Kerala is one of the most romantic, peaceful, paradise nature place. Kerala which is known as God’s Own Country is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Southern India. Kerala is an ideal tourist spot for all kinds of travelers because it satisfies the people with different options like village tourism, spice plantations visits, coconut tree climbing, beach tourism, houseboat rides, and houseboat stay in famous backwaters, elephant rides and unique festivals and dishes attracts tourists from all over the world. Kerala is expensive as well as a cheap destination that depends on one’s budget. It has all sort of accommodations for everyone whether a rich or poor, whether on budget tour or luxury tour. Kerala is full of world-class accommodations and amenities. Even if you don’t have much budget, you can still visit Kerala. .When most of the travelers spend more on exploring nature and natural beauty well-explored destinations most of the offbeat destinations in Kerala are places that could be explored under very cheap travel cost. In addition, there are a number of travel operators like Gogeo holidays offering cheapest Kerala tour packages to some of the best travel destinations in Kerala allowing the tourist from around the world to explore and experience the rich nature in the land. Apart from the affordable package cost, there are a number of things that the travelers could do to reduce the travel expenses to a greater extent like those listed below.


kerala tour packages

Transportation modes play an important role in the cost of the trip. Most travelers choose to travel via flight or train whereas there are travelers who choose the roadways to make the trip more cost effective. For overseas travelers, it would be best to travel via a flight. The price of flights would very time to time depending on the month, the day or even the time of the travel. Choose to travel at times when the flight rates are low. And it could be best to book a ticket in advance so that you would get the tickets at a lower rate comparatively. You can even choose to travel during weekdays as it could make a huge difference in the flight ticket rates. Whereas domestic travelers could choose railways or roadways depending on the distance to be covered and the transportation cost. For travelers within Kerala, it would be best to choose road trips as it would offer you a different and most unique experience of the place.


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Kerala offers travelers with a number of fascinating options for accommodation which are cheap and affordable There are a number of homestay options which is offered at a very low rate. For travelers who wish to enjoy the best budget stay in a friendly and lively environment homestays in Kerala is one of the best options.


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The food is not that much costly in Kerala. It mainly depends on the hotel you choose and what you want to eat. The main food in Kerala for lunch is Rice, in the north called chaval. It will be served with Sambar or Fish curry. It costs from Rs 30 to 100. You can have a decent lunch for Rs 50. Ask the locals about the best restaurants at an affordable rate, the best coffee shops, etc. And also get on the road to have from the Dhabhas and such local options. In addition, this is one of the best ways where you could explore the real taste of the land.


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Cost of these items would be very high in the travel destinations as compared to those you could get in cities. In such cases, it would be best to avoid shopping from travel destinations or you could get the same from the cities at cheaper rates.



Travel rates to Kerala would differ depending on the season. For travelers who wish to travel in low rates could choose to trip during the off seasons so as to get traveling tickets at lower rates. Traveling to Kerala during the festive season would be very costly as compared to the other days. So it would be best to choose offseason for holiday trips to Kerala for lower flight ticket rates.



Places like Munnar, Alleppey, and Wayanad are destinations with great natural beauty and different unique attractions that fascinates travelers from around the world. Being some of the cheapest travel destinations these places are a prominent destination in most travel packages organized to Kerala. Travelers can even choose to explore the different offbeat destination of the state so as to have a different and very unique experience of the land. Kerala has come up with a number of enchanting destinations which could be called the hideouts from the modern world. Most of the offbeat travel destinations in Kerala are very rich in natural beauty and potential which at present is being wasted. The Kerala tourism department is organizing a number of projects to develop and promote some of the best offbeat travel destinations. In addition, a number of cheap packages are also organized to the place allowing the travelers to explore the scenic natural beauty of Kerala under cheap and affordable rates.

Listed below are some of the best offbeat travel destinations in Kerala which one could explore in very cheap travel rates:


kattapana tour

It is a small municipality town in the Idukki district of Kerala, Kattappana is a place apt for a natural escape.


gavi tour

The rich greenery of the place and the climate is the one main attraction in the land. A trip to Gavi would be one of the best trips for travelers who wish to escape from the hurry-berry lifestyle of the city. Wildlife, forest and a wider range of wildlife are all the main attraction of the area.

