Andaman, the Land of Everlasting Beauty Offering the Best of Adventures


Dotted in the Bay of Bengal, the Andaman and Nicobar Island is an island destination that comes under the union territory of India which is best explored by the domestic travellers from places like Chennai and international travellers from around the world. One of the main reason for the place to be the hot spot tourist destination for travellers from domestic states like Chennai is due to the availability of direct transportation facilities from the place to reach to the capital city of Andaman cluster of and which is Port Blair, apart from the airways the state is well connected by waterways also that promotes a cheaper mode of transportation to Andaman from Chennai and such states. It is mostly due to the same reason that most of the travellers choose to travel from Chennai and such states by availing Andaman tour packages from different travel operators functioning in the land like the Andaman tour travellers. Apart from the transportation facilities offered it is mainly the beauty of the beach destinations and the different adventures that reach island destinations in Andaman that fascinates and entices the travellers the most. Listed below are some of the best island destinations in Andaman that most acts as the prominent travel spot in most of the travel packages organios4ed from Chennai and such domestic states.

jolly buoy island

Jolly Buoy Island:

When it comes to the beach destinations in Andaman that is best explored by the domestic travellers in the country like the ones from Chennai, Kolkata and more; the jolly buoy island would top the list. It is mainly the beauty of this picturesque travel destination that grabs the attention of the travellers the most. The place is mostly covered with palm fringes and coconut plantations along the shorelines which enhance the natural beauty of the place. One of the other best attractions of the place is the submerged coral and the beaches with the best clear waters. The place to be exact is a non-plastic zone due to which the travellers before visiting the island asked to keep away the plastic items.

Best attractions: The place apart from the beauty of the beach destination and nature is one place that is known for water adventures, the beach destinations in Jolly Buoy Island is well known among the travellers for scuba diving and snorkelling which are the best attractions at the place.

Location: 30km to the south-west part of Port Blair

neil island

Neil Island:

Although Neil Island doesn’t hold in much of the shorelines as the other island destinations in Andaman, the place holds in a unique beauty due to which the travellers get attracted to the land. Being one an uninhabited island the place is one of the most peaceful beach destinations in Andaman. Most of the travellers from Chennai and such domestic destination mostly choose to trip to Neil island so that they could enjoy the peaceful ambience and the nature of the place. The island could be one of the best travel spots for any nature lover as the Neil Island holds within banana manors, paddy fields and even tropical trees along with a number of marine lives. The nature lovers and the travellers could just race out to the beach destinations in the land letting loose of oneself enjoying.

Best attractions: Like all the other beach destinations in Andaman, water adventures are the main attraction in Neil Island. Snorkeling and scuba diving are the 2 best water activities that one could enjoy the best in the land whereas the place is also famous for glass bottom boat ride due to the rich availability of marine life in the waters of the island.

Location: At Ritchie’s Archipelago in the Andaman and Nicobar Island.

ross island

Ross Island:

For travellers who are in search of an island in Andaman that consist of the ruins of the settlement from the British era, the rose island could be one of the best and most perfect destinations for the same. Being a place that holds in the nostalgic memory of the past that belongs to the days of the Indian freedom fight most of the travellers touring to the place are domestic travellers from the states like Kolkata, Chennai and more. The island named after a marine survivor, Daniel Ross, attracts a number of travellers with its beauty and char. The place would be one of the best spots for the travellers who are in search of the ruins in the land. Hospitals, churches, Troop Barracks, Ballroom are all some of the best of the ruins that one could explore while at Ross Island.

Best attractions: When talking about the best travel attractions in the place, it is the nature and the silence of the place. Being one of the less explored travel sports in Andaman the place is one of the best island destinations in Andaman where one could enjoy silence and peacefulness. The place also offers the best privacy as a travel destination and this is a suitable destination for honeymoon travellers.

Location: 2kms from Port Blair.


North Bay Island:

If planning to explore the fascinating island destinations in Andaman during summer, the North Bay Island would be the most explore a destination in the Andaman cluster of islands. The majestic coral reefs of the North Bay Island spread over the region are one of the major attractions in the island that grabs the attention of the travellers top a greater extent. The waters of the island let you explore the coral reefs and let you spot a number of verities of fishes, lobsters, or even shellfishes.

Best Attractions: The North Bay Island is a literal paradise of the adventure lovers. The place offers the travellers and the adventure lovers to enjoy some of the best water adventures offered in the land. The North Bay Island is well known among the travellers for snorkelling, scuba diving, sea walking and a number of such underwater adventures.

Location: Near Phoenix jetty in Port Blair.

Most of the tour packages organised aims at entertaining the travellers by letting them indulge in nature, the beauty of the place and the different exciting adventures offered in the land and the Andaman and Nicobar island is one of the travel spots in India that stand up and holds in the potential to meet all the requirements and the increasing demands of the travellers and the travel and tourism industry. This is one of the reasons for the island to be listed as the most explore travel destination in the world by the national geographic travellers.

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