The Two Iconic Islands of Andaman and Nicobar

There would be no one in the world who hasn’t heard about the naturally formed islands situated in various corners of the world. Islands have always played a significant role in different civilizations and various segments in one’s life. With the advancement in technology and science, people have started to form man-made islands in many highly-developed regions. The resplendent beauty of the place attracts hundreds of travel enthusiasts from various corners of the world. Andaman and Nicobar Island is one of the oldest and fascinating islands in the world. Andaman and Nicobar Islands have always played a pivotal role in the history of India. The archipelago is known to be a concentration camp during colonial days. Many innocent and brave freedom fighters of India were imprisoned for no reason in the Cellular Jail of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Over there they faced many brutal torturing and mental stress. Some of them ended up in their precious life. While others patiently for the day of freedom. There was a time when people feared to visit the marvelous. After gaining independence the Andaman and Nicobar Islands came under the administration of the Indian government. After learning the scenic beauty and amazing collection of fauna and flora the tourism department of India took the initiatives to attract the tourist from various corners of the world. Understanding the scope of tourism in Andaman and Nicobar Island travel lovers from different corners of the world grab the tour packages to the archipelago. Some of the prominent islands of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are Port Blair, Neil Island, Havelock Island, Guitar Island, and many more. Before learning more about the islands and their unique features let us take a glimpse of the well-reputed travel operator called Andaman Tour Travel. They are the ones who curate mind-blowing tour packages by incorporating excellent tourist places and also create customized packages and itineraries. They try their best to provide outstanding accommodation with mouth-watering food dishes.

Boarding to Andaman and Nicobar Island

After availing of tour packages to the eye-catching tourist destination called Andaman and Nicobar Islands, you will be requested to board the flight to Veer Savarkar International Airport. It is the only airport situated in the governing city called Port Blair. If you really want to enjoy the ambiguity of the island, you can opt for the ship voyage. Usually, the voyage starts from Chennai, Vishakhapatnam, and Kolkata. People who are craze to enjoy the scenic beauty while sailing on the sapphire waters you can choose to the ship trips. It is always said that for a safe and reliable journey, experts advise opting for a ship voyage during the return journey.

Jolly buoy Island

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Located in the hearts of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Jolly Buoy Island is known to be a haven for coral reefs and amusing underwater plants and other marine creatures. The island is known to be one of the stupendous islands in the whole region. It is one of the mesmerizing islands that marvel at each and every visitor with its eye-catching coral reefs. The best and effective way of exploring the mind-blowing coral reefs is to opt for glass-bottom boat rides. It is an ordinary boat with glass plates being fitted on the bottom portion. The captain of the main lead of the boat will take you to the portion of the island where you can witness the abundant collection of varieties of coral reefs and also amusing species of marine creatures. Glass bottom boat rides will not last more than 20 minutes. But I assure you that those few minutes will offer you enchanting moments. When you decide to explore the audacious beauty of the island do not forget to gain prior permission from the senior authorities. Understanding the need for basic facilities of the visitors the authorities of the island, have provided good functioning toilets and other basic needs.

Red Skin Island

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Popularly known as an alternate island, Red Skin Island is situated in the inner parts of the Mahatma Gandhi National Park in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The ambiguity of the island and its charming beauty will truly inspire you in many ways. Just like Jolly Buoy Island, Red Skin Island also carries many mind-blowing coral reefs and other noteworthy features of the marine world. The island is known to be a haven for not families but also for newly married couples and youngsters. After enjoying the beauty of the coral reefs do not forget to catch the alluring images of zebrafish, parrotfish and sea urchins,s and so on.

When to visit the gorgeous tourist place with your dear ones?

 Even though the Andaman and Nicobar Island are encapsulated with many eye-catching attractions and sapphire small islands, there are some places that carry some restriction. Just consider the case of Jolly Buoy Island and Red Skin Island, they remain open only for consecutive 6 months. So if you truly want to explore the magnificent beauty of these islands consult with your travel operator and check whether it is convenient to visit or not. Never conclude the island just discovering the beauty of the islands. Make your trip awesome and entertaining by participating in adventurous activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, jet-skiing, parasailing, and many more. Also, you can participate in trekking, wildlife safari, nature walk, and many more. Before practicing the adventurous activities never forget to seek permission from concerned authorities.

Spellbind the Stunning Charm of Three Mind-Blowing Destinations of Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Travelling, the word is familiar to everyone. There would be no one in the world that wouldn’t have travelled to any of the places far from your hometown. The beguiling charm and classy green nature will truly touch your heart in many ways. No one could exactly say when and from where our ancestors started to explore the new places. They might have learnt about the necessity of visiting the unexplored destinations even before the invention of the word ‘travelling’. Mingling with different communities and discovering the specialities and beauty hidden in each place will help you to upgrade your knowledge and practical sense. If you really want to marvel your hearts with the incredible beauty of nature just avail of the tour packages to the most astounding archipelago of India called Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is quite normal that all of us would be ready to back our bags to explore the scintillating beauty of lush green places but we hesitate to step into the turquoise islands. It is not because we are fear of aqua venture games but of the socio-culture and characteristics of the regions. Now as Andaman Tour Travel has curated exotic travel packages to the most famous island without any concerns and fear, irrespective of age and gender anyone can discover the magnificent beauty of the region.

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Describing each and every peculiarity of the archipelago in a single document is practically impossible hence it would be good to know some of the salient features of the some of the unexplored destinations of the island. Even though the entire archipelago comprises of 572 islands only 35 islands are inhabited. Among these 35 islands, there are many more to be discovered and some of them does not encourage the visitors. Onboarding the flight to Veer Savarkar International Airport you can traverse the neighbouring islands but if you want to witness the best of nature just visit the distant islands like Cinque Island, Ross and Smith Island and so on. To learn the fascinating features of these islands, narrow down the following paragraphs.

