The slender stretch of stunning land, Kerala is on the bucket list of every travel enthusiast. Kerala is well-known for its exquisiteness as a travel destination which is one of the reasons why it has always retained its position in the list of top ten tourist destinations in India. The cuisine of Kerala binds in flavours that are to die for and is yet another factor which is enticing tourists and backpackers to the land. Last, but not the least it is also the various initiatives taken by the Government and travel organizations like Dream Holidays to facilitate comfortable travelling in the state, that is attracting tourists. Great quality and reasonable prices of Kerala tour packages are definitely making travellers happier. But above all this, the prime reason is its tourist spots that are embellished by natural beauty. All of you must be aware of this fact and might have heard about the lush green rolling hills, beaches, backwaters and waterfalls of Kerala. But how many of you know that Kerala is also home to some astoundingly beautiful islands. Well, if you don’t, take a peek at the list of the best islands of Kerala.

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Poovar Islands: The Serene Island of the Capital

Located in the capital district of Thiruvananthapuram, Poovar Islands has been drawing a lot of attention lately. The island is nothing less than a paradise. It is bathed in lush greenery which encircles the crystal clear backwaters where you could see water birds diving in to catch their prey. The bright green shade of the island is imparted by the innumerous coconut trees that blanket it. The island is open for visiting all around the year. You can visit this island anytime and enjoy its stunning beauty. Be it a honeymoon or a quiet family vacation, Poovar Island is simply perfect for spending peaceful quality time with your loved ones.

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Pathiramanal Island: Where Backwaters and Birds Define Beauty

Pathiramanal is one of the most popular islands of Kerala, located in the district of Allapuzha. Pathiramanal, meaning ‘Sands of the Night’, is a tiny island which stands out through its inimitable beauty. The backwaters of the island are adorned by the greenery surrounding it. But the actual striking feature of Pathiramanal is the rare and diverse variety of birds that it is home to. This is why the island is often referred to as a birdwatcher’s paradise. If you are into bird watching then, this is your haven that defines perfection. You will encounter various species of migratory birds here. Birds like Common Tea, Stork-Billed Kingfisher, Little Egret and Night Heron are the most frequently found varieties in the island. Though the island can be reached only via boat it is sure to make your trip more exciting.

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Dharmadam Island: The Dominating Island of Kannur

As the title suggests, Dharmadhan Island is situated in the land of delicacies, Kannur. The island is quite unique compared to the other islands in Kerala. This island which spreads up to 2 hectares of land is embellished by greenery which is lent by dense green bushes and the coconut groves which embraces the island. This is why Dharmadan Island is also addressed as ‘Green Island’. One can also see large rocky ledges amidst the vast expanse of water. Nature lovers can totally count on this place. In order to reach the islands, you can take a boat from Moidu Bridge. Wading through the shallow side of the waters will be an excellent experience. To be on the safer side, make sure you leave the island once the tides get stronger.

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Kuruvadweep Island: The Gem lying in the curves of Western Ghats

Kuruwadweep Island, also called Kuruwa Island, is one of the most serene islands of Kerala. This is the place where you can escape from the chaos of daily life and indulge in the goodness of Nature. The island is situated in the wild beauty of Wayanad. It is home to numerous endangered species of birds and even orchids. The emerald waters of Kuruwadweep is surrounded by thick vegetation comprising of rare varieties of flora and is encased by a dense canopy of trees. The Kerala Tourism Department has arranged all sorts of facilities for the travellers to explore the island to the fullest. You can avail rafts and fibre boats for trying out various tourist activities. This is one of the best spots for a family tour. There are many family travel packages to Kerala that includes Kuruwadweep Islands.

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Munroe Island: An Emblem of Pristine Beauty

Situated in Kollam, Munroe Island is a flourishing tourist destination of Kerala. If you were to ask any Native about the best islands in Kerala, he/she would definitely add Munroe Island amongst the top three. Munroe Island is without a doubt, ‘a must-visit island’ of Kerala. From a bird’s eye view, the island resembles an enormous sparkling sapphire stone surrounded by tinier stones of emerald. The water is crystal clear and exudes the most beautiful shade of blue. The best time to visit Munroe Island is during the months of August and September, as this is the time when the 10-day festival, Onam is celebrated. During this period a lot of exciting activities like canal cruise and boat races are conducted on the island. The Kallada Boat Race conducted in Munroe Island is quite famous amongst the tourists.

