A Breath-Taking Trip to Kerala with my Friends

Life was moving at a usual pace, the normalcy of routine was the only thing that made us drowsy these days. We had just graduated from college and the only trips we (me and my group of four friends) made were for small meetups or for job interviews. We had one long free month before joining for our fresh jobs. We were all placed at different companies and we wanted to make some long-lasting memories before setting out for new roles in our life. All of us had different opinions and plans at first and after many hours of discussions, we concluded that a week-long trip to an exotic land is what we need. The next hurdle was choosing the destination but surprisingly all of us unanimously voted Kerala as our dream destination. We wanted to try out different things at Kerala and was in need of a solid plan. After a lot of research, we shortlisted some locations and activities that we wanted to try once we reach Kerala. We were so lucky to have found out Gogeo Holidays as our travel partner. With their cheapest Kerala tour packages and that too a personalized one, our trip turned out to be the best moments of our life.

We knew Kerala as a verdure spot with places like Wayanad and Munnar. All of us were from Delhi and we had studied in Mumbai. This was our first time coming closer to South India. Our flight rates were much less than we had anticipated. Thanks to Gogeo Holidays! We were starting our trip by saving a great deal of cash. Our trip lasted for two weeks and I think we could cover only half of the best destinations in Kerala, and we have already planned to come back to Kerala itself for our next trip and complete the expedition.

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We boarded the flight to Kochi from Delhi at 6 in the morning and it took us three hours to reach there. Even before we landed at Kerala, the view from the windows from out there at the sky itself intrigued us. There were many water bodies and green spots – that is how I would explain the view. Once we reached Kochi, we were taken to our room which was so clean and came with all the modern facilities. The interesting thing that all of us noted was that the usage of Wi-Fi and our smartphones lessened as each day passed. We were so lost in the beauty of Kerala that we were not slaves of technology for two weeks. So, the breakfast – we started the Kerala treat for our stomachs with puttu and kadala and appam and chicken curry. After taking rest for 2 hours we left to visit Kochi and our travel operators arranged a car for us on request. We would have taken a guide, but wanted to explore the land on our own. Some of the spots like Hill Palace, Bolghatty Palace, Pallipuram Fort, and Indo-Portuguese Museum are some of my personal favourites. Marine Drive and Lulu Mall are the places from where we clicked some group photos of us.

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We visited the Greenix Village as per our travel operators told us when we asked about Kathakali. As Kochi is known for the support of cultural and artistic activities, it would have been a great miss if we hadn’t known about this place. We forgot about lunch as we were so immersed in finding places to explore. At Greenix, there was a restaurant too so we had some pancakes. There is a cultural museum and we visited it before the Kathakali performance started. It was a mind-blowing performance with all those micro-expressions and all. The costume itself made us wonder how rich in culture and totally a different land is Kerala. There are many beaches in Kochi and we could visit only a few out of it like Fort Kochi Beach, Cherai Beach and Munambam Beach. Fort Kochi and Mattancherry are places that hold the greatest spell in Kochi. There are many places like Princess Street, Burger Street, Rose Street, Parade Ground etc. that had a lot of things to offer. With many cafes like Pepper House, Kashi Art Cafe, Bench Cafe and all we could not leave this place for a week. The biggest part of our trip was spent at Kochi itself. We moved to No. 18 Hotel to explore places closer to it. We met some old friends of ours from Kochi and had a great time at the Cochin Club. The boat jetty ride is the cheapest mode of transportation as it would cost not more than 10 rupees to travel across many nearby destinations like Marine Drive. The picture of the Chinese fishing nets is more breathtaking in real and we also tried using it. What we missed was the Biennale that happens every two years in Kochi. The Kochi-Muziris Biennale is an international art exhibition that stretches for a period of three months from December to March. A chance to visit the colonial building Aspinwall House was what we missed with the biennale. We wandered through the Jew Street too and bought many fresh spices to take back home. We are so thankful for this best Kerala tour packages as we would have stayed stuck at one place if we had not availed an itinerary for our trip to other places in Kerala.

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Alleppey was the next spot and the clean beaches were the first place we hit there. We could visit only Alleppey Beach and Marari Beach. We visited some small villages where coir making and handicraft making businesses were thriving. We bought some souvenirs from there just like we bought many bohemian styled clothes from Fort Kochi. The backwater cruise was of course, the best part of Alleppey. We glided through the Vembanad Lake and also visited the Kumarakom backwaters. The luscious seafood with some toddy (a local beverage made from coconut) is something that I still ache for.

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There were many other places like Munnar, Vagamon, Thekkady, Wayanad, and Kannur that we picked for our trip. This story of our visit would go on and on and there is a lot to write about each and every place and I will definitely write more about the rest of the trip too, but I know that mere words are not adequate to explain the charm of Kerala.

