Top 5 Gorgeous Places to Visit in Kerala During Spring

It is always said that each and every part of nature carries many astounding features. It is the duty of each mankind to observe the magical beauty hidden in each resource. As our life has become stressful and we are forced to focus on our professional goals than personal happiness and joy therefore we forget to give proper care and attention to these natural resources. When speaking about family tours the first thing that runs into our mind will be that of the summer season. It is not because we all love to get exhausted but because our educational system allows us to explore the unvisited tourist places on those days only. The ambiguity and dazzling glow of nature attract not only locals but also travel enthusiast hailing from different parts of the world. There are many places in the world that act as a perfect destination to celebrate awesome family days. But if you want to enjoy the serenity of untouched nature avail of tour packages to Kerala and enjoy its unseen beauty. Kerala would be the only state that dazzles in a different manner in various seasons. To witness the stupendous beauty grab the tour packages at cheap rates for you and your family. There are many travel operators that draft excellent tour packages, Gogeo Holidays belong to the list. If you love to enjoy the emerald beauty of nature visits the state during the monsoon days or post to the heavy downpours. But if you want to practise various kinds of adventure activities such as trekking, wildlife safari, mountaineering, nature walk, paragliding and so on. Everybody thinks that only monsoon season is the exquisite time to enjoy the beauty of Kerala popularly known as ‘god’s own country’. Apart from monsoon season spring time is another favourable season to enjoy the audacious beauty of nature. The famous places in Kerala that heartily welcomes nature lovers during the spring season are as follows. To know more about just scroll down the following paragraphs.

  1. Cochin

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Cochin is one of the most popular and most populated cities in Kerala. From olden days the scintillating beauty of the city was captivated by the foreign traders such as Arabs, European and Persians and so on. When compared to other cities in our nation most of the places would be enriched with mind-blowing skyscrapers and other fascinating wonders. But Cochin is unique from them. Cochin is the only city in India that tries its best to shelter both ancient and modern beauty without getting adulterate. It is the only place where you could find the Chinese fishing nets, traditional equipment used by our ancestors. Along with it, the city protects ancient pilgrim centres such as Jew synagogue, Jewish market, Mattancherry palace, Thripunithura hill palace and many more.

  1. Alleppey

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Alleppey is known to be the ‘rice bowl of Kerala’. It is the only place where one could find water transportation still gaining prominence in the present world. Alleppey is not only famous for lush green paddy fields but also for luxurious houseboats that sail in the tranquil backwaters. In ancient days if houseboats were used for trade and commercial purposes, now it is being used to enhance the strength of tourism sectors. Words are insufficient to express the mind-blowing beauty of the stupendous region when sailing in the houseboat. In other words, houseboats are now known as the moving resort. You can enjoy the beauty of nature by savouring delicacies prepared in traditional Kerala style. It is one of the best places to savour non-vegetarian dishes prepared in different style and flavours.

  1. Munnar

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Munnar is one of the most prominent tourist destinations situated in Idukki district. The fascinating hill station not only welcomes local tourist but also nature enthusiast from Chennai, Delhi and other regions. Most of them avail of tour packages to Kerala to make their trip stress free and peaceful. Munnar is abundantly enriched with many astounding emerald plantations of cardamom, coffee, and other spices. Along with it you can also encounter many adventure enthusiast practising enthralling activities such as trekking, and nature walk. Spring season is the perfect time to visit Munnar as it is the time when one can witness many flowers blooming in different colours#

  1. Thiruvananthapuram

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Thiruvananthapuram is known as the governing city of Kerala. It would be the only district in Kerala that shelters many gorgeous royal palaces in different corners. What makes Thiruvananthapuram so famous is the Sree Padamanabhaswamy temple and Ponmudi. Sree Padmanabhaswamy is known to be one of the wealthiest temples on the planet and most outstanding too. Ponmudi is known to be the best and scary destination for trekkers. Along with it, Agasthyarkoodam is also an alluring mountain in the district. The wildlife sanctuary and national parks attract many kids as well as adults to nature. Along with it, the district is also famous for sun-kissed beaches such as Kovalam Beach. Kovalam Beach would be the only beach where you could encounter a large number of international tourists.

  1. Thrissur

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Thrissur is famously known as the ‘cultural capital of Kerala’. Thrissur is famous not only for its unique art forms and temple festivals but also for scenic tourist destinations. Athirappilly is one of the most popular tourist places not only in South India but also across the globe. Many famous movies such as Dil Se, Baahubali and many more have been cast there. Along with it, you can stroll in the Chimmony wildlife sanctuary to enjoy the stupendous beauty of fauna and flora belonging to various species. Do not forget to visit Kerala Kalamandalam and enjoy the beauty of different art forms.

5 Things to Know Before you Visit Kerala

To learn the untold history and unique culture and traditions of a democratic country like India, Kerala would be the perfect destination. It is always said availing of tour packages to Kerala will not only help you to enjoy the scenic beauty but also many learn many important lessons of history and geography that you missed during your school days. Kerala is an exquisite place for a travel enthusiast who is in search of peace, tranquillity and good climatic conditions where they can enjoy their leisure days without any chaos and so on. Never think that if you have visited Kerala more than once you will be thorough with its features and eccentric characteristics. Each and every time Kerala would be changing its perspectives toward tourism and tourist. Therefore it is always necessary for the travellers to be updated with the latest change happening in the state before purchasing mind-blowing tour packages for your family to Kerala. As Kerala is an upcoming tourist destination in the world, therefore, there are chances for the travellers to mislead. To avoid such circumstances grab the best and cheapest services from trustworthy tour operators like Gogeo Holidays. To make your journey in Kerala awesome and remarkable just, narrow down the following paragraphs.

