Celebrate your fun days at Pooyamkutty

There would be no Malayalee in the world that hasn’t heard or seen the blockbuster movie called ‘Pulimurugan’. Even though it was made in the Malayalam language it secured many accolades from different parts of the nation. The movie narrates the story between a tribal man and the tiger that troubles the common people and sometimes takes their life. The mind-blowing movie was shot in a dense forest called in Pooyamkutty forest in Ernakulum district in Kerala. Words are insufficient to express the natural bliss and serenity of the jungle. As in the movie, the story revolves around the tiger but in reality, the jungle is governed by the wild tuckers who irritate the common ones by harming their farm. There are many more fascinating features regarding the Pooyamkutty forests. To know more about it, grab the tour packages from an authorized travel agency. If it is the price of the package that hinders you from purchasing the packages, you can directly consult the Gogeo Holidays. They frame many fabulous tour packages for the travel enthusiast. To make the trip memorable avail of group tour packages and accompany your best friends, cousins, or colleagues. Do not think that the Gogeo holiday only fabricates tour packages for the Keralites. They also draft packages for the people residing in metropolitan cities like Chennai, Bangalore, and Mumbai. While exploring the magnificent beauty of the richly populated forest do not forget to visit some of the historic monuments residing in the district with your friends.

The richly populated Pooyamkutty forest

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Situated in the Kothamangalm Taluk in Ernakulum district Pooyamkutty is known to be one of the outstanding forest reserve areas to catch the amusing beauty of the emerald nature. With the success of the Pulimurugan movie, Pooayamkutty experienced a rapid increase in the number of tourists from various corners of the world. Most of them reached thereby purchasing the group tour packages. Poyyamkutty forest range serves as an exquisite platform for practicing the various levels of trekking. There are many ways to explore the gorgeous beauty of the thickly populated forest. As mentioned in the above paragraph the area is occupied with wild elephants. Therefore before starting your exploration, you are supposed to gain prior permission from the concerned forest department. Even though the locals say that the tuckers do not roam during the daytime, as part of precaution it would be good to seek guidance from the professional guides. During the night time, these tuskers destroy their crops. Hence as protection, the people have erected an electric fence. So when you decide to build a tent in the sloppy regions of the jungle beware of the ferocious animals. Apart from the tuskers, one could also capture the images of other wild creatures such as wild boars, civets, leopards, spotted deer and macaques, and many more. The favorable way to catch the images of the animals is either by building the tents or by purchasing the treehouse from the concerned offices. Treehouses play a significant role in promoting tourism. Most of the nature lovers who visit the region, first enquire whether they will get any treehouse and that shows the importance of the same. Take out your binoculars to enjoy the meticulous panoramic views of the emerald surroundings and the birds flying high in the sky in search of food and shelter.

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A forest without a cascading waterfall is something unimaginable. Just like any richly populated forest, even the Pooyamkutty forest carries an eye-soothing Peendimedu waterfall. No one can describe the alluring beauty of the glittering waterfalls. If you are unable to visit the Pooyamkuuty and enchant the charm of Peendimedu, just watch the Pulimurugan movie once again. The large pond formed by the cascading waterfall not only quenches the thirst of fauna and flora but also the common people especially the tribal communities residing on either side of the jungle. It is the joint effort of the tribal people that help the forest to maintain the beauty of the jungle. To know more about the Pooyamkutty and its interesting facts, interact with the local tribal people residing in the bamboo huts. The forest and the nearby town are well-connected with a bridge built across the stream. But unfortunately, the bridge would be fully covered with water during heavy downpours in the monsoon days. Therefore it is advised that travelers are not requested to visit the stupendous place during the rainy season. As everybody known near to the waterfall one expects a good power generation plant. The same happened here also. The Kerala State Electricity of Board decided to install a hydroelectric power project but due to financial crises and geographical conditions, later the project was forced to abandon.

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It would be hard to find any good restaurants or refreshment rooms near the Pooyamkutty. Therefore you will have to carry all the necessary items to eat and drink. As aforementioned, do not conclude your journey without visiting the other fabulous places such as Thripunithura hill palace, Mattancherry palace, Fort Kochi, Marine Drive, Jew Synagogue, Jewish market, and many more. If you are accompanying small kids or you still love to play in amusement park, Wonderla amusement park would heartily welcome you. Along with also visit museums, galleries, and shopping malls. It would be happy to know that world’s largest shopping mall called Lulu shopping mall is situated in Kochi, Ernakulum.

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Witness the Alluring Beauty of Meenukunnu Beach and Chala Beach with your Dear and Near

Kannur is one of the captivating districts in Kerala. The eccentric beauty and dazzling natural bliss refreshes the tiring souls and stressed minds. More than the serenity the district is well-renowned for its unique culture and traditions. If someone wants to rewind the pages of the Kerala history the best place to help you will be none other than Kannur. Kannur is proud to announce that it was the first district in Kerala to showcase the various events of the circus. Along with it was the first-ever place where the local people learnt the various lessons of cricket even during the colonial days. How could one forget to mention the signature term of Kannur popularly known as Thalassery Biriyani? Can you imagine a place where travellers and food lovers flock only to savour the scrumptious Thaalssery Biriyani? The mouth-watering dish is not only popular in Kerala but in various corners of the world. To be part of the virgin nature and pleasant surroundings many travel enthusiast along with their family members arrive in Kannur and dedicate their precious time to enchant its alluring beauty. The stupendous beauty of the northern district could not be described in mere words; it should be felt from the bottom of the heart. When speaking of the natural beauty and solitude the first name that arrives in your mind will be that of Meenukunnu beach situated in the hearts of Kerala. The small water body situated at a short distance from the Kannur town is known to be an extension of the famous Payyambalam beach. There are many fascinating facts that are hidden in the Meenukunnu beach; to know more about them just narrow down the following paragraphs.

