Travelogue on Honeymooning in Poovar in Kerala: An Engaging trip from Delhi

In every means, we feel blessed to have spent our beautiful honeymoon days in God’s Own Country of Kerala. Never even for a moment, we will regret our decision for choosing them over other common hot honeymoon destinations of our country. Let me say, to be frank, our dream destinations for our honeymoon were Bali and Indonesia. We had a clear idea and plans for the same even before our marriage. Yes, we had planned them just after our Sagai that was around five months ago. Then in the latter parts of October, we had a beautiful wedding session at Kalkaji Mandir and Townhouse in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi.

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However, God had set other honeymoon plans for us. We saw ourselves relaxing along the rippling waters of the picturesque estuary of Poovar in Kerala for our favourite time together. Due to some technical issue in the Passport of my husband, we could not make it fly from our hometown Delhi. However, since the time from our Sagai, I was desperate for holidaying with my loving husband in a beautiful place like Bali.  Seriously, I was almost heartbroken. In that instance, my sister-in-law, Priya suggested me this amazing destination of Kerala. She had been working in the National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology (NIIST), which is a branch of the more popular CSIR. Later she added that Poovar is barely a half an hour drive from her place, and there could some tour packages that could take us to Poovar for our perfect honeymooning.

I had enough time to be spent for meaningful research for this very purpose, as I had resigned my job even before our marriage. So I surfed day and night and finally settled up with one of those popular tour companies in Kerala. As ordered by my saali, I especially enquired whether any honeymoon package with the inclusion of Poovar as its major location was available. It was a half ‘no’ reply from them, as they later agreed to customize one of their honeymoon tour package for us. I felt thankful for their polite response to my demand. The tour consultant over the phone merely asked us to book them online and decide the dates of our journey. Once my hubby was back home after his work, within no time lagging we informed the company of the dates. They appreciated us for choosing our honeymoon date in January when the weather too was favourable.

We arrived at the International Airport of Trivandrum on the specified date for our honeymoon on a late morning flight. We boarded a morning flight by SpiceJet as they were assuring of cheapest airfares to this part of Kerala, at this time of the year. We were not in any hurry to reach our hotel, as were we terribly feeling hungry. We went to the cafeteria operating inside the airport itself. I reminisced that this could be my best opportunity to savour the traditional Kerala delicacies for which my saali had no words to express. She was very right. The wholesome lunch we had with all those spicy and tangy tastes. Me being a person who is very much particular of the ever-increasing number of calories that we ate, this day was absolutely out of my thoughts. My husband was already an ardent fan of South Indian dishes. I was now more relieved of my decision of customizing our preferences rather than settling with the available packages, as I was pretty sure that, I will eat more!  

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After satisfying our tummies, when we were just moving out of the terminal, our tour executive phoned us and said that along with the cab he was waiting for us at the parking deck. He seemed to be a polite and nicely behaved person. We got into the cab, it was well maintained and the drive was smooth. As we were travelling to an island destination, most time of our journey was along the coastal line of Trivandrum. We got to witness various scenic location right from this short travel up to our resort that we were to stay. Time just flew by, as I never realized that we had covered the whole of 30 km through the beautiful places. We reached Poovar within a span of 1 and half hour. The moment we reached and stepped out of the cab, I patted the back of my shoulders. I was again right with my decisions. The very first entrance of Poovar Island Resort was very pleasing.

Women dressed in traditional Kerala attires welcomed us with floral garland and welcomed us to the reception of the resort. We did not have to wait for much time at the check-in as we were on some already set and sophisticated tour package. We gradually moved to the cottages that we had booked prior to our visit. It was very spacious and beautiful than we thought before. Above all that, these adorable living spaces were indeed floating in the backwaters. Finally, I and my husband were all alone for our honeymooning in our dream destination. He opened the large windows of our bedroom to feel the soothing air of the adjacent backwaters. Moreover, the view from this space to the Poovar backwaters and vast sea at a distance was truly mesmerizing.

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We thought of taking some rest at our cottage before setting out and explore Poovar. When we woke after a one hour sleep, we got fresh and stepped out of our cottage. It was almost approaching sunset so the views got even more beautiful and splendid. I knew that the sunsets would be beautiful in these regions of Kerala. But this sight was out of our imagination. The light littered from each of these cottages and their reflections on the backwaters is still in my minds. These sights made us more romantic and we promised that we will be visiting these locations again as the experiences we had here was indeed ravishing.

Even though we were travelling with a limited budget, nothing hampered our wishes of honeymooning in a serene destination like that of Poovar Island in Trivandrum. Thanks to Dream Holidays! The best travel deals that they had was a true blessing to us.

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