Eleanor’s Tomb as the Epitome of Love in the Old Munnar of Kerala

The hill station of Munnar was even more beautiful and pristine in the late 19th century when the colonial powers did annexe many regions and started farming. You might have been to the CSI church at the hilltop of Munnar casually on your vacationing in Idukki. Moreover, the ancient spiritual structure built by the British in the early 20th century can be appreciated for its distinctive stained glass windows laid very beautifully amid the large primitive stone by which it was constructed. Nevertheless, the nearby laid tomb of Eleanor has got various touching stories behind it that are almost unknown to the present world. Below given are some intriguing facts which prove that the mysterious tomb for Eleanor was indeed an epitome of love.

Eleanor could predict her death

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The British deemed the place as a hot honeymoon destination and a young couple of Henry Knight and his young bride Eleanor Isabel May visited them. On reaching the picturesque location, Eleanor was very impressed by the impeccable beauty of Munnar. So on their casual talks, while they were strolling in the hills, she requested him that if she had breathed her last in this beautiful land, she must be buried here itself. It is believed that she was having an intuition that her final days were approaching hurriedly. Even an unlikely death at such a young age due to Cholera was quite tragic.

The graveyard was constructed well before the Church

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The popular spiritual centre of CSI Church of Munnar was only built 17 years later the graveyard was constructed where the young couples had been roaming in the hills. It was for the first time ever in the history that such as act was happening. Moreover, the church does follow the ancient architectural style of large Gothic buildings. The structure situated in the hilltop of this part of Munnar is laid out by hewn granites and marbles that were brought from England. At present, the British Association for Cemeteries of South Asia had included the tomb and graveyard in the ‘International Directory of Cemeteries.’

Presence of Fresh flowers every day                       kerala packages

People on tour to Munnar would inevitably get mesmerized of the aesthetic beauty of the place created by lush green shrubs, flowers and large trees. They can even be found hanging in every old structure quite adorably. However, quite strangely, the fresh flowers spread on this particular tomb of Eleanor that is being watched by a dog on most of the days are still a mystery. One could realize the true spirit of real love at such a sight. Henceforth, tourists who are travelling to this part of Kerala and those who believe in the concept of true love should never skip their visit to the ancient church and longing tomb, even if they are not readily included in their tour packages.

Eleanor used to be mourned by her husband at the tomb almost every day

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Her fond husband Mr Henry Mansfield Knight could not accept the sudden death of his wife at such an early age. Furthermore, there was only a 3 days gap since she had informed him about her last wish. Fulfilling her final demands, a graveyard was built in the same spot where they had spent their last romantic moments together. Before arriving at this particular spot, they had already strolled alongside the large Eucalyptus trees and expansive tea plantations. So the sweet memories that they cherished about the place were very close to their heart. The separation of Henry from his dear wife made him desperate and was seen breaking down every day near her tomb.

The adjacent CSI church was a place of refuge in the 1924 deluge

When you are travelling up to Munnar in any tour packages, once reaching up to Kochi by air, you would never feel that you are on tour in a disaster-hit region that had even fought back in 2018 Kerala floods. However, in the onset of heavy monsoon in 1924 was absolutely unpredicted in these high range parts. The mighty river of Periyar was in brimming with floodwaters. By the heavy shower, even the sleepers of Kundala Valley Railway (as it was called then) were washed off. In that gruesome instant, both the displaced locals and foreigners rushed on to the CSI church situated in the uphill. In the strongly built church was a place of refuge for them, just as the people from different communities stayed safe in the churches, temples and mosque, gurudwaras of Ahmedabad in the major floods of 2017.

Remnants of past histories like the Eleanor’s Tomb are quite many in the scenic hill station of Munnar, as it was a hot destination among the British. It was them who introduced and further expanded the cultivation of the major crop of tea in the vast slopes of Munnar and the nearby regions. In addition to the tea factories built by them, they had constructed many other monuments that are spread in various other locations in the state. So to travel up to those historically significant spots smoothly, you may contact Gogeo Holidays. The reputed tour company had set many varied kinds of tour packages to fulfil the travel requirements of each of the tourists to its fullest. Moreover, the popular travel firm had gained a remarkable customer satisfaction after working efficiently for all through these years of experience.