The astounding beauty of Meenkunu Beach

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 As mentioned Meenukunnu beach is a small extension of the Payyambalam beach, it is well-renowned for its stunning beauty encompassed with dazzling golden sands and shimmering crystal waters. Hundreds of beach lovers visit the beach by availing of the tour packages at the cheap rates from the trustworthy travel operators. As the beach is small in size many people who are in search of solitude and calm ambience flock to the Meenukunnu beach to enjoy its beguiling charm and untouched beauty. Situated in the Azhikode village the beach is also known as a beautiful fishing hamlet. The name of the beach itself describes the scope of the fishing. Meenkunnu in local vernacular is known as ‘hill of fish’. Over here one could witness the various techniques (both modern and traditional) to catch the fishes from the narrow parts of the sea. When interacting with the local fishermen you would come across various folklores of which you were unaware. Apart from the fishes, one could also capture the scintillating beauty of the shores bordered with tall palm-fringed coconut tress oscillating in the cool breeze. Do not forget to ask the natives to provide the fresh and tasty tender coconut water to quench your thirst. Along with it, you can lure your minds by enjoying the alluring beauty of various types of fishes, shells and tiny crabs crawling here and there in the sand bed. As part of souvenir collect as many pebbles and shells as you can, so that when you reach your early fifties you can bring a smile on your face by seeing them. If you think you have explored the magnificent beauty of the Meenukunnu beach, just move to the northern side and discover magical spell of Chala beach. Just like any other beach Chala beach is also visitor-oriented. Many travellers and locals visit the beach to revitalize and rejuvenate their soul and body. Even though the beach is devoid of outstanding beach activities, strolling through the soft sand bed will help you to build a good relationship with nature and its resources. If time permits explore the amusing charm of the Parassinikadavu temple and also backwaters. When someone hears backwaters, the image that comes into their mind will be that of houseboats. And there is no wonder in it. Backwaters and houseboats are known to be the two sides of a coin. Sailing in the luxurious houseboat and witnessing the unseen beauty of emerald nature by enjoying all the modern amenities is something that could be explained in simple sentences. When compared to any other factors houseboats have always played a vital role in enhancing the growth of tourism in Kerala. As Meenukunnu beach and Chala beach is not so popular tourist destination, you might find some difficulty in getting good accommodation. But if you are purchasing the tour packages from well-reputed travel organizers like Gogeo Holidays, you need not have to worry as they will do all the needful.

How to access to Meenukunnu Beach?

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Kannur is one of the most popular tourist places not only in Kerala but across the nation. Due to its mind-blowing characteristics every year it experiences a large number of visitors from various corners of the world. The district is well-connected with all means of transportation. If you want to arrive at Meenukunnu beach by capturing the glittering beauty of the countryside, purchase the train tickets to the Kannur railway station from hometown. Or else you can book flight tickets either to Kannur International Airport or Mangalore International Airport.

If you have decided to enjoy the beauty of the district, visit it during the Theyyam festival. Theyyam is one of the ancient art form practised in temples of Kannur on a particular day every year. To know about it communicate with the customer representative of Gogeo Holidays. They always give preference to the customer’s desires. As part of it, they frame special tour packages for travellers and their family members residing in different metropolitan cities such as Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. To make your journey hassle-free and memorable avail of the tour packages at least a month before the trip. When you pack your bags carry a high-resolution camera so that you can click good clarity images and could upload the same in various social media platforms.

Let us know the Salient Features of Chandragiri Fort

There was a time when all the members of the family used to reunite together to enjoy the good and bad moments of life. But now when the whole world is running behind economic development and financial stability they are forced to leave aside the happiness of the family. When compared to the past a few years it has been noted the youngsters have changed their mentality and started to give prime importance to their dear ones. The present generation is going back and learnt to follow the old customs where the families used to organize frequent trips to faraway places from their hometown. To make such trips more reliable and hassle-free many travel companies have come forward with exciting tour packages for the family members at cheap prices. Even though there are many beautiful places that are present in our country visiting Kerala with your dear ones will help you to weave sweet memories for your lifetime. Kerala is such an amazing place where you can find the best part of nature. The calm ambience, solitude and pleasant climate of Kerala attract not only domestic travellers but also many international travel enthusiasts. It is really a difficult task for the people to find the best place in Kerala to revitalise and unwind because all the 14 districts are beautifully designed. But still, if you want to catch the amusing views nature and also like to learn the unheard lessons of Kerala history, you are most welcomed to the northernmost district of the state called Kasargod.

Let’s have a glimpse on the Chandragiri fort and backwaters

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Chandragiri Fort is known to be one of the ancient forts in Kerala. The picturesque architecture of the fort carries the best views of interior designs of olden times. According to historians, the massive fort was constructed in the 17th century. The eloquent fort is erected at an altitude of 150 feet and sprawled in an area of 7 acres. The fort comprises of two underground passages and also a well and a pond. Due to canon ball attacks the sea-facing wall acts as a perfect view to the photographers to catch the best views of the Payaswini estuary. From the top of the port, one could enjoy the stupendous beauty of pristine River Payaswini. Also, you can witness the charm of the river and the Arabian Sea. In olden days the Payaswini River acts as a border between two strong powerful kings namely Kolathunadu and Thulunadu. Unfortunately, the fort is now in ruins due to ignorance from the concerned authorities. One of the oldest temples of the district called Kizhur State Temple is located next to the stupendous Chandragiri fort. Annually a music festival called ‘Pattu Utsavam’ is conducted were excellent musicians come together to praise the almighty lord. Along with the temple, one could also find a mosque erected across the longest bridge of the district. When travelling through the bridge one could catch the amusing views of the mosque. It would be a surprise to know that the longest railway tunnel of Kerala passes through Chandragiri hills. There are many ways to explore the magnificent beauty of the serene nature.