Travelers will have to plan the trip in one of the best cost-effective ways. It would take great effort. The best way is to take a good Kerala tour package from a good travel operator. With the best accommodation, transportation modes and fascinating attractions the travel destinations, Kerala is one of the best destinations in Southern India.

Honeymoon in the backwater stretches of Kerala

Kerala is a place that is known for expanding common magnificence arranged on the shoreline of the Arabian Sea. The most outlandish fascination of this South Indian state is its backwaters and streams. A couple of islands and  Numerous little water-townships stands as the backbone for backwater tourism in Kerala. Kerala backwater Honeymoon Packages are encased with streams, sun-kissed shorelines, stunning backwaters, prospering slope stations and fascinating natural life, dynamite craftsmanship gatherings, which make it an incomparable tourism goal.

Kerala is having astonishing and beguiling backwater goals like Kumarakom, Alappuzha, Cochin, Kollam, and Kuttanad. The backwaters in Kerala Honeymoon Packages are alluring and astounding; the most ideal approach to go around them is utilizing houseboats and conventional travels named Kettuvallam. The serene backwaters of Kerala are the most romantic and exotic place to kick start your love life. Kerala tourism has initiated various honeymoon packages in Kerala houseboat which gradually increased the demand of backwater tourism. Spending some time by exploring this enchanting water world, you can turn your Kerala honeymoon experience into something magical and unforgettable. That is why this backwater stretches of Kerala state have become the most searched honeymoon destination in India. Of course, hiring a houseboat is the best way to enjoy the backwater voyage. A ride or night stay in Houseboat is the high light of Kerala backwaters.

The best places to have a houseboat cruise are Alappuzha the Venice of the East, Kollam, Kumarakom or Kochi. It is Kerala’s traditional ‘Kettuvallam’ in the old days has gained a new face and named as houseboats. It was used to transport food grains and other goods to markets in the earlier times by the people who lived around the backwaters. Traditional techniques of boat building are used by the local carpenters to construct these houseboats in the construction of the houseboats traditionally only coir ropes are used to tie the whole thing together and surprisingly a single nail will not be used in the process. These houseboats are 100 feet long and could carry up to 30 tonnes of weight.

Houseboats are fully furnished with all most all the modern amenities and are available as, single room, double room, triple rooms with attached bathrooms and bio-toilets, a kitchen and a living room. It will be a mesmerizing experience that you could watch the surroundings from your deck balcony, as the cruise proceeds. In Alappuzha and Kumarakom, many double deck houseboats are also available.

The moments that you and your partner gather from the cruise voyage will be just awesome. Without any physical stress, you can enjoy an unending sightseeing. The houseboat takes you through the backwater labyrinth that consists of lagoons, lakes, rivers, rivulets, and canals, comprising of the Kuttanad region, will be a magical memory for you and your soul mate. It is undoubtedly clear that the cruise would really make you and your partner get fascinated by the natural wonder called Kerala. It will be so romantic that you could watch the sunset and the sunrise while you are sipping a hot cup of tea or enjoying coconut water at the deck of the houseboat. Visiting the little hamlets that are shaded by large coconut groves and lush paddy fields and watching- the village lifestyle is something very unique that no other honeymoon trip can offer.  The authentic Kerala cuisine that comprises of seafood, meat and vegetable dishes, Vegetarian, Continental, South Indian or North Indian food is also served according to the needs of the guests by the experienced and talented chefs in the houseboats, which will cast a spell on you. Special candlelight dinner and flower arrangements are complimentary for honeymooners

The Kerala backwaters are ideal for a honeymoon visit at any time of the year. This flexibility quotient is yet another reason for them being a beloved destination. If you enjoy the still tranquillity of a destination, plan your trip between August and May, so you can avoid the monsoons and enjoy the calm and quiet to the maximum.

