Ultimate Travel Guide: Explore the Fascinating Destinations in Kerala at Pocket-Friendly Rates


To south Kerala is one of the well explored and most sought after travel destination which is one main reason for the place to be the costliest travel destination to the south. Filled with the true beauty of nature, the place is well explored by travelers from different parts of the world. But according to the latest statistic reports the rate at which the travelers visiting the state have declined to a greater extent and the main reason for the same is listed as the increasing travel rates. To solve this issue the travel and tourism department with travel operators like Dream Holiday have organized a number of tour packages to Kerala at cheaper rates. Bu then if it is to plan a cost-effective and pocket-friendly trip exploring the nature and the best travel destinations of Kerala, there are a number of other tips that the travelers could make use of. Listed below are some of the main tips by which the travelers could enjoy and explore the beauty of the travel destinations in Kerala at cheaper rates.

Choose the Best Offbeat Travel Destination


It is mostly the choice of travel destination that brings a change in the travel price when planning a trip to Kerala. The state is the most sought-after travel destination to the south holds within a number of best travel destinations with fascinating natural beauty and charm. Most of the travel destinations in Kerala are classified into two like the off-beat travel destinations and the most explored travel spots. The travel rates to the off-beat travel destinations in Kerala are mostly cheap and pocket-friendly whereas the travel rates or the travel package rates to the best rates travel spots in Kerala like Munnar, Alleppey and more would be very high. Some of the best off-beat travel destinations in Kerala that the travelers could explore at cheap and pocket-friendly rates include Kollam, Kottayam, Thrissur, Trivandrum and more. Like all the other best travel destinations in Kerala, the off-beat travel spots in the land offers and holds within the best beauty of nature and wild.

Choose the Off-Season for the Trip

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Apart from the travel destination, the one thing that influences or contributes to the travel rates or the increasing package rates is the choice of season for the trip. Even though Kerala is a state with a moderate climate that is prevailing throughout the year, some months in the year are supposed to be the peak period or season of travel to certain travel destinations. And during the peak seasons, the travel rates and the travel package rates to the beat and most of the off-beat travel destinations of the state would be at its best hike as compared to the travel package rates and the travel price during the off-season. One of the best ways in which the travelers could save the maximum amount on a trip to Kerala is by booking any travel package during the off-season to the off-beat travel destinations in Kerala. With this choice, the travelers get to enjoy the best of the beauty of nature in Kerala at cheap and cost-effective rates.

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 Accommodation mode is another element of travel that eats up most of the travel expense when it comes to exploring the travel destinations in Kerala. The state is the most sought-after travel destination to the south offers the travelers with a number of best options for accommodation which are both cheap and luxurious. If it is to enjoy a budget trip to the best travel destinations of Kerala, it would be more preferable that you choose the budget modes of accommodations which include homestays, budget hotels, dorm rooms, camping options and more. By choosing the best cost-effective and budget modes of accommodation the travelers tripping to explore the fascinating destinations of Kerala could save a large sum from the travel price. Even if you are choosing a travel package make sure that the hotel booked or the mode accommodation made is cheap and cost-effective and would meet all your basic needs.

Travel in Public Transports


As Kerala is one of the most explored travel destinations to the south and is one of the developing states almost all the best travel destinations in Kerala are well connected by public transports which include public bus and train. If it is for a town to town travel it is the best that you choose a public transportation like a bus as the ticket rates for the bus are much cheaper as compared to all the other modes of transportation. In addition, the travelers also get a chance to mingle up with the locals in the area and know their lifestyle from a closer angle and if it is a long journey the railways are always the best choice.

Avoid Un-Necessary Expenses

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When it comes to a trip exploring the travel destinations in Kerala, most of the expenses are of purchases and shopping. It is true that shopping is an unavoidable part of holiday tours but it is important that you know your needs. It is advisable that the travelers while tripping to Kerala buys less from the place of attraction at the rates would be high at the place, in such situations, it is beneficial to buy the same from places closer to the town where the rates of the material would be cheaper.


 The travelers who are more interested in availing the tour packages are free to do the same by choosing the best price, effective budget trips organized to Kerala. Filled with the fascinating beauty of nature and a blessed climate, Kerala is one of the most enticing states with great charm. It is not just the natural beauty of the place that attracts the travelers, but the historic destinations in the land, the cultural art forms and the pilgrim centers of the land all attract the travelers to a greater extent. With best unique attractions Kerala to the south is a must explore spot to the south.

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