Some Unknown Features of Paithalmala, Situated in Kannur

Kerala is one of the mind-blowing tourist destinations across the globe. Hundreds of travel enthusiasts from different parts of the world flock to the emerald state to dig out its astounding beauty. Enjoying the virgin charm with your dear ones and spending a few days by indulging in adventurous activities such as nature walk, and wildlife safari, and many more will help you to rejoice your soul. There is not a single tourist who felt regret after visiting the audacious state. Instead, they were being captivated by the alluring beauty of the scenic nature and purchase the tour packages to Kerala at cheap prices. It would be hard for a travel enthusiast to point the best tourist place to enchant the elegance of the environment. Among the 14 districts, Kannur has always played a significant role in enhancing the tourism sector. Cuisine, sports, culture, ancient rituals, scenery and many more factors that attract Keralites as well as non-Keralites to Kannur. Along with these features Kannur is known to be popular for many political crimes and historic events. I think more than education the residents of the district give prime importance to politics and it is clearly reflected in several aspects. Apart from it, the district is home to many adventurous places like Paithalmala, Ezhimala, Kanaki hills and so on. Among the several captivating hill stations, Paithalmala always tried its best to attract the adventure enthusiast from various corners of the world. To make the journey in Kerala free from all kinds of difficulties and stress people always purchase the tour packages for their familyGogeo Holidays are the travel operators that curate cheapest packages so that people irrespective of their financial status could enjoy the beauty of Kerala. When speaking about Paithalmala words are insufficient to express its beguiling beauty. To know more about it, narrow down the following paragraphs.

How to explore Paithalmala

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Paithalmala is an alluring hill station situated at an elevation of 1372 m from the mean sea level. The amusing hill station is known to be a haven for not only adventure lovers but also for photographers and nature lovers. As Paithalmala shares its space with the neighbouring state called Karanataka, the metro residents could visit the region to celebrate their weekend holidays. As it lies close to the Western Ghats, many of its fauna and flora could be seen in Paithalmala. Irrespective of seasons travellers could visit the breathtaking hill station and enjoy its splendid beauty. If you are a photography enthusiast, you can enjoy the stunning beauty of the region by availing of the tour packages to Kerala during the monsoon season from June to October. It is the occasion when the misty clouds cover the emerald nature. To catch the eye-catching moment when the mist feels lazy to bid adieu to nature, visit the place during the early mornings. But beware of the leeches that are the greed of human blood. Carry some salt solution as a mighty weapon against them. Post to the monsoon the grasses will grow up to our knee-length and makes trekking cumbersome. To enjoy the trekking in its extreme mode, visit the region from January to March. Even the hot sun will suck your energy but if you are practising trekking during the evenings it would be really good for your health.

Some salient features of Paithalmala

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Paithalmala is a treasure of many precious gems and incredible natural resources. The marvellous beauty makes the region a haven for the travel enthusiast. Followed to trekking travellers could ascend to the observatory deck to enjoy the panoramic beauty of the astounding surroundings. The stunning observatory deck is situated some 45 km from Paithalmala. Hundreds of travel enthusiasts who visit the stupendous place used to definitely move to the captivating observatory deck. When you climb the spiral stairs of the deck, no one knows that something invaluable resources are waiting for us.

Due to the ignorance of the government authorities, the virgin beauties of the place seem to start loose. If appropriate measures are taken to preserve the beauty of nature as well as to protect the natural resources, truly Paithalmala will always remain one of the gorgeous hill stations in northern Kerala.

 Commuting to Paithalmala

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There are many ways by which you can commute to the amusing Paithalmala. The alluring beauty of the hill could not be described in mere words. As the Kannur district has inaugurated its new International Airport travellers from different places such as Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and so on could gush to Kerala. You can also book train tickets to Kannur. If you are purchasing the tour packages from Gogeo holidays, they will provide excellent services at cheap prices. They are one among the few travel agencies that give the customers the liberty to customise the packages according to their wish. They draft packages with outstanding accommodations and mind-blowing tourist destinations. They also give the opportunity to learn various lessons of adventure such as mountaineering, trekking and so on.

If you need any kind of clarification regarding the itinerary or the packages without any hesitation contact the customers support team during their office hours. Unfortunately, if you meet with any kind of accidents, they will provide all kind of medical support. To know more about their services browse their website and absorb the necessary information.

Let us know the Salient Features of Chandragiri Fort

There was a time when all the members of the family used to reunite together to enjoy the good and bad moments of life. But now when the whole world is running behind economic development and financial stability they are forced to leave aside the happiness of the family. When compared to the past a few years it has been noted the youngsters have changed their mentality and started to give prime importance to their dear ones. The present generation is going back and learnt to follow the old customs where the families used to organize frequent trips to faraway places from their hometown. To make such trips more reliable and hassle-free many travel companies have come forward with exciting tour packages for the family members at cheap prices. Even though there are many beautiful places that are present in our country visiting Kerala with your dear ones will help you to weave sweet memories for your lifetime. Kerala is such an amazing place where you can find the best part of nature. The calm ambience, solitude and pleasant climate of Kerala attract not only domestic travellers but also many international travel enthusiasts. It is really a difficult task for the people to find the best place in Kerala to revitalise and unwind because all the 14 districts are beautifully designed. But still, if you want to catch the amusing views nature and also like to learn the unheard lessons of Kerala history, you are most welcomed to the northernmost district of the state called Kasargod.

Let’s have a glimpse on the Chandragiri fort and backwaters

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Chandragiri Fort is known to be one of the ancient forts in Kerala. The picturesque architecture of the fort carries the best views of interior designs of olden times. According to historians, the massive fort was constructed in the 17th century. The eloquent fort is erected at an altitude of 150 feet and sprawled in an area of 7 acres. The fort comprises of two underground passages and also a well and a pond. Due to canon ball attacks the sea-facing wall acts as a perfect view to the photographers to catch the best views of the Payaswini estuary. From the top of the port, one could enjoy the stupendous beauty of pristine River Payaswini. Also, you can witness the charm of the river and the Arabian Sea. In olden days the Payaswini River acts as a border between two strong powerful kings namely Kolathunadu and Thulunadu. Unfortunately, the fort is now in ruins due to ignorance from the concerned authorities. One of the oldest temples of the district called Kizhur State Temple is located next to the stupendous Chandragiri fort. Annually a music festival called ‘Pattu Utsavam’ is conducted were excellent musicians come together to praise the almighty lord. Along with the temple, one could also find a mosque erected across the longest bridge of the district. When travelling through the bridge one could catch the amusing views of the mosque. It would be a surprise to know that the longest railway tunnel of Kerala passes through Chandragiri hills. There are many ways to explore the magnificent beauty of the serene nature.

