A Journey to Dubai with Buddies

Dubai is one of the most captivating cities in the world. People are lured by its charming beauty, skyscrapers, and mind-blowing architects. Dubai has something special that no other country has. It is the perfect example for the proverb nothing is impossible. With a decade of constant hard work, dedication, and unity, their success touched the sky. The city is a haven for adventure activities, shopping, and sightseeing and also for creativity and imagination. People always say the city is a land of opportunities. Dubai has been sheltering thousands of foreigners for years. The city is appreciated for its unity in diversity. Without any discrimination, Dubai respects other religions and celebrates their festivals. Every year thousands of people visit the iconic city for various purposes. And nearly half of them settle there.

Dubai city tour

You might be thinking why I am describing the city so much. Whether I had visited the city before? And so on. Let me clarify one thing I have not visited the city but have seen it many times in movies, advertisements and in the internet. After watching the Malayalam movie ‘Diamond Necklace’ I became a big fan of Dubai. Half of the movie was shot in Dubai. From that day onwards I started dreaming of visiting the marvelous city. I talked about it to my friends, family, and cousins. After a few days, one of my cousins told me about the Dubai Tour Trawel team. There are the leading tour operators in Dubai. Within a few years, they gained fame by curating packages at cheap rates for travelers across the globe. I discussed the same with my close friends. They were thrilled and agreed for the same. We booked the package on a convenient day.

Dubai trip packages from Mumbai

Some of my college mates were working in the southern states of the country. I also had conveyed about the idea of Dubai tour. A few of my friends working in Coimbatore also joined us by purchasing the packages for Dubai. We boarded a flight to Dubai International airport from different locations. On reaching the airport the tour coordinators were there to receive us with a bouquet of aromatic flowers. We were very excited and thrilled not only for landing Dubai safely but also for meeting our buddies after a long time. We all traveled in a cab from the airport with a tour guide to one of the elegant hotels. After savoring delicious food we relaxed for a few hours. By the evening we started our sightseeing. We were first taken to the world’s tallest tower, Burj Khalifa. The tour guide conveyed some valuable information about the Burj Khalifa. The tower is nearly 850 m in height with two observation decks. It was built by Emmar properties. During the inauguration time in 2010, the skyscraper had only one observation deck. A few years later China built a tower with an observation deck at an elevation greater than that of Burj Khalifa. And hence our favorite came Burj Khalifa was dropped to 2nd position. As we all know Dubai is well-renowned as the city of superlatives. It won’t like to remain in the 2nd stand, therefore, it constructed a new observation deck on the top of the previous one.  There is a facility of savoring delicacies at the observation decks while enjoying the panoramic view of the entire city. Near to it, the famous Dubai Fountain is situated. During the evening the fountain will be illuminated with colorful lights and one could see water dancing with the music played. After enjoying the water dance we moved to Dubai shopping mall– the paradise for shoppers. We remained dumbstruck by seeing its interior decorations. The mall is designed on various themes. It comprises 100+ shops with restaurants and a children’s park. We purchased many valuable items from the mall and tasted various food items from the food corners. Nearly 1000 people visit the mall per day. After grand shopping, we moved back to the hotel.

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The next day we began our trip by visiting the Dubai Mall again as on the previous day we were not able to visit the famous Dubai Aquarium. Words are insufficient to describe the charming beauty of the aquarium. It is the only place where one could see varieties of fishes and coral reefs together in an aquarium. We availed a glass-bottomed boat tour to view the entire mesmerizing aquarium. Inside the Dubai aquarium, one could see several restaurants from there we tasted mouthwatering dishes in company with marine creatures. From there we moved to Dubai Miracle Garden. On the roadway journey, we were amused by seeing the amazing bridges constructed in spectacular patterns. During the travel, our tour guide discussed a few points about the garden to us. The garden was inaugurated on a valentine’s day. It is sheltered to thousands of thousand flowers. And the maintenance of the garden was hand over to a private company. We reached the marvelous garden. We were amazed by the gorgeous arrangement of flowers in a peculiar manner. We clicked several photographs in the garden and uploaded on the social media after reaching the hotel (by using the hotel’s WI-FI). From there we proceeded to explore the man-made island- Palm Island. The islands are designed in the shape of palm leaves. How could a Dubai trip be completed without participating in desert activities? From Dubai Miracle Garden we moved for desert safaris. We tried 4×4 quad rides and camel rides. We were fortunate enough to relish the taste of traditional Arab foods by enjoying the belly dance performed by the professionals. After receiving the golden rays of sunrise we planned to indulge in some adventure games. We discussed it with our guide about the same. He suggested the hot air balloon flight. Before noon we reached the spot. At first, a few of us (including me) were afraid to try. As we really do not want to disappoint others we tried. The moment we were lifted we were so thrilled that we screamed in joy. I could see very closely birds flying. Along with hot air balloon flight, we also tried jet skiing.

Dubai trip packages from Chennai

After a few days of the trip we returned back to our hometown. I don’t know how to thank the Dubai Tour Trawell team and their services.  We were really pleased with their hospitality. After reaching my home I logged in to their website and upload a fabulous comment and rated them with 5 stars.

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