Chokramudi peak: the place where you can get the panoramic view of astounding Idukki Dam

Trekking is one of the most famous and fabulous adventure activities that can be practised by any age of people. Practising adventurous activities will definitely help to change your concepts regarding life and other aspects. There are many places in the nation that serve as a perfect platform for an adventure enthusiast. Most of the people gush to northern states of India to learn more about the trekking, rock climbing, and other enthralling activities. But don’t think all the breathtaking hill stations are situated only on the topmost portions of the nation. Some of the spectacular hill regions could also be found in the southern parts of India. Among the various south Indian states, Kerala always stands on the topmost place. The state not only offers excellent chances to learn daring sports events but also the eye-soothing places help the stressed minds to rejuvenate and relax. Most of them will be familiar with the popular hill spots of south Kerala. But there would be only a few who know about the Chokramudi peak. The Chokramudi peak is a haven for amateur trekkers. From the sloppy peak of Chokramudi, you can catch the panoramic views of the emerald surroundings.

Chokramudi Hills


The name would be unfamiliar to most of the readers. The captivating hill station is situated in Munnar in Idukki district. With a height of 7200 ft, the Chokramudi hill is one of the tallest hill stations in Munnar. The alluring hill station not only allows the people to learn various parts of trekking but also it gives the stupendous and irreplaceable views of sunrise and sunsets. To capture the marvellous images in the camera avail of group tour packages to Kerala. While trekking the lofty mountains you catch the amazing views of Nilgiri Tahr and Gaur from the Eravikulam National Park. As the peak is situated inside the national park trekkers will have to spend much time in the registration counter to get the prior permission from the forest department for mountain exploration.

How to trek to Chokramudi peak?


As mentioned earlier the amusing peak is situated in the midst of the Eravikulam national park thousands of people who visit the amazing national park also try out a hand in trekking. Within 3 to 5 hours you can reach the top of the mountain (based on your speed). Just like any other peaks the Chokramudi peak does not carry any snacks corner at finite stoppages so don’t forget to carry necessary food items and water with you while ascending to the peak. Trekking starts from the mind-blowing green meadows of tea. From there, trekkers will cover the green grasslands and finally rocky terrain. At the initial stage, you may be able to cover the long distance but as you ascend to the top you will face the difficult part of the peak. The rocky terrains will absorb all your enthusiasm and energy and make you feel retarded. The muddy and slippery paths in the peak will pull back you from reaching your destination. Hence wear sturdy shoes to avoid the chances of slipping. There might be chances of meeting the wild animals during your journey. They won’t harm therefore don’t be panic just remain calm and continue your trek. If you are buying the tour packages from a reputed travel agency like Gogeo holidays they will appoint a tour guide for you so that you can get detailed information about the obstacles and presence of animals on the peak. If you really want your camera to click the gorgeous images of untouched nature carry it when you climb the highest peak of Munnar. Standing at the top of the peak you can enjoy the outstanding image of the green surroundings as well as you can have a bird’s eye view of the Idukki dam, Anamalai hills and Devikulam. When you descend to the bottom it will take half of the time to reach the bottom of the peak.

When to trek the Chokramdudi peak?

Except for the monsoon season, trekkers can visit the amazing destination during winter and summer holidays. If you are afraid of scorching summer heat, visit the place during the chilly winter days. Even during noon, the mist will be lazy to leave the premises. If you try to capture the mist enveloping the peak into cameras, you will satisfy with the blurred images as it is difficult to click the amusing beauty of misty clouds.

 How to reach the Chokramudi peak?


When you board a flight to Cochin International airport either hire a private vehicle or wait for the cab arranged for you by the tour operator. It will take more than an hour to reach Munnar and from the move to the Pothamedu. Over there you will have to spend some valuable time to complete the official formalities before trekking.

The nearby attractions to Chokramudi are the Pothamedu viewpoint. The fabulous place provides the scintillating views of the deep valleys, green hills and lush green plantations of tea and coffee. Mathiketan Shola is another luring scenic place in Idukki. Be careful while strolling the paths of the jungle as there are chances of getting lost. The Mathiketan Shola forest is also popularly known as ‘brain puzzling’. Letchmi tea estate and Yellapetty tea estate are the perfect places from where you can pluck a variety of tea leaves. Sipping a cup of hot Munnar tea at the top of the Chokramudi will help you to revitalise and rest in the arms of Mother Nature. To know more about the fascinating features of the amazing hill station in Kerala purchase the tour packages at cheap prices from Gogeo Holidays. They are the only travel partners that include adventure activities along with mesmerising sightseeing places. So, to make your holidays memorable buy the services from them. Along with adventure tour packages, they also formulate honeymoon and family trips. Even for students, they create educational tours. To clarify all your doubts regarding the tour services contact their 24×7 customer support team.

Butler Bay Beach: The Perfect Destination to Learn Windsurfing

As everybody knows the glittering islands of Andaman and Nicobar are a haven for aqua venture sports. More than the travel enthusiast it is the adventure thrillers who gush to the island to practise the daring activities. It is not that all the islands in Andaman and Nicobar serve the platform to learn the water sports. Each beach is known for its iconic beauty and emerald nature. People who are fond of enthralling games will select the islands in Andaman where the opportunities to practise adventure sports are more. One such beach is Elephant beach. Situated in Havelock Island the beach is known for snorkelling, scuba diving and above that for undersea walking. Likewise, the Butler bay beach situated in little Andaman island is popular for surfing.

 Butler bay beach

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If you are a stressed person and frustrated with the hustle-bustle of city life, Butler Bay beach would be a perfect choice. As it is situated away from the noisy city it provides an ample source of solitude and peace. Even though the beach is frequently visited by adventure lovers and nature enthusiasts the magnificent beauty of the seashore is still remaining unharmed. Although many aqua venture sports like snorkelling, windsurfing, boating, swimming etc. are practised, the windsurfing gained the beach an international recognition. The strong winds and powerful tidal currents refrain novice swimmers from practising there. Apart from the usual water sports, the beach is the perfect spot to enjoy the dazzling coral reefs. As the beach is in concave shape standing at any point you can explore the breath-taking view of the landscape. As the beach is situated kilometres away from the mainland you might be thinking the tourist destination may lack good accommodation facilities. But it is nothing like that the authorities reshaped the small huts into well-equipped homestays and decorated it with tall coconut trees so that it can protect the guest from scorching heat and strong winds. Never miss out the amusing views of sunrise and sunset when you are at Butler bay beach. The beach offers ample chances to explore the eternal charm of nature. The water cascading from a great height which is popularly known as white surf will lure your minds. Along with the aqua sports, you can also do hiking, jungle trekking, and boating and also marvel your hearts with stupendous beauty when riding on an elephant. If you are lucky you could see cows wandering on the seashores in search of water.