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The best and effective way to enjoy the alluring beauty of the fort avail of the boat rides at affordable rates organised by the local fishermen. Tourist hailing from various parts of the nation such as Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai utilise the houseboat rides to witness the stunning charm. By purchasing the boat rides one could explore the virgin beauty of the nearby archipelagos and emerald surroundings. While sailing in the boat you could hear some folklore and unheard stories about the fort and the nearby surroundings. If you want your voyage to be luxurious and remarkable one grab the houseboat packages from the well-reputed authorities for your family. Sailing in the houseboats and enjoying the marvellous beauty of the surroundings would be definitely a remarkable experience. While enjoying the beauty of the virgin nature you can savour the scrumptious delicacies prepared in traditional style. Also if you want to spend a night in the houseboat, contact with you travel planners to do the needful. Most of the visitors who visit the island by purchasing the family tour packages are allowed to encourage setting up a tent and that too in the night. It is really an awesome moment to gaze at the dazzling stars with your dear friends when sharing your untold stories with each other. Along with it if you are lucky you can also hear the melodious sometimes terrifying sounds of birds (that might interrupt your pleasant sleep).

Some fascinating ways to arrive at Chandragiri Fort

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The Chandragiri fort is well-connected with road, rail, air and water. Travellers from various corners of the world could easily reach Chandragiri fort without any difficulty. Situated 4 km apart from Kasargod and 12 km from Bekal, frequent buses ply from these places to the most famous fort, Chandragiri. The nearest airport to the Chandragiri fort is Mangalore International Airport and Kannur International Airport. If you want to capture the alluring images of nature ad its resources you can book train tickets to Kasargod railway station.

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Explore the Magnificent Beauty of Muthanga Forest

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Kerala is abundantly blessed with the magnificent resources of nature. The emerald surroundings of Kerala encompassed with richly populated tall trees, excellent collection of fauna and flora wandering in the midst of large woods, cerulean seas, pristine rivers, breathtaking hill stations enveloped with carpets of mist and fog, lovely hamlets, moderate climate and many more. Just spend a day in the arms of Mother Nature in Kerala you would definitely understand why the state has been accredited with a tagline ‘god’s own country’. Each nook and corner of the state has been so beautifully designed people who visit Kerala will be tempted to visit it again and again. The 14 districts of Kerala carry a magical spell that attracts travellers not only from different states of India but also from foreign nations. There are many factors that make Kerala a perfect tourist destination. One among them is it offers a plethora of opportunities to practise adventure games. Trekking is the only enthralling event that is admired with all ages of people. Even though there are many places in the state to learn various levels of trekking. Muthanga forest situated in the hearts of Wayanad district is known to be a haven for trekkers. There are many more fascinating features related to trekking. To know more about it grab the tour packages from the famous travel operators.

Lush green Muthanga forest

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Situated at a distance of 16 km from Sultan Bathery, Muthanga forest is also widely known as Wayanad wildlife sanctuary. The forest is encapsulated with wide varieties of trees, medicinal herbs, rare and endangered species of animals and birds such as monkeys, wild dogs, civets, squirrels, cats, tigers, panthers, lions, leopards. Jungle fowls, cuckoos, woodpeckers, owl and babblers are the commonly seen birds in the forest. The largely seen trees in the sanctuary are moist deciduous, dry deciduous and semi-evergreen forests. The amusing forest of Kerala connects Bandipur and Nagarhole sanctuaries of Karnataka and Mudumali ranges of Tamil Nadu. Sprawled in an area of 343 sq. km the forest was officially declared as a sanctuary in the year 1973. The amusing Muthanga wildlife sanctuary is a part of the four forests namely Kuriachiat, Tholpetty, and Sulthan Bathery. Hundreds of hundred travel enthusiasts flock to the region to catch the best views of nature. As the sanctuary shelters, the amusing species many travellers accompany their family with them. Over there along with nature enthusiast, you could also find many photography enthusiasts wandering in the different parts of the sanctuary with their high-resolution camera. There are different ways to explore the magnificent beauty of the region. Either you can opt for elephant safari or jeep safari.

Explore the outstanding beauty of the classy green jungles with your dear ones.

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Jungle exploration can be done in mainly two ways. If you are courageous enough, you can try out elephant safari. With the help of the guide, you can ride on the elephant and enjoy the astounding panoramic views of the classy green nature. When you are planning to visit the stunning Muthanga forest, do not forget to carry a binocular with you so that you can easily spot many beautiful and unseen views of nature. Another method is to avail of jeep safari from the authorised dealers. Most of the travel planners inculcate the best jeep safaris in their tour package. But if you can’t find one don’t worry you can contact the Gogeo Holidays in Kerala. They draft the trip packages for the family by incorporating the best adventure events and amusing sightseeing destinations. The two-hour jeep safari is conducted through the unvisited lanes of the jungles. You will be accompanied by a well-experienced professional guide who would be there to assist you to share some unknown facts about the jungle and its surrounding areas. The rate of jeep safari and elephant safari starts from INR 300. The timing of jeep safari is from morning 7 to 10 and evening 3 to 5 pm. During the jungle exploration if you meet with an accident or unfortunately gets a bite from insects and reptiles, without wasting a second you will be taken to the nearest medical health centre.

