘Kaikottukali’. The cultural dance is mainly performed in the month of Dhanu in Malayalam almanac. Or it can also be said that it is practised in the month of December and January. In ancient days, the dance was performed during the Thiruvathira festival in order to please Lord Shiva to seek his blessings. There is a myth revolving around the dance that this dance bought Kamadeva, the God of love back to life after he was burnt into ashes by Lord Shiva. Therefore the dance is performed mainly by women irrespective of their ages to gain marital happiness and female energy. For the dance, women wear typical Kerala sari, which is white in colour with a golden border. Or two-piece is known as ‘mundu’ and ‘neriyathu’. Mundu is attire which is worn around the waist. Neriyathu is worn over the blouse along with it they wear golden ornaments. They adorn their hair with jasmine flowers. This ancient dance form mainly survives through school competitions and college youth festivals. Some people say that dance form was been in practice during the Sangham period.

The dance consists of 8-10 members arranged in a circular manner around a lit lamp known as ‘vilaku’ or floral carpet. They move in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. Moreover the hand movements it is the body movements which make the dance more graceful. It is also believed that the dance has been originated from Kathakali. The song sung for Thiruvathira dance is mainly based on some mythology or some folk tales. Sometimes devotional songs are also sung. During Onam, the song would be mainly related to King Mahabali. The leader of the team will sing the first two lines of the song and other members repeat it as a chorus.

In ancient days, only on Thiruvathira, women were allowed to mingle with others without any fear of social restrictions. As part of the festival, women were allowed to go out to village ponds or temple ponds for bath and other rituals. The group was one of the best ways to keep the females engaged as they have to stay awake for the whole night.

Various forms of Thiruvathirakali:

As aforementioned Thiruvathira is famous among Malayalees and it is practised in different ways in southern and northern regions of Kerala. The southern region of Kerala has various forms of Thiruvathira dance.

  • Kolaattam – Women hold small sticks in their hands and used them to strike against each other.
  • Thaalam Vechattam – Females carried small plates made up of brass in their hands. These plates are known as ‘Thallam’ in Malayalam.
  • Kudam Vechattam – Dancers carry small pot in their hands known as ‘Kudam’ in Malayalam.
  • Pinnalaattam – It is performed under temporary sheds or under trees. In this type of dance form, strings are tied from the poles of the sheds or from the branches.

     4. MargamKali

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Margamkali is one of the famous dances among St.Thomas Christians in Kerala.  Markamkali can be split into two words, Markam means ‘path’ and Kali means ‘dance’. The dance consists of 12 members which denote 12 apostles of Jesus Christ. In ancient days, the dance was performed by men by wearing peacock feathers in their heads and a red dhoti. Also a red silk cloth around the hip. They stand in a circular arrangement with a traditional lamp at the centre. Now, this dance is mainly practised by females by wearing ‘Mundu’ and ‘Chatta’. They wear bangles on hands and ankles. The song for Markam kali comprises of miracles of St.Thomas and it either was sung by the singer or by the dancers. Kallisserry Itti Thoman Kathanar wrote these songs in the 17th century. It has a small resemblance of ‘Yathrakali pattu’ of Namboothiris. The song is written in 4000 lines in different sections. The dance is performed on special occasions like church feasts or wedding ceremonies. But now it is been practised in various stages of schools and colleges.

Travellers will be thrilled after reading the information on various dance forms are seen in Kerala and would be planning to avail the tour packages. As a seasonal offer, Dream travel operators have decided to give reasonable discounts for the first 10 travellers. The packages are available at affordable price. Including the travel expenses the package range up to Rs.35000/- for a family consisting of 4 members including 2 children. Additional each person will have to pay Rs.10000/-. Try to grab the package as soon as possible and avail their discount offers.

While planning a trip to Kerala don’t forget to pack the bag with a high-resolution camera with good storage memory cards. Also, don’t forget to take a notebook and pen to note down some important information given by famous artists regarding their dances. This book can also be used to take an autograph from the eminent artists. If they allow, travellers can take their costumes and other accessories as part of souvenirs. If travellers are interested to take an interview with the famous dancers must discuss with the tour operators beforehand. In some cases, people will be forced to sit late night to watch some special performances. So travellers must be ready for the same. Dream holidays ensure travellers safety by providing the safe and best accommodation in reputed hotels and resorts. On special request from the travellers, the tour operator is ready to provide cab facility for their personal needs.

List Of Top Vegetarian Foods And Restaurants In Dubai For People Of Ahmedabad

Every people across the universe might have heard the word Dubai several times in their life. Each and every person has a clear picture of the superlative city. Dubai is so known because all the tallest and largest monuments are situated in the heart of the city. Like, Burj Khalifa which is the tallest building in the world will give an amazing view of the entire Dubai city by standing on the 124th floor of the observation deck. The water dance in Dubai fountain illuminates thousands of hearts. Dubai Aquarium is a home for more than 1500 species of marine life, visitors can try glass-bottom boat rides through the underwater tunnel to explore the beautiful aquatic world. Has any imagined a snow park in the hot deserts? If no, then believe it. Dubai mall welcomes its shoppers to have fun moments in the snow park. Not only small kids but adults are also captivated toward the snow park. Shoppers can collect souvenirs from the grand shopping festival at cheap rates. There are many more fascinating features in the spectacular city which grabs millions of hearts.