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The best and effective way to enjoy the alluring beauty of the fort avail of the boat rides at affordable rates organised by the local fishermen. Tourist hailing from various parts of the nation such as Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai utilise the houseboat rides to witness the stunning charm. By purchasing the boat rides one could explore the virgin beauty of the nearby archipelagos and emerald surroundings. While sailing in the boat you could hear some folklore and unheard stories about the fort and the nearby surroundings. If you want your voyage to be luxurious and remarkable one grab the houseboat packages from the well-reputed authorities for your family. Sailing in the houseboats and enjoying the marvellous beauty of the surroundings would be definitely a remarkable experience. While enjoying the beauty of the virgin nature you can savour the scrumptious delicacies prepared in traditional style. Also if you want to spend a night in the houseboat, contact with you travel planners to do the needful. Most of the visitors who visit the island by purchasing the family tour packages are allowed to encourage setting up a tent and that too in the night. It is really an awesome moment to gaze at the dazzling stars with your dear friends when sharing your untold stories with each other. Along with it if you are lucky you can also hear the melodious sometimes terrifying sounds of birds (that might interrupt your pleasant sleep).

Some fascinating ways to arrive at Chandragiri Fort

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The Chandragiri fort is well-connected with road, rail, air and water. Travellers from various corners of the world could easily reach Chandragiri fort without any difficulty. Situated 4 km apart from Kasargod and 12 km from Bekal, frequent buses ply from these places to the most famous fort, Chandragiri. The nearest airport to the Chandragiri fort is Mangalore International Airport and Kannur International Airport. If you want to capture the alluring images of nature ad its resources you can book train tickets to Kasargod railway station.

Most of the travel enthusiasts hesitate to avail of tour packages in the fear of loss of money. But if you really want to catch the scenic views of nature and its resources and also want your tour to noteworthy it would really good if you seek the tour services from the well-reputed tour operators such as Gogeo Holidays. Within a short span of time Gogeo Holidays was able to create a good image among the travel lovers. To know more about them just go through their feedback and reviews. They always try their best to make their customers happy and satisfied. For that, they never mind spending their valuable time and money. To understand about their latest features, contact with their customer support team during the working hours. Grab the package as early as possible and try to be the first customer.

A Surprise Wedding Gift for My Brother and Sister-in-law

Usually, everybody wakes up either by hearing the alarm or by tweeting of birds. But for me, it was something strange I opened my eyes early morning by hearing a quarrel from my newly married brother’s room. As everybody knew it is very awkward to peep into some other’s personal life especially when it is our sibling. Therefore I did not interfere in his personal business. To be very frank I was hearing quarrel for the last night but it was not as serious as it is now. Slowly I got from my bed and got refreshed and moved to the kitchen to start my household duties. After an hour my sister-in-law joined in the kitchen and with her my mom. Usually early morning she used to be very talkative. She used to talk on several issues. But on that, she did not utter a single word. Her face was turned like a pumpkin. My mom wanted to inquire about the matter but she did not do it as she wants to protect her image. Even though she wanted to know the fact she controlled her emotions. In the next 30 minutes, my brother came to the kitchen and demanded a cup of tea. Usually, his wife used to give him, the moment he wakes from his bed. But today as they were not in good terms I had to take the initiative. He was very angry and he shouted at her and told her “you decide the place, I will not” and left the kitchen. She busted into tears. We both females consoled her and called him and inquired about the matter.

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It was nothing like a major problem. For the past few days, they were discussing their honeymoon trip and till now they were not able to finalize any place. “Are you all crazy to quarrel for such silly things?” I asked them. Like every life partner, they both had different choices for each and everything. As my brother is an adventure lover he liked adventure places such as hill stations, scary mountains and so on. His wife did not like adventures but love to spend precious time with plants and animals. I smiled and told them I have a perfect solution for your cumbersome problem. They looked at me. Their expression exactly reflected their curiosity to learn the solution. They were eagerly waiting for me to utter the answer. I did not test their patient anymore and revealed the name of the destination- Alleppey, and Kumarakom. The places were not new to them. Both these places have played a significant role in the formation of new Kerala. They were happy now and started to smile. But he told me, “even though the names of the places are familiar but he does not have any idea about the tourist destinations over there”. “I have a solution for that also”, I told them. “What is that?” my sister-in-law asked. They can purchase the honeymoon tour packages to Kerala from the famous travel operator called Dream Holidays. It is one of the prominent travel planners in Kerala and curates the packages by inculcating airfare too. “Wow! That sounds good”, my brother replied. Also, I added that I and my husband will arrange all the necessary arrangement for your trip, the only thing what you have to do is to pack good dresses for your most awaited honeymoon trip. They were surprised and had no idea how to express their joy and excitement. Within a couple of hours, we availed of the packages. They thanked us for the surprise gift.

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Within a week they boarded a flight to Cochin International Airport in Kerala. As they ascended towards the gate they met their tour representative. He greeted them and guided them to the cab. They told that cab was well–maintained. The interiors and exteriors were fascinating.  After travelling for 3 hours they reached the ‘Venice of East’- popularly known as Alleppey. The soothing climate and calm ambience lured their hearts. After completing the formalities they moved to rooms in the resort and unwind for a while. By the evening they started exploring the district. First, they visited the famous Krishnapuram Palace. The palace is famous for the mural painting of Gajendra Moksham. They clicked many lovely images of the antiques and artefacts seen in the palace. They were fascinated by seeing the spectacular architecture of the royal mansion. After spending a few hours they moved to the coir industry, for which the district is famous and understood how coir products are formed.

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By the evening they entered the most famous traditional cruises of Kerala known as houseboats. These houseboats were once used for business purposes, now being used to enhance the tourism sector. Hundreds of travellers flock to the district to spend memorable moments in the houseboat cruises by availing of tour packages at a reasonable price. The moment they entered the houseboat they felt like they stepped into a five-star hotel. The houseboat carried all the modern amenities. There were lured by seeing the infrastructures and that moment itself they called me and thanked me and my hubby for such a wonderful gift. In the evening three were entertained by the classical dances performances of the dancers and savoured scrumptious Non- vegetarian meals prepared in traditional Kerala style. The next morning they landed to Kumarakom. Kumarakom is famous for bird’s sanctuary with a scenic view. They stepped out from the boat and enjoyed the melodious chirp of lovely birds in the forest. They captured lovely pictures of birds in the sanctuary. That night they spend in the treehouse. After returning from the trip they once told me that spending a night in the treehouse was one of the memorable moments in their life. From Alleppey and Kumarakom they bought some homemade chocolates and also antique for me.

They once again thanked us for formulating such a wonderful itinerary. By reading my brother’s honeymoon story don’t you feel to accompany your life partner to ‘god’s own country’ then what are waiting for? Avail of the package as soon as possible.

