3 Prominent Places that you Should Definitely Inculcate on your Palakkad Exploration

There are many places in Kerala that captivate thousands of travellers across the globe to visit the coastal region again and again. Also, there are many reasons that steal the minds of globe-trotters while visiting Kerala. Such as pristine beaches, tranquil backwaters, and shallow rivers, breathtaking hill stations enveloped with classy green plantations of tea and spices, the bowl-shaped valleys give spectacular images of rising and setting of the sun. The exotic species of fauna and flora were hidden in midst of thickly populated woodlands, an amazing destination for newly married couples to bring their hearts to their mouths, a perfect place to unveil the historic moments by strolling through the avenues in the ancient monuments, and many more. There is no end for the list. Annually new places are entering to the list. Being a Keralite it is the happiest moment for me. It is always being a dream of exploring the unseen destinations yet popular among the tourist. It will take more 365 days to visit all the 14 districts of Kerala. If I attempt to do so definitely I would be terminated from my job! So I am not daring enough to take the risk. But I and hubby decided to explore at least a few places in our district as well as neighbouring districts. As part of exploration last week we visited our neighbouring district, Palakkad. When I say we are neighbours of Palakkad you might be thinking where do from we belong either Malappuram or Thrissur. So let me clarify we belong to Thrissur. To make our journey hassle-free and comfortable we decided to purchase packages. We won’t have availed of packages if we don’t accompany our kids and parents. Exploring new places is our hobby. Soon after marriage, we both used to plan weekend tours. And it prolonged till I conceived my baby. But now as we are accompanying our family we felt it necessary to make use of the tour packages and, therefore, we decided to consult the famous travel operator of Kerala called Gogeo Holidays. It is one of the highly recommended travel operators in Kerala. To be very frank our trip was really fabulous and memorable one. We were pleased with their hospitality services. I cannot exactly write down what all happened during our family trip. But I can share the intriguing facts of the places which we visited. So don’t waste your time just stroll down the following paragraphs and absorb the needed information as much as possible. Before going through the important destinations of Palakkad just have a rough idea about Palakkad district.

Does anyone know how the district got the name? Palakkad got the name due to the presence of ‘pala trees’ in abundance. It is scientifically known as Alstonia scholaris. It is commonly called as ‘devil’s tree’ or ‘yakshi maram’ in the Malayalam language. Palakkad, the largest district in Kerala is also known as the ‘land of greenery’. Majority of the population of the district comprises Hindus. The place where the Brahmin community reside is known as ‘Agraharam’. The district is famous for its mind-blowing hill stations. The land of Palakkad is apt for cultivation for oranges in large scale. Now let us narrow down the important destinations in the district.

Palakkad Fort


Palakkad Fort is one of the ancient forts of Kerala. Even though the Palakkad Fort was constructed by Hyder Ali in 1766 AD, it is famously known as ‘Tipu’s Fort’. The fort is sprawled in an area of 60,702 square meters. Annually hundreds of travellers from various corners of world visit the iconic fort by purchasing tour packages with their family. The fort was constructed with the aim of improving communication with Coimbatore. It is a nearby town in Chennai. The fort carries many scintillating features such as it shelters a famous Hanuman temple or commonly called ‘anjaneya swami temple’. The architecture of the temple will make you speechless. A particular portion of land between Palakkad fort and the town hall was served as stables for Tipu Sultan’s horses. The ground is popularly known as ‘Kota Maidanam’. It is now being serving a platform for cricket, public gatherings, and circus and so on. An open-air auditorium is also well operated near to the Kota Maidanam and it is known as ‘Rappadi’. The other praiseworthy attractions of the Palakkad Fort are sub-jail, martyr’s column and a garden called vatika shilavatika and a Nehru park for children. The fort is now under the control of Archaeological Survey of India.

Nelliyampathy hills


Do you love to eat oranges? Then plan a tour to Nelliyampathy. It is a haven for orange lovers. It is positioned at a height of 46000 feet above sea level and is situated in the Nenmara village in Palakkad district. Due to its serene nature, pleasant climate and abode of immense treasure of natural resources the Nelliayampathy hill station are proudly known as ‘ooty of kerala’. The hills of region are blanketed with the orchards of oranges and carpets of paddy fields. Trekking enthusiasts avail of jungle safari packages and trek the places such as kaikatty, and Nelliyampathy hills in its extreme mode. The hill station protects amusing species of deer, monkey, porcupine, elephants and tiger. If you are a wildlife lover then do not forget to visit the Parambikulam wildlife sanctuary, Pothundi reservoir, Nelliyampathy hills.

Dhoni Falls



Who does not like to view water plunging from a great height? Dhoni waterfall is a perfect destination to capture the scintillating view of water cascading from mountains. The emerald surroundings add beauty to waterfalls. Along with Dhoni falls visitors can also inculcate sepal waterfalls situated at Parasuram Kundu and Azhakampara waterfalls.

By reading the above information now I think you are also now interested to visit the places. Then why are you wasting your time in thinking unnecessary matters? Get up and avail of tour packages as soon as possible from Gogeo Holidays. If you have any concerns regarding their services, you can directly contact their customer support team. On your Palakkad exploration do not forget to carry a high-resolution camera with you

9 Interesting Facts on Chidiya Tapu You Need To Look Out For While You Are in Andaman

Dipping into the white sandy beaches that are pampered by pristine clear ocean water would be quite evident while you are vacationing in the scenic islands of Andaman. But the sights and the experience that you are going to acquire from this particular area is indeed tantalizing, which is situated to the southern end of the island that also comprises the capital of Port Blair. We are talking none other than the awe-inspiring coastal stretch of Chidiya Tapu. Given below are the interesting facts on Chidiya Tapu you need to look out for while you are holidaying in the exotic island of Andaman.

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Sunsets that you get to witness here are of varied hues

Chidiya Tapu is one of the most popular beaches for watching those mesmerizing sunsets that these exotic islands do offer you. People visiting the calm beach had claimed that they had seen the bright large sun in the shades of golden yellow, bright orange and deep crimson. They would provide a different splendid view when they hid behind the dark clouds.