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Followed to jungle exploration do not forget to visit the nearby amusing hill stations such as Chembra peak, Soochipara waterfalls, Edakkal caves and so on. Chembra peak is known to offer a bird’s eye view of the lush green surroundings. From the peak, you could enjoy the stupendous beauty of the heart-shaped lake or commonly call as Cupid Lake. Soochipara waterfall is also known as one of the most waterfalls in Kerala. It is a really joyful moment to watch the water plunging down from a great altitude. Nature lovers who visit the marvellous Wayanad love to spend their most of their time at the Soochipara waterfalls. Edakkal caves of Wayanad are known to carry the unique writing styles of ancient days. According to the archaeological survey, the writings inscribed on the walls of the cave belong to the Neolithic and Mesolithic period. Along with this, there are many more places present in the district that directly touches your mind and delights your eyes. Before concluding your Wayanad explorations do not forget to visit the awe-inspiring green plantations of tea, coffee and spices such as cardamom, pepper and so on. To know more about the fabulous places in Wayanad grab the tour packages from well-trusted tour operators.

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Express your Love by Climbing to the Summit of Illickal Mala

Here is a question for the newly married couples do they have any plans for their most waiting honeymoon trips? If not, I would like to dedicate this essay to them. Explaining the importance of honeymoon in marriage life will definitely make you bore. Therefore, I would like to directly enter into the topic. Here I would like to discuss the most fascinating yet not so famous travel destination situated in the bottom-most state of India called Kerala. I know that no one needs a brief introduction to Kerala. Kerala is one of the most ravishing and alluring tourist destinations. There are many reasons for travel enthusiasts to avail of tour packages to the state. Most of the highlighting features that attract the tourists are excellent hospitality services, mind-blowing ayurvedic treatments, excellent scenic locations, calm ambiance, and pleasant weather. Due to these characteristics, the state has been nicknamed as ‘god’s own country’.

Kerala honeymoon packages

As aforementioned more than the famous tourist destinations, the state is comprised of unexplored places. Trust me more than the popular picnic destinations it is the least explored places that will delight your eyes and soothe your minds. Illikkal Kallu is one such tourist place situated in the hearts of Kottayam district that within a short span of time, has grabbed thousands of hearts. More than the families it is the newly married couples visit the place to enjoy their honeymoon in the immense solitude place. It is really hard to describe the beguiling charm of the lush green place in mere words. Therefore, when you pack your bags to Illickal Kallu do not forget to carry a high-resolution camera and binocular top capture there are and undistinguished images of the serene nature. Before purchasing tour packages to Illickal Kallu, just narrow down the following paragraphs and learn the fascinating features of the place.

 Illickal Kallu- Least explored, yet a marvelous tourist destination

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Situated at a distance of 50 km from the main town of Kottayam Illickkal Kallu is positioned at a height of 4000 ft above the mean sea level. The hill region is popular among the adventure enthusiast as it gives a plethora of options for them to practice trekking, mountaineering, and rock climbing, and so on. Not only the trekking to the summit of peak si daring but the road journey from your hometown to the destination is really enthralling. The path mainly comprises of several hairpin and zigzag roads. Therefore, accompany a professional driver who is an expert in driving in the daring paths. If you are purchasing tour packages from the prominent travel operators, they will arrange a driver cum tour guide to make your excursion stress-free.

There are three magnificent rocks that make the Illickal Mala famous

The most luring Illickal Mala is comprised of three spectacular hills with an altitude of 3400 feet each.  The three hills vary in their peculiar shape and structure. The foremost hill which resembles the shape of a mushroom is popularly called as ‘umbrella-shaped rock’ or ‘ Kuda Kallu’ in colloquial language. Followed to it is the most famous hill called ‘Koonu Kallu’, the hill is well-renowned for growing the medicinal herbs. The most amusing feature of these two rocks are they are connected with a small bridge. Due to the structure of the bridge and the peculiarity of the landscape the bridge is called ‘Narakapalam’ in the Malayalam language that means ‘a bridge to hell’. The ultimate or final hill called Illickal Kallu is famous for nurturing the rare medicinal plant called Neela Koduveli. The sapphire flowers add beauty to the bare hills. The local residents say that planting those flowering plants will bring prosperity and good health. What makes the hill so famous is some portions of it is fallen. It is always said that the amusing beauty of the Illickal Kallu reminds the famous hill station called Kodaikanal.

Don’t miss these eye-soothing attractions situated next to Illickal Kallu

Kattikayam waterfalls

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It is always said that concluding the Illickkal Mala without visiting the famous Kattikayam waterfalls would be a big loss. Spending private moments on the slopes of the waterfalls cascading from a great altitude will truly pump your oxytocin and provide enough time to you to enhance your precious relationship. You can enjoy some quality moments at the Kattikayam waterfalls by splashing water on each other’s faces. If you can lazy top drench in the pure crystal-clear water plunging down, you can rest in the bamboo planks and enjoy its splendid beauty. The tall trees surrounding the waterfalls oscillating in the cool breeze will tickle your hair and incite joy and romance in you.


Kerala honeymoon

Vagamon, situated in the Kottayam district is known to be a haven for newly married couples. Most of the romantic couples when decide to celebrate their lovely honeymoon in Kerala, the first name that runs into their minds will be that of Vagamon. Not only Keraliteis but also travelers from Delhi, Pune, and Mumbai avail of honeymoon packages to the above-mentioned destination. Vagamon is known to be a home for emerald plantations of spices, tea and coffee, and so on. It is also famous for practicing paragliding. The cold weather and scenic nature together make Vagamon a romantic destination for newly married couples.