A Few Salient Features of Agasthyarkoodam – The Breathtaking Peak in Kerala

Kerala is a gift of the Arabian Sea. The state is abundantly blessed with natural resources. It is also called as ‘God’s own country’ and no wonder why the state has been bejewelled with the title. The marvellous beauty of the state lures travellers from various parts of the world. Words are insufficient to express the beauty of the state. The meandering rivers bubbling over rocks, sparkling waterfalls flowing through the thickly populated woodlands, undisturbed backwaters, avalanching movement of sand in pristine beaches, emerald forest ornamented with wilderness and tweaks of birds, magnificent bowl-shaped valleys and awe-inspiring mountains blanketed with the lush green carpets of tea and coffee plantations and many more. One whole essay would not be enough to beautify the charm of the state. The state is adorned with many historic monuments and herbal rejuvenation centers. Most of the foreigner avails of tour packages for participating in various kinds of Ayurveda treatments. The climate of Kerala is favourable not only to Indians but also to people from other nations. It is being a decade that the state started to give prominence to the tourism sector. And as part of enhancing tourism sectors, many disquieting hill stations and historic streets were being unveiled. Thousands of travellers visit the state by purchasing the packages for a cheap price to explore the magnificent gem hidden in unexplored parts of Kerala. Kerala is a haven for adventure lovers. The breathtaking hill stations and offers immense chances to improve their skills in trekking and rock climbing. It is not possible to describe each and every sparkling destination of the state with its peculiarities. I would like to dedicate this essay to explain the salient features of the famous hill called Agasthyarkoodam.

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Agastyarkoodam hill is the second tallest peaks in Kerala. It is situated in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala. It is one of the utterly bare and precipitous hill stations in Kerala. It is situated in the premises of Neyyar Wildlife sanctuary with a height of 1868 m. The hill is known as Pothigai Malai hill in Tamil Nadu. The slopes of the hills are blanketed with purple orchids. The hill shelters to various types of birds. Famously the hill is known for trekking but most of the Hindu believers consider the hill as a pilgrimage. On the top of the hill one could find a statue of Agasthya sage withholding a stone crusher on one hand and a bowl of medicines on other hands.  Worshipers climb to the top and offer prayers to him. He belongs to one of the seven sages (Saptarishis) of Hindu ideology. He is considered the father of Indian traditional medicines and Tamil literature. The surroundings of the hill are occupied with a tribal community called ‘Kanis’. They are engaged in various activities conducted by the forest department.

The Story Behind the Agasthyarkoodam Hill

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For long years women were not allowed to climb to the top of the hill as the Agasthya muni was celibate i.e. Bhramachary and intervention of women will affect the purity of the mountain. But 2 years ago the ban on women climbing the hill was removed and in January 2019 the first lady to conquer the mountain was Dhanya Sanal. Followed to her 100 women registered their names for trekking to the Agasthyarkoodam hill. There is also a story revolving around the hill is when all the sages (munis or maharishis) went to Himalaya for attending the wedding of Lord Shiva and Lord Parvathi the tilt to one side. Then Lord Shiva insisted Agasthya Muni to go the southern portion and balance the earth. He obeyed the commands. Gradually he liked the place and decided to reside there.

Trekking to Agasthyarkoodam Hills

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Unlike other hills in Kerala, you can plan out trekking to Agasthyarkoodam hill when you wished to do. As aforementioned the hill is dedicated to Agasthya sage and hence trekking on it is possible only in the month of January i.e. the trekking routes will be opened on Makaravilaku till Shivarathri. Actually there are two routes that lead to the hill. First is through the Neyyar wildlife sanctuary and that is closed and the second route is Bonacaud village. The village is situated 69 km from the Trivandrum International Airport. So travellers coming from Delhi, Punjab, and Bangalore can either travel in local transport or can purchase the tour packages from Dream Holidays and the tour guides will guide you to the village. Trekking the hill will require three days. Before reaching the Bonacaud village trekkers have to avail of an entry pass of INR 500. Per day 100 pass will be issued. The issuing of passes will be started a couple of days before the Makaravilaku. Trekkers can purchase online also.

Itinerary for Trekking

  • 1st-day Bonacaud – Athiramula Base Camp

Travellers will have to reach the Bonacaud base by 7 am. It will take around for registration and verification. Do not forget to carry the necessary identity cards. Collect the food coupons and purchase the water bottles. You can start your trekking by 8 am. It will take 6 hrs to reach the Athiramula base camp. Over there you can rest and encash your coupon and satiate your hunger. After refreshing, you can stroll through the jungle. Do not make a loud noise as it will disturb the animals. You can build a camp and can spend your night in it. The canteen in the base camp works from 6.30 am to 8.30 pm, therefore, collect the food coupons for the next day before you sleep.

  • 2nd-day Athiramula Base Camp- Agasthayrkoodam Hill

After having light breakfast you can continue your trekking to the hill. It will take approximately 5 hrs to reach the top of the hill. On reaching the top of the hill you can capture the pictures of serene nature and soak yourself in nature’s bliss. Don’t forget to pack your lunch. Spend a few hours on the hill and return your journey before the sunsets. You can rest in the tent in the Athriamulla base camp.

  • 3rd-day Athiramulla Base Camp – Bonacaud

Followed to the breakfast travellers can descend to the village. It will take 6 hrs to reach the slope. From there you can return to your hometown. If you are new to Thiruvananthapuram you can visit the historic places of the district before concluding the trip.

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Dream Holidays are one such travel operator in Kerala that curates special packages for adventure enthusiasts. If you have any concerns regarding the same without any hesitation you can contact their customer representatives.

Unveiling the Hidden Gem of Kottayam- Mango Meadows with My Better Half

I don’t know how to start writing. I rethink it is the 5th time I am trying to pen down my romantic days in limited words. Don’t think that I wrote one or two words in my last 4 attempts and then deleted it. More than a paragraph I wrote and then I thought the words are inappropriate or the introduction is not good without rethinking I just pressed the backspace key. After refreshing for a while I reattempted the task. I hope this time it may work. It is a normal custom that newly married couples plan an exotic honeymoon trip soon after their wedding. But for us, we planned our honeymoon after a year! Isn’t it strange? Whenever we share our honeymoon stories with our friends they used to wonder and ask what were you guys doing till then. And I hope after reading this you may also have asked the same question in your mind. To quench your anxiety I will explain the reason.