Every year, a group of people are organising a tour to explore the most admired Arabic city. It is advisable that rather than organising Dubai tour alone, it would be good to consult tour operators like Dubai Tour Trawell. They have good knowledge of creating packages at cheap rates. They aim at customer satisfaction and wellness. For that, they provide the best and safe stay in reputed hotels or resorts with tasty foods. While exploring the city if travellers lost their route, they need not have to depend on Google assistant or Google maps. They can just seek help from the tour guide organised by the travel planner. Dubai Trawell is ready to arrange private vehicles for travellers’ personal needs. Only, if they have an international license.

As aforementioned Dubai is well known for its infrastructures and monuments the city is famous for its cuisines, especially Emirati cuisines. Food lovers across the globe are luring to Dubai to taste various mouth-watering dishes from different restaurants hosted by different nationalities. It is the mission of the tour operator to take people from different states of India to enjoy the beauty of the city. While this time they decided to accompany people from Ahmedabad for Dubai tour. But the residents of Ahmedabad hesitate to avail the package as Dubai is well known for non-vegetarian foods. They also have a fear whether the Dubai host any pure vegetarian restaurants, if so, whether the quality of foods will be up to the standard. Such fear is not only seen in vegetarians but also on other people who forced to stay away from non-vegetarian foods. These people who visit Dubai for a couple of days or couple of weeks for business purposes also find difficult to survive. Understanding the situation, the authorities have given permission to people from different nations to start their food courts. Here is the list of various vegetarian dishes available in Dubai and names of the restaurants which quench the hunger of vegetarian vegans.

Dubai cuisines

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  1. Tabbouleh
    Irrespective of how you spell it. It is really very delicious Levantine salad. It originated from Lebanon. Tabbouleh is a salad, made from chopped parsley, tomatoes, mint, green onions, bulgur- it should be soaked but not cooked and cucumber. It is seasoned with pepper, salt, olive oil and lemon juice.  Some people use garlic or lettuce instead of bulgur. Some people use pomegranate seeds instead of tomatoes. Needless to say, it is the best food for the people who are on a strict diet and also for health-conscious people. This salad is gaining popularity in Dubai.
    Must try: With Corn and Blueberry.
  2. Kousa Mahshi
    Kousa Mahshi can be prepared in both ways either in vegetarian style or in non–vegetarian style.  For vegetarian, it is stuffed with rice. It is gaining rave reviews day by day. It is one of the favourite foods of Dubai people. Food lovers who tasted it claimed that there are no words to describe its taste.
    Must try: With wine particularly Lebanese wine.
  3. Shirin Polo
    Shirin Polo is a Persian dish and basically originated from Iran. Shirin means ‘sweet’ and Polo means ‘rice’. In short, it means sweet rice. It consists of basmati rice with orange, carrots,  sugar, saffron powder, butter,  yellow onions. And also nuts and dried fruits like almonds, and raisin are used in the dish. Saffron adds a unique colour. If you want to taste basmati rice in a different manner then surely you must taste Shirin Polo.
    Must try: With pistachio ice cream
  4. Baba Ganoush
    It is a Lebanese dish. It is also called as Baba Ghanouj. It is a fusion of eggplant, olive oil, lemon juice, tomatoes tahini and other vegetables. It is a great appetizer and easily entered into a list of best foods in Dubai.
    Must try: With sliced bread.
  5. Falafel
    Falafel is an Egyptian dish. It has gain popularity in Middle East Countries. It is a sweet dish prepared during festivals like Ramadan. It is a deep-fried ball of doughnut-shaped. It is made out of fava beans and ground chickpeas. Falafel is now found a place in street foods of Dubai. To get an exceptional dining experience people try it out with bread. As different hotels prepare the dish in a different manner sometimes some stuff will be allergic. Before tasting Falafel just make it sure with the waiter what ingredients are included.
    Must try: With pita or hummus.

Street Food In Dubai

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Dubai’s street food has crawled the food lover’s mind.  Here is the list of a few food items that will make the street food lover very happy:

  1. Taboon Bread
    It is a Palestinian bread. It is also known as ‘lafa’. Taboon bread is baked on small hot stones in the taboon oven. What makes the bread so popular is, it cannot easily tear but can be slightly chewed. It is served with olive oil and thyme. It is sold as street food stuffed along with hummus and falafel. People who are fond of taboon bread can check out the recipes from food blogs via the internet.
    Must try: With spicy curries

Desserts In Dubai

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How could a meal be completed without desserts? Here, is the list of a few desserts which are not only famous in Dubai but all over the world.

  1. Mahalabiya
    It is a Persian dish. It is a milk pudding sprinkled with almonds, pistachios and rosewater. It is usually served cold. Heating it will change the taste of the dish and it will lose its rich flavours.
  2. Luqaimat
    The most popular dessert prepared during the month of Ramadan. It is a small deep-fried dumpling made out of butter, milk, sugar, flour and cardamom. The more you eat, the more you fall in love with Luqaimat.