Kerala backwaters with its charming scenarios, is endowed with the aura of romance and love, is the best option for honeymooners and is an apt choice to grow close with your spouse.  The breath-taking scenarios of this beautiful water stretches will treat you with memories of a lifetime. Serenity and calmness are the major attractions of houseboats which provide you with facilities to enjoy the mystic beauty of the state that ultimately helps you to start a fresh and romantic chapter of your love life. To check out the Kerala backwaters in its entire glorious splendour, houseboat voyage will be a great option. Travel agents like lifemadeasy Holidays take the hard work of organizing one for you.  To experience the thrill of being in a paradise the travel partners offer you hospitality services to make your moments beyond your expectations. Conducting budget-friendly backwater honeymoon tours are the prior intention of the travel operators. The packages are very affordable with full satisfaction and guarantee the most memorable times of your marriage. The travel partners allow you to explore splendid backwater destinations in Kerala which is blessed with beautiful paddy fields, lovely shores, mouth-watering cuisines, and romantic water flows. The customized packages of travel operators allow the couples to choose their destination and to select their convenient packages from budget houseboat packages to Luxury Packages, depending on your affordable expense. To keep it comfortable the travel operators offer you reasonable packages on accommodation, traveling to your different destinations, daily complimentary food, and so forth. A couple can cover many things other than just sightseeing and it even helps you to explore the unending beauty of Kerala profoundly. Hence the travel partners offer a range of enjoyments like house boating, fishing, visual treats of sunsets and sunrises, and many more. This tour operator truly has everything that can make your dream honeymoon come true as they give their visitors a perfect example of laid back honeymoon time. So book your honeymoon trip to avail the best deals to enjoy the beautiful nature of Kerala.

Kerala the Food Paradise – The Best Destination to go for a Gastronomic Joyride

Are you a food lover who travels to different states, visiting different cities and exploring the flavours of the land? Now with the increasing demand for tourism, there are a number of travellers visiting different states mainly to explore the flavours of the land. In India, Kerala is a state to the southern tip which is better known among the food lovers as the land of flavours and spices. Kerala is not a destination that emerged to be one of the best tourist destinations in the country due to the presence of natural beauty and habitats alone. The state is known for the presence of a number of tourist attractions like nature, wildlife, vegetation, customs and culture, monuments and much more. Now with a changing trend in tourism and the fields of tourism, food travels are becoming more common and noticeable. Kerala could be suggested as one of the best destinations for food travels or travellers who loved the flavours and wish to explore the one to the south of the country. Even with the travel operators offering tour packages with high rates, there are a number of food lovers visiting Kerala to taste the flavours and the spices of the land. One of the main mistakes most travellers make while tripping to Kerala is that they do not dig for more tour operators like Seasonzindia who would provide the travellers with the best affordable tour packages to Kerala. Due to the high travel rates of packages to Kerala, there was a rapid decrease in the rate at which tourist visit the state last year. Giving more importance to this problem a number of Kerala tourism packages are organised by the tourism department of the state with price affordable by the travellers both domestic and foreign. Food lovers who visit Kerala will have a wide variety of flavours and taste to choose from. Some of the best food combinations in Kerala and the best places to eat are listed below.





Puttu is one of the favourite dishes in Kerala which was mentioned by the national geographic traveller as world’s best breakfast. The dish is included even in cheap tour packages to Kerala so as to allow the travellers to experience the flavours of the land without wandering in different restaurants. This dish made with rice powders are mostly had with the combination of banana, pappad or Kadala curry. Yet there are weird and wild combinations which are most loved by the younger generation in the state. Some of such combinations in the land include beef and puttu, chicken gravy and puttu and fish curry with puttu. One of the best and most known destinations from where you could have a verity of combinations of puttu is the restaurant in Edappally named dhe puttu. The place is owned by a Malayalam actor Dileep, this is one of the best night restaurants in Ernakulam from where you could have the best taste of the traditional food in Kerala with unique and modern combinations under budget rates. One of the combinations of puttu available in the place is the one with prawns. This restaurant is one of the best choices for people who wish to have varieties of puttu which are less expensive with better quality.


