An Andaman Trip – A 25th Wedding Anniversary Gift for My Parents

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From the day I remember my parents used to celebrate mine and my sister’s birthdays, small and big achievements and festivals. As we are grown up it is our turn to return those special moments to them. We were commencing to the auspicious day- the 25th wedding anniversary of our loving parents. We both wanted it to celebrate in a special way. On ours every special occasion, they used to marvel our hearts with surprises and precious gifts. So this time we decided to surprise with a wonderful gift. At first, we thought of presenting them with expensive dresses or ornaments. By god’s grace, they have enough and more. After spending 2 days we reach a decision to send them for a trip.  And now the question raised where to send? Many places’ names ran into our brains. Suddenly my younger sister remembered the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. They had once shared with us they really wanted to celebrate their honeymoon at Andaman but due to lack of money they couldn’t afford the tour package and were forced to drop the trip. We thought it would be the best occasion to send them to the Andaman Islands. Now the next step was to find the best travel partner who curates packages to the island. Without doing much research we decided to select Andaman Tour Travel Company. The sincere feedbacks received from the travelers were enough for us to trust them. I probably think it was 1 month before the anniversary we disclosed the surprise it is because we wanted them to cut their anniversary cake on the island. After hearing our gift, tears started rolling down from their cheeks. They never expected such a wonderful surprise from us. With joy in their hearts, they said they are really proud of us. But they put forward one condition that they need us with them. We tried our best to get rid of it. But they warned us if we do not accompany them they will not accept the gift. We did not have any other option finally we were forced to join them. We again approached the Andaman Tour Travel and discussed our family trip. They with a pleasing smile said they have the latest family package and like to sell it for exciting discount rates. Then and there itself we grabbed the package. We didn’t forget to ask whether any water activities were inculcated in the package. A wide range of aqua venture sports are incorporated in the package they replied.

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Two days prior to the anniversary we boarded the flight to Veer Savarkar International Airport at Port Blair in Andaman from Madurai International Airport. We had a warm welcome at the airport. From there we proceeded to one of the classy hotels in the capital city, Port Blair. On reaching the hotel we were greeted with fresh cool drinks. We were then guided to our rooms. Our rooms were really spacious. Balconies were attached to our rooms from there we were able to witness the panoramic view of the city. After relaxing for a few hours we were asked to get ready for the sightseeing. My sister reminded me to carry the camera to click auspicious moments of our family. As per the itinerary of the package we were first taken to the Cellular Jail. Over there we were able to capture the golden moments of history. Followed to it we stroll through the historic streets and did a little bit of shopping.  To ease our trip a tour guide was allocated to us. He shared valuable information. He commented that Port Blair is one of the busiest islands in Andaman and it is known as the seat of government. It also comprises the only airport of Andaman. By the evening we returned back to our rooms for unwinding and relaxing.

The next day we moved to Neil Island. It is considered as the vegetation bowl of Andaman and Nicobar Island. The serene nature and soothing climate lure not only us but thousands of travelers to the island. The island is well-renowned for its smooth sandy beaches. Rampur Beach, Sitapur Beach and Laxmanpur Beach are a few among them. These beaches were named after the mythological characters of the holy book Ramayan. I and my sister participated in various water sports such as snorkeling, scuba diving, jet riding, and parasailing. I exactly don’t remember I think we cut the cake at Sitapur beach. On our special request, the authorities had made all the necessary arrangements. On that glorious moment, our dad gifted a Kancheepuram saree to my mom and a golden necklace too. In return, my mom presented him with a fast track watch, golden ring, and a dress also. That evening we remained in the Neil Island itself.

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The next day we moved to Havelock Island. The main purpose of the visit was not only to witness awesome nature but also to provide a chance for our parents to participate in sea walking. As it is the only game that they can indulge at this age, therefore, we insisted on the guide to first take to Elephant beach and then to Radhanagar Beach. Under the special guidance of the professional experts, we all participated in sea walking by wearing a helmet. It is really difficult to express the feeling which we experienced under the water while walking in the sea. We were able to meet many rare and gorgeous aquatic organisms and coral reefs of various patterns and colors. After relishing mouthwatering traditional Andaman foods we moved to Radhanagar Beach. It is declared as the most beautiful and cleanest beaches in Asia. We really had a family time under palm-fringed tress by watching the sea waves wiping the beach. Over here we had arranged a candlelit dinner for our parents (due to lack of time it was not possible in Neil Island). We hope the dinner might have helped them to recollect their good olden days.  From Havelock Island also we did a little bit of shopping and moved back to Port Blair. By the evening we boarded the flight to our native from Veer Savarkar International Airport. Tour coordinators dropped us to the airport. We really had a wonderful time in Andaman. Thank you Andaman Tour Travel for making our trip awesome.

Travelogue on Honeymooning in Poovar in Kerala: An Engaging trip from Delhi

In every means, we feel blessed to have spent our beautiful honeymoon days in God’s Own Country of Kerala. Never even for a moment, we will regret our decision for choosing them over other common hot honeymoon destinations of our country. Let me say, to be frank, our dream destinations for our honeymoon were Bali and Indonesia. We had a clear idea and plans for the same even before our marriage. Yes, we had planned them just after our Sagai that was around five months ago. Then in the latter parts of October, we had a beautiful wedding session at Kalkaji Mandir and Townhouse in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi.

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However, God had set other honeymoon plans for us. We saw ourselves relaxing along the rippling waters of the picturesque estuary of Poovar in Kerala for our favourite time together. Due to some technical issue in the Passport of my husband, we could not make it fly from our hometown Delhi. However, since the time from our Sagai, I was desperate for holidaying with my loving husband in a beautiful place like Bali.  Seriously, I was almost heartbroken. In that instance, my sister-in-law, Priya suggested me this amazing destination of Kerala. She had been working in the National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology (NIIST), which is a branch of the more popular CSIR. Later she added that Poovar is barely a half an hour drive from her place, and there could some tour packages that could take us to Poovar for our perfect honeymooning.

I had enough time to be spent for meaningful research for this very purpose, as I had resigned my job even before our marriage. So I surfed day and night and finally settled up with one of those popular tour companies in Kerala. As ordered by my saali, I especially enquired whether any honeymoon package with the inclusion of Poovar as its major location was available. It was a half ‘no’ reply from them, as they later agreed to customize one of their honeymoon tour package for us. I felt thankful for their polite response to my demand. The tour consultant over the phone merely asked us to book them online and decide the dates of our journey. Once my hubby was back home after his work, within no time lagging we informed the company of the dates. They appreciated us for choosing our honeymoon date in January when the weather too was favourable.