Ross and Smith Island

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Ross and Smith Islands of Andaman and Nicobar are popularly known as ‘Twin Islands’. The audacious beauty of the island marvels each and every visitor. The lovely archipelago inspires many nature lovers. It is the thick white sand bar that differentiates these two islands. Does anybody know the peculiarities of the island? During the strong tides, the sandbar disappears while the low tides it reappears leaving behind an audacious trace. The twin-island is popular not only for its scenic beauty but also for its striking collection of coral reefs and other marine creatures. The island shelters a stupendous Marine Sanctuary that protects many rare and endangered species of coral reefs and aquatic organisms. Before entering the sapphire coloured island you are supposed to get the permission from the authorities of the Diglipur forest lying next to the island. Hundreds of travel enthusiasts gush to the island to participate not only in sunbathing, scuba diving and sunbathing but also to trek the breathtaking hills. Do not return back from the island without capturing the glimpses of the Oliver Ridley Turtles.

Cinque Island

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Cinque Island, famously known as ‘mini Mauritius of India’ is known to be one of the captivating islands in the entire world. The ambiguity of the island could not be described in mere words. The alluring island is separated into two sections namely North Cinque Island and South Cinque Island. Just like the Ross and Smith Island even the two sections of the Cinque Island is separated using the sandbar, unfortunately, the Tsunami that hit the island in the year 2004 destroyed the sandbar. Later it was reconstructed by the islanders. Both the islanders carry many awe-inspiring resources of the island. On reaching the island you can indulge in mind-blowing water sports such as scuba diving, snorkelling, and sea walking and so on. Close to Cinque Island, one could enjoy the gorgeous beauty of the birds belonging to various species and families. The island is also home to different marine creatures such as sea anemones, turtles and other amphibians and so on.

Neil Island

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Neil Island is also popularly called as ‘Shaheed Island’ produces different kinds of vegetables and fruits. In fact, it is known as the island grows crops and cereals to the entire Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is a gorgeous island situated at a distance of 37 km from the capital city called Port Blair. If you want to enchant the emerald beauty of the captivating surroundings just avail of a boat jetty to the neighbouring island of Port Blair called Neil Island. While strolling through the awesome archipelago for a moment you will feel like you are wandering through a highly developed town. It is the perfect place for you to do the shopping for your dear ones and friends. It is an exquisite destination to learn the serenity and calm ambience. As the island lacks good internet connectivity, you can spend the quality time with family and acquaintances.

These three are the eye-soothing destinations for visitors who love to explore the magnificent places. There are many ways to commute top the stupendous island. One is by boarding the flight to Port Blair or by sailing in the cruise run by the government. It is always recommended that if you are visiting the island for the first time and that too through the ship. Avail it on your return journey as there are chances for the travellers to feel a slight discomfort. There are only three places from where you can commute to the Andaman and Nicobar Island there are namely Chennai, Kolkata and Vishakhapatnam. To avoid the difficulties of last moment grab the tour packages as soon as possible. You can clarify all your concerns by communicating with their customer support team.

Some Fascinating Festival Cultural Events of Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Most of us would have heard about the most beautiful archipelago of India called the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Situated on the shores of Bay of Bengal the island always captivates the tourists with its astounding beauty and marvelous landscape imbibed with numerous natural resources. From the above lines do not think that I have visited the island several times. For the first time when I came to know about Andaman and Nicobar Islands is from my history books. Even though the island is famous all over the world for its beauty and climate, I came to know about it when I studied about the infamous cellular jail situated on the island. It was the place where many innocent and brave freedom fighters were imprisoned during the colonial days. Over there they were brutally tortured physically and mentally. From then onwards I had a concept that the entire Andaman and Nicobar Island comprises of many infamous places. Such misunderstandings were wiped off my mind when my best friend shared the pictures of the island, where they celebrated their exotic holidays. From here, I came to know many astounding features of the mind-blowing island. Even though both Andaman and Nicobar comprise of 572 islands out of them only 37 islands seem to be inhabited by humans. Due to geographical constraints, the islands seem to be unapproachable by humans. Only it is the only place where you could find aboriginal tribes namely Jarwa and Sentinel. They are the ones who love to follow the ancient lifestyle and hesitate to interact with modern people and bring changes in their lifestyle. Considering their privacy the governments have strictly prohibited to visit those areas. Apart from these two islands Andaman and Nicobar provide a plethora of opportunities to participate in various kinds of aqua venture activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, underwater sea walking, jet skiing, and so on. She told me that most of the travelers avail of tour packages to marvel their hearts with the surreal beauty of the island and also to be part of the enthralling games.

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On returning from Andaman and Nicobar Island she shared the sweet memories she experienced over there. For her it was really difficult to describe the beguiling charm of the island in mere words. Yet she said no other place in the world could be compared with that of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. As she visited the island at the end of December, she was able to participate in different festivals celebrated by the islanders. I exactly do not remember all the festivals of the island. Only a few I remember and that I would like to share with you. Island Tourism Festival is one of the prominent tourism festivals celebrated every year on 5th January in major parts of the island. Even though the festival is celebrated mainly in Port Blair, other islands such as Kamorta, Havelock Island, Neil Island, Diglipur, Hut Bay, Wimberlygunj, Campbell, Rangat, Mayabunder and so on also contribute to the festival and increase its beauty and grace. The inaugural function of the festival would be hosted by the honourable Lt. Governor. Followed to the inaugural function there would be an array of cultural programmes performed by the versatile and eminent actors of Bollywood. Along with it, one can witness the live music concerts of both classical and semi-classical. The islanders would not allow you to be as a spectator throughout the event. They will ask you to participate in various enthralling games such as scuba diving, parasailing and so on and win attractive prizes from the Island authorities.