Tour packages

It is normal that if there are trees, obviously they shed. But there is a valley in Kottayam close to Illickal Mala where the trees do not shed their flowers and leaves. Isn’t it surprising? Along with honeymooners, many visitors along with their families visit the region to be part of the marvelous phenomenon of nature. Another intriguing feature of the valley is it provides a mirror-perfect image of morning sun to the visitors. By trekking to the highest point called Kannadipara will offer you an excellent panoramic view of the lush green surroundings on your honeymoon tour.

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Kattullamala and Thiruvonamala; The Exquisite Destinations to Enjoy the Serene Beauty

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Travelling and exploring new places is a common practice for ages. By visiting the unvisited destinations people can understand the various aspects of life and nature in an elaborate way. It would not be right if one says all the people in the world love to explore the stupendous beauty of the unknown destinations. Most of them are forced to visit new places while others travel to unknown destinations due to their passion and interest. It is always said that the best way to rejuvenate and revitalize the tiring soul is by visiting the mind-blowing serene places enriched with wide varieties of natural resources. Visiting the highly developed places encompassed with all kinds of modern amenities might help you to gain happiness that lasts for a short time period. As all the places in the world are crafted in a beautiful manner it would be hard for anyone to spot the best and fabulous place to enjoy the leisure holidays. But if you are in search of serene and marvellous places, Kerala, famously known as ‘god’s own country’ would be the perfect choice for travellers of all ages. When someone plans to celebrate their exotic holidays in Kerala the first image that runs into their mind will that of famous hill stations such as Munnar, Thekkady, Wayanad and many more. But apart from these places, there are many tourist places that are unknown to travellers. To know more about it just narrow down the following lines and learn more about it.

  1. Kattullamala

Kerala Tour packages

Kattullamala is one of the most beautiful and mind-blowing tourist destinations in Kerala. The beguiling beauty of the scintillating destination could not be described in mere words. The mesmerising hilly region is situated on the western portions of the northern district of Kerala called Calicut. The district is not only famous for its stupendous beauty but also for mouth-watering delicacies and eye-soothing destinations. Kattullamala is one of the upcoming tourist destinations in Kerala. Only to be part of this awesome nature hundreds of hundred travel enthusiasts flock to the region by availing of tour packages. The trip would be more interesting if you accompany a group of close friends or family members. The alluring hilly region is nestled between Peruvannamuzhi and Kakkayam hydroelectric power generation. Situated in Koyilandi taluk at a distance of 45 km from Calicut Kattullamala offers outstanding views of nature to the visitors. It is positioned at an altitude of 2400 feet. The breathtaking hill is surrounded by deep valleys. Climbing to the top of the valleys one could enjoy the resplendent panoramic views of the emerald surroundings. The fun-filled hide and seek game of fog and the sudden heavy downpours followed to it; the oscillation of trees in cool breeze and trekking to the top of the hill and many would provide an electrifying experience to the visitors. Along with it, you can also catch the gorgeous views of the Arabian Sea and also some dazzling places such as Kozhikode, Veliyekkal, the cape of Nandi Bagat, and Thalassery. Another feature that makes the region so popular is you can catch its meticulous beauty from nearby districts such as Wayanad, Kozhikode, Kannur, and Malappuram. The most favourable time to visit the region is during evenings as it is the perfect moment to enjoy the glittering beauty of the setting of the sun and also moonrise.  Do not forget to carry a good camera to capture the colourful horizon followed to the sunset and the whole region would be glowing in beauty as if someone has lit the lamps. If you are setting a tent in the night over there, you can easily count the stars twinkling in the dark black sky. The best and effective way to commute to the thrilling tourist place is by availing of flight tickets to Calicut International Airport situated at a distance of 70 km and or can purchase the train tickets to Kozhikode railway station located at a distance of 41 km.

  1. Thiruvonam mala

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If you are a Malayalee the name of the mountain would sound surprising isn’t it? Thiruvonam is one of the prominent cultural festivals of Kerala. The real name of the mountain is actually Oorakam mala but during the festive days of Onam, a large number of programmes and rituals are practised. Thiruvonam Mala is one scenic tourist place situated in the hearts of Malappuram district. Positioned at a height of 2200m the alluring hilly region is known to be a haven for bird watchers. When standing on the top of the mountain you can catch the amusing images of monkeys hanging on trees and revitalize the tiring souls by inhaling unpolluted cool breeze. The captivating peak shares its space with two neighbouring panchayaths namely Kannamangalam and Oorakam. The intriguing feature that makes the region so popular is the presence of the 2000 year old temple dedicated to Sri Shankara Narayana Swamy. The temple is also known as Sri Shankara Narayana Swamy Temple or Thiruvarachanamkunnu temple. The most fascinating part of the temple was completely using granite stones!!! It is believed that it is one of the oldest temples after the famous Sabarimala temple. Annually on the Thiruvonam day of Thulam month of Malayalam calendar festival is conducted in the temple with the presence of nearly 5000 devotees. The lush green meadows and a large collection of varied species of scorpions and different types of black sparrows quenching their thirst from the natural spring cascading down from the rock will definitely be a delight for your eyes and soothe your minds.

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Some intriguing facts related to Chavittu Nadakam- the ancient art form of Kerala

Could anyone tell which is the first image that runs into your mind when you hear the name Kerala for the first time? I think it would be the breathtaking hill stations enveloped in mist and fog. The green carpets of tea, coffee and spice plantations add beauty to the deep funnel-shaped valleys situated at an average altitude form the surface. Or is it the enormous collection of various types of fauna and flora. It would be hard for anyone to accurately tell the specific factor that lures thousands of thousands of travellers from various parts of the world. The calm ambience and picture-perfect landscapes always surpass the fascinating natural resources abundantly bestowed by the almighty to the only state called Kerala situated on the bottom sector of the democratic country, India. Describing the marvellous ambiguity of serene Kerala in a single essay would be a little tedious job. Just as the natural resources captivate travellers to purchase the tour packages at cheap prices for their family to Kerala. In the same way, the ancient and undistinguished art forms also grab people not only from foreign countries but also from neighbouring cities such as Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai. Out of the many art forms, many dance and music of olden days are unfortunately vanishing form the state. The unawareness of the importance of art forms, ignorance of protecting the ancient traditions played a significant role in the disappearance of the mind-blowing art forms. Chavittu Nadakam one of the outstanding art form of Kerala once attracted many national and international tourist to marvel their hearts. The typical dance steps and the unique tone make Chavittu Nadakam a fabulous art form in the state. To know more about it fascinating features about Chavittu Nadakam scroll down the following paragraphs and absorb the valuable facts related to it.