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Willingdon Island: A Calming Touch of the City

Situated in Kochi, Willingdon Island is one of the biggest man-made artificial islands in the state. A large section of the tourists is unaware of such an attraction lying in the outskirts of Kochin City. But the island is extremely popular among the natives and is a favourite hang-out spot. The backwaters flowing through the island makes it worth visiting. The island is connected to the mainland via a bridge. The closest railway station is the Ernakulam Railway Station which is barely a half-hour ride from Willingdon Island. So, next time you are in Kochi do ask your guide to drive you to the stunning Willingdon Island.

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The Indelible Stay at the Munnar Hill Station

Kerala is a paradise located on earth where the people get to the escapade in the wildest of nature. And when fed with all the best facilities for travel, the journey becomes the best of all time. I belonged to Raipur and had no absolute plan of traveling to Kerala until our family friends had taken a trip to Munnar, ‘The Kashmir of south India’. We decided to explore this beautiful destination and set off on a family tour to Kerala from Chattisgarh. As we reached the Cochin International Airport, we got into the cab that had been sent to us by the Stunning Resorts in Kerala we had booked beforehand. It was evening and the sun was setting. As we drove through,  we passed through agricultural lands and evergreen grasslands and finally reached our destination after a three-hour drive.

It was night and our resort Broad Bean had been illuminated with decorative lights. The climate had been cold and soothing and we wanted to spend some time outside in the foggy night when the manager came and told us that they had a moon terrace and our dinner would be served there in a short while. So we went to our executive rooms and freshened up before going for the dinner. As we reached the moon terrace, we got the aroma of chicken and vegetables being barbequed and got to see all the people residing inside the resort there. A table had been exclusively booked for us where our food was served. Music had been playing we had been hogging all the delicious food.Candlelight dinner was being provided to the couples sitting on the other side of the terrace and the place seemed much more romantic with all the red balloons and candles that had been there.

We got down to the service counter after dinner in order to get some extra blankets and they informed us that we just had to inform them through the room service call. I also inferred regarding the confirmation of cab for our travel through Munnar for the next day and comfortably went to bed. The next day we got ready to travel while our breakfast reached us in room service. After taking everything necessary, we left to the first destination of our travel, Top Station. We reached the top after walking or rather trekking a short distance and reached the top from where we got to see the real beauty of Western Ghats. We felt like the clouds had been moving through us and could feel the mist on our feet. Mornings could not have been any better than at this destination. We walked through the place and enjoyed the sights of greenness everywhere. In some time we left for the next destination which was the Echo point which was also located nearby. The specialty of the destination was in the name itself. The echo that returns from this place is quite a fascination. And crazy people can have much more fun here screaming and howling into the air. We spend more time here before the sun started to spread its scorching heat in the place. We rode back to the resort for our lunch as our next destination of the visit was located on the same way. As we reached the Best Resort in Munnar, we got to see people who had been busy in outdoor games playing badminton and basketball. We asked them to serve us room service so that we could rest for some time as the trekking had got us quite tired.

After 2 hours, we walked down and got to see people who had come for spa services which are also being provided by the resort. We began our drive to Attukal Waterfalls. The destination was located in some 9 kilometers and we reached the eco-spot in a short drive. The place was lit in nature and was such a mesmerizing sight one could capture. We walked through a wooden bridge which added to the beauty of the place. Nature had never given me this level of satisfaction ever before. And the best part of Munnar was that the place just shimmered in nature and no infrastructure had overtaken the beauty of this land. We walked further more and could not take he our eyes off the falls. The adventurers were having a great time trekking here while we had been enjoying the view from the distance. The place captivated us for more than two hours as most of us did not really want to return back. But since it is not advised to travel during the night time at Munnar, we rode back to our resort.and decided to have a swim in the pool. Kids had already been playing in the kids’ pool while we took over the main pool.

