An Epic Chronicle About The Hidden Gems In Alleppey

Since I’m a Malayali who born and bought up in Kochi, I was not excited about spending my precious honeymoon in Alleppey. Because of the influence of Hindi web series and films I was also dreamt of having a romantic honeymoon where we go for a long walk through the tempting landscapes covered with snow in Manali. But all my dream just disappears when the groom from Hyderabad express his intense love and passion to explore Kerala, especially Alleppey. By seeing his puppy face, I finally agreed to his opinion and packed my bag to Allepey.

Since he decided the destination, the rest of the decisions was mine. After long planning and plotting, I picked a travel company in Kerala called Gogeo Holidays because they have an amazing collection of honeymoon packages at the best prices. From the air ticket booking to all the leisure activities they have charted the entire trip and hence provide hassle-free honeymoon. Our honeymoon started with refreshing sunrise in the houseboat cruise in Kuttanad. A humble and bizarre town truly waiting for all nature lovers to explore its culture, heritage and the local delicacy of Kuttanad. Joshua, my better half was so excited to see the bunch of ducks in the lagoon near to our houseboat. He was mimicking their sound with them which was funny to watch. Kuttanad is all about its paddy fields, an unending stripe of coconut plantations and duck farming. Due to its rich spices and paddy cultivation, it is renowned as the rice bowl of India. Since he is a photography enthusiast Kuttanad feels like a divine paradise for him.  photography

I called myself an adventure junkie because adventures are like yoga for me, refreshing and exciting. I always wanted my honeymoon to be a little adventurous. And while choosing Aleppey I was not sure about it. But the travel company has managed to customize the package by including my carving for adventure also. From which Kayaking is the one I love the most. Moving through the alluring backwaters of Allepey where the rustic beauty and serenity of the green water and the sight of coconut moving plantations near to the lagoons are so refreshing. Holding your paddle and controlling your kayak like a captain through the narrow canals while the bunch of ducks and some species of small fishes, we called it by the name “Karimeen” in Malayalam. They took all the safety measures by giving life jackets, and give a trail kayaking before we start it by own. While kayaking through the lagoons, there are many fishermen, fishing with the fishing net and the way they pour the net accurately to the canals was fascinating to watch. The activity lasts for about 3 hours and in the beginning, my kayak was not in my control and it started moving in a zigzag way. Gradually everything come on phase and I enjoyed the ultimate pleasure.


After my victory, we go back to our houseboat. The delicious aroma of local cuisine gave us a warm welcome in the houseboat. Joshua was so surprised and excited to dig into it. The vibrant colors of the dishes were so dashing. From the most loved “Kappa and Thala curry” to the authentic duck roast the dishes were mind-blowing. To make the cuisine more interesting a bottle of “Kallu” or toddy is also added to the entire menu. He was so excited about trying toddy because it was his first time. Usually, I don’t prefer toddy but the one tasted from Allepey was different and gives an immense sensation to my taste buds. After an elegant lunch, we went for sightseeing. Before I saw the Alappuzha Zakariya Market, I didn’t realize that Allepey is a perfect place for shopaholics. From spices to handlooms it is an ideal destination for a spectacular shopping experience. He gifted me with a silver choker and a statement piece earing beautifully embellished with black stones. Maritime products are the other recommended things to buy in Allepey.  If your bargaining skills are good, then you can purchase anything at a very low price.