We arrived at the International Airport of Trivandrum on the specified date for our honeymoon on a late morning flight. We boarded a morning flight by SpiceJet as they were assuring of cheapest airfares to this part of Kerala, at this time of the year. We were not in any hurry to reach our hotel, as were we terribly feeling hungry. We went to the cafeteria operating inside the airport itself. I reminisced that this could be my best opportunity to savour the traditional Kerala delicacies for which my saali had no words to express. She was very right. The wholesome lunch we had with all those spicy and tangy tastes. Me being a person who is very much particular of the ever-increasing number of calories that we ate, this day was absolutely out of my thoughts. My husband was already an ardent fan of South Indian dishes. I was now more relieved of my decision of customizing our preferences rather than settling with the available packages, as I was pretty sure that, I will eat more!  

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After satisfying our tummies, when we were just moving out of the terminal, our tour executive phoned us and said that along with the cab he was waiting for us at the parking deck. He seemed to be a polite and nicely behaved person. We got into the cab, it was well maintained and the drive was smooth. As we were travelling to an island destination, most time of our journey was along the coastal line of Trivandrum. We got to witness various scenic location right from this short travel up to our resort that we were to stay. Time just flew by, as I never realized that we had covered the whole of 30 km through the beautiful places. We reached Poovar within a span of 1 and half hour. The moment we reached and stepped out of the cab, I patted the back of my shoulders. I was again right with my decisions. The very first entrance of Poovar Island Resort was very pleasing.

Women dressed in traditional Kerala attires welcomed us with floral garland and welcomed us to the reception of the resort. We did not have to wait for much time at the check-in as we were on some already set and sophisticated tour package. We gradually moved to the cottages that we had booked prior to our visit. It was very spacious and beautiful than we thought before. Above all that, these adorable living spaces were indeed floating in the backwaters. Finally, I and my husband were all alone for our honeymooning in our dream destination. He opened the large windows of our bedroom to feel the soothing air of the adjacent backwaters. Moreover, the view from this space to the Poovar backwaters and vast sea at a distance was truly mesmerizing.

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We thought of taking some rest at our cottage before setting out and explore Poovar. When we woke after a one hour sleep, we got fresh and stepped out of our cottage. It was almost approaching sunset so the views got even more beautiful and splendid. I knew that the sunsets would be beautiful in these regions of Kerala. But this sight was out of our imagination. The light littered from each of these cottages and their reflections on the backwaters is still in my minds. These sights made us more romantic and we promised that we will be visiting these locations again as the experiences we had here was indeed ravishing.

Even though we were travelling with a limited budget, nothing hampered our wishes of honeymooning in a serene destination like that of Poovar Island in Trivandrum. Thanks to Dream Holidays! The best travel deals that they had was a true blessing to us.

List of 6 Most Photogenic Forts of Kerala that would be Perfect for Honeymooners_ with Rankings

As in any other place of the world, Kerala too has got its own share of magnificent forts that are just perfect for your memorable honeymoon photo-shoot. So you don’t have to head up to the north, for clicking your pictures at the Amber Fort of Rajasthan or Gwalior Fort in Madhya Pradesh. Most of these ancient structures erected here in Kerala are blissed to be sighted straight to the sea that would create a unique and beautiful backdrop. Yet another could be an architectural wonder or be striking for its vastness. So you just need to equip yourself with the required camera and its supporting instruments or hire any efficient group of photographers to click beautiful and everlasting pictures for you here in this land of Kerala.

Below listed are the most beautiful forts of Kerala that in every aspect are perfect to click your exclusive honeymoon pictures.

Bekal Fort in Kasargod

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Being known as the largest and most famous fort of Kerala, the Bekal Fort in Kerala deserves to be on the top of this list of the most photogenic location of Kerala. With the lush green grasslands found all around this ancient structure can make a stunning backdrop for your epic honeymoon picture. If you are planning to visit on a cloudy without much sunlight, you may capture the most romantic set ever gifted by nature on your camera. This location was so deemed as a favorite spot for even the filmmakers to shoot their romantic songs at this captivating fort. Among which the most popular would be the visual treat of the evergreen song, ‘Uyire Uyire’ from the 1995 film ‘Bombay.’

St Angelo Fort in Kannur

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Located in the North Malabar region of Kerala in the Kannur district, the St. Angelo Fort would not be necessarily known to every traveler on their usual tour. Yet they have got their prominence both in its exterior beauty and historical significance. This colossal structure most perfectly comes in the second position of photogenic locations of Kerala. Honeymooners if they are to visit the Portuguese built fort with helicams, could find the triangular structure of St Angelos. Besides that, the newlyweds may click their post-wedding photographs with the mesmerizing Arabian Sea in the background. Never skip that precious frame that could be formed just beside the oil lamp lighthouse. There could be a few tour packages that could take you to the fort under the control of Archeological Survey of India.

 Chandragiri Fort in Kasargod

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Yet another majestic fort of Kasargod district, the one at Chandragiri could be listed third in the ranking. You don’t have to travel much from Bekal Fort to reach this enticing fort that is the confluence of the Payaswini River with the Arabian Sea. Sunsets that can be witnessed from this particular point could be very refreshing to the couples and you may take your best honeymoon snap. The square-shaped fort constructed by Sivappa Naik is perched on a cliff adjacent to these water bodies. Furthermore, the large expanse of land surrounding them could a place to click your most precious pictures together. Also, the tourists visiting these locations are comparatively low, so you may click as many photographs that you wish for.

Arikady Fort in Kasargod

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Although you have missed out on Arikady Fort your honeymoon destinations, you will truly regret that the fort was excluded from your packages once you drop in there for your photo-shoot. The small size of Arikady Fort will not let them out of this list of photogenic locations of the state. You may note that the entire structure resembles the Kaligam Fort of Ahmedabad, but is different from the fact that the Arikady is covered in lush green grasslands. Clicking your honeymoon picture from here will say much about the richness and tradition of Kerala. When walking through the lanes of Arikady Fort, you would indeed feel that you have returned to the centuries when the Nayyikkars ruled in these South Canara regions.

