An Exquisite Honeymoon Trip to Wayanad in Kerala from Delhi

We wanted some fresh air! This was one of your basic conditions that we had when the time for choosing our honeymoon destination was fast approaching. Satisfying this very criterion, we shortlisted the common and nearby hill station from Delhi such as Manali, Shimla and Dalhousie. However, we soon left that thought when my wife urged that she had already been to these locations several. Even in the last summer, she was with her friends holidaying in the hills of Kullu. Furthermore, when she was sharing her same travel experiences with me, one point just stroke me. One of her friends is from Kozhikode in Kerala. On their travel, she had no words to express the beautiful experiences she had acquired while holidaying in their nearby hilly district of Wayanad.

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Before this particular instance, when I get to hear about Kerala, the first things that come to my mind are the Kathakali, Idli and Dosa, houseboats and Kalaripayttu. However, when I surfed about the glorious South Indian state more, I realized that they are more than the ‘Idlis and Sambhars’. Truly speaking, I was regretting that I never made myself to know more about or tour Kerala. I was craving to visit Kerala since then. So when I shared this thought with my beloved wife, she was in all praise for my decision. However, she was doubtful whether we have to rely on any direct tour packages to Kerala. Later I saw myself surfing about the private tour package that would take us to the beautiful state of Kerala and book from the best tour company that we could find.

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We set out for our dream honeymoon from the hometown by the last week of October. As there was only a limited number of direct flights from Delhi to the destination (there is no airport in Wayanad!), our tour company booked us a ticket straight to Cochin International Airport and from there to Kannur Airport. Later, I got to know that the latter was the latest and the fourth airport built in the state. When we shared our demands that we were more into adventure, and had chosen this particular destination to catch a glimpse of vast forest cover of Kerala. So they customized our package according to our wishes. They also informed us that even the path leading to Wayanad from Kannur Airport situated in Mattanur is a delight to watch.

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Once reaching the airport at Cochin in the afternoon, we had to wait until evening to catch the next flight to Kannur International Airport. In that particular time gap, I and my wife were transformed into our own sweet world. We did not even feel that we had spent the whole of 3 hours just by chatting about our travel ambitions. Then after savouring our delicious traditional Kerala lunch from the Cafeteria there, we were on the venture of catching our next flight to Kannur. Along with us, there were quite many foreign tourists in the gatehouse of the airport. Moreover, we met an American Vlogger, who was on his tour to Kannur. He said that he had already made many travel videos based in Wayanad on his last visit. So he suggested some beautiful destinations where we could have the best holidaying as the loving newlywed couples.

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When we reached the airport at Kannur within 1 and a half hours of flight, we saw the tour guides of the company we had relied on. With our names written in the placard, he was waiting for us in the arrival gate itself and showing that friendly Kerala gesture. He looked polite and welcoming. So within waiting much, he followed him up to the cab that would take us to our dream destination of Wayanad. After moving a few kilometres I saw my already sleeping. She might have got tired of flying and waiting in the airport for such long hours. Just then I was feeling relieved of the fact that we had planned our trip to a new place like Kerala with special honeymoon packages. Without the passing of much time, I too dozed off.

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When I woke up after an hour, I saw some signboards indicating that we were travelling in the scenic Malabar Hill Highway. Without much time lag, I was creating a rapport with the guide. His good name was Sumesh and was from Kozhikode. He said that the accommodation for us had been set in the central part of Wayanad. So we were heading to a small town of Manathavady. Since it was already late evening and approaching towards night, we were beginning to feel cold. However, the entire atmosphere and chill were of a different kind here in Wayanad than that of Delhi.

In the very next morning, we were ready to head up to the Kurava Islands which is almost nearby our hotel. The picturesque scenic of the petite rocky terrains amidst the serene Kabani River was rather ravishing. When my beloved wife was playing in the shallow waters, she indeed seemed childlike. We had great fun in Kuruva. Next destination in our bucket list was Chembra Peak. Later, Sumesh too thought that we were heading up to the hills in the most favourable time. When we reached the foothills of Chembra, we realized that he was very accurate. It seemed that the majestic hills were having great fun by hiding behind the clouds. Once reaching halfway through the trek, we witnessed the remarkable heart-shaped pond. The moment when the climate was clear, we clicked our epic honeymoon snap in the backdrop of the romantic pond.

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Without getting much late, we descended the peak, as the natural lights were gradually decreasing. In the chilling night, we drove back to our hotel and just fell off to our beds. As we only got to realize, we were indeed exhaustive after the eventful trek. Even then we had a great time in Wayanad along with the aid of Dream Holidays, which was with us all through the journey. As mentioned before, we had our personally customized honeymoon tour packages, when we shared about our dreams of a perfect honeymoon.

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