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The main obstacle for our honeymoon was our ‘job’. We both were working in a reputed multinational company. Soon after marriage like an ordinary couple, we weaved many destinations for our romantic trip but fate betrayed us. Suddenly my husband was assigned to do a project in the United States of America. With a broken heart, we accepted our destiny. The project was only for 6 months. After 184 days my hubby returned and we again started planning our pending romantic trip. But again destiny started testing our patience this time I got an assignment in the United Arab Emirates for half a year. For securing my job I was forced to accept the order. It was very hard for us to live without each other. I moved to the UAE. I started to countdown each day. Finally, I returned back. Each time when we successfully pass the tests given by destiny, destiny itself will reward us with precious gifts in return and it was true in our case.

As I am friendly in nature I never felt any kind of difficulty interacting with people whom I have never met before. When I was in the United Arab Emirates one of my colleagues who hailed from Kerala, a state in south India (NB: The majority of the population of the UAE is Malayalee), was very friendly to me. We shared all our personal stories. One day accidentally I got a chance to view her honeymoon pictures. To be very frank the pictures were really awesome. For a moment I thought the place will be somewhere outside India. I inquired her about her honeymoon destination. She with little shy told me that it was none other than Kerala. According to me, Kerala was a state comprised of only tranquil backwaters and breathtaking hill stations. It was hard for me to believe they celebrated their first love in a park. They mainly concentrated the Mango Meadows of Kottayam district of Kerala for sowing their first seeds of romance. I also asked her does she had any relatives or friends over there. They don’t have anyone in Kerala it was through the travel agency called Dream Holidays that helped them to make their honeymoon trip fabulous. They availed of their tour packages online. On returning to Delhi I discussed the same to my husband. He was very happy and agreed to purchase the packages.

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The best time to visit the Mango Meadows is from September to March. By mid of January, we purchased the package. On reaching Cochin International Airport from Delhi Airport our tour representative greeted us with a garland made of lotus and also they applied a paste made out of sandalwood on our forehead. For a moment we thought after a year of marriage we again became bride and groom. From the airport, it took more than an hour to reach Kottayam district. On reaching Mango Meadows our tour representative guided us to lake resort. As we were very hungry we had lunch first and then we moved to our room. Words are insufficient to describe the relishing taste of food. Till then I had only seen varieties of cuisines in luxurious hotels but it was for the first time I am seeing this in the resort. By the evening we started our excursion. We first selected the shikari boating. We had already booked for the same while purchasing the packages, therefore, we didn’t have to waste our time getting the passes. Boating through the mangrove forests gave us a scintillating experience which we never had experienced before. Apart from boating, there were many couples who were engaged in various activities like shooting, cycling, badminton and archery and so on.

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There are many interesting things to enjoy and see. Our tour guide told us that the Biodiversity Park sprawls in an area of 30 acres with more than 4,800 varieties of flowering plants, 780 types of trees, and 174 species of fruits. The man-made park was constructed under the leadership of Mr. M Kurian. He is a true nature lover and took 14 years to build this park. In the park, we could not only see honeymoon couples but also many families and youngsters who come there to explore the serenity of the park. Most of the family bring their kids to the park for a picnic. It is the only place in Kerala where parents and children could enjoy their time in their own way.  As the parks consist of amusement parks for children and secluded areas for adults both can discover the gem hidden in nature in their way. As we wanted to spend a night in treehouse we asked our tour guide to make slight changes in the packages. And he agreed for it. Words are insufficient to express the feeling of spending a night in the midst of forests. we began our next day by hearing the meticulous chirp from birds.

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We also rowed in ‘Kotta vanchi’ (basket boat). We were afraid of whether it will break. But it was strong as a pillar. We also did fishing and fed food to the fishes while we were in the lake resort. It is the belief of Hindus that feeding fishes are like feeding to Lord Vishnu. We then moved to ‘Sarppa Kavu’. It is a place where serpents rest. It regarded as a sacred place by Hindus. People from various places come here to worship the serpents. It is believed that serpents have the magical power to cure wounds and illnesses of all kinds. There are many more places in the park. The park is actually divided into various sections such as Bird sanctuary. Over here we captured the beautiful images of varieties of birds in our camera the authorities have allocated special benches to sit and mesmerize the beauty of birds. Animal husbandry and Plant nursery is another place that helps to study more about nature. Nakashtraval is the place where people can find trees related to their Malayalam Zodiac sign. Bible Statute is another eye-catching place. The Bible is placed on a long wooden structure with its centre page opened.

After spending two days in Mango Meadows we moved to other places to explore the beauty of Kottayam. Places like Bay Island Drift Museum, St. Mary’s Orthodox Church (it is built-in Hindu architectural style), Poonjar Palace, and many more. After 4 days we departed to Delhi by carrying sweet memories and sweet gifts for our relatives and friends.


Travelogue on Honeymooning in Poovar in Kerala: An Engaging trip from Delhi

In every means, we feel blessed to have spent our beautiful honeymoon days in God’s Own Country of Kerala. Never even for a moment, we will regret our decision for choosing them over other common hot honeymoon destinations of our country. Let me say, to be frank, our dream destinations for our honeymoon were Bali and Indonesia. We had a clear idea and plans for the same even before our marriage. Yes, we had planned them just after our Sagai that was around five months ago. Then in the latter parts of October, we had a beautiful wedding session at Kalkaji Mandir and Townhouse in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi.

Kerala honeymoon packages

However, God had set other honeymoon plans for us. We saw ourselves relaxing along the rippling waters of the picturesque estuary of Poovar in Kerala for our favourite time together. Due to some technical issue in the Passport of my husband, we could not make it fly from our hometown Delhi. However, since the time from our Sagai, I was desperate for holidaying with my loving husband in a beautiful place like Bali.  Seriously, I was almost heartbroken. In that instance, my sister-in-law, Priya suggested me this amazing destination of Kerala. She had been working in the National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology (NIIST), which is a branch of the more popular CSIR. Later she added that Poovar is barely a half an hour drive from her place, and there could some tour packages that could take us to Poovar for our perfect honeymooning.

I had enough time to be spent for meaningful research for this very purpose, as I had resigned my job even before our marriage. So I surfed day and night and finally settled up with one of those popular tour companies in Kerala. As ordered by my saali, I especially enquired whether any honeymoon package with the inclusion of Poovar as its major location was available. It was a half ‘no’ reply from them, as they later agreed to customize one of their honeymoon tour package for us. I felt thankful for their polite response to my demand. The tour consultant over the phone merely asked us to book them online and decide the dates of our journey. Once my hubby was back home after his work, within no time lagging we informed the company of the dates. They appreciated us for choosing our honeymoon date in January when the weather too was favourable.