Top Restaurants in Dubai

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To taste the vegetarian dishes, travellers must visit any of the following restaurants during the Dubai trip.

  1. Rasoi Ghar
    Rasoi Ghar is atypically an Indian restaurant which aims at preparing dishes for people of Rajasthan and Gujarath. The restaurant gives Indian hospitality. The entire food court is painted with various images of Indian traditions and fine art forms. They will the meals in thalis. They serve variety of Indian dishes like dal batti churma and ghatte ki sabzi along with mango shrikhand in desserts. It is located in Bur Dubai
  2.  Maharaja Bhog
    Maharaja Bhog is a long-time favourite restaurant in Dubai among Indians specially north Indians. Their dishes like puris, chutneys, rice and curries in traditional cooking style and this differs them from other Indian restaurants. The mouth-watering dishes of the restaurant lure the food lovers to the place.
  3.  Govinda’ s KaramaThey prepare vegetarian dishes by inculcating recipes from Mexican and Chinese. They follow an ayurvedic style of cooking. It means they cook food without onions and garlic but it tastes delicious. The foods prepared in the restaurant are of low calorie, high protein, gluten-free and sometimes oil-free too.
  4.  Tidjoori
    It is Dubai’s first bio-organic and vegan cafe. One could find all their favourite fast food dishes prepared only with vegetables. Like veggie burgers, veggie pizza. Everything in the restaurant is vegan like from butter to mayonnaise then to ketchup. They aim is conserve nature and to harm any organisms on the land.
  5.  Rangoli
    As the name suggests, they provide food in thalis with colourful curries and desserts. A variety of roti made up of different ingredients are served to scoop up the sauces and curries. The colourful thali prices only AED25 per person.
  6.  Omnia Gourmet
    The restaurant is owned by British celebrity chef Silvena Rowe. Most of the vegetarians rush to the restaurant to taste various vegan dishes which are prepared in continental style. They serve foods which include zucchini linguine with avocado pesto, caramelised onions with lemon-cumin vinaigrette and organic quinoa with edamame beans.
  7.  Saravan Bhavan
    Nearly, 90% of Indians might have heard this name at least once in their lifetime. People who taste their dosa-sambhar and idli sambhar will start to lick their fingers. It is basically originated in Chennai. Don’t think that they concentrate only on south Indian dishes. They also serve various traditional dishes and desserts of north India.
  8.  Quattro Mankhool
    Have you ever thought of associating Mexican and Italian dishes with vegetarianism?  It is being widely practised in Quattro Mankhool. The restaurant was first started in Mumbai. The chefs in the restaurant prepare the dishes in gastronomy techniques, a variety of ingredients and spices and it lures not only vegetarians but also non-vegetarians.

By going through the above travellers particularly vegan travellers would now have cleared all their anxieties regarding food. Still, travellers have any queries regarding food or itinerary can directly consult the customer care team of Dubai Trawell. Try to grab the package before it gets expired. So hurry up. Pack your bags. Get ready for the Dubai trip.

Know Why Kerala is Suitable for Honeymooning All-Round the Year

Kerala the ‘God’s Own Country‘ with rich culture offers a lot of amazing views to its visitors. The state’s diverse landscapes along with its unique culture and heritage make it a must-visit place at least once in one’s life. Kerala tourism is so famous because unlike other tourist destinations that has got a well-defined off-season and peak season, Kerala is got something to offer to each and every traveller all-round the year. Backwaters of Kerala are beautiful always no matter which season it is. Beaches are great in winter while the magnificent waterfalls are for monsoons and the enchanting hill stations in summer. This versatile nature of Kerala especially makes it best for honeymoon packages in the world. This is because people get married according to their convenience in life and that time may not be a tourist-friendly season in many places but Kerala has something to offer at all times of the year.

The best tourist spots honeymooners can visit according to the time of year are as follows:


The most popular tourist season in Kerala is during the winters i.e. from October to February. The cool and pleasant climate of this period makes it the perfect time for sightseeing.  Low humidity and the occasional drizzles would keep the temperature cool but never chilly even though the winters in Kerala do witness sunny days.

The backwaters of Alleppey are an amazing place to visit during winters. In a hired houseboat or in a country canoe, you could enjoy this bewitching water world. The cool breezes of the backwaters act therapeutically as it takes away all your worries about your hectic life. As you sail away through the tranquil backwaters, the breeze becomes stronger and it will soothe your mind, body and soul.

While in Alleppey it would be great to make a visit to the nearby incredible backwater town, Kumarakom also as it is only 32 Km from Alleppey and just 15 Km from Kottayam town. The little string of islets is very scenic with thick mangrove forests, a multitude of coconut palms, greenery in dazzling shades of green and emerald green paddy fields. Altogether the place has it all to make you spell bonded.

Ashtamudi in Kollam district and Valiyaparamba in Kannur district are the other backwater destinations in Kerala. Apart from sailing in houseboats, the Ashtamudi backwaters consist of some floating cottages where you can stay in order to experience the backwaters more intimately. Valiyaparamba is astonishingly beautiful as the Island of Valiyaparamba has backwaters on one side and beach on the other. So you can enjoy both the things in the same place.

