6 Reasons Why Andaman Is a Haven for Solo Woman Travellers

A trip to any ends of the globe could be a dream as well as a challenging one to those lone women travellers as the experiences gained will be cherished forever. If so, then the exotic islands of Andaman and Nicobar are one such travel destination that should never be missed. Being across the Bay of Bengal which is situated towards the Eastern side of Great Indian Peninsula and hundreds of kilometres away from the mainland, they were once deemed as the remotest place to reach and spend your holiday in. However, with the popping of numerous tour operators in the islands and their appreciative services, things had been becoming easier even for solo woman travellers. Even otherwise, the atmosphere existing in the islands is nothing daunting or disheartening. So there are some other reasons due to which you may readily pack your backs and head to these islands. The following are the reasons which prove that the Andaman Islands are a haven for solo women travellers.

Tourism has become a main source of revenue for the islanders

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As already mentioned, the tourism industry is at its nascent stage in the islands, so you could find that the building of many of resorts and its concerned services are still developing that are soon going to be added to the existing list of tourism centres. In addition to that, the tourism department is also supporting its virtuous motive in every means. They need to grab the attention of the presently visiting tourists to prosper. Therefore, they are providing you with the best facilities as far as a tourist in an unknown land does require. So you are not going to experience any hassle of travelling to a foreign land all by yourselves.

 Innocuous non-indigenous population inhabiting

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Even though there is a sizeable population of aboriginals inhabiting in the deep jungles of the archipelago and speculated to be hostile, the other non-indigenous people are known to be generous and cordial. So if you had lost your way, they could direct you accurately. Also, the local population do speak in all the major languages of India such as Tamil, Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam and Telugu. Furthermore, they lead simple living in the islands by depended on fishing, farming and now tourism. Moreover, there are still various unexplored locations in the islands, where tourism and its prospect have not yet reached.

You could experience that privacy at those secluded beaches

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You have to admit the fact that Andaman is all about the beaches, these will be a most common sight that you are going to confront on your tour, rather than the area covered with rainforests, number of historical monuments or just anything. The heavenly beauty of the seashores is one of the most common factors about which the Andaman based tour companies had boasted about. However, they do not have to be blamed for that, as the beaches that you get to see are true of the next level. Here the white sandy beaches with a lush green background are pampered by the crystal clear waters tempting any nature lovers to get mesmerized by their ethereal beauty. Also if you are visiting a secluded beach you will be able to enjoy them to its fullest.

Knowledgeable tour guides to instruct and accompany you

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Having anybody to guide you while visiting any new places would always make your trips informative and memorable. On dropping into the historical sites of Andaman, the tour guide accompanying you could explain the past stories behind them.  Moreover, the trekking trails amid the dense forests spread across the islands could also confuse you if once you are doubtful of the exact paths. The archipelago also constitutes of many untouched beaches that can be explored by your own. So you should not miss to inform your tour operators about the need to spend an entire day on such an adorable beachside. Such services would prove to be very helpful for you as you will only be required to spare money for the airfare and the rest will be looked after by them.


Your fellow travellers to the islands would be families or honeymooners

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Safety should be a concern, as far as you are travelling alone in a distant place far away from your home. You will be rushing into a whole of people who are unknown to you. In such a situation, it would feel always feel better if you are surrounded by people who will care for you, even if you are miles away from your hometown n and family. Travellers who are on tour packages to the Andaman Islands would largely constitute to families, who without any doubts could be relied upon in the times of any crisis. Henceforth, you do not have to feel desperate about your safety issues. Furthermore, the crimes rates recorded in the islands are almost none.

Both your accommodation and the tourist places are well guarded

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Possible options to stay for a lone woman traveller like you are quite a many, even if most of them are centred on the capital city of Port Blair. When travelling to the neighbouring islands, you may have to return while it’s getting dark or you may have to ask your operator to arrange you a stay in that place. In whichever place you are, your concern on the safety will never be comprised. Ironical to that, in the places where their tourism had reached, the various small house had been converted into guest houses, where you could stay safely. In addition to that, many of the tourist spots that you visit islands are well guarded making you feel comfortable and secure.

The islands of Andaman at least now deserve to be included in solo travelling itinerary. So ensure that you are covering each of those tourist spots and indulging in those exciting waters sports that are almost a mandatory while vacationing in these exotic islands. Andaman Tour Travel based in Port Blair arranges engaging trips to all the prominent tourist locations spread across them. The reputed tour operator ensures that their customers are feeling at ease while holidaying in Andaman by providing absolute safety. Moreover, their tour packages made available from the major cities of the country besides Chennai.  You may avail their services by either contacting them online or ringing them up in the WhatsApp number given on their website.

Planning a Weekend Family Getaway to 3 Unexplored Dams of Thrissur in Kerala

Just being together with your family could brighten up your entire day. So how would it be travelling with them for that weekend getaway to some unknown place? Sounds cool, right? Well, those kinds of enjoyable gatherings could heavily accentuate that special bond created within your family. Furthermore, here we are introducing to some scenic dam sites that would also turn out to be perfect recreational centres, where your family may head to for any random weekend getaways. Moreover, travelling to unknown places after a stressful week and spending that entire day there most pleasantly could really refresh you and makes you productive and prepared for all those coming days.

Here, we have listed some beautiful locations in Thrissur of Kerala where you may travel for weekend getaways with your family.