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Monsoon music festival conducted annually during the monsoon season grabs hundreds of travel enthusiast and art lovers from various corners of the world. To make the event well-renowned across the globe many eminent singers from different nations perform and increase its elegance. The festival is usually conducted during the monsoon season and mainly in Port Blair. Along with the cultural event to attract the tourist, they also conduct a free show of Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air force. Beach festival is another fascinating festival celebrated during the scorching summer days i.e. in the month of April. The festival not only attracts international travellers but also a domestic travel enthusiast. The main events practised over there are Volleyball, Kabadi, tug of war and also musical chair. Females irrespective of age could participate in musical chair competitions and win attractive prizes.

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 Whatever be the festival one could find unity and brotherhood among the islanders. Along with various competitions, the locals of Andaman and visitors could also get a chance to relish many traditional and local dishes of the island prepared by experienced chefs. As the island is surrounded by waters on the four sides one will get immense opportunities to savour the plates of seafood prepared in different styles. Hearing this much I was not able to control my emotions and I expressed my wish to visit the island. I inquired how to visit the island without spending huge bucks. She said that it was Andaman Tour Travel she purchased the tour packages. They are the one who curates the packages at cheap prices. As we were hailing from Chennai they gave the provision to book the packages via online. What makes the travel agency is they provide excellent hospitality services. Also, they curate excellent itineraries by inculcating best sightseeing destinations. The customer support team of the agency are so helpful that they provide full support and also clarify our doubts each and every moment.

9 Interesting Facts on Chidiya Tapu You Need To Look Out For While You Are in Andaman

Dipping into the white sandy beaches that are pampered by pristine clear ocean water would be quite evident while you are vacationing in the scenic islands of Andaman. But the sights and the experience that you are going to acquire from this particular area is indeed tantalizing, which is situated to the southern end of the island that also comprises the capital of Port Blair. We are talking none other than the awe-inspiring coastal stretch of Chidiya Tapu. Given below are the interesting facts on Chidiya Tapu you need to look out for while you are holidaying in the exotic island of Andaman.

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Sunsets that you get to witness here are of varied hues

Chidiya Tapu is one of the most popular beaches for watching those mesmerizing sunsets that these exotic islands do offer you. People visiting the calm beach had claimed that they had seen the bright large sun in the shades of golden yellow, bright orange and deep crimson. They would provide a different splendid view when they hid behind the dark clouds.

The nomenclature of the place was done citing the birds visiting here

The very naming of the beach and its areas goes behind the Hindi word for ‘bird’s paradise.’  It might have been done by the early settlers of the islands who had also migrated from the north of India. They are very deservingly called so, as you could see a large population of flying friends indulged in their own business and sometimes soaring out of nowhere.

Location at the tip of a large group of Andaman Islands

 As cited earlier, the charming coastal of Chidiya Tapu is located in the southernmost tip of the Emerald Island, which is in the South Andaman.  Astonishingly, moving a few distances off the shore, you could enter into a thick green mangrove forest, which is composed of entirely different ecology. One may lend their ears to the chirping birds and squirrels in the background.


Biological Park can be sighted near the beach

Due to the diversity of the flora and fauna existing in the region, they had been conserved as a Biological Park. So when you are visiting Chidiya Tapu, you could get to see the wild animals such as white-spotted deers and birds that are endemic to these parts of the island. Apart from that, you may collect seashells from the park. You may also note the remarkable orchids only at these parts of the island. The areas around this beach, Munda Pahar and Sylvan Sands together constitute the biological park.

The natural disaster made the shore more beautiful

The drastic Tsunami of 2004 had devastated various parts of the Archipelago. However, to the huge trees of the beach, these huge waves created yet another enchanting look. The massive trees at the shores were uprooted by them and now just lay lifeless and horizontally on the white sandy beaches of Chidiya Tapu. All of these are the coming photographers’ favourite points. Also, the visitors to Chidiya Tapu rest on these heavy trunks and admire at the vast expanse of the Andaman Sea.

Diverse birds do visit the beach frequently

As the very of the place indicates, the type of bird those appear on the shores and at the end of the dense mangrove forest are truly diverse. It is said that some of them were migrated from distant places, whereas the others are the endemic species of the islands, numbering around 46 types of them.

There is a trekking zone nearby the beach

No one would ever imagine a trekking zone like this at this part of the island destination, but they do exist. They are better known as Munda Pahar and is located quite adjacent to the beach itself. There is even a guest house near the beach that is at the top of a peak. From that very point, you could view at a panoramic and mesmerizing view of a large expanse of this Emerald Island. Even some urban spaces of Port Blair can be spotted.

Beach can be reached from the capital very quickly

Barely 45 minutes of drive from Port Blair covering 25 km of distance could take you to the beachside of Chidiya Tapu. So the travellers coming to the archipelago on tour could easily access the captivating beach. So they do not always have to rely on any random tour packages that are going to spare you more cash. Moreover, they are situated on the same island as the capital of Andaman is located.

Various diving sites are located at the seashores

Scuba diving could one of the most adventurous water sports activities to the traveller coming to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands on tour. Some of them visit the alluring archipelago solely for this purpose, even from the major cities of the mainland such as Mumbai and Delhi. Therefore, by planning a weekend at the beachside of Chidiya Tapu, you too could indulge in the daring underwater activity. Inevitably, you will not get mesmerized by the appealing beauty of dead coral reefs and colourful fishes.

These facts would truly beckon any wanderlust to visit them in real. For the same purpose, you may contact Andaman Tour Travel, who could provide you with exciting tour packages that nobody else could, especially at such a lower price. Most excitingly, you may try your hand in the thrilling water sport activities such as snorkelling, scuba diving, banana boat riding, sea-walking and so on in these beaches. You may have to get in touch with their tour consultants who will inform you about the latest travel deals they provide. Pick up the most convenient one among the given packages that would be most appropriate to your travel preferences.  Moreover, their tour packages would cover all the major tourist locations of the archipelago such as the Cellular Jail Museum, Neil Island, Chidiya Tapu, Ross Island, Chatham Saw Mill, Baratang Island, Havelock Island and many others. You could make the best use of their travel deals and explore the picturesque island destination to its fullest.