The nomenclature of the place was done citing the birds visiting here

The very naming of the beach and its areas goes behind the Hindi word for ‘bird’s paradise.’  It might have been done by the early settlers of the islands who had also migrated from the north of India. They are very deservingly called so, as you could see a large population of flying friends indulged in their own business and sometimes soaring out of nowhere.

Location at the tip of a large group of Andaman Islands

 As cited earlier, the charming coastal of Chidiya Tapu is located in the southernmost tip of the Emerald Island, which is in the South Andaman.  Astonishingly, moving a few distances off the shore, you could enter into a thick green mangrove forest, which is composed of entirely different ecology. One may lend their ears to the chirping birds and squirrels in the background.


Biological Park can be sighted near the beach

Due to the diversity of the flora and fauna existing in the region, they had been conserved as a Biological Park. So when you are visiting Chidiya Tapu, you could get to see the wild animals such as white-spotted deers and birds that are endemic to these parts of the island. Apart from that, you may collect seashells from the park. You may also note the remarkable orchids only at these parts of the island. The areas around this beach, Munda Pahar and Sylvan Sands together constitute the biological park.

The natural disaster made the shore more beautiful

The drastic Tsunami of 2004 had devastated various parts of the Archipelago. However, to the huge trees of the beach, these huge waves created yet another enchanting look. The massive trees at the shores were uprooted by them and now just lay lifeless and horizontally on the white sandy beaches of Chidiya Tapu. All of these are the coming photographers’ favourite points. Also, the visitors to Chidiya Tapu rest on these heavy trunks and admire at the vast expanse of the Andaman Sea.

Diverse birds do visit the beach frequently

As the very of the place indicates, the type of bird those appear on the shores and at the end of the dense mangrove forest are truly diverse. It is said that some of them were migrated from distant places, whereas the others are the endemic species of the islands, numbering around 46 types of them.

There is a trekking zone nearby the beach

No one would ever imagine a trekking zone like this at this part of the island destination, but they do exist. They are better known as Munda Pahar and is located quite adjacent to the beach itself. There is even a guest house near the beach that is at the top of a peak. From that very point, you could view at a panoramic and mesmerizing view of a large expanse of this Emerald Island. Even some urban spaces of Port Blair can be spotted.

Beach can be reached from the capital very quickly

Barely 45 minutes of drive from Port Blair covering 25 km of distance could take you to the beachside of Chidiya Tapu. So the travellers coming to the archipelago on tour could easily access the captivating beach. So they do not always have to rely on any random tour packages that are going to spare you more cash. Moreover, they are situated on the same island as the capital of Andaman is located.

Various diving sites are located at the seashores

Scuba diving could one of the most adventurous water sports activities to the traveller coming to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands on tour. Some of them visit the alluring archipelago solely for this purpose, even from the major cities of the mainland such as Mumbai and Delhi. Therefore, by planning a weekend at the beachside of Chidiya Tapu, you too could indulge in the daring underwater activity. Inevitably, you will not get mesmerized by the appealing beauty of dead coral reefs and colourful fishes.

These facts would truly beckon any wanderlust to visit them in real. For the same purpose, you may contact Andaman Tour Travel, who could provide you with exciting tour packages that nobody else could, especially at such a lower price. Most excitingly, you may try your hand in the thrilling water sport activities such as snorkelling, scuba diving, banana boat riding, sea-walking and so on in these beaches. You may have to get in touch with their tour consultants who will inform you about the latest travel deals they provide. Pick up the most convenient one among the given packages that would be most appropriate to your travel preferences.  Moreover, their tour packages would cover all the major tourist locations of the archipelago such as the Cellular Jail Museum, Neil Island, Chidiya Tapu, Ross Island, Chatham Saw Mill, Baratang Island, Havelock Island and many others. You could make the best use of their travel deals and explore the picturesque island destination to its fullest.

An Unplanned Marriage and a Planned Honeymoon to Alleppey

I never thought of marriage in my life. I was very passionate and dedicated to my goals. I used to tell my parents I won’t agree for any marriage proposal until I achieve my goals. I belong to a simple orthodox family. The place where I reside is completely a replica of TV soap operas. With a lot of dreams and thoughts, I decided to pursue my graduation in engineering. The 4 years in an engineering college gifted memories that to be cherished in my early 50s and 60s. Like every student, I prepared very hard for job interviews, especially for campus placement. Unfortunately, I was eliminated in the pre-final round of campus placement. For a moment I lost my hope and the firm belief from god. I lost my confidence because most of my friends got good jobs in good companies and only a few remained jobless in my class and unluckily I belong to the latter group. Gradually I regained my hope and started to appear for several campus interviews. Within a couple of months, I enrolled myself in a software training course and as soon as I finished my course I was absorbed into one of the best start-ups companies in my state.

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After a completing 6-months probationary period, my parents started to brainwash me and propelled me to get married as society is blaming them for keeping a young girl in the house. I burst out on them and clearly told only after two years I will get married. My decision was not digestible for them. For time being they remained silent. I again started to concentrate on my work. Day by day my work schedules became stressful and hectic. Sometimes I used to reach home late nights. This increased fear in my parents. They somehow wanted to finish their obligations and wanted to relax. This time through one of my relative our parents got a marriage proposal from a well-reputed family. I tried my hard to convince them. But this time they were very stubborn about their decision. As I had no other alternate I was forced to obey their commands. I really did not want to get married so soon. Therefore I did not dress well. I wore a simple dress and did not apply any kind of make-up on my face. By 10 am they reached our house. The guy was accompanied by his parents and aunt. After the official conversation, I was invited to the living room. For the initial few minutes, I did not look at them. Then I slowly raised my head and greeted them. To my surprise the guy was handsome and he and his family were well-mannered.  We all were impressed by their pleasing attitude. I was wondering how I could reject their proposal. I tried my level best but I did not find any genuine reason for the same. When they left my parents told me that they liked the family and they really wanted me to agree for the same. They also created an emotional drama so that I support their decision. I was really trapped. I cannot oppose my parents. And eventually, I agreed for the marriage. I wanted a time gap of at least 2 months prior to marriage so that I could talk to him and understand him. But the astrologer told us the perfect time for marriage is within a month or else we will have to wait till next year.

