Spellbind the Stunning Charm of Three Mind-Blowing Destinations of Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Travelling, the word is familiar to everyone. There would be no one in the world that wouldn’t have travelled to any of the places far from your hometown. The beguiling charm and classy green nature will truly touch your heart in many ways. No one could exactly say when and from where our ancestors started to explore the new places. They might have learnt about the necessity of visiting the unexplored destinations even before the invention of the word ‘travelling’. Mingling with different communities and discovering the specialities and beauty hidden in each place will help you to upgrade your knowledge and practical sense. If you really want to marvel your hearts with the incredible beauty of nature just avail of the tour packages to the most astounding archipelago of India called Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is quite normal that all of us would be ready to back our bags to explore the scintillating beauty of lush green places but we hesitate to step into the turquoise islands. It is not because we are fear of aqua venture games but of the socio-culture and characteristics of the regions. Now as Andaman Tour Travel has curated exotic travel packages to the most famous island without any concerns and fear, irrespective of age and gender anyone can discover the magnificent beauty of the region.

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Describing each and every peculiarity of the archipelago in a single document is practically impossible hence it would be good to know some of the salient features of the some of the unexplored destinations of the island. Even though the entire archipelago comprises of 572 islands only 35 islands are inhabited. Among these 35 islands, there are many more to be discovered and some of them does not encourage the visitors. Onboarding the flight to Veer Savarkar International Airport you can traverse the neighbouring islands but if you want to witness the best of nature just visit the distant islands like Cinque Island, Ross and Smith Island and so on. To learn the fascinating features of these islands, narrow down the following paragraphs.

Ross and Smith Island

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Ross and Smith Islands of Andaman and Nicobar are popularly known as ‘Twin Islands’. The audacious beauty of the island marvels each and every visitor. The lovely archipelago inspires many nature lovers. It is the thick white sand bar that differentiates these two islands. Does anybody know the peculiarities of the island? During the strong tides, the sandbar disappears while the low tides it reappears leaving behind an audacious trace. The twin-island is popular not only for its scenic beauty but also for its striking collection of coral reefs and other marine creatures. The island shelters a stupendous Marine Sanctuary that protects many rare and endangered species of coral reefs and aquatic organisms. Before entering the sapphire coloured island you are supposed to get the permission from the authorities of the Diglipur forest lying next to the island. Hundreds of travel enthusiasts gush to the island to participate not only in sunbathing, scuba diving and sunbathing but also to trek the breathtaking hills. Do not return back from the island without capturing the glimpses of the Oliver Ridley Turtles.

Cinque Island

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Cinque Island, famously known as ‘mini Mauritius of India’ is known to be one of the captivating islands in the entire world. The ambiguity of the island could not be described in mere words. The alluring island is separated into two sections namely North Cinque Island and South Cinque Island. Just like the Ross and Smith Island even the two sections of the Cinque Island is separated using the sandbar, unfortunately, the Tsunami that hit the island in the year 2004 destroyed the sandbar. Later it was reconstructed by the islanders. Both the islanders carry many awe-inspiring resources of the island. On reaching the island you can indulge in mind-blowing water sports such as scuba diving, snorkelling, and sea walking and so on. Close to Cinque Island, one could enjoy the gorgeous beauty of the birds belonging to various species and families. The island is also home to different marine creatures such as sea anemones, turtles and other amphibians and so on.

Neil Island

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Neil Island is also popularly called as ‘Shaheed Island’ produces different kinds of vegetables and fruits. In fact, it is known as the island grows crops and cereals to the entire Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is a gorgeous island situated at a distance of 37 km from the capital city called Port Blair. If you want to enchant the emerald beauty of the captivating surroundings just avail of a boat jetty to the neighbouring island of Port Blair called Neil Island. While strolling through the awesome archipelago for a moment you will feel like you are wandering through a highly developed town. It is the perfect place for you to do the shopping for your dear ones and friends. It is an exquisite destination to learn the serenity and calm ambience. As the island lacks good internet connectivity, you can spend the quality time with family and acquaintances.

These three are the eye-soothing destinations for visitors who love to explore the magnificent places. There are many ways to commute top the stupendous island. One is by boarding the flight to Port Blair or by sailing in the cruise run by the government. It is always recommended that if you are visiting the island for the first time and that too through the ship. Avail it on your return journey as there are chances for the travellers to feel a slight discomfort. There are only three places from where you can commute to the Andaman and Nicobar Island there are namely Chennai, Kolkata and Vishakhapatnam. To avoid the difficulties of last moment grab the tour packages as soon as possible. You can clarify all your concerns by communicating with their customer support team.