The backwater destinations in Kerala are also famous for traditionally prepared seafood. It is very common to see local restaurants such as ‘Shappu’ in and around these backwater destinations. It is the best place to enjoy some mouth-watering exotic food. These kinds of restaurants also sell toddy which is an alcoholic drink fermented out of coconuts. If you want you can even try that.

The city of Kochi which is the commercial capital of Kerala is also a great place to visit during this time of the year. This is a city with a natural harbour and has a lot to offer to its visitors. Kochi represents the modern face of Kerala with high-end shops and hotels. However, there is also another side to Kochi which is known as Fort Kochi where the Portuguese, Dutch, British and the Jews have once lived. This has given the place a unique identity that oozes the charm and vibe of mixed traditions and cultures. The narrow streets in Fort Kochi are lined by shops selling souvenirs and antiques and it would be great to go on a walk through the streets.

Kerala honeymoon packages

Other tourist spots in Fort Kochi are Dutch Palace, Jewish synagogue, etc. However, apart from Fort Kochi, there are also other tourist spots near Kochi and they are Bhoothanthankettu Dam, Thattekad Bird Sanctuary, Hill Palace Museum and ecologically sensitive Magalavanam. Bhoothanthankettu is a very beautiful place with a dam overlooked by hills around it. It is a good place to come for picnics and boating facility is also available. A famous ornithologist once complimented Thattekad Bird Sanctuary as one of the richest bird habitats on entire peninsular India. The sanctuary is abundant inland birds as well as water birds. Different types of cuckoos are the main attraction of this sanctuary and there is even a separate portion in the sanctuary which is known as the cuckoo paradise. Drongo Cuckoo, Indian Hawk Cuckoo and Large Hawk Cuckoo are the main types of cuckoos found here. In fact, 15 Km from Thattekad Bird Sanctuary is another beautiful spot of Kerala the Edamalayar.

The numerous beaches in Kerala would quench the temptation of dipping in sea and for that too winter season is the best. The west coast of Kerala shares plenty of lovely beaches with the Arabian sea such as Alappuzha, Marari, Cherai, Varkala, Kovalam, Kollam, Muzhappilangad, Snehatheeram and Payyambalam beach. The winter season will keep you away from getting burnt by the sun at the same time giving you a beautiful suntanned glow to your body. Kovalam and Varkala beach located in the Thiruvananthapuram district is suitable for swimming. Surfing is also possible for these two beaches. In fact, these two beaches are the most famous beaches in Kerala however be prepared to encounter some touristy things.

Honeymoon trip to Kerala

If you are interested in beaches soaked in solitude you have to pay a visit to Marari beach. Marari beach was ranked as one of the best hammock beaches in the world by a reputed travel publication. It is the kind of beach where you can go on long walks holding the hands of your loved one undisturbed by crowds or locals trying to sell things to foreigners at heavy prices. Bekal beach in Kasargod district is famous for its huge fort sprawling over 40 acres with sea lining the 1/3rd of the fort. The walkways of the fort are so good to take a walk enjoying the amazing vista of deep blue sea and enjoy the sea air blowing through your hair. Kappad beach is yet another beach which may seem interesting for history buffs.  This is because Kappad was the place where Vasco Da Gama first set his foot on.


The summer season in Kerala is between March to May. With temperature and humidity going high, you will have to take a few precautions such as wearing cotton clothes, applying sunscreens etc. However, the temperature still does not go over 40-degree Celsius and also the occasional downpours will keep the heat in check.

Hill station of Western Ghats is the best place to visit for honeymooners visiting Kerala during this time. The climate is cool and there exist mountain breezes from hill stations that provide great relief from the scorching sun of summer. The most popular hill stations in Kerala are Munnar, Vagamon, Wayanad, Neliyampathy, Thekkady, Ponmudi and Gavi.

Munnar is the prettiest of all hill stations. The hills of Munnar are strewn with greeny tea shrubs and that looks so pleasing to the eyes. The valleys and meadows in Munnar probably can turn you into a photoholic and the photographs you click are going to linger as souvenirs of your honeymoon trip to Kerala. In fact, there are a couple of tourist attractions in and around Munnar such as Mattupetty Dam, Tata Tea Museum, Eravikulam National Park and Chinnar National Park. Echo point is another fascinating spot in Munnar where the honeymooners especially get a chance to make their beloved feel special. At the Echo point in Munnar, you can scream the love for your partner or apparently anything and the forest across the dam will repeat each word once you finish.

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Wayanad takes a close second as far as the hill stations of Kerala are considered. Wayanad has a romantic spot for the honeymooners in its green valley on the edge of a mountain that is 1500 ft above the sea level. The spot is none other than the Chembra Peak which holds the perfect heart shaped pond. Vagamon is a hill station that provides adventure sports such as ballooning and paragliding.


The iconic monsoon season in Kerala is from June to September. The landscape of Kerala that is blessed with scenic beauty and greenery comes alive during this season. However, Kerala does not cause much havoc unlike many other places in the country. The monsoon season in Kerala does have a romantic touch to it as its rivers will be full and the waterfalls cascade with extra strength.

