Four Ways to Discover the Magnificent Beauty of Kerala

There would be no one in the world that hasn’t heard or read the name of the most beautiful state of India famously called as Kerala. The state attracts travellers from various corners of the world through its captivating beauty and amazing collection of fauna and flora. The state has gained prominence not only through the tourism sector but also through its unique culture and traditions. The eccentric cultural art forms such as Kathakali, Mohiniyattom, Thiruvathirakali and many more always tried their best to capture the hearts of thousands of art lovers and travel lovers. Words are insufficient to express the magnificent beauty of the stunning words in singular words. It is always said to feel the beauty and importance of something one should definitely spend some valuable moments with it. The same principle is applicable to the beauty of Kerala. To enjoy the audacious beauty of Kerala one should definitely find out some valuable seconds from their life and dedicate to the arms of Mother Nature. Trust me if spend a few hours in the arms of Mother Nature; you could build lovely moments for your future. Nature is like an answer to all kinds of problems and issues in one’s life. There are many ways to explore the alluring beauty of the stunning nature of Kerala. To know more about it just scroll down the following paragraphs and absorb the vital information form it.

Way 1

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Exploring the gem hidden in the scenic beauty of Kerala within a couple of days is not practically possible. The 14 districts of the state are unique and well-known for its beauty, heritage and culture. To learn each district’s identity one should definitely spend more than a week in Kerala and enjoy its ambiguity. If you love to enjoy the beauty of the city as well as the charm of the countryside, the best option would be to select the itinerary that covers places such as Kochi-Munnar-Thekkady-Alleppey/Kumarakom. The speciality of these destinations is they provide excellent views of nature enriched with wide varieties of incredible natural resources. Munnar and Thekkady are the perfect breathtaking hill stations that provide excellent opportunities to showcase tour talent and bravery. The most popular activities that are widely practised in those areas are trekking, mountaineering, and nature walk, wildlife safari and so on. Many travel enthusiasts hailing from different parts of nation such as Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai and so on avail of the tour packages for their family to enjoy the beauty of the state especially the above-mentioned tourist places. Alleppey and Kumarakom mentioned in the list are the best places to enjoy the sailing in the traditional houseboat cruises. The houseboats in Kerala were once used for trade purposes and also for travelling from one site to another.

Way 2

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There would be no one in the world who does not like to enjoy the beauty of the sun-kissed beaches. No one has found the reason or cause for the people to flock to eth sun-toasted beaches when they are depressed or happy. Finding an answer to the above problem is really a tedious task. Therefore, let us concentrate on the beauty of the beaches. Every beach provides the same view and the same climate but they differ in the activities or sport they provide. Kovalam beach, Kerala that is prominently known as a haven for foreigners is the best destination to practise adventurous activities such as scuba diving, snorkelling and parasailing and so on. As Kovalam beach is crowded with domestic and international tourist, you could also enjoy the Ayurveda treatments available at cheap prices. It would be hard for one to believe that most of the travellers visit the place only to practise the Ayurveda therapies for rejuvenation and revitalizing by purchasing the tour packages for their lovely family. To entertain the kids the state government has built many fantasy or amusement parks on the shores of the sea.

Way 3

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Festivals are the occasions when the family members and relatives unite together to enjoy happiness and also the beauty of the surroundings drenched in colours and lights. As everybody knows the southernmost state of India famously known as Kerala is well-renowned for its eccentric festivals and heritage, travellers gush to the state during those times. Onam, Vishu, New Year and so on also some of the cultural art forms which are played on specific days are the factors that grab the people from different parts of the world. Theyyam, Thiruvathiraklai, Kathakali, Mohiniyattom, and so on are played on the festive season. Pulikali is such a beautiful art form practised on the days of Onam festival is lures people from every nook and corners. It is an art form where the artisans paint themselves like the tiger and roam on the streets during the evenings. Onam is the festival where you could find natives wearing traditional dresses and engaging in various fun-filled games. How could one forget to mention the name of Thrissur Pooram that is prominently called as ‘festivals of the festival’ is actually a combined temple festival of temples held in the cultural capital of Kerala called Thrissur. It is held in the month of May every year. Just to witness the procession of elephants decorated in different colours and ornaments, people from foreign nations flock to the state annually by purchasing the tour packages from Gogeo Holidays, a well-reputed travel planner in Kerala.

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