kappa with toddy 1

Since our romantic honeymoon was in August, we got a chance to witness the popular Nehru Trophy boat race in Alleppey.  With no doubt, the boat race so stunning. Our guide explained well about the legendary history behind this sport in Kerala. June to August is the best time for the photography enthusiasts and fans of this amazing sport to see the practice sessions more closely. The only thing which makes me feel uncomfortable is the rush and crowd. Because it is a seasonal period, we are lucky enough to see another treasure in Kerala, the “Kalaripayattu” which is an Indian martial art. This was one of my favorite parts about our honeymoon because apart from the movies and the famous “Vaddakan Pattukal” ballads, I didn’t see this priceless art form before. Nowadays people are practicing “Kalaripayattu” for keeping the body fit and energetic. Even though he showed his extreme interest to learn “Kalaripayattu”, I didn’t encourage him because it’s our honeymoon and I was not in the mood to spoil it. So if you are someone to love to learn new things and also wish to see the boat race then June to August is the perfect period for you. Also, so many attractive tour packages are available during this time at the best prices.Kalaripayattu_20th-Nov
After all the sightseeing and adventures we went to Allapuzha beach to experience a tranquil and gorgeous sunset with a romantic candlelight dinner. Soothing climate and the spectacular view will rejuvenate your mind for sure. This beach is popular for its 137 years old pier that stretches towards the sea. Being a Malayali I didn’t realize the beauty and prosperity of this precious land until I stepped into this mesmerizing paradise. There is much more to see and experience in Allepey but the trip is for a couple of days, so we returned to our hometown with a bundle of joy and happiness.

Kerala, the Hotspot Destination for the Newlyweds

Mostly referred to as the Gods own country, Kerala is one of the most known travel destinations in India that is best explored by travellers from around the world. It is mainly the beauty of nature in the place and the rich greenery of the state that gave Kerala the name. Being a state that is best explored by the honeymoon travellers and the couples, the state is also referred to as the honeymooners Eden; it is mainly the beauty and the champ that the travel destinations in Kerala hold in that attracts the attention of the tourists and the couples the most. In addition, most of the travel destinations in Kerala are located in isolation, far from the loud city and the pollution thus offering the travellers and honeymoon couples with peace and privacy. Kerala houses in a number of travel operators like Gogeo Holidays that offer the travellers, mainly the honeymoon couples with the best of tour packages at budget rates allowing them to explore most of the romantic attractions in the land in the best ways possible by indulging themselves in different adventures. Listed below are some of the main honeymoon attractions in Kerala and the different adventures offered at the place.

The Backwaters of Kerala


Being a state that is blessed with unique geography, Kerala is home to the most beautiful yet complex water bodies. The backwaters of Kerala are one of the most known and best sought after attractions in the land. Filled with the best of coconut plantations, the place is best explored by the honeymoon couples travelling to the south. One of the main attractions in the backwater destinations of Kerala is the houseboat offering services along the water routes. Not just a boating experience, most of the houseboats servicing in the backwater destinations of Kerala offers the travellers and the honeymoon couples with accommodations where they could enjoy the moonlit waters and the beauty of the place in a unique way. Some of the best backwater destinations in Kerala that the honeymoon couples could explore while travelling to Kerala includes Alleppey, Kochi, Kumarakom, Kollam and many more.

The Misty Hill Stations

Kerala hills
To the western ghats of the south, Kerala is home to some of the best hill stations that are mostly explored by the honeymoon couples and the adventure lovers. It is mainly the peaceful ambience that the hill offers to the travellers and the privacy that the couples could enjoy at the place that excites them. The misty hills of Munnar, the travel destinations in Wayanad is all some of the main hill stations in Kerala that are best explored by the honeymoon couples. Apart from the sightseeing options number of different adventures is also offered at the place like trekking, hiking and many more than most of the couples loves to explore. Offering the travellers with the best of climate, privacy, attractions and adventures the hills of Kerala is one best spot for the honeymooners.

The Beach Destinations


Being a coastal city Kerala houses in a number of beaches destinations that offer the travellers and the honeymooners with the best of view in nature and a number of other attractions. One of the best activities that the honeymoon couples and the travellers can enjoy at the beaches in Kerala includes boating, swimming, fishing and many more. Most of the beach destinations in Kerala houses in Ayurvedic resorts that offer the honeymoon couples with couple massages and treatment that let them enjoy a relaxing and refreshing honeymoon.

Kerala houses within a number of honeymoon destinations that offer travellers and couples with the best experience in the land. One of the main attractions of the honeymoon destinations in Kerala is the isolated location of the place that let the couples enjoy the best time in the laps of nature by availing the honeymoon packages. Apart from the sightseeing options and the different adventures, the couples destinations in Kerala offers the travellers with a number of other romantic activities like a treetop stay, romantic candlelight dinner, enjoying the sunset at the beach destinations in Kerala, beach walking and many more. Offering travellers with the best of attractions and romantic adventures Kerala is a true hotspot destination for the couples travelling to the south.