About 57 Km from Ernakulum and 54 Km from Trissur stand the towering Athirappilly falls which are also known as the ‘Niagara of India’. The cool crisp water that flows from a height of 80 ft provides an amazing view and is the most visited during Monsoon season. The best way to enjoy it is in fact by booking a tree house facing the mighty Athirappilly waterfalls. In fact, travel another 5 Km from Athirappilly and you will reach Vazhachal falls which is yet another visual treat. The lush green forests surrounding both these falls make it truly alluring and the drive to these places is also scenic. Monsoons also make it possible to go on an adventurous rafting trip through the rapids of Tejaswini river in Kannur district. Tejaswini river flows between Kannur and the forests of Coorg and that give rise to some awesome scenery.

Honeymoon packages

Kerala also boasts of a number of authorized Ayurveda spas and hospitals that provide the treatments. So you can look forward to some Ayurveda treatments. Ayurveda therapies come in different combinations for different seasons. So no matter which time of the year, there will always be treatments in line with the features of a particular climate to give you complete rejuvenation. Ayurveda is generally a medical system that concentrates on the overall well-being of a person and that includes physical, mental and spiritual. There are some Ayurveda resorts in Kerala that offers Ayurveda packages for couples. If you book them, after consulting an Ayurveda consultant they will provide you packages including diets, treatments, yoga, etc., which will motivate you to have a healthy lifestyle change.

Although there are many tour operators in Kerala, the best is Gogeo Holidays who are very efficient and customer friendly. They also have the provision of customization by their customers according to their budget and interests.

Snorkeling is the Best Water Sport Activity Which can Unwind the People of Kolkata

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are better known as ‘Island of water adventures’ is one of the most visited tourists’ locations that comes under union territory of India. A group of 325 Islands forms the most beautiful archipelago of India in the Bay of Bengal. The pristine sand beaches and thrilling water sports activities are the major factors that attract tourists to the Islands. Out of the 325 islands, approximately 36 of these Islands are permitted for the travellers to celebrate the best beach vacation in the most exciting manner. One of the prime factors that differentiate Andaman from the rest of the tourist destinations in the country like Hyderabad, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Kerala is the pollution-free surroundings. The at most cares taken by the authorities of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands have helped the place to be one of the most sought tourist destinations on the earth. Andaman is inhabitants of the Sentinelese and Jarwa tribes who are unaware of the modern civilization techniques. As part of protecting these tribes and their privacy, the government of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands have strictly prohibited visiting of travellers to these regions.

Andaman tour packqage from Kolkata

Among the several Islands in Andaman, Havelock, Port Blair, Neil and Ross Island are the most famous. The beaches of the Andaman is another factor which captivates tourist to the island. The crystal clear water of the Island clearly reflects the pebbles and coral reefs, delight any traveller’s heart while visiting the Island through Andaman tour packages. The pleasant climate, calm tides, transparent waters and an array of trees which are shelter to many rare species of flora and fauna are the few reasons which let the travellers indulge themselves in water sport activities. Snorkelling, sea walk, scuba diving are the famous underwater activities which grab the adventure enthusiasts to visit the Island. Travellers should go through the instructions given by the experienced trainers before exploring the underwater marine life. Other major enthralling water activities are Parasailing, glass boat rides, kayaking, jet-skiing are mainly practised by most of the travellers. To enjoy the beauty of the forest, travellers must practise kayaking through mangrove forests. The two most famous aquatic animals which the travellers love to see on the Island are the Dolphins and the Dugongs. Dugongs are the state animal of Andaman and Nicobar Islands are spotted mainly in the areas of Little Andaman. Dolphins are mainly seen in Havelock Island. Other rarest species which are seen on the Andaman Island are Robber crabs and humongous turtles. People can enjoy various species of birds as the island is home to migratory birds.

Each and every corner of the Island touches the visitor’s mind in one way or another. It is the perfect place to unwind and refresh oneself. More than exciting beach activities and site seeing there are many regions on the Island which depicts the colonial history of India. People are always interested to grab the Andaman tour packages from the famous Andaman tour operator. Their mission is to take each and every people of India to the Andaman Island to enjoy the mesmerising and fascinating beauty. As part of their mission this time they are selecting people from Kolkata city of West Bengal to explore the eternal beauty of the Island. People in Kolkata have no time to revitalise themselves in the busy stressed schedules of daily life. So for them, the Island of Andaman will be the perfect place. Various exciting water activities and beautiful locations on the island will be a kind of escapism from the hectic lifestyle. Among the various water sports activities, snorkelling is more widely practised by travellers. So read on to find out the best places to practise snorkelling in Andaman Island.

  • What is Snorkelling?Andaman tour package

Snorkelling is the best and awesome way to witness the blue stuff. It does not require any prior training. Only one thing which travellers must know is swimming. People who love to swim in deep shallow oceans and waters, snorkelling are best for them. This activity does not require much equipment. It just needs a mouthpiece and a mask that allows seeing the wonders of the marine world. Also, a snorkelling breathing tube of 16 inches is used to submerge snorkelers face into water while able to inhale air above the water. For fast and smooth snorkelling some snorkelers use fins on their legs.

  •  Few tips for Snorkelling

1. Travellers must talk to their concerned tour operators about their interest in snorkelling and ask them to make necessary arrangements.