Enjoying the beauty of Long Island with my parents in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

There are many places in the world that help us to revitalize and rejuvenate. There was a time when people used to visit scenic places either alone or with their family and friends. It is always said that to make the trip fabulous we should definitely accompany our dear ones. When cleaning my shelf accidentally I came across an old album. The album consists of fabulous pictures that we clicked when we went to explore new places with our family. When turning each leaf of the album I noticed one thing how naughty I was. How I irritated my parents especially my dad. I was very lazy to walk so my dad used to carry me everywhere!!! Time flies so fast, isn’t it? After college, we hardly went on a family trip. It is not because of the financial crisis but due to lack of time. Soon after graduation, I got placed in one of the most reputed multinational companies of India in Chennai. Hence I hardly got time to visit my parents. But after looking at the album I decided to plan an exotic trip to any of the scenic places. When I presented my wish to my parents they agreed. But the only demand they put forward was to visit any new place which they haven’t ever seen or heard. The task was really difficult for me. One whole night I surfed on the internet to find such a unique place unfortunately I failed. Later I shared my dilemma with my close friends. They suggested many places within and outside India. As my parents did not have a passport we dropped the idea of exploring European countries. It was my senior Rakesh who gave an idea of visiting Andaman and Nicobar Islands. As it is an island I thought there would be nothing to discover other than water bodies. But he explained the vast opportunities of learning aqua venture activities such as snorkelling, scuba diving, underwater sea walking and so on. And also the island is of the cleanest tourist places in the entire globe. I was truly inspired by the eccentric features of the island and decided to book the tour packages from Andaman Tour Travel, the only travel agency in south India that curates fabulous packages to the island.

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As Andaman and Nicobar Island is situated on the shores of Bay of Bengal, it shows many similarities with that of our Indian culture. Onboarding to Veer Savarkar International airport, Port Blair, the staff of the travel agency gave us a warm welcome. From the airport, we proceeded to our resort. The roads in Andaman are bordered with tall trees. The avenues somewhat resembled that of a south Indian state say Kerala or TamilNadu. On reaching the resort the authorities gave us the keys of our rooms and also invited us for a special lunch. After getting refreshed we went to mess and savoured mouth-watering delicacies prepared in traditional Andaman style. By evening we began our exploration. First, we went to one of the most popular and also infamous prison, Cellular Jail. The prison serves as an exquisite instance for ancient colonial days. We also attended the light and sound show telecasted by the authorities of the prison. Through the program, we came to know more about the patriotic heroes of India.

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The very next day we went to one of the least explored island called Long Island. With picturesque landscapes and emerald surroundings, Long Island captivates hundreds of travel enthusiast. As it is situated nearly 80 km from the capital city like you I also thought the island might be devoid of all facilities. But to surprise, the island comprises of schools, health centre, shops and so on. It also offered immense opportunities to learn water sports. The moment I reached the island the first thing I did, I collected the passes for practising snorkelling. Under the guidance of a professional guide, I learnt it. At that, my parents like a newly married couple enjoyed the beauty of waves and shores by sipping ice candies and juices under a tall coconut tree. Over there many tourists were busy practising trekking on the bare mountains. The island not only delighted our minds with picture-perfect landscapes but also it showed fun-filled activities of dolphins. It would be really strange to know that some of the tourists avail of tour packages to Andaman only to enjoy the innocent play of beautiful dolphins.

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The island comprises of mainly three villages namely Lalaji bay village, middle village, and long village and all these villages are well-connected with wireless facilities hence I did not find any difficulty in uploading my photographs into social media. The best and effective way to enchant the beauty of the island is to sail in the boat, said by our tour guide. Therefore we availed of boat service and captured the beguiling beauty of the island into our cameras. In the evening all the travellers who purchased the services of Andaman Tour Travel gathered together and practised bonfire and also played antakshiri. I think it was one of the best moments of the entire trip. The very next day we moved to Havelock Island, the neighbouring island of Long Island. Havelock Island is famous for providing the facility to walk under the sea. By wearing helmets, children and adults could walk deep in the sea and enjoy the beauty of coral reefs and other marine creatures. Followed to it we did small shopping. My parents were really happy with the trip and it delighted me. By the evening we departed adieu to Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Thank you Andaman Tour Travel for making our trip into a fabulous one.