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Within a month we got married and I moved to his work station-Bangalore. I used to get bored when he leaves for his office. For a couple of weeks, I used to go shopping and spend time on social media. As my company did not have any branch in Bangalore I was forced to quit the job. Understanding my boredom and frustration my hubby insisted me to attend interviews. I was overwhelmed with joy. By the grace of God, I got selected into one of the best IT companies in Bangalore. A couple of months passed till now we did not plan any honeymoon trip. It was my hubby’s friend who suggested celebrating an exotic honeymoon tour to Kerala. He showed many photographs of the important destination in Kerala. Out of them, we liked the houseboat packages. It was available at the cheapest rates.  Within a couple of weeks, we boarded the flight from Kempegowda International Airport to Cochin International Airport. From there we travelled in a private cab arranged by our tour operator to Alleppey.

Kerala Honeymoon Packages

Alleppey is the perfect destination to celebrate vacation with our dear ones. Major portions of the district are occupied with backwaters and paddy fields. The picturesque landscapes, emerald paddy field, tranquil backwaters bordered by palm-fringed coconut trees, gave the clear answer to why the district is called ‘Venice of East’. Within 2 hours we reached the spot. We entered the houseboat and the voyage of romance began. With us they another 2 couples who reached there by purchasing tour packages to Kerala at affordable price. We captured the beautiful pictures of birds, trees oscillating in the cool breeze and so on. We astonished to see small children rowing canoes to schools. It is the part and parcel of metro cities where vegetable vendors reach our doorstep and give us vegetables at cheap rates. Over there in Aleppey the vegetable vendors carried vegetables in canoes and knocked the doors of customers in the evenings. We were lucky enough to view the fascinating moment of sun setting into the sea. By the evening the houseboat authorities had arranged scrumptious delicacies prepared in traditional Kerala style on the roof of the houseboat. Followed to it we were entertained by the classical dance performances of experts. The next morning, after relishing breakfast we moved to the Kumarakom. The place is well-known for migratory birds. We stroll through the forest and slept in a treehouse. The next day we returned to Alleppey and from there to Cochin Airport. We departed Kerala by carrying lots of memories. We are really thankful to Dream Holidays for arranging such a wonderful trip.

Unearthing the Hidden Histories of Eyyal in Thrissur District of Kerala

We bet that you are not to find the rare name of ‘Eyal’ in the list of any popular tourist destinations of Kerala. If at all you have heard about them, you might have read it in any history books that you had referred long back. It might be due to the excavated Roman coins datable to the very first centuries of AD or of the Burial Caves discovered from the place. Anyhow, the hamlet could be explored more for its nascent nature and virgin beauty. However, here we are going to discuss some prehistoric sites in and near the small village of Eyal, which is situated in the outskirts of Thrissur district in Kerala.

Ariyannur Stone Umbrellas

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Belonging to the Megalithic period, when you come to this rare site of Eyyal, you could find the strangely placed huge stone structures known as Ariyannur Stone Umbrellas. In the regional language, they are better called Kudaikkallu. Moreover, in its visual appearance, you may note that they are going to look like large mushrooms bloomed out of nowhere. When counting the total numbers, they are actually six of them, but two among were severed damaged. No one exactly knows actually when and why were they constructed on such an irregular shape. However, it is believed that the monks who used to come at the site used to store their belongings under its shade, but there is no evidence to prove that. At present, they are under the protected list of historical monuments under the Archaeological Survey of India.

Harikanyaka Temple

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A random visit to the ancient temple of Harikanyaka that is located to a few distances from one of the most visited temples of Kerala, Sree Krishna Temple in Guruvayur could say a lot about the intricate temple sculpting techniques followed here in the south of India. Moreover, it is believed that the ancient structures seen here were carved out by the all-time master craftsman of Kerala, Perunthachan. Even if they were built centuries ago, the very charm and the complexities of its unique architecture still remains. So a tour to the shrine will be worth enough to visit even if they are excluded from popular tour packages. The historical Hindu religious centre is dedicated to the deity Mohini, who is the virgin form of Lord Vishnu, as the goddess at the Sri Vasavi Kanyaka Parameswari Temple in Coimbatore.

Burial Cave of Eyal

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Situated amid Wadakkancherry and Kunnamkulam, in Cheramangad, the Burial Cave that you get to sight here in Eyyal is double-chambered. Similar to the stone umbrellas of Ariyannur, the Burial caves to are believed to be originated in the Megalithic age that in a laterite boulder. Also, this pre-historic rock-cut cave does constitute a circular chamber, which can be accessed by a single entry. There exists an irregular bench in the chambers with no pillar at the centre. Furthermore, it from this historic site that the Roman coins up to 117 AD from 123 BD, which is of the Republican period were excavated. From the year of 2016, the burial cave is recognised and protected as a historical monument by the Archaeological Survey of India.

Kallaayi Kunnu

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A small hilly area is situated in the Akathiyoor Kunnu near Eyyal, is now the region’s favourite spot to spend the evenings along with your family as there are no external noises to disturb you from the tranquillity of this place. Much to the surprise, you could also take your vehicles to the hilltop, so you take little toddlers along with you as there is no point of trekking here at hills also known as Kalasha Mala. If you are lucky enough, you could even catch a glimpse of charming peacock flying and relaxing at the rocks.  Even without the presence of the national bird in front of you, the mesmerising view from its summit is going to calm you in the evenings after the historic tour in the momentous village of Eyal.

Kakkad Burial Cave

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The burial cave at Kakkad is one among the megalithic caves found in the nearby locations of Eyyal cave. However, they are a more sophisticated one than the latter, as they have got a flight of stairs to reach at its chambers through a narrow pathway.  With an opening in a circular shape at its ceilings, it looks different when looked from its exterior. From its outside structure, one could easily realise that they are indoors if dome-shaped.  At this cave of height about a typical man, on both sides of its entrance, you could find wide plaster-like projections. Also on the southern and northern sides, there is a rock-cut circular block and single sectoral bench respectively.