Here is some valuable information to know before you visit Kerala

Book your tickets wisely

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I think Kerala is the only state where you could find two or three names for a single place. Isn’t it astonishing? During colonialism, the local people, as well as the rulers of that time, named some of the places with an English touch. Even after gaining independence from them the locals for a few decades used the name and gradually it was turned out to be pronounced in another form. For example just consider Thiruvananthapuram, the governing city of Kerala, the airport situated in it is termed as Trivandrum International Airport. Similarly, Alleppey, the land of houseboats is famously or commonly known as Alappuzha in colloquial language.  Cochin, the popular metro city of Kerala is well-renowned as Kochi sometimes. Therefore before you book your air tickets please verify the names of the tourist destinations with well-authorised travel agencies or search engines.

If you do not like crowds please go through this…

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It is not necessary that every traveller must have some kind of taste and likes. According to gender and age, the desires would change. If you are asking me whether I like the crowded or secluded place, I would spontaneously like to enchant the beauty of the scenic place during the offseason. And this is the reason why I always book the tour packages for me and my family to Kerala when I was in Chennai. People always say that visiting the place during the off-season would be a great loss but actually, it provides multiple opportunities many incredible resources without any restrictions and that too in affordable prices. Usually, Ayurveda treatments (for which Kerala is famous across the world) are available to both tourist and domestic travellers will help your body to revitalize and rejuvenate. But if you try to avail it during the peak season, the price may reach the sky. Also, you won’t get much time to for energising your body. Also, there are several national parks and wildlife sanctuaries that put many restrictions such as time constraints and so on.

Don’t worry even if you are a non-Malayalee

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The main reason for travellers to refrain themselves from purchasing the tour packages to Kerala is nothing but the language barrier.  It is a common conception among the people that a resident of Kerala does not have much knowledge in the English language. You should know one thing that Kerala is the only state in India that attains cent per cent literacy every year. Therefore without any fear, you can book tour packages to the state. When strolling through the unvisited lanes you may encounter a handful of people speaking English fluently and others would communicate with you with basic and simple English (Indian English).

Is a train or private cab cheaper?

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It is a common question asked by every traveller (both international and domestic) whether the private cabs or trains are cheaper. For safe and reliable journey most of the tourist prefer cab services. And it is good to some extend because most of the tourist would lack knowledge about the places and so on. But if you really want to explore the unseen beauty of green nature by interacting with local communities and savouring spicy and salty snacks from the street shops grab the train tickets. It is always said that booking the train tickets other than from the government website would always seem to be cost-friendly. When travelling in the train always is careful about the route therefore always recharge your internet offer without any fail.

When you are in Kerala is it necessary to buy a new SIM?

It is seen quite often almost the entire tourist buying new SIM cards when they are in Kerala. But the trend has now been changed there would be no one in the world who does not have accounts in any of the social media. Hence most of them like to switch on the WI-FI than spending money on buying SIM cards. The other benefits of using the WI-FI is you could share your valuable information wherever you are. Even if you buy a SIM, the telecom operators would not provide good offers to the customers.

A Remarkable Journey to Kuruwadweep: how to Explore; Enthralling Activities and Astounding Nature

Every person has their own desires, hobbies, interest and so on. Like me, everybody will have something favourite it may be either food, drinks, colour, plants and places and many more. If someone asks me which is my most favourite colour spontaneously I would reply it is the green colour. It is said that each colour carries much valuable information and meaning. If red denotes love and danger likewise green colour signifies prosperity and unity. Enjoying the elegance of green colour with your naked eye will help you to mesmerise your tiring hearts. What if all your four sides are encircled with lush green leaves and plants how beautiful it would be. That ambiguity would not be able to describe in a few words. If you truly want to explore the classy green nature with your family and dear friends grab the tour packages to Kerala from authorised tour operators like the Dream Holidays at cheapest rates. Even though they are operating in Kerala they provide their precious services across the globe. Kerala is a land of wonders and incredible natural resources. Hundreds of travel enthusiasts flock to the state to enchant the environment. Travellers like me, who are fond of green colour would definitely choose Wayanad to enjoy the serene nature and moderate climate can book tickets to the district. Despite the state has been traversing in the path of progress Wayanad and Idukki are the few districts that are devoid of good railway transportation. Therefore you will have to boar either to Calicut International Airport or Kannur International Airport.


Kerala packages

As mentioned earlier Wayanad would one of the few places in Kerala abundantly blessed with green resources. Wayanad is one of the fascinating tourist places in entire Kerala. The audacious beauty of the classy green nature inspires each and every tourist. The district is encompassed with plunging waterfalls, tranquil rivers, richly populated with green plantations of tea, coffee and other kinds of spices. In simple words, Wayanad is the land of many awe-inspiring destinations. Describing each and every place in a single document is not an easy task. Therefore for time being let us, concentrate on Kuruwadweep, a small yet gorgeous place for spending leisure days. In the following paragraphs, we will learn more about the island and its peculiarities.