Thalassery Fort in Kannur

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Comparatively, newly built Fort by the colonizers of our country, Thalassery Fort located in the Kannur district comes fifth in the rankings of the most beautiful stone structures of Kerala. Apart from the major fort, you could find various other ancient buildings such as Brennen Cemetery, Collector Bungalow, and St.Rosary Church. So you have more options here to click your best photographs that you can cherish forever. Some of your frames may include the gigantic doors that are primitively inscribed, yet they could provide the very exotic feel that can rarely be found in all other forts in the list. Creative photographers may capture varied pictures with the couples and provide you with the most unique snap with the inclusion of its bastions and tall round holed walls.

Tipu’s Fort in Palakkad

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The fort that comes sixth in this list of most photogenic forts of Kerala is that of Tipu’s Fort, which is otherwise called Palakkad Fort. The well planned ancient structure is located almost in the heart of the Palakkad city itself. Here also, the honeymooners would get to see the green man-made lake all across the fort. The entire area circumventing the forts is well maintained. Henceforth, you don’t have to take much preparation in finding the best spots to capture your finest picture. Anywhere that you tilt your camera, you will be blessed with charming and everlasting frames. Moreover, the best pictures can be captured from the beautiful and green lawns grown on the premises of Tipu’s Fort.

 On your honeymoon, you may visit as many tourist destinations as you and your partner wish for. And if those locations are picturesque and serene, you may arrange your post-wedding photoshoots there itself. However, the forts listed are situated in longer distances. Therefore, you will be relied on to avail of the services provided by Gogeo Holiday, which is an efficient tour company based in Kochi, Kerala. They would provide you with the best honeymoon tour packages at the most affordable rates. Additionally, the packages comprise of tours to varied destinations that can be chosen online or via phone according to your travel preferences.

Kerala, the State of Medicinal Plants

Kerala, the state is popular for its picturesque landscapes, serene nature, and marvelous environment. Irrespective of the seasonal conditions and natural calamities the state always becomes the ultimate tourist destination for travelers. Not only the travelers from the other states of India but also from various corners of the world visit Kerala to enchant its marvelous beauty. One week is actually not enough to explore the state. The state is blessed with several notifying features such as awe-inspiring wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, golden sand beaches, tranquil backwaters, breathtaking hilltops, shallow rivers and many more lure tourists to Kerala. The state is a haven for adventure events. Some popular enthralling activities are trekking, mountaineering, rock climbing, rafting and so on. Even foreigners demand such activities in their packages while touring Kerala. There are a group of people who visit Kerala for refreshing their soul by dwelling in Ayurveda centers. People often tour these revitalizing centers to rejuvenate their souls. And also to erase their minds from all kinds of sorrows and worries. There are several Ayurveda centers are seen in Kerala. Ayurvedic treatments use herbal plants, roots and some fruits for treatment of various kinds of diseases. Treatment may be lengthy but it assures cent percent eradication of disease without any harmful effects. Many of us are unaware of the plants which are used for the treatment. Below is the list of the different types of plants used for medicinal purposes.

     1. Aloe Vera

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Aloe Vera, due to its medicinal importance it is also known as a magical plant. It is cultivated in almost all countries. Aloe Vera is the main source of all the medicinal and cosmetic companies in the world. It is known as Kattar Vazha in the Malayalam language. Not only the multinational companies but also common people depend on aloe vera for thick and long hair. It is the best solution for baldness. Aloe Vera is used for curing many diseases. Fresh juice extracted from the leaves of Aloe Vera is refrigerant and cathartic. It is used in healing ailments related to the liver and spleen. It is also used for dermatitis, x-ray burns, cutaneous leishmaniasis and many more. The extract of leaves is also used for inhibiting the growth of mycobacterium tuberculosis. The thickened juice extracted from Aloe Vera is used for curing prolapsed uterus also for haemorrhoidal congestion of stomach and spleen.

  1. Neem

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The Neem tree is another most important tree seen enormously in Indian soil. The leaves of Neem are used for rituals in temples of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The botanical name of Neem is Azadirachta indica. It is known as Arya Veppu in the Malayalam language. As it requires a very less quantity of water farmers won’t find it difficult to cultivate it. Neem trees even have the ability to survive without water for days. These trees have special healing powers. The presence of trees in the air itself can cure many diseases. The bark of the Neem tree is used for skin ailments. The leaves of Neem are antiseptic, as a poultice, it is applied to boils. Patients suffering from ulcers, eczema is given leaf decoction. Not only the leaves but also the flower and berries have medicinal importance. The flower of Neem is stomachic and tonic whereas the fruits or berries are emollient and purgative. The oil extracted from the seeds of Neem is used for skin afflictions.

  1. Tulsi or Tulasi

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Tulsi is always considered a Hindu plant as it has an unavoidable role in Hindu rituals. Hindu worshippers adorn garland made up of Tulsi leaves to Lord Krishna, Vishnu, and Vithobha. Tulsi is also known as Tulasi in the Malayalam language. The botanical name of the Tulsi is Ocimum tenuiflorum. Tulsi is considered one of the best herbal plants available in Kerala. While on your Kerala tour you could see tulsi being planted in front of the Hindu houses. It is believed that the plant is an earthly manifestation of God. It is an antibiotic and protects all living beings from mosquitoes. The leaves of trees are used in making herbal hair oils. It is treated as a medicinal plant. It is used for curing catarrh and cutaneous diseases. People suffering from malaria are given the decoction of roots. The seeds of Tulsi are used for healing genito-urinary diseasesLeaves of Tulsi are also used as expectorant, antipyretic, stimulant and diaphoretic.

  1. Indian Gooseberry
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Indian gooseberries on white background

The Indian Gooseberry is also known as Amla in Hindi and Nellika in the Malayalam language. The botanical name of Indian Gooseberry is Phyllanthus emblica. It is the only plant that grows enormously in India and the Middle East. It is also called Amritaphala in the Sanskrit language which means nectar fruit or fruit of heaven. The Amla tree is short in size and attains a height from 8 to 18 m with a crooked trunk and sprawling branches. The leaves of the tree resemble pinnate leaves and are light green in color. The flowers are greenish and yellow in color. The wood of the tree is used for fireworks. It is always the main ingredient of Ayurvedic tonic such as Chavyanaprash. The Amla fruit is spherical in shape with six stripes on it and is commonly seen in light greenish-yellow in color. The fruit highly contains Vitamin C. The fruits of the tree have the power to heal mental disorders. It is the main element of rejuvenation treatments. It is also used in hair oils, hair dyes, and shampoos.