Some Intriguing Facts About the Astounding ‘Mount Harriet’

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are one of the prominent Indian archipelagoes. The islands are famous for their distinguishing beauty and elegance. The island was once ruled by the British and after independence, the Indian government started administrating the island. The island is an exquisite place to rejuvenate and refresh. Hundreds of travelers from various parts of the country like Pune, Mumbai, and Kolkata avail of tour packages to Andaman. Andaman and Nicobar islands are devoid of all kinds of amenities. When the island is compared to any village, the village may be treated well-conditioned place for people to live peacefully. The islands have only one ATM center and that too located in Port Blair, capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Therefore travelers are requested to carry enough loose cash with them to avoid unwanted issues. The islanders are provided the basic resources by the government of India. Twice a month a ship used to sail from Chennai, Vishakhapatnam, and Kolkata by carrying essential commodities for the islanders. It is said Andaman and Nicobar islands are composed of more than 500 islands out of which only 35 have been explored and inhabited. It is believed that the island was once ruled by tribal settlements of different origins. Many of them left the island due to severe changes in the geography of the land, lack of food. They always hesitate to communicate with modern people as they fear that people from cities will attack them. Now mainly two groups of tribal settlements are seen namely Sentinel and Jarwa. Interaction with these people is strictly prohibited by the government of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Andaman tour packages from chennai

There would be no one in the world who does not love to play in the water. Andaman is a haven for aqua venture activities. Thousands of travelers visit the astounding island to participate in various kinds of water sports activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, sea diving, sea walking, parasailing, glass-bottom boat rides, and many more. The attractive feature of all these activities is they do not need any prior knowledge in swimming. The island is famous for water tourism. The sun-drenched beaches, azure rivers, and palm-fringed trees swinging in accordance to cool breeze, wild roars and melodious tweeting of innocent birds, bare feet walking in white sand dunes make the island a spectacular destination for travelers to spend their favorite holidays. Andaman is an ideal destination for honeymooners, family tour and group tours. To make the trip fabulous tourists purchase Andaman tour packages at cheap rates. Most travelers are unknown that the island shelters to a famous and beautiful national park called Mount Harriet National Park. The park is home to various species of fauna and flora. A visit to the park will definitely make your day. So when you plan a trip to Andaman does not forget to include Mount Harriet Park in your itinerary. So now let us have a glimpse of the peculiarities of Mount Harriet National Park.

Andaman tour packages from Kolkata

Mount Harriet National Park is the famous national park situated in the islands of Andaman. The park is a perfect example of excellent biodiversity. It is situated in the Ferargunj Tehsil in Port Blair. The park is sprawled in an area of 4.62 square km and was formed in the year 1969. The park comprises a famous peak called Mount Harriet which is the third highest peak on the island. The park got the name in the remembrance of the 2nd wife of a British army officer called Robert Christopher Tytler. Travelers can reach the spot by ‘dhungi’ or commonly call as Bamboo transport. Has anyone noticed the backside of a 20 rupees Indian currency note? It is a scintillating picture of a lighthouse situated in North Bay Island and the image was captured by standing on the top of Mount Harriet. By standing on the top of the hill one would get the splendid views of the nearby islands like Port Blair, Ross Island, and Havelock Island.

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Along with wild animals and birds, one could catch the fascinating views of butterflies belonging to various species and colors. The wild animals which are seen in a large population in the Mount Harriet National Park is robber crabs, saltwater crocodiles, and Andaman wild pigs. The park is also popular for its exotic collection of flora. One could find Littoral Forests, Bamboo Brakes, Evergreen Forests, Semi-Evergreen Forests, Moist Deciduous Forests and Cane Brakes inside the national park. Till now 393 species of flora have been reported. Two new species of flora called Drypetes Ellis and Ceropygie Andamanica and also an epiphyte orchid called Thrixspermum merguense has been identified in the jungle. To enjoy the amazing charm of trees practice trekking from Bambooflat the top of the mountain and on the way, one could see the hanging vines. While trekking is very careful Negrito tribes they are generally termed as hunter-gatherers.

The national park is abundantly blessed with endangered species and migratory birds. Andaman and Nicobar Islands are known as a paradise for bird watchers and ornithologists. Some of them are Andaman Treepie, Nicobar Megapode, Andaman Wood Pigeon and Sunda Teal or Grey Teal and many more. Along with wild animals and birds, one could also find reptiles like King Cobra and Andaman Cobra. The crystal clear lake flowing through the park protects 16 marine species such as Snakeheads, Eel, Sleepers, Catfish, and Gobies.

Travelers who love to trek can try various small and sloppy peaks inside the park such as Mount Carpenter, Mount Koyob, Mount Good ridge, and Mount Hext. By narrowing down the paragraphs one could easily understand the peculiarities of the Mount Harriet National Park. So when you decide to avail of the tour packages to Andaman do not forget to contact Andaman Tour Travel. They are one of the leading tour operators in Kerala. They curate packages by giving prime importance to customers’ desires. so what are you waiting for? Avail of the package before it expires. Don’t waste your time.

What To Buy And Where To Buy In Andaman

Shopping is something that everyone loves to do. Traveling and shopping through the land of unseeing adventures and the epitome of refreshment and happiness. The phrase completely compliments the heavenly paradise, the Andaman. Every aisle is flourished with sparkling commodities which are truly a visual treat for eyes. Port Blair is considered as one of the most renowned shopaholic paradises in Andaman. Some of the exhilarating and varied local Bazaars, vendors and beachside markets can be found in Port Blair. Among them, Aberdeen Bazaar is the most popular one among tourists.