When we reached back, the housekeeping had cleaned our room and we slide into our extra comfortable beds for some time. We walked to the small pond that had been there and spends some time pedaling the boat there. Even though there were enough Kerala hotels nearby, we were happy that we had chosen this place to stay as the facilities provided were quite good. And as far as Munnar is concerned, along with enjoying sightseeing and trekking, one should also take time to enjoy the climate of the place which we had been pursuing in this resort. We also called the service counter and booked a body spa for the next day. We could hear various sounds from the surroundings which probably belonged to birds. We walked through the resort and got to see a babysitting room for the baby residents. But none of them had been inside. We went to the restaurant and ordered tow coffee takeaways and walked sipping it to the room. Carrom board and coins had been kept on the table and we decided to play together for some time. We walked to the moon terrace which had already become my favorite place in the resort. We were served with varieties of seafood this time and it was a dinner delight for us.

The next day we packed some hot crispy vada for breakfast and started on our journey to Photo point. This destination was quite famous for taking pictures and hence we had charged our DSLR camera. We reached the place and surprisingly, photographers had been there helping the people take pictures. We clicked some with our camera and asked the photographer to get some group pictures of hours after which we left to the next destination which was tea gardens. when we reached the location. all we could see was tea plantations spread out to acres. The view was more than mesmerizing and we were eager to pluck some leaves by ourselves which the locals allowed us to do. We also got some fresh tea powder from the center there and got down to a garden where we were provided with hot packed food from our resort. We sat and had it in the garden and it was definitely a great experience.Our two exciting days were over and we were to return back to the airport in order to catch our night flight. More than the destinations, we were sure that we would be missing the Thrilling Budget Resort in Munnar as they had hosted us in the best possible way. We thanked the manager and cleared all our dues before leaving. The best thing that happened when we were returning was that we were packed with some snacks for our travel along with fresh juices and that was when we realized that the trip was one of the best with the best memories.

Ayurvedic treatments with Aura spa


From ancient instances, Indian subcontinent flourishes with a system of medicinal instructions without a doubt Ayurveda the conventional treatment technique with sturdy historical roots in India. The substantial branch of Ayurveda prolonged with Ayurveda treatment plans, massages and other type of traditional treatments. Ayurvedic remedies in Kerala are a lot famous and its good cost is absolutely excessive into the external international. There are such a lot of spas and accommodations are flourished in Kerala and majority of them are provide rejuvenating feel of herbal technological know-how. Ayurveda is enormously sensitive technique of herbal technological know-how and it’s a nourishing one too. We Aura spa assume each ailment have higher answers in Ayurveda the herbal way to acquire immunity energy. And we are one of the best Ayurvedic centers in Kerala, and our services are easily accessible by those who wish to get some refreshment.

Components in Ayurveda

Components of ayurveda

  • Kāyacikitsā : general and common medicine, that is medicine of the body
  • Kaumāra-bhṛtya: the natural treatment for kids, nowadays pediatrics
  • Śalyatantra: natural way of surgical techniques and the extraction of unfamiliar substances
  • Śālākyatantra: method of treatment for sickness which affecting ears, nose, eyes and mouth etc.
  • Agadatantra: toxicology
  • Bhūtavidyā: conciliation of possessing spirits, together with people whose intelligence is affected by such possession.
  • Vājikaraṇatantra: aphrodisiacs and treatment for raising the viability of humans.
  • Rasayanatantra: rejuvenation and tonics for escalating the intellect, strength and lifespan.

Research asserts that Ayurveda became originated from the prehistoric times, and few of its concepts are existed from the span of historical Indus valley civilizations. Throughout the Vedic duration Ayurveda gain enormous development and the later period the other non secular like additionally upload medical ideas into it. Like several idea and any theories Ayurveda is the extraordinarily natural way of medicinal idea and our nation India, is the house for this nourishing secret of refreshment.