9 Interesting Facts on Chidiya Tapu You Need To Look Out For While You Are in Andaman

Dipping into the white sandy beaches that are pampered by pristine clear ocean water would be quite evident while you are vacationing in the scenic islands of Andaman. But the sights and the experience that you are going to acquire from this particular area is indeed tantalizing, which is situated to the southern end of the island that also comprises the capital of Port Blair. We are talking none other than the awe-inspiring coastal stretch of Chidiya Tapu. Given below are the interesting facts on Chidiya Tapu you need to look out for while you are holidaying in the exotic island of Andaman.

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Sunsets that you get to witness here are of varied hues

Chidiya Tapu is one of the most popular beaches for watching those mesmerizing sunsets that these exotic islands do offer you. People visiting the calm beach had claimed that they had seen the bright large sun in the shades of golden yellow, bright orange and deep crimson. They would provide a different splendid view when they hid behind the dark clouds.

The nomenclature of the place was done citing the birds visiting here

The very naming of the beach and its areas goes behind the Hindi word for ‘bird’s paradise.’  It might have been done by the early settlers of the islands who had also migrated from the north of India. They are very deservingly called so, as you could see a large population of flying friends indulged in their own business and sometimes soaring out of nowhere.

Location at the tip of a large group of Andaman Islands

 As cited earlier, the charming coastal of Chidiya Tapu is located in the southernmost tip of the Emerald Island, which is in the South Andaman.  Astonishingly, moving a few distances off the shore, you could enter into a thick green mangrove forest, which is composed of entirely different ecology. One may lend their ears to the chirping birds and squirrels in the background.


Biological Park can be sighted near the beach

Due to the diversity of the flora and fauna existing in the region, they had been conserved as a Biological Park. So when you are visiting Chidiya Tapu, you could get to see the wild animals such as white-spotted deers and birds that are endemic to these parts of the island. Apart from that, you may collect seashells from the park. You may also note the remarkable orchids only at these parts of the island. The areas around this beach, Munda Pahar and Sylvan Sands together constitute the biological park.

The natural disaster made the shore more beautiful

The drastic Tsunami of 2004 had devastated various parts of the Archipelago. However, to the huge trees of the beach, these huge waves created yet another enchanting look. The massive trees at the shores were uprooted by them and now just lay lifeless and horizontally on the white sandy beaches of Chidiya Tapu. All of these are the coming photographers’ favourite points. Also, the visitors to Chidiya Tapu rest on these heavy trunks and admire at the vast expanse of the Andaman Sea.

Diverse birds do visit the beach frequently

As the very of the place indicates, the type of bird those appear on the shores and at the end of the dense mangrove forest are truly diverse. It is said that some of them were migrated from distant places, whereas the others are the endemic species of the islands, numbering around 46 types of them.

There is a trekking zone nearby the beach

No one would ever imagine a trekking zone like this at this part of the island destination, but they do exist. They are better known as Munda Pahar and is located quite adjacent to the beach itself. There is even a guest house near the beach that is at the top of a peak. From that very point, you could view at a panoramic and mesmerizing view of a large expanse of this Emerald Island. Even some urban spaces of Port Blair can be spotted.

Beach can be reached from the capital very quickly

Barely 45 minutes of drive from Port Blair covering 25 km of distance could take you to the beachside of Chidiya Tapu. So the travellers coming to the archipelago on tour could easily access the captivating beach. So they do not always have to rely on any random tour packages that are going to spare you more cash. Moreover, they are situated on the same island as the capital of Andaman is located.

Various diving sites are located at the seashores

Scuba diving could one of the most adventurous water sports activities to the traveller coming to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands on tour. Some of them visit the alluring archipelago solely for this purpose, even from the major cities of the mainland such as Mumbai and Delhi. Therefore, by planning a weekend at the beachside of Chidiya Tapu, you too could indulge in the daring underwater activity. Inevitably, you will not get mesmerized by the appealing beauty of dead coral reefs and colourful fishes.

These facts would truly beckon any wanderlust to visit them in real. For the same purpose, you may contact Andaman Tour Travel, who could provide you with exciting tour packages that nobody else could, especially at such a lower price. Most excitingly, you may try your hand in the thrilling water sport activities such as snorkelling, scuba diving, banana boat riding, sea-walking and so on in these beaches. You may have to get in touch with their tour consultants who will inform you about the latest travel deals they provide. Pick up the most convenient one among the given packages that would be most appropriate to your travel preferences.  Moreover, their tour packages would cover all the major tourist locations of the archipelago such as the Cellular Jail Museum, Neil Island, Chidiya Tapu, Ross Island, Chatham Saw Mill, Baratang Island, Havelock Island and many others. You could make the best use of their travel deals and explore the picturesque island destination to its fullest.