Aberdeen Bazaar

1. Aberdeen Bazaar
Aberdeen Bazaar is one of the most popular Bazaar in Andaman nestled in Port Blair. It is a 24/7 active market which brimful with emporium for jewelry, stationaries, spices, and other essentials. Aberdeen Bazaar is also popular for its authentic Andaman cuisines. There are so many local vendors throughout the street from where one can explore the local delicacy.

Interesting things to buy from Aberdeen Bazaar

  • Nicobari Mats
    The impeccable skills of artisans can be witnessed in every Nicobari Mats. Due to the abundance of coconut, artifacts made of coconut and Nicobari Mats are one such important factor in Andaman revenue. The tribal patterns and color combinations of these mats are unique features about it and it can be used as a classic home decor which available at the best prices. Nicobari mats are usually made from coconut and pandanus leaves. And for making serpentine patterns and designs they also used an amalgamation of light and dark leaves.
  • Clothes and Accessories
    Shopping in Andaman is incomplete if you don’t purchase the local clothing and famous tribal jewelry. The Burmese tribal jewelry is famous among them. From the multipurpose jute bags to tribal design clothing one can explore a lot many things among the  Burmese tribe stores. And if you’re a brand diva, then Andaman offers a vibrant collection of branded things from Raymond,  FabIndia and so on.
  • Coconut Handicrafts
    Since Coconut cultivation is a major source of income in Andaman, utensils made of Coconut are an incredible part of Andaman tourism. The gargets like finger bowls, table lamps, wind chimes, vases, home decors and much more. Basketry and mat-weaving are some of the conventional crafts of the Nicorbarese and commonly done by women during their recreation time. Along with these dashing handicrafts, spices are the next best item to purchase from Aberdeen Bazaar. Fresh and aromatic spices like black pepper, vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom can be easily purchased from here.


Apart from Aberdeen Bazaar, Sagarika Emporium, Delanipur and Prem Nagar are the eminent places for a kick-ass shopping in Andaman.

sagarika emporium

2. Sagarika Emporium
Sagarika Emporium is one of the main attractions in Andaman established by the government and a great platform for self-employed people to promote their labor. It is the best place for a ceaseless orgy of shopping. Nestled in Port Blair with a wide range of arts and handicrafts at the best prices. Your bargaining skills are really helpful here to purchase some dashing gadgets at cheap prices. To explore all these amazing things you need the finest details about nook and corner of Andaman. So it is also recommended to hire a guide for the purpose and nowadays most of the travel companies are providing multi-lingual travel guide through your journey. Andaman Tour Travel is one of them. It stands out for its distinguishable tour packages and amazing offers.

3. Electric Plaza
The name Electric plaza is due to the availability of a huge amount of electric equipment in this market and a major shopping spot in Port Blair. The main pros of this place are its abundance of a wide range of electric utensils at cheap prices. Mobile and laptop chargers and headphones are the most demanded commodities in Electric Plaza. This place is a lifesaver if you forget to bring your charger and power backs on a vacation.

4. M.G Road
Here one can visualize the great Indian culture throughout the aisle. The place is named after Mahatma Gandhi and a must visited place in Andaman for purchasing home decor to wooden jewelry. From 8 AM to 9 PM you can wander along through this market and can purchase anything which suits your vibe. Even if you’re in a budget-friendly pacakge you can always find anything up to your budget from here. Another interesting fact about M.G road is the availability of authentic Andaman cuisine and cafeteria with multi-cuisine dining.

electric plaza

Interesting things to add in your shopping list from M.G road

  •  Shells
    Since it is coastal area shells and corals are perfectly embedded in every part of Andaman. But in some areas of Andaman collecting shells from the seashore is banned too. For such cases, it is always good to purchase shells artifacts and jewelry from the vendors. Every shop in the whole market in M.G road, we can find lampshades, ornaments, accessories, ashtrays, key-chains, and vases which are handcrafts with shells. And if you’re buying any shell products from Andaman then don’t forget to ask for the receipt to avoid any issues in the airport.
  •  Sarongs and Hats
    Andaman is a tropical island and due to the harsh climate during sunny seasons, hats or Sarongs are a necessary part of while traveling through Andaman. And also it is an ideal thing to complete your beach look and flaunt like a fashionista. You can buy any color and different shaped handcrafted with Jute from M.G road.

Queen Sea Covering Craft

5. Queen Sea Covering Craft
Bamboo crafts and coconut shell lamps are the specialties of Queen Sea Covering Craft center near to Aberdeen Bazaar. Like every other market in Port Blair here also one can find an amazing collection of gold and silver oxide Jumkas, Bangles, chokers, and footwear which are heaped throughout the shops. Shopping in Andaman is an exciting activity that every tourist is eagerly involved in. Add all these fascinating spots on your next holidays trip to Andaman.

Everything You Need to Know About the Mangrove Creeks of Andaman

Most of the pictures that you get to see of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands could be of the white sandy beaches pampered by the pristine turquoise blue sea waters, that would be lined by a couple of exotic tall trees. Moreover, they could make the perfect ingredients for that stereotypical scenery that are usually hung in the walls of those cramped living rooms. Well, the entire archipelago of the Andaman Islands is a lot more that these clichéd features. The next most notable ecological feature will be the long creek covered with thick mangroves in the inland of Andaman that are resistant to even salt-water. Furthermore, while passing through the creeks lined by them, you would inevitably feel that you are at the same place where the famous movie Anaconda was shot.

Andaman tour packages

Given below are a few of the interesting facts on the Mangroves of Andaman that makes them stand out.

Where are the mangroves found in Andaman?

 Andaman tour packages

In the archipelago, the natural vegetation of mangroves is concentrated on the Islands of Baratang, Rangath and Ross Island. If you had already been to the islands and visited the Limestone Caves at the place, you might have either crossed them or seen them. They are naturally grown in the inland waterways, through which the water flowing in the long green creeks that are at most of the places are deep green-hued and on other places they are brackish. When talking about the area covered by their vegetation, it constitutes up to 612 sq. km in Andaman itself.