How to reach there: From Cochin International Airport, you could reach Eyyal within 2 hours via NH544 covering 74km. Moreover, the nearest railway is the Guruvayur Railway station is at a distance of 13.6 km. However, you need to travel up to 21.4 km to arrive at the major railway station of Thrissur.

Just like the prehistoric sites discovered from the village of Eyal, there are various unknown places in Kerala that are historically very crucial and significant. Like, say, the Kothukkal Cave temple in Kollam, the popular Edakkal Cave of Wayanad and many more. An ardent traveller needs to have that wanderlust to quest for such sites spread across the state. Now whether it is for visiting these lesser-known ancient mysterious places or sightseeing popular tourist destinations, you may get in touch with Lelagoon Holidays, who could fulfil your dreams of visiting these thought-provoking tourist places. Their most popular tour packages would cover the destinations like Wayanad, Athirapally, Munnar, Kochi, Thekkady and Varkala. Moreover, you could avail their travel deals at extremely cheap prices. For the comfort of the tourists wishing to travel to exotic locations in Kerala, their tour packages are made available from all the major cities of the country such as Bangalore, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Delhi Mumbai, Pune and Ahmedabad.

Munroe Island as a Perfect Honeymoon Destination of Kerala

How about lying on the lap of your significant other on a peaceful morning and just talking about any random topics on the banks of tranquil backwaters? Sounds cool right? Well, such a calming experience can be gained when you are up to this picturesque Munroe Island, which is only at a 27 km of distance from Kollam main city. So the honeymooners visiting Kerala can think of a whole new location of Munroe Island situated at one of the southern districts rather than opting for the stereotypical spots of Allepey, Munnar or Kumarakom in Kerala.

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Being situated on the brink of Ashtamudi Lake, which is said to be the cleanest backwaters of Kerala, to every angle you turn to you are going to find picture-perfect frames that would resemble any scenic places. One of the most profound factors of such a charm of the islands would be the reflection of the long line of tall coconut palms slanting toward the serene water bodies. They make that perfect blend for creating that lush greenery and increasing that stunning beauty of the location, besides the dense mangrove plantations. Moreover, at some parts, the islands are sidelined by the tributary of the Kallada River. So on your honeymoon trip, when you are spending your precious time together in the backdrop of such an adorable place it will bring you a special kind of joy that you had never felt before.

The relaxing ambience of this quaint village could be experienced on a greater extent when you both are staying back at any of the adjacent resort or simple homestay. To avail the former option you will always be advised to pre-book under any good tour packages. They may provide you with both that precious opportunity to sail through numerous narrow and small canals flowing in between the islands. On its banks, you could find several mangrove plants growing in unusual shapes. Sailing across in these intricate pathways in kayaks can turn out to be a fun activity that can be indulged by couples together. At some places, the mangroves would be denser that would create a tunnel kind of structure, providing shelter to you.  On that voyage, you could closely observe at the simple rural livelihood led by the villagers there.

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The entire concept of tourism has only started emerging to this pristine island of Munroe. So you are going to rush into a very few other tourists on your trip. Moreover, there will not be any long lines to create any boredom in you and hamper your honeymoon. In this very little crowd, both you and your significant other can have your own special moments together. Also, the brightly coloured mangroves provide these areas with an added beauty, as you may catch a glimpse of large migratory birds flying across from them, on which they had made their temporary nests. The calming green-hued water bodies are going to soothe and save you from all the tensions you could have suffered from the everyday busy lives.

On your exploration of the place together, you may interact with the cordial and polite village dwellers. They may educate you about the primary fishing methods that they usually do for their living, by moving around in the lake waters on country boats. Apart from that, they also depend on the cultivation of cashew nuts, areca nut and obviously the coconuts. They could be the most common tree that you could get to spot here in Kerala, making them the state tree. But all these geographical features do create an awesome view once the sun sets in. The islands may be sighted far away from the beaches, but when clicked a picture during any late evening of the pristine water bodies, you are going to get a mesmerizing photo of you and your loved one.

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That sail inside a boathouse and cruising all across the backwaters could the next big things that cannot be missed on this very first tour with no other than your beloved. Although they are merely large boats plying in the clean lake waters, you could avail all sorts of world-class facilities, so that you are not facing any troubles by staying in the cruise all day and missing your home. As they are moving to different spots in the cruise, you could get to see the unique views of Munroe Island from the well-equipped houseboats. Above all that, the tickets for this is offered by the Kerala Tourism Department Council at cheapest prices so as to attract more tourists to the destination.

Those Intriguing facts about the Island

Although the name Munroe Island does sound singular, they are actually a group of around 8 small islands or islets. So is the place commonly known as ‘Manttrothuruth’ in the region, as ‘thuruth’ in Malayalam means ‘a group of Islands.’ Furthermore, in the coinage of the name of this place, there had been an influence of a foreigner. It was done after Colonel John Munroe, which was the British Resident of the former princely state of Travancore. In fact, it was under his suggestion that the area of these canals was further expanded. It was to honour him that the island in this part of Kollam district to be called so.

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How to reach there: The Munroe Island can be reached from the Trivandrum International after travelling for almost 2 hours 20 minutes covering 81 km to the next district situated in the northern side. Moreover, the nearest railway station of Manttrothuruth is only 4km away. However, you need to transmit for around 26 km to arrive at the more accessible Kollam Junction Railway station.

The island honeymoon destinations as charming as Munroe Island are quite many in the incredible state of Kerala. You need to explore those serene locations along with your partner at least once in a lifetime. So whenever you are heading to these destinations of Kerala, never forget to seek for the assistance of Dream Holidays, who could suggest you about the places and the exciting activities to be indulged in. Although based in Kochi, the reputed tour company had created numerous honeymoon packages targeting adventurous couples like yours.  Moreover, their travel deals would cover the popular tourist destinations like that of Wayanad, Athirapally, Munnar, Allepey, Ponmudi, Kochi, Thekkady and Varkala In addition to that the unexplored places like that of Poovar, Kakkathruth, Kuttikanam and many more would also be considered if the customer is demanding so.