Poomala Dam


Situated in the outskirts of Thrissur city, a visit to this dam with its brimming waters and its charming surroundings will make and your family cheerful. Even though it was built for the sole purpose of irrigation way back in 1968, it was later converted to a hot tourist spot. The name ‘Poomala’ of the dam refers to the ‘hill of flowers’ in the regional language of Malayalam. Yet another story states that it was derived after the ‘Poovam trees’ that were spotted in these hillsides many years back. Moreover, the dense shade of the huge rubber plantations on the path leading to them is also cooling. The eco-tourism spot ensures that the coming visitors are following the eco-friendly means, as they had been converted into a ‘Plastic free zone.’

So when you are visiting them with your family, you may venture out and take a stroll through the stone pathways high up the dam. In the eventful walk, you will be able to witness a refreshing view of the dense forests beyond the peacefully flowing river water. Adjacent to the rubber plantations, you may get seated in the benches enjoy then serene nature to its fullest. Boating across the catchment areas of the reservoir could be the next interesting thing to do while vacationing in Poomala dam.

How to reach there: From the Thrissur Railway station, it takes around 24 minutes to reach the location covering 14. 4 km. One may have to travel via the Thrissur-Shoranur route and take a deviation from Mulanunathukavu and drive for around 12 km. Moreover, the nearest Cochin International Airport 64.5 km distance away.

Vazhani Dam


The entire area of Vazhani Dam is comprised of sheer everything in just correct proportion that could grab the attention of any nature lover, as there are the thick forest covers, alluring water bodies and distant small hills in the background that are a part of Machad Vazhani peaks. They are actually one of the earliest earthen dams of Kerala and are one among two dams within the limits of Peechi-Vazhani Wildlife sanctuary. So if you are lucky enough, you could catch a glimpse of the flora and fauna endemic to these regions. However, being not much popular as its counterparts in the district, you may have to customize your tour packages. A visit to these charming green spaces would never be regretted later, as they could make the perfect place to hang out for families away from the crowds.

Travellers visiting with their family can have a quality time at the gardens set up in the picturesque premises of Vazhani Dam. Kids could be seen excited of the numerous Great Indian squirrels jumping out of nowhere to each of those large trees grown there, most largely they are the mango trees. They younger lots may also swing in the children’s park set there. Furthermore, the place is very calm and composed and can be best be preferred for evening visits.

How to reach there: Travel for around 28.6 km via Kodugallur- Shornur road, to arrive at the destination, once crossing Manalarkavu Temple. From the Cochin International Airport, they are at a distance of 68.8 km and had to be reached by travelling in NH544.


Peechi Dam


 Known to be one of the main sources of drinking water that quenches the thirst of the entire district, rarely do people know that there is an adorable tourist spot in the premises of Peechi dam. It has a really huge a catchment area spread over a space of 3200 acres. Moreover, they are located in the region of Peechi-Vazhani wildlife sanctuary, where the splendidly gushing Manali River is being spotted to create a lake kind of a water body. Here, on the other banks of the dam, you could get to gaze at the sight of a herd of elephants, on seeing which you will indeed feel that your trip to Kerala in intact. Further, the fun will be in visiting them with your closest ones, which can either be your close friends or your family.

These natural attractions of the dam site can be experienced by indulging in the relaxing boat ride arranged in their reservoir area. Some trekking trails near the dam can also be checked out. In any of these activities, you could get to spot certain kind of medicinal plants, orchids, sambhar, wild dogs, barking deer, tiger, leopards and many more. Also, just like Chennai has its State Forest Research Institute, the Forest Research Institute of Kerala is located in Peechi, which is only 3 km away from this point. If you pre-planning this tour and adjusting the time schedules prior to it, spare some of it to drop into its premises after clearing certain formalities. The views inside them will indeed be worthy of your effort.

 How to reach there: The travel destination can be reached travelling around 24.7 km Peechi-Pattikad road, by taking almost 40 minutes from the Thrissur Railway Station. When coming from The nearest Cochin International Airport, you will be required to cover 66.9 km sparing time of 1 hour 20 minutes.

You might have been to their adjacent natural wonder of the mighty Athirapally Waterfalls. And also try finding some time to visit these small yet beautiful recreational centres with your family that will never be regretted in your life. Gogeo Holidays based in Kochi arranges intriguing tours to all the prominent travel destinations in the state such as Munnar, Alleppey, Wayanad, Kovalam, Thekkady, Kochi, Thekkady and many more such scenic places. In addition to that their tour packages are created in such a way that their valuable customers are never let to experience any sorts of hassle even while travelling with families. If you too are interested to holiday with them, you may give a call or chat with their tour consultant, who would help you in booking the most appropriate travel deal and that too, at extremely lower prices.

Kerala or Delhi – Which is the Perfect Destination for Enjoying the Holidays?

When we all hear the name of India what comes first into our minds are the famous saying ‘Unity in Diversity’ and it is exactly reflected in our culture and traditions. The country shelters people from various communities and religion for years without any issues of discrimination. The nation has been an exquisite instance to the world of showing that irrespective of creed and religion, people can stay in unity under a single roof. The nation is blessed with stupendous 29 states and each state differs with each other in an eccentric way of living and beliefs. Some states are highly developed while some others are still under the poverty line. But still, they are worth to visit because each state hosts different faces of nature. When speaking about the northern states the first name which gushes into our mind is Delhi and Himachal Pradesh. The scintillating beauty of these places will definitely lure our minds. Even though there are many praiseworthy destinations over there still people love to explore the dazzling charm of south Indian states and there are many reasons for it. One among them is the metropolitan cities like Delhi are so crowded that people always find difficult to wander here and there. Not only the city is overpopulated but over polluted too. The city is abundantly enriched with historical monuments and forts like Humayun’s tomb, Red Fort, Qutab Minar, Rashtrapati Bhavan, Lotus temple, Jantar Mantra, Agrasen ki Baoli and many more. Visiting these ancient monuments one or two times will be fine for everyone but more than that will surely irritate us. Because even if we visit the place more than twice or thrice one cannot find any new changes instead he or she will become closer to history. That’s all about it. And that is the main reason why people organize only a few trips to these places. Another factor that pulls people from visiting it is the terrible climate. The scorching heat of summer and chilly winter will prevent people from keeping their feet there. As the city is capital of India one could enjoy various kinds of modern amenities and view new technologies.