Some unknown facts about the ancient Christian art form, Chavittu Nadakam


Just like every religion, even the Christians have a unique art form called Chavittu Nadakam. There would be no wrong if one says that ancient art forms especially Chavittu Nadakam gave a new identity to Christianity in Kerala. In colloquial language ‘Chavittu’ means a stamp or huge steps and ‘nadakam’ means drama. Hence Chavittu nadakam means a drama where artists stamp the floor according to the musical beats. There is no proper when and where did the Chavittu Nadakam originate. Some say that during the 16th century a few traders from Portuguese arrive in Kerala and found that the Hindu religion had their own art form called Kathakali. It played a vital role in grabbing many people to their community. Therefore the Portuguese traders together with some local people gave birth to the eccentric and fabulous art form called Chavittu Nadakam. Some say that even before the arrival of European traders the Christians of Kerala practised Chavittu Nadakam. But to them, historians have to say a few steps of the drama resembles the European opera.

 Chavittu Nadakam not only concentrates to Biblical stories but also to…

The amusing composition of dance and song called Chavittu Nadakam mainly portrays the famous stories from the holy book the Bible such as the popular fights between David and Goliath, and so on. Along with it they also inculcate some well-renowned war stories of those times such as the war between Alexander the great and David, Charles the great and many more. The early stages of the drama the artisans mainly focused on the themes such as adventure stories and incidents from the spiritual books. But in the following centuries, they started to emphasize the stories such as Komala Chandrika, Njanasundhari, Karlsman, Sathyapalan and Anjelica. The songs used in the drama are a combination of two languages namely Malayalam and Tamil and sung by the performers itself.

The exquisite attires used for the gorgeous drama attracts many art lovers

Normally the Chavittu Nadakam is performed on the open stages but on rare occasions, it is played in the interior parts of the church. The artisans perform the drama on the wooden planks and when they performers stamps on it; it creates a huge sound and hence the drama was baptised as Chavittu Nadakam in colloquial language. The glittering attires were once imported from the European countries resembled the royal kings and queens of those nations. Along with royal costumes they performers also use eye-catching ornaments.

Kerala Chavittu Nataka Academy – the home of Chavittu Nadakam

Chavittu Nadakam is mainly practised in the southern regions of Kerala especially Thrissur, Ernakulum, Kollam, Alleppey and so on. In order to protect the marvellous art form, Chavittu Nadakam is widely practised and trained in the Kerala Chavittu Nataka Academy. It was established in the year 2005 and trains hundreds of art lovers. It is the perfect place to learn the various aspects of the Chavittu Nadakam. Many art enthusiast flocks to the academy to learn its various factors by purchasing the tour packages from the prominent travel operators. As part of conserving the ancient art form the state government of Kerala included in the school and college youth festival. Day by day our world is changing and many things such as ceremonies and different types of rituals and functions are also being altered. The rituals and functions which prolonged for several days have now been cut short into one or two days. Similarly, Chavittu Nadakam has also been altered into an art form of 2 to 3 hours. Initially, the stage was occupied with more than 100 participants and now been limited to nearly 75 members.

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Enjoy the panoramic beauty of surreal nature with your partner at Varayadumotta

There are many places in the world that act as a perfect destination for newly married couples to enjoy their most romantic days. As everybody knows honeymoon plays a significant role in moulding a peaceful and happy married life so as the destination. Everybody says that their honeymoon did not reach up to their expectation or they were forced to limit their enjoyment. The reason is nothing but the place they selected. It is always said that the destination plays a vital role in creating the most waiting honeymoon into a remarkable one. If it is the price of the honeymoon packages that propels you to select the cheapest tourist place for honeymoon then you can consult the well-renowned honeymoon planner called Dream Holidays. It is one of the few travel operators in Kerala who draft the packages at reasonable rates. To know more about the services contact their customer support team without any hesitation.

When speaking about the marvellous tourist destination Kerala always gushes into the traveller’s minds. There are many places in the state that turns out to be a romantic carpet for newly married couples to celebrate their honeymoon. Among the famous tourist destinations, Varayadumotta is a captivating tourist destination not only for trek enthusiast but also love birds (newlywed couples). To know more about the interesting features about the Varayadumotta scroll down the following paragraphs.

Explore the splendid beauty of the tallest peak, Varayadumotta


 Standing on the summit of the Varayadumotta, you can catch the amusing beauty of nature through your binocular and if you think it should be saved for your future then copy into the memory card of the high-resolution camera. Located at a distance of 30 km from the Nedumangadu taluk in the capital city of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram, Varayaumotta grabs travellers from various corners of the world. After Agasthyarkoodam and Meesapulimala it is the Varayadumotta that offers immense opportunities to practise trekking and other enthralling activities. The hill might be a tough experience for the beginners but it is a moderate level of trekking for the experienced ones. Positioned at an elevation of 1100 m, it offers mesmerizing views to its visitors. Hundreds of nature lovers avail of tour packages to enjoy its unique structure and scintillating shape. As it is nestled between three hills namely Ponmudi, Palode and Kallar valley you can soothe your minds with eye-soothing phases of classy green nature.