Malabar Biriyani



India is a country with a number of Biriyani huts and restaurants which serves the best Biriyani in the area. Even with a number of states in the country having Biriyani as a common dish, the flavours, colour and the smell of the Malabar Biriyani available in Kerala is mouth-watering. The dish is so demanding that it is mostly included in the budget tour packages with a stay in the cities like Kozhikode, Malappuram, and Thalassery to Kasargod of Kerala as this is one of the special in the cities. One of the main specialities of this Malabar Biriyani available in Kerala is the fact that the special recipe of this dish prepared in Kerala has crossed generations. In short, the taste and flavours of this colourful dish is something that would take you back to the old taste of Kerala. This yummy Biriyani from Malabar is not something very spicy but would be garnished with some chillies and an egg. One of the best destinations where you could have a taste of this dish is at the Mahal Food’s Biriyani Hut located at Kollam. This is one of the best places in Kollam from where you could have a stomach full at cheap rates. The place could be better said as one of the most inexpensive centres of flavours.


Kerala Fish curry

fish curry


The Kerala fish curry is nothing but a basic fish curry recipe, what makes this normal curry special is the flavours which are used in the recipe, like the coconut and the coconut milk. It is one of the main ingredients in Kerala, mainly is backwater destinations which brings out the true flavour of the place. Kerala fish curry is something very important in most budget houseboat packages as this is one of the traditional tastes of Kerala. This traditional Kerala food is something which one could have with any main course food. One of the best and major combinations of this curry is with rice or with puttu. Apart from coconut some of the main ingredients used in the curry which makes it the best in the land are the mix of onion, green chillies, tomatoes, garlic and many such natural ingredients. One of the best destinations in Kerala where you could have a taste of this mouth-watering dish is at the local toddy houses. Most of the toddy shops better known as the Kallu shapp in Kerala is one of the best destinations in the state from where you get the best fish curry.


Naadan Beef Fry

beef fry


Beef fry cooked in Kerala style is one of the most popular most demanding dishes in Kerala. This dish is commonly available in most restaurants of Kerala. One of the main ingredients in this dish that makes it favourable and tastier is the mix of coconut with onion and other ingredients like curry leaves, ginger-garlic paste, and coconut and mustard seeds. The dark colour of the dish exhibits the flavours which could be brought out from the tender beef. One of the best combinations of beef is with the Kerala Porota. To explore the true flavour and taste of both the porota and the dry beef curry one should definitely have it together. In Kerala one of the best destinations were you could experience this taste is at the Ceylon bakehouse at Ernakulam. The place offers the best-flavoured beef dry fry, which one could have with the Kerala porota to know the true taste.





Kabsa could be better explained as the recent favourites of the youngsters in Kerala. The main ingredients of the food are chicken stock with rice and a mix of flavoured powders and spices. This Masala dish is mostly had with salad or chutney. One of the main factors that bring about taste and flavours to this food is its unique Kabsa mix. This is similar to Biriyani but different in some way. The only destination in Kerala from where you could have the dish is at the Ifthar hotel which is located in almost all cities of the state.


The travellers visiting Kerala are not just fascinated with the destinations and attraction of the state but are also fascinated with the taste and flavours of the land. Apart from the travellers who visit Kerala to explore the wonders of the land a number of food lovers too visit the state just to explore the flavours. Most foreign travellers visiting Kerala by availing different budget tour packages are here not just to visit the destinations or to enjoy the vegetative and monumental wonders of the land but to explore the true taste of the state. Travellers who are visiting Kerala with an intention to explore the flavoured wonders of the land above given are the best dishes and the most rated destination in Kerala.