How do the mangroves of Andaman look like?

 Basically, there are around 15 species of Mangroves grown naturally in various parts of the Island. They would be seen to be dipped in the marshy water with its roots fixed strongly in the ground. Most often, it is said that they are strong enough to withstand high tides and even cyclones and Tsunamis. Nonetheless, during low tides, the tangled and arching roots get exposed to the viewers.

What could the most appropriate climatic conditions to the growth of Mangroves in the Andaman Islands?

You cannot find on the sandy beaches of Andaman, instead, they need to have muddy soil of different consistencies for their growth. And some of their species will be washed off by the marshy waters too often, yet others are not required so. The short dry season, heavy rainfall and humid climate are the two most required things for the preferable growth of Mangrove. Fortunately, all of these climatic conditions are easily available in the islands of Andaman. Apart from that, the frequent fluctuations in the behaviour of tides are too consequential in such a larger cover of its vegetation.

Do you know that a large flock of migratory birds visit the mangrove in the season?

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As expected, the dense forest covers of Mangroves in Andaman are visited by diverse varieties of migratory birds. Quite surprisingly, these flying friends come to the rich biodiversity all through the year. Moreover, the species that are spotted by the ornithologist are numerous, as they would comprise of very small birds to the obvious larger ones. They make the living space here amid the mangrove reliant by catching and consuming the large varieties of fishes found in the swampy waters.

What could be the other major species for which the thick mangroves are a home?       

As mentioned before the Mangrove Creek of Andaman is home to a large group of animals. When saying the specific numbers, it would extend to around 253 fish species, 410 arthropods, 8 mammal species, 3 amphibians and 7 reptiles. This collection also comprises of some dangerous salt-water crocodiles and poisonous snakes. So the boat safaris to those specific regions that are prone to their attacks are deliberately avoided.     

Which season could be the best to make a visit to the Mangrove creek of Andaman?

Months from December to May, or plainly the drier months are perfect for sighting these Mangrove vegetations of Andaman Islands. So you may schedule on your tour accordingly in those times of the year. You just need to stroll across the walkway set in Dhani Nallah in Ranghat Island. Or, if you are particular about witnessing them in close encounters, you may opt for boat safari after including them in your tour packages. Lately, the Tourism Department of Andaman and Nicobar Islands had deemed them as a coastal heritage site with respect to the crucial role they had played in maintaining the ecological balance of the islands. Similarly, the mangrove covers of the major city like that of Mumbai that is under threat are also needed to be given some recognition.

As cited earlier, the experiences that you could gain when you are vacationing in Andaman is quite varied. Take a boat safari across the Mangrove creeks made available in different regions of the Islands to feel them in real and analyse what they really are. So when you are planning your next vacation to the Islands, you may contact Andaman Tour Travel by over the phone or online. The reputed tour operator based in Port Blair had curated various diverse tour packages that could fulfil your dreams of exploring these places of your own. So you may visit them as honeymooners, in group, family or even alone on a solo trip. The most crowd-pulling factor of their travel deal is that you could avail them at most affordable prices.

8 Engaging Things to Do in and Near Elephant Beach in Andaman

The largest-ever mammals swimming across the turquoise blue seawater could be the very picture that appears initially if you had googled ‘Elephant Beach in Andaman.’ However, in reality, it is not so. You could rarely find any such full-grown elephants swimming on these white sandy beaches. Yet the aesthetic beauty of the charming seashore pampered by the pristine and shallow ocean waters could tempt any nature over to dip in them and have fun to its fullest. However, it is not only this particular beach that attracts its growing number of tourists thronging to the exotic archipelago on every passing year but also various other splendid adjacent tourist places.

Listed below are the engaging things to do in and near Elephant beach in Andaman.

Go fishing in sea waters

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Such an activity need not be suggested by any tour operators or their guides. The least polluted ocean waters around each of its islands provide that golden chance for the fishing enthusiasts to have their leisure time spent very fruitfully. Various tour companies based in the islands would let you go fishing in the serene water that is aplenty of rich marine life. You may try your fishing skills at the seashores of Elephant beach itself either by normal angling or the more popular game fishing of Andaman.

Relish some seafood from any nearby local restaurants

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Your taste glands would be at its peak of the gratification when you are savoring with the spicy seafood recipes that are exclusively prepared in the islands of Andaman. The seafood those are more popular here is cooked from shrimps, crabs, squids, sharks, and other small fishes. These delicacies had got many takers among both its tourists and the local population. Moreover, the real essence of Andaman cuisine is a blend of various other tastes, namely Bengali, Tamilian, Odisha and many others that will be visible in the majority of the food that they serve.

Kayaking once the sun sets in

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The magical phenomenon of Bioluminescence can be experienced from the Havelock Islands, which is one of the most popular islands of Andaman. From the ocean waters surrounding the Elephant beach, you would feel that you are witnessing the ethereal reflection of the starry sky in them from November to February. In real they are the beautiful beam of the glowing phytoplankton in the deep blue ocean waters on any pitch-black night, the happiness of which cannot be compared with any other sightseeing activities. There could be exclusive tour packages that offer you with this spellbinding night activity.

Stopover to Marina Park and Aquarium

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Situated in the nearby island of the Elephant beach, they can be reached from Havelock Island on a ferry to this place. Once you reach this land, you will be welcomed to the rich marine life living in the in pristine waters of the Andaman Sea. The park and aquarium is home to a whole lot of aquatic life such as turtles, crabs, sharks and various other fishes numbering to around 350 types. So you could spend an entire day at this marina with the whole family by roaming along the marine drive and the new lane of the restaurant to satisfy your tummies.