8 Surprising Facts about Jumeirah Mosque of Dubai We Bet You Never Knew

Rushing into a mosque wherever you are turning to is not an unlikely thing, yet the one that we are going to discuss here has got its own exclusive features, making us write about it further. They are the Jumeirah Mosque situated at the northernmost point of Jumeriah in Dubai.  There is no wonder in admitting that, they are one of the most photographed religious centres in the entire Emirate region. The structure deserved to be recognized as such a magnificent place for religion and its unique architecture. Henceforth, they are complemented by both domestic and global level.

The following could be the surprising facts about the Jumeirah Mosque of Dubai that is very rare for you to know already.

People who do not belong to Islam could also enter the mosque

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Such lenience is going to question the misconception that Islam is still the orthodox religious community that dislikes any sort of intrusion of people from other communities. However, in reality, it is not so. You could enter the holy space of Jumeirah Mosque even if you are non-Muslim on tour to the city of true religious tolerance. There are indeed some of them in packages, by which somebody would guide you.

It is the same mosque featured on the Emirati note

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On the back of the 500 AED note, you could find a mosque inscribed in them. It is nothing else than the Jumeirah Grand Mosque of Dubai. That very much says about the significance of the religious centre for being a landmark. Moreover, along with the picture of Jumeirah Mosque, you could also spot yet another significant element for Emiratis, i.e. the falcon.

Colourful ceilings have got verses from the Quran

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In the backdrop of blue and peach ceilings of the Jumeriah Mosque, you could find splendidly carved out Arabic verses from the Quran. The calligraphy marked is unlike the Devanagri scripts found in the Mosque of Sarkhej Roza in Ahmedabad, as the latter was built in the years from 14445 AD to 1451 AD. So apart from the holy scripts, you could also appreciate the magnificence of its designs, chandeliers and other geometric motifs.

They are completely made of white stone marbles

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The Jumeirah mosque of Dubai is completely built of a special kind of white stone marbles. Also, the architecture of the very mosque is influenced by building style followed in Syria and Egypt. This particular architectural style is otherwise plainly known as the Fatimid kind of a structure. Moreover, the very first things that you note in the exteriors of the mosque could be the two tall minarets build on either side of a large dome in the middle and two smaller ones on its side.

The mosque could accommodate people up to 1300 at a time

During those congregational mass prayers on Fridays, devotees around 1300 will drop into the mosque. Even though the interiors of this religious centre are that large, some of the people would be seen praying in the exterior premises of the mosque due to lack of enough space.

Traditional Islamic attires for women would be given if required

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Just like rituals followed in any spiritual centre all across the globe, here in Jumeriah mosque too, there are some things to be done before setting your foot into the interiors of the mosque. One among them would be wearing traditional Burkha for women. They are supplied by the authorities of the mosque. If you are not willing to adorn them, you may have to veil your shoulders and hair with at least a scarf.

Mosque withstood the demolition process of nearby constructions

It was during the renovation works of the entire city in the 1980s that all the nearby constructions, including the Chicago Beach Hotel, were demolished. Along with them, many residential spaces where a large population of Dubai expatriates lived their struggling lives too were lost. However, the mosque of Jumeriah had withstood the grave demolition, considering their religious significance. Moreover, nothing much had changed since its construction in 1975 with the backing of Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum.

Interactive open tours are conducted on a regular basis

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One should appreciate the open-mindedness and religious tolerance of the Dubai Emiratis to invite the tourists to their spiritual centre under the policy of ‘Open Doors, Open Minds.’ tour is usually organized by Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding. They are conducting such tours with the motive of educating the tourists about the cultural understanding and the harmony of the Islamic religion. The provision of such sort of tourism is comparatively new in Arab nations, unlike the open tours offered in Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad.

From the information provided here, you could have got to know that the global city of Dubai had rich culture and traditions even from the olden times. So when you are on tour to the city, you are not supposed to miss that chance of visiting the historic landmarks of Dubai such as the Jumeirah Grand Mosque. On all those holidaying in this most visited Emirate of UAE, you may contact Dubai Tour Trawell who could make your entire trip meaningful yet enjoyable. Moreover, their tour packages are curated in such a way that they could satisfy the wanderlust of each sort of travellers who are honeymoon, family tour, group tour and even solo trip. Immense expenses should never hamper your travel dreams once you had dealt your business with the eminent tour operator.

Bon Appetit -The Delicacy Of Kerala Cuisine

Kerala, God’s own country, the land renowned for its exotic range of spices. The cuisine of Kerala is a symbolization of its culture, tradition, heritage and its geography. It is an epitome of both veg and nonveg cuisine at one phase. When you ask any Malayali about the Kerala cuisine, the very first thing you might hear will be Coconut and Banana fries. But from my experience, there is a lot to explore in Kerala cuisine apart from coconut and bananas. Being the land of spices, every dish in Kerala you can experience a magical amalgamation of spices. There are so many places in Kerala which are famous for their dishes and recipes. “Mittayi Theruvu” in Kozhikode is renowned for a cluster of a wide variety of chocolate shops and different types of halwa throughout its aisle. And the famous Manjali biriyani and Kayees biriyani from Ernakulam and also famous “Kulukki Sarbath” which is extensively popular among youngsters. Being a North Indian, from Ahmedabad it was a fascinating moment for me when my Malayali friends introduce me to the authentic Kerala cuisine when I moved to Kochi for my post-graduation. Apart from the delicious food there a lot of lush greenery destinations in Kerala which can be included in your tour packages to make a phenomenal trip to Kerala.