Varayadumotta – An excellent collection of fauna and flora


Varayadumotta or famously known as Varayattumutti is known to shelter the rare and endangered species called Nilgiri Tahr or commonly called as mountain goats. As these goats are not seen commonly many of the travellers especially the just married couples avail of honeymoon packages from the prominent travel operators. To enjoy the ambiguity of the hill region couples will have to seek prior permission from the concerned forest authorities. Then after completing the formalities in the check post a team of the professional tourist guide will accompany yours to the top of the peak. There are mainly two paths to reach the summit of the peak. One is from Mankkayam point and another is through the Ponmudi path. Couples who are choosing Mankkayam route will have to spend 10 hours to cover the 11 km to reach the tip of the peak. On the way to the peak, you can come across the Brimore estate. Covering the last portions of the Varayadumotta is considered to be the toughest part of trekking. On reaching the top of the peak you can rest on the flat surface and could capture the incredible beauty of unseen nature. Over there you could see the awesome moment of the clouds engaging in the deep conversations. Some of the clouds are so overfilled that they are finding the right moment to burst so that the dry leaves could quench thirst and humans could beat the scorching heat. It is the perfect place for couples to bring their hearts to their mouth. As ascending to the hill is considered to be tedious and adventurous same as with descending part. The 80-degree slope from the top of the peak to the Kallar Valley is considered to be slippery and dangerous. It is highly recommended that couples or trekkers will have to crawl or slide slowly to minimize accident rates.

As aforementioned, there is another route to conquer the peak. It is none other than starting the adventurous trekking from the Ponmudi check post. From Ponmudi check post you will have to traverse through the bamboo jungles. Before reaching the destination you will have to cross nearly 5 to 6 peaks. Even though the path is different the duration of the adventurous trip is the same. During your ascending and descending you should be careful of the wild animals roaming in the forest. Try to maintain silence throughout the trekking so as you could hear the footsteps of the ferocious animals. Along with animal, you can also come across the beautiful birds such as Indian giant squirrel and Malabar giant squirrel and many more. Just like any other hill station even the Varayadumotta is devoid of good snacks corner, therefore, carry the needed food items and plenty of water cans for your good health. After exploring the marvellous beauty of the breathtaking hill region you can also explore the nearby attractions such as Ponmudi and Agasthyarkoodam. Climbing to the top of the two mentioned hill stations will surprise you with its picturesque images of the nearby surroundings. There would be no wrong if one says these regions gives the unpolluted air to inhale.

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Whichever the season be; Madayipara always shines with bright varied colours

There would be no one who does not like to inhale the aroma of the beautiful flowers. Watching the blooming of varied coloured flowers in the vast area of land will definitely soothe your tired souls and revitalize your mind. There was a time when the majority of the land in the nation was occupied with various types of trees and flowering plants. The aromatic smell and mind-blowing beauty of the flowers attract the birds from different locations and enhance their pollination in a good manner. Such scenic activities really added charm to the untouched beauty of nature. Words are insufficient to express the ambiguity of nature and also its stunning varied activities. Most of the people who feel to take a short break from their busy schedules must definitely choose the most astonishing and abundantly blessed Madayipara situated in Kannur district of Kerala. Hundreds of flower enthusiast and nature lovers with their family gush to the captivating tourist destination with their dear ones by availing of tour packages at cheap prices. It would be hard for any environmentalist to describe the scintillating beauty of Madayipara in mere words. Hence stroll down the following paragraphs and collect the valuable information from the following paragraphs.



Whether it is small or large there would be no one who hasn’t seen garden at least once in their whole lifetime. But has anyone ever visited a floral area where its colour changes according to the season? If not, avail of tour packages from prominent travel operators and visit the stupendous Madayipara and enjoy its charming beauty. The most popular flat hillock, Madayipara situated in the lush green area of the northern district of Kerala, called Kannur, grabs travellers from different parts of the world. Like any other destination, it would be hard for any traveller operator to tell the exquisite time to visit the marvellous destination. During the summer the auspicious land will be decorated with bright golden grasses that reach up to the knee length. Followed to summer the monsoon will be dotted with lush green shades of awe-inspiring leaves. The outstanding region will be painted with crimson red during the chilly autumn and it will bloom with a compilation of sapphire, white and bright yellow flowers in spring. Famously known as the ‘land of flowers’ Madayipara is also renowned as a perfect foot hillock of the most popular Western Ghats. The captivating tourist destination is embodied with 300 species of flowering plants and 150 types of birds. Along with these natural wonders, you can also spot the insect-eating plants, semi-aquatic plants and aquatic plants. According to the geographical features the vast land could be categorised with wet phase and dry phase of grasslands. Besides the flowering plants, you can also fill your digital camera’s memory with alluring images of cashew plantations. Apart from the fabulous flowers and serene nature, Madyipara is also famous for some outstanding features.