If someone asks how about visiting the state of Kerala, the answer would be ‘yes, of course’ and there are several reasons for the positive response. The foremost cause is the marvelous scenic nature and emerald environment. The state is an abode of heavenly surroundings. There are places in the state such as breath-taking hill stations, mind-blowing tea and coffee gardens, densely populated trees, tranquil backwaters and many more that help one to rejuvenate and relax. Irrespective the number of times you visit these nature-oriented places you will never get bored of it and that is the main reason why travellers across the globe, especially from Delhi, purchase the tour packages to Kerala. Words are insufficient to express the audacious beauty of the state. When the non-keralites visit Kerala the first thing what they search is nothing but the traditional houseboats sailing in the tranquil backwaters of the state. Houseboat voyage is the best method of exploring the unexplored nature. The state protects amusing species of wild animals and trees.

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For availing of houseboat tours, travellers can purchase the cheapest tour packages from the travel partners like Dream Holidays. They curate packages at affordable rates for their customers. They inculcate houseboat tours in every itinerary. Houseboat tours are widely seen in the districts like Alappuzha and Kollam. The houseboats in Kerala provide all kinds of facilities so that travellers never miss their own house. Inside the houseboat apart from the captain, there will be chef and an administer. While sailing in the houseboat people are requested to carry a high-resolution camera. By sailing in the houseboat visitors not only come across nature but also will get an opportunity to interact with the local people. Travellers in the houseboat could capture the scintillating image of nature where they could enjoy the melodious rhythm of beautiful birds while flying high in the sky, the palm-fringed coconut tress oscillating back and forth in the beats of cool breeze, the thickly populated forest areas are the play station for wild animals. One could also steal the mesmerizing image of the sunrise and sunsets from the boat itself! Isn’t it amazing?

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To satiate your hunger travellers can savor the scrumptious delicacies prepared in the traditional style of Kerala by the chefs. If you are liking to taste of the lovely fishes just tell the chefs, they will prepare for you. To quench your thirst tender waters are available from them at any time.

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During the lunch break, the boat will be halted and it is the perfect moment for the travellers to understand the common life of local people who engage in traditional works like making of coir products. In the evenings the travellers would be entertained by the outstanding classical dance performances of expert performers and also with delicious dinner. Travellers if availing of houseboat packages inculcating places such as Alappuzha and Kumarakom can visit the famous Kumarakom bird sanctuary. The sanctuary is home to exotic species of birds and also to various kinds of migratory birds. Strolling through the lanes of the sanctuary one could enjoy the cool ambience of the environment. The sanctuary is a haven for various kinds of natural resources. If possible try to avail of a tree house for night stay and view the minute changes in nature closely through your naked eye.

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There are many more fascinating features hidden in the nook and corners of the state of Kerala. Along with the stupendous scenic nature, travellers can also make a visit to the famous historic monuments, forts, palaces and other places to recollect the important pages of history. To make the trip more interesting and thrilling accompany your best friends and family members. To make the tour– hassle free, avail the packages as early as possible from Dream Holidays. Don’t forget to carry a high-definition camera with you.

Wandering In the Hidden Gem of Kakkadampoyil in Kerala with My Peppy Colleagues

Nature indeed cured us, and I really didn’t know this before that eventful trip to those beautiful foothills of this part of the Western Ghats that is most deservingly called ‘Ooty of Malabar’. The lush greenery of Kakkadampoyil was obviously more than our expectations. It’s been some time that our team was planning for such a trip to any hills or some seashores, but got postponed for many a time. Also, the destination to which we were to travel also kept on changing with too many suggestions from all of each of us that ranged from Chikkamangalur to Bannerghatta. At last, it was our HR who came up this enchanting place, as he is also from Kerala. He is always like that when anyone at the office is caught in any such problem, he is there to solve up the issue most diplomatically. After all, he is meant for that.

For a more adventurous option, we thought of travelling by a bus sent by our tour operator Gogeo Holidays. Their tour consultants also appreciated us for taking such a decision, as we did travel via the Bandipur National Park. Moreover, the journey was quite comfortable and peaceful as we had booked their group tour packages that took care of each of the travelling aspects that we were about to face while heading to our destination at this captivating part of Kerala. We started from our city Bangalore by 9 in the morning and arrived at Kakkadampoyil by almost 6 in the evening. Actually, we had plans of saving a day by starting our journey at night and arriving here by early morning. But we could not follow that, as we were to pass through a reserved forest area where night travelling is restricted. Fortunately or unfortunately, due to this Plan-B, we got to witness the greenery of both Kerala and Karnataka. Furthermore, it was located at the borders of Calicut and Malappuram district.