Sea surfers

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Sea surfing is one of the enthralling water sports in the world. Even though the water sport is practised widely in different parts of the world the favourable conditions make Butler bay a haven for it. The tourism department still welcomes the invitations from the experienced water surfers as the sea frightens the people with its adverse conditions. International surfers including women gush to the beach to pump their adrenaline. Even though you do not know how to do surfing, watching the surfers escaping from the strong tidal waves enveloping them is something irreplaceable and remarkable. Hundreds of travellers gush to the beach to witness the enthralling event from April to June by buying packages at cheapest rates from reputed Andaman Tour Travel.

The amazing lighthouse

An aerial view of the damaged coast of Indira Point, India's southern most point, 600 km (about 375 miles) south of Port Blair, in the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago March 1, 2005. The tsunami which swamped Asian coastlines just over two months ago not only killed thousands of people in India's Andaman and Nicobar islands, it also hurt a vital part of the country's defences. Picture taken on March 1, 2005.  REUTERS/Sucheta Das Die Landzunge Indira Point auf Car Nicobar, die den s¸dlichsten Ort des indischen Staatsgebietes bildet, versank w‰hrend des Tsunami 2004 im Meer. Der Leuchtturm am Indira Point steht wie ein Mahnmal im Wasser.
An aerial view of the damaged coast of Indira Point, India’s southern most point, 600 km (about 375 miles) south of Port Blair, in the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago March 1, 2005. The tsunami which swamped Asian coastlines just over two months ago not only
killed thousands of people in India’s Andaman and Nicobar islands, it also hurt a vital part of the country’s defences. Picture taken on March 1, 2005. REUTERS/Sucheta Das Die Landzunge Indira Point auf Car Nicobar, die den s¸dlichsten Ort des indischen Staatsgebietes bildet, versank w‰hrend des Tsunami 2004 im Meer. Der Leuchtturm am Indira Point steht wie ein Mahnmal im Wasser.

The amusing lighthouse not only gives the visitors the panoramic view of stupendous landscape but act as a source of guidance to the ships commencing to the capital city of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Do not forget to carry a camera to click scintillating images of picture-perfect landscapes and thickly populated forests when standing at 134 feet above the mean sea level. When staring at the yellow sand beaches from the lighthouse you may feel all the beach lovers as small creatures.

Trekking in the lush green rainforest

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The best option to explore the outstanding nature is by practising trekking. Trekking is the perfect tool to capture the distinguished images of flora and fauna into your hearts through the small lens on your face. Words are insufficient to express the luring beauty of rainforest it dazzles in the monsoon seasons. Therefore to be part of captivating rainforest tour the beach from December to June by purchasing packages. If you want to enjoy the soothing ambience and fresh air even during the summers, visit the Butler Bay beach.


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 Kayaking is another thrilling water sports in Andaman. It is the best way to enjoy the waves. Kayaking can be practised in low tides by wearing swimming vests if you are not a good swimmer. Do not worry about the kayak equipment. It will be included in your tour package to Andaman. The happiness that you receive from kayaking will make you forget the noisy streets of Madurai. If you are a novice in kayaking a professional trainer will accompany you to make your activity thrilling.

Snorkelling and scuba diving

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 Snorkelling and scuba diving are the best methods to enjoy the amusing beauty of the underlying marine life. The coral reefs and amazing marine organisms will marvel your hearts. Practise the captivating water activities when the tide is low and calm. Along with you can turtles of different ages and also colour fishes. On your special request, you can seek the guidance of professional trainers.

How to visit the Butler bay beach?

 Travellers who visit the Andaman and Nicobar Island by seeking the services from Andaman Tour Travel can reach the Butler Bay Beach by two means. Either people will have to travel in the helicopter from the capital city, Port Blair or they will have to sail in government ferry to reach little Andaman island by covering a distance of 100 km in 4 hours.

The nearby attractions to the Butler Bay beach are the Kalapathar beach and limestone caves. The Kalapathar beach is known so due to the presence of black stones in abundance. The limestone caves of Baratang Island will enrich your minds with remarkable memories. So what are you waiting for? Avail of tour packages and enjoy the audacious beauty of the island with your dear friends.

Merk Bay Beach –The Only Beach of North Passage Island

Andaman and Nicobar Island is situated on the shores of Bay Bengal. The alluring charm and stupendous beauty of untouched nature attract millions of travellers across the world. If someone asks what makes the remote island so famous. It is nothing but the captivating aqua venture activities that propel people to avail of tickets to the amusing island and explore its beauty. The island is home to many endangered species. The most fascinating factor that attracts the stunning island is the clean surroundings and serene nature. Andaman Island encompasses more than 500 islands and only 2 % of the total islands are considered to be inhabited. Due to the geographical conditions, most of the islands are uninhabited. But still, travel enthusiast avail of travel packages to the unexplored and uninhabited islands to enchant the amusing beauty. One such island which is not explored by many is the North Passage Island

 North Passage Island

 North Passage Island is situated at a distance of 80 km from the northern side of the Port Blair, the capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The island stuns everyone with its incomparable beauty of scenic nature. The northern and middle Andaman administers the North Passage Island. Generally, the island is considered to uninhabited apart from the frequent visit of adventurous people but that too in day time. Most of the visitors make a random visit to the island when exploring the neighbouring island such as North Andaman, Middle Andaman and South Andaman. Also one could also see the workers in the forest department. Travellers who are in want of green carpet will have to move a short distance to view the majestic coconut plantations situated at the backside of the Merk Bay Beach.