Crystal clear water in midst of the classy emerald nature

Kuruwadweep is a small island sprawled in an area of 950 acres. The entire archipelago is comprised of many astounding species of fauna and flora. Many nature lovers who visit the region usually fill their memory card with many fabulous images of these rare and endangered. Travellers who visit the region with an intention to explore its magnificent beauty usually bring it into practical by practising the mind-blowing adventurous activities such as trekking, mountain climbing, nature walk and many more. While strolling through the unvisited lanes you would come across many domestic and international travellers hailing from different countries. In those groups, you could find many newly married couples, youngsters and families. Most of them purchase the tour packages to Kerala to make their journey and exploration stress-free. Kuruvadweep is not only a land of eye-soothing wonders but also a haven for adventure enthusiasts. Let us go through some of the most popular adventure sports highly practised on Kuruwadweep.

Zip Lining

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Zip Lining is one of the most threatening adventurous activities practised in Kerala. A normal man with a light heart could not ever do the zip lining. Ziplining is actually an enthralling activity where you are supposed to cross a strong zip line. If you are interested to do so, Kuruwadweep heartily welcomes you. The excitement and enthusiasm you get when practising the zip lining could not be compared with anything in the world. Irrespective of gender and economic status participants could learn the virgin beauty while crossing the 350 m long zip line.

Set a tent on the scintillating island

Who does not like to enjoy the beauty of the crystal clear sky enriched with many unseen birds and galaxy? It would be hard for one to point out the galaxy and milkyway through the naked eye. But I assure you that you could capture the best part of the unseen sky if you are ready to set a tent on the Kurwadweep. Seek the prior permission from the concerned authorities and enjoy your night stay. Usually, these night camps are favoured by the newly married couples. But over there you could also catch many families with their kids. Most of the tourist who visits Kerala usually hails from the nearby cities such as Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai and so on. Grab the tour packages as early as possible and enjoy the beguiling beauty of the lush green surroundings. You could enjoy your night stay by setting up the bonfire and sharing your valuable thoughts.

Mountain biking or Mountain cycling

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There would be only a few who would not know how to ride a bicycle. Riding a bicycle on a flat road is easy and simple but what if you were asked to ride on an unconditioned road with potholes in it? Isn’t it scary and tedious? If you are ready to accept this adventurous task, you can choose to ride on the mountain present in the Kuruvadweep. So when you have decided to do cycling accompany your dear friends and family with you to make the exploration into a remarkable one.

Some Unknown Features of Paithalmala, Situated in Kannur

Kerala is one of the mind-blowing tourist destinations across the globe. Hundreds of travel enthusiasts from different parts of the world flock to the emerald state to dig out its astounding beauty. Enjoying the virgin charm with your dear ones and spending a few days by indulging in adventurous activities such as nature walk, and wildlife safari, and many more will help you to rejoice your soul. There is not a single tourist who felt regret after visiting the audacious state. Instead, they were being captivated by the alluring beauty of the scenic nature and purchase the tour packages to Kerala at cheap prices. It would be hard for a travel enthusiast to point the best tourist place to enchant the elegance of the environment. Among the 14 districts, Kannur has always played a significant role in enhancing the tourism sector. Cuisine, sports, culture, ancient rituals, scenery and many more factors that attract Keralites as well as non-Keralites to Kannur. Along with these features Kannur is known to be popular for many political crimes and historic events. I think more than education the residents of the district give prime importance to politics and it is clearly reflected in several aspects. Apart from it, the district is home to many adventurous places like Paithalmala, Ezhimala, Kanaki hills and so on. Among the several captivating hill stations, Paithalmala always tried its best to attract the adventure enthusiast from various corners of the world. To make the journey in Kerala free from all kinds of difficulties and stress people always purchase the tour packages for their familyGogeo Holidays are the travel operators that curate cheapest packages so that people irrespective of their financial status could enjoy the beauty of Kerala. When speaking about Paithalmala words are insufficient to express its beguiling beauty. To know more about it, narrow down the following paragraphs.

How to explore Paithalmala

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Paithalmala is an alluring hill station situated at an elevation of 1372 m from the mean sea level. The amusing hill station is known to be a haven for not only adventure lovers but also for photographers and nature lovers. As Paithalmala shares its space with the neighbouring state called Karanataka, the metro residents could visit the region to celebrate their weekend holidays. As it lies close to the Western Ghats, many of its fauna and flora could be seen in Paithalmala. Irrespective of seasons travellers could visit the breathtaking hill station and enjoy its splendid beauty. If you are a photography enthusiast, you can enjoy the stunning beauty of the region by availing of the tour packages to Kerala during the monsoon season from June to October. It is the occasion when the misty clouds cover the emerald nature. To catch the eye-catching moment when the mist feels lazy to bid adieu to nature, visit the place during the early mornings. But beware of the leeches that are the greed of human blood. Carry some salt solution as a mighty weapon against them. Post to the monsoon the grasses will grow up to our knee-length and makes trekking cumbersome. To enjoy the trekking in its extreme mode, visit the region from January to March. Even the hot sun will suck your energy but if you are practising trekking during the evenings it would be really good for your health.

Some salient features of Paithalmala

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Paithalmala is a treasure of many precious gems and incredible natural resources. The marvellous beauty makes the region a haven for the travel enthusiast. Followed to trekking travellers could ascend to the observatory deck to enjoy the panoramic beauty of the astounding surroundings. The stunning observatory deck is situated some 45 km from Paithalmala. Hundreds of travel enthusiasts who visit the stupendous place used to definitely move to the captivating observatory deck. When you climb the spiral stairs of the deck, no one knows that something invaluable resources are waiting for us.

Due to the ignorance of the government authorities, the virgin beauties of the place seem to start loose. If appropriate measures are taken to preserve the beauty of nature as well as to protect the natural resources, truly Paithalmala will always remain one of the gorgeous hill stations in northern Kerala.