 Some noteworthy attractions of Madayipara

Sprawled in an area of 700 acres Madayipara is also famous for historical events. To escape from the invasion of foreign rules a strong fort was built by the Vallabha King belonging to Kolothu dynasty. Without understanding its historical prominence the fort was destroyed. But its ruins will surely take you to the ancient pages of history. Apart from the ‘land of flowers’ the region is also known as Malik Ibn Dinar Mosque. The famous pilgrim centre was constructed by the popular Muslim preacher called Malik Ibn Dinar. Hundreds of devotees from various regions arrive at the third largest mosque of Kerala to offer their prayers and seek god’s blessings. The region is also well-renowned for sheltering the temple dedicated to goddess Kali called Madayikavu and Vadakunnu temple with presiding deity of Lord Shiva. The 10-day long temple festival of Madayikkavu temple steals thousands of hearts of travellers. While traversing the awe-inspiring lanes of the Madayipara you will come across of another historic instance called ‘Jew’s pond’. Even though it was constructed during 605 BCE and 490 CE the water from the hand-held shaped pond quenches the thirst of not only the local residents but also the countless tourists who flock to the region during scorching summer days. When you get deeply immersed in the interactive conversation with local communities they will rewind your minds to the olden days. During ancient times, Madayipara was an administrative centre for the Ezhimala kings. The flat hillock several times acted as a platform for many coronation ceremonies with watchtowers on 4 different locations. Climbing the zigzag stairs of the watchtower will offer you to the splendid panoramic view of the lush green surroundings.

 How to reach Madayipara?

To enjoy the emerald beauty of the countryside purchase the train tickets to the nearest railway station, Pazhyangadi railway station and hire private or public transport services to Madayipara. The nearest airport to the captivating tourist destination is Calicut International Airport and Kannur International airport. From the airport, you can hire private taxis at affordable rates. To enjoy the majestic beauty of Madayipara popularly called as ‘tulips of the garden’, do not forget to carry binoculars and high-resolution camera with you.

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Tailor your lovely days at Ezhumanthuruthu with your Soulmate

Among the various stages of life marriage always carry a vital role in one’s life. Most of us say by securing good grades and earning white-collar jobs will make one’s life. But the real fact is despite possessing the aforementioned elements if you are not happy or unable to lead a peaceful life then these elements will be of no use. To enjoy the amenities and other kinds of enjoyments one should be able to lead a happy and joyful lie with their soul mate. That is why people always suggest thinking twice about their partner before getting hitched. To strengthen the newly formed bond couples always choose to spend some quality time in some isolated or faraway places from their hometown. This is to enjoy their special days without any kind of distractions. Among the several places, Kerala is always seen in the bucket list of not only the honeymoon couples but also among the travel enthusiast and adventure lovers. There was a time when people hesitate to avail of tour packages to Kerala. But with the advancements in the tourism sector, people from northern states such as a Delhi, Punjab and Gurgaon have started to purchase tickets to the southernmost state of India to explore its magnificent beauty and to revitalize in its calm ambience. Spending a night in an isolated area with your partner is something special that could not be described in mere words. Ezhumanthuruthu situated in the Kottayam district, the land of letters is one of the upcoming tourist destinations in the state. By narrowing down the following paragraphs one would come close to its fascinating features.



Positioned in 8 km west of Kadathuruthy in the Kottayam district is one of the alluring tourist destinations for travellers from various parts of the world. The mind-blowing archipelago is the twin brother of the smallest island called Pulithuruthu. Even though it takes only 2 to 3 hours to explore the beauty of the 2 km long island with your better half while strolling through it you can gather cherishing memorable moments for your future life. When traversing the unvisited lanes of the archipelago you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the surreal nature. The direction of the rising sun carries the fabulous Ayyamkudy village and the western side is called the Mundar estate or Upper Kuttanad is famous for ‘monsoon tourism’ or ‘inland water tourism’. Couples who tour Kerala by availing of honeymoon packages make a random visit to the Mundar Estate. The awesome beauty and picture-perfect landscapes not only allures national tourists but also international tourists. When interacting with the local residents when exploring the region you will come to know the majority of them are engaged in farming and other agricultural works. Do not forget to click the amusing images of women in their traditional dress (blouse and long length cloth twisted around their waist by covering their chest with a white towel) immersed in traditional folk called ‘Koithupattu’ when harvesting paddy grains. Such scenes are exiting from the present world. So when you get an opportunity do not forget to witness it.

Hundreds of travellers visit the isle by purchasing the tickets at cheap airfares to attend the thrilling boat race conducted annually during the Onam – the cultural festival of Kerala. When talking with the elderly person of the island you will come to know about the mythological stories revolving around the island. Some say that when the famous leader Tipu Sultan invaded the northern parts of Kerala most of the Brahmins moved to the southern parts on their exile most of them settled down on the island. Once an elderly Brahmin who was crossing the river, suddenly a mango tree fell down and created an obstacle. After chanting ‘Ezhu mave’ which means stand mango tree for three times, the tree stood up. From then onwards the region got the name. Some others say that initially, the island had only seven mango trees so it got that name.

How to reach the stupendous Ezhumanthuruthu Island?

There are many ways to reach the iconic destination, Ezhumanthuruthu. You can avail of train tickets to the nearest railway station, Kadathuruthy. The Cochin international airport is the nearest airport to the scintillating isle.

 When to visit the mesmerising Ezhumanthuruthu Island?

 Even though the doors of the island is opened throughout the year visitors who want to enjoy the surreal beauty of untouched nature visit it during the months of July and August. If you feel tired of walking long kilometres you can take rest by purchasing houseboat packages and witness the dazzling beauty of the region. Enjoying the incredible views of sunsets and sunrise will make your journey into a remarkable one. To enchant the unseen beauty of nature buy the night packages and enjoy the classical performances by savouring scrumptious delicacies prepared in traditional style.

Most of the couples would prefer to celebrate their romantic days in the midst of the richly populated forest or in any of the breathtaking hill stations of Kerala such as Munnar, Thekkady, Wayanad and so on. But only a few of them would have heard about spending some precious time in the natural archipelagos. Spending your valuable time in the aforementioned destinations will help you to concrete your relationship with nature by indulging in adventure activities you can discover the precious gem hidden in nature. To make the enthralling games more cherishing tries to select the events that suit both of your taste.

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