Merk Bay Beach

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Merk Bay Beach situated in the midst of the North Passage Island is one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The crystal clear waters of the beach will propel you to take a bath. The soft sand beds will make you forget the sun-kissed beaches of Pune. Even though the beach is situated in the least visited island, the array of adventurous activities captivates people to purchase tour packages to the island. Most of the visitors from different parts of the world love to practise snorkelling and swimming in the shimmering cold waters. Some of them try a hand in angling. Even though the island is uninhabited I bet you won’t feel bored as the dolphins would be seen in large numbers will marvel your hearts and will awaken the naughty child in you. The combination of sapphire and emerald environment turns out to be the best backdrop of capturing alluring images. So do not forget to carry a camera when you are visiting the North Passage Island. As the beach is located in a secluded island not many but only a few travel operators like Andaman Tour Travel inculcate the least visited places in their tour packages.

Things that could not be seen in the North Passage Island

 As aforementioned the North Passage Island does not shelter a huge population and hence visitors would find difficult to satiate their hunger or to relax. Therefore when you plan a trip to the Merk Bay Beach carry as many snacks and water with you. Also, the island does not carry any good accommodation facilities hence you will to stay in any of the well-conditioned resorts in the Port Blair and Havelock. As the island does not have good mobile connectivity there might be chances to get disappointed and therefore you will have to wait till you reach the hotel to surf the internet. As the island is regarded as the cleanest place to spend holidays, littering plastic in the premises are not encouraged.

Nearby attractions

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As the North Passage Islands do not have many eye-catching serene attractions. Travellers can delight their hearts by visiting the most famous Havelock Island. More than its stupendous beauty the island is known for the enthralling activities. The island offers plenty of options to the travellers to delight their hearts such as snorkelling, scuba diving, and also underwater sea walking for which the island is famous for. You will even get a chance to swim with elephants! From Havelock Island you can move to the capital city, Port Blair to unveil the historic reminiscences by visiting the national monument, cellular jail. It is also known as ‘Kala Pani’. To amaze your hearts with the awesome image of turtles nesting just move to the Diglipur Island. The island is the best place to view nesting of turtles and also the Chidiya Tapu, known as a haven for bird watchers.

When to visit the island?

 Irrespective of the season the island enriches each and every traveller with its scintillating beauty and tickles them with soothing climate. The monsoon season is considered to be unfavourable for travellers. If you want to witness the enchanting beauty of the mesmerising island the winter and summer season would be the most perfect.

How to commute to the island?

As the North Passage Island is situated at a short distance from the governing city of the Andaman and Nicobar Island frequent ferry services are available. Travellers who love water transportation can travel in the ferry from Port Blair to Long Island and from there to the North Passage Island. You can also reach the destination by enjoying the beauty of villages in the bus plying from the capital city to Rangat Island and from there to Long Island.

Visiting the least explored islands will help you to hear your inner voice. The remote islands are always known to be the perfect destination to rejuvenate and to relax. To make your holidays into a remarkable one accompany your peer friends and enjoy the splendid vacations.

Visiting the Exceptional Dharmadam Island of Kerala as a Romantic Getaway from Kannur

They are neither the Cannon beach of Oregon, the US nor the Pfeiffer Beach of California. But a small beach in the outskirts of Kannur, in Dharmadam. Around 100 meters across them, is situated an adorable islet known as Dharmadam Island or Dharmadam Thuruth regionally or at times Pachathuruth. If you had enough of the lovely days spent in either the Wayanad Hills or Alappuzha backwater situated to the south of Kerala, sojourn and explore the beautiful beaches located to its northern parts. You may pull over your vehicle while traversing via National Highway 66 at Dharmadam and proceed toward the beach.

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Because of the peaceful waves in the flat-surfaced shore, the serene environment of Dharmadam could tempt any romantic newlyweds to detour and head to them and spend their beautiful moments together at its splendid shores and would also make them curious about the wonder island beyond the shallow sea waters. Here, you will be witnessing a spectacular sight of the golden beach with a few occasional reddish-brown rocks erected on them. All of these are lashed over by very small waves, and most astonishingly thing of this entire beach is an islet just a few distances away, called Pachathuruth among the locals. If you are lucky enough to arrive at the shores during low tide, you could walk across the remaining shallow sea waters up to the island, situated 100 meters away from the beach. We would bet you that would be one of the best experiences of an entire honeymoon trip, which you will be enduring along with your partner. Otherwise, you may hire a country boat and sail up to them.

On reaching the charming golden shores lined up with numerous coconut palms, you both will be mesmerized by it arresting rustic beauty. They would seem to be untouched by the human presence by its very first sight, especially by its crystal clear waters that are rarely seen in the beaches of Kerala. But, you are wrong to be prejudging so, as it has been dwelled until 1998 by a sole family. Later, the bountiful land was taken over by the Tourism department of the Kerala government. Nevertheless, when you precede to interiors across the forestry paths, you could get to see a few dilapidated structures of the ancient house where they inhabited for so many years. Moreover, by venturing out to this Dharmadam Island spread over a 6 acres o land, you are also getting a boon to hike across those densely forested regions, and that too with your life partner.

Honeymoon packages to Kerala

On hiking further, you would notice an abandoned well that might have been used by the family resided there years ago. However, the surprising part of the ancient bore that lies here. Even though they are in proximity to the sea that obviously holds its salty waters, the water fetched from the well is stunningly clear and pure. Now forget the well, as you are going to be more bewildered by a unique sort of medicinal plants that can be spotted here. To behold at the wonders, you both may get the help of any locals residing nearby and get them chopped. Within no time, some liquid with medicinal properties would be seen oozing out from them. Well, the interesting thing is that sometimes the plant would produce up to 2 glasses of water even during peak summers!!

If you have got interested in this new pursuit, you may resume your hiking in the uninhabited Dharmadam Island. Your effort would be worthy of it, as you will be spotting to find yet another unique tree called Nanjju. Some of the local fisher folks would use their seeds to make the fishes unconscious for a while. So they could now catch them easily. Meanwhile, just like every nuance of this universe the diverse trees growing in the islet too has got its boons and banes. The green covers also pose some poisonous trees. So, due care must be taken while strolling amid those bushy shrubs and tall trees. So, men, do protect your lady when pursuing them, as it is based on this very first trip done together that will be she will be realizing that how much you do concern for her.