Kerala is blessed with various kinds of resources. The state boasts of its pristine beaches, tranquil waters, traditional ‘kettuvalloms’ or houseboats which float in the lakes, distinct species of flora and fauna, pleasant climatic conditions and etc. There are also Ayurveda centres for refreshing mind and soul. Every year lakhs of people visit the state to enchant its mesmerising beauty and to be part of it. Kerala always has something new to treat its visitors. People irrespective of their age and sex enjoy every inch of the beautiful nature. Apart from the beautiful environment, there are many more to see. Like the modern industrial developments, universities, educational institutions, hospitals and research centres. To understand more about the culture and traditions of a state or country either people have to visit museums or study various art forms both ritual and cultural. Kerala also has unique art forms. The state has given birth to many eminent talented artists to the world. An art institution named Kerala Kalamandalam is home to various art forms. Malayalees and Non-Malayalees across different parts of the world take admission in the institution to learn deeply about various dance forms. Kerala Kalamandalam is located on the banks river Bharathapuzha in Cheruthuruthy in Thrissur. Famous Malayalam poet Vallathol Narayana Menon along with Mukunda Raja took the initiative to form Kerala Kalamandalam.

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Travellers who are planning to visit the state must definitely find some time to enjoy the beauty of cultural art forms which are popular not only within the country but also in foreign nations. Some dance forms are practised only during festival seasons like Theyyam, Arjuna Nritham, Mudiyettu etc. Some others perform dances on a competition basis or merely for entertainment like Thiruvathirakali, Kathakali, Mohiniyattom etc. People who are availing the Cheapest Kerala package from Dream Kerala tour partners will get an opportunity to view the dance forms directly. Dance is an art form which helps the beings to express their sorrows, joy and fury. A dancer’s performance will be successful only when his or her soul and body unite to give mind-blowing steps. Each dance is based on some mythological stories or epics. There will at least 2 singers to narrate these stories in musical form. Here, is the list of few popular cultural art forms of Kerala.

  1. Kathakali

Kerala Kathakali

Kathakali is one of the popular classical dances of Kerala. Kathakali can be split into two words ‘Katha’ means ‘story’ and ‘Kali’ means ‘play’. In short, Kathakali means ‘story play’. It is also known as an ’eye dance’. Kathakali always emphasises on gestures of hands, legs and palms and also eye movements. The dance performance was performed only by males and they used to enact the role of female characters. But now, females also started to participate in the dance. Usually, the theme of Kathakali used to be the mythological stories from Hindu religious book like The Mahabharata, The Ramayana. Present generations have started to take stories from English plays like from Shakespeare’s collections. These stories are narrated to the public by 2 or 3 singers. It is done so as to inculcate the western with Indian. In olden days, Kathakali performances prolonged till 3 days now it has been cut short to 5 hours. The performers appear on the stage with exotic make-up, colourful costumes which include swirled skirt. They also wear heavy ornaments and headgears. It takes long hours to dress up for the programme. People who are able to understand the gestures and facial expressions can really enjoy the classical dance. In olden days, Kathakali was practised in royal palaces, where Kings and others enjoyed the dance and in return rewarded the artists with excellent gifts. Later Kathakali was moved to temples so those common people irrespective of their creed and caste can enjoy the art. Now, the art form can be seen in various stages. The main musical instrument used for the dance is a drum known as ‘Chenda’. It takes 12 years for an artist to learn Kathakali completely. It is the main art form taught in the Kerala Kalamandalam. It is believed that Kathakali was originated from Kalaripayattu, Krishanattom and Kuttiyattom.