 Commuting to Paithalmala

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There are many ways by which you can commute to the amusing Paithalmala. The alluring beauty of the hill could not be described in mere words. As the Kannur district has inaugurated its new International Airport travellers from different places such as Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and so on could gush to Kerala. You can also book train tickets to Kannur. If you are purchasing the tour packages from Gogeo holidays, they will provide excellent services at cheap prices. They are one among the few travel agencies that give the customers the liberty to customise the packages according to their wish. They draft packages with outstanding accommodations and mind-blowing tourist destinations. They also give the opportunity to learn various lessons of adventure such as mountaineering, trekking and so on.

If you need any kind of clarification regarding the itinerary or the packages without any hesitation contact the customers support team during their office hours. Unfortunately, if you meet with any kind of accidents, they will provide all kind of medical support. To know more about their services browse their website and absorb the necessary information.

Spellbind the Stunning Charm of Three Mind-Blowing Destinations of Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Travelling, the word is familiar to everyone. There would be no one in the world that wouldn’t have travelled to any of the places far from your hometown. The beguiling charm and classy green nature will truly touch your heart in many ways. No one could exactly say when and from where our ancestors started to explore the new places. They might have learnt about the necessity of visiting the unexplored destinations even before the invention of the word ‘travelling’. Mingling with different communities and discovering the specialities and beauty hidden in each place will help you to upgrade your knowledge and practical sense. If you really want to marvel your hearts with the incredible beauty of nature just avail of the tour packages to the most astounding archipelago of India called Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is quite normal that all of us would be ready to back our bags to explore the scintillating beauty of lush green places but we hesitate to step into the turquoise islands. It is not because we are fear of aqua venture games but of the socio-culture and characteristics of the regions. Now as Andaman Tour Travel has curated exotic travel packages to the most famous island without any concerns and fear, irrespective of age and gender anyone can discover the magnificent beauty of the region.

Andaman tour packages

Describing each and every peculiarity of the archipelago in a single document is practically impossible hence it would be good to know some of the salient features of the some of the unexplored destinations of the island. Even though the entire archipelago comprises of 572 islands only 35 islands are inhabited. Among these 35 islands, there are many more to be discovered and some of them does not encourage the visitors. Onboarding the flight to Veer Savarkar International Airport you can traverse the neighbouring islands but if you want to witness the best of nature just visit the distant islands like Cinque Island, Ross and Smith Island and so on. To learn the fascinating features of these islands, narrow down the following paragraphs.

Ross and Smith Island

Anadaman tour packages from Kolkata

Ross and Smith Islands of Andaman and Nicobar are popularly known as ‘Twin Islands’. The audacious beauty of the island marvels each and every visitor. The lovely archipelago inspires many nature lovers. It is the thick white sand bar that differentiates these two islands. Does anybody know the peculiarities of the island? During the strong tides, the sandbar disappears while the low tides it reappears leaving behind an audacious trace. The twin-island is popular not only for its scenic beauty but also for its striking collection of coral reefs and other marine creatures. The island shelters a stupendous Marine Sanctuary that protects many rare and endangered species of coral reefs and aquatic organisms. Before entering the sapphire coloured island you are supposed to get the permission from the authorities of the Diglipur forest lying next to the island. Hundreds of travel enthusiasts gush to the island to participate not only in sunbathing, scuba diving and sunbathing but also to trek the breathtaking hills. Do not return back from the island without capturing the glimpses of the Oliver Ridley Turtles.

Cinque Island

Andaman tour packages from Chennai

Cinque Island, famously known as ‘mini Mauritius of India’ is known to be one of the captivating islands in the entire world. The ambiguity of the island could not be described in mere words. The alluring island is separated into two sections namely North Cinque Island and South Cinque Island. Just like the Ross and Smith Island even the two sections of the Cinque Island is separated using the sandbar, unfortunately, the Tsunami that hit the island in the year 2004 destroyed the sandbar. Later it was reconstructed by the islanders. Both the islanders carry many awe-inspiring resources of the island. On reaching the island you can indulge in mind-blowing water sports such as scuba diving, snorkelling, and sea walking and so on. Close to Cinque Island, one could enjoy the gorgeous beauty of the birds belonging to various species and families. The island is also home to different marine creatures such as sea anemones, turtles and other amphibians and so on.

Neil Island

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Neil Island is also popularly called as ‘Shaheed Island’ produces different kinds of vegetables and fruits. In fact, it is known as the island grows crops and cereals to the entire Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is a gorgeous island situated at a distance of 37 km from the capital city called Port Blair. If you want to enchant the emerald beauty of the captivating surroundings just avail of a boat jetty to the neighbouring island of Port Blair called Neil Island. While strolling through the awesome archipelago for a moment you will feel like you are wandering through a highly developed town. It is the perfect place for you to do the shopping for your dear ones and friends. It is an exquisite destination to learn the serenity and calm ambience. As the island lacks good internet connectivity, you can spend the quality time with family and acquaintances.

These three are the eye-soothing destinations for visitors who love to explore the magnificent places. There are many ways to commute top the stupendous island. One is by boarding the flight to Port Blair or by sailing in the cruise run by the government. It is always recommended that if you are visiting the island for the first time and that too through the ship. Avail it on your return journey as there are chances for the travellers to feel a slight discomfort. There are only three places from where you can commute to the Andaman and Nicobar Island there are namely Chennai, Kolkata and Vishakhapatnam. To avoid the difficulties of last moment grab the tour packages as soon as possible. You can clarify all your concerns by communicating with their customer support team.