When returning to the beaches on the mainland, you will feel more enlightened towards the dusk. Just like any seashores of Kerala, the beach adjacent to Dharmadam Island would attain its bewitching beauty during the twilight. While witnessing the crimson red sun crossing the horizon, a romantic mood will be created in both of you. The large rocks and the peacefully lashing small waves discern a picturesque sight, other than a mesmerizing sunset. Even after that, you may relax over the sands by talking endlessly and counting those beautiful waves. Therefore, in every aspect, Dharamadam Island deserves to be included in your budget honeymoon packages, without any second thoughts.

How to Reach There

The destination is situated on the Dharmadam-Thalassery route(NH 66), so once arriving at Dharmadam them you may take the beach road for around 850m. Although the nearest railway station is barely 1 km away, the most accessible Kannur Railway station is at a distance of 18 km from the beach. Also, from Kannur International Airport, it would take 45 minutes to arrive at the beach, covering around 27 km.

Nearby Tourist Attractions

Muzhappilangad drive-in beach: 4.8 km

Thalassery Fort: 6.2 km

Thalassery Sea Bridge viewpoint: 6.8 km

Thottada beach: 14.6km

Mahe river walkway: 15 km

Just like the unexplored beaches of North Kerala such as the Dharmadam beach, there are numerous hilly tourist destinations toward the north-eastern parts of Kannur that are ideal for your romantic getaways with your significant other. Feel the cool misty fogs hitting on your faces while honeymooning high up these rarely visited verdant hills. For which, you may travel with Dream Holidays to make your honeymoon days eventful and memorable to remember throughout your lives. They arrange exciting trips to any popular or unexplored travel destinations of Kerala on your honeymoon days, which is absolute of your choices and indulge in thrilling activities if you wish so. Book your tour packages today and avail all those limited offers. Also, Happy honeymooning!!

7 Engaging Things to Do in Alappuzha of Kerala Other than Boating

Alappuzha, the tourist capital of Kerala is seldom defined along with backwaters and the boating along with them. Moreover, if you had already been to this alluring destination, very deservingly called the Venice of the East, you would probably have regarded of them only as a backwater destination and everything is centred on them. However, there is a lot more to be explored at Alappuzha, even though, a boat cruise through its serene backwaters is quite irresistible to the tourists plying to the place. Here, in this blog, you are to get acquainted with the place more as a local and will avail certain holidaying ideas to explore them more than its backwaters. The following could be the engaging things to do in Alappuzha other than boating.

Admire nature’s beauty at Mararikulam beach


 With these many backwaters in the outskirt of Alappuzha, you could get to predict the existence of beach destinations in the proximity. And you had been almost accurate with your predictions as you could get to drop into a beachside without travelling much from the backwaters. One such noteworthy destination could be the Mararikulam beach. The white sandy beach lined up with numerous coconut palms is already a refreshing sight to look at. Moreover, this less crowded beachside can be easily accessed on the way to Kochi from Alappuzha town.

Dine at any Rooftop Restaurant


For this interesting thing to do, you have to take a break from the programmes enlisted in your tour packages and arrange for a dinner at a rooftop restaurant.  They are already a loveable activity to be engaged in even if you are a family or a couple. Metropolitans such as Mumbai and Chennai have got numerable options to choose from. However, the one that makes such activity amazing here in Kerala is the scenic views in the backdrop. The lights illuminated from different sources get reflected on the backwaters providing a mesmerizing view and also savouring some unique dishes.

Set out for a road to Ernakulum from Alappuzha


Having a cool straight national highway traversing through these two important districts, you could plan for a road trip from Alappuzha where you could get to get introduced to the cultures and traditions followed in these places. Yet another boon of this particular travel route is that you could get to witness the beautiful sight of several gorgeous water bodies and the bridges built across them. And on other parts, either side of the roads will be grown with large shady trees. So you are experiencing lush greenery of Kerala for which they are known for. Furthermore, it would be joyous to watch those unique products produced from both the regions sold by the streets.

Take your kids to Vijaya Park


They are yet another point adjacent to the city centres where the younger ones of your family could entertain themselves and have fun. Several interesting rides had been installed in the premises of the park, including toy train. Just like every significant point of Alappuzha are positioned close to any sort of water bodies, the Vijaya Park can also be reached by walking a few a distances from the major starting point of a waterway. So you may witness the aesthetic side of this region while your kids are playing in the park.

Wander around the downtown of Alleppey

People had been settling down on the coastal towns of Alleppey ever since they had got to realise the potential of bustling waterways and the cheap mode of transport across them. These towns had flourished to become happening commercial hubs within no time. Most of the shops, eateries and other such places had managed to remain in the same shape for many years and can still be found to be operating in the banks of those bustling canals.  So when you are holidaying in Alappuzha, never skip strolling through the ancient streets. You could also get to meet many friendly locals there to help you if you had lost your way.

Savour some mouth-watering spicy delicacies


Once you had reached to these southern parts of Central Kerala, returning to your native without tasting those spicy Kerala fish curries would be a dumb thing to do. Each of the recipes served to your plates will be having the flavours that are different from one another. The chefs of Alappuzha are experts in cooking those mouth-watering seafood cuisines, so the non-vegetarians are going to have their day when holidaying in these regions. To savour them, you always do not have to order from those five-starred hotels, instead, you may pull over your vehicles in the restaurants that you see notice straight from the roads are going to serve you the traditional foods containing the real flavours and order the same.

Get yourself refreshed at Ayurveda spas


The age-old curing methods of Ayurveda had been synonyms with the healthcare system of Kerala. Alappuzha does host a lot of Ayurveda spa centres in not only the touristy regions but also in other places. The most popular among them could be the panchakarma centre, to which even people from all across the state would visit. Getting yourself treated with their medicated herbs, oil, milk and other such natural products would be very refreshing for you. It would make both your body and soul prepared for your next trip. So it would become a mandatory thing to do while you are vacationing in these parts of Kerala. Lately, the prominence of such spa centres had also been prospering in other major cities of the country like Chennai.

Now that you have got various ideas of holidaying here in the land of backwaters other than boating, you and your family could also get engaged in those enjoyable experiences that are exclusive to Alappuzha. We bet that you could reminiscence the family vacations spent at this part of God’s Own Country forever with the memories acquired from each of the trips here.