      2.  Mohiniyattom

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Mohiniyattom is one of the eight classical dances of India mentioned by Sangeet Nataka Academy. It also the second popular dance of Kerala. It is believed that the dance was originated in the 16th century and has flourished in the 19th century by the King of Travancore Swathi Thirunal. The origin of Mohiniyattom was mentioned in the chapter ‘Vyavaharamala’ from the book ‘Ghoshayatra’ written by ‘Mazhamagalam Namrayanan Namputhiri’. It was later rewritten by the great poet ‘Kunjan Nambiar’.  The word ‘ Mohiniyattom’ when splitting into two exactly tells what the dance means. Mohini means ‘maiden ’or devotee of Lord Vishnu and Attam means ‘seductive and graceful body movements’. Initially, this dance was performed only in palaces and temples and now it has been moved to different stages. There is a myth revolving around the dance that Lord Vishnu disguised himself as ‘Mohini’ to defeat the demons and to rescue lord Shiva. The delicate movements of the body and charming facial expressions are more suitable to females and therefore the dance is performed only by women. The song used for Mohiniyattom is written ‘Manipravalam’. It is a combination of Sanskrit and Malayalam. Mohiniyattom was performed by females called ‘Devadasis’.

Interesting Facts:

  •  The makeup for the Mohiniyattom is little exotic yet elegant. It involves red lips and dark kohled eyes.
  •  The language used for the dance performances is Manipravalam, is the fusion of Sanskrit and Malayalam.
  • The performer uses only gold ornaments since it is a symbol of beauty and prosperity.
  •  Only Jasmine flowers are used to adorn the hair.
  •  Initially, it was performed only in temples as a tribute to God especially Lord Vishnu.
  • The main attire for the dance is Kerala Kasavu saree.

     3. Thiruvathirakali

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Thiruvathirakali is one of the popular cultural dances of Kerala. Thiruvathirakali is also known as ‘Kaikottukali’. The cultural dance is mainly performed in the month of Dhanu in Malayalam almanac. Or it can also be said that it is practised in the month of December and January. In ancient days, the dance was performed during the Thiruvathira festival in order to please Lord Shiva to seek his blessings. There is a myth revolving around the dance that this dance bought Kamadeva, the God of love back to life after he was burnt into ashes by Lord Shiva. Therefore the dance is performed mainly by women irrespective of their ages to gain marital happiness and female energy. For the dance, women wear typical Kerala sari, which is white in colour with a golden border. Or two-piece is known as ‘mundu’ and ‘neriyathu’. Mundu is attire which is worn around the waist. Neriyathu is worn over the blouse along with it they wear golden ornaments. They adorn their hair with jasmine flowers. This ancient dance form mainly survives through school competitions and college youth festivals. Some people say that dance form was been in practice during the Sangham period.

The dance consists of 8-10 members arranged in a circular manner around a lit lamp known as ‘vilaku’ or floral carpet. They move in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. Moreover the hand movements it is the body movements which make the dance more graceful. It is also believed that the dance has been originated from Kathakali. The song sung for Thiruvathira dance is mainly based on some mythology or some folk tales. Sometimes devotional songs are also sung. During Onam, the song would be mainly related to King Mahabali. The leader of the team will sing the first two lines of the song and other members repeat it as a chorus.

In ancient days, only on Thiruvathira, women were allowed to mingle with others without any fear of social restrictions. As part of the festival, women were allowed to go out to village ponds or temple ponds for bath and other rituals. The group was one of the best ways to keep the females engaged as they have to stay awake for the whole night.

Various forms of Thiruvathirakali:

As aforementioned Thiruvathira is famous among Malayalees and it is practised in different ways in southern and northern regions of Kerala. The southern region of Kerala has various forms of Thiruvathira dance.

  • Kolaattam – Women hold small sticks in their hands and used them to strike against each other.
  • Thaalam Vechattam – Females carried small plates made up of brass in their hands. These plates are known as ‘Thallam’ in Malayalam.
  • Kudam Vechattam – Dancers carry small pot in their hands known as ‘Kudam’ in Malayalam.
  • Pinnalaattam – It is performed under temporary sheds or under trees. In this type of dance form, strings are tied from the poles of the sheds or from the branches.

