A Solo Budget Trip to the south, exploring the best in nature

“The man who goes alone can start today, but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready.” Like the quote says, it is best preferable that you travel alone so that you can simply travel at your own comfort. Solo travellers could always explore most of the hidden beauty even in the most explored travel destinations in the world. I am such a solo traveller who loves to explore the beauty within ‘the beauty of nature’ that is yet to be explored or touched. One of the other secret reasons why I prefer travelling alone is that it is one best way by which you could keep the travel expenses under control. Here we are free to choose all our mediums of travel and accommodation. We are free to choose the ways by which we want to explore and traverse. It would be completely what we want the way we want it. Most of us are people who actually love to travel but is mostly the situations, the lifestyle or mostly the travel package rates that becomes a roadblock for our trip. Even though there are a number of travel operators like Gogeo Holidays that offers the travellers and the tourist with lists of best tour packages at a cheap price, the travel expense remains high for the budget travellers. In this blog, I will share with you my first solo trip to the southernmost end of India; Kerala.

Exhibiting the best of nature, climate, cuisines, festivals and cultural heritage, Kerala is a state that I would say to be the perfect destination from where one could start their low budget or call it a cheap trip alone. Unlike all the other states in India, the gods own country has all of the best elements that a traveller would love to explore. It was during the peak season that I travelled to Kerala. Even though the state is known to house a moderate climate throughout the year, the month from September to March is best preferred for a holiday in Kerala. And thus the travel rates to the place were really high. Now what I had to do was to explore most of the travel attractions which are best known among the tourists at cheap rates. Being a resident from Chennai it was easy for me to save in travelling as I choose to enjoy a night ride. To be very precise it took a whole night for me to cross Walayar and to get into the borders of Kerala and another 3 hr to reach Kochi, the metropolitan city best known for its hidden natural beauty and historic charm. By the time I reached the city, all I could think of was food and some sleep. After having to enjoy a straight drive from Chennai it was rest that I wanted the most. Now choosing for accommodation in this time of the year is one of the best hectic things, but then there are different apps available like Oyo where you could search for the best budget modes of accommodation where you could enjoy a luxurious and comfortable stay. I, after reaching Kochi and having food from a Dhaba at just 50/INR checked-in at a hotel named ‘Greenland Residency’. Located in the centre of the city this was one of the best places where I could stay cheap and could connect with almost all of the best travel destinations in the city with ease. After taking a very refreshing nap at the hotel I woke up by around 4 pm, which was the perfect time for me to start with a small tour of the city. The places that I actually explored at Kochi were the Mangalavanam bird sanctuary, the Marine Drive, and Fort Kochi.

Fort Kochi kerala
The Mangalavanam bird sanctuary was one of the very first travel destinations in Kochi that I explored. Exhibiting the pristine beauty and charm of the wild and nature, this place was one of the best explored spots in Kochi, yet the travel rates to the place were just nil as there are no entry tickets. One of the main attractions of the place was the mangrove plantations. The place also has a treetop watchtower from where you get to enjoy the best of the beauty in the area. The place is home to a wider verity of birds and thus it is always the best to speak softly. Trust me this place is the best for budget travellers who are in search of natural charm. After being at the place for a while taking some pictures I moved on to the next travel destination which was the marine drive. Not just Mumbai, but Koch too has a drive which is the best spot in the city where one could enjoy the beauty of the sea and the flavours of the street foods in the area. The best part of taking a walk at drive was that I was able to taste Kulukki which is a special drink in the city, pineapple and such fruits which are soaked in salt water and many such things. By late evening I travelled to Fort Kochi which is mostly referred to as the city that never sleeps. It is mainly during the night that you could see the rush of travellers in this place and most of the shacks and shops are open till early morning. The best of attraction in the area would be the sunset that at the Fort Kochi beach where you can also enjoy the beauty of the Chinese fishing nets. To the end of the day, the one thing that I really noticed was my travel expense which was very low. Even after being a peak season for travellers my expense in the place was much less than 3000/INR.  It was around 11 pm when I reached back to my hotel and dozed off as the next day morning I was to travel to Munnar, the misty hills to the western ghats of the south.

Even after exploring the misty hills of Kerala the next day my travel expenses remain much lower and cheap than tour package cost which is organised by the travel operators in the land. Let it be any type of trip to any part of the world, according to me what one should look into the most to reduce the travel expenses are to be a bit conscious while selecting the destination, the season in which you travel, the places you choose to stay, the modes of transportations that you want to use and the type of food that you wish to taste. By taking a bit of extra care in such things one can reduce the travel rates to a greater extent. But yes if you are a foreigner and has no clue about the destination of interest, it would be best to go for a budget travel package as it would reduce your travel stress allowing you to enjoy the best of the trip with ease.