Travelling is the flavour of the present era and nowadays, tour operators take up the task of planning and executing your dream of travelling and exploring. They come with well informed and efficient teams who are ever ready to help you. As far as India is considered, the Kerala packages are considered as one of the most in-demand packages that tour operators handle. This is because Kerala has it all to satisfy traveller’s needs such as scenic beauty, serenity, a good climate, nice resorts, rich culture, and heritage, etc. In fact, visiting Kerala is often considered as a fulfilling experience by many. Thus most of the time, it is known as the gods own country and in order to get immersed in its divinity, not only from different parts of India but from around the world people come to Kerala. However, among them, honeymooners are the most in number.

kerala travel packages

When honeymooners search for Kerala tour packages, I confidently recommend Dream holidays as they are a master in formulating romantic and unforgettable tour packages for couples. They have numerous testimonials that speak of their ability to plan things in a tasteful way and being attentive to each and every need of the customers. They have included everything from beaches to mountains of Kerala in their honeymoon package and customizing the tour according to your needs is also possible with Dream holidays. But anyway, before talking to your tour operator it would be a good idea to gather up some information about the tourist attractions in Kerala. I have discussed some to the best of my knowledge in the below paragraphs including the beaches, backwaters, mountains and historical importance of Kerala.

kerala travel packages

If you search for beaches in Kerala, Kovalam and Varkala would top the search result but they are not the only beaches in Kerala. It is true that Kovalam and Varkala are the most developed beaches with a lot of interesting facilities for the tourists as there are various multi-cuisine restaurants, resorts, beach beds, and umbrellas, short courses in swimming, surfing, underwater yoga, etc. for tourists. However, the downside is they are too touristy and busy. I am not telling Kovalam and Varkala should be avoided because even with all that hustle and bustle going on, the beige sand still sparkle, silver water reflects and the coconut trees are lush greener than ever. Nevertheless, Kerala is also got many not-so-crowded beaches where you can laze around and unwind. If you are the kind of person who finds solace in peace, then you should definitely think of visiting Marari, Kappad or Bekkal beach, although three of them are in three different districts, unlike Varkala and Kovalam which are in the same district. In Marari or Bekal or Kappad, wearing a bikini won’t be a good idea as locals are not used to it but it’s a good place for going on long beach walks especially during sunrise or sunset times. Nevertheless, I think the best way to make the most out of any beach is to book a seaside cottage and stay in it. So that you can hear the waves and inhale the marine aroma all day long and go for swimming or sunbathe to flaunt a beautiful tan when you go back, whenever you wish. Kappad beach also boasts of a historical landmark as that’s where the Vasco da Gama landed during the 15th century and so it’s called the “Gateway to the Malabar Coast’’. The Bekkal beach has one of the largest forts known as the Bekkal fort and there are lovely pathways and well-maintained gardens. Marari beach is generally a fisherman’s beach and the colourful fishing boats and nets further add to its beauty.

honeymoon packages to kerala

Backwaters are also a major attraction in Kerala. The backwaters run all through the length of Kerala, passing many districts and each has a different charm and appeal. The fabulous backwaters with lush green plants growing in its banks, clear blue sky on the top, chirping of birds around, crisp cool air and swishing of coconut trees are what attract tourists like a magnet to Kerala’s backwaters. A houseboat cruising is the best way to savour all of this. It is also great to see village life on its shore. In fact, the houseboat often halts for some time in between the journey, so that the tourists will get a chance to see the village life closer and also to indulge in some traditionally prepared seafood available in the local restaurants there. Toddy, which is a local alcoholic drink fermented out of coconut is also very common in these villages and you can enjoy the unique taste of it if you want. Another way to make your houseboat journey further relaxing is to book an Ayurvedic massage too while cruising. The moving fingers of a skilled masseur and the aroma of the herbal oil along with the fresh breeze of backwaters will make your day lovely and undoubtedly, wash off all the stress in you. Vembanad, Ashtamudi and Valiyaparamba are the big ones among Kerala’s backwaters while Veli, Thiruvallam, Kumbalangi are the less popular ones. You can ask your tour operates about each of these backwaters and decide which are the ones you want to go.