We stayed that evening and that night at a beautiful resort at Koodarinji, as the places to stay in the small town of Kakkadampoyil is minimal. Moreover, from there, our location was only 30 minutes of travel. On the very next day after having a cool breakfast, we started to our destination on an early morning.  The climate then was already a bit moody then. When we were waiting for the bus by which we travelled from our hometown, around 4 cabs came to us as the road leading to the place were sloppy and narrower. Without wasting a single moment all of us got in. There were numerous agricultural fields amid the dense forest covers, that mainly constituted of Plaintain, coffee and cocoa crops. After 10 minutes of travelling, it was raining lightly. The real magic of the hilly destination was seen after that.  There were all misty clouds so abruptly. And as we were going to the higher elevation, we were literally moving into the clouds. Later, our team arrived at a crucial viewpoint of Kakkadampoyil that offered to us some mesmerizing panoramic views, as, by that time, the clouds were eventually disappearing. As the enjoyable activity of tenting was included in our packages, we also made some adorable tents at this beautiful hilltop and witnessed the breathtaking sights. Nature indeed seemed to be in great sync with our plans and time schedules. In that clear sky, we got to behold watch the views of neighbouring districts of Kannur, Kozhikode apart from Malappuram. Beyond that, there were some plain light blue areas. Somebody from our team was declaring that it could be views of the Arabian Sea!!

Might be, such an assumption cannot be left behind, as we were vacationing in the splendid land of Kerala. After devouring them, we proceed to the next tourist spot of Nayaadan poyil. From the point where our cab stopped, we had to trek alongside a forestry path of around 4 km. Strolling such a long distance at a go would never have been possible if we were doing so in Bangalore. But the dense cover of the forest and the soothing atmosphere made all the difference. There were the chirping of birds and some other small creatures evolved out of nowhere, maybe from the branches of tall trees. All of us were chatting and walking together until we reached the massive rock formations of Pazhassi Cave. It is believed that the Warrior King Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja had lived in this jungle vicinity during his hideout living. On further enquiry with the tour guide, we got to learn that the brave majesty was the first-ever Indian king to have fought against the British colonisers. In addition to that, we also got to meet the successors of some tribal populations who had supported their ruler at the times of his captivity a few centuries back. Even some of his belongings can be seen at the base of these caves.

2018041793-1-olwa1632nr0zwlz2rj9o0rhw80ae2wz98eoq6lr9myNow the turn was to reach the magical spot of Kozhipara Waterfalls, those were very accessibly reached by moving barely a walkable distance of 200 metres from the main road. Moreover, even before reaching the spot of the spellbinding cascading falls at a closer distance, we got to catch a glimpse of the rivulets those finally form the Kozhipara waterfalls. The pristine waters or Kuthradampuzha River that gush through those peculiarly adorable rocks were tempting each and every person of our team to dip in them. As the region is under the reserved forest covers of Kerala, we had to pay a small price at its entry point. Even though the regions around Kakkadanpoyil are unexplored and rarely visited, the tourism department of the state had ensured to install some railings for the safety of the visitors. The gushing waters were indeed sumptuous as it had rained for the past few days. So, some of their spots were banned from entering in by the forest department. Therefore we dipped and bathe in the crystal clear waters in some pond-like structures. We had lots of fun playing in the waters in such a peaceful ambience.

For taking us to a wonderful trip to this unexplored beautiful location, we really feel grateful to our company and obviously, we would like to appreciate the efforts taken by Gogeo Holidays for arranging a hassle-free journey by preparing such engaging travel itinerary.

An Exciting Trip to Unexplored Rosemala in Kollam

Kerala is the land of magnificent beauty and alluring charm. Hundreds of travellers every year visit the iconic destination to exploit the natural resources in a fun-full way. At least once in your lifetime if you have strolled through the lanes of the stupendous state you will definitely support the famous word of the eminent personalities who once accredited the state as ‘god’s own country’. It would be difficult for a person to find out the main factor that propels the people to visit the place again in the lifetime. Just like people say the beauty of person lays not only on a single factor say complexion. Just like that several attributes together contribute to the splendid charm of the state. Some of them are massive mountains, v-shaped valleys, shallow rivers, and soft sand beds, exotic collections of various kinds of species of animals, birds and trees, tranquil sea, mesmerising backwaters that connect several small water bodies and places and many more. There is no end for this list. Don’t ever think that the state is devoid of modern amenities. To be very proud to say, the state is no longer behind Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi. With the presence of skyscrapers, infrastructures, gyms, shopping malls, parks and picnic spots makes Kerala a haven for globetrotters. In simple words, the state is an amalgamation of both traditional and modern facilities. No other state can challenge Kerala in its ambiguity. While nourishing the modern technology the state never forgot to nurture its traditional styles as well as scenic places. The perfect instances for the same are Munnar, Thekkady, Kumarakom, Wayanad, and many more. The beguiling beauty of these places propels travellers to avail of tour packages from various corners of the world to Kerala at cheap prices. The state is a composition of 14 districts and each district differs with each other in various sectors. But what makes them similar is they all unite together to unveil the reminiscences of history. When speaking about Kollam. The district is an exquisite example of a picturesque landscape and magnificent beauty.



Kollam is situated on the southern parts of Kerala. The district shelters to lakes, rivers and seas. The famous lakes such as Ashtamudi and Sasthamkotta are flowing through the hearts of the district. The district is known as ‘land of palaces and historic monuments’. But don’t think that the place does not provide any chances to indulge in enthralling activities such as trekking, paragliding and many more. When discussing the trekking options Kollam heartily invites you to Rosemala. Isn’t the name interesting? Usually, weary names used to fall on the mountains and valleys. But it would be for the first you might be hearing a simple and a floral name to a mountain and that too in south India.

Rose mala


Rose mala is a small hilltop situated in Aryankavu village in Kollam district. The mountain is located in the midst of Shenduruny wild forest. The watchtower in the premises of the Rosemala allows you to capture the scintillating views of the lake, woods and Thenmala dam. Does anybody know why the mountain is known as Rosemala? During the colonial period, a British officer bought an estate near to the mountain and named it after his beloved wife called Roselyn. And hence the mountain got the name Rosemala. Some others say that the mountain looks like the unfurled petals of a rose flower. Whatever may the story behind the mountain. The mountain always tries to rejuvenate a person through its magical spell. It would be wrong if one says the mountain is still a virgin. Hundreds of travellers every year visit the place by purchasing group tour packages to Kerala. For trekking enthusiasts just follow the following instructions.

Trekking starts from Darbhakulam pond. It is home to rare species called Poa cynosuroides or it is commonly called ‘Darbha’. It is believed that the rare plant played a vital role in the Hindu rituals. The region is home to rare species of butterflies, mushrooms, and frogs. The place is highly enriched with wide varieties of plants and animals. Near to the place, one could find a scintillating lake that carries numerous beautiful fishes. The water in the lake is so crystal clear that even the young ones of the fishes are visible from a distance. The climate over there is so soothing and pleasing. It is the perfect pale to catch the first rays of sunrise and sunset. Followed to the lake one could find the watchtower situated in the Rosemala junction. The watchtower will help you to enjoy the gorgeous panoramic view of surroundings as well as the Thenmala Dam. There is another trekking point on the premises and it is popularly known as Pallivasal. The place is very popular for trekking as well as boating in the lake. While boating in the lake one could find the meeting points of Uriliyar, Umayar and Shenduruniyar. It is the mesmerising moment to catch the awesome meeting of three rivers. Hold your breath to catch the audacious moment and try to capture in your high-definition camera. After concluding trekking and boating one could stroll the lanes of the famous Shenduruny wildlife sanctuary with your friends and families. The sanctuary is home to rare species of endangered and exotic fauna and birds. To learn more about it accompany a well-efficient professional tour guide who could help in all aspects.

There are many travel operators available in online that curate exciting tour packages at cheap and affordable rates for their customers. One among them is Gogeo Holidays. They are the leading travel operators in Kerala. Even though they operate in Kerala they formulate attractive packages for travel enthusiasts located at faraway distances. They always provide exciting accommodations to their travellers and also transportation facilities. They also provide a tour guide who would be always be with the travellers for their all kind of support. To learn more about their services communicate with their 24 X 7 customer support team at any time

Travelling To the Andaman Islands Maketh These Happy Souls Complete, and That Too For Honeymoon

We finally tied our knots in the last August after fighting back several oppositions from both of our families. Although at the end of the day, we had completed our 4 years of relation on a happy note, the struggle that we had to face was indeed grave. Actually, one of the prominent reasons that brought us closer was our cravings for travelling. Although he was my faculty at my college and newly appointed angry young man during our first meetings, gradually the whole picture got changed. The subject that he taught us and I barely lend my ears in the class had nothing to do with travel. To be frank, I hated him initially.

Andaman honeymoon packages

So our personal talks did initiate only when he was chosen as my project guide for my post-graduation days. At some random point during our first presentation of the project in the department, he was gone missing from the college (quite technically). Out of my curiosity, when I enquired this to him, he replied back that he went for a sudden tour to Cherapunjee along with his friends. Nobody was informed about this until he returned back after 2 weeks!! I felt this act of his weird and irresponsible, but at the same time, I could measure his quest for travelling and the kinds of stuff. Later on, we had never-ending talks on travelling. And we exactly do not know when we really fell in love. We went for short journeys along with our common friends to nearby places such as Roopark, Bardaman and Babur Haat from our hometown in Kolkata.

Andaman tour packages fromahmedabad

The aftermath of our eventful marriage, the time for choosing our honeymoon destination was approaching, then we were really confused, as he had already been to most of the places in the country. Moreover, we were very much particular about travelling up to a whole new place rather than selecting an already visited destination. Also, many of the common travel destinations would be crowded during these months of the year (final days of December) when he had managed to get leave. Yes, at least by now, I insisted on him to be responsible and loyal. So When I googled with the same tagline of ‘offbeat less-visited honeymoon destination of India’, I got noticed of Andaman. The images of the place were also beautiful and perfect for a honeymoon. Moreover, there were interesting tour packages also. We booked one with the popular Andaman Tour Travel.

So we packed our bags and headed up to the exotic island destination of Andaman on a fine December morning. Within a few hours of flying, we were at the Veer Savarkar International Airport in Port Blair. Once accompanying our tour guide we went up to the resort where we were to stay. The cosy room that was allotted to us was facing the azure sea. We relaxed for some time before taking a wholesome lunch comprising of tasty seafood recipes. After that, we proceeded towards our first beach in the list alongside a marine drive. The Corbyn’s Cove beach was on the same island that we were staying in. After covering a few distances, the views were getting more splendid. My husband was stopping me from filming too much. His opinion was taking too many pictures will lose your precious moments of enjoying the beauty of a place with naked eyes.

After witnessing a mesmerizing sunset from the shores of this stony beach of Andaman, we returned back to the room. Our tour executives excitedly informed us to be ready by 7.30 in the lobby of the resort as they have got some plans for us then. I was very thrilled when we got to know about this. However, he had that cunning yet sweet smile on his face as always. He was standing there as if he knew everything. At the informed time, we reached the spot they asked us to be in. To our surprise, they had set a Candlelight dinner exclusively for us on the white seashore!! That was one of the best things to happen on our honeymoon, I doubt that it was only later added to our packages on his demands.

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Next day early morning, we got ready to our major destination which was the Elephant beach, where we reached after travelling strenuously for around 3 and a half hours, first by road, then a boat and again on road. We had to travel a lot just because our destination was situated in yet another enticing island called Swarajdweep also known as Havelock Island. After having a delicious breakfast, we set out for trekking. Although it was a bit lengthy, we did not feel so as I was with my favourite person and kept on talking. In between the talks, we got to pass through some marshy areas where I purposefully dipped hubby to it. After which, we were to exposed to yet another heavenly beach. On enquiry, we got to realise, there used to be an Elephant named Rajan who used to swim in the oceans!!

We had reached a bit late (of about 4 years), otherwise, we could have witnessed that amusing sight.  Fate… Ah, fine anyways. Even without that, we had lots of fun lots of fun as we later swam in the crystal clear waters and also did some snorkelling. We were amazed to witness that stunning set of coral reefs just beneath the surface water. In between, fishes and some other small creatures (I could not really identify them, nor did my husband). Thank god, they were not harming us. I really did not feel like returning, but we had to, as it was already late afternoon by the time we went back.

Andaman local sight seeing packages

That effect of the empty stomach was only affecting once we got out of the Andaman Sea waters. So without wasting much time, we headed to a nearby seafood restaurant. To our surprise, we got to meet a Bengali Kaka who was the cook there. We created a great rapport with him in a few minutes. He served us delicious food in with those distinct Bengali flavours. We had to rest for some time, as we had eaten too much. So after a while, we proceeded to the most popular beach of Radhanagar Beach that is even internationally acclaimed. We were very excited. The beauty of this magical seashore with crystal clear waters and pure white sand lined up by lush green area cannot be described on words. I could say that it was the best sunset we have ever got to witness. Later that day, the dreamy island had more surprises for us. Well, I was talking about nothing else, but of the bioluminescence!! We got to behold at that stunning sight from the beaches of Havelock. It was the most romantic thing that had to happen in our entire Honeymoon trip…

Differences Between Paragliding and Parasailing

Does anyone have any idea about how many types of adventure activities are present in the world? The answer would uncountable for at least some of the people. Year by year many new daring sports events are taking birth in the world. Out of them, some are actually meant for experts or daring people where novice has no role. Most of the people may have knowledge about the enthralling game events taking place on the land. Because it is visible for them or generally to say it is more accessible for them to visit. Out of them trekking, rock climbing, jungle exploration, paragliding and many more are popular among the public. But if some ask you to name the famous aqua venture sports events present in the world. At least a few will remain answerless. But the majority will spontaneously reply by telling the names of angling, diving like scuba and wreck, snorkeling, jet riding and many more. Among this list have you heard the name of Parasailing? Parasailing is one of the popular recreational activities played in the midst of the water. Some say that parasailing and paragliding are similar in terms. But there is a slight difference in it. There are many places in the planet that serves an ideal destination for parasailing and the western countries play a vital role such as the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia, the Caribbean Sea and many more. How could one forget to mention the name of a stupendous archipelago of India, hope you understood. It is none other than Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Andaman and Nicobar Islands are situated adjacent to Bay of Bengal the island is occupied by a vast number of Indians who moved from India years ago for various purposes. The island has turned out to one of the popular spots for celebrating a week’s vacation. Travellers from various corners of the world love to explore the scenic nature by indulging in the enthralling activities. For that, they avail of cheap tour packages from well-renowned tour operators. In the following paragraphs let us absorb the important information related to the parasailing.


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Parasailing is one of the famous adventure sports events in the world. It is also known as Parakiting or Parascending. Parasailing can be practised by any age of people. Till now the lowest age person of 9 years and an adult of 87 years old have practised the same without any fear! What is essential for parasailing is a huge amount of courage. Parasailing is an activity where participants will be a given a parachute and it is one end will be tied to a motorboat sailing in the deep crystal clear waters. Once the participants are ready the rider will slowly start to move the boat. As the boat sails, the participants will start to glide in the air just like birds. For a moment they think they are like birds and wish to have a competition with them! The activity is really thrilling and enduring. Sometimes the participants will take up to a height of 2000 feet from the ground. If you frighten of huge heights then ask your tour guide to reduce to 300 feet. After wandering in air for a few minutes the activity will be ended by making you swim in waters. Therefore, before availing of parasailing packages be thorough with the swimming concepts. So when you purchase tour packages to Andaman from Hyderabad, Coimbatore and other metro cities seek the best travel operators as well as the best organiser who organises adventure games for the travellers. One such travel partner is Andaman Tour Travel. They formulate the packages by considering customer’s desires as well as try to incorporate as much adventure activities as possible in their itinerary.

Many people all over the world always get confused with Paragliding and Parasailing. So, in the following paragraphs let us learn more about the differences.


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Paragliding is a recreational sports event just like parasailing but it is not towed to any boat. Instead, the paragliders can fly higher than the parasailers in the air for at least 3 hours without any difficulties. And at the end, they could directly launch their feet on the land without wetting it. Parasailing is generally classified into two one is Aquatic paragliding and other is Terrestrial paragliding. Parasailing could be practised by anyone irrespective of age and experience but paragliding demands good experience.

By practising the parasailing one could become more courageous and brave. When compared to the past the travellers are showing more interest in the adventure activities so that they can become more energetic and adventurous. Apart from adventure activities, the island is home to the marvellous tourist destination. Each fascinates our hearts with its picture-perfect landscapes and scenic nature. The island is proud to have more than 5 wildlife sanctuaries with exotic species of fauna and flora belonging to different families. Also, the island is a haven for newly married couples to celebrate their romantic days. Nowadays many families are showing a willingness to accompany their small kids to explore the magnificent beauty of the scintillating island located close to India. To make your trip hassle-free, always book the packages at least one or two months before the trip. This will help you to get good accommodation and will also get numerous opportunities to participate in enthralling games. There are many more exciting events are waiting for you. So, don’t waste your time. Hurry up and grab the packages as soon as possible, before it expires. If you have any queries regarding their facilities communicate with their 24 x 7 customer support team. Or you have the facility to send a message to their mail address or to the WhatsApp number. To make your trip more enjoyable accompany your dear friends and families with you. Also do not forget to carry a high-resolution camera with you to click wonderful images of the serene nature.

The 4 Types of Forests Seen in Kerala

Who does not love to stroll in parks and densely populated forest areas with their better half or best friends? According to your opinion, what is nature and what comprises nature? The answer may vary from person to person. For some, the answer would be the presence of tall trees and emerald plantations blanketing the deep valleys. While for others it may be the exotic collections of various species of animals and birds that mesmerizes each and every individual. Nature always surprises human beings in many ways. Even if we spend a few seconds with nature it will gift lifelong memories. Nurturing natural resources is the foremost obligation of human beings. There would be no country in the world that does not possess any trees or gardens. Tress safeguards us from many natural calamities and purifies the air for us to breathe. From our school days, we have studied that planting trees will protect our life and deforestation breaks our life. From long years people have started to cut down trees for various reasons such as housing, making of furniture, toys, building skyscrapers and many more. Whatever may be the purpose it is the duty of people to plant at least two trees when they cut a tree. This is the only way to conserve natural resources. It would not be good to explain more scientifically about deforestation in this document. More than deforestation I would like to introduce the various types of trees seen mainly southern region India called Kerala. Due to the presence of coconut trees in abundance the state got the name (Kera-coconut). To enhance the tourism sector the forest department of state took several initiatives such as they built tree houses in the midst of densely populated forest regions so that newly married couples can spend their quality time without any disturbance. Like now several people for their family have started availing of tour packages to the state and explore the serene nature. Let us now have a glimpse of the various types of trees grown in the state.

Semi-evergreen forests


Semi-evergreen forests or commonly called as a west-coast semi-evergreen forest is considered as an intermediate stage between moist deciduous forests and evergreen. The forest requires a land area of 500 to 900m. The forest is home to exotic species such as Bourdillon’s great eared night jar, flying squirrel, Malabar civet, brown mongoose, nilgiri mante, nilgiri langur, and many more are seen there. Along with one could also find evergreen collections such as Mesua ferrea, Magnifera indica, Grewia tiliaefolia, Calophyllum elatum, Hopea ponga, Lagerstroemia microcarpa, and many more.

These types of forest are mainly seen in the slopes and hilly regions of Western Ghats and Andaman. The region experiences high rainfall upto4500mm and also extreme humidity in days of fewer rainfalls. Also, it is a place where high winds are experienced. In the west coast, tropical evergreen forest one could see tall trees up to a height of 50 metres. Wet evergreen and semi-evergreen climax forests are seen in the regions of the Western Ghats where windfall is high. The forest area annually receives a rainfall up to 2000m.

Deciduous forests


Deciduous forests are seen in moist places. According to their geographical specifications of the regions has been classified into two categories such as primary and secondary forests. The region experiences rainfall up to 1800 mm. deciduous forest is an intermediate between wet evergreen and dry deciduous forests. Dry deciduous forests are seen in dry regions of moist surfaces. Due to heavy grazing, the surface of the soil is very hard. Bamboos are absent and climbers are seen in large number in southern dry deciduous forest regions. The southern dry deciduous forests experience rainfalls from 900 to 1200 mm. primary deciduous forests are seen in Wayanad and Anamalai regions.



The grasslands of Kerala are generally called as ‘shrub savanna’. They are usually grown in the regions above 1500m. It is the place where shrubs, herbs and other important plants grow abundantly. one could also see animals, birds and reptiles in this region. The climate over here is very pleasing and moderate.

Mangrove forest


The mangrove forest is wetlands where plants and animals that are adapted to saline nature. Mangroves are mainly seen in upper portions of lagoons, creeks, and backwaters. Wayanad and Palakkad in north and Idukki and Pathanamthitta are blessed with mangrove forests. One could see various species of migratory birds, prawns and fishes. Urbanization, intensive grazing and many more are the reasons for the deterioration of the mangrove forests.

Now let us have a glimpse on the importance of conserving trees

  1. We can inhale the fresh air
  2. Wild animals and birds will be protected in the forests
  3. No scarcity of water and rainfalls.
  4. Pleasant climate
  5. No kinds of pollution.
  6. Can relish the taste of natural fruits without any fear of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
  7. Prevent the soil from erosion.
  8. Trees absorb block sound and can reduce 40 % pollutions.
  9. People can have a fun time under the shadow of the trees.
  10. Youngsters and adults can practise jogging early morning in the parks.
  11. A tree is a natural form of an air-conditioner. In fact, it can replace 10 man-made air-conditioners!