Gogeo Holidays arranges exciting trips to various parts of the state that various other noted tour operators had missed to include in their travel itinerary.  Moreover, they are always ready to pay heed to your suggestions and offer the provision to customize their already set tour packages. So what are you waiting for? book your travel deals today and head to the location with your family on your very next vacation.

How to Celebrate Winter Holidays in Andaman and Nicobar Islands?

Like any other tourist destinations in the world, the islands of Andaman and Nicobar is painted with alluring colours of natural wonders such as pristine beaches, crystal sapphire waters, lush green forest, mind-blowing collections of fauna and flora and many more. Travellers who visited the island always comment that it is a piece extracted from heaven. And it is cent per cent true. The picture-perfect landscapes and stupendous beauty of nature propel the humankind to think that the island is part of any European or Western country. But in fact, it is an archipelago of India and the island comes under the administration of Indian government. Hundreds of travellers visit the iconic destination to delight their minds with impeccable beauty and serene. People always ask which is the best time to visit the island and explore its magnificent beauty. Just like India the islands of Andaman and Nicobar Islands also experience three major climatic conditions such as summer, rainy and winter. Among the three climates, people always say that the winter and summer are the perfect time to discover the gem in nature.

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The authorities of Andaman and Nicobar tourism department does not encourage travellers to visit the island during monsoon season as the Island experiences heavy downpours and natural calamities like storms and cyclones and will cause a huge loss to humankind as well as other infrastructures. So in order to safeguard the lives of people they encourage travellers to visit the island during winter and summer seasons. In fact if you want to enjoy the real beauty of the island the best time to visit the Andaman and Nicobar Island is during the winter season. Because most of the Natural wonders takes place only at that time such as the nesting of turtles. I hope you might have heard about the turtle. Most of them have seen them in Discovery on National Geographic Channel. It looks like a tortoise and varies from it slight features. It spends most of its time in water and they come to shores to lay eggs by digging big holes in the sand beds. The young ones will come up from the sand beds and move to the water and live their life independently. Isn’t it interesting to learn about the turtles and understand their unique lifestyles? So if you really want to witness the unique living way if turtles, purchase the travel packages to Andaman during the winter seasons. Do not think that the temperature of the islands will fall to 0 degree Celsius but it is not like that the normal winter temperature of the island is 20 to 25 degree Celsius.

Andaman tour packages from Ahemdabad

 Does anybody know the salient features of the winter seasons in Andaman and Nicobar Islands? The foremost attraction of the island has been discussed in the early sentences that they are about the nesting of turtles. The other eye-catching attractions are the enthralling water sports like snorkelling, scuba diving, under Water Sea walking and so on. Winter seasons in Andaman are considered to the peak season for tourist. During this time travellers avail of tour packages to the island and enjoy its beguiling beauty. As most of the water sports in the island do not require any prior knowledge in swimming most of the people rush to the archipelago of India and participate in any one of the activity and enjoy the beauty of glittering coral reefs seen in various patterns and colours. If monsoon season is dedicated for indoor activities then the winter season and summer season of the island offers a plethora of opportunities the natural resources such as the trekking. Trekking in the island is widely practised on the Saddle Peak situated in the Mount Harriet. The peak is considered to be one of the largest peaks in the island. Also do not forget to visit the famous bird sanctuary called Chidiya Tapu. It shelters the various species of birds.

Fireworks explode around the London Eye wheel during New Year celebrations in central London, Britain, January 1, 2020. REUTERS/Toby Melville TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY - RC2O6E92GJGP
Fireworks explode around the London Eye wheel during New Year celebrations in central London, Britain, January 1, 2020. REUTERS/Toby Melville TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY – RC2O6E92GJGP

The next factor that captivates people across the globe is the New Year eve celebrations. It is quite naturally most of the travellers spend the holidays either by visiting any of the renowned public clubs and discos or pubs. Or others may start their new year by participating in the spiritual activities. But this time it would be something special. This time you can attend the New Year celebrations of the island if you are visiting the Andaman in the month of December. The islanders celebrate the New Year Eve by practising the ancient rituals. As the tourist from various nations flock to the island therefore even they started to conduct parties in a modern way with all kinds of drinks and snacks. How could I forget about the honeymooners? It is said that more than the families the newly married couples rush to the island by availing of the packages. They find the winter season of Andaman as the perfect time to come closer and create a strong bond between them.

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 So if you have decided to visit the island during the winter season then do not miss the tourism festival of the island celebrated in the initial weeks of January. The main aim of celebrating the tourism festival is to promote the tourism sector across the globe. It is a 10-day programme. The program starts with an inaugural function graced by the Hon’ble Lt Governor of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. As part of the festival, many cultural programmes will be performed by the super talented actors of Bollywood and also from other fields. To add spice to the festival many food stalls including floating restaurants will be opened also merchandise shops, and stalls of interest will also be opened. There are many exciting features yet to be explained to earn more about it visit the island during the winter season starting from November to March by purchasing the tour packages from Andaman Tour Travel. They formulate the packages by including all the important sightseeing places like cellular jail and also adventurous activities. So don’t be late to purchase the packages as soon as possible.

V-Pra Kaayal Floating Park: A Perfect Family Getaway from Kannur in Kerala

Being on anything that floats could fascinate many of you. So what will it be if an entire park is set on such floating surfaces across a huge water body?? Sounds cool, right? Here in the outskirts of Kannur, in Chemballikund near Pazhayangadi is situated the Floating Park of Vayalapra or otherwise known as V-Pra Kaayal Floating Park. It has been set up across the backwaters of Vayalpra in the most sustainable manner without harming the unspoiled nature flaunted in these parts of the district. Lately, they had become one of the sought-after travel destinations North Kerala with everything that could impress the tourists coming along with their families. So planning for a family getaway to the scenic location on your vacation would make your day!

The intact wooden floating bridge

Chemballikundu V-Pra Kaayal Floating Park

The long wooden bridge built across these Vayalapra backwaters is the most highlighting feature of this family picnic spot in this coastal region of Kannur district. Being maintained as an eco-friendly destination, you could find hundreds of 350 meters long walkway. Most notably, the timber woods used here are of teak. If you had got tired of walking such distance, you may get seated on the benches built by its side. Furthermore, from the small outlets set up by its sides, you may purchase some snacks and have it together along with your family. Have that familial banter at the place and feel more closed to one another that had got lost at some point of your busy lives.