kerala tour packages with houseboat

There are a lot of palaces and other historical landmarks spread over the different districts in Kerala with Kochi being the most ravishing of all. Especially in Fort Kochi, the fusion of different cultures is so evident that it oozes a vibrant charm and vibe. You can still see the remnants of British and Portuguese cultures. Kochi also has the face of modern Kerala with the metro system, shopping malls, etc. When you are coming to Kerala it would be best to either arrive or depart from Cochin international airport as then, conveniently you can stay a few days after or prior to it in Kochi and explore the magnificent city.

kerala honeymoon packages from delhi

Kerala is quite easily accessible to anyone as it’s got four international airports or if you want to club your Kerala tour with some tourist places in north India, it would be best to book a Kerala package or if you newlywed couples, a Kerala honeymoon packages from Delhi. I recommend Delhi because it is situated in the heart of India and Delhi itself is a tourist spot too, however, packages are available from other major cities of north India as well. So don’t hesitate to take a break from your busy life and talk to your tour operator about escaping to this wonderland.

Kerala Backwater Tourism – An Amazing Experience to Cherish for Lifetime

Kerala is a popular tourist destination known for its backwater tourism, ayurvedic spa, and its natural beauty. The lush green coconut plantations, the complex water, and soil structure are the things that attract tourists from different parts of the world. The backwaters are the backbone and the most unique attractions in Kerala. And now with the increasing demand for backwater tourism, the government has put in a number of Kerala backwater packages for the tourist to explore the best of the attraction. Before setting out on a backwater tour it is important to plan the budget. Check out lifemadeasy and get an idea for the cost planning.

kerala backwater packages


Kerala backwaters are a network of interconnected canals, rivers, and inlets. Alleppey backwaters are one of the best backwaters in Kerala. Alappuzha was described by Lord Curzon as Venice of east and therefore it is known as the Venetian capital of Kerala. A trip to Kerala and particularly to Alleppey backwaters can never be complete without houseboat experience. The houseboats in Alappuzha are reworked versions of the kettuvalams that were used in the old times. It is actually a boat that is designed and modified to be used primarily as a home. There are different categories of houseboat based on the budget which include deluxe houseboats, luxury houseboats, premium houseboats, special cruise, etc. The houseboats will contain all the comforts of a good hotel room including furnished bedrooms, modern toilets, kitchen and balcony’s where you can enjoy the view of life in the backwaters.

kerala backwater tour packages


The day cruise, which is a part of every Kerala houseboat package is the best way to experience the backwater beauty if you do not prefer to sleep on a houseboat. Here, you enjoy the paddy fields, coconut trees, the cool breeze, etc at its best. When the sun is up the paddy fields seems like a golden carpet which adds to its beauty. The views match the Kerala you have in mind. The boat will pass through the narrow canals where we see the glory of village life. People mainly use canoes to move around and that too even children. There is also a chance to witness farming and fishing. Also, look out for ducks swimming and waddling on the river banks. It is best to take a good camera with you as there are many photo opportunities during the travel. During the journey, you also come across other houseboats and some happy and excited tourists waving their hands on us. You can also stop at toddy shops if needed and can experience tasting some local food and also some good snacks like tapioca, fish curry, etc. During the journey, a delicious lunch will be provided with some mouth-watering dishes. As for the food, it will be traditional Kerala style food. The food will be of a good standard in all the houseboats. There will be both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods according to your choice. The food mostly includes rice, sambar, mixed vegetable, fish fry, chicken, etc. They will also provide you with fresh coconut juices. The day cruise will end around 5 pm. If choosing a night cruise then they provide you with dinner. It is the most popular option as you can enjoy the surroundings and relax a little. During the night there will be no traveling, the boat will be docked. But it gives you the experience of sleeping on the water and also witnessing a beautiful sunrise.

