Whichever the season be; Madayipara always shines with bright varied colours

There would be no one who does not like to inhale the aroma of the beautiful flowers. Watching the blooming of varied coloured flowers in the vast area of land will definitely soothe your tired souls and revitalize your mind. There was a time when the majority of the land in the nation was occupied with various types of trees and flowering plants. The aromatic smell and mind-blowing beauty of the flowers attract the birds from different locations and enhance their pollination in a good manner. Such scenic activities really added charm to the untouched beauty of nature. Words are insufficient to express the ambiguity of nature and also its stunning varied activities. Most of the people who feel to take a short break from their busy schedules must definitely choose the most astonishing and abundantly blessed Madayipara situated in Kannur district of Kerala. Hundreds of flower enthusiast and nature lovers with their family gush to the captivating tourist destination with their dear ones by availing of tour packages at cheap prices. It would be hard for any environmentalist to describe the scintillating beauty of Madayipara in mere words. Hence stroll down the following paragraphs and collect the valuable information from the following paragraphs.



Whether it is small or large there would be no one who hasn’t seen garden at least once in their whole lifetime. But has anyone ever visited a floral area where its colour changes according to the season? If not, avail of tour packages from prominent travel operators and visit the stupendous Madayipara and enjoy its charming beauty. The most popular flat hillock, Madayipara situated in the lush green area of the northern district of Kerala, called Kannur, grabs travellers from different parts of the world. Like any other destination, it would be hard for any traveller operator to tell the exquisite time to visit the marvellous destination. During the summer the auspicious land will be decorated with bright golden grasses that reach up to the knee length. Followed to summer the monsoon will be dotted with lush green shades of awe-inspiring leaves. The outstanding region will be painted with crimson red during the chilly autumn and it will bloom with a compilation of sapphire, white and bright yellow flowers in spring. Famously known as the ‘land of flowers’ Madayipara is also renowned as a perfect foot hillock of the most popular Western Ghats. The captivating tourist destination is embodied with 300 species of flowering plants and 150 types of birds. Along with these natural wonders, you can also spot the insect-eating plants, semi-aquatic plants and aquatic plants. According to the geographical features the vast land could be categorised with wet phase and dry phase of grasslands. Besides the flowering plants, you can also fill your digital camera’s memory with alluring images of cashew plantations. Apart from the fabulous flowers and serene nature, Madyipara is also famous for some outstanding features.

 Some noteworthy attractions of Madayipara

Sprawled in an area of 700 acres Madayipara is also famous for historical events. To escape from the invasion of foreign rules a strong fort was built by the Vallabha King belonging to Kolothu dynasty. Without understanding its historical prominence the fort was destroyed. But its ruins will surely take you to the ancient pages of history. Apart from the ‘land of flowers’ the region is also known as Malik Ibn Dinar Mosque. The famous pilgrim centre was constructed by the popular Muslim preacher called Malik Ibn Dinar. Hundreds of devotees from various regions arrive at the third largest mosque of Kerala to offer their prayers and seek god’s blessings. The region is also well-renowned for sheltering the temple dedicated to goddess Kali called Madayikavu and Vadakunnu temple with presiding deity of Lord Shiva. The 10-day long temple festival of Madayikkavu temple steals thousands of hearts of travellers. While traversing the awe-inspiring lanes of the Madayipara you will come across of another historic instance called ‘Jew’s pond’. Even though it was constructed during 605 BCE and 490 CE the water from the hand-held shaped pond quenches the thirst of not only the local residents but also the countless tourists who flock to the region during scorching summer days. When you get deeply immersed in the interactive conversation with local communities they will rewind your minds to the olden days. During ancient times, Madayipara was an administrative centre for the Ezhimala kings. The flat hillock several times acted as a platform for many coronation ceremonies with watchtowers on 4 different locations. Climbing the zigzag stairs of the watchtower will offer you to the splendid panoramic view of the lush green surroundings.

 How to reach Madayipara?

To enjoy the emerald beauty of the countryside purchase the train tickets to the nearest railway station, Pazhyangadi railway station and hire private or public transport services to Madayipara. The nearest airport to the captivating tourist destination is Calicut International Airport and Kannur International airport. From the airport, you can hire private taxis at affordable rates. To enjoy the majestic beauty of Madayipara popularly called as ‘tulips of the garden’, do not forget to carry binoculars and high-resolution camera with you.