Vegetative Destinations of Kerala, a Better Camping Spot for Family

The family bond is something that should be maintained and strengthened in different ways. With the world developing and people evolving into robots maintaining a relationship or family bond have become something very difficult yet very important. One of the best methods to improve the bonding between family members is through tour and trips. While touring camping would be one of the best means of accommodation where the family members will have enough time to enjoy each other’s company and understand one another. To the southernmost tip of India, the state Kerala is one of the best destinations where families could enjoy a fascinating tour. The hills and wilderness of the state are best spots where you could enjoy camping. There are a number of travel operators like Gogeo holidays who organises and facilities such family tour to the southernmost states of the country. Most of the family packages organised to Kerala are customised allowing the travellers to choose the destinations to explore. The state Kerala, being known mostly among the traveller mainly the family travellers for the rich vegetation in the area and travel attractions like the hill stations, waterfall destinations and beach spots, the travellers prefer exploring the same to its best. Some of such prominent destinations in Kerala which are mostly visited by families to camp are listed below.



One of the most visited destinations in Kerala, Munnar is better known as the queen of hill stations. The place is mostly visited by families and honeymooners as the place offers the travellers with the best experience of nature and misty climate. One of the main attractions of the place is the innumerable tea plantations which carpet the hills of Munnar with rich greenery. Most of the tourist destinations in the place are covered with plantations of different kinds. The main element that attracts families to the place is the different activities offered in the misty hills. Munnar is one of the most beautiful hill stations offers visitors with a number of entertainment activities in most of the destinations. Some of the main activities offered in the land include boating, horse riding, trekking, hiking, rock climbing and more. The place houses a number of destinations which is considered the best by travellers and campers. Most of the travellers and families visiting the place choose to camp in tents so as to enjoy the nightlife of the place from close. Most of the destinations in Munnar are hill stations and mountains which offers the travellers with the best camping grounds. Some of the best destinations for families to camp in the place are the top station, which would offer the travellers with the best view of cloudy mist, the eco point and many such destinations with nature and vegetation. Apart from camping grounds the place also houses a number of destinations like the tea museum, Chinnakanal, Anayirangal dam, Marayoor, Eravikulam National Park, Lakkom Waterfalls, Anamudi Peak and much more. Being a place that houses innumerable attractions and offers a number of entertainment activities the place is one of the best destinations for families to cam and enjoys a holiday in the lap of nature.

 Thrissur forest


Filled with greenery, vegetation and wildlife, the Thrissur forest is one of the best destinations where families could camp and enjoy a stay in the woods. The place offers a number of attractions to the travellers and the families visiting the place. Being one of the well-known trekking destinations the forest of Thrissur holds in a number of trails for adventure lovers. One of the main attractions of the place is the tree top stays which provides you with the complete view of the forest. It also helps you see the wild and the animals from a safer distance. Some of the main adventure activities offered in the Thrissur forest are trekking, jeep safari, rock climbing, mountaineering, treetop stay and much more. Most of the families visiting the place choose to enjoy camping by exploring the nightlife of the place. The forest is not just a place that is known for its natural beauty but the place is also known among adventure junkies for the spooky stories related to the place. Different stories regarding the wandering ghost of a boy roomers around the place. Travellers who wish to explore the spookiness of the place are also welcomed to the forest.

 Athirapilly Vazhachal waterfalls

Athirapally Falls

Located not too far from the Ernakulam district, the Athirapilly waterfall is one of the most fascinating travel destinations in Kerala that is best explored by tourists from around the world. Apart from the vegetative beauty of the place, there are a number of other elements of attractions in the place. The treetop accommodations, rock climbing, trekking, hiking are all some of the best travel attractions in the place which excites the travellers the most. Nit just a spot for adventure tours and nature explorers the Athirapilly Vazhachal waterfalls are also the hot spot for movie makers in the land. The place has served as the location for a number of movies which includes a number of award-winning movies like Bahubali and much more. Offering the travellers and the movie makers with the best of attractions and adventures this waterfall destination holds in a charm of its own.

 Mostly filled with nature, harmony and destinations with beauty and peacefulness Kerala is one of the most visited and prominent destinations in holiday packages organised for families. Family time is very important in this generation where most of the parents are busy making a living and making money with an aim to provide the children with enough facilities. It is important that parents spend more time with their children building a bond and understanding within the family. Picnics, camping and touring is said to be one of the best and most effective ways in which people could connect with each other in the family. Knowing this growing trend of family tours, the tourism department and the Kerala government is now encouraging and promoting family tourism by providing different packages and introducing new projects. Being a state that supports family tourism to a greater extent, Kerala would be one of the best choices for families to spend a happy vacation.