Is September the Perfect Time to Visit Kerala for Honeymoon Journey?

There is no specific time when and where one should celebrate their most awaiting romantic honeymoon days. Honeymoon is one of the most special and unforgettable days in one’s life. It is the time when two souls and body unite together to start a new life. Marriage is a special and irreplaceable sacrament were not only two different personalities unite together but also two families and their relatives join to start a new life. The marriage becomes blissful only when you receive the blessings of the elders, parents and wishes of your dear friends and cousins. Nowadays the enthusiastic and vibrant youngsters are ready to spend their savings on making their honeymoon more remarkable and truthful. To make the honeymoon inevitable and glorious the youngsters select awe-inspiring tourist destinations situated in various corners of the world. People who are situated in northern places like Delhi, Gurgaon, Uttar Pradesh and so on are always fond of scenic and marvellous places with moderate climate and pleasing environment. The audacious beauty of the serene places will truly inspire one’s hearts and according to the travel lovers such places always turns out to be an exquisite destination for celebrating lovely honeymoon days. According to nature lovers and travel enthusiasts, the southernmost state of India called Kerala seems to be an excellent place for revitalising and rejuvenating. Most of the travellers especially newly married couples purchase the honeymoon tour packages to Kerala, well-renowned as ‘God’s own country’. Grab the cheap packages from Dream Holidays. They also curate packages with airfares. Even though the beautiful state opens its doors throughout the year, but each season in the state carries something special that will definitely touch your heart. Just narrow down the following paragraphs and learn some peculiarities of the September, it is the time when nature of Kerala shines like crystal stars.

Excellent and favourable climatic conditions

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The month of September is known to be a perfect time to enjoy the ambiguity and serenity of the emerald surroundings. Usually, Kerala seems to expect heavy downpours for consecutive 3-4 months starting from May to August. The very next month is known to be expecting mild rainfalls and also humidity in small scale. It is the right time to capture the amusing images of rare flowers blooming post to the monsoon season. Hold your partner’s hands firmly and through the lush green meadows and enjoy the melodious chirps of unseen birds and insects flying high in search of food, shelter and also for pollination.

The alluring picturesque landscape

There would be no one in the world who does not like to enjoy the beauty of green environment drenched in heavy downpours. If you visit during the monsoon season you will be restricted to visit some of the tourist places, but if you are visiting during the post-monsoon season i.e. from September you could enchant the alluring beauty without any interruption. Purchase your honeymoon tour packages post to the rainy season and enjoy your romantic days without any disturbances. Strolling through the lovely picture-perfect landscape and enjoy the unseen beauty of nature by capturing its meticulous images into your high-resolution camera. Kerala experiences a large number of tourist during the month of September especially from northern parts of the nation such as Delhi, Agra, Himachal Pradesh and so on.

Top activities that are widely practised in the month of September

Each season is popular not only for its unique beauty and charm but also for cultural activities and eccentric festivals. Every season of the state demands you to do something and refrain you from some activities. Here is a short information on the activities that are practised in the month of September.

Mind-blowing houseboat cruises

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The first activity that is popular across the state is the mind-blowing houseboat cruises sailing in the calm waters. Sailing in the houseboat will give you the feel like you are spending your precious time in the moving luxurious resort. It is one of rare and golden chance for the tourist to enjoy the virgin beauty of the countryside by sailing in the tranquil backwaters while savouring delicious and spicy food items prepared in traditional style. Also, it is really an awesome moment where you can learn the various lessons of angling from the local fishermen. You can also have a lovely candlelight dinner on its roof and enjoy your romantic moments. Houseboat rides are widely practised in lovely places like Kumarakom and Alleppey.

Heart-touching cultural art forms

When you are in Kerala never miss a chance to witness the live performances of the eminent artist. Kerala, the most gorgeous state is not only famous for its outstanding beauty and amusing collection of fauna and flora but also for unique traditions and culture. Participating the live programs of the cultural art forms such as Kathakali, Mohiniyattom, and Kalaripayattu- a martial art form widely practised in the various parts of Kerala, will truly take to the ancient days of Kerala especially during the colonial period. By watching the performances you can gain much knowledge about the lifestyle of the olden people and many more. Cochin cultural centre, Punarjani cultural centre, Greenix village and Mudra cultural centre are some of the well-renowned cultural centres present in the state.

Ayurveda hub- rejuvenating centres

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The herbal treatment or Ayurveda treatment is recognised and honoured across the globe. Most of the people who visit the state with an aim to rejuvenate and revitalize their body and soul by participating in the various kinds of herbal treatments available at different centres (authorised by the government of Kerala). There is a myth that only during the monsoon season Ayurveda centres will be open, but even during the post-monsoon season some of the well-reputed centres offer the therapies at cheap and affordable rates to the needy customers.

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