We arrived at the International Airport of Trivandrum on the specified date for our honeymoon on a late morning flight. We boarded a morning flight by SpiceJet as they were assuring of cheapest airfares to this part of Kerala, at this time of the year. We were not in any hurry to reach our hotel, as were we terribly feeling hungry. We went to the cafeteria operating inside the airport itself. I reminisced that this could be my best opportunity to savour the traditional Kerala delicacies for which my saali had no words to express. She was very right. The wholesome lunch we had with all those spicy and tangy tastes. Me being a person who is very much particular of the ever-increasing number of calories that we ate, this day was absolutely out of my thoughts. My husband was already an ardent fan of South Indian dishes. I was now more relieved of my decision of customizing our preferences rather than settling with the available packages, as I was pretty sure that, I will eat more!  

Kerala Honeymoon packages with airfare

After satisfying our tummies, when we were just moving out of the terminal, our tour executive phoned us and said that along with the cab he was waiting for us at the parking deck. He seemed to be a polite and nicely behaved person. We got into the cab, it was well maintained and the drive was smooth. As we were travelling to an island destination, most time of our journey was along the coastal line of Trivandrum. We got to witness various scenic location right from this short travel up to our resort that we were to stay. Time just flew by, as I never realized that we had covered the whole of 30 km through the beautiful places. We reached Poovar within a span of 1 and half hour. The moment we reached and stepped out of the cab, I patted the back of my shoulders. I was again right with my decisions. The very first entrance of Poovar Island Resort was very pleasing.

Women dressed in traditional Kerala attires welcomed us with floral garland and welcomed us to the reception of the resort. We did not have to wait for much time at the check-in as we were on some already set and sophisticated tour package. We gradually moved to the cottages that we had booked prior to our visit. It was very spacious and beautiful than we thought before. Above all that, these adorable living spaces were indeed floating in the backwaters. Finally, I and my husband were all alone for our honeymooning in our dream destination. He opened the large windows of our bedroom to feel the soothing air of the adjacent backwaters. Moreover, the view from this space to the Poovar backwaters and vast sea at a distance was truly mesmerizing.

Honeymoon packages to Kerala

We thought of taking some rest at our cottage before setting out and explore Poovar. When we woke after a one hour sleep, we got fresh and stepped out of our cottage. It was almost approaching sunset so the views got even more beautiful and splendid. I knew that the sunsets would be beautiful in these regions of Kerala. But this sight was out of our imagination. The light littered from each of these cottages and their reflections on the backwaters is still in my minds. These sights made us more romantic and we promised that we will be visiting these locations again as the experiences we had here was indeed ravishing.

Even though we were travelling with a limited budget, nothing hampered our wishes of honeymooning in a serene destination like that of Poovar Island in Trivandrum. Thanks to Dream Holidays! The best travel deals that they had was a true blessing to us.

Exploring the Less Touristy Locations of North Kerala

This part of both the culturally and geographically rich Kerala is obviously less touristy. When compared with the visual treats offered from the Southern tip of the state, the Northern Kerala is way much exotic. There are the boons of a lesser crowd, more options, better people and less spoiled destinations. Although these tourist locations are not that renowned, the travel destinations in Malabar region never compromise in its scenic beauty and the very essence of travelling up to those outlandish spots. As far as an adventure-seeking or off-beat traveller is concerned, these locations would be just perfect for fulfilling their dream getaways.

Below given are few of the less touristy locations that you can readily drop in while on a road trip to Northern Kerala.

Adyanpara Waterfalls of Nilambur in Malappuram

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Even though the tourist site is located in the district of Malappuram, they are positioned to the eastern side of Thamarassery in Kozhikode. Adyanpara is rather close of the Nilambur town at a distance of 15km. So you may hire a taxi and reach at foothills of the waterfalls easily. However, any tour package that could take you to the destination would be minimal. Once you had reached there, you will be required to mount up to the steep hills that even be challenging to the adventurous travellers. Furthermore, the real beauty of the unexplored waterfall can indeed be experienced when you are visiting them in the monsoon from June to October. Then waterfall would be cascading with that heavy flow of pristine river water. It would indeed be a visual treat to watch the running waters smashing the unique shaped huge rocks in the dense forests.

Kodikuthimala of Malappuram

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Very perfectly called as the ‘Ooty of Malappuram’, the beautiful hill station of Kodikuthimala in Malappuram is full of surprises to its rare visitors. The lush green covers when you view from a top the hills are truly mesmerizing. For this very purpose, you have the two major options of a suicide point and a watchtower. Moreover, when trekking up the forested hills, several natural springs and cascading waterfalls will be welcoming you. Although not much known to the regular tourist lots, the serene location of Kodikuthimala is a favourite hotspot among the young adventure-loving travellers. For this very season, the entire hill station is still unspoiled and offers various scopes for further explorations.

Thikkoti Light House Beach in Kozhikode

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When talking about the popular beaches of the district, chiefly Kappad and Kozhikode beaches come into one mind. Nonetheless, on this side of the district, a remarkable lighthouse erected on the Velliyamkally Rock makes them a perfect blend for epic beach photography. Furthermore, as the beachside near the Thikkoti Light House is less touristy, you may have your own time and leisure without any barriers of the large crowds experienced in other major beaches of Kerala. Migratory birds from various distant locations do visit the tranquil beach during summer and the following months. As you move north towards Payyoli beach from Thikkoti, you could catch a glimpse of a dilapidated shipwreck. In addition to this, the rich palm and coconut plantations create a unique look to this charming golden shore of Malabar region.

Thusharagiri Waterfalls in Kozhikode

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The major portions of Kozhikode city are centred on the coastal region of the city. Yet the eastern and the hilly terrains of the districts are still unexplored to a greater extent. The mesmerizing waterfalls at Thusharagiri are most accessibly located on the way that would take you to the more popular tourist destination of Wayanad. Basically, the waterfalls at Thusharagiri do comprise of three other falls namely Thumpi Thullum Para, Erattumukku and Mazhavil Chattom. The travellers to the place will also get to view the drizzling river of the waterfalls flowing to a larger water body of Challippuzha River. Although the alluring region around Thusharagiri is protected as an Eco-Tourist spot of late, only a limited number of tourists do a stopover in the destination. If you are very much into mountaineering, this serene unexplored destination should be on your bucket list visit to North Kerala.

Paithalmala in Kannur

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The majestic hill deserves every right to be included under the list of the most renowned tourist destination of the state, besides the fact that Paithalmala is the highest peak of Kannur. However, they are not much popular as other hill stations of Kerala and are obviously unexplored.  Located in the borders connecting Kerala and Kannur, the hill station can be reached from Kannur after a drive of 55km through a serene atmosphere. If you are wishing for a travel to the hill station in lower rates you may catch a bus to Kudiyanmala and then hire a taxi to Paithamala. Once you have trekked all through the dense forest all across the hills to the top, you could have a panoramic view of Mother Nature. If the climate is favourable, you may even witness the Arabian Sea at a distance. Moreover, the hill station under the control of Forest Department is actually home to a large variety of flora and fauna. So when you are visiting Paithamala, you will be blessed to watch unique species of butterflies and birds you had never seen before.