As a famous film dialogue “Food is not just a word, it’s an emotion” and it is completely true when it comes to breakfast for every Malayali. The spectacular option for breakfast is just amazing. But before I came to Kerala, the only thing I know about South Indian cuisine was Sambar and Dosa. But apart from Sambar and Dosa there a lot more to explore in South Indian Thali. From my personal favorite “Puttu” and “Kadala curry” or Chickpea curry to the piping hot beef stew and Appam, the breakfast options are just dashing. So let’s dig into the wide variety of authentic Kerala cuisine.

puttu kadala

1. Puttu and Kadala Curry

Puttu or steamed rice cake is one of the most popular breakfast options in Kerala. Usually, it is made up of rice powder, coconut, and water. But apart from rice, wheat, corn powder, and semolina are also used to make Puttu. And the recently discovered “Jack fruit Puttu” is one of the edible breakfast options in Kerala. Puttu can be molded in different shapes, From cylindrical to most recommended: “Chiratta Puttu” which has a shape of semi-sphere is also available across different parts of Kerala. If you’re a vegetarian Puttu and Kadala combination is the best choice for you. Apart from Kadala curry, beef and chicken curry or even Fish curry are also a kick-ass combination for Puttu. When I travel with my friend to Calicut, he introduced me to “Kuthirabiryani” which sounds weird to me but later I discovered that it is the famous combination of Puttu and Kadala Curry with Papadam or Papad.

pepper chicken-stew

2. Appam and Stew
Appam and stew is an integral part of Syrian Christian cuisine. Appam is a pancake made up of rice batter and cooked in a specially designed cooking vessel called “Appachatti”. It was a magical moment for my taste buds when I took my first bite of the crispy Appam with the coconut stew. Stew is basically, a curry made with the richness of coconut milk and can add vegetables, chicken, or even red meat according to our taste. Among them, piping hot Mutton stew along with the crispy Appam is my all-time favorite. Even though stew is white and has a creamy texture, it is a little bit spicy due to the presence of black pepper and green chilies. The making process of Appam is also very delightful to watch, the sweetness of coconut milk and sugar which balances the sour taste of the fermented batter, like a perfect marriage of flavors. And the most interesting part of making is the deft swirling of “Appachatti” to get a unique bowl-like shaped Appam.


3. Malabar Parotta and Beef roast
Kerala cuisine is incomplete without having the most favorite Malabar Parotta and Beef roast. Malabar Parotta is another version of bread which is made up of all-purpose flour, oil, and water. And the making process is quite complex but interesting to watch the way he broke down the dough into long strips, which is then rolled together to make multi-layered Parotta. One should add this delicious Malabar Parotta along with the aromatic spicy beef curry in your next trip plan to Kerala. But it cannot be taken daily due to the huge amount of calories but still a perfect combo which gives immense pleasure to your taste buds. Beef or “Panni” curry is an authentic Kerala curry which is filled with the richness of spices, coconut, and red meat. In local wine shops, Beef curry is the main dish that is paired up with toddy and a must-try combination in Kerala.

kappa biriyani

4. Kappa Biriyani
One of my favorite evening snack. Kappa biriyani is a combination of mashed tapioca mixed with beef roast. Kappa is a ground crop in Kerala which is an edible food ingredient with a lot of fibers, which is cooked in water and it gets softened and then it mixed well with beef curry and garnished with onions and curry leaves. I became a huge fan of Kappa and Fish curry which I tried once in my college trip to Kerala which is organized by a travel company called Gogeo Holidays. If you’re someone who loves spicy food then Kappa Biriyani is a must-try dish for you. In my experience, the local Kappa Biriyani that we got from the street vendors is more flavourful, delicious and available at cheap prices. During my post-graduation period, this is used to be our evening snack along with some hot black tea. A day is not enough to complete the food diary through Kerala, from the wide varieties of biriyanis, Banana chips, and “Kuzhi mandi” the dishes are ceaseless. Depends on the region, culture, and religion we can explore a spectrum of dishes in Kerala cuisine.

Some Intriguing Facts About the Astounding ‘Mount Harriet’

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are one of the prominent Indian archipelagoes. The islands are famous for their distinguishing beauty and elegance. The island was once ruled by the British and after independence, the Indian government started administrating the island. The island is an exquisite place to rejuvenate and refresh. Hundreds of travelers from various parts of the country like Pune, Mumbai, and Kolkata avail of tour packages to Andaman. Andaman and Nicobar islands are devoid of all kinds of amenities. When the island is compared to any village, the village may be treated well-conditioned place for people to live peacefully. The islands have only one ATM center and that too located in Port Blair, capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Therefore travelers are requested to carry enough loose cash with them to avoid unwanted issues. The islanders are provided the basic resources by the government of India. Twice a month a ship used to sail from Chennai, Vishakhapatnam, and Kolkata by carrying essential commodities for the islanders. It is said Andaman and Nicobar islands are composed of more than 500 islands out of which only 35 have been explored and inhabited. It is believed that the island was once ruled by tribal settlements of different origins. Many of them left the island due to severe changes in the geography of the land, lack of food. They always hesitate to communicate with modern people as they fear that people from cities will attack them. Now mainly two groups of tribal settlements are seen namely Sentinel and Jarwa. Interaction with these people is strictly prohibited by the government of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

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There would be no one in the world who does not love to play in the water. Andaman is a haven for aqua venture activities. Thousands of travelers visit the astounding island to participate in various kinds of water sports activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, sea diving, sea walking, parasailing, glass-bottom boat rides, and many more. The attractive feature of all these activities is they do not need any prior knowledge in swimming. The island is famous for water tourism. The sun-drenched beaches, azure rivers, and palm-fringed trees swinging in accordance to cool breeze, wild roars and melodious tweeting of innocent birds, bare feet walking in white sand dunes make the island a spectacular destination for travelers to spend their favorite holidays. Andaman is an ideal destination for honeymooners, family tour and group tours. To make the trip fabulous tourists purchase Andaman tour packages at cheap rates. Most travelers are unknown that the island shelters to a famous and beautiful national park called Mount Harriet National Park. The park is home to various species of fauna and flora. A visit to the park will definitely make your day. So when you plan a trip to Andaman does not forget to include Mount Harriet Park in your itinerary. So now let us have a glimpse of the peculiarities of Mount Harriet National Park.

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Mount Harriet National Park is the famous national park situated in the islands of Andaman. The park is a perfect example of excellent biodiversity. It is situated in the Ferargunj Tehsil in Port Blair. The park is sprawled in an area of 4.62 square km and was formed in the year 1969. The park comprises a famous peak called Mount Harriet which is the third highest peak on the island. The park got the name in the remembrance of the 2nd wife of a British army officer called Robert Christopher Tytler. Travelers can reach the spot by ‘dhungi’ or commonly call as Bamboo transport. Has anyone noticed the backside of a 20 rupees Indian currency note? It is a scintillating picture of a lighthouse situated in North Bay Island and the image was captured by standing on the top of Mount Harriet. By standing on the top of the hill one would get the splendid views of the nearby islands like Port Blair, Ross Island, and Havelock Island.

