Unveiling the Historic Reminiscences in Fort Kochi

Kerala, the southernmost state in India grabs travelers from various corners of the world. The state is known for its captivating beauty. Outstanding culture and traditions make the state unique and charming. The state comprises historic places like palaces, museums, and galleries. Nature has showered its marvelous blessings by providing the cerulean seas, tranquil rivers, shallow backwaters, traditional houseboats sailing in the undisturbed lakes, stunning species of fauna and flora, bare misty mountains enveloped with lush green plantations of tea and spices and many more. More than the natural resources it is the pleasing climate that pulls the nature enthusiasts from Ahmedabad, Surat, and Mumbai to tour the state. The present world is so busy that people have no time to spend on their personal needs and desires. Most of them are tired and exhausted with their hectic busy schedules. Availing the packages of Ayurveda therapies will help you to rejuvenate and unwind. The state has always been the favorite destination among travel enthusiasts. Kerala is a perfect place to learn about the ancient colonial days, ritual and traditional art forms, palaces and many more. Thousands of travelers flock to the state to learn its spectacular beauty.

Kerala, when we hear the word the first thing which comes into our mind is the tall coconut trees oscillating in the cool breeze. It is the only state in India where coconut trees are seen in abundance and that is the reason why the state got the name (‘Kera’-coconut tree). Not only the scenic surroundings but also the generous mentality of the common people make the state ‘god’s own country’. The secluded hill stations, sun-kissed beaches provide the best moments to enjoy some quality time with dear ones. The national parks and wildlife sanctuaries shelter rare species of animals and trees. To tour the amazing wildlife many globetrotters from Hyderabad flew to Kerala by purchasing packages from eminent travel companies. The state is blessed with 14 astonishing districts. Each district differs from each other in many aspects such as natural resources, technology, and amenities. Irrespective of aspects each district cordially welcomes travelers for discovering the hidden gem. As mentioned each district has own specialties, the Ernakulum district which is an upcoming metropolitan city in Kerala has something to tell the world. By strolling through the following paragraphs you will learn more about the district and its peculiarities.

 Describing one whole district in a document is not possible. Hence this essay is dedicating on the special touches of Fort Kochi. Have you seen the popular Malayalam movie called ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’? people who have seen the movie at least once will never forget the location. Unlike other movies the Fort Kochi the place where it was shot acts as a main role in the movie. Fort Kochi is the place in Ernakulum that still maintains its ancient vibes and tells how it was in the olden days. It is an amalgamation of ancient and present amenities. People of all generations love to flock to the place to celebrate their special days like the New Year celebrations. It is the perfect place for night parties and many more. Before understanding the present conditions let us have a glimpse of its past. Fort Kochi was once ruled by the Chinese traders. It is believed that the word Cochin has been derived from the Chinese people i.e. Co-Chin. The spectacular monuments and building built-in Chines architectural style depict the influence of Chinese in Kerala. Followed to Chinese, Portuguese, and Dutch were the other merchants who visited the place for various s trade purposes. Fort Kochi is a perfect instance of the rise and fall of European administration. The main destinations in Fort Kochi are as follows.

  1. Chinese Fishing Nets

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Chinese Fishing Nets were introduced to Kerala by the famous explorer called Zheng He during 1350 AD and 1450 AD. It would be difficult to believe that these fishing nets are still in use. To use the functioning of the Chinese fishing nets travelers are requested to visit the place either early morning or evening.  It is the time when the fishermen throw the nets into the sea for grabbing their earning. Chinese fishing nets are called as ‘cheennavala’. It is 20 m wide and 10 m long and it is operated with the help of counterweight stones and cantilever.

  1. Fort Kochi Beach

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Strolling through the Fort Kochi Beach, one could witness the golden rays of sunrise and sunsets. Traversing the streets one could capture the stupendous pictures of historical events and monuments. One could see the most ravishing images of Chinese fishing nets. Also, travelers could copy the stunning picture of the first-ever built fort called Emmanuel fort by the Portuguese. Tourists can engage themselves by indulging in various activities like fishing, boating, beach photography and dolphin sighting. While riding in the boat one can come across various small islands.

  1. St. Francis Church

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It is one of the oldest churches built by the Portuguese. It was initially made from mud and water. The church was later conquered by the Dutch and followed to its Anglican Church. It is situated on the premises of the famous Emmanuel Fort. Till now the church has undergone several modifications but still, it maintains the ancient vibes and beauty. The church shelters the cenotaph of great martyrs of Kochi and the burial ground of well-renowned Vasco Da Gama before taking to Portuguese.