7 Best Things to Do for Honeymooners for a Romantic Getaway in Andaman

Honeymoons are to be spent in any exotic locations. So is the beautiful place called Andaman in the South-eastern islets of Bay of Bengal. So once after deciding the location for your very first trip together, you might be pondering over the romantic things that you both can execute. While indulging on it, you will be getting to know the interests and disinterests of the other person very amusingly. After all, it’s your good time together from now on. Listed below are the best things to be done for honeymooners who are wishing for a romantic getaway in the exotic isles of Andaman.

Watch Sunset together at Chidiya Tapu Beach

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Almost all the beaches of Andaman islets are serene and beautiful. However, that particular beach that could be preferred by honeymooners for watching sunset would be the Chidiya Tapu beach near to Port Blair. The black mountains in this particular beach could make a perfect place for watching the honeymoon by holding their hands together. Here you could witness the sun hiding behinds the distant mountains. Apart from that, you could click pictures from in between their old tree branches and large boulders that are spread all across the tranquil beach. Quite contrastingly from the Indian mainland, in Andaman, these mesmerizing visuals do happen quite early. So you will have to reach at these locations than the stipulated time.

Go for a romantic cruise

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Once the sun sets on the island of Andaman, the whole atmosphere alters. It turns more calm and composed that are just perfect your peaceful time together in your honeymoon. Board a luxury cruise when the time is about to shift towards the evening. Then you could witness the varied hues of sun and then utter silence everywhere around you. Apart from that, almost all the reputed tour companies will be hiring private ferries for honeymoon trips. Even otherwise, you may demand such as a memorable activity of sailing along with your partner by including them in the packages.

Witness bioluminescence while kayaking

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Starry nights in the seawater! Sounds romantic, huh? This could be that ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experience which should never be missed if you are honeymooning in an alluring travel location like that of Andaman. Right in the beaches of popular Havelock Island, you could astonishingly behold at the brightly lit water at night and even play in them with your partner. Or even otherwise, kayaking across the mangrove creeks in Havelock would instantly make you feel ethereal. However, these incredulous phytoplanktons do only glow in the silent nights from November to February. So if you are planning your honeymoon in Andaman, you may schedule them during these months.

Never skip a candlelight dinner at the beachside

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Dining with your life partner underneath the glow of a sheer candle can be really special. So is the dinner at the beachside your beloved new spouse. You may choose any of your desired beaches for this relaxing experience, as you will be simultaneously relishing your favourite cuisine. Also, a romantic mood will be created in both of us instantly in such a romantic ambience, when no one around is there to disturb you.  Moreover, many of the prominent resorts of Andaman are indeed located in the white sandy seashore. Henceforth, you will not be requiring much external stuff in such arrangement.

Adore the beauty of White Surf Waterfalls

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Not many people would know that waterfalls do exist here, but there are a couple of enchanting cascading falls in these island groups. Nevertheless, the most pretty and largest among them is the White Surf Waterfall situated in Little Andaman. Although it may take a whole day for reaching up to nature’s wonder, the travel will be worth it. Such is the bewitching beauty of these cascading waters alongside the beautiful rocky terrains that are covered in light green moss. At times, they even resemble the Bigar Waterfalls of Romania. Furthermore, the travel to such distant locations in the trip will allow you both to know about each other.

Click you best picture with the backdrop of natural Howrah Bridge

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Well, here we are not about the Howrah bridge of Kolkata, but about the natural bridge located in the Neil Island of Andaman. You may click your epic pictures of your tour, where you had the best honeymoon memories. If you are still not satisfied with the results, you may get the services of a professional photographer that can be made available in your honeymoon packages. Furthermore, if you are willing to stay over nearby, you click the best right from the first rays of the morning. Camping in such a secluded space can be yet another ravishing experience of your honeymoon.

Go trekking in Mount Harriet

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Such activity will not only bring adrenaline rush to the challenging lots, but also for any couples who are honeymooning in Andaman. As the green covers of Mount Harriet are at most proximity to Port Blair in Madhuban, you both could easily reach and climb up to them for a perfect getaway. The duration for that venture can be balanced with a shorter span of time taken for reaching up to the summit. On the up the trek, you may catch a glimpse of the diverse flora and fauna that are even endemic to Andaman. It is advised to accompany a local could guide you in the path, as it was can be treacherous.