By reading the above paragraphs you might have got a clear idea about the plants used in Ayurvedic treatments. Most of the plants which you read above are unfamiliar to you. There are many more plants that are there seen only in jungles. So when you plan a holiday to Kerala certainly visit these forest areas. Gogeo Holidays is one such travel partner which organizes trips to Kerala by inculcating several revitalizing centers. Also, travelers could see how these plants are being used for medicinal purposes. By discussing with the travel partner you can also avail Ayurveda treatments like a massage with herbal oils. You accompany your friends and family members who are suffering from incurable diseases like hypertension, sinusitis, migraine, bronchial diseases, cancer, heart diseases, arthritis, cervical spondylitis, post-pregnancy problems and many more. Among all the treatments Panchakarma therapy is a famous one.  Also, herbal treatments also have the ability to remove all the stress and tensions from the mind. So if you feel you want to refresh your mind, don’t waste your time. Avail the packages as soon as possible. Undergoing Ayurveda treatments during monsoon seasons in Kerala will give the best result. Therefore grab the package before it expires.

A Journey to Dubai with Buddies

Dubai is one of the most captivating cities in the world. People are lured by its charming beauty, skyscrapers, and mind-blowing architects. Dubai has something special that no other country has. It is the perfect example for the proverb nothing is impossible. With a decade of constant hard work, dedication, and unity, their success touched the sky. The city is a haven for adventure activities, shopping, and sightseeing and also for creativity and imagination. People always say the city is a land of opportunities. Dubai has been sheltering thousands of foreigners for years. The city is appreciated for its unity in diversity. Without any discrimination, Dubai respects other religions and celebrates their festivals. Every year thousands of people visit the iconic city for various purposes. And nearly half of them settle there.

Dubai city tour

You might be thinking why I am describing the city so much. Whether I had visited the city before? And so on. Let me clarify one thing I have not visited the city but have seen it many times in movies, advertisements and in the internet. After watching the Malayalam movie ‘Diamond Necklace’ I became a big fan of Dubai. Half of the movie was shot in Dubai. From that day onwards I started dreaming of visiting the marvelous city. I talked about it to my friends, family, and cousins. After a few days, one of my cousins told me about the Dubai Tour Trawel team. There are the leading tour operators in Dubai. Within a few years, they gained fame by curating packages at cheap rates for travelers across the globe. I discussed the same with my close friends. They were thrilled and agreed for the same. We booked the package on a convenient day.

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Some of my college mates were working in the southern states of the country. I also had conveyed about the idea of Dubai tour. A few of my friends working in Coimbatore also joined us by purchasing the packages for Dubai. We boarded a flight to Dubai International airport from different locations. On reaching the airport the tour coordinators were there to receive us with a bouquet of aromatic flowers. We were very excited and thrilled not only for landing Dubai safely but also for meeting our buddies after a long time. We all traveled in a cab from the airport with a tour guide to one of the elegant hotels. After savoring delicious food we relaxed for a few hours. By the evening we started our sightseeing. We were first taken to the world’s tallest tower, Burj Khalifa. The tour guide conveyed some valuable information about the Burj Khalifa. The tower is nearly 850 m in height with two observation decks. It was built by Emmar properties. During the inauguration time in 2010, the skyscraper had only one observation deck. A few years later China built a tower with an observation deck at an elevation greater than that of Burj Khalifa. And hence our favorite came Burj Khalifa was dropped to 2nd position. As we all know Dubai is well-renowned as the city of superlatives. It won’t like to remain in the 2nd stand, therefore, it constructed a new observation deck on the top of the previous one.  There is a facility of savoring delicacies at the observation decks while enjoying the panoramic view of the entire city. Near to it, the famous Dubai Fountain is situated. During the evening the fountain will be illuminated with colorful lights and one could see water dancing with the music played. After enjoying the water dance we moved to Dubai shopping mall– the paradise for shoppers. We remained dumbstruck by seeing its interior decorations. The mall is designed on various themes. It comprises 100+ shops with restaurants and a children’s park. We purchased many valuable items from the mall and tasted various food items from the food corners. Nearly 1000 people visit the mall per day. After grand shopping, we moved back to the hotel.

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The next day we began our trip by visiting the Dubai Mall again as on the previous day we were not able to visit the famous Dubai Aquarium. Words are insufficient to describe the charming beauty of the aquarium. It is the only place where one could see varieties of fishes and coral reefs together in an aquarium. We availed a glass-bottomed boat tour to view the entire mesmerizing aquarium. Inside the Dubai aquarium, one could see several restaurants from there we tasted mouthwatering dishes in company with marine creatures. From there we moved to Dubai Miracle Garden. On the roadway journey, we were amused by seeing the amazing bridges constructed in spectacular patterns. During the travel, our tour guide discussed a few points about the garden to us. The garden was inaugurated on a valentine’s day. It is sheltered to thousands of thousand flowers. And the maintenance of the garden was hand over to a private company. We reached the marvelous garden. We were amazed by the gorgeous arrangement of flowers in a peculiar manner. We clicked several photographs in the garden and uploaded on the social media after reaching the hotel (by using the hotel’s WI-FI). From there we proceeded to explore the man-made island- Palm Island. The islands are designed in the shape of palm leaves. How could a Dubai trip be completed without participating in desert activities? From Dubai Miracle Garden we moved for desert safaris. We tried 4×4 quad rides and camel rides. We were fortunate enough to relish the taste of traditional Arab foods by enjoying the belly dance performed by the professionals. After receiving the golden rays of sunrise we planned to indulge in some adventure games. We discussed it with our guide about the same. He suggested the hot air balloon flight. Before noon we reached the spot. At first, a few of us (including me) were afraid to try. As we really do not want to disappoint others we tried. The moment we were lifted we were so thrilled that we screamed in joy. I could see very closely birds flying. Along with hot air balloon flight, we also tried jet skiing.

Dubai trip packages from Chennai

After a few days of the trip we returned back to our hometown. I don’t know how to thank the Dubai Tour Trawell team and their services.  We were really pleased with their hospitality. After reaching my home I logged in to their website and upload a fabulous comment and rated them with 5 stars.