     4. MargamKali

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Margamkali is one of the famous dances among St.Thomas Christians in Kerala.  Markamkali can be split into two words, Markam means ‘path’ and Kali means ‘dance’. The dance consists of 12 members which denote 12 apostles of Jesus Christ. In ancient days, the dance was performed by men by wearing peacock feathers in their heads and a red dhoti. Also a red silk cloth around the hip. They stand in a circular arrangement with a traditional lamp at the centre. Now, this dance is mainly practised by females by wearing ‘Mundu’ and ‘Chatta’. They wear bangles on hands and ankles. The song for Markam kali comprises of miracles of St.Thomas and it either was sung by the singer or by the dancers. Kallisserry Itti Thoman Kathanar wrote these songs in the 17th century. It has a small resemblance of ‘Yathrakali pattu’ of Namboothiris. The song is written in 4000 lines in different sections. The dance is performed on special occasions like church feasts or wedding ceremonies. But now it is been practised in various stages of schools and colleges.

Travellers will be thrilled after reading the information on various dance forms are seen in Kerala and would be planning to avail the tour packages. As a seasonal offer, Dream travel operators have decided to give reasonable discounts for the first 10 travellers. The packages are available at affordable price. Including the travel expenses the package range up to Rs.35000/- for a family consisting of 4 members including 2 children. Additional each person will have to pay Rs.10000/-. Try to grab the package as soon as possible and avail their discount offers.

While planning a trip to Kerala don’t forget to pack the bag with a high-resolution camera with good storage memory cards. Also, don’t forget to take a notebook and pen to note down some important information given by famous artists regarding their dances. This book can also be used to take an autograph from the eminent artists. If they allow, travellers can take their costumes and other accessories as part of souvenirs. If travellers are interested to take an interview with the famous dancers must discuss with the tour operators beforehand. In some cases, people will be forced to sit late night to watch some special performances. So travellers must be ready for the same. Dream holidays ensure travellers safety by providing the safe and best accommodation in reputed hotels and resorts. On special request from the travellers, the tour operator is ready to provide cab facility for their personal needs.

The Breathtakingly Beautiful Munnar at a Glance!


Munnar – the Lustrous beauty hidden in majestic Western Ghats! Munnar brings to one’s mind a picture of winding narrow roads and rolling tea estates which are always covered with mist and fog. They have the beautiful background of mountains of green and grey that look upon the fertile hills and valleys. Munnar is actually a confluence of 3 rivers – Kundala, Nallathanni and Mudhrapuzha. You will find a lot of rivulets, streams and waterfalls as you go sightseeing in Munnar. The place is so famous that Munnar tour packages from Mumbai are the most popularly booked tours in Kerala. Very near the dairy farm, Mattuppetty dam and reservoir are located. They are also popular tourist attractions which give a panoramic view of the hills and valleys. You can also enjoy boating on the lake here. Mattupetty is a hill town located 13 km from Munnar and having 1700m height from the sea level. The place is so much delight for them who wish to visit high ranges. The place which contain a couple of attractive destinations like Mattupetty dam, Mattupetty Lake, Top Station and amazing dairy projects. The place is surrounded with awesome shoal forests and grass lands. The climate and geographical features are more suitable for dairy farm projects. The attractive Munnar tour packages from Hyderabad contains all these attractive features related to Mattupetty. Mumbai is a modern city and the Mattupetty is entirely different from Mumbai. So Mattupetty is definitely a visual treat to them. Mattupetty dam is one of the major attractions and the nearby Lake is just amazing. The authority offers boating facility for the visitors. The major dairy farm project in Mattupetty is Indi-Swiss Livestock project. Mattupetty is one the leading tourist spot in Kerala. Top Station is a popular view point in Munnar. It is a must-visit during your Munnar tour. From the point, you can see some amazing views of the Western Ghats. You can see many hills and valleys full of greenery. During the right season, you can see the Neelakkurinji here which blooms only once in 12 years. It will now bloom in 2018. The Tour Packages by Holiday Mango Travel can guarantee you of a memorable trip to Munnar.