You can Cover the Major Tourist Destinations in Thrissur in 48 hours

The present-day youngsters are so busy with their daily schedules that they hardly get time to spend for their family and dear ones. This indirectly ruptures family relationships. To avoid such worst situations people always try their best to explore the visited or unvisited tourist destinations with their friends and dear ones. India is such a vast country that it comprises many mind-blowing scenic places to revitalize and rejuvenate. Hundreds of tourists from various parts of the world flock to the democratic country to witness the alluring beauty and discover the magical gem hidden in it. The tourists who visited our nation have always commented on the ambiguity of the beautiful nature could not be described in mere words. There are many stupendous places situated in various parts of the nation. But if someone wants to enjoy the resplendent beauty of scenic nature, he or she should avail of group tour packages to Kerala, the southernmost state of India. Kerala is the only state where one could witness the unseen beauty of the lush green nature and its incredible resources. As Kerala is situated in the southern parts of the nation travellers from various corners of the nation such as Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai take lots of time to travel to the state and hence most of them drop the plan to tour the mind-blowing state. There are many places in Kerala that can be traversed within a couple of days. To know more about such places or itineraries ring on Dream Holidays. They are the ones who curate the packages that inculcate a major tourist destination that can be visited in 2 days. By purchasing the tour packages at cheap prices you accompany your best friends. The best district that can be explored in a short span of time is none other than Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala

The astounding Thrissur

The nearest airport located close to Thrissur, famously known as the cultural capital of Kerala is Cochin International Airport. Travellers who board to the airport, hardly within an hour could enter Thrissur district. By witnessing the beguiling charm of the district you would definitely remain speechless. Thrissur is famous for colour festivals and marvellous art forms. It is always recommended to visit the district during the month of May, as it is the perfect time to participate in the most popular temple festival called Thrissur Pooram. Mainly three prominent temples called Vadakumnathan, Paramekkavu and Thiruvambady participate in the festival and bring glory. If you are visiting Thrissur during the offseason, you can directly move to Athirappilly waterfalls and Vazhachal.

Kerala tour packages

There would be no one who hasn’t seen the famous movie called Baahuali and Guru (Hindi). The two movies were cast at Athirappilly waterfalls and Vazhachal. The scintillating beauty of the waterfalls could not be expressed in mere word. The captivating beauty of the waterfall attracts not only nature lovers but also many ad makers and filmmakers. These two waterfalls are known to be a haven for newly married couples and also for families. Most of the travellers gush to the scenic places by purchasing the group tour packages to Kerala at cheap prices. Followed to it you can proceed to the famous Chimmony wildlife sanctuary situated near to Peechi dam. The sanctuary is known to be home to many endangered and rare species of fauna and flora. More than the travel lovers it is the nature enthusiasts and also scientist and bird lovers gush to the region. After exploring the magnificent beauty of the sanctuary you can move to the Archaeological Museum situated in the hearts of Thrissur. The museum holds much ancient equipment, weapons and utensils used by our ancestors. Traversing through the museum one could flip back the pages of the history books. It is said that the museum was actually the royal palace of the great king called Shakthan Thampuram aka Raja Rama Varma who gave birth to the famous temple festival called Thrissur Pooram. Thrissur also shelters tranquil backwaters called Chettuva.

Kerala holiday packages

People who love to sail in the backwater and love to enjoy the beauty of the surreal nature can avail of the houseboat from the authorised operators. By travelling in the luxury houseboat one could enchant the glorious charm of nature by savouring the mouth-watering cuisines prepared in traditional style. If you feel tired of visiting the emerald places and want to rest and entertain for a while, you can move to the amusement parks called Dream World or Silver Strom. Indulging in the fun-filled rides and games you will definitely forget all your worries and sorrows. Along with it can also traverse in the sun-kissed beaches such as Natika beach, Snehatheeram beach and so on and build a sandcastle with your loved ones. Or can witness the marvellous beauty of the beach by sipping juices and spicy snacks. Before concluding your exploration you can move to the famous Shobha Mall and purchase some valuable gifts for your dear ones.

There are many well-reputed resorts present in the district that provides excellent accommodation and hospitality at budget rates. If you are purchasing the tour packages from Dream Holidays, they will do all the necessary arrangements for you and your family. If you have any concerns regarding their services and packages, you can communicate with them at any time during their office hours. To avoid the last moment rush grab the packages as soon as possible before it expires.

Exploring the beauty of St. Angelo fort and Bay beach at Kannur

Almost all the people in the world love to explore either popular or least popular tourist destinations with their family and friends. Visiting the new places or interacting with different people will help you to improve your verbal communication as well as enhance your self-confidence. It is not necessary that all the places should look stunning and marvel your hearts there are also some destinations in the world that haunts us. When you are with your family and kids, it is quite sure that you will prefer scenic places than threatening ones. When speaking about the fabulous tourist destinations Kerala would be the only place that gushes into your mind. The irreplaceable scenic beauty and marvellous collection of fauna and flora will definitely propel you to purchase the cheapest tour packages to Kerala. Spending a few days in the arms of Mother Nature in Kerala will surely gift you amusing moments to be cherished in your lifetime. Every year the state experiences hundreds of travel enthusiast from various corners of the world. I am really lucky to be part of such a beautiful state’s beauty. Not only me but my entire family is fond of exploring the marvellous places. It has now become custom of my family to visit the mind-blowing tourist destinations at least once in life. To not to break the custom we decided to discover the magnificent beauty of the southernmost state. To make my journey more safe and reliable I decided to purchase the tour packages from Dream Holidays. They introduced many packages curated exclusively for family and kids. As we had visited the popular tourist destinations say, Munnar and Thekkady. Therefore I choose to visit the northernmost district called Kannur.