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Along with wild animals and birds, one could catch the fascinating views of butterflies belonging to various species and colors. The wild animals which are seen in a large population in the Mount Harriet National Park is robber crabs, saltwater crocodiles, and Andaman wild pigs. The park is also popular for its exotic collection of flora. One could find Littoral Forests, Bamboo Brakes, Evergreen Forests, Semi-Evergreen Forests, Moist Deciduous Forests and Cane Brakes inside the national park. Till now 393 species of flora have been reported. Two new species of flora called Drypetes Ellis and Ceropygie Andamanica and also an epiphyte orchid called Thrixspermum merguense has been identified in the jungle. To enjoy the amazing charm of trees practice trekking from Bambooflat the top of the mountain and on the way, one could see the hanging vines. While trekking is very careful Negrito tribes they are generally termed as hunter-gatherers.

The national park is abundantly blessed with endangered species and migratory birds. Andaman and Nicobar Islands are known as a paradise for bird watchers and ornithologists. Some of them are Andaman Treepie, Nicobar Megapode, Andaman Wood Pigeon and Sunda Teal or Grey Teal and many more. Along with wild animals and birds, one could also find reptiles like King Cobra and Andaman Cobra. The crystal clear lake flowing through the park protects 16 marine species such as Snakeheads, Eel, Sleepers, Catfish, and Gobies.

Travelers who love to trek can try various small and sloppy peaks inside the park such as Mount Carpenter, Mount Koyob, Mount Good ridge, and Mount Hext. By narrowing down the paragraphs one could easily understand the peculiarities of the Mount Harriet National Park. So when you decide to avail of the tour packages to Andaman do not forget to contact Andaman Tour Travel. They are one of the leading tour operators in Kerala. They curate packages by giving prime importance to customers’ desires. so what are you waiting for? Avail of the package before it expires. Don’t waste your time.

Embark The Richness Of Trivandrum

Everyone says that marriages are made in heaven. Yes, it truly was! But I want my honeymoon also in heaven. Hence we decided to celebrate our passionate honeymoon in God’s own country. Jeff and I are colleagues working in Chennai for the past 5 years. When he proposed to me my only condition was that ” our honeymoon should be in Kerala” with a cherubic smile he said yes! And there starts our love story. While everyone is busy scheduling our marriage we are secretly planning our honeymoon. On a random search, we found a travel company called Gogeo Holidays that has a nice collection of honeymoon packages to Kerala. From which we selected a honeymoon pacakge which includes the richness of Trivandrum, Kanyakumari, Agasthyakoodam, Neyyar dam and wild sanctuary and the most famous Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Trivandrum at the best price.

padmanabhiswami temple

The travel company was charted the entire trip from the ticket booking to the stay and travel in Trivandrum for us to enjoy a hassle-free honeymoon. And finally, the day was here. From the Chennai international airport, we took Air-India Express to Kerala and which is the most convenient and fastest way to reach Kerala. And the voyage takes around 1 hour to reach our dream destination. Trivandrum or Thiruvananthapuram is the capital of Kerala and most renowned for the eminent presence of Padmanabhaswamy Temple. With a dashing sunrise, Trivandrum gave us a warm welcome. We started our romantic journey from the divine presence of the Padmanabhaswamy Temple. The temple is an epitome of holiness and sanctitude. Apart from that, the temple became famous for its mystery-hidden chambers of treasures and it’s enigmatic stories. The temple was built in 6 AD under the supervision of the kings of Travancore.

The main reason behind the huge flow of the crowd to this divine place is due to the discovery of huge 6 secret Kallaras or vaults which are named as A, B, C, D, and F. All these vaults are flourished with wealth beyond human imagination. Heaped with bundles of ancient gold coins, diamonds, gemstones, and huge gold necklaces. While wandering through the divine temple and experiencing the royal architecture, I was still thinking about the most precious and impenetrable vault B. The guide told that vault B is locked with Naga Paasam mantras and to show its horrifying side the doors are engraved with serpent imagery and Yakshi symbols. While I was thinking about its deep routes Jeff reminded me that, we are here for our honeymoon not for archeological research. Before leaving the temple, the guide egged us in to eat the temple Sadhya which is a royal delicacy of Trivandrum. And only available during the festival period. Lucky us!

Neyyar_Dam 1

After an authentic meal, we moved to our next destination, Neyyar dam and wild sanctuary. Since Jeff is a nature enthusiast he was so thrilled to and excited to visit Neyyar dam and wild sanctuary and the famous Agasthyakoodam. Around 32km from Trivandrum where you can see this eminent destination envelop across 12,000 hectares. One of the major tourist spots in Travancore renowned for its rich flora and fauna and adventure activities. We already mentioned to our desires that we want our honeymoon to be a little adventure and thrilling. So in order to fulfill our desires, they have arranged jeep safari and trekking to our package. In which jeep safari was my personal favorite because trekking is like roaming through the jungle, tired and sweaty, that is definitely not my thing. Moving through the gigantic rocks and the shattered road was instantly create an adrenaline rush. Another mesmerizing fact about the Neyyar dam is Agasthyakoodam. It is one of the most recommended tour spots in Trivandrum which has a height of about 1868m which is the second-highest peak in Kerala. Agasthyakoodam is also called Agastya Mala Peak nestled on the southern side of western ghats which is the home for exotic wildlife. After a captivating sunset, we returned to our resort to pack our bags to Kanyakumari.


