Alleppey the Inland Water Paradise with Immense Potential and Attractions


Located in the southeast part of India to the Malabar Coast, Kerala is said to be one of the most beautiful tourist destinations. Blessed with a unique climate and geographical condition the state houses a number of unique and different water destination which fascinates the travelers visiting the land. The complex backwater destinations of the state are one of the primary water attractions in the land which is explored by the travelers from around the world. A peaceful ride along the palm fringes enjoying the beauty of the rice paddy fields, moonlit waters and the backwater villages are all once in a lifetime experience that the travelers visiting the state could enjoy. With backwater tourism developing greatly in the land, the Kerala tourism department with the travel operators like Lifemadeasy has organized a number of cheap and affordable tour packages to attract the attention of the travelers to these fascinating inland water destinations. One of the main aims of the packages and the projects organized is to develop the state into a well-known backwater destination allowing the travelers to enjoy the beauty of the inland waters under affordable rates. Kerala to the south is one of the only states which houses a number of unique and fascinating complex backwater destinations which makes the state the tourist hub for backwater lovers.


With the salty sea water mixing with the fresh waters of the lake, the backwaters of Kerala houses unique a water structure which facilitates the growth of a number of different marine life like the frog, prawns, crabs, water hoers and more. The soil in the land is rich with some unique minerals; the land facilitates the growth of rare herbs with medicinal qualities making the inland water destination of the state the best spot for Ayurveda. The Alleppey district in Kerala is one of the best destinations when it comes to the complex inland water destinations in the state. Mostly visited by the foreign travelers this enticing destination is known to be the getaway to the inland waters of Kerala. Alleppey being a destination with a number of herbs with medicinal properties growing, the place houses a number Ayurvedic centers. Most of the backwater Ayurvedic centers are located in Alleppey which offers the overseas travelers with a number of herbal therapies. The foreigners visiting Alleppey mostly choose to enjoy a relaxing herbal massage which would relax their mind and body. There are even travelers who tour to Alleppey just to enjoy the magical touch of Ayurveda.


There are a number of different factors which attracts the travelers from around the world to Alleppey. The backwater industries in the place are one such element that attracts the travelers. The coir industry and the handicraft industry are the 2 main backwater industries functioning in the land. The coir industries in the land are mostly located close to the coconut industries for the easier availability of raw material for the coir production. Being one of the greatest producers of coir in the state, the coir industry in Alleppey attracts the attention of travelers to a greater extent. The handicraft industry is yet another well known inland water industry in Alleppey which fascinates the travelers visiting the place with its rare collection of artworks. As a part of developing responsible tourism in the backwater destination, the travelers visiting the industries are taught some of the basic elements in coir makings and handicraft arts. One o the other attraction of the backwater industries in Alleppey is that most of the workers in the place are women and the industries are the only means of income for the female in the land.


Apart from the backwater industries and Ayurvedic centers in Alleppey, there are a number of factors like the houseboat tours and the backwater festivals which grab the attention of the travellers. Alleppey is one such backwater destination in Kerala which houses a number of houseboats with modern interiors and facilities which would fascinate the travellers. Oversea travellers touring to Alleppey mostly includes the houseboat tours and houseboat stays to make their trip more happening and memorable. The houseboat packages offered in Alleppey mostly includes an entertainment activity like a traditional Kerala dance and the Kerala cuisine. The traditional Kerala cuisine offered in Alleppey is one of the best parts of an Alleppey tour for a food lover. Filled with the flavors and the spices of the land the food in the place is a literal threat to the taste buds. Mostly the cuisine offered in the houseboats includes the rice and a number of curries which includes the pickle and pappad with payasam as a sweet dish. Travelers visiting Alleppey during the festival season could enjoy the seasonal festival of the land which is the boat race better known as the Nehru trophy boat race within the locals. Most of the travelers from foreign destinations tour to Alleppey during this festive season to enjoy the seasonal splendor in the waters. Nehru trophy race is one of the best festivals celebrated during the harvesting season in Kerala. A number of different types of boat race with each other during the festival setting up a feeling of harmony and celebration in the land.

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Most of the backwater destination in like Alleppey is known for its magnificent beauty of nature. Filled with a number of rich green paddy fields and coconut plantations the backwater destinations are the best sports where travellers could enjoy some time away from the loud rush of the city on the lap of nature. The backwater villages in Alleppey would be one of the best choices for travellers who wish to explore the traditional lifestyle of the people in the backwater destinations. Apart from being known as one of the best backwater travel destinations, Alleppey has also been known as the honeymooner’s paradise due to the romantic ambiance the place set in for couples. The beauty of the moonlit sky and the waters, the paddy fields and the backwater villages bathed in midnight blue all add to the beauty of a romantic stay in the waters. The backwaters of Kerala are one of the best destinations for honeymooners, couples and nature lovers who wish to spend a day in paradise.