Ranipuram in Kasargod

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Any traveller to Kasargod would be surprised to visit this lush green region, which is otherwise mistaken for a dry and tiresome district. So in every aspect, this spectacular hill station can be most perfectly included under the list of unexplored tourist locations of North Kerala. A nearby Thalacauvery Wildlife Sanctuary of Karnataka shares its borders with Ranipuram. Because of this very relevant reason, when you are further exploring the forest covers of Ranipuram, you will be rushing to various kinds of deers, monkeys, squirrels, boars and even elephants.

The wonders of nature sited in the splendid state of Kerala such as the ones mentioned here can be explored further with the assistance of Dreams Cabs. The noted online taxi service has employed expert drivers to take you to all those scenic locations. If you are that travel enthusiast who would love to think out of the box things, then head on to these unexplored tourist destinations without wasting a minute!

Most Striking Reasons for Visiting Kochi in Kerala

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This is the place where you can see the longest railway bridge of the country, where the biggest shopping mall of Kerala, the largest International Container Transhipment Terminal of India and quite lately the only city in the state where Metro trains ply. What more reasons are required for any random travellers to not to skip Kochi from your bucket list visit to Kerala? The following can be listed under the most relevant reasons for stoping over once after you’re vacationing in either the hills of Munnar, seashores of Kovalam or mystic peaks of Wayanad. Below given are the reasons that we were pointing about.

 Adore the Dutch Palace

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Without walking much from the ferry station of Mattanchery in Kochi, you will reach your destination of Dutch Palace. Although popularly known as Dutch Palace, these ancient structures were initially built by the Portuguese but were annexed and renovated by the Dutch. At present, the heritage site is under the supervision of the Archaeological Survey of India and is functioning as a major museum of Kochi. You could very elaborately learn a lot about the historical facts behind the spice city of Kerala. You would inevitably be in love with the Palace and its exhibits if you are interested in History. Moreover, the tourists interested in Architecture of age-old buildings can adore at the artistic collaboration of Colonial and Kerala styles of construction.

Relishing at Cherai Beach

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Situated from around 25km from the mainland in the Vypin Island, the popular beach of Cherai is equally preferred by both foreign and domestic tourists alike. You may stay in the adjacent resorts to experience the real beauty of Cherai. However, it would be crowded during the peak season. So you will be advised to reserve them from early bookings. To reach the shores of the golden beach, you have to either hire a taxi or a rickshaw, as they are at a distance from the main road of the island. Moreover, the picturesque water bodies that are a part of the Cochin backwaters on either side of the path that leads to the beach makes them all the way unique and more beautiful, especially during the late evenings.

Shop for the Most Cheapest at Broadway

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Merely from the name of the place, you would never have to anticipate that they are indeed broad. It would be challenging enough to stroll over the intricate paths of Broadway during the onset of any major festivals in the state. However, once you are sure with the routes and is comfortable with the raw essence of any such Indian market places, you may readily choose Broadway for having the best shopping experience. Things are always cheaper and of diverse kinds in Broadway. Furthermore, the sellers in the place may not be the richest ones, selling only fancy pieces of stuff. But you could find various small shops selling Indian Spices, traditional clothes, earthenware, Indian confectioneries and what not.

Cherishing the history of Jewish Synagogue

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This is yet another historic site located in the old town of Mattancherry, which has the footprints of all the cultures ranging from Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch and Gujarati. However, the path the leads you to the 16th-century Synagogue will inevitably take you another world. For a moment, you would feel that you are indeed strolling in a Jew Town of any Portuguese origin. Numerous antique shops line these paths beautifully on both the sides. Furthermore, the indoors of the Synagogue are floored in a beautiful combination of blue and off white tiles, which were imported from China. The most fascinating thing about them is that each of the pictographs inscribed in it is different and unique.                                                                                   

Check out the Kochi Muziris Biennale

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The artistic venture that had international acclaim lately is comparatively a new crowd puller to the city of Kochi. For the same, artists from all across the world fly up to Kochi and display their installations in the Biennale extending for up to 3 months starting from December to March. You can experience the large cluster of World art in every alternate year. These installations are set in different locations centred in the premises of Fort Kochi.       

Ferrying in the Cochin Backwaters

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Even the backwaters of Kochi would be very much different from what you saw in Alappuzha. This would be the urban version of the Lake. Likewise, the urban side of everything that can be seen anywhere else in Kerala can be experienced here, besides the intriguing remains of its colonial past. Exclusive packages with the inclusion of ferrying across the backwaters, targeting the tourists are made available all through the day.  You may hire these fancy boats at any rate. If you are groping for a more economical option of sailing through the backwaters, you do not have to wait for these taxis. There are very cheaper public water transport plying from Ernakulam to Fort Kochi and Mattancherry.

Strolling across Fort Kochi Beach

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The post-colonial structures and its adjoining places of Fort Kochi are like no other in the entire state of Kerala. You can drop into the Aspin Wall House, Steam Boiler in the beach, Church of St. Francis, David Cafe, Pierce Leslie Bungalow, and Kashi Art Gallery, which are all in a reach of 3km square stretch. Besides all these, tourists spend hours in the walkway adjacent to the beach that are aligned with numerous Chinese Fishing Nets. Even the trees that can be found in the area too are worth to watch with concerning its age and distinct shape.                                   

While touring a complicated city like that of Kochi, relying on the confusing public transports could turn out to be an arduous task. Therefore, you must be compelled to hire the services of any reputed online taxi services such as Dreams Cabs. Moreover, for any outsiders of the city, travelling in any public mode of transport in a highly populated region can be exhaustive. The expert drivers of the taxi services are equipped with the latest technologies to take to your preferred destinations on the specified time at an affordable price.

An Exhilarating Road Trip from Hyderabad to Kerala: A Delightsome Travelogue

The aftermath of a tiresome wedding session lasting for a couple of days, we were craving for some refreshing getaways to be spent in any other places. Besides, we were very particular of choosing a location with varied contrasts to that of Telugu cultures, traditions, places and everything. Furthermore, I and my husband had some conditions prior to our trip that it should not be any North Indian locations or boarding any straight flights to the destination.

It was in this instant that I got to know that the hills of Munnar in Kerala were surprisingly laid out by a delicate layer of snow during the past year’s winter. The beauty of this whole new version of the otherwise lush green hills was rather astonishing, which would be ideal for a romantic honeymoon. Usually, the state of Kerala is known for its tropical climate with most time of the year drenched in soothing monsoon. Therefore, tourists dropping in Kerala mostly get to visit its backwaters and its golden shores, as they would be readily included in their tour packages to spend their vacations. However, we wished to do something different and explore on our own. We finally decided to travel to the Munnar Hills from our hometown of Hyderabad and that too by road.