Gaming zones


At the other end of this wooden walkway is where all those fun and excitement do happen. The amazing gaming zone with the backup of the latest technologies equipment is a unique zone to be watched out for. As such kind of provisions is very rare to find in any public parks of Kerala. However, it is not only the kids who are entertained here but the entire members of your family. Also, to try them out, you will be required to pay a small price. Most highlighted games of the zone include virtual car racing, billiards and many more. Dropping into these spots on your family getaway by including them your tour packages, will be worthy of it.

Various sort of boating to self explore


The shallow waters just beneath the wooden walking bridge offer ample potential for diverse boating experiences, especially with its vast expansive area. You may do kayaking by feeling closer to nature, as you are not disturbing the very being of these backwaters. Anyhow, for the tourists coming along with their families, the most preferred option would be that of the paddle boats, where around 4 of the members would be directing the sail. Nevertheless, the most unique feature of the sailing options of the park is that of the smaller version of ancient vessels known as Pathemari. This miniature setting of had until now turned many heads and had tempted them to sail in them in the peaceful backwaters of Malabar.

Scenic view to soothe your mind

When strolling across them, you could get to view some alluring sight of the locations in a pretty soothing way. The calming backwaters and the sight of some country boats rowed on them could enliven you. From these 120 hectares of serene waters, the cool breezes would be hitting you from all sides to vent out all the humidity. In addition to that, you would be able to catch a glimpse of various rolling hills that are a common sight in the northern districts of Kerala, yet they are pleasing to look at. Moreover, during the late evening, the whole picture changes, as with the proximity with the sea, the place would offer you the mesmerising view of the sunset, other than the lovely ambience set by the decorations of LED illuminations. All of these together could offer you perfect scenery at a rustic location that is just perfect for family hangouts

Play area for the kids to have fun

The point where the other end of the wooden walkway meets in the places meant for the younger ones in your family. With numerous rides and activities around them, they are going to feel bound to be jumping with utter joy. They could have fun on those Bouncy trains, net cricket, and baby boating. Also, the children’s park is equipped with many thrilling rides, just like found in amusement parks. At yet another section, children may get engaged in Bungy trampoline and even elephant ride. Older ones of your family are not going to get bored when their kids are playing in these parks, as they could endure their skills in Gun-shoots, Archery and Human Gyro. Meanwhile, for the older kids, they have Zorb Rollers, Bull ride and Colombus boat.

Time for some shopping from the stores in the bridge

Family hangouts would be incomplete with those shopping times. So once you had visited these rustic places of Kannur, never skip purchasing those unique mouth-watery delicacies. Even otherwise, the Malabar regions of Kerala, constituting of Kozhikode, Kannur and Kasargod are known for its tasty snacks and its unique flavours. Also, you could buy those fruits and vegetables dipped in salty waters at a cheap price. Furthermore, some of the outlets would also sell unique handicraft products made from Kannur and its neighbouring parts. If at all you had missed your shopping sessions here, you may pull over your vehicle in front of any recognized handicraft shops, although you had got over with your tour packages.             

The above-mentioned features described here are more than enough for any fun-loving family to head to this beautiful floating park. An entire day can be spent here, to have a quality time together on your next family getaway during the holidaying in Kerala. When travelling with the tour packages of Gogeo Holidays, you could make all of your wishes true. They would not feel any sort of troubles while sojourning to a new travel destination, as you are with your family and safety should be deemed as a serious concern. Book their travel deals today and avail their services at incredible rates you had never thought of.

6 Must-See Attractions of Ross Island in Andaman That You Shouldn’t Miss to Visit

Due to the occidental names given to the islands and other places of the archipelago, at least some of you should have pondered over the reason behind them. Well, the cause for such a nomenclature can be given in a single sentence, they nothing else than the British invasion. Just like these colonial powers had a great influence on the mainland, both commercially and later politically, they also had control of the isolated land thousands of kilometers across. Because of which the British had built various monuments in its capital and most of them were centered on the neighboring Ross Island. And within no time it was a full-fledged township. Even if you are visiting them now, you could visit historical sites that have got to narrate various stories of its gruesome past. Given below are the must-see attractions of Ross Island in Andaman that can be visited while you are vacationing in the magical islands.

Penal Colony

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British had a special concern for this densely forested region, which was ironically located not much far away from the then capital city of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The island was their headquarters until an untimely earthquake way back in 1941. So they had established the most crucial penal colony in the island, where the revolutionaries from the mainland were imprisoned. The then colonial masters had opted for these particular islands for making their most opposing rebels aloof from their homeland in India. British deemed this thick forest covers perfect for establishing a prison out of their secluded settlement. It might be shocking for you to accept that the prison used to accommodate as large as 200 inmates at a time in jail. The relics of one of the cruellest prisoners can still be seen in the former British penal colony. Besides, you could get to catch a glimpse of various tunnels that were used in the previous century.

British Colony ruins

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As cited earlier, there had been a full-fledged township existing in the erstwhile Ross Island. Until the havoc of earthquake had hit, the British invaded landmass had its bakeries, market, hospital, open-air theatre, workshop, secretariat, cemetery and even a water distillation plant! However, now if you stroll through these once-bustling streets, you will only find the ruins of these British colonies. Fortunately, one of the successfully functioned Farzand Ali Store is now altered into a museum. It showcases the old photographs of significant monuments and how life had been in the islands of Andaman. However, the most astonishing part would be the part, which says that there had been tram lines in Andaman built by the British.

Japanese Bunkers

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You might stumble upon these unnatural structures on the shores of Ross Island and nearby places that have got some untold stories of foreign occupancy to disclose to the tourists. It goes like this. Other than the British, the Japanese too had attempted to establish their colony in the Andaman and Nicobar Island. For the very same motive, they had sent their military troops to the shores of Ross Island. And for some period during World War II, they had succeeded in their venture by throwing out British from the islands. In the meantime, they had built various bunkers, tunnels and cannon sheathe. Moreover, this particular landmass was used as a war settlement. Even now, while you are strolling around certain historic spots on the island, you get to see these rectangular shaped bunkers.