An Exquisite Honeymoon Trip to Wayanad in Kerala from Delhi

We wanted some fresh air! This was one of your basic conditions that we had when the time for choosing our honeymoon destination was fast approaching. Satisfying this very criterion, we shortlisted the common and nearby hill station from Delhi such as Manali, Shimla and Dalhousie. However, we soon left that thought when my wife urged that she had already been to these locations several. Even in the last summer, she was with her friends holidaying in the hills of Kullu. Furthermore, when she was sharing her same travel experiences with me, one point just stroke me. One of her friends is from Kozhikode in Kerala. On their travel, she had no words to express the beautiful experiences she had acquired while holidaying in their nearby hilly district of Wayanad.

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Before this particular instance, when I get to hear about Kerala, the first things that come to my mind are the Kathakali, Idli and Dosa, houseboats and Kalaripayttu. However, when I surfed about the glorious South Indian state more, I realized that they are more than the ‘Idlis and Sambhars’. Truly speaking, I was regretting that I never made myself to know more about or tour Kerala. I was craving to visit Kerala since then. So when I shared this thought with my beloved wife, she was in all praise for my decision. However, she was doubtful whether we have to rely on any direct tour packages to Kerala. Later I saw myself surfing about the private tour package that would take us to the beautiful state of Kerala and book from the best tour company that we could find.

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We set out for our dream honeymoon from the hometown by the last week of October. As there was only a limited number of direct flights from Delhi to the destination (there is no airport in Wayanad!), our tour company booked us a ticket straight to Cochin International Airport and from there to Kannur Airport. Later, I got to know that the latter was the latest and the fourth airport built in the state. When we shared our demands that we were more into adventure, and had chosen this particular destination to catch a glimpse of vast forest cover of Kerala. So they customized our package according to our wishes. They also informed us that even the path leading to Wayanad from Kannur Airport situated in Mattanur is a delight to watch.

cheap kerala packages

Once reaching the airport at Cochin in the afternoon, we had to wait until evening to catch the next flight to Kannur International Airport. In that particular time gap, I and my wife were transformed into our own sweet world. We did not even feel that we had spent the whole of 3 hours just by chatting about our travel ambitions. Then after savouring our delicious traditional Kerala lunch from the Cafeteria there, we were on the venture of catching our next flight to Kannur. Along with us, there were quite many foreign tourists in the gatehouse of the airport. Moreover, we met an American Vlogger, who was on his tour to Kannur. He said that he had already made many travel videos based in Wayanad on his last visit. So he suggested some beautiful destinations where we could have the best holidaying as the loving newlywed couples.

cheap and best kerala tour packages

When we reached the airport at Kannur within 1 and a half hours of flight, we saw the tour guides of the company we had relied on. With our names written in the placard, he was waiting for us in the arrival gate itself and showing that friendly Kerala gesture. He looked polite and welcoming. So within waiting much, he followed him up to the cab that would take us to our dream destination of Wayanad. After moving a few kilometres I saw my already sleeping. She might have got tired of flying and waiting in the airport for such long hours. Just then I was feeling relieved of the fact that we had planned our trip to a new place like Kerala with special honeymoon packages. Without the passing of much time, I too dozed off.

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When I woke up after an hour, I saw some signboards indicating that we were travelling in the scenic Malabar Hill Highway. Without much time lag, I was creating a rapport with the guide. His good name was Sumesh and was from Kozhikode. He said that the accommodation for us had been set in the central part of Wayanad. So we were heading to a small town of Manathavady. Since it was already late evening and approaching towards night, we were beginning to feel cold. However, the entire atmosphere and chill were of a different kind here in Wayanad than that of Delhi.

In the very next morning, we were ready to head up to the Kurava Islands which is almost nearby our hotel. The picturesque scenic of the petite rocky terrains amidst the serene Kabani River was rather ravishing. When my beloved wife was playing in the shallow waters, she indeed seemed childlike. We had great fun in Kuruva. Next destination in our bucket list was Chembra Peak. Later, Sumesh too thought that we were heading up to the hills in the most favourable time. When we reached the foothills of Chembra, we realized that he was very accurate. It seemed that the majestic hills were having great fun by hiding behind the clouds. Once reaching halfway through the trek, we witnessed the remarkable heart-shaped pond. The moment when the climate was clear, we clicked our epic honeymoon snap in the backdrop of the romantic pond.

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Without getting much late, we descended the peak, as the natural lights were gradually decreasing. In the chilling night, we drove back to our hotel and just fell off to our beds. As we only got to realize, we were indeed exhaustive after the eventful trek. Even then we had a great time in Wayanad along with the aid of Dream Holidays, which was with us all through the journey. As mentioned before, we had our personally customized honeymoon tour packages, when we shared about our dreams of a perfect honeymoon.

An Amazing Trip to Kerala Trees

Travellers often love to visit Kerala. The reasons may vary among travellers for visiting the state. Some visits the state to witness the charming beauty. Others visit the place either for business or educational purposes. Whatever may be the reason travellers are always lured by the beauty of the serene nature of Kerala. Many people believe that Kerala got its name due to the presence of coconut trees (also known as ‘Kera’ in the Malayalam language). And is true. People always feel amused by seeing the splendid view of trees oscillating in accordance with the cool air. The state is known for its thickly populated forest trees with coconut trees in abundance. Many people have a myth that a trip to Kerala may be wastage of time. There would be anything apart from many trees and animals. But such myths should be removed from your mind. Kerala is not like the past. It has changed completely. It is one of the most popular tourist and fastest-growing destinations in India. Nearly ten thousand tourists visit this amazing state to enchant its glory as part of their honeymoon, and family travel packages. The amusement parks, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, bird sanctuaries, hill ranges, plantations of spices, tea and coffee, boating, houseboat rides and many more are the highlighting features that grab the tourists to the state. Availing a tour package to Kerala will never make the travellers disappoint. There many travel agencies that curate packages for not only nature lovers but also for adventure lovers at cheapest rates. The state is also famous for a plethora of enthralling activities such as paragliding, bamboo rafting, boating, trekking, canoeing, kayaking, mountaineering, and so on. However, sitting under a tree and tasting delicious traditional foods will present a marvellous experience to each and every traveller that no five-star hotel could provide. Trees have always become an inevitable part of Malayalees. The state is blessed with different varieties of trees. Let us go through the kinds of trees seen in the state and their uses.

