The 5 Essential Museums You Should Not Miss on Your Andaman Trip

No one would ever expect that this exotic archipelago does encompass such a rich history of both its indigenous tribe and its British settlers. The reminiscent of their existence here in the forms of their ancient structures such as the places they lived in and activities they had been indulged in times immemorial are made observable to the present and the future. All these pieces of evidence are anyhow collected, protected and preserved for the posterity here in the same land where all of these had happened. Moreover, when visiting these museums with the utmost care, you would get to analyze how the whole picture of Andaman was and how that had impacted the present condition of the islets.

The following are the essential museums you are not supposed to miss while you are holidaying in Andaman.

Cellular Jail Museum

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Being the largest Museum established in Andamans, it would take longer to roam around and analyze the exhibits of Cellular Jail Museum. The thought-provoking historical premises of the Cellular Jail of Port Blair would indeed as a whole will resemble a museum. Or in other words, they are meant to function as a museum where the present generation and the posterity may visit for further research on the British settlers. With the light and sound show organized in the museum, you would get to witness the mishaps the prisoners had to face during the erstwhile freedom struggle. Moreover, the jail constructed here was one of the scariest places ever made by the British colonial masters, as they are situated in the most remote places that anybody could think of. Now, its remnants are very artistically set by the administrative institution of the museum.

Samudrika Naval Marine Museum

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Situated almost in the heart of Port Blair, the Samudrika Naval Marine Museum is meant for protecting the marine life inhabiting these environmentally rich regions of Andaman. Even though they are known as Naval Marine Museum, there are more exhibits of aquatic life such as the corals, fishes and other fauna, unlike the fighting ships found in the Navy Aircraft Museum of VizagFurthermore, the visitors could get to widen their knowledge about the marine life from the exhibits of dormant corals and seashells that had existed underneath the azure ocean waters of Andaman for ages. You may get to behold at those nature marvels when you are indulged in activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving that would be readily visible in the tour packages based in Andaman. But you would only scientifically get to know them on the tour from your visit to the museum.

 Forest Museum

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The art of Andaman can experience to its fullest in this sophisticated Forest Museum of Port Blair that is located in the historic premises of Saw Mill in Chatham Island. The unique artefacts that are exhibited in the museum were sculpted from the timbers of Satinwood, Padauk, Peuma, Gurjam and Marble. You would get to stroll around the beautifully set garden composed of endangered flora and the stuff related to wild animals in the zoo adjoining the museum.  So the travellers of Andaman would pull over their vehicle and visit the museum in large groups, every now and then. Various woodworks installed here say much about the adventure and the art culture of Andamanese archipelago. Therefore, you must take your effort to drop in the museum on your mandatory visit to Chatham Saw Mill.

Zonal Anthropological Museum

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Owned and maintained by the Anthropological Survey of India, the museum offers a wide perspective to its visitors. The travellers visiting the Zonal Anthropological Museum would get to know briefly about the indigenous tribes who had dwelled in these islets namely, North Sentinelese, Onges, Great Andamanese and Jarawas. Various sections of the museum are meant for each of these tribes. However, among which they are more into the Shompens and Nicobarese as these Mongoloid tribes are separately set in the ethnic section of the Museum. The installations and exhibits of the museum will make you aware of the hostility of the most dangerous tribe of the world that is the Jarawas. Despite the ban of the entry of the remotes places where they live in, visitors would now find the reasons for such a restriction once visited the informative museum.

Zoological Survey of India Museum

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Yet another museum located in Port Blair is meant for the preservation of marine species. When you are visiting the museum on your tour, you would get to see and widen your knowledge about their survival of various other specimens of wildlife. The aquatic creatures preserved here consist of starfish, corals, anemones, whales and the dead fossils along with their skeletons. While strolling through the premises of the museum you would get to witness the birds such as hawk and parakeets stuffed scientifically. Moreover, these remnants of underwater marvels are collected from the adjoining Andaman Sea. Therefore, the Zoological Survey of India Museum is preferred by the researchers and science students to study about the exclusivity of the marine life around these parts of the Andaman Islands or the group of islets as a whole. Apart from all these, the museum is home to a sizeable population of diverse kinds of beetles, butterflies, birds and other mammals.


Besides these intriguing museums, other various spectacular experiences should never be missed while holidaying in the surprising islands of Andaman. There are beaches, historical monuments, shopping places and above all that the most exciting water sports. For indulging in all such experiences and beholding such marvels of nature quite effortlessly, you may contact Andaman Tour Travel. They are one of the best operators of Andaman based in Port Blair. The efficient travel firm will aid you in finding the best accommodation and cab facilities wherever you are wishing to stay and the sort of activities you are wishing to indulge in. Moreover, they had also curated some diverse tour packages with the inclusion of sightseeing to different scenic locations and that too at incredible rates.

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