  1. Kashi Art Café

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It is the perfect place to hang out with friends and families. Foreigners on their Kochi expedition flock to the Kashi Café to savor mouthwatering delicacies like the chicken burger, mushroom burger and so on. It is an exquisite place for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. While relishing the dishes travelers can also enjoy the various arts exhibited over there.

  1. Pepper House Café

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People who have seen the famous Malayalam movie called ‘Premam’ will not forget the popular cake shop run by the hero. The cake shop in the movie is actually the well-renowned Pepper house café. The place gained much fame through the movie. Along with the restaurants the place also hosts jewelry, clothes, and stationery shops for travelers to buy souvenirs for their dear ones.

The other notable attractions in Fort Kochi are Kerala Kathakali center, Pierce Leslie Bungalow, Princess Street Kochi, Vasco Da Gama Square and many more. To make your travel more comfortable avail of packages from the Lelagoon holidays. They formulate by giving keen importance to customer’s desires and needs.

Celebrating Honeymoon in Mananthavady – The Iconic Place in the History of Kerala

Is there anyone who does not like to unveil the elegance of emerald nature? How would it be if one starts his or her day with innocent chirps of adorable birds? Isn’t it would be pleasing? Many times I have thought who assigned them the duty of wakening up all the animals, trees and humans. Do they get the wages for doing so? Or is it a kind of thanksgiving to the almighty for giving one more day on the planet. Whenever I see the thickly populated trees in the forests I always think who waters them and who look after them. It is not possible for a few people to look after the trees regularly. Still, it survives on the earth for a half a century. The wild animals in the forest never have experienced starvation for more than a couple of days. Somehow they will get their food. There are many more examples in nature that teaches some bitter and important lessons of life that no textbooks could teach. The wonders and various activities of nature will teach how to lead a life peacefully with limited resources.

Cheapest Honeymoon Packages in Kerala

Most of the people in the world believe that spending a day in the lap of Mother Nature could gift wondrous experiences that no magnificent cities could present. That may be the main reason why people after their wedding decide to enjoy their honeymoon by exploring the beauty of nature. When considering our country India there are many places that truly display the immense scenic beauty of lush green surroundings. And the most luring place in the nation is the most popular Kerala. Year by year thousands of travellers visits the stupendous state to uncover the amazing beauty. Compared to the past now many travel operators have come forward with exciting packages to discover the captivating charm. More than the technological advancements it is the amusing charm. Couples travel to the state to enjoy the fabulous destinations in Kerala. They consider the state as an exquisite place to renew their marriage vows and to understand each other’s feelings in the soothing climate.

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There are many reasons for tourists to select Kerala for their short and long vacation trips. The cerulean seas, tranquil rivers, undisturbed backwaters, traditional houseboats, and excellent collection of various types of fauna and flora make Kerala a typical destination for travellers to rejuvenate. Not like the past, the travel cost to the state has now become cheap and best. Kerala comprises of 14 districts and each district has its own peculiarities. To enjoy the real charm of nature one should definitely avail of tour packages to the most famous district called Wayanad. It is the land of spice plantations. The bare mountains and bowl-shaped valleys are blanketed with emerald leaves of spices. Also one could find tribal settlements in abundance in the district. Wayanad is a haven for nature enthusiasts. The mesmerizing historical streets and caves, bio-reserves, and luxurious resorts make the district unique from others. Mananthavady is a well-known municipality taluk of the district.  By narrowing down the following paragraphs one could clearly understand the inner beauty of Mananthavady.

Mananthavady is one of the largest taluks in Wayanad district. The taluk resides on the banks of the river ‘Pusha’ or more commonly known as ‘Mananthavady River’. Nook and corner of the district have something reveals some pages of the history. In the past, the district was not accessible as it is now. The district was ruled by tribal communities called ‘Adivasi’. The town was formed in the 19th century. Ambukuthy is a place in Mananthavady, where a deer was pierced with an arrow and hence the taluk, got the name ‘Mananthavady’ (‘mane eytha vadi’). One could read the heroism of a famous freedom fighter called Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja or known as ‘Kerala’s lion or Kerala’s Simham’. The important places that could be visited while touring the taluk are as follows.

Pazahassi Raja’s Tomb

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The famous freedom warrior of Kerala called Pazahssi Raja’s tomb is situated in Mananthavady taluk. The tomb is located on the banks of River Kabani. The museum comprises of main galleries called the numismatic gallery, Tribal Gallery, Heritage gallery, and Pazahassi gallery. Also, it has an excellent collection of weapons, utensils, and statues.

Boys Town