Tips for Planning a Perfect Honeymoon in Kochi Especially Fort Kochi

It is not for the first time I am visiting the marvellous Kochi situated in the hearts of Ernakulum district in Kerala. Even though I spent nearly a couple of weeks with my family and friends in Ernakulum I purposefully missed Fort Kochi it is not because I did not have much time but I had a misconception that Fort Kochi consists of many remains of colonial days. As I am least interested in learning the intriguing lessons related to history and geography I just skipped it. After a couple of years when I got married some of my friends suggested visiting Kerala famously called as ‘god’s own country’. I just told them “it is hardly being two years that I had a remarkable journey to the paradise of wonders”. They then asked me which all places I visited and what all I did? It was not hard for me to recollect the mesmerising places as those places really played a significant role in building good memories. Suddenly Ram asked me what about the gorgeous Fort Kochi. For a moment I remained silent as it is the only place in Ernakulum district that I omitted for a silly reason. I told him everything about what I did not visit it. It was through Ram I understood my decision was one of my great mistakes. He told me that “Fort Kochi is popularly known as the ‘old Kochi’ and carries many astounding natural wonders. People who visit the gorgeous place will be tempted to purchase the tour packages to Kerala again and again.”  Listening to our conversation my hubby insisted to change my mind and to avail of the honeymoon packages to Kerala and explore the stupendous tourist places that I purposefully and unknowingly missed on my last trip. It was Ram who advised us to purchase the tour packages from popular tour operators called Dream Holidays. They try to make their tour packages attractive by inculcating with airfares. The feature really lured our minds and we boarded the flight to Cochin International Airport from our hometown.

The scintillating beauty of Old Kochi

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It took more than an hour to reach the audacious tourist destination. To make our car journey more interesting our tour guide Mr Mohan described some unheard facts related to the Fort Kochi that is commonly called as ‘old Kochi’. The region was baptized as Fort Kochi during colonial days. The scenic beauty of Kerala attracted the traders Portuguese for trade. Hence the then King of Ernakulum handed over a land to them. Later they constructed a historic monument called Fort Kochi, and this is how the region got the name. Followed to Portuguese reign the region was conquered by Dutch, they abolished the monument and rued the place for several years. And the government of Kerala took the land from British officials.

Accommodation in Fort Kochi

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Just like the Kochi city, even the Fort Kochi provides ample shelters to refresh and unwind. It is all about your budget that determines where to settle and how to choose the best amenities suiting your lifestyle. As mentioned earlier, the amusing tourist place comprises of many Jewish synagogues and buildings. Some of these buildings have been modified into present luxurious hotels with many wondrous facilities. The audacious beauty of these hotels could not be described in a few words. Don’t feel bad even if you cannot afford these hotels, there are several cost-effective hotels available for the tourists who visit Kerala by purchasing the honeymoon packages. Most of the hotels over there offer a remarkable candle-light dinner with lovely Carnatic music being played on its background and we were lucky enough to enjoy these exciting features.

Enjoy your romance in the sun-kissed beaches of Fort Kochi

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I don’t think there would be a couple in the world who does not like to enjoy the beauty of the sun-toasted beach by holding each other’ palms firmly and whispering some jokes with romance in it. The beguiling beauty of the beach will truly captivate our hearts. Just like any other beach we were not able to stroll on the soft sand beds or not even able to practice some fun-filled activities. But we were blessed to enjoy the beauty of the ancient fishing nets which are prominently called Chinese fishing nets. We did not forget to catch the image of the innocent and hard-working fishermen eagerly waiting to throw their Chinese fishing nets on high tides. The beach premises will be crowded during the evenings as it is the perfect time to witness the glorious beauty of the sunset. If you really want to indulge in beach activities or love to traverse on the sand bed by wearing beach suites, Cherai beach would an exquisite destination for it. Next to Cherai beach lies the marvelous tourist destination called Vypin Island. A naturally formed archipelago where one can enjoy the alluring beauty of nature and its resources.

Best place to view ancient art forms

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Fort Kochi not only shelters the incredible natural resources but also provides enough chances to view and enchant the meticulous beauty of the art forms like Kathakali and Kalaripayattu. The ticket rates may vary between domestic and international tourists. Kalaripayattu is an ancient form of martial arts and Kathakali is an art form where both male and female characters are performed by the male artisans. Watching the live performances of Kathakali might be a little boring but if you learn its story it would be an intriguing experience for you.

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