The resplendent beauty of Kannur International Airport

I was unaware that an airport has been constructed in Kannur district; therefore I asked them to book the flight to Calicut International Airport. Dream Holidays are the only travel operators in Kerala that curate the packages with airfares. As they informed me about the Kannur International Airport I thought of boarding there so that I could enjoy its beauty. The wall paintings and several factors indicated that it is being inaugurated a few months ago. The staffs were eagerly waiting to receive us.

The audacious beauty of Kannur district

Kerala tour package

Like everybody what I knew about Kannur was it is a land of 3C’s. But it was through our tour guide we came to know of another attribution. It is that Kannur is known to be ‘land of Lord Krishna’ when the word Kannur is split into two ‘Kannan’ means little Krishna and ‘Uru’ means ‘land’. The district is highly popular for mouth-watering dishes as well as well-renowned for ancient cultural art forms. The entire district is surrounded by palm-fringed coconut trees. Kannur is not only famous for its unique culture and traditions but also for its surreal beauty. The enchanting charm of the district could not be explained in singular words. Some of the fascinating tourist destinations of Kannur that we visited are as follows.

A few alluring tourist destinations of Kannur

The sun-kissed Baby beach

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I think Kannur is the only district is imbibed with numerous scenic places. After keeping our bags in the pre-booked resort we gushed to Baby beach a small extension of Payyambalam beach. Before proceeding to Baby beach our tour guide had told us that like any other beach, the Baby beach lacks many aqua venture activities. It is said that Baby beach is one of the smallest beaches in the district. Never be upset knowing that it does not provide immense chances to drench in water. You can traverse on the soft sand bed and enjoying the strength or power of tidal waves wiping the shores by sipping ripe mango with lemon chutney or mango dipped spicy saline water. I preferred to savour the relishing taste of gooseberries by dipping in saltwater. As Kerala is on advancing path we could find many tiny street stalls selling chat masala, Pani puri, Dahi vada, bhel puri and so on. Even though the beach is devoid of games we were lucky enough to catch scintillating views of small children (locals) flying kites high in the sky. With their permission, I joined them. Like any other beach, the Baby beach did not fail to provide the awe-inspiring views of the setting of the sun. To enjoy the panoramic view of the lush green surroundings we moved to the nearby lighthouse and captured the virgin beauty of nature into our camera.

St. Angelo fort- rewind the ancient days of history

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After enjoying the scenic beauty we moved to St. Angelo’s fort. It still serves as an exquisite instance for colonial days. The mind-blowing fort was constructed by the first Portuguese Viceroy of India called Dom Francisco De Almeida in 1500. The unique architecture and interior design of the captivating fort will make you speechless. The fort is built in a triangular shape with laterite stones. The fort is not only famous for its beauty but also for sheltering the tombstones of the soldiers and freedom fighters that lost their lives during the battle. When climbing the spiral staircase one could enjoy the bird’s eye view of the nearby eye-soothing places say Dharmadam Island, Mopilla Bay and Lighthouse. Following to exploration of St.Angelo fort, we proceeded to other alluring destinations such as Ezhimala, and Paithalmala. These two breathtaking hill stations revitalized our soul and body. When trekking to the mountains we met many adventure enthusiasts hailing firm various corners of the world. Most of them reached Kerala by purchasing the cheap and best tour packages from Dream Holidays. With lots of memories, we returned back to our hometown.

Some Fascinating Festival Cultural Events of Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Most of us would have heard about the most beautiful archipelago of India called the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Situated on the shores of Bay of Bengal the island always captivates the tourists with its astounding beauty and marvelous landscape imbibed with numerous natural resources. From the above lines do not think that I have visited the island several times. For the first time when I came to know about Andaman and Nicobar Islands is from my history books. Even though the island is famous all over the world for its beauty and climate, I came to know about it when I studied about the infamous cellular jail situated on the island. It was the place where many innocent and brave freedom fighters were imprisoned during the colonial days. Over there they were brutally tortured physically and mentally. From then onwards I had a concept that the entire Andaman and Nicobar Island comprises of many infamous places. Such misunderstandings were wiped off my mind when my best friend shared the pictures of the island, where they celebrated their exotic holidays. From here, I came to know many astounding features of the mind-blowing island. Even though both Andaman and Nicobar comprise of 572 islands out of them only 37 islands seem to be inhabited by humans. Due to geographical constraints, the islands seem to be unapproachable by humans. Only it is the only place where you could find aboriginal tribes namely Jarwa and Sentinel. They are the ones who love to follow the ancient lifestyle and hesitate to interact with modern people and bring changes in their lifestyle. Considering their privacy the governments have strictly prohibited to visit those areas. Apart from these two islands Andaman and Nicobar provide a plethora of opportunities to participate in various kinds of aqua venture activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, underwater sea walking, jet skiing, and so on. She told me that most of the travelers avail of tour packages to marvel their hearts with the surreal beauty of the island and also to be part of the enthralling games.

