Kannur- One of my Favorite Place in my Life

The scintillating beauty of Cannanore could not be described in mere words. Wait a moment does anybody understood the place Cannanore. If not I will let you know more about it. The resplendent beauty of the mind-blowing Cannanore took me to ancient days of Kerala. Cannanore is another name or old name of Kannur, the northern district of Kerala. Kannur is the only place where one could find the ancient and unfortunately rare art forms. From school days I am fond of art. There was not a single event in the arts festival that I haven’t participated. Twice I have won the over championship trophy. Along with art, I love animals and also love to explore the richly populated forests areas. My craze towards trees and animals is perfectly reflected in my home. Every nook and corner of my residential is occupied with wide varieties of plants and trees. Also, I like to pamper domestic animals mainly dogs and cats. Maybe all these features propelled me to visit the alluring district. I was quite sure that my parents won’t send me alone to Kerala to enjoy the magnificent beauty of the astounding place. Hence I surfed on the internet the different ways to enchant the beguiling charm. Finally, I got the result; the most efficient way to arrive in Kerala is by availing of the tour packages. At first, I thought of purchasing the group packages so that I could accompany my friends. But I changed my decision and selected family packages so that I could make my parents happy and proud of me. It is being only a year I have joined the company, I was not that financially stable. Hence I surfed for the cheapest tour packages that inculcate all the mind-blowing destinations of northern Kerala especially Kannur.

Our maiden journey to Kannur or Cannanore

Even though the Malayalam language is familiar to us but Kerala is known to be an unexplored destination for us. From the above sentence don’t think that we are not Malayalee. We are basically Malayalee, due to job opportunities and for a better lifestyle, our ancestors migrated to Madras, now formally known as Chennai. Since then we really became foreigners. Once in 3 or 4 years, we used to visit the ‘god’s own country’. That’s all! Through our neighbors we heard many unknown features of Kannur since then it became my lifetime dream to enchant its splendid beauty. To make our journey more economic we purchased the tour packages at cheap prices from Geogeo Holidays

Traverse to wild home – Aranmual wildlife sanctuary

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As mentioned earlier my affection towards wild animals propelled the tour guide to change the itinerary. The smallest wild home yet encompassed with unseen wonders of nature, Aranmula wildlife sanctuary sprawled in an area of 50 sq.kms will definitely captivate your minds. The moment I grabbed the entry pass I took out my camera as well as binoculars and started to lure the magnificent beauty of each and every fauna and flora. Some the species especially rare ones say barking deer, sloth, sambhar and so on whereas staring at me when I clicked the photos without asking their permission. The wild elephants that were commuting to the Cheenkannipuzha River to quench thirst looked at me with an angry face. The moment the elephants left the place we again continued with our exploration. While enjoying the beauty of the unseen dense forest suddenly we heard some sound. At first, we startled how could sound from loudspeaker could be heard in the forest. Our tour guide then told that it is an awareness programme conducted by the authorities for the natives as well as the visitors to share the importance of conserving nature and its resources. By the time my dad shared my interest in planting to our tour guide. He later discussed with the speaker and provided an opportunity for me to share my experience and hobby with the public.

My first ever trekking that to Katti Betta

Not only the scenic place of Aranmula wildlife sanctuary attracts hundreds of travel enthusiast but also the tallest peak called Katti Betta positioned in the midst of the forest will surely lure your minds. Katti Betta is one of the captivating factors that turn the tourist destination into a fabulous tourist destination. When ascending to the summit we are able to witness the unseen astounding beauty of nature. Over there we captured the amusing images of birds flying high in the sky in a particular fashion. Along with common birds like crows, pigeons and sparrows the region shelters many rare and endangered species of migratory birds. My camera was filled with beautifying images of birds and their various styles.

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Monsoon was the perfect time to visit

The right time to visit the sanctuary is followed to the monsoon season and our tour guide really appreciated our decision. He also told us that if we had visited the wild home during monsoon season, the venomous reptiles would have attacked us. Scorching summer days are another option to explore beauty.

After enchanting the marvellous beauty of the scintillating wild home we moved to one the temple (I exactly do not remember the name) to watch the live performances of the ancient art form called Theyyam, still practised in various parts of Kannur. Theyyam lasted for a few hours. Even though we did not completely understand the song, we really enjoyed each and every segment of it. An epic story from the holy book of Hindu is linked with the art form. According to the locals, the main performers get some messages about the specific people while practising Theyyam. After spending one more day over there we returned back to our hometown.


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