Benefits of Ayurveda

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The holistic medicinal concept Ayurveda is a full-size variety of natural treatments also it has so many other benefits. Nature balanced Ayurvedic ideas make him or her robust, young, healthy and nice-looking too. Let’s take a step ahead to know more about the benefits of Ayurvedic concepts that follows the Kerala Ayurveda Resorts,

  • Most popular and natural health care system
  • Ayurvedic goods are entirely safe
  • Mind, spirit and body health care system for happy long life
  • Treat the entire person and finely eliminate the root of the disease
  • It gives prominence in defensive medicines
  • The most successful and natural way to detoxify the body
  • Highly faultless refreshing treatment
  • Based on the postulates of Ayurveda, a human is a small universe and the rhythm or span of life hardly connected with the rhythms of the universe
  • Every one cause diseases due to improper eating and life style of body and environment
  • By establishing a perfect equilibrium between the body and soul will be good for health and all
  • Human body has gigantic power to cure itself Ayurvedic treatments in Kerala

The nation of Kerala stands proudly as a backdrop of India’s rich Ayurvedic way of life. Before loads of years, the Ayurvedic treatments in Kerala and meals habits have become an essential a part of Kerala humans and their lifestyles style. Maybe it’s a first-rate motive for gain Kerala a widely known in the area of Ayurveda, and these days Kerala one of the fundamental tourism destination which specific Ayurveda as a trade mark of Kerala tourism.

Due to the presence of Western Ghats, our Ayurvedic machine has an awesome collection of herbal herbs in conjunction with correct medicinal property. Inside the courtyards of Kerala homes, in addition they domesticate medicinal herbs for a better and suitable health. These types of herbs are used to assemble herbal Ayurvedic drugs, which might be extensively utilized in Kerala Ayurvedic motels.

Natural beauty through Herbal facials

Herabal facial

Herbal facials, one of the herbal ways to maintain the real traits of a skin, an extremely good herbal face p.c. ought to deliver critical vitamins to skin. It ought to damage into the subcutaneous tissues a good way to deliver the required nutrients. Unique type of pores and skin want distinct types of natural facials. The facials that are stated in ancient Ayurveda assist women to get relieve of wrinkles, acne, darkish circles and pimples. Herbal facials boom the equity and softness of skin. People can effortlessly acquire most blessings of natural facials via using them in keeping with the skin type. Herbal face packs compose the pores and skin look younger and healthy. So try and access the natural method of pores and skin care, and upload a few glows for your skin with the best Kerala Ayurveda Packages.

Munnar Tour Packages from Mumbai

The Breathtakingly Beautiful Munnar at a Glance!


Munnar – the Lustrous beauty hidden in majestic Western Ghats! Munnar brings to one’s mind a picture of winding narrow roads and rolling tea estates which are always covered with mist and fog. They have the beautiful background of mountains of green and grey that look upon the fertile hills and valleys. Munnar is actually a confluence of 3 rivers – Kundala, Nallathanni and Mudhrapuzha. You will find a lot of rivulets, streams and waterfalls as you go sightseeing in Munnar. The place is so famous that Munnar tour packages from Mumbai are the most popularly booked tours in Kerala. Very near the dairy farm, Mattuppetty dam and reservoir are located. They are also popular tourist attractions which give a panoramic view of the hills and valleys. You can also enjoy boating on the lake here. Mattupetty is a hill town located 13 km from Munnar and having 1700m height from the sea level. The place is so much delight for them who wish to visit high ranges. The place which contain a couple of attractive destinations like Mattupetty dam, Mattupetty Lake, Top Station and amazing dairy projects. The place is surrounded with awesome shoal forests and grass lands. The climate and geographical features are more suitable for dairy farm projects. The attractive Munnar tour packages from Hyderabad contains all these attractive features related to Mattupetty. Mumbai is a modern city and the Mattupetty is entirely different from Mumbai. So Mattupetty is definitely a visual treat to them. Mattupetty dam is one of the major attractions and the nearby Lake is just amazing. The authority offers boating facility for the visitors. The major dairy farm project in Mattupetty is Indi-Swiss Livestock project. Mattupetty is one the leading tourist spot in Kerala. Top Station is a popular view point in Munnar. It is a must-visit during your Munnar tour. From the point, you can see some amazing views of the Western Ghats. You can see many hills and valleys full of greenery. During the right season, you can see the Neelakkurinji here which blooms only once in 12 years. It will now bloom in 2018. The Tour Packages by Holiday Mango Travel can guarantee you of a memorable trip to Munnar.