A Spectacular Solo Trip to Beautiful Kerala

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I have always been fascinated by the amazing beauty of Kerala. It’s not only me I think but the rest of the Indians, as well as foreigners, are lured by the scenic delight of the state. Being born and brought up in Bangalore, more popularly known as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’, I have always been attracted by the calm ambiance of the Malayalam state. The pristine lakes, royal houseboats, exotic species of flora and fauna, hills and valleys covered with green meadows, tropical climate, etc captivate tourists to ‘God’s own country’. One could enjoy the harmonious chirps of birds and wild thunders of animals from thickly populated forest areas.

As I used to spend my summer holidays in Kerala every year, I have experienced the terrible and burning hot. However, I never experienced the cold monsoon days. After long years my dream was fulfilled I got the opportunity to be part of a lovely monsoon and play like a small child in rain. It happened so; I was working in a reputed MNC as a team leads. And one my relative invited for her sons’ baptism (naming ceremony) in Kochi, Kerala. It was in the month of August and it was peak time in my office but somehow I got the leave for 2 days. Every time I used to visit the state with my family but this time my parents and other family members didn’t get leave so they asked me to go alone and attend the function. I boarded a flight from Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore to Cochin International Airport, Kerala. As planned, my cousin promised me to pick me from the airport but due to some issues he couldn’t make it So, I was forced to depend on taxis in Cochin. To be very frank at first I was reluctant to seek their services because I had read many terrifying incidents in the newspapers. As there was no other option, I decided to go with them. I searched for many cab services on the internet and chose Dreams Cabs as they assured good facilities. To my surprise within 10 minutes after booking, the car arrived. The cab was beyond my expectations. I was astonished by seeing its interior, it was very clean and neat, the seat cover and cushions were well maintained. The AC vents were cleaned and there was good air circulation inside the cab. It is always important to maintain the vibes when we go somewhere especially if it is a long drive. And if the car smells bad and doesn’t have an odor absorber, it will make travelers tiresome. The cab which I hired had the best air freshener and made me energetic in the entire journey. The carpets and interior designs gave the cab a classy look. How could I wind up the beauty of the cab without mentioning the chauffeur? The driver was really a very good person. He shared much information related to the present conditions of roads, political issues, etc. I really had a comfy drive with him. Not like other drivers, he never overtook any vehicles nor drove at high speed. To spice up the journey the driver didn’t forget to play the stereo and he asked my taste in music and played songs accordingly. Traveling in the car I was able to enjoy the beauty of nature drenched in heavy downpours. I asked the driver to reduce the volume of the stereo so that I could listen to the rain patters. Suddenly I got a call from my office to complete an assignment and it was urgent. I asked the driver to halt the cab for a few hours so that I could complete the assigned work in any of the internet cafes. But again to my surprise, he told me that the cab had an excellent WI-FI facility and I was really thrilled. Because I was not willing to wet my favorite dress and it was raining like cats and dogs outside. Before I reached my cousin’s house I was able to finish my work before the deadline. The cab also had a few good books by famous authors. As reading is my passion I grabbed the books the moment I saw it. Thanks to the driver I was able to reach the ceremony spot nearly 2 hours early. I thanked him personally. My cousins and whole family remained amazed by how I could reach before time whereas they found it difficult to reach the spot on time. I described my whole journey to them.

By 10 pm, my grandfather suddenly falls sick and there was no one in the house who knew driving so that we could take him to the hospital. Again I called Dream cabs. We were in doubt whether they will be working overnight. As I wished, the same driver with the cab reached my cousin’s house. We reached the hospital at the time and were able to save grandpa’s life. For the next day, I booked the cab to the airport and on the way, I wanted to purchase a few things for dear friends and family. The cab took me to the best and cheapest place where I could buy things of good quality and in good quantity. Despite the roads being in worse conditions, the cab driver was very careful and drove the cab slowly as I had informed him that I got a sprain on my back during the ceremony. After the shopping, I reached the airport on time and boarded a flight to Bangalore from Kochi. I was really pleased with the taxi packages of Kerala and decided to recommend to my friends and relatives who are planning to visit the state. I also gave good ratings to their site with outstanding feedback.

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Dream cabs also provide the facility to do online bookings for long journeys. They assign drivers who are very fluent in English, Hindi as well as in Malayalam. The drivers are very well efficient and have good knowledge of all the short cuts so that travellers could reach on time. The cab fares are very affordable and they are ready to customize their rates according to customer’s needs. The company also provides options to select the best cars from the given list. Unfortunately, if the vehicle meets any accident the company will take all the responsibility of both the cab and passengers. Above all, it is one of the best cab service companies in Kerala which is safe for women who are planning for a solo trip. To have a lovely Kerala trip, it is always recommended to hire private cabs than wait for public transports for long hours.