Kerala tour packages from Hyderabad

Since we only had limited time for our vacation, we set off our journey at a late evening in our own car. Most parts Telgana were covered in utter darkness expect the major towns of Mahbubnagar, Kurnool, Anantapur and Penukonda. Visiting these places in Andra borders were obviously excluded from our list as it was definitely not in our list, as we took the fastest road possible via NH44. Due to the numerous of tolls in the otherwise smooth path, it was almost midnight when we reached in the Electronic Capital of Karnataka, Bengaluru.

Bengaluru was like any other major cities of the country, in terms of their traffic congestion and the fastest growing infrastructure. Due to the time in which we arrived at this vast city saved us from this mess to a greater extent. On the wild path leading to Hosur, we got to realize that yet another state of Karnataka had also been left behind. Just then the name of Hosur just struck and later confused me that, isn’t’ that the same ‘Hosur’ in of Karanataka nearby Madikeri. The name was quite familiar to me as I had already visited a Samudri Ganesha Temple located there. However, this was a different place located in the borders of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

By early mornings, we reached the scenic locations of Krishnagiri district of Tamil Nadu. Again here too we could not experience the very essence of this beautiful ancient town. Later the first rays of the early morning sun were striking us when our car was very gently approaching towards Erode. Now, we were excited to journeying via the dense forest covers of Udumalpet once covering the temple towns of Thirvachi, Palladam, Avinashi and numerous other ones. We were almost in sync with our calculations of witnessing the dense forest regions of both Anamalai Tiger Reserve and Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary in broad sunlight. Consequently, we have succeeded in this very same venture also.

Up to these locations, the roads were not much challenging as the paths were laid out in plains. However, once we were about to cross the Kerala-Tamil Nadu borders, you will know about the very nature of the rocky terrains of this part of Western Ghats. Numerous hairpin curves on these roads will truly be testing most accurate driving skills of my husband. But he was definitely not in a mood to give up. Meanwhile, the deep gorges adjacent to the roads scared me.  From my research just before the trip, I had read that Chinnar is the sole rain shadow region in the state of Kerala

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In our research, I had already noted down that a waterfall named Thoovanam is situated at this location is a must-visit site. For trekking up to the waterfall, we pulled over our car in the parking area across the Alampetty Check post. The staff at the check post then said that to catch a glimpse of the Thoovanam Waterfalls, we need to trek across the dark jungles for a whole of 4kms. We just felt that we were walking very close to nature at its lap. When the cascading waterfalls were closest to our view, it was indeed a pleasure for our eyes to watch the beautiful sight. The trekking is basically a guided program operated by the State Tourism Department of Kerala.

Kereala tour packages

After the witnessing the surprising waterfall, we continued our journey via Marayoor, which has the only natural sandalwood forest among all the forest covers in Kerala. Here also we had to halt our travelling in the car, and had to catch a jeep that would take us to these rare forests. If we had opted for the other options of vacationing through the packages, we did not have to wait much in these kinds of places. But on the other hand, these halting could also give some rest to the former that had been plying all the way from Hyderabad. Along with us, we saw many other tourists enjoying the rich flora and fauna found only in these regions. Apart from that, we got to see a few ’Muniyaras’ which are the primitive cabins made of stone. Someone travelling with us on the jeep said Chinnar is home to a giant variety of flying squirrel and can be only be observed if you are lucky enough.

Kerala tour packages from Pune

We were departing from the sandal forest covers of Marayoor and saw yet another signboard indicating the path that leads to Lakkam Waterfalls. However, we could not make it to visit them as it was already approaching the dusk. Mounting up to the waterfalls in such an hour will be futile and also dangerous. From there it did not take much to reach the popular hill station of Munnar. While we reached there, the temperature was very chilling and felt exhausted. We sole groped for a space to lie down after the eventful journey.

Before planning for any road trips, it is always advised to book your dates to any efficient tour companies like that of Lelagoon Holidays. By doing so you would be visiting every tourist spots in a location in an organized manner without missing any exciting sights!

Top 12 Enthralling Water Sports in Kerala

There will be no one who does not like to explore new places and meet new people. People always plan trips and discover new destinations but it would be before their marriage or before enlarging their families. The number of trips gradually decreases as members increases. The reasons are many… For some, the package may be unaffordable and some drop the planned trips due to the lack of time and the list of excuses goes on. Continuing in the same state of motion obviously retards one’s happiness and gradually he/ she will hate his/ her own life… to avoid such circumstances it is good to plan trips with our families to unknown destinations. Such trips will surely make the children happier and energetic. Furthermore, it will help them to boost their enthusiasm and eagerness. Trips will always teach children new lessons of life and open new doors of opportunities in front of them. There are plenty of destinations which suits for family tour. If you and your kids are adventure enthusiasts and like to practice thrilling activities then Kerala would be the best option. The state is proud not only of its mind-blogging environment, calm and pleasant ambiance but also for a plethora of water sports. People who are planning for an exotic trip to the state must definitely ask their travel operator to inculcate some interesting and exciting sports events in the package. Before indulging in the water sports it is recommended that travellers should know a little bit of swimming. It is not to threaten you but to make you vigilant about the consequences that may take place in the future. Water tourism is rapidly gaining popularity in Kerala. As part of the tourism the state has imbibed many professionally trained instructors from various parts of the country. They also have a panel to check the proper functioning of the training classes and equipment.

Before relying on any travel agencies just go through their history. Check whether they have a valid license or not? Go through the reviews and feedbacks in their website. Also ask the opinions of the travellers who availed their packages before. While booking the packages do not forget to mention the ages of the children else when you reach the destination you will not able to find any activities suitable for your kids. Don’t forget to carry necessary medicinal kit as part of safety. Carry clothes which are suitable for the activity and also for the expedition. Below is the list of the various water sports activities commonly practiced in Kerala.

  1. Bamboo rafting

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How wonderful it would be to sail in logs of bamboo in the river and enjoy the humming songs of birds from the thickly populated forests surrounding the river. Bamboo rafting is mainly practiced in Palakkad and Wayanad districts in Kerala. Pozhuthana River in Wayanad is the perfect place for rafting lovers to put their first baby steps in the shallow waters. It is situated at 4 km away in Vythiri village. The rafting was initially used for transportation and trading purposes now being widely used for enhancing tourism. This activity will definitely gift you a special experience and lovely memories. Rafting is best to capture the beautiful picture of the nature directly into the minds without clicking the photographs. Travellers can enjoy the cool puff and see mesmerizing view of leaves of trees oscillating. Visitors can also enlighten their hearts by hearing various kinds of sounds of birds and animals from the jungles. As Wayanad is home to wild animals and migratory birds it is haven for wildlife photographers and nature lovers. Rafting can be played by people of any age. Only thing of which travellers should take care of is climatic conditions .