Light and Sound Show

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They are yet another informative show conducted in the former capital of Andaman. If the most popular of such kind of show is organized at a former Jail in Port Blair, meanwhile, here at Ross Island, it is at a yesteryear bakery. The show would cover the elucidation of the history of the island and later be clarifying you with the point of how the island and the nearby landmasses had acquired the present topography and the social setup. Furthermore, their narration by noted lyricist, Gulzar had been made more interesting with well-equipped surround sounds that would make anyone feel patriotic. Moreover, the histories elucidated here would comprise of the heroic deeds done by the martyrs of freedom struggles. To witness the thrilling light and sound show, you have to stay at the island until late evening. So for your travel back to the place where you are staying in you may ask your operator to make certain corrections in your preferred tour packages.

Ferar Beach

Solitary beach
Solitary beach

Not many would have heard about this unexplored beached situated at the corner of Ross Island. Tourists would hop into this abandoned island, sightsee the old British ruins and return. But rarely they do visit the Ferar beach of Ross Island, that is less popular than its counterpart in Havelock and Neil Island. And if you are visiting the seashore lined up with numerous coconut palms and its soft laden cliffs, they would be offering you a unique experience. You could enjoy the rustic beauty of those stronger waves with lashing the golden sands by sitting on its side. Besides, you could gaze at the irregular plain stones spread across the Ferar beach that create beautiful ripples in the pristine waters when the waves hit them. Moreover, if you wish to engage in any adventures at this beachfront, you may hike up its supple trails.

Presbyterian Church

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The protestant church established around 100 years ago in the island invaded by the British power can be said to be still reviving its past glory, even many of its parts were dilapidated by both manmade and natural disasters. The English religious centre was built largely of stone and some wood.  Besides, Italian glasses were installed as the major panes just beneath the altar of the Presbyterian Church. Apart from the major building, you could also get to see the structure that was dwelled by the church’s parsonage. You may note that the timber woods used for molding the window frames are neither of Andaman Islands nor of Indian origins, but was brought from Myanmar.  It had helped to sustain the basic foundation even after a century of mishaps, unlike the landmarking St.Andrew Church of Bangalore. The latter is yet another Presbyterian Church, which had weakened in the recent year’s deluge, even after occasional renovation works.


 The monuments that you get to spot here not only do impress just the history buffs but for anyone just curious to know about what had happened in the past to these parts of the country. Above all that, you would be feeling that you are at the lap of nature when exploring those ethereal beaches and magical turquoise blue sea waters of the Andaman Islands. For the very same purpose, you will be required to visit those enchanting beach destinations all by yourself. Andaman Tour Travel arranges exciting trips to those places at incredible prices. So you may book your tour packages today by chatting with them online or ringing them up in the WhatsApp number given on their website.

How to traverse the avenues of Ernakulam in a couple of days?

Does anybody know which is the most captivating and fabulous place in Kerala that gives you all the modern amenities for a luxurious life? It is none other than the upcoming city in Kerala called Kochi. It is one of the most important cities in Kerala situated in the Ernakulam District. Ernakulam is home to all kinds of natural and manmade resources. People who settle down in Ernakulam will not have to worry about anything because all kind of facilities are available under a fingertip so why should we go to some other place and worry about basic needs. When we think about a holiday or weekend trips obviously we choose places that are related to nature or wildlife but has anyone ever thought of strolling the avenues of the city as well the countryside together. I think the answer would be NO. So in the following sections, we could make a glimpse on how to spend a mini-vacation in such a place where the beauty of nature and city fascinates each and every traveller.


 It is really difficult for a person to start describing the noteworthy attractions of Ernakulam. Let me ask a question to the Malayali readers do they remember the evergreen blockbuster movie called ‘Manichitrathazhu’? If so they would definitely remember the palace where the film was cast, it is the Tripunithura Hill Palace. It is one of the most fabulous and interesting palaces in Kerala. When visiting the palace travellers can gain much knowledge about the kings who administer the princely states years ago. Inside the palace, people can find old weapons, utensils, clothes and furniture used by the rulers. In the surroundings of the palace, visitors could also see a Deer Park and a conference stage where people used to gather to attend a cultural program. While walking through the corridors of the Hill palace people could recollect the important scenes from the movie. Just to be part of the evergreen movie hundreds of travellers avail of the tour packages to Kerala with a group of friends to spend some quality moments. The next noteworthy attraction of Ernakulam is the Jewish synagogue and the Jew market years ago the Ernakulam District was ruled by Jews from Portuguese and other European countries as part of the worship they construct a synagogue of their own style that resembles their culture and tradition. Now, this synagogue serves as an example for historic reminiscence. Till now we visited the historic monuments now let’s move to some scenic places. When you are in Ernakulam don’t forget to visit Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary. It is the perfect place to capture the beautiful images of lovely birds and record their melodious tweets and dance. Spending a few hours in the sanctuary will give you lifelong memorable moments.


The next eye-catching destination is the Chinese fishing nets. Chinese fishing nets are popularly known as ‘cheenavala’ in the local language. Chinese fishing net is one of the ancient methods of angling it was practised years ago. Basically it is a large was a rope tied to bamboo and teak poles. It is generally operated by 5 or 6 fishermen. The operation of the fishing net is very simple and easy using a particular mechanism. They lay down the fishing nets deep into the sea and after getting the enormous quantity of fishes it is raised up by tugging the ropes. To see the unique method of catching fishes from deep-sea hundreds of people use to spend their quality time to view the process of Chinese fishing nets also over there you can spot the setting of the sun in the evening. There would be no one who hasn’t heard about islands. Most of them would be familiar with the natural islands. But has anyone heard about man-made Island? If not, when you are Ernakulam just makes a visit to man-made Island called Willingdon. Willington Island is one of the most beautiful places to enjoy serenity in nature. Words are insufficient to describe its captivating beauty. Travellers can reach Wellington Island by availing of the service at the cost of 6 rupees from Ernakulam Jetty. The best time to enjoy the alluring beauty of the island is during the evenings. Special programs are arranged during New Years and other occasions in the Wellington Island and to participate in it a group of youngsters avail of tour packages to Kerala. If you think you are tired by exploring the hidden places in Ernakulam why don’t you think of taking a break and visiting the Vasco da Gama and witnessing the charm of the beautiful sea by savouring traditional snacks at cheap prices with your dear friends and family.