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Tailor your lovely days at Ezhumanthuruthu with your Soulmate

Among the various stages of life marriage always carry a vital role in one’s life. Most of us say by securing good grades and earning white-collar jobs will make one’s life. But the real fact is despite possessing the aforementioned elements if you are not happy or unable to lead a peaceful life then these elements will be of no use. To enjoy the amenities and other kinds of enjoyments one should be able to lead a happy and joyful lie with their soul mate. That is why people always suggest thinking twice about their partner before getting hitched. To strengthen the newly formed bond couples always choose to spend some quality time in some isolated or faraway places from their hometown. This is to enjoy their special days without any kind of distractions. Among the several places, Kerala is always seen in the bucket list of not only the honeymoon couples but also among the travel enthusiast and adventure lovers. There was a time when people hesitate to avail of tour packages to Kerala. But with the advancements in the tourism sector, people from northern states such as a Delhi, Punjab and Gurgaon have started to purchase tickets to the southernmost state of India to explore its magnificent beauty and to revitalize in its calm ambience. Spending a night in an isolated area with your partner is something special that could not be described in mere words. Ezhumanthuruthu situated in the Kottayam district, the land of letters is one of the upcoming tourist destinations in the state. By narrowing down the following paragraphs one would come close to its fascinating features.



Positioned in 8 km west of Kadathuruthy in the Kottayam district is one of the alluring tourist destinations for travellers from various parts of the world. The mind-blowing archipelago is the twin brother of the smallest island called Pulithuruthu. Even though it takes only 2 to 3 hours to explore the beauty of the 2 km long island with your better half while strolling through it you can gather cherishing memorable moments for your future life. When traversing the unvisited lanes of the archipelago you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the surreal nature. The direction of the rising sun carries the fabulous Ayyamkudy village and the western side is called the Mundar estate or Upper Kuttanad is famous for ‘monsoon tourism’ or ‘inland water tourism’. Couples who tour Kerala by availing of honeymoon packages make a random visit to the Mundar Estate. The awesome beauty and picture-perfect landscapes not only allures national tourists but also international tourists. When interacting with the local residents when exploring the region you will come to know the majority of them are engaged in farming and other agricultural works. Do not forget to click the amusing images of women in their traditional dress (blouse and long length cloth twisted around their waist by covering their chest with a white towel) immersed in traditional folk called ‘Koithupattu’ when harvesting paddy grains. Such scenes are exiting from the present world. So when you get an opportunity do not forget to witness it.

Hundreds of travellers visit the isle by purchasing the tickets at cheap airfares to attend the thrilling boat race conducted annually during the Onam – the cultural festival of Kerala. When talking with the elderly person of the island you will come to know about the mythological stories revolving around the island. Some say that when the famous leader Tipu Sultan invaded the northern parts of Kerala most of the Brahmins moved to the southern parts on their exile most of them settled down on the island. Once an elderly Brahmin who was crossing the river, suddenly a mango tree fell down and created an obstacle. After chanting ‘Ezhu mave’ which means stand mango tree for three times, the tree stood up. From then onwards the region got the name. Some others say that initially, the island had only seven mango trees so it got that name.

How to reach the stupendous Ezhumanthuruthu Island?

There are many ways to reach the iconic destination, Ezhumanthuruthu. You can avail of train tickets to the nearest railway station, Kadathuruthy. The Cochin international airport is the nearest airport to the scintillating isle.

 When to visit the mesmerising Ezhumanthuruthu Island?

 Even though the doors of the island is opened throughout the year visitors who want to enjoy the surreal beauty of untouched nature visit it during the months of July and August. If you feel tired of walking long kilometres you can take rest by purchasing houseboat packages and witness the dazzling beauty of the region. Enjoying the incredible views of sunsets and sunrise will make your journey into a remarkable one. To enchant the unseen beauty of nature buy the night packages and enjoy the classical performances by savouring scrumptious delicacies prepared in traditional style.

Most of the couples would prefer to celebrate their romantic days in the midst of the richly populated forest or in any of the breathtaking hill stations of Kerala such as Munnar, Thekkady, Wayanad and so on. But only a few of them would have heard about spending some precious time in the natural archipelagos. Spending your valuable time in the aforementioned destinations will help you to concrete your relationship with nature by indulging in adventure activities you can discover the precious gem hidden in nature. To make the enthralling games more cherishing tries to select the events that suit both of your taste.