  1. Boating

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Have you ever heard or imagined a boat ride inside a dam?  It is possible only in Banasura Sagar dam situated in Wayanad district. It is one of the major attractions of the district. Don’t think that while boating inside the dam you will destine only to see the beauty of walls. It is not absolutely true travelers can completely enjoy the charming beauty of the serene nature and fill souls with wild roars and chirps of animals and birds. Along with travellers can enjoy the spectacular view of coconut trees oscillating in air. Travellers will have to pay directly to the concerned people before practicing boating.

  1. Kayaking

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For time being say goodbye to houseboat rides and canoeing and relish the captivating beauty of Kerala by kayaking in waters. Kayaking is mainly practiced in backwaters and rivers. While kayaking travellers can come across various species of birds flying from one region to another, common people engaged in traditional works such as coir making, etc. To make the voyage much more interesting travellers can spot different colors of butterflies roaming around them. Alapuzha is more commonly known as the ‘Venice of East’ is the best place to learn kayaking more deeply. Instructors will guide you in and will give correct instructions regarding the same.

  1. Wave Runners

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Payyambalam beach is one of the hottest beaches in Kerala which is famous for wave running water activity. It is also one of the largest beaches in the district.  Wave running sport is one of the most thrilling and exciting activities played in shallow waters. People will be asked to drive a motorbike or speed boat during strong waves. At this time travellers will be given an opportunity to enjoy the strength of the waves and witness the immense beauty of sea waters.

  1. Parasailing

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Who doesn’t like to fly like a bird by tying their feet to a speed boat? Parasailing is one such sports activity that allows adventure enthusiasts to explore nature’s resources in a different manner. Parasailing is practiced in almost all the states of India but nothing can defeat the parasailing of Kerala. Every year thousands of travellers reach the state only to discover new opportunities to pump their adrenaline. Parasailing is mainly practiced in prominent places of the state like Kovalam, Aleppey and Cherai beach of Kochi. While parasailing people can witness the stunning and magnificent marine world.

  1. Scuba Diving

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Scuba diving is the best way to interact with the exotic marine world lying beneath the water. Tourists above 8 years are permitted to do scuba diving. Before practicing it people will have to attend a training session by experienced trainers with PADI certified for hardly 30 minutes in which they will clearly explain to you the way to dive safely and also how to use the equipment, especially apparatus efficiently. Pregnant ladies and people with chronic disorders are exempted from the activity. People are advised not to have heavy food 1 hour prior to the event. Scuba diving is mainly done in Kovalam and Kochi.

  1. Snorkelling

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When compared to scuba diving, snorkeling is far easier and cheaper. Here travellers do not need any help or guidance from any certified trainer. They will be given a breathing apparatus called snorkel which will help them to breathe when they go deep into waters. Snorkeling was recently introduced in Kerala to promote water tourism. But to surprise, not only the foreigners but locals are admired by the event. Now it is being commercially used by the natives widely. Snorkeling is mainly practiced in Kochi and Kovalam.

  1. River Crossing

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When you hear river crossing doesn’t think you will ask to cross the river barefooted or reach the other side by any vehicle. Travellers are supposed to reach the other side of the riverbank by crawling on a rope at a determined elevation from the water. The activity is really thrilling as well as adventurous. River Crossing is popular in Munnar hill stations of Kerala. Munnar is famous for its vast tea plantations, breathtaking hills, and misty mountains. But very few people know about this activity. This activity demands immense courage and faith. Travellers who are suffering from gastrointestinal disorders and ear balance problems are advised not to practice the same.

  1. Catamaran Sailing

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Catamaran Sailing is one of the most popular water sports activities in the state. A large number of travellers can be accommodated in a single wooden boat made or yacht with hulls on either side. Catamaran sailing is mainly practiced in backwaters or stooped waters like sea. For the safety of the travellers two experienced guides will be there during the sailing. Even though the activity was introduced recently it soon gained popularity among the locals and foreigners. It is mainly played in Aleppey, Varkala and Kovalam.

  1. Kneeboarding

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Kneeboarding is known as a fun and entertaining water game. Here the travellers are asked to kneel down on a flat platform shaped floating board withholding a rope of which one end is tied to a motorboat. The sport is not so easy and it is risky too. By constant practice travellers can enjoy it’s fun. After being comfortable you can choose a half squad position. The event is of 20 minutes but it assures a remarkable life long experience. Knee boarding is popularly practiced in Cherai beach in Ernakulam district.

  1. Canoeing

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Canoeing is slightly similar to kayaking. It is one of the most thrilling ways to explore the backwaters and rivers. Nearly 4 travellers can do canoeing at a time. A canoe is wooden made in traditional style with its front and back edges pointed and top remain uncovered. It is usually rowed using single-bladed paddle. Being smaller in size the canoe will take the travellers in inner portions of the backwaters where you can see villagers engaged in various traditional works, school children canoeing to school just as we ride bicycles. Also, you will get golden opportunity to explore the stunning elegance of paddy fields, coconut groves, fishing areas, rustic homes, coir factories and many more. Canoeing is very cheap when compared to houseboat voyage and Shikara boat rides. People who really want to do canoeing must have a small idea about swimming.

  1. Banana Boat Ride

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Banana boat ride is gaining popularity day by day. Even though it is a little bit challenging the overall ride will assure your excitement and joy. Banana boat is actually a recreational boat built in the shape of a banana. Usually, these kinds of boats accommodate more than 3 to 10 riders at a time. Banana boats are generally safe except in bad weather conditions. Children above 5 years play banana boat ride.

Above is a shortlist of exciting water sports in Kerala. There are many more but those won’t suit small children and aged people. Year by year number of tourist is increasing and hence importance of water tourism too. Not only the foreigners but local from different states are visiting the state to explore its untouched charm. Gogeo holidays is one such tour partner who tries to bring people from various parts of the country to visit the amazing Kerala. As part of their mission this time they have decided to select the group of family from Chennai city. As we all Chennai is one of the major cities in India which experience terrible hot weather conditions. Even though the city noteworthy for its educational and technical achievement the city lacks many outstanding facilities for its natives to rejuvenate and refresh. And that is the main reason why Gogeo holidays decided to select them.

Travellers who have decided to utilize the services of the above-mentioned travel partner can remain tension free and enjoy the complete essence of the trip. They always focus on customers’ gratification and happiness and for that they are ready to customize the packages. They always accommodate the customers in well-reputed hotels and provide excellent hospitality services. Therefore travellers can entrust Gogeo holidays and enjoy each and every moments of your trip.