Kerala backwater honeymoon packages


Apart from the houseboat traveling experience, Alappuzha also has some amazing places to visit. Alappuzha beach in Alappuzha town is a major tourist spot. During the New Year, an event called Alappuzha beach festival is organized every year. Thousands of people gather from different places in the event. Vijaya Park has amusement amenities which act as a plus point for the tourists visiting the beach. Another main attraction of the place is the Nehru Trophy Boat Race which is organized every year on the Second Saturday of August, on the tranquil waters of Punnamda Lake. The race attracts various sports lovers. The excitement of the participants and cheerleaders is worth watching.

kerala backwater holiday packages


It is attended by almost two lakh people who include both locals as well as foreigners. Also, the ayurvedic spa and massages in Alappuzha need no introduction, it gives you ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. There are many modern spa’s where you get the massage. You must definitely include it in your list if you need to get rid of anxiety, stress and body pain. It is also a cure for chronic disorders. Alleppey has many religious spots some of which are dated back to the colonial times. Temples such as Ambalapuzha Sri Krishna temple, Chettikulangara Sree Bhagavathi temple are all famous and are visited by thousands of pilgrims. One of the churches built by St Thomas Kokkamangalam Church is also there in Alappuzha. Although Alappuzha might not be famous for shopping, it offers a decent shopping experience for the tourists. Alappuzha is known for spices, carpets, handicrafts. You can also take a visit to Kuttanad which contains dense paddy fields, coconut trees, duck farming, and spice cultivation. It is called the rice bowl of India. You can experience farming below sea level there in Kuttanad.

kerala houseboat tour package


As Kerala is the land of spices the influence can be seen in the cuisine of the town. Kerala sadhya and Kerala breakfast are the most recommended dishes that you should try out when in Alappuzha. The fish curry, especially in Alleppey, cannot be matched with any other variation of fish curry so it is a must to try the fish curry available there. The toddy shop cuisine is an absolute delight to any non-veg lover. Also, the snacks like the tasty crispy banana chips are something that you shouldn’t miss out on.

kerala backwater tour packages from bangalore


Even though Alleppey is an all weather-destination, winters are the best time to visit that is from November to February as the weather is mild and pleasant. This will be a perfect time to go on a houseboat ride and explore the backwaters of Alleppey.


Ken Before You Leave…Get the Answers to These Questions on Kerala Backwaters

How many of you backpack to a destination with a proper idea and research? Or do you completely believe the itinerary and brochures? Even though you have been guided by a travel agent, you have to take the pain to do a little bit research about the destination you are heading to. The north Indians and foreigners coming to South India especially Kerala used to talk with their friends or relatives who have prior visited Kerala and gains enough knowledge about various places. One such marvel in their eyes is Kerala backwaters and being the crown jewel of Kerala tourism, the Kerala houseboat cruise in backwaters is something the travellers will not miss. Prior to booking houseboats, get answers to some basic questions on Kerala backwaters and houseboats journey. It is special to conduct honeymoon on a houseboat and while picking the packages for the same, ultimate care must be given. The most renowned backwater trip arrangers, Lifemadeasy will give answers to some of the basic questions on Kerala houseboats and backwaters, which are frequently asked by the customers. To make your trip in Kerala memorable, meticulous planning and preparations are necessary.


How can one say that houseboat cruise is really worth in Kerala tourism?

Of the Arabian Sea bordering Kerala, there are many lakes and rivers flowing parallel to the coast. These waterways are actually interconnected network of canal, lakes and rivers. Amidst these, there are some major cities or towns like Alleppey, Kumarakom, Kollam and Trivandrum. Vembanad Lake is the largest one and at each destination, it has got several names. The reason why travellers pick a backwater package is that the ecosystems of these backwaters are really unique and nature is at its best here with many paddy fields surrounding the borders of backwaters. Honeymoon tours are best conducted on houseboats as couples can spend romantic moments amidst the brackish lagoon with all comfortabilities and luxuries they seek for. Just by sitting comfortably in a houseboat, couples can enjoy the scenic beauty and also gets a chance to taste the traditional Kerala food. Hence, one can say that Kerala backwater tours are really unique.


How many days can the guests hire the houseboat?