Our next start with the roaring waves of Kanyakumari, a coastal town that is 84km away from Trivandrum. The Laccadive Sea, the soothing climate and the picturesque view of the eminent sunrise will rejuvenate you for sure. After having a local breakfast which includes rice cake commonly called “Puttu” in Malayalam along with some piping hot Bengal gram curry or “Kadala curry” and authentic black tea was literally made my day. So after the delicious breakfast, we get ready to witness the richness and hospitality of Kanyakumari. Kanyakumari is an amalgamation of art, culture, and civilization. The destination is also popular for its commerce and trade from the ancient period itself. Vivekananda rock memorial is one of the main tourist places in Kanyakumari which is an exemplary memorial and exciting ferry ride for visitors also gives a thrilling moment for us. Another place in our wish list was the Wax museum which shows the wax mannequins of eminent personalities around the world. The museum has 31 world-famous wax sculptures and the fine detailing to it is so skillful and fascinating. The visiting time is about 8 AM tO 7 PM and costs around 100rs per ticket. Jeff was constantly taking pictures of every sculpture and describing everything like he was the one behind these magnificent works. The travel company beautifully includes all these fascinating places in our honeymoon packages to make our Voyage to Kerala a memorable one. After a long day, we moved to Kanyakumari beach near to Vivekananda rock memorial, which is another top crowed place to explore a dashing sunrise and sunset with your loved ones. While the wind passing through my messy hair and he just cwtches me tightly and we spend our passionate time there with an alluring sunset.

The 5 most prominent dams in Kerala

               The world is growing day by day. People have now become very competitive. Nowadays people are not ready to invest their valuable time in any unnecessary matters, because they are in a rush to achieve their daily goals. Humans are so busy with office chores that they forget they have obligations towards their family, friends, and society and moreover towards nature. Can you imagine a world without trees and wild creatures? It is said that our planet was formed millions of years ago and it was our Mother Nature who protected our ancestors and also us from several devastating natural calamities. Like where son and daughter have an obligation towards their aged parents and siblings likewise we, humans are liable to the conserve the natural resources. What we are today is all because of the hard work of our parents. Therefore it is our responsibility to hand over nature in the same away as we were gifted. Before explaining the importance of conservation of nature and its resources let us all have a glimpse of the important resources of nature. We all are familiar without water no one on the planet could survive. Pure air and water are the two basic elements that are essential for living organisms to sustain life on earth. It is not possible to discuss each and every element in this document therefore let us concentrate on the conservation of water. Water has many uses and 99 % of us know what they are. I really don’t want you to get bored by reading the uses of water. There would be only a few places in the world that experiences continuous rainfall throughout the year. But the rest of the part of the world suffers from the scarcity of water in terrible hot summer days. To avoid such situations waters are conserved in reservoirs called Dams. More than 50 dams are situated in India. Out of which 10 are from Kerala. Kerala is the state where Mother Nature has showered her scintillating natural resources enormously to mankind. Water in the reservoir is generally used to generate electricity and quench the thirst of plants, animals, and humans. The dams in Kerala are beautifully decorated and maintained with all modern amenities. Hundreds of travelers flock to Kerala with family from Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Hyderabad to enchant the beguiling charm of water dams situated in the state. Most of the travelers visit the state by purchasing tour packages at reasonable rates and thus make their travel hassle-free. When compared to the past now people are more interested to accompany their family and friends to nature-oriented places and marvel their hearts with fresh vibes. To freshen your hearts with good emotions let us traverse through the lanes of prominent dams in Kerala.

  1. Parambikulam Dam

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               Parambikulam Dam is one of the best dams in India. It is located in the Palakkad district in Kerala. The water from the dam feeds hectares of paddy cultivation and lakhs of the family in Chittur Taluk and also other places in the district. It is constructed on the banks of the Parambikulam River and Aliyar River. It was built during the period of Kamaraj. The maximum storage capacity of the dam is 1825 feet.  The dam is functioned and maintained by the government of Tamil Nadu but the ownership of the dam lies with the Kerala government.

  1. Neyyar Dam

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               Neyyar Dam is situated on the banks of the Neyyar River in Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala. It is positioned on the grounds of Western Ghats. It was constructed in the year 1958. The Neyyar Dam is also known as ‘Gravity Dam’. The dam is constructed close to Agasthayarkoodam. Trekkers who trek the famous Agasthyarkoodam hill will definitely visit the famous Neyyar Dam. Visitors availing family tour packages at cheap prices used to mesmerize the beauty of the serene nature by visiting the famous Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwanthari Ashram.

  1. Mullaperiyar Dam

Kerala family tour

               Mullaperiyar Dam is a masonry dam constructed on the banks of the Periyar River in the Idukki district in Kerala. John Pennycuick started the construction of Mullaperiyar Dam in 1187 and he took 8 years to complete it. The dam collects water from both Mullayar and Periyar Rivers. The famous Periyar National Park is constructed on the banks of the Periyar River.

  1. Idukki Dam

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               Idukki Dam is one of the highest arch dams in India situated in the Idukki District on the banks of Periyar River. The Idukki dam is sandwiched between Kuruvan and Kurathi hills. At a distance of 43 km from the dam, the Moollamattam powerhouse is located. The Idukki dam is mainly formed by the amalgamation of Cheruthonni, Idukki and Kulamavu dams in Kerala. Tourists from various corners of the world visit the dam to enjoy its fascinating beauty. Travelers are supposed to buy tickets to enter the dam. People can enjoy the spell-bound beauty of the dam by practicing boating inside the dam. After strolling the dam travelers can visit the famous Idukki Wildlife sanctuary and capture amazing images of animals and birds in the jungle.

  1. Pazhassi Dam

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               The famous Pazhassi Dam is situated in Thalassery Thaliparamba taluks in Kannur district. The dam is also known as Kulur Barrage. It is constructed on the banks of Valapattanam River. The dam is famous not only for its storage capacity but also for its serene nature. For travelers to enjoy the beauty of the park the authorities have constructed a park and named it as Pazhassi Park. King Pazhassi’s statute and the sculpture of Buddha are the eye-catching attractions of Pazhassi Park.

               From the above paragraphs, travelers might have got a clear idea about the famous 5 dams in Kerala and their unique specialties. To know more about it avails of a tour package to Kerala. To make your journey more comfortable purchase the packages from a prominent tour operator called Gogeo Holidays. They curate itineraries according to the customer’s request. Travelers can book packages either online or offline. So what are you waiting for? Avail of the packages as soon as possible, before it expires.