2. Before heading for snorkelling, travellers must check whether their equipment is in working condition. If they feel any discomfort, ask for an alternate.

3. Follow the instructions of the experienced trainers and learn all the gestures and techniques during training.

4. Make sure that travellers have not eaten any kind of food items for past 4 and a half hours to avoid any kind of diseases.

5. In Andaman, one will come across various packages for snorkelling, select the best, reliable and cheap one.

  •  10 Things to be carried for Snorkelling

1. Mask

Select the mask which fits the face properly. Any kind of air leakage means it is not good.

2. Mask defogger

Non-toxic, biodegradable and alcohol-free defogger helps to prevent the mask from fogging. It is used for protection of snorkelers and for the safety of the reefs.

3. Snorkel

Select the best and comfortable snorkel which lies close to head and does not drag.

4. Swim cap or bandana

A swim cap or bandana will keep hair out of your snorkel. It can also be used during sunny days to protect the scalp from burning.

5. Float Vest

It is used by novice swimmer to get relief from nervousness.

6. Wetsuit

Makes swimming friendly. It also provides protection from sunburns and stingy particles in the water.

7. Rashguard

Just like a wetsuit, rash guards also provide protection from sunburns and stingy particles in the water.

8. Biodegradable sunscreen

To protect from sunburns.

9. Fins

During snorkelling, shorter fins are used to change the directions and longer fins are used to swim deeper.

10. Neoprene socks

Neoprene socks provide comfort and prevent blisters on the ankles and feet.

  • Cost of Snorkelling

Snorkelling in Andaman are classified mainly into 3 types. They are Beach snorkelling, Seashore snorkelling and offshore snorkelling. It costs different in various locations on the island. The cost depends on the quality of equipment and the time required for snorkelling. The entire activity lasts for 30-45 minutes and allows only 10-15 minutes for snorkelling. It charges separately for training and other facilities. In Elephant Beach of Havelock Island, the beach snorkelling costs Rs. 490/person and it is the same rate in Jolly Buoy Island for offshore snorkelling and seashore snorkelling in Neil Island. Whereas, it costs Rs.470/person for seashore snorkelling in the north bay beach of North Bay Island. And the rate is little higher in Red Skin Island for offshore snorkelling, it is Rs.500/person.

  •  Best time for Snorkelling

The best time for trying snorkelling in Andaman is during the winter season which starts from November and ends in February. In some parts of the island, snorkelling is highly practised during the summer season that is in March and April and also in monsoon days that is from May to October.

  •  5 tips to select the ideal place for snorkelling

1. Cleanliness of water near the shores.

2. Frequency and power of tidal waves.

3. Underwater marine life.

4. Presence of lifeguards for safety.

5. Easily accessible.

6. Marine creatures like Rabid fish.

Places which provide these features are apt for snorkelling.

  • Best places for snorkelling in Andaman Island are as follows:-

1. Elephant beach, Havelock Island

Andaman tour Package

Havelock Island is one of the famous islands on the Andaman. It is famous for its snorkelling activities. The Island comprises of numerous beaches out of which only a few provide provision for snorkelling. One among them is Elephant beach, it so-called because one could find elephants riding on the beach. Since waters are calm and shallow here, it is an ideal place for beginners.

2. South Button

Andaman tour package from Kolkata

It is a small Island. Travellers could reach the island via boat rides from Havelock Island which requires hardly 2 hours. The snorkelling package over here is only Rs. 4000/-. As the coral reefs are deeper here one should swim far away from the shore. The place is also known as snorkelers’ paradise.

3. Tamarind Camp

tarmarind camp

To enjoy the beauty of various marine species like oysters, clams, pipefish and lionfish, one must definitely try snorkelling in tamarind camp, situated near to Henry Lawrence beach.

4. Henry Lawrence IslandAndaman tour Package from Kolkata

It is another favourite place for snorkelers. It is the pride of its colourful coral reefs, various marine species, forest, wildlife and etc. It is situated 2 km away from Havelock Island.

5. Neil Island

Andaman tour Package

It is one of the best places for snorkelling in the Andaman Islands. Neil islands comprise of a number of beaches which are suitable for snorkelling. The island is perfect for travellers who are excellent in swimming as many of the coral reefs and aquatic creatures are seen deeper and farther from the shore. The island boasts of its dark tunnel, corals, water-carved canyons and various species of fishes.

6. Kalipur

Andaman tour Package from Kolkata

It is a small village located in northern Andaman. It is an ideal place for snorkelling. If snorkelers are lucky they can spot sea turtles, giant parrotfish, octopus, stingrays and sea snakes.

7. North Bay Island

Andaman tour package

North Bay Island is located very close to, the capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Port Blair. It is welcome tourists for snorkelling and beach activities. One can spot lobsters and clams over here.


From the above information, one will get a clear idea about the snorkelling and its costs. Snorkelling is not as difficult and tedious as seen on television. So people who are expert in swimming must try out this water sport activity. By doing so, travellers will across the rarest and least seen creatures which are lying under the water. If travellers are planning a trip to enjoy the beauty of Andaman Island, must definitely ask their tour planners to include beach activities in their itinerary. So don’t wait for the eleventh hour, hurry up, grab the package before it gets expired.