Do some snorkelling

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Corals, sea cucumbers, anemones, sea spiders and flamboyant fishes will be in your close encounters even if you are not too deep from the surface of the water. The view just below that line of water is indeed surprising and truly mesmerizing. Furthermore, it is claimed that this particular water activity can be experienced to its fullest at this shallow and pristine seawater of Elephant beach. Unlike scuba diving, you could indulge in snorkelling without the knowledge of swimming. Besides, you will be accompanied by well-trained instructors to help you around in this refreshing activity.

Drop into Cellular Jail Museum

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Among all other historical reminiscents of the archipelago, Cellular Jail Museum could be the most visited and significant one. Dropping to this British built jail can be worthy of your visit, as you could get to know about the mishaps the prisoners of the jail had to go through. The sufferings that its inmates had tolerated at the years of their imprisonment and up to death could be thought-provoking. Moreover, the historical jail can be reached from the Elephant beach once crossing a small strait kind of a part and arriving at Port Blair.

Go deep into the sea on Scuba Diving

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The mysterious underwater sea can be explored to another level by engaging yourself in the challenging watersport of Scuba diving. Elephant beach of Havelock Islands delivers this provision under tight safety issues and after training from the expert instructors. Moreover, the underwater sea in the proximity of Elephant beach is surprisingly very clear and rich with diverse marine life. The situations of worriedness can be zero while scuba diving in the ocean waters of Andaman as all of them are certified instructors and the activity under special supervision.

Sail in a ferry

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This particular activity needs to be considered as a separate venture, as you will be compelled to indulge in it while you are moving to every island of   Andaman. In most common situations, such a provision will be already added to the packages curated by common tour companies based on the island. Anyhow, your sailing across the serene sea waters of Andaman would be refreshing to any travelers, lest they are some nature lovers.

The beautiful sights of the islets do not limit here with the places and interesting things to do around Elephant Beach of Havelock Island in Andaman. You might have already noted that the activities that can be indulged here are exclusive to the picturesque and unpolluted island groups of Andaman. So when you are on tour to these parts of the archipelago, you should not miss any of these sights and fascinating activities. If you had planned your holidaying with any reputed and efficient tour operator such as Andaman Tour Travel based in Port Blair, you could experience these experiences quite expressively. Their tour packages do cover various tourist locations and other interesting activities that you could avail while you are sightseeing in the islands of Andaman. Above all that, you could avail their services at the lowest prices once you are willing to contact them by over phone or online.

The 5 Essential Museums You Should Not Miss on Your Andaman Trip

No one would ever expect that this exotic archipelago does encompass such a rich history of both its indigenous tribe and its British settlers. The reminiscent of their existence here in the forms of their ancient structures such as the places they lived in and activities they had been indulged in times immemorial are made observable to the present and the future. All these pieces of evidence are anyhow collected, protected and preserved for the posterity here in the same land where all of these had happened. Moreover, when visiting these museums with the utmost care, you would get to analyze how the whole picture of Andaman was and how that had impacted the present condition of the islets.

The following are the essential museums you are not supposed to miss while you are holidaying in Andaman.

Cellular Jail Museum

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Being the largest Museum established in Andamans, it would take longer to roam around and analyze the exhibits of Cellular Jail Museum. The thought-provoking historical premises of the Cellular Jail of Port Blair would indeed as a whole will resemble a museum. Or in other words, they are meant to function as a museum where the present generation and the posterity may visit for further research on the British settlers. With the light and sound show organized in the museum, you would get to witness the mishaps the prisoners had to face during the erstwhile freedom struggle. Moreover, the jail constructed here was one of the scariest places ever made by the British colonial masters, as they are situated in the most remote places that anybody could think of. Now, its remnants are very artistically set by the administrative institution of the museum.

Samudrika Naval Marine Museum

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Situated almost in the heart of Port Blair, the Samudrika Naval Marine Museum is meant for protecting the marine life inhabiting these environmentally rich regions of Andaman. Even though they are known as Naval Marine Museum, there are more exhibits of aquatic life such as the corals, fishes and other fauna, unlike the fighting ships found in the Navy Aircraft Museum of VizagFurthermore, the visitors could get to widen their knowledge about the marine life from the exhibits of dormant corals and seashells that had existed underneath the azure ocean waters of Andaman for ages. You may get to behold at those nature marvels when you are indulged in activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving that would be readily visible in the tour packages based in Andaman. But you would only scientifically get to know them on the tour from your visit to the museum.

 Forest Museum

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The art of Andaman can experience to its fullest in this sophisticated Forest Museum of Port Blair that is located in the historic premises of Saw Mill in Chatham Island. The unique artefacts that are exhibited in the museum were sculpted from the timbers of Satinwood, Padauk, Peuma, Gurjam and Marble. You would get to stroll around the beautifully set garden composed of endangered flora and the stuff related to wild animals in the zoo adjoining the museum.  So the travellers of Andaman would pull over their vehicle and visit the museum in large groups, every now and then. Various woodworks installed here say much about the adventure and the art culture of Andamanese archipelago. Therefore, you must take your effort to drop in the museum on your mandatory visit to Chatham Saw Mill.

Zonal Anthropological Museum

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Owned and maintained by the Anthropological Survey of India, the museum offers a wide perspective to its visitors. The travellers visiting the Zonal Anthropological Museum would get to know briefly about the indigenous tribes who had dwelled in these islets namely, North Sentinelese, Onges, Great Andamanese and Jarawas. Various sections of the museum are meant for each of these tribes. However, among which they are more into the Shompens and Nicobarese as these Mongoloid tribes are separately set in the ethnic section of the Museum. The installations and exhibits of the museum will make you aware of the hostility of the most dangerous tribe of the world that is the Jarawas. Despite the ban of the entry of the remotes places where they live in, visitors would now find the reasons for such a restriction once visited the informative museum.