Kerala Backwater Tourism – An Amazing Experience to Cherish for Lifetime

Kerala is a popular tourist destination known for its backwater tourism, ayurvedic spa, and its natural beauty. The lush green coconut plantations, the complex water, and soil structure are the things that attract tourists from different parts of the world. The backwaters are the backbone and the most unique attractions in Kerala. And now with the increasing demand for backwater tourism, the government has put in a number of Kerala backwater packages for the tourist to explore the best of the attraction. Before setting out on a backwater tour it is important to plan the budget. Check out lifemadeasy and get an idea for the cost planning.

kerala backwater packages


Kerala backwaters are a network of interconnected canals, rivers, and inlets. Alleppey backwaters are one of the best backwaters in Kerala. Alappuzha was described by Lord Curzon as Venice of east and therefore it is known as the Venetian capital of Kerala. A trip to Kerala and particularly to Alleppey backwaters can never be complete without houseboat experience. The houseboats in Alappuzha are reworked versions of the kettuvalams that were used in the old times. It is actually a boat that is designed and modified to be used primarily as a home. There are different categories of houseboat based on the budget which include deluxe houseboats, luxury houseboats, premium houseboats, special cruise, etc. The houseboats will contain all the comforts of a good hotel room including furnished bedrooms, modern toilets, kitchen and balcony’s where you can enjoy the view of life in the backwaters.

kerala backwater tour packages


The day cruise, which is a part of every Kerala houseboat package is the best way to experience the backwater beauty if you do not prefer to sleep on a houseboat. Here, you enjoy the paddy fields, coconut trees, the cool breeze, etc at its best. When the sun is up the paddy fields seems like a golden carpet which adds to its beauty. The views match the Kerala you have in mind. The boat will pass through the narrow canals where we see the glory of village life. People mainly use canoes to move around and that too even children. There is also a chance to witness farming and fishing. Also, look out for ducks swimming and waddling on the river banks. It is best to take a good camera with you as there are many photo opportunities during the travel. During the journey, you also come across other houseboats and some happy and excited tourists waving their hands on us. You can also stop at toddy shops if needed and can experience tasting some local food and also some good snacks like tapioca, fish curry, etc. During the journey, a delicious lunch will be provided with some mouth-watering dishes. As for the food, it will be traditional Kerala style food. The food will be of a good standard in all the houseboats. There will be both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods according to your choice. The food mostly includes rice, sambar, mixed vegetable, fish fry, chicken, etc. They will also provide you with fresh coconut juices. The day cruise will end around 5 pm. If choosing a night cruise then they provide you with dinner. It is the most popular option as you can enjoy the surroundings and relax a little. During the night there will be no traveling, the boat will be docked. But it gives you the experience of sleeping on the water and also witnessing a beautiful sunrise.

Kerala backwater honeymoon packages


Apart from the houseboat traveling experience, Alappuzha also has some amazing places to visit. Alappuzha beach in Alappuzha town is a major tourist spot. During the New Year, an event called Alappuzha beach festival is organized every year. Thousands of people gather from different places in the event. Vijaya Park has amusement amenities which act as a plus point for the tourists visiting the beach. Another main attraction of the place is the Nehru Trophy Boat Race which is organized every year on the Second Saturday of August, on the tranquil waters of Punnamda Lake. The race attracts various sports lovers. The excitement of the participants and cheerleaders is worth watching.

kerala backwater holiday packages


It is attended by almost two lakh people who include both locals as well as foreigners. Also, the ayurvedic spa and massages in Alappuzha need no introduction, it gives you ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. There are many modern spa’s where you get the massage. You must definitely include it in your list if you need to get rid of anxiety, stress and body pain. It is also a cure for chronic disorders. Alleppey has many religious spots some of which are dated back to the colonial times. Temples such as Ambalapuzha Sri Krishna temple, Chettikulangara Sree Bhagavathi temple are all famous and are visited by thousands of pilgrims. One of the churches built by St Thomas Kokkamangalam Church is also there in Alappuzha. Although Alappuzha might not be famous for shopping, it offers a decent shopping experience for the tourists. Alappuzha is known for spices, carpets, handicrafts. You can also take a visit to Kuttanad which contains dense paddy fields, coconut trees, duck farming, and spice cultivation. It is called the rice bowl of India. You can experience farming below sea level there in Kuttanad.