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6 Bustling Streets of Ernakulam in Kerala You Should Not Skip Visiting If You Are a True Shopaholic

Ernakulam and its suburbs are no alien place for the tourists visiting the enchanting state of Kerala. Especially if you had added Kumarakom, Munnar, Thekkady, Kuttanad and Athirapally in your Kerala tour itinerary. Moreover, Ernakulam would be stopping before you set out to any of the above listed happening tourist destinations of the state. Nonetheless, there is yet another side of this bustling metropolis, which are its varied shopping destinations. The port city had already been known for its busy shopping sites ever since they were invaded by the colonisers to establish their trade here. If you too are interested in collecting any souvenirs or any unique products that would remind you about the place and the special memories gained in this vacation, you should not skip paying a visit to these streets. Given below are the famous streets of Kochi, where you could visit to satisfy your shopping hunger.


BroadwayNo, we are not talking about the New York street with huge billboards showcasing all those globally acclaimed brands, but of the not so ‘broad’ shopping centre located on the heart of the city centre. From its southernmost point, you will be welcomed by the tempting aroma of all the species you could probably get from any Indian store selling the likes. You could purchase a wide range of products from handicrafts to eatables from this 2 km long road. Furthermore, it would be an unforgettable experience to stroll across the point starting from Marine drive to MG road at the onset of any festivities. Never miss the scene of countless twinkling stars hung prior from the last week of December and flowers in Onam.

Jew Town


They are a popular and eye-catching neighbourhood of Kochi in Mattancherry adjacent to Fort Kochi to both domestic and foreigner tourists. Other than its worthy antique shops, the street is very much linked to the colonial history of Kerala. So when you are exploring the crucial parts of Jew Town with your tour packages, you will rush into any historical relics of crucial significance such as the Jewish Synagogue. Even though you would be indebted to pay comparatively a higher price for the products purchased from the place rather than its counterparts in the city, you will be discovering several hidden stories related with each of them. So even if you are roaming around the street along with your family, you are not going to bored of those irregularly arranged bronze vessels, sculptures, lamps, vintage clocks, royal furniture and whatnot.


MG Road

5712_20190619143314Every Indian city has got their MG road and so do the Ernakulam city. Much like them, the bustling street is situated in its heart, where can be reached very easily. This 4.5 km stretch of road had got the outlets of several world-famous brands with a wide range of products such as textiles, jewellery and many more. So even when you are vacationing in the outskirts of Kochi, you are not going to face any difficulties in purchasing any branded products from the commercial street as you do in any cosmopolitan. Above all, the striking point would be the lately constructed Metro line that covers a larger part of MG road.

Princess Street


Also known under the name Loafer’s Corner, they are yet another street in the outskirts of the old city centre of Fort Kochi where foreigners never miss visiting. It is largely because of old-worldly charm imitating the architectural styles of its colonisers, predominantly of the Dutch. Numerous shops that you pass by amongst its cafes and clubs could be included as a must-visit place if you are fond of peeping back to our histories. In fact, they are very much particular in attracting the coming tourists as you could find each of the edifices decorated in neon and LED lights. A walk alongside them prior to the New Year’s Eve could provide you with a mesmerizing sight to your curious eyes.

Bazaar Road  


On yet another side of Mattancherry lie the Bazaar road that offers you an unmissable opportunity to get you with the products at a reasonable price and good quality. The popular Bazaar road of Cochin spreads for around 2 km. From the wholesale shops operating in the street, the small shopkeepers from adjacent neighbourhoods visit and get their bundles and sell them at their place. Hence, you could think of the accessibility and diversity of the products sold here. At times, you could get more options while the flea market mode functions here. So what is stopping you to visit this extravagant Bazaar road of Mattancherry on your visit to Kochi? Get your wallets with enough cash and buy whatever you are in need of.

Ernakulam Market


If prices are a concern for you, it is time for Ernakulam Market to be included in your bucket list places to be visited along with your family. From all their shops, you could purchase all sorts of products at a cheap price that are going to astonish you. Furthermore, the range of products from necessary groceries, meat, textiles and the likes are going to surprise you. Goods carriers with a wide range of products coming from different parts of South India do stop here and sells them. In fact, they are one of the busiest markets of the entire state of Kerala. Therefore, a visit to the place even if they are not included in your tour packages is a must-do thing for any traveller with a heavy shopping spree.


Henceforth, as mentioned earlier Ernakulam a.k.a Kochi is that large city with numerous shops and selling centres that are going to blow your minds out, especially if you possess that right amount of shopping spree. Anyhow, you will be rushing into these locations when you are planning to go for a vacation in the enchanting state of Kerala. So before your visit, you would e recommended getting in contact with Gogeo Holidays who would help you in booking your tour packages. Among which you could pick up your favourite deal based on your travel preferences. However, the most striking point is that they are made available to you at extremely lower prices.