10 Amazing Yet Inexpensive Places to Stay in Kerala for Below Rs 10000

Kerala, also known as the ‘Gods own country’ has been pulling in a lot of tourists every year. The scenic beauty, serenity, and pristineness of Kerala are second to none. Be it the beaches, mountains or backwaters, Kerala is truly a heartthrob. Kerala allows you to get immersed in the natural beauty while building a bond with the birds, animals, trees, plants, ponds, etc. The dense forests of Western Ghats are home to a variety of animals and birds and if you are a fan of wildlife, you should never miss out holidaying in Kerala. There are a number of national parks and bird sanctuaries in Kerala. Even for adventurous activities, Kerala is famous. When you are planning on a trip to Kerala, it’s the most important to stay in a beautiful place that allows you to enjoy the beauty of Kerala but within your budget limit. The flooding of tourists to Kerala has made the state dotted with resorts and star hotels all through it. There are a plethora of exotic places to stay in Kerala and you can add the ones you like to your tour packages as well. However, many a time people misunderstand good resorts or homestays for being very expensive and avoids it. However, Kerala houses affordable resorts too. I will list down some of the amazing resorts that can be considered cheapest for the view and facilities it offers and you can add it to your tour packages in Kerala.

(Ps. the list is for the month of August and September 2019)

  1. Abad Whispering Palms

This is an awesome resort nestled in the scenic beauty of the backwaters of Kumarakom.  This lakeside resort can truly present you with some beautiful moments in the lap of nature. There are basically three types of accommodation and they are garden facing rooms, lake-facing rooms, and bamboo pool villas. In my opinion, lake facing room will be the best as you can wake up to the beautiful vistas of the calm backwaters fringed by lush green coconut trees and inhale the cool crisp breezes from it. Thus, by staying here, you can enjoy the essence of Kerala backwaters. However, if you wish to enjoy a private pool, you can certainly book the bamboo pool villa and have a great time in the pool as well.

Kerala packages

Nearby tourist attractions: Kumarakom bird sanctuary is a tourist attraction nearby this resort which you can pay a visit to. The place is an interesting hunt for migratory birds and is located inside a large rubber plantation estate. It was initiated by an Englishman but today it is managed by Kerala Tourism Development Corporation. Spread over 14 acres of land on the banks of Kavanar river, it’s a great place to spend some time. There are also boating facility available through the Kavanar River.  Moorhen, parrot, teal, and lark are some of the most common birds you can spot there.

  1. Paradise Resorts

Paradise resorts are yet another resort in Kumarakom, the very famous backwater village of Kerala. The resort has some really amazing accommodation facilities through which you can enjoy the beauty of Kerala in a better way such as Lakeview cottage, heritage cottage, and houseboats. However, booking a houseboat would be the best as while you sail away through the backwaters you can behold the silver backwaters sparkling endlessly in the tropical sun and inhale the fresh air and delicious aroma of coconuts. The resort offers houseboat stay for such a competitive price of 9000 INR.

Kerala travel packages

Nearby tourist attractions: You can definitely visit the bird sanctuary. In addition, if you are opting for a houseboat cruising, you can pay a visit to Pathiramanal Island in the lake. Pathiramanal means the sands of night. It’s good to go there and get further intimate with nature.

  1. Sterling Thekkady

Sterling is an alluring resort situated in the picturesque Thekkady. They offer a variety of rooms that are warm and furnished in wood. The resort also holds an outdoor pool and a hammock by its side. The place is perfect if your idea of a holiday is simply lazing around in nature.

Kerala Tour Packages with price

Nearby tourist attractions: Thekkady is very rich in wildlife. Bamboo rafting and visiting Periyar national park are two activities you should never miss out when in Thekkady. Periyar national park witness the flowing of rivers namely Periyar and Pamba and there is also a boat service through the rivers and if you are lucky enough you can spot wild animals on its banks.

  1. Blackberry hills

Blackberry Hills is everything you need when you are looking for a place to stay in Munnar. The resort is set in 15 acres of land and offers well maintained in house trekking trails. The resort staff will accompany your trekking. The resort also provides tea tasting sessions when you are in the land of beautiful tea estates. They also provide jeep safari rides and mountain biking. All the rooms are below 10k except for one which is slightly over 10k.

cheapest honeymoon packages in Kerala

Nearby tourist attractions: Munnar is actually a hub of plenty of naturally beautiful spots. Mattupetty dam, Echo Point, and the Tata tea museum. The echo point Munnar is a very fascinating place. If you scream out words, the forest opposite will repeat every word you uttered.

  1. Bluewater beach resort

On the shoreline of Kerala’s most the enchanting beach stands the blue water beach resort. Varkala has proved to be one of the most renowned beaches in Kerala with tourists flooding to the place every year. There is a uniqueness to the Varkala beach compared to the other beaches in Kerala. Maybe its because the beach is looked down by a large red sandstone cliff or maybe because its sand is lighter and softer than other beaches. Anyhow the beach is great for swimming, surfing and sunbathing. You can wake up to a spellbinding sunrise amidst the blue waters or have a beachside candlelight dinner.

kerala tour packages from delhi

Nearby tourist attractions: Varkala is close to the capital city of Kerala where there are so many palaces. You can certainly pay a visit to the Kanakakunnu palace, Maharaja Swamy Thirunal palace and Sree Padam palace. There is also a very good zoo near to Kanakakunnu palace which is great to visit especially if you are travelling with children.