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On returning from Andaman and Nicobar Island she shared the sweet memories she experienced over there. For her it was really difficult to describe the beguiling charm of the island in mere words. Yet she said no other place in the world could be compared with that of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. As she visited the island at the end of December, she was able to participate in different festivals celebrated by the islanders. I exactly do not remember all the festivals of the island. Only a few I remember and that I would like to share with you. Island Tourism Festival is one of the prominent tourism festivals celebrated every year on 5th January in major parts of the island. Even though the festival is celebrated mainly in Port Blair, other islands such as Kamorta, Havelock Island, Neil Island, Diglipur, Hut Bay, Wimberlygunj, Campbell, Rangat, Mayabunder and so on also contribute to the festival and increase its beauty and grace. The inaugural function of the festival would be hosted by the honourable Lt. Governor. Followed to the inaugural function there would be an array of cultural programmes performed by the versatile and eminent actors of Bollywood. Along with it, one can witness the live music concerts of both classical and semi-classical. The islanders would not allow you to be as a spectator throughout the event. They will ask you to participate in various enthralling games such as scuba diving, parasailing and so on and win attractive prizes from the Island authorities.

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Monsoon music festival conducted annually during the monsoon season grabs hundreds of travel enthusiast and art lovers from various corners of the world. To make the event well-renowned across the globe many eminent singers from different nations perform and increase its elegance. The festival is usually conducted during the monsoon season and mainly in Port Blair. Along with the cultural event to attract the tourist, they also conduct a free show of Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air force. Beach festival is another fascinating festival celebrated during the scorching summer days i.e. in the month of April. The festival not only attracts international travellers but also a domestic travel enthusiast. The main events practised over there are Volleyball, Kabadi, tug of war and also musical chair. Females irrespective of age could participate in musical chair competitions and win attractive prizes.

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 Whatever be the festival one could find unity and brotherhood among the islanders. Along with various competitions, the locals of Andaman and visitors could also get a chance to relish many traditional and local dishes of the island prepared by experienced chefs. As the island is surrounded by waters on the four sides one will get immense opportunities to savour the plates of seafood prepared in different styles. Hearing this much I was not able to control my emotions and I expressed my wish to visit the island. I inquired how to visit the island without spending huge bucks. She said that it was Andaman Tour Travel she purchased the tour packages. They are the one who curates the packages at cheap prices. As we were hailing from Chennai they gave the provision to book the packages via online. What makes the travel agency is they provide excellent hospitality services. Also, they curate excellent itineraries by inculcating best sightseeing destinations. The customer support team of the agency are so helpful that they provide full support and also clarify our doubts each and every moment.

Some Sweet Memories Related to Sulthan Bathery

There are many places in the world blessed with astounding and incredible beauty. Some of the scenic places play a vital role in weaving sweet memories for the whole life. The ambiguity and resplendent charm of the region could not be explained in mere words. But if someone asks which is my favourite place without any doubt I would say it is none other than Kerala, the southernmost state in India. Annually nearly hundreds of travel enthusiasts flock to beguiling Kerala to enjoy its mind-blowing beauty. It is not easy for any Malayalee to name any of the fascinating places in Kerala. Because each place is designed in such a beautiful manner that pointing out the best one is a cumbersome task. But still, for me, Sulthan Bathery of Wayanad is known to one of the best tourist destinations.

Let us sneak-peek into unknown facts of Wayanad

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It is not for the first time I and my family visiting the gorgeous tourist place in northern parts of Kerala. Each time I visit the place I feel something. The cool breeze of Kerala carries some medicinal properties that help the tired soul to rejuvenate and revitalize. Even though the state is not our home town or native place but still we have always tried our best to maintain a good relationship with the state. When speaking about Wayanad, there is only one sentence to describe its audacious beauty it is none other than the ‘a region drenched in green colour’. The region is once known to the densely populated district with many tall trees. People used to fear to visit the region. The district was initially governed by the tribal communities commonly called ‘Adivasis’. During the colonial days, a British officer wanted to know the shortest path leading the beautiful location in Wayanad. He seeks the help of a young Adivasi boy. After standing the route he killed him so that he could take the credit. It is said that his spirit still haunts travellers when passing through the route. But some says it is a myth. The major portion of Wayanad is occupied with breathtaking hill stations such as cascading waterfalls and lush green plantations of tea, coffee, cardamom and other varieties of spices. People avail of tour packages for family to Kerala especially Wayanad with an aim to purchase some rare spices and tea and coffee of various flavours. Gogeo holidays are the ones who curate special packages to Kerala. They cover many unexplored tourist destinations.

Here are some salient features of Sulthan Bathery

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Let us traverse through the unknown features of Sulthan Bathery. Suthan Bathery was once known as ‘Ganapativattom’. The region gained much prominence through the legendary hero called Tipu Sulthan. During Tipu Sulthan’s reign, he invaded a Jain temple and used as a battery. Along with it provides multiple opportunities for the travellers to do shopping in large scale as well as delights our eyes with fabulous tourist destinations. Situated at an elevation of 1000 m from the mean sea level, the region is turned to one of the fanatic places for photography enthusiast. As mentioned earlier the place has witnessed many historical events mainly during the colonial days. Do you know how the region got the name Ganapativattom? In olden days the region was sheltered nearly 12 Jain temples later all these were conquered by the Tipu Sulthan. Hence then onwards the name of the village was renamed to Sulthan Bathery.