kerala houseboat tour package


As Kerala is the land of spices the influence can be seen in the cuisine of the town. Kerala sadhya and Kerala breakfast are the most recommended dishes that you should try out when in Alappuzha. The fish curry, especially in Alleppey, cannot be matched with any other variation of fish curry so it is a must to try the fish curry available there. The toddy shop cuisine is an absolute delight to any non-veg lover. Also, the snacks like the tasty crispy banana chips are something that you shouldn’t miss out on.

kerala backwater tour packages from bangalore


Even though Alleppey is an all weather-destination, winters are the best time to visit that is from November to February as the weather is mild and pleasant. This will be a perfect time to go on a houseboat ride and explore the backwaters of Alleppey.



Kerala, undoubtedly, is one of the most beautiful honeymoon destinations in the world. There are many places in Kerala to celebrate the best time of your life with your better half. Jungle safari in Periyar National Park, surfing in the Fort Kochi beach, tea tasting tour in Munnar and a houseboat cruise in the backwaters of Alleppey, the state provides a wide range to choose from. For a memorable trip, Gogeo Holidays are the right choice for you. Here, the best part is that the newlywed couples can choose and customize their Kerala honeymoon packages, according to their wish.

Some of the best honeymoon spots in Kerala are:

Athirapally Falls


Athirapally waterfalls also known as Niagara Falls of India is one of the popular scenic destinations in Kerala and is located in the Thrissur and Ernakulam border. The view of the waterfalls is breathtaking and you can, enjoy the cool water droplets splashing over from the falls. Surrounded by dense forest it will give a good trekking experience and they are part of the Chalakudy river & is a retreat to your eyes. If you get lucky, you can spot wildlife in the dense green which comes while you take walk downhill for a full view of the falls. Vazhachal falls, Cheapara falls, Anakkayam, Sholayar dam, Vaalparai, and Malyattoor wildlife sanctuary are the other nearest tourist destinations in Athirapilly. Vazhachal falls is a quiet place that has seating arrangements, where you get to see the expanse of the river before it crashes down at Athirapally.



 If you are nature lover then Munnar will be the first place that will strike your mind when you plan for a holiday. People who would visit God’s own country would never want to miss the lush green tea gardens of Munnar. It will be a heavenly experience to take a romantic hand in hand walk with your spouse in the tea gardens of Munnar. Tourists opt for tea tasting for refreshment. Tea tasting is an activity which is turning as a hit among the tourists. Mattupetty dam, Eco point, Anamudi, Tea museum, Pothemedu, Attukal waterfall, Kolukkumalay tea plantation, and Rajamala hills are some of the favourite tourist places in Munnar.



 The most suitable place for couples to begin their special journey of life. Alleppey, known as the Venice of East is the ‘Backwater Capital of Kerala’. Alleppey is famous for its unforgettable houseboat tours. A backwater journey in the houseboats with your loved ones makes your honeymoon perfect. This is one of the most romantic things you can do on your honeymoon. If you want to make your honeymoon a memorable one then enjoy this ultimate romantic experience in the houseboats by watching the paddy fields, coconut trees, the cool breeze, etc along with some freshly prepared tasty meals. Also, the toddy shop cuisine is an absolute delight to any non-veg lover. Alappuzha beach, Vembanad, Marari beach, Pathiramanal, Punnamda lake are some of the interesting destinations of Alappuzha.



Kovalam Beach is one of the remarkable beaches that is located in the capital city of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram. One can indulge in various beach activities like swimming, sunbath, Ayurvedic massages, etc. There is a lighthouse near the beach that will give you a panoramic view of coconut trees and a full view of the beach. Enjoy the mesmerizing view and the sunset too. The place also has plenty of shacks that provide delicious foods.



This place contains ruins of majestic forts and majestic beaches which take you down the memory lane of the colonial period. The iconic song ‘Uyire’ in the movie “Bombay” was shot here. As the fort is near the beach, the views are spectacular. The panoramic view of the Bekal fort and closeness to the calm serene backwaters offers an intimate holiday with your spouse. Bekal fort, Bekal beach, and Nithyanadasram caves are the places to visit here.