Zoological Survey of India Museum

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Yet another museum located in Port Blair is meant for the preservation of marine species. When you are visiting the museum on your tour, you would get to see and widen your knowledge about their survival of various other specimens of wildlife. The aquatic creatures preserved here consist of starfish, corals, anemones, whales and the dead fossils along with their skeletons. While strolling through the premises of the museum you would get to witness the birds such as hawk and parakeets stuffed scientifically. Moreover, these remnants of underwater marvels are collected from the adjoining Andaman Sea. Therefore, the Zoological Survey of India Museum is preferred by the researchers and science students to study about the exclusivity of the marine life around these parts of the Andaman Islands or the group of islets as a whole. Apart from all these, the museum is home to a sizeable population of diverse kinds of beetles, butterflies, birds and other mammals.


Besides these intriguing museums, other various spectacular experiences should never be missed while holidaying in the surprising islands of Andaman. There are beaches, historical monuments, shopping places and above all that the most exciting water sports. For indulging in all such experiences and beholding such marvels of nature quite effortlessly, you may contact Andaman Tour Travel. They are one of the best operators of Andaman based in Port Blair. The efficient travel firm will aid you in finding the best accommodation and cab facilities wherever you are wishing to stay and the sort of activities you are wishing to indulge in. Moreover, they had also curated some diverse tour packages with the inclusion of sightseeing to different scenic locations and that too at incredible rates.

An Auto Rickshaw Ride That Took Me to the Ferry Services of Andaman

It was one fine afternoon I was returning back from the weekly shopping from the supermarket. After waiting for a long one hour I finally got an auto-rickshaw. As the Diwali festival was commencing I had to buy many ingredients for preparing sweets for the festival. I somehow managed to keep all the things in the auto-rickshaw. The driver found it very hard to come out from the hectic road traffic. After struggling for nearly 10 minutes we manage to escape from the crowd. For the next 10 minutes, the journey was smooth and the cool breeze absorbed my sweat and tiredness. As I was started to relax suddenly I jumped like I got some electric shock. For a second I couldn’t understand anything. It took a few seconds for me to come back to the normal state. I just inquired about the matter to the driver. He just first apologized for his mistake. I asked him for what? He said he didn’t notice the hump and that was the reason why I felt discomfort. Within the next 10 minutes, I reached my home safely. Over there my parents were tensed for me being late. They helped me to carry the bags. After quenching my thirst I told them the whole incident. I started cursing the driver for his carelessness and also the government for taking measures to control the booming traffic in the city. My dad asked me to control my temper. He said that such incidents are part and parcel in everyone’s life. As I was born and brought up in a foreign country, adjusting with such limited resources in India is really difficult for me. Hearing to the conversation my mother joined us.

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 She asked me to consider the lives of people who have very little or never got an opportunity to travel by road. I just asked her are you joking mom. We are living in the 21st century and according to the reports the whole world is completely developed and I don’t think there would be anyone in this universe that hasn’t traveled by road. She smiled and kept her palms on my hair and said such people are there in the world and a small portion of them are living in Andaman. I asked her is that the Andaman and Nicobar Islands- the famous Indian archipelago. My dad nodded with a smile. It is really very difficult for me to believe that the islanders have never traveled by road. It is not like roads are not there but the islanders mostly like to depend on water transportation my mother said. She also added that there are many places on the island which are yet to be explored therefore roads could not meet all the corners. I was really amazed, over here in Madurai where we used to rarely get a chance to travel by water and over there in Andaman people have rarely seen roads in fact. So strange. I asked them, how the tourists who avail of tour packages from various parts of the world would be visiting the island. He said that either by airways or waterways.

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To travel from one island to another, islanders, as well as tourists, rely on the ferry services or row canoes on their own. The ferry services are considered as the cheapest and the best mode of transportation. Islanders have to pay low charges when compared to travelers who visit the island by availing of the tour packages. The charges may vary according to the size and facilities provided by the ferries. My dad told that there are mainly two types of ferries available in Andaman. They are known as Government ferries and Private ferries. The directorate of shipping services (DSS) directly operates the government ferries. The government may not provide all the modern amenities like a private cruise but always turn out to be the friendly transport services for the common people. As they do not have online booking services travelers will have to queue up in counters. They provide their services to not only the famous islands like Port Blair, Havelock Island, Neil Island, Baratang Island, and Diglipur Island but also to the regions which are least explored such as Mayabunder, Rangat, Campbell, Long Island and Hut Bay or Little Andaman.

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I asked my father to share something he knows about the private ferries. Private ferries are operated by private companies. Among them, Makruzz Gold is one of the prominent ferries in Andaman. It was constructed in the year 1996 and has the capacity to accommodate 330 passengers in a single go. It is also considered as one of the luxurious cruises in Andaman. Therefore the tickets are a little bit expensive travelers above age 2 are requested to avail of tickets worth 1000 INR. Traveling in Makruzz Gold will definitely provide a marvelous experience. The next one is the Coastal Cruise. The Coastal cruise was constructed in Singapore and has the capacity to carry 218 travelers at a single go. When compared to Makruzz the Coastal Cruise is really affordable. Travelers above 2 years will have to pay INR 600 onwards whereas tourists below 2 years are supposed to pay INR 105. And the last one is the Green Ocean cruise. The speed of Green Ocean is similar to that of the Government ferry. When compared to other private ferries the Green Ocean’s speed is comparatively low. As the cruise is spacious and allows passengers to walk over the deck it is a paradise for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts.

Through my parents, I came to know a lot about Andaman and their modes of transportation. I was amazed by their lifestyle. I expressed my wish to visit the stunning islands. My dad told that he will fulfill my dream by availing of the packages. I inquired from where he is planning to buy the packages. It is through the famous travel partner called Andaman Tour Travel. He also said that it is the leading travel partner who crafts the packages to Andaman at affordable rates and provides excellent hospitality services.