  1.  Coconut Tree

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Coconut tree or ‘thengu’ known in the Malayalam language is the state tree of Kerala. The tree is branchless and it is known as ‘Kalpavriksha’. Coconuts, the fruit of the tree is big and oval in shape. The hard shell of coconut comprises of edible material of sweet taste with tasty water. It is protected inside the hard shell which is encircled with thick fibre. Coconut is one of the main ingredients of Keralite foods. Coconuts are used in different forms in the traditional foods of Kerala. Coconut oils are popular not only in South India but across the world. It used for multi-purposes. It is the main ingredient of shampoo, soap, cosmetics, candles, cooking, and so on. The coconut oils are extracted from the dried form of coconut called ‘kopra’. After the extraction of oils, this kopra is given as food to cattle and fowls. The fibre is used for the formation of ropes and mats which are resistant to saltwater. The coconut water is a natural health drink good for dysentery and vomiting. Toddy of coconut is also used as a beverage. The leaves of the trees are used for thatching roofs and trunks are used for bridges. The hardest part of the coconut is used for the preparation of vessels and cups.

2. Golden Shower Tree

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The Golden Shower tree is also known as ‘Kanikkonna’. It is the state flower of Kerala. The tree got its name due to the presence of golden-yellow coloured leaves. The tree gains more importance during the festival of Vishu.  A garland made up of golden flowers is adorned on the lord Krishna’s idol on the day of Vishu and it is also considered as the first sight. The tree blooms in the months of April and May. When the flowers bloom it is a treat to the eyes. One would find difficult to identify leaves from the flowers. The tree is also a kind of messenger. It tells the arrival of monsoon. The parts of the tree such as fruit pulp, roots, and barks are also considered for medicinal purposes. Due to the presence of tannins in the barks of trees, it is used for fabric colouring and leather processing.

  3. Sandalwood Tree

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The Sandalwood tree is also known as Chandanam in Malayalam. The tree is famous for it’s cooling and healing properties. The tree consists of purple and black in colour succulent fruits with purple flowers in small dull in bunches. The tree is a solution from the scorching heat, inflammation problems, and excessive sweating. To get rid of the sweating one uses sandalwood in the form of paste, dry powder or mixed with oil and others. The powder of sandalwood is used as a treatment of gonorrhoea. The paste of sandalwood regularly applied to foreheads will increase the level of concentration. It also has the ability to reduce the temperature and headache during fever. It is also a medicine for painful urination problems and inflammation of the bladders. It is one of the prominent ingredients in Hindu rituals. The incense from the sandalwood is used to pacifying the minds.

I hope you have got a clear idea about the trees seen in and around Kerala. The trees are protected as part of the conservation of the earth. Some people export the woods of trees to other states. After reading the above-mentioned information don’t you feel to taste yummy and scrumptious fruits from the tall and thick trees? So what are you waiting for? Buy the Kerala tour packages at affordable prices from the eminent travel operators like Dream Holidays. They always try to inculcate places such as sanctuaries, forest areas with tourist spots in the itineraries of Kerala packages. While on your Kerala trip don’t forget to carry a camera and a notebook to note down the important points about the trees. You can also record the videos or audio of your tour guide while explaining the trees and their uses. If you are planning to visit the state during monsoon don’t forget to carry an umbrella and raincoats. Also, you can accompany your dearest friends to explore the state in an adventurous way.

Exploring the Less Touristy Locations of North Kerala

This part of both the culturally and geographically rich Kerala is obviously less touristy. When compared with the visual treats offered from the Southern tip of the state, the Northern Kerala is way much exotic. There are the boons of a lesser crowd, more options, better people and less spoiled destinations. Although these tourist locations are not that renowned, the travel destinations in Malabar region never compromise in its scenic beauty and the very essence of travelling up to those outlandish spots. As far as an adventure-seeking or off-beat traveller is concerned, these locations would be just perfect for fulfilling their dream getaways.

Below given are few of the less touristy locations that you can readily drop in while on a road trip to Northern Kerala.

Adyanpara Waterfalls of Nilambur in Malappuram

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Even though the tourist site is located in the district of Malappuram, they are positioned to the eastern side of Thamarassery in Kozhikode. Adyanpara is rather close of the Nilambur town at a distance of 15km. So you may hire a taxi and reach at foothills of the waterfalls easily. However, any tour package that could take you to the destination would be minimal. Once you had reached there, you will be required to mount up to the steep hills that even be challenging to the adventurous travellers. Furthermore, the real beauty of the unexplored waterfall can indeed be experienced when you are visiting them in the monsoon from June to October. Then waterfall would be cascading with that heavy flow of pristine river water. It would indeed be a visual treat to watch the running waters smashing the unique shaped huge rocks in the dense forests.

Kodikuthimala of Malappuram

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Very perfectly called as the ‘Ooty of Malappuram’, the beautiful hill station of Kodikuthimala in Malappuram is full of surprises to its rare visitors. The lush green covers when you view from a top the hills are truly mesmerizing. For this very purpose, you have the two major options of a suicide point and a watchtower. Moreover, when trekking up the forested hills, several natural springs and cascading waterfalls will be welcoming you. Although not much known to the regular tourist lots, the serene location of Kodikuthimala is a favourite hotspot among the young adventure-loving travellers. For this very season, the entire hill station is still unspoiled and offers various scopes for further explorations.

Thikkoti Light House Beach in Kozhikode

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When talking about the popular beaches of the district, chiefly Kappad and Kozhikode beaches come into one mind. Nonetheless, on this side of the district, a remarkable lighthouse erected on the Velliyamkally Rock makes them a perfect blend for epic beach photography. Furthermore, as the beachside near the Thikkoti Light House is less touristy, you may have your own time and leisure without any barriers of the large crowds experienced in other major beaches of Kerala. Migratory birds from various distant locations do visit the tranquil beach during summer and the following months. As you move north towards Payyoli beach from Thikkoti, you could catch a glimpse of a dilapidated shipwreck. In addition to this, the rich palm and coconut plantations create a unique look to this charming golden shore of Malabar region.