Kochi is known as the commercial capital of Kerala and also as the queen of the Arabian Sea is a great stop for the newlyweds. This place has architectural wonders with historic importance were Arabs, Portuguese, British, Dutch and Chinese have left their footprints in the area. Mattancherry Palace, Cherai beach, Hill Palace, Jew town, Willington island, Vypin, Fort Kochi beach, Marine drive, Dutch cemetery are some of the places to visit in Kochi. As Kerala is the land of spices the influence can be seen in the cuisine of the town especially in Kochi. Kerala sadhya is the most recommended and traditional food and you shouldn’t miss this once you are in Kochi The fish curry, cannot be matched with any other variation of fish curry so it is a must to try the fish curry available there.

Wayanad: Another highly popular honeymoon paradise in Kerala. The rough and bumpy mountains, thick green forests and stunning waterfalls, this place has every piece of the element for enjoying and firming the fondness of newlyweds. There are many adventurous activities like trekking, jeep safari which makes the trip to this place more fun.

Vagamon: This hill station will make people fall in love with its natural beauty. It attracts tourists from various parts. It is situated almost about 1100 meters above the sea level, the place is particularly beautiful with its valleys, green meadows, pine forests, tea estates, and waterfalls. The top attractions of the place are the Pine Forests, Barren Hills, Vagamon Lake, and Vagamon Falls. One of the best hill stations in Kerala, if you want to escape in clouds then visit this place.

Kozhikode: Kozhikode has a special position in Kerala tourism due to its remarkable position in Indian history with the arrival of Vas CoDa Gama at Kappad beach. This active commercial city is widely appreciated for its authentic Malabar food like  Dum Biriyani, Kallummakaya, Chattipathiri, and yummiest varieties of sweets. Kozhikode beach, Mananchira, Kadalundi bird sanctuary, Beypore beach are the places to visit there.

  Kerala is the best option for honeymooners. Because sightseeing is very attractive and comparatively very affordable. So, pack your bags and book the best honeymoon packages in Kerala for an unforgettable journey into the god’s own country.

Kerala, the Land Manifesting the Untamed Elegance of the South

Honeymoon is the time for small pay-checks and big memories. Most of the newlywed couples prefer to make this memory of their special days more happening and lively by travelling to different places of interest. To the south most tip of India, Kerala is one such travel destination that is referred to as the couple’s paradise by travellers from around the world. The pristine beauty of nature that the place holds in and the climatic condition that is prevailing in the land are all the main element of attraction in the place. Exhibiting the pristine beauty of nature, this state has been my personal favourite and my honeymoon destination. The honeymoon destinations in Kerala have offered me with some of the best memories that I have cherished all along. On our honeymoon, I with my husband have travelled to Kerala availing one of the best honeymoon packages to Kerala that was offered by Gogeo Holidays which according to me is the best travel partners in the state. The travel packages that we availed did not include the flight charges and thus we were on our own until we reach the Kochi international airport. As we travelled during the off-season the travel package rate and the ticket rates were comparatively less. According to my personal opinion, it would be best to include your flight tickets with the travel packages so that you could travel tension free. The travel package that we chose actually includes the best and the most explored travel destination in the state. But if it is to enjoy the best of the true nature and charm of the state by being with each other in privacy, I would say that the off-beat travel destinations in the state would be the best place that you should explore. Listed below are some of the best and must visit honeymoon destinations in Kerala that are least explored by the couples visiting the land.