  1. LakeRose Wayanad

LakeRose Wayanad is an amazing resort perched high in the hill station of Wayanad in northern Kerala. The resort is situated on the shores of Karapuzha dam and is surrounded by lush greenery. There may not be another place where you can be so close to nature. All the rooms are carefully made with ample privacy. There is also an outside the pool where you can swim and tone your muscles while being surrounded by the dense forests of Wayanad and the Karapuzha dam in the background. The resort is also quite eco-friendly and if you are that sort of a person you should book the Lakeview breathing wall cottage whose walls are made of natural materials.

honeymoon packages to Kerala

Nearby tourist attractions: Wayanad is an interesting place for the tourists as there are a lot of tourist activities available in which you can certainly indulge in. Pookot lake is an amazing spot which offers boating amidst the mighty mountains and dazzling shades of green. Kuruva island is another spot where the tourists can have some fun dipping in the freshwater streams. However, as far as the honeymooners are considered, Chembra peak is never to be missed. This is because if you embark on a trekking journey with your partner onto this peak, midway you will reach a heart-shaped pond with crystal clear waters. You can see your reflections on the heart-shaped pond as the pure white clouds float around. In addition, there is something for the history buffs too. The Edekkal caves in Wayanad date back to thousands of years ago, belonging to the prehistoric times.

  1. Gramam homestay

 Its is a beautiful homestay on the shores of Kumbalangi backwaters which is close to the Kochi city and the historic town of Fort Kochi. If you are planning to catch up on the historically intriguing Fort Kochi but don’t wish to stay amidst its hustle and bustle, then this could be your best choice. The Gramam homestay has got rooms as well as lakefront cottages where you can have some private time close to nature. Sunrise, sunset, boatman sailing away in canoes, lotus, and water lilies, etc will seem so refreshing to you. The management of this homestay is also yoga enthusiasts that they will provide you with practically oriented yoga classes. Sunset canoe trip is another lovely activity the homestay offers. Apart from enjoying the scenic views from your room windows, sunset canoe trips enable you to sail through the backwaters as the sunset approaches.

Kerala honeymoon packages from delhi

Nearby tourist attractions: You can certainly make a quick visit Fort Kochi and have a walk through its streets that still hold remnants of different cultures of the Dutch, Portuguese, British, and the Jews. Dutch palace and Jewish synagogue are among the must-see spots. Also, if you are visiting in the early half of the year you can visit the great Kochin biennale where artworks of major artists are showcased. In fact, Fort Kochi is added in almost all Kerala travel packages as it is situated in the heart of Kerala.

  1. Wild planet Nilgiris

This is a one of a kind jungle resort in Kerala, more precisely in the Kerala Tamil Nadu border. Every morning the cool fog and mist will make your day. It’s a place where you can enjoy all the modern amenities of a hotel while being deep in the jungle of Nilgiris.

kerala tourism honeymoon packages

Nearby tourist attractions: Mudumalai national park, Bandipur tiger reserve, and national park are two national parks you can explore if you are a wildlife enthusiast.

  1. Rivulet Resort

Do you want to wake up to the hill ranges veiled by emerald green tree shrubs, chirping of birds and fog rolling in and out. Then the rivulet resort can be a great place to stay for you while you are touring in Kerala. The resort has some great rooms with balconies and you will be able to make the most out of Munnar’s scenery. Its located in Pallivasal which is 8km from Munnar town.

kerala honeymoon packages with airfare

Nearby tourist attractions: Close to the Pallivasal part of Munnar are Pothamedu, Attukad, and Chokramudi peak. These are all beautiful places. However, if you are coming with children, there is a water theme park known as the dreamland fun and adventure. The park contains some exciting rides for the kids.

  1. Vismaya Boutique Villa

Are you the kind of person who enjoys regional architecture than anything else? Are you looking forward to staying in a traditional house in Kerala? In that case, Vismaya boutique villa is your answer. It’s a 400-year-old house built completely in traditional Kerala style which was renovated and restored with care by Swiss-German architect, Karl Damschen. The villa seems like a peninsula in the majestic Vembanad Lake as the three of its side faces the lake. The teak wood works inside the villa is like something of a wonder to the eye. There is also an infinity pool and outdoor bathroom.

honeymoon packages for kerala

Nearby tourist attractions: The villa is in Cherthala and the hotspots near are Alleppey backwaters and the Marari beach. Alleppey backwaters are world-famous and you can enjoy the way it blends with the greenery of Kerala. Marari beach may not be great for swimming but is suitable for going on long walks or simply relaxing on a hammock.

Once you get an idea of where to stay, you would want to have your trip thoroughly planned and for this, you can approach a tour operator. Dream holidays a very renowned tour operator who allows the customization of packages as well. So you can choose the destinations you want to visit or the hotels you want to stay in. Therefore, look forward to having a lovely vacation in Kerala.

Reference for each place of stay is given below: