The tourism industry in Kerala has been flourishing like no other. The land beckons more and more tourists with every passing year which is why the number of resorts and hotels in Kerala is increasing year by year. Kerala even has some of the most luxurious resorts in the country along with decent homestays and budget hotels for budget travellers. Such a huge number of facilities for stays creates a lot of confusion amongst travellers. There are also cases where you could be tricked into availing rooms that don’t provide any sort of promised facilities. Well, to avoid such mishaps, we’ve listed out some of the best lodging establishments in Kerala.
Broad Bean Resort and Spa
Broad Bean Resort and Spa situated among the verdant hills of Munnar. Broad Bean would top the list if the best budget hotels in Munnar were to be considered. Even the natives of Munnar would suggest the place for your stay. The budget-friendly prices and excellent services have made this resort extremely popular in a few years. The tourists have a variety of options to choose from. The guests are able to choose a room or suite according to their preference. The rooms in Broad Bean are classified into Deluxe Room, the Executive Room, Honeymoon Suite and the Premium Suite. The prices charged and the facilities provided decides the category of the room. This makes it much easier for the travellers to select their rooms or suites as per their preference. Each and every room and suite in the resort is provided with the desired facilities and requirements like bottled water, TV with cable connection, comfortable sofa settees, telephone, free wifi and spacious bathrooms with a continuous supply of water (both hot and cold).  The best part of the rooms in Broad Bean is that all of them promise its visitors with wonderful vistas of hills carpeted with green and azure sky. The guests can involve in various tourist activities conducted by the resort like bird watching, cooking classes, fishing, trekking, nature walks, plantation tour and yoga sessions. Broad Bean also has a 24-hour spa centre where they provide authentic Ayurvedic spas and massages as well. The resort provides various other important services like a doctor-on-call for emergencies, laundry service, babysitting services etc. for the travellers. There is a 24-hour help desk in Broad Bean that is always available for any sort of help the customers need. Are you a traveller who is looking for a budget resort with decent services? Then Broad Bean is the ideal resort for you.
Blanket Resort & Spa
Blanket Resort and Spa is one amongst the best 5-star hotels and resorts in Munnar. Tourists, especially foreign travellers from far and wide come in search of this wonderful resort as it is much renowned for its luxurious suites and impeccable services provided to the customers. Located amidst the lush greenery of sloping hill ranges, the hotel provides vistas with flawless beauty. The most striking feature of the hotel is its eco-friendly manner of functioning. Be it the waste disposal system or the surroundings it is taken care of in the best way without affecting the Nature. The hotel is especially famous for its honeymoon suites. The suites are provided with all the facilities that a honeymoon couple would wish for. One can reach the resort via  NH 85 that is almost 2km away from the resort. The staffs are extremely friendly and cater to all your needs. A lot of activities like cooking classes, fishing, Ayurvedic spa sessions, Yoga classes, trekking, rock climbing and many more. For those who wish for a luxurious stay, Blanket Resort and Spa will be a great choice. You will be able to explore the beauty of Munnar by staying close to its lush greenery.
Hotel Aiswarya
One of the best characteristics of this hotel is its interesting location and the scenic beauty that surrounds it. The hotel is set in the backdrop of that showcases the best views of the city. The staff is quite friendly and serves the customers in the best possible manner. They make sure the customers don’t go through any sort of troubles. The hotel has a total of 54 well-furnished rooms. Both A/C and non A/C rooms are available in the hotel. The hotel is actually fit for all sorts of travellers be it businessmen, luxury holidaymakers, or budgeted travellers. Budget travellers, in particular, can definitely go for a stay at Hotel Aishwarya. All the rooms are provided with basic in-room facilities like sofas sets, refrigerator, telephone, a television with cable connection luggage rack and spacious bathrooms with free toiletries. Banaras, the multi-cuisine restaurant of Hotel Aiswarya is where you will be served with scrumptious varieties of food from Indian, Keralite, North Indian and Continental. The hotel also offers facilities to conduct business meetings, conferences, seminars etc. The conference halls of the hotel are quite spacious and have the capacity to seat around 55 people. Guests can also avail free car parking facilities, car rental services and many more.
Birds Valley Resorts
Birds Valley Resorts is a very unique resort that not only provides you with great accommodation facilities but also an excellent hub for bird watching. Considered one of the best honeymoon resorts in the region, Birds Valley Resort beckons hundreds of honeymooners with its blend of contemporary architecture and lush green surroundings. The resort is just 12km away from the town of Munnar and is located near a circle of popular tourist destinations. The resort provides provisions for campfires, bird watching etc. You get an opportunity to see birds like Malabar barbet, Malabar parakeet, Golden Oriole and Hill Myna. As for the rooms, they are well-furnished with all the required facilities. The rooms are designed in a contemporary style. Make sure you select the Blueberry Cottage for an amazing vista of the hill ranges carpeted by greenery. Birds Valley Resort is going to provide you with a very unique experience.

Kerala, the True Travellers Eden with the Best of Potential Elements

Mostly referred to as God’s own country, Kerala is a true paradise that is being explored by tourists from around the world. the richness in the greenery, the beauty of nature, the climatic condition prevailing in the land, the beauty of water destinations at the place, the history that the place holds within, the rich culture and heritage that is being preserved from the ancient times are the things that makes Kerala a unique spot for the travellers and the tourists. With very different geography, Kerala is a land with a number of elements that grabs the attention of travellers thereby increasing and influencing travel and tourism to the south. As most of the travel destinations in Kerala are located to the western ghats of the south, these places offer the tourists visit with the best peaceful and calm ambience which is what most travellers and tourist expect to enjoy while at a natures friendly travel destination. So as to welcome more travellers to the south a number of tour packages are being organised by travel partners like Gogeo Holidays to the best travel spots in Kerala. The travel destinations in Kerala are basically being grouped into different classes based on the type of destinations and their characteristics. Listed below are some of the main group of travel destinations in Kerala that are well explored and the most demanding among the travellers and the tourists visiting the land.

Hill stations


To the western ghats of Kerala houses in the most fascinating hill stations to the south that not just welcomes the travellers but also excites them with some of the best adventures offered at the place. The beauty of the hills, the aroma of the plantations, the cool climate is all things that make the western ghats of Kerala a place worth exploring. The place also offers the travellers with the best adventures that let them enjoy most of the attractions in the land in the best fun way possible. The hill stations of Kerala offers the tourists with a list of adventures and things that they can enjoy while at the place. When it is about the adventures that the hill stations of Kerala have to offer, the trekking, hiking, rock climbing, paragliding, bungee jumping and cycling tops the list whereas plantations visits, top stations trips and camping are all some of the best things that the travellers could do while at the plantations in Kerala.

  • Best hill stations in Kerala

The misty hill stations of Munnar, the mountain destination of Wayanad, beautiful valleys of Vagamon, Idukki are all some of the main hill stations in Kerala that are worth exploring while travelling to explore the tourist destinations of Kerala

Backwaters of Kerala


Holding in the beauty of the complex waters, the backwater destinations of Kerala is one of the main sources of attractions and entertainment for the travellers mainly the foreigners. Being a water body formed by the combination of both marine water and the fresh water from the lake, the backwaters of Kerala supports unique life forms which include both flora and fauna. The inland water destinations of Kerala are one of the main hotspots for Ayurveda in Kerala. As the backwater destinations support the growth of herbs with medicinal properties a number of Ayurvedic centres are being set up in the land. Some of the best activities that the travellers visiting the land could enjoy at the place include boating tours, houseboat trips, industrial visits, inland island visits and more. Mostly explored by the foreigners the place also offers houseboat accommodation that entertains them to a greater extent.

  • Best backwater destinations in Kerala

Being a land that is referred to as the backwater paradise, Kerala is home to a number of inland waters. Some of the best inland water destinations in Kerala that entices and excites the travellers and the foreign tourists are Alleppey, Kollam, Kumarakom, Kuttanad and more.