So now the newlyweds have got enough romantic things to be indulged if they had planned to spend their honeymoon in the beautiful islands of Andaman. For the very same purpose, you contact Andaman Tour Travel. The popular tour company based in Port Blair had curated varied interesting honeymoon packages that could satisfy the travel needs of each of the couples. Here, you will not only be offered with clichéd romantic activities, but also diverse nerve-wracking adventure activities for the challenging couples. These honeymooning travel deals can be availed by any couples via both online and otherwise at affordable rates.

Some Indigenous Dishes and Festivals of Andaman and Nicobar Islands that Point Fingers to the Origin of its Inhabitants

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a group of white-sanded Islands which often seems like a string of pearls. The beaches in Andamans are world famous with turquoise blue waters and beautiful coral formations in different shapes and sizes. Lovely beaches of Havelock Island, Chidya tapu, and limestone caves in Baratang are some of the must-go places in Andaman and are all well connected by ferry services. No wonder, Andaman tour packages sell like hot cakes in the tourism market. People from all over the world come to visit Andaman every year. However, only little do they know about the inhabitants of Andamans. People come to Andamans, get awestruck by its beauty and go back but it’s got a story. Apart from the tribes, the Andaman’s population comprises majorly of Bengalis. This is a story dating back to the pre-independence era. When the Bengal was being divided into eastern and western Bengal, a lot of lower caste Hindus from the eastern part of Bengal was sent to Andaman and Nicobar Islands as refugees. These people converted the uninhabited Islands of Andamans into livable places by cultivating architecture and constructing houses. However, the government also helped them with different policies. Gradually, they emerged as a distinctive group of people culturally but with traits of their Bengali origins. Even today, they talk with a Bengali dialect. Their cuisine is also influenced by Bengali culture to a large extent. Just like Bengalis, Andaman people also have a thing for fishes and are also often prepared in Bengali styles. Some of them are as follows:

1. Chilly Curry

Just like the name suggests it is a hot and penchant curry usually seen in the Andaman Islands. It consists of a lot of onions and tomatoes and has a mouth-watering flavour. However, if you are not so used to having spicy food, you better avoid it.
2. Macher Jhol

The curry is basically yellow coloured due to its high turmeric content. It comprises of fish, coriander seeds, chillies and some other ingredients too.
3. Coconut Prawn Curry


The local spices of the Andamans are blended with prawns and thick coconut milk to make this yummy curry. In Andaman, people usually have this curry along with white rice. The travellers also seem to have a very good opinion about this curry.

However, it’s not just food, even in Andaman’s culture and religion; you can notice that Bengali resemblance. The 4000 families of low caste refuges from the eastern Bengal has not abandoned their traditions. They still hold on to many of the festivals from their native culture and celebrates them with great gusto just as in Kolkata and this can be witnessed if your tour package to Andaman and Nicobar Islands is during the time of these festivals. Some of them are as follows:
1. Kali Pooja

Maa kali is considered in Indian mythology as the goddess who destroys evil. During the month of Ashwin in the Hindu calendar arrives this festival which is generally between the months of October to November in the English calendar. Kali Puja is celebrated by keen interest and enthusiasm by the Bengalese and they pray against death, diseases and other difficulties in life and so do the early settlers of Andaman. Premnagar houses a huge kali temple and it is decorated completely with lighted lamps for these festivals. Certain kinds of pujas and arthis are offered during this time. A lot of devotees’ especially Bengalese look forward to visiting this temple. However, there are also other places in Andaman where the idols of Maa kali are installed. The day after, the image of kali is taken as a procession as people sing and dance to music while carrying it to Haddoo jetty, Aberdeen jetty and Junglighat jetty for immersing it. The procession is usually a very curious thing for tourists and you can see large crowds of tourists assembled at Goal Ghar, Junglighat junction, Dairy farm junction, Aberdeen bazar etc. to witness the procession. In Bengal, it is the largest festival in the state and comes on the day after Durga puja. In fact, the origin of this festival is as such Raja Krishnachandra instigated the festival around the 18th century in Bengal and from then on it attained greater importance throughout the years. Apart from the celebrations, throughout the night they worship the goddess with mantras and rites. Flowers, sweets, fish, meat and lentils are offered.
2. Durga Pooja