From the above information, one might have understood the various types of forests seen in Kerala. Forest is the lungs of nature. Without it, no one could survive on the planet. It is our duty to conserve nature and resources. If once all the resources become extinct or vanished from the earth, no one could ever recreate it. Hence be vigilant while utilizing it. To learn more about the types of forests and trees in Kerala avail of tour packages. Accompanying your family and friends will make the trip enthralling and exciting. Among the prominent travel operators in Kerala Gogeo Holidays curate packages at cheap and reasonable rates for the people of Chennai, Delhi and Pune. They always give prime importance to customer’s satisfaction and comfort. To clarify the queries of the customer’s Gogeo Holidays operate 24×7 customer service centre. To learn more about it visit their official website. When packing your bags for the exotic vacation to Kerala do not forget to carry a high-definition Handycam and also enough money to buy souvenirs for dear ones.

An Enthralling Expedition to Illikal Kallu with My Best Friends

It is being a long time that I have packed my bags and went for an exploration. To be very frank I am such a person who loves to explore new places and discover the hidden gems in it. Usually, I used to plan solo trips. In my viewpoint solo trip makes you more courageous and helps you to understand more about the world and people. Till now I have visited many gorgeous places like Shimla, Manali, and Kulu in the north and in the south I have visited Kodaikanal, Meesapulimala, Vagamon, Munnar, Agasthyarkoodam. During my leisure time, I used to browse my social media accounts. And one day accidentally I came across a travelogue in Instagram. The travelogue was about trekking in one of the breath-taking hill stations called Illikal Mala in Kerala. More than the mountain it is the rock erected on the top of the mountain, Illikal Kallu lures every trekking enthusiast. The travelogue inspired me a lot. After trekking the famous hill station Agasthyarkoodam I decided to stop the exploration at least for a few months because I was assigned one of the toughest projects in my office and as a team lead I am supposed to dedicate my valuable time on it. But I don’t know how the images of Illikal Kallu changed my mind. The captivating images of the mountain propelled me to explore the place. As usual, I discussed my exploration of Illikal Kallu to my best friends. But to my surprise this time they expressed their desire to accompany them to the hill station. Even though I had decided to visit the place on my own, their wish changed my mind. Therefore we decided to avail of tour packages at cheap prices. We packed our bags for the trekking and also we carried a high-resolution camera with us. Before explaining about our trekking I would like to share some valuable information about the Illikkal Kallu.

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Illikal Kallu is one of the captivating and scary hill station situated in 6000 ft above mean sea level in Meenachil taluk in Kottayam district. What makes the rock so amusing is half of the portion of the rock has been fallen apart. And the rest half is standing sturdy on top of the mountain. It will take three hours to reach the top of the mountain. Standing over there one could mesmerise the amusing panoramic view of the entire Kottayam district. With your sharp naked eyes, you can see a blue line indicating the presence of Arabian Sea. In adverse climatic conditions, it may not be visible. The Illikal Kallu is standing on three consecutive mountains. The first hill takes the shape of an umbrella and hence the hill is called as ‘Kuda Kallu’. People say that the hill consists of ‘neela koduveli’, a blue flower. The plant carries many medicinal properties and it is one of the most valuable medicinal plants in the world. The local residents tell that keeping the plant in houses will bring good harvest, prosperity and also it could cure any kind of disease on the earth.

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Due to the presence of a small hunch on the second hill, it looks like a mushroom and hence the hill is called as ‘Koonu Kallu’. Across the rock, one could find two paths and their names are really interesting ‘narakapalam’ and ‘swargavathil’- ‘heaven’s door’. The two hills are connected by the narakapalam-‘a bridge to hell’. The bridge is named so because it is situated at a great height somewhat 4000m above mean sea level. Even though the path is scary it provides mesmerising images of emerald valleys and surroundings. The narakapalam leads you to an amazing part of nature which looks like heaven and thus the region is known as ‘swargavathil’. Some of the eye-catching attractions of the region are Illaveezhapoonchira, Kattikayam waterfalls, and Healthacation.

We reached Kottayam railway station and our tour guide was desperately waiting for us by holding our name cards. We kept our luggage in the cab and started our journey to Illikal Kallu. The journey was really awesome. After 2 hours of journey, we reached the spot. Our tour guide parked the vehicle half the way. Over there we saw many adventure enthusiasts getting ready for the trekking. We started our adventure. We started to ascend to the mountain and gradually the fog began to cover the premises. It became difficult for us. As time passed the fog became so thick that we were not able to see the person standing adjacent to us. Thousands of thanks to God finally we found a small rock where we all sat and waited for the fog to disappear. By 11.30 the sun began to shine brighter and slowly it unveils the region for us. We continued our exploration. We were so happy. After covering a few distances we used to pose for group photos and also selfies. Words are insufficient to express the beguiling charm of the surrounding nature. The whole premises will be surrounded by fog and dark clouds in the early evening. Seeing our fun activity our tour guide requested us to move fast so that we could return before the sunsets. This time we were very serious and without any break we ascended to the top of Illikal Kallu. The moment we reached the top of the mountain we screamed like a small child and expressed our joy. We were so happy and clicked a group selfie by keeping our fingers in ‘v’ shape- indicating victory. The hilltop provided mind-blowing images. We also visited the famous rock by crossing the scary and dangerous narakapalam. There were many a time when we supposed to fell down while crossing the bridge, each time we held each other’s arms firmly. After spending a few hours over there, we slowly descended to the slopes. The next day we also visited the famous mountain located near to Illikal Kallu, Illaveezhapoonchira. It is a valley surrounded by trees. And the most astonishing part is no leaves fall into the valley!kerala holiday packages

After spending one more day we departed to our home town. Before ending the travelogue I would like to sincerely thank Dream Holidays for curating such a wonderful tour package and making our holiday memorable in Kerala. If you want to explore Kerala, purchase their packages. They curate packages at cheap rates and even ready to customize!