As per the package, the guest can pick a day trip or overnight stay. The number of overnight stays can be discussed with the travel operator and the package price will depend on that. The day cruise will take place at morning and will come to an end by evening. For night stays, the houseboat will be anchored at any location. Food will be provided on board itself. Depending upon the number of days and nights required for houseboat cruise, the rate of the package also differs.


What are the category and type of houseboats?

The houseboats in Kerala come in various standards and types.

Standard houseboats have basic boat facilities but most of them are without air conditions.

Premium or Deluxe houseboats are fully air-conditioned with standard facilities and at night too, the AC can be used. But, care must be taken to note that the premium houseboats are fully covered with glass. Talk on this to your travel operator.

Luxury or super luxury houseboats are on the lists to experience ultimate royalty.

The type of houseboats comes with the presence of the number of rooms, sun deck and upper decks. One can choose the houseboats with your desired number of tours. Groups tours are economical in houseboats.


What are the houseboat cruise routes?

At the time of picking your backwater tour package, the routes of houseboat cruises in Kerala will be mentioned with the Alleppey- Kollam route being the longest one taking 8 hours. All the cruises will start from Alleppey or Kumarakom and can travel to any desired places. Kuttanad, Munroe islands, Kumarakom, Kayamkulam, Ashtamudi Lake, Alumkadavu, Trivandrum backwaters are some of the common destinations. To be specific, the routes are mentioned below and these same routes can be chosen with desirable days.

Alleppey to Alleppey (Kuttanad), Kumarakom, Thottappally, Alumkadavu and Kochi

Kumarakom to Alumkadavu, Thottappally


What about the crew on a houseboat and the food?

Every houseboat will be having two oarsmen and one professional cook. The cook prepares the traditional Kerala style food on board. To relish the marvel of the traditional cooking of Kerala food, one must surely take a houseboat ride. The dishes are mostly rice, with varieties of curries, fish curries, fish fry, chicken items etc. Evening, Kerala snacks will be served with a hot cup of tea or coffee. The tapioca and fish curry are one of the tastiest dishes on Kerala food menu. The crewmembers will take care of any issues to the houseboats.


What if the houseboats are not available for the day cruise?

If houseboats are not available for the ride, then one must pick the Shikkara rides as an alternative. The Shikkara rides serve the same picturesque beauty as in the houseboat and are also more economical but privacy will be assured if you are coming with the group. If family get-togethers or celebrations are your prime need, then houseboat must be chosen. Always book in advance for the cruise.

Are the houseboat cruises safe?

This is the most asked question by most of the tourists. To have the safest travel on board, always pick from the packages of most renowned tour operators. Since the tourism is safeguarded by the Government of Kerala by all means, one can safely travel but always be cautious. Honeymoon couples can be fully assured with the privacy and freedom in the houseboat.


Does the houseboat ply during monsoon; if so are discounts available for the same?

Monsoon seasons are the time of offseason tour in Kerala and the people looking forward to an economic travel would love to travel in monsoon as accommodation, and tickets can be availed with less price. Houseboat will ply during monsoons but the rates are really low during these times. One can speak with the tour operator and avail the discounts.


What are the best options for backwater tour?

In backwater tour, the options are many other than a day in the houseboat. The village tourism and bird watching are some of the interesting activities. Canal tours allow you to go deep into the village and backwater world and the coir retting process, fishing etc can be seen so close. Canal tours will bring you to lotus ponds, churches, temples on the shores. Adventure tours in backwaters can be best experienced by kayaking. At certain places, there are options for kayaking. Thus, honeymoon couples can have a thrilling backwater vacation by kayaking. If interested, canoeing is also the best idea. In Kumarakom, a bird sanctuary is located and avid bird watchers can focus their eye on rare bird species and migratory birds visiting the backwaters. Cycling through the villages in Kuttanad can make you breathe the fresh air surrounding and also present with the morning beauty of green paddy fields.

Dwelling deep into the backwater tours one will come to know that the thrill is a lot more than as expected from the itinerary. As a travel operator, Lifemadeasy will be giving full assistance and support on conducting backwater tours in Kerala.