Historical Spots


The state Kerala is not just about the pristine beauty of nature and the wild. There is much more than the same within the state that the travellers and the tourists love exploring it to a greater extent. Most of the historical spots in the state have a lot to offer to the travellers which include the story from the past and the evidence of the same. Most of the palace in Kerala is now under the state government who have turned the same into historical museums. A number of travellers from around the world travel to the state so as to explore the beauty of the exhibitions in the museums. Moreover, it is the beauty of the architecture and the constructions that fascinates most of the travellers and the tourists to the land. Most of the historical destinations in Kerala either have the old traditional architectural style or would have a blend of the European and traditional Kerala architecture which entices and excites the travellers.

  • Best historical destinations in Kerala

Being a land of rich history, Kerala is home to a number of best historical destinations. the hill palace museum, the Mattancherry Palace, Bekal Fort, Bolgatty Palace, Palakkad Fort are all some of the main historical spots in the land.

The beaches in Kerala

Kollam-beach (1)

Being a state located to the south most ends lying closer to the Arabian Sea; Kerala is a state that has a number of different water destinations. Beaches are one of the main sources of water destinations in Kerala that grabs the attention of the travellers and the tourists in the land. Showcasing the beauty of the golden sands, the palm-fringed, the setting sun and most of the beach destinations in Kerala offer the travellers visiting with a number of adventures and sightseeing options. They could enjoy the beauty of the setting sun leaving the sky painted in saffron or can event enjoy the different water adventures offered at the place like boating, banana boat ride, fishing experience and more. In addition, most of the beach destinations in Kerala houses in beach resorts and Ayurvedic treatment centres offering travellers with the best of experience in the water destinations of Kerala. A number of travellers from around the world trip to the beaches in Kerala to enjoy a stay at the beach resorts enjoying the beauty of nature.

  • Best beach destination in Kerala

Kerala is referred to as the beach capital to the south with the fascinating beauty of the golden sands and thus holds in a number of best beach destinations. Alappuzha Beach, Bekal, Chavakkad Beach, Cherai Beach, Kappad, Kozhikode Beach, Kappakadavu, Kollam Beach, Kovalam, Marari Beach, Meenkunnu Beach, Mundakkal Beach, Muzhappilangadi Beach, Thekkumbhagam-Kappil Beach, Payyambalam Beach, Shankumugham Beach, Snehatheeram Beach, Thirumullavaram Beach, Varkala Beach, Somatheeram Beach, Kannur Beach, Payyoli Beach and Azheekode Beach are all the best beach destinations in Kerala.

The waterfall destinations in the state


Waterfalls are one of the main travel destinations in Kerala. Most of the travellers trip to the waterfall destinations in Kerala to enjoy the beauty of the pristine nature and the wild in the land. A number of holiday packages are being organised to the best waterfall destinations in the state exhibition their different attractions and the true beauty of the wild in the land. A number of movies are also being shot in the waterfall destinations of Kerala. There are a number of other attractions in these places that entice and entertain the travellers to a greater extent. The treetop accommodations offered at the waterfall destination of Kerala lets the travellers enjoy the best stay amidst nature. Here the travellers not just get to enjoy the beauty of nature but also get an opportunity to take a glance of the wild and the wild animals if lucky. With the pristine beauty of nature and the freshness in the waterfalls, Kerala is a land that is blessed with the best of attractions.

  • Best waterfall destination in Kerala

Being the best travel destination with nature at its best, Kerala houses in a number of waterfall destinations in the land. Adyanpara Falls, Aripara Falls, Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls, Aruvikkuzhi Falls, Cheeyappara Waterfalls, Soochipara Falls and much more are all some of the best waterfall destinations in Kerala.

The state Kerala is not referred to as the traveller’s hot spot just like that, the place is given the names mainly due to the abundance of resource that the state holds in which includes all the beauty of nature. The traditions that the place exhibits, the cultural heritage of the land are the other best thing in Kerala that excites the foreign travellers tripping to the land. The festivals of the land, the cuisines offered to the travellers at the place are all the best. Quenching the traveller’s thirst to the fullest in the best adventures ways Kerala is a true heaven for the tourist who is in search of the true beauty of nature.