 When you come for a trip, your friends and other relatives in your hometown will be eagerly waiting for you to grab some special gifts. So for them just visit Asia’s largest shopping mall called Lulu shopping mall over there you will get all the products from different countries.Just spend 2 to 3 hours and enjoy the most precious moments of your life. There are different options to entertain the kids such as the game stations and for youngsters, they are discos and shopping centres. If time permits don’t forget to visit the elephant training centres at Kodanadu. Over there you can interact with elephants of different ages and have a fun time. It is the perfect destination for people to understand the unique lifestyle of the elephant and their food habits.

Does anybody know the speciality of Kerala or what makes Kerala so special among other South Indian states? It is nothing but the presence of backwaters. The houseboats which were once used for business purposes now are widely used to enhance the tourism of Kerala. So when you are in Kerala don’t forget to avail of houseboat packages and enjoy the power of backwater by spending a few hours in it. When you are inside the house you can not only enjoy the scenic nature but also relish the taste of traditional food prepared by the chef. From Ernakulam make a visit to neighbouring district Alleppey through houseboats. Alleppey is famous for bird Sanctuary and other historic places. Till now you might have got a piece of clear information or picture about Ernakulam so what are you waiting for purchase tour services from Gogeo holidays and be part of the untouched beauty of stupendous nature of Kerala.

Vellikkeel: A Lesser-Known Eco-Tourism Centre of Kannur in Kerala

Spending a day out with your family could bring you happy, no matter whichever place you are a, whether it is your home or a beautiful family picnic spot. Nevertheless, if the chosen spot for your family picnic is Vellikkeel in Kannur, the things you are going to experience would something exceptional. The picnic spot is an Eco-Tourism centre that has been set up at the marshy areas at the base of a small hill by the Tourism Department of Kerala. Vellikkeel is situated around 17 km distances from the Kannur, away from the hustles and bustles of everyday stressful life. In addition to that, in this recently renovated Eco-tourism centre, the visitors could get engaged in numerous exciting activities. All characteristics make the perfect ingredients for labelling Vellikkeel as a full-fledged family tourist spot.

Scenic views around


The small hills bordering the water bodies is a common sight when are travelling to the coastal regions of Northern Kerala.  Vellikkeel is situated at one such scenic location, where there are both the marshy areas meant for the purpose of rice cultivation and small hills surrounding them at a distance. You could also get to spot several fishermen folks catching fish in the most traditional methods.

 So when you are visiting eco-tourism park along with your family, you could adore the natural beauty of this lesser-known destination. Even being at such tranquil destinations could rejuvenate you. Henceforth, Eco-tourism Park deserves to be visited once booking any reliable tour packages. Furthermore, the path that takes your family to the Vellikkeel Park is also brimming with lush greenery on either side of the road and those occasional small bridges across the offshoots of major rivers flowing through these regions of Kannur.

Peddling amid the Mangrove creeks


Boating across the mangrove creeks spread on a larger part of its area is one of the most highlighting factors made available for the tourists visiting the park. Your family could also go paddling on these water bodies to experience that rustic beauty of these coastal hamlets. When approaching closer to the mangrove vegetation, you could even touch the rooted outside the surface waters. The mangroves found in some parts of Vellikkeel are fruit-bearing. Like the mangrove vegetation grown at different locations of Kannur. Astonishingly, the district is known for its least disturbed mangrove covers and also being the largest in the state.

Moreover, the sailing would also be enjoyable and create excitement for the kids in your family. You could catch a glimpse of varied sort of migratory birds flying across you and perched at the brims of those narrow village paths. Hence the location can be cited as an ecologically significant location. Even otherwise, the chirping of birds could be only sounds that are going to break the silence of the picturesque location.

Savouring those mouth-water dishes

Tourists who are coming to the Ecotourism park could also relish traditional recipes of Kerala at the eatery set up in its premises. They would serve you with all sorts of seafood and mouth-watering recipes cooked from the fish caught from the lake. Each member of your family may order for their favourite seafood cuisine, which they would love to eat on this one-day trip. So there is nothing wrong in making some corrections in your tour packages, as the food menu ranges from snack called Uruliyappam to the spicy non-vegetarian dishes such as traditional fish curry, puttu (yet another steam cooked rice cake) flavoured with crabs and squids. You may have them by sitting on those specially arranged seating by watching the beauty of the place. This is going to satisfy both your tummies and your soul. In addition to that, the aroma emerging out from the food court serving the local dishes would make you hungry, just like the food streets adjacent to the Marina beach in Chennai.

Nature-walk amid the lakeside


Further, the later parts of the day can be spent at beautifully paved walkways on the banks of this tranquil lake, by taking a nature walk. Your entire family will feel refreshed after venturing out for such a relaxing evening stroll. Once proceeding to some distances, the views of the silent rivers flowing in these virgin lands of Kerala would be seen right in front of you. The first one that you notice flowing elegantly below the bridges is the Vellikkal River. Then at some points, they will be merging with Pazhayangadi River and finally to the Vallapatanam river.  That major river and a crucial source of drinking water for the entire Kannur district join the Arabian Sea near Azhikkal Ferry at Azhikode.

In the walks, you will inevitably rush into the locals indulged in fishing by plying in the traditional country boats. Shrimps, crabs and other small fishes are the most common catches for them. If you are interested in those activities, you may readily enquire them about their fishing and other cultivation methods. Adorable benches and long swings where 2 or 3 people can sit together are installed at the banks of the lake for the visitors to take rest. Later the day can be ended on a good note by watching a pleasurable sunset from these walkways. Unlike the horizon spotted at the sea, where you could gaze the sun getting veiled very gracefully behind the mangrove bushes that are going to look darker in the twilight.

 The above-described eco-tourism centre is one such beautiful destination that can be preferred by families for a day out, also if their liking is on boating and relishing those spicy dishes. However, if you are more of a ‘mountain person’ and wishing to take your family for an engaging adventurous trip, Kannur has in store for you with such numerous options to pick out from. You may explore them and get astonished. However, that venture is not supposed to end up there. Instead, travel with Gogeo Holidays, who would arrange engaging family trips to such sort of beautiful locations. Book their family tour packages and have that fun and excitement.