Malamel- a Perfect Destination to Bring your Hearts into your Mouth

Honeymoon is a divine occasion where two unknown personalities unite together to start a new life. Even though India has attained great heights in various sectors, the present generation still believes in arranges marriage (a marriage where the families find the perfect match for their kid). Most of the couples understand each other deeply after marriage. The real meaning of marriage comes into practice only when both the husband and wife understand each other in every perspective. Or else life will be really a mess for everyone. To make collect good memories and to cherish wonderful moments in future couples always love to explore many unseen tourist destinations either in their state or out of state. Today in this document I would like to describe one of the least explored but still popular tourist destination situated in the remote areas of Kollam district in Kerala. Can anyone tell me what image or phrase comes into your mind when you guys hear the name Kerala? For me, it is the gorgeous beauty of the scenic tourist place and lip-smacking cuisines prepared in traditional Kerala style. Most of the nature lovers always opt Kerala popularly known as ‘god’s own country’ to celebrate their mind-blowing holidays with dear ones. Now a slight change has come in the trend many newly married couples avail of honeymoon packages in Kerala. It is not because the travel expenses are cheapest but the gorgeous beauty it offers to the visitors is something that could not be compared with anything in the world. Most of the nature enthusiast would be aware of the well-renowned tourist destinations such as Munnar, Wayanad, Thekkady, Kumarakom and so on. But only a few will be aware of the least renowned tourist places for them I would like to dedicate this blog.

Malamel- the astounding hill station

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Malamel is one of the mind-blowing hill stations that cover many outstanding natural resources. When compared to any other tourist destination in the state Malamel is one of the least populated tourist centers. Therefore it would be an exquisite tourist destination for you to enjoy your romantic moments without any interruption and chaos. To enjoy the gorgeous beauty of the breathtaking hilly region one should avail of the tour packages from well-reputed travel operators like Dream Holidays in Kerala. They attract customers by inculcating the packages with airfare. Hence travellers who hail from Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore can easily commute to the exotic tourist destination. Along with airfares they also include many fascinating features in the tour packages.

Now, let us come back to our Malamel hill station. Malamel in colloquial language means ‘on top of the mountain’. Malamel is known to be one of the fabulous hill stations in entire southern Kerala. The ambiguity of the serene nature could not be described in mere words. Without understanding its beauty and value of precious natural resources some greedy industrialists try to destroy its elegance by constructing quarry over there. But the joint effort of the workers and native residents forced the industrialist to change their minds and hence protected the virgin beauty of nature.

 Explore the outstanding beauty of Malamel

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It is really not necessary that one must definitely ascend to Malamel hill to catch the panoramic beauty of the emerald nature. Spending a few minutes in the premises of Malamel itself will help to your rejuvenate your retiring soul and mind. But if you and your better half are desperate to explore the beguiling beauty of the stoopy hills grab the permission from the concerned forest department. Malamel hill is actually encircled with several hills namely Golandarappara, Nadukanippara, Kudappara, Ambalampara, Shankoothupara, Nadappara, Kochunadukanippara, Kombukuthipara, Ayiravallippara, and Pullakkampara. There is no shortcut for anyone to reach the top of the Malamel Mountain for that they should climb the above-mentioned hill stations. The actual trekking begins from Arakkal and followed to it trekkers or honeymooners will reach Ayiravallipara. By the time you will cover the following hilly regions Chanapetta, Kudakkathupura and Kulathupuzha. Nadukanipara and Nadapara are known to be fascinating hills in the region both of them are called as ‘oxygen hub of the place’. The region not only shelters medicinal plants and herbs but also a cave. The cave itself carries many intriguing and mysterious things. After exploring the surrounding hills, finally, you will reach your destination called Malamel hill. The audacious beauty of the region will marvel your hearts and rejuvenate your soul. There was a time when hundreds of travel enthusiasts flock to the region to view its glowing beauty. The stupendous beauty will make you more romantic and lovely. Over there you could encounter crystal clear clouds whispering themselves about the new visitor. Along with it, you can also watch many lovely and beautiful birds belonging to various species flying high in a particular manner in the sky.

After spending some valuable moments over there you can descend to the base station. The awe-inspiring tourist will surely play a significant role in making your honeymoon into a remarkable one. Do not conclude your exploration by visiting the Malamel hilly region but also visit some of the historic and serene places such as Thenmala, Varkala and so on. To know more about such fabulous tourist places communicate with customer support executives of Dream Holidays during their office hours. To avoid last moment rush grab the tour packages as soon as possible. So hurry up! Don’t waste your time.

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