Noteworthy attractions of Sulthan Bathery

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Sulthan Bathery is actually erected on a mountain called Ambukuthi hills. Standing on top of it one could catch the panoramic views of the scenic place. Words are insufficient to express the alluring beauty of the surreal nature. Situated at a short distance of 16 km one could enchant the beauty of the mind-blowing Edakkal caves. Edakkal caves seem to carry many rare and ancient writings say, Mesolithic on its walls. Hundreds of travel enthusiasts avail of group tour packages to Kerala to witness the splendid beauty of the region. Followed to it we proceeded to view the astounding beauty of the Wayanad wildlife sanctuary. It is the only place where one could view wide varieties of animals and birds in large numbers. In fact, in entire south India, it is the only place where nature lovers could click the amusing images of rare and endangered species of fauna and flora. If you think you have enjoyed the mesmerising beauty of the incredible nature, you can move to one of the fascinating museum called Amabalavayal heritage museum. The museum is known to shelter many rare and unseen equipment and weapons and also clay products, hunting equipment, sculptures and many more. The museum always opens its doors for art lovers and nature enthusiasts. There would be no one who fails to make a visit to the museum when they visit Wayanad to explore the charming beauty of Sulthan Bathery.

As I am an adventure lover I like to explore the outstanding beauty of the breathtaking mountains. I was really happy to know that the scintillating and breathtaking Chembra peak is located at a short distance from the Sulthan Bathery. Without wasting time I gush to the region. Even though trekking carried many complicated segments I really enjoyed the adventurous trail. It really inspired my hearts. From the top of the Chembra peak, I enchanted the bird’s eye view of the lush green surroundings. When looking down I could click the picture of the heart-shaped lake called cupid lake. Overall my Wayanad trip offered me many sweet moments that to cherish in the rest of my life.

Enjoying the beauty of Veetikunnu Island with my dear friends

Who does not like to enjoy the charming beauty of nature by indulging in the breathtaking activities? Participating in enthralling games will help you to pump your courage and enhance your mental strength. According to experts, the audacious beauty of nature should be explored by involving in daring games. But it does not mean that I like to play threatening adventurous games. Let me clarify that I am not that brave enough to do paragliding or to do hot air balloon rides in the crystal clear sky. But still, when I am with my friends I love to do some extraordinary things. From school days onwards I love to explore the gorgeous beauty of the unvisited or unexplored places. My parents are least interested in sending me to such places because of having a clear idea about the consequences. When I grew up I love to dig out the beauty of the least popular tourist places in various parts of the nation with my best friends from college and office. Usually, I used to visit the places near to my hometown or within my state. But after learning the boundless possibilities of exploration I understood that with the help of tour agencies one could enjoy the unseen or virgin beauty of the emerald environment. I think almost all the stupendous places situated in the various parts of south India, I and my friends explored. It was Kerala that failed to enter into our list. Therefore we had already planned to discover the beauty of Kerala during our last exciting trip. When we surfed on the internet about the scintillating tourist destinations in Kerala; the state was actually encompassed with many alluring islands and mind-blowing hill stations. Munnar, Thekkady, and Kumily and so on were the popular tourist destinations of Kerala, we read on the internet. But as we are fond of the least popular places we surfed a lot but failed to get the destination. While surfing on the internet I suddenly came across an advertisement for Gogeo Holidays, a leading private tour company in Kerala. They are the ones who focus on unexplored tourist destinations. Therefore we contacted them and expressed our wish. Understanding our desires they curated an exciting itinerary emphasizing on Veetikunnu Island situated in the granary district of Kerala called Palakkad. When surfed about the island; we understood that it really meets our expectations. Hence we purchased their group tour packages and boarded the flight to Kozhikode International Airport situated in Malappuram district.

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Veetikunnu Island is known to be one of the fascinating and secluded islands in Kerala. Situated in the inner parts of Parambikulam wildlife sanctuary, Veetikunnu archipelago is known to be the twin of Peruvari Island. From the tour guide and also from the name board we came to know that Veetikunnu means ‘rosewood’ in local Malayalam language. Usually, travellers are supposed to seek permission from the forest department before stepping into the island. As we had already purchased the tour packages for our group from Gogeo Holidays we didn’t waste much time at the counter. Our tour guide had already recommended us to carry enough grocery items as the regions first of all uninhabited and lacks good food stalls. The journey from the entry office to the island is really thrilling. We strolled through the bushes. As we were ascending to the island we only saw thick bushes, tall bamboo trees and sandalwoods and felt that we may have to set the tent. But thank god over there we saw a cottage. We unwind ourselves before starting the exploration. We thought of taking a small nap but the herds of elephants and other wild creatures disturbed our sleep by their roars. I took out my binoculars and enjoyed the parade of elephants approaching the water body for quenching their thirst. We followed the path of our tour guide and explored the beauty of the forest. As I was deeply immersed in enchanting the charm of nature suddenly something bites my leg. At first, I thought it might some ants but when I raised my pants I understood that it was the leeches. Even though their intention was to purify my blood but the pain they give in return is really unbearable. As prevention or poison to the leech, I sprayed a little saline water on it. For a few minutes, the pain was not tolerable but gradually I was able to retain my old strength and continued my exploration. Followed to it we saw a watchtower in the midst of the island. The sun had already started to set and it was completely dark and hence we took out our cell phones and used its flashlight to climb the stairs. Even though it was dark we are able to enjoy the astounding beauty of nature in the reddish atmosphere. The cool breeze helped us to revitalize our soul and body. Spending a few minutes over there we descended and started to prepare dinner. We cooked our meals by burning the logs of wood and twigs. Even though the food was not tasty but when we prepared and ate together it induced our taste buds. Thereafter we entered into our cottage and enjoyed the tweets of nocturnal birds the whole night (as they did not allow us to sleep). After witnessing the alluring glow of the rising sun we moved to Peruvari Island. Over there we saw much rare and endangered fauna and flora belonging to different species. The archipelago is well-renowned for angling. By evening we boarded the flight to our hometown. A trip to Veetikunnu Island was one of the most memorable moment for us.