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This pooja is celebrated by all Hindus especially people of West Bengal. This is done as Nava Durga puja as the festival is celebrated for 9 continuous days and it happens during the month of September to October. In the Andamans also same is done.  Durga puja is also known as Sharodotsav and reminds the power of female shakti. It is also very usual to hear the sound of Dhak, Dhanuchi nacho, a mild fragrance of Shiuli which are all too close to a Bengali’s heart.
3.  Ganesh Pooja

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The month of Bhadrapad Sudha Chaturthi in the Hindu calendar witnesses Ganesh pooja every year. Ganesh temples of Aberdeen bazaar, Goal Ghar etc are decorated alluringly and the priests or pujaris will perform special poojas or arti for Ganesh. Out of all the Ganesh temples in Andaman, Sri Lakshmi Vinayagar temple at Aberdeen bazaar and Shri karpaga, Vinyagar at Goal Ghar are the main points of fascination during this festival. Another feature of this festival is that a dish prepared with rice flour, jaggery and coconut called ‘kozhukattai’ is offered to Ganesh as an important item of pooja prasad. Sundal is yet another dish used as prasad and is prepared from boiled chana and fried with mustard.
4. Pradhosha Pooja

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This is a festival commonly dedicated to Shiva. This was festival was not given much importance till 1999 but later the Islanders realized its auspiciousness and started to celebrate it in full swing. There is two Paradhosha pooja- one is celebrated when the period of the moon waxing down comes and the other during the period of depreciation when the moon comes up. For this festival, the Islanders will decorate lord shiva along with his wife, Parvati next to him. Nandi dev who is the security position of shiva will also be adorned with jewellery. Devotees usually bring rice to the temple as a present to Nandi dev and the same rice will also be distributed as prasad to all others present in the temple. Generally, devotees mix jaggery and cardamom with rice to offer as sweet. The devotees, on this occasion, whisper their requests in the ears of Nandi dev and it is believed that the Nandi dev will forward the same to shiva. As a result, long queues can be witnessed in the temple during these days.
5. Ram Navami

The month of Chaitra in the Hindu calendar sees Ram Navami and that comes along in the month of March to April. This is a very important festival in West Bengal and people even go on rallies through the city on this day. It is celebrated as the birthday of Ram. In Andamans, there are temples dedicated to Ram in Aberdeen basthi, Kumrakheti, Haddo and Diary farm and special poojas and artis are performed here on Ram Navami. The temples are adorned with colourful lights and to make the night very festive usually musical instruments are played. Songs on lord ram and Sita are also presented.
6. Sankatahara Chaturthi Pooja

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This is yet another festival related to Lord Ganesh. The very name of the festival itself suggests the reason for celebrating the festival. ‘Sankat’ means “difficulties”, problems, sorrows, trails, straits, troubles, sufferings and narrowness” and “hara” means “to remove”. Therefore to remove certain stumbling blocks of life the devotees offer this puja to Ganesh. To celebrate this day, people lookout for a full moon day and after four days they perform the pooja. However, the pooja is performed at the time of sunrise as well. Kozhukottai, Pongal, Sundal, Laddoo are the usual items of prasad which the devotees present in temples. All the Ganesh temples on the Island will see a rush on these days.
7. Saraswati Pooja

saraswathi pooja
Saraswati pooja is celebrated with great enthusiasm in the Islands of Andaman. The puja is done individually as well as part of institutions such as schools, colleges, post offices etc. Sarawati is considered as the goddess of education and vidhdhai in Hindu mythology. Therefore people do continuous pooja and artis to succeed in those matters. There also happens a procession to immerse an idol of Saraswati and large crowds assemble to witness that.
8. Sri Shivaratri

In the Hindu calendar, the moth of Magha which is mainly in the month of February to March sees the festival of Sri Shivratri. The temples in Andaman dedicated to shiva such as Pahar Goan and Garacharma perform special poojas and Aartis with usual decorations. Shivratri nights in Andaman happens to be of a festive mood as bhajans, Kirtana, Devotional songs, speeches, talks, dramas, video films on shiva Parvathi continue throughout the night.

Thus its quite clear that how the people of Andaman are still connected with Bengali culture. I think every Bengali should make to Andamans at least once in their lifetime to see and experience their own culture presented slightly in a different way. There are a lot of tour operators in Andaman but however Andaman Tour Travel appears to be the best among them with foremost reputation and impressive customer reviews. They also offer the provision of customization so that you can make changes to the itinerary as you like. So don’t hesitate to pick up your receiver and talk to us about visiting the amazing Islands in the Bay of Bengal where those eastern Bengalis who still hold on to their Bengali culture and traditions.