An Amazing Trip to Kerala Trees

Travellers often love to visit Kerala. The reasons may vary among travellers for visiting the state. Some visits the state to witness the charming beauty. Others visit the place either for business or educational purposes. Whatever may be the reason travellers are always lured by the beauty of the serene nature of Kerala. Many people believe that Kerala got its name due to the presence of coconut trees (also known as ‘Kera’ in the Malayalam language). And is true. People always feel amused by seeing the splendid view of trees oscillating in accordance with the cool air. The state is known for its thickly populated forest trees with coconut trees in abundance. Many people have a myth that a trip to Kerala may be wastage of time. There would be anything apart from many trees and animals. But such myths should be removed from your mind. Kerala is not like the past. It has changed completely. It is one of the most popular tourist and fastest-growing destinations in India. Nearly ten thousand tourists visit this amazing state to enchant its glory as part of their honeymoon, and family travel packages. The amusement parks, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, bird sanctuaries, hill ranges, plantations of spices, tea and coffee, boating, houseboat rides and many more are the highlighting features that grab the tourists to the state. Availing a tour package to Kerala will never make the travellers disappoint. There many travel agencies that curate packages for not only nature lovers but also for adventure lovers at cheapest rates. The state is also famous for a plethora of enthralling activities such as paragliding, bamboo rafting, boating, trekking, canoeing, kayaking, mountaineering, and so on. However, sitting under a tree and tasting delicious traditional foods will present a marvellous experience to each and every traveller that no five-star hotel could provide. Trees have always become an inevitable part of Malayalees. The state is blessed with different varieties of trees. Let us go through the kinds of trees seen in the state and their uses.

  1.  Coconut Tree

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Coconut tree or ‘thengu’ known in the Malayalam language is the state tree of Kerala. The tree is branchless and it is known as ‘Kalpavriksha’. Coconuts, the fruit of the tree is big and oval in shape. The hard shell of coconut comprises of edible material of sweet taste with tasty water. It is protected inside the hard shell which is encircled with thick fibre. Coconut is one of the main ingredients of Keralite foods. Coconuts are used in different forms in the traditional foods of Kerala. Coconut oils are popular not only in South India but across the world. It used for multi-purposes. It is the main ingredient of shampoo, soap, cosmetics, candles, cooking, and so on. The coconut oils are extracted from the dried form of coconut called ‘kopra’. After the extraction of oils, this kopra is given as food to cattle and fowls. The fibre is used for the formation of ropes and mats which are resistant to saltwater. The coconut water is a natural health drink good for dysentery and vomiting. Toddy of coconut is also used as a beverage. The leaves of the trees are used for thatching roofs and trunks are used for bridges. The hardest part of the coconut is used for the preparation of vessels and cups.

2. Golden Shower Tree

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The Golden Shower tree is also known as ‘Kanikkonna’. It is the state flower of Kerala. The tree got its name due to the presence of golden-yellow coloured leaves. The tree gains more importance during the festival of Vishu.  A garland made up of golden flowers is adorned on the lord Krishna’s idol on the day of Vishu and it is also considered as the first sight. The tree blooms in the months of April and May. When the flowers bloom it is a treat to the eyes. One would find difficult to identify leaves from the flowers. The tree is also a kind of messenger. It tells the arrival of monsoon. The parts of the tree such as fruit pulp, roots, and barks are also considered for medicinal purposes. Due to the presence of tannins in the barks of trees, it is used for fabric colouring and leather processing.

  3. Sandalwood Tree

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The Sandalwood tree is also known as Chandanam in Malayalam. The tree is famous for it’s cooling and healing properties. The tree consists of purple and black in colour succulent fruits with purple flowers in small dull in bunches. The tree is a solution from the scorching heat, inflammation problems, and excessive sweating. To get rid of the sweating one uses sandalwood in the form of paste, dry powder or mixed with oil and others. The powder of sandalwood is used as a treatment of gonorrhoea. The paste of sandalwood regularly applied to foreheads will increase the level of concentration. It also has the ability to reduce the temperature and headache during fever. It is also a medicine for painful urination problems and inflammation of the bladders. It is one of the prominent ingredients in Hindu rituals. The incense from the sandalwood is used to pacifying the minds.

I hope you have got a clear idea about the trees seen in and around Kerala. The trees are protected as part of the conservation of the earth. Some people export the woods of trees to other states. After reading the above-mentioned information don’t you feel to taste yummy and scrumptious fruits from the tall and thick trees? So what are you waiting for? Buy the Kerala tour packages at affordable prices from the eminent travel operators like Dream Holidays. They always try to inculcate places such as sanctuaries, forest areas with tourist spots in the itineraries of Kerala packages. While on your Kerala trip don’t forget to carry a camera and a notebook to note down the important points about the trees. You can also record the videos or audio of your tour guide while explaining the trees and their uses. If you are planning to visit the state during monsoon don’t forget to carry an umbrella and raincoats. Also, you can accompany your dearest friends to explore the state in an adventurous way.

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