Thusharagiri Waterfalls in Kozhikode

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The major portions of Kozhikode city are centred on the coastal region of the city. Yet the eastern and the hilly terrains of the districts are still unexplored to a greater extent. The mesmerizing waterfalls at Thusharagiri are most accessibly located on the way that would take you to the more popular tourist destination of Wayanad. Basically, the waterfalls at Thusharagiri do comprise of three other falls namely Thumpi Thullum Para, Erattumukku and Mazhavil Chattom. The travellers to the place will also get to view the drizzling river of the waterfalls flowing to a larger water body of Challippuzha River. Although the alluring region around Thusharagiri is protected as an Eco-Tourist spot of late, only a limited number of tourists do a stopover in the destination. If you are very much into mountaineering, this serene unexplored destination should be on your bucket list visit to North Kerala.

Paithalmala in Kannur

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The majestic hill deserves every right to be included under the list of the most renowned tourist destination of the state, besides the fact that Paithalmala is the highest peak of Kannur. However, they are not much popular as other hill stations of Kerala and are obviously unexplored.  Located in the borders connecting Kerala and Kannur, the hill station can be reached from Kannur after a drive of 55km through a serene atmosphere. If you are wishing for a travel to the hill station in lower rates you may catch a bus to Kudiyanmala and then hire a taxi to Paithamala. Once you have trekked all through the dense forest all across the hills to the top, you could have a panoramic view of Mother Nature. If the climate is favourable, you may even witness the Arabian Sea at a distance. Moreover, the hill station under the control of Forest Department is actually home to a large variety of flora and fauna. So when you are visiting Paithamala, you will be blessed to watch unique species of butterflies and birds you had never seen before.

Ranipuram in Kasargod

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Any traveller to Kasargod would be surprised to visit this lush green region, which is otherwise mistaken for a dry and tiresome district. So in every aspect, this spectacular hill station can be most perfectly included under the list of unexplored tourist locations of North Kerala. A nearby Thalacauvery Wildlife Sanctuary of Karnataka shares its borders with Ranipuram. Because of this very relevant reason, when you are further exploring the forest covers of Ranipuram, you will be rushing to various kinds of deers, monkeys, squirrels, boars and even elephants.

The wonders of nature sited in the splendid state of Kerala such as the ones mentioned here can be explored further with the assistance of Dreams Cabs. The noted online taxi service has employed expert drivers to take you to all those scenic locations. If you are that travel enthusiast who would love to think out of the box things, then head on to these unexplored tourist destinations without wasting a minute!

Me and My Dream Dubai

I don’t think there would be anyone who hasn’t heard the name, Dubai at least once in their lifetime. It was my lifetime dream to visit the most mesmerizing city in the world. I heard the city’s name not from any history book or from any newspaper. It was through my father and uncle that I came to know about this city and its beauty. My father and uncle were working in a construction company as a supervisor in Dubai. Not like today, my dad used to get only 45 days of holiday once a year. Whenever he used to visit us he used to bring lots of chocolates, toys, and dresses. It was for chocolates which I used to wait eagerly. I used to always ask my dad what is there in Dubai that makes it so special and different from other countries. With an innocent smile, he used to reply that the residents over there believe in the principle ‘nothing is impossible if one has strong will power and immense dedication’. He also added it is one of the few cities in the world who knows to preserve their traditional and cultural values while running behind the modernity. Because of my dad, the place became an inevitable part of my life. From my childhood, I used to tell my friends one day I will certainly visit this fascinating city.

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Before completing graduation my dad got retired and returned back from his job to our home town. Soon after my studies, I got placed in a reputed multinational company through campus placement. Many of my cousins were relocated to Dubai as part of their job and marriage. They used to upload many photographs of beautiful places in Dubai. It was my biggest dream to visit the world’s eighth wonders and the tallest skyscraper known as Burj Khalifa and many other wondrous monuments. I used to feel very sad by seeing the pic. Looking at my sadness it was my dearest friend who recommended about Dubai Tour Trawel and their excellent packages. She also mentioned that this time they were grabbing the customers by providing a special offer for the people of Hyderabad to tour Dubai. I was really thrilled. Words are insufficient to describe my excitement. I shared this happy news with my family. At first, they were hesitant to avail of the package as it might be very expensive. But I explained to them their features and their hospitality of the tour partner. Also, I showed them the feedback and reviews of the people who availed their packages. After going through the testimonials they were pleased and agreed to travel to Dubai.

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Finally, that day arrived. It was very really difficult for me to believe that am going to visit my dream destination. We, a group of nearly 100 travelers together boarded a flight from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad to Dubai International Airport in Dubai. We reached Dubai in the morning. The tour representatives were there to receive us at the airport. They guided us to one of the best hotels in Dubai. After refreshment, we started our sightseeing. They first took us to the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa. We remain startled by seeing its height. The tour guide, as well as our dad, shared many stories behind its constructions which were not revealed to any public media. After waiting for a while we got the entry pass to the observatory deck located on the 124th floor of the building. We remain dumbstruck by seeing the stupendous beauty of the entire city. The observation deck provides a panoramic view of the whole Dubai city. Just for a moment, I thought whether am watching any dream. I asked my younger sister (whom we call ‘chotu’) to pinch me to make me realize that this is not a dream. She giggled and pinched me. We also had a marvelous lunch in the sky on the 126th floor. Followed to Burj Khalifa we visited the most famous Dubai Mall. Dubai Fountain which is located adjacent to the mall is worth to see. In the evenings the fountain is illuminated with various colors. Dubai Mall is a haven for shopaholics. The mall comprises of more than 100 shops.  It not only consists of textiles and cosmetics shops but also many recreational centers such as gym, fitness club. It also offers a plethora of opportunities to indulge in various games. We availed the tour package in the month of January so we were blessed to participate in the world’s famous Dubai Shopping Festival. From there we purchased several antique items and garments. Also, we did a little bit of gold shopping too. From there we visited the man-made archipelago known as Palm Islands. The islands are constructed in the shape of the palm. Only the Palm Jumeirah Island can be visited. Followed to it we went to Dubai Miracle Garden. Our tour guide told us that the garden was inaugurated on 14th February i.e. on Valentine’s Day. The garden is home to thousands of varieties of flowers. Some flowers are decorated in the shape of various patterns like animals, national symbols, and many more. How could we forget to visit the Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo? The aquarium is sheltered to plenty of fishes. My sister who was pursuing a degree in Zoological was really thrilled by seeing all the fishes together which she had only learned in her textbooks. It would have been a great loss if we omit this place from our package. One can view various species of fishes and other marine creatures by traveling on a glass-bottomed boat in the aquarium. We also had a marvelous dinner with aquatic creatures in the underwater zoo. We Indians are always a fan of Bollywood actors and their movies. While learning about Dubai I heard about Bollywood Park. I asked our tour guide whether there is any possibility to visit Bollywood Park. He nodded his head with a smile and promised us to take to the park on the pre-final day. We all especially youngsters participated in various adventure games and enjoyed a lot.