Vagamon, the Valley Filled with the Best of Nature


Surrounded by the three beautiful hill stations named, Thangal, Murugan and Kurishumala, the rich green valleys of Vagamon is one of the most fascinating off-beat honeymoon destinations in Kerala that offers the travellers visiting with the best peaceful ambience and feeling of being away from the population and the rushed civilisation. Exhibiting the true beauty of pine forest, orchids and meadows this astonishing hill station is best explored with your loved one. Enjoy the trekking experience through the valleys in the place enjoying the sight of buffalo and elephants bathing in the small water bodies at Vagamon. The place holds in a number of best travel destinations that one could explore while tripping to this fascinating hill station with their loved one. Being a place offering the best privacy for the couples, the hill stations of Vagamon is mostly visited by honeymooners who are in seek of nature. Some of the best travel destinations in Vagamon best explored by the honeymoon couples are Suicide Point, Echo Point, Marmala Waterfalls, Vagamon Hills, and Kurishumala Church.

Varkala Beach, the Water Lover’s Paradise


Resting along the edges of the cliffs, Varkala is one of the next offbeat travel destination in Kerala that the honeymoon couples love exploring. The place has a naturally beautiful setting making the Varkala beach one of the most known travel destinations in Kerala. The honeymoon couples visiting the place could simply wander around the sandy shorelines exploring the best of the nature, the flora and the fauna at the place. The beauty of the sunset that the place exhibits is something great and very unique. Most of the honeymoon travellers tripping to the place are awestruck by the beauty that the Varkala beach has to offer to the travellers. The place also offers the honeymoon couples with a number of best adventures that they would love exploring, boating is one of the main adventure option offered to the travellers at the place. Offering travellers with the best of the beauty of nature, the Varkala beach is one of the main travels hubs for the honeymooner who is in search of serenity.

Trivandrum, the Capital City


Located to the tip of Kerala, Trivandrum, better known as Thiruvananthapuram, is the capital city that fascinates the travellers with the immense beauty that the place holds in. Being a capital city, the place not only home to different travel destinations and attractions but also holds in some of the best government institutions and buildings with political and administrative importance. The city is one of the top honeymoon destinations in Kerala that offers travellers with a blend of natural beauty and architectural excellence. Named after Lord Vishnu, this fascinating travel destination holds in one of the best known religious destination in the land, the Sree Padmanabha Swami Temple. Being a city that exhibits the blend of every bit of attraction starting from the historic landmarks, wooded highlands, the fascinating beach destinations to the cultural extravaganza Trivandrum is a literal traveller’s paradise that is worth exploring by the tourist from around the world. The Dowdier Palace and the Valiathura Beach are the two other main attractions in the city that serves to be the best travel destination for honeymoon couples.

Kuttikanam, Exhibiting Nature’s Splendour


Mostly filled with the rich beauty of fancy plantations and great greenery in nature, Kuttikanam is one of the most fascinating travel destinations it best serves to be the honeymooner’s paradise that is least explored by the travellers. Being a place that is blessed with the wider verity of flora and fauna, the place is one of the best explored by the nature lovers, the nature explorers, bird watchers, adventure enthusiasts and more. There are a number of places at Kuttikanam that the honeymoon travellers would love exploring like the Pattumala Velamkanni Matha Church, the Parunthumpara Hill View Point, the Valanjamkanam Water Falls and many more such travel spots. The best time to travel to this fascinating tourist destination is during the month of October to February when the climate so cool and enjoyable at the place.

Palakkad, the Granary of Kerala


This fascinating travel destination located not too far from the western ghats of Kerala is one of the most known among the tourist visiting the place. A number of holiday trips are being organised to this fascinating tourist spot in Kerala which is home to lush greenery, cool and clear streams of waters, and the Western Ghats hillocks. Moreover, the travellers get to explore the rich heritage of Kerala that is being well preserved by the state. The travel destinations in Palakkad is said to be one of the most fascinating travel destinations that offer the honeymooners with the best of a romantic experience in the land. The place holds in a number of travel attractions which includes the Palakkad Fort, Jainimedu Temple, Anaikatti, The Pinewood cottages, Dhoni Waterfalls and many more.

If it is to enjoy the best of the beauty and the charm of the state, it is always the best to explore the least travelled tourist destinations in the land that would manifest the virgin beauty of nature. Offering the honeymoon couples with a list of such off-beat couple’s spot Kerala offers the honeymooners with a new set of memories and experience worth cherishing.