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On the final day, we returned back to Hyderabad with bags full of gifts and minds full of good memories. We didn’t feel Dubai trip as expensive. The package was very cheap and the expenses didn’t go beyond our expectations. We all were pleased with the hospitality offered by the Dubai team. Many people who availed tour packages from other agencies were not able to visit many important places. But we were fortunate enough to visit all the prominent spots. Thanks to the Dubai Tour Trawell team for organizing such a wonderful trip for us.

5 Stunning Bridges of Dubai that Connects Human Hearts

Dubai is an all-time favorite destination for tourists across the world. Every year the Dubai stuns the world with magnificent skyscrapers and astonishing human wonders. The city is already famed for its exemplary creativity. Have you ever imagined a place where one can relish the dazzling beauty of natural and man-made skill works at a time under a single roof? Dubai is the only place where you can witness this awesome miracle. The things which a common man can’t even imagine in his dream can be seen in real only in Dubai. The city is also known as the home of superlatives. Apart from the man-made wonders, the city is also famous for its unique culture and art forms. Dubai is a haven for food lovers and nature enthusiasts. The city is considered to be an ultimate destination for shopaholics and entertainment lovers. Every thousand globetrotters plan an exotic tour relish the charming beauty of the city. One could get several packages to roam across the city. Select the cheap and affordable one from them and enjoy the bewildering beauty of the well-renowned structures. Burj Khalifa- the tallest building in the world, Dubai Mall, Emirati Mall, Dubai Aquarium, Snow park, Palm Island, etc. are some of the best examples for the same.

Don’t ever think that only by entering the aforementioned places you can view the gorgeous beauty of the city. Each corner of the city will make the travelers speechless and one such captivating creativity is the interconnecting structures more commonly known as bridges. The bridges of Dubai are really praiseworthy. The way they are constructed, its architectural style, its fascinating beauty, and many more lure not only civil engineers and architects but also ordinary people. Below is a short description of the amusing bridges in Dubai that are enough to assess the competency of the city when it comes to formulating something new out of the limited resources.

5 Amusing bridges in Dubai

  1. Floating Bridge

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Have you ever heard a long bridge been constructed in just 23 days!!! It is really unbelievable, isn’t it? Unimaginable and unbelievable things take place only in Dubai. And no wonder the construction of a floating bridge also took place in the city of Dubai. It was the dream of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid al Maktoum to construct a bridge to overcome the traffic in Al Maktoum Bridge. Even though the construction needed hardly one month it takes around 10 months to design and plan the bridge. The project was handed over to Waagner- Biro. The bridge carries 6 lanes across the Dubai Creek. The pontoon bridge is an interconnection between Deira City Centre and the Yacht club by connecting Dubai Creek Golf.

Situated at: Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Length of bridge: 365m

Inaugurated in the year: 16th July 2007

  1. Al Maktoum Bridge

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Most of us have seen in movies the opening of the bridge while a ship passes and resumes its initial position within a few minutes. Such a bridge could also be seen in Dubai. The bridge is named Al Maktoum Bridge. The bridge had undergone several transformations in the years such as 1974, 1990, 2001 and 2007 to accommodate several vehicles and passengers at a time. Salik (road toll) was implemented in the year 2008. The bascule opening of the bridge which permits large ships to sail is the feature which attracts tourist from various parts of the world. To witness this awe-inspiring moment travelers from Coimbatore can avail tour packages to the mesmerizing city. Travelers can also click photographs when the traffic is least.

Situated at:  Al Maktoum Bridge – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Length of bridge: 37m

Inaugurated in the year: 1963

  1. Al Garhoud Bridge

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Al Garhoud Bridge was built in order to tackle the hectic traffic issues in Dubai Creek. The bridge was first inaugurated in 1976. As it became difficult to accommodate a large number of vehicles the existing bridge was destroyed and a new one was constructed in 2006. It took nearly 2 years to complete the construction and 2008 the bridge was opened for everyone. The bridge now comprises 14 lanes with 7 in each direction. The new bridge marvels at everyone with its distinguishing artworks.

Situated at:  Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Length of bridge: 520m

Inaugurated in the year: 1976

  1. Business Bay Crossing

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One of the newest bridges opened in Dubai is the Business Bay Crossing Bridge. It mainly connects Bur Dubai from Deira through its 7 lanes and from Deira to Bur Dubai through the remaining 6 lanes of a total of 13 lanes. The bridge with 15 meters height and 1.6 km length was opened in the year 2007. The luring feature of the bridge is it provides a corridor for the motorist to ride their favorite bike from Bur Dubai to Deira and Sharjah.

Situated at : Business Bay Bridge – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Length of bridge: 1.6km

Inaugurated in the year: June 2007

  1. Skybridge Dubai

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Glass Bridge is one of the eye-catching attractions of not only Dubai but the whole United Arab Emirates. The 150m high glass bridge is also known as Sky Bridge. The bridge offers a stunning panoramic view of the whole city. The floors are situated 48 floors from the ground and the view is quite enthralling. The bridge is completely blanketed with glass panels.  An intriguing fact about the bridge as you start walking through the glass floors it turns transparent and you will be able to see the Zabeel park beneath the bridge clearly with the help of glass floors. Another major attraction of the bridge is the telescopic cameras installed on the bridge, permits the travelers to observe the prominent wonders of Dubai. Altogether the bridge is a perfect example of entertainment and fun.

Situated at : Al Kifaf, Zabeel Park Jogging Track – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Length of bridge:150m

Inaugurated in the year : 2018

All these bridges might pump our enthusiasm and excitement but these extraordinary bridges are not only bridges for Dubai people but significant features that changes the identity of the city. Dubai Tour Trawell is one such tour operator which frequently organizes trips to the city. Not like other travel partners, they not only important to spectacular architectures but also to bewitching wonders such as bridges. These bridges not only connect different places together but also our hearts with the amazing city. So prepare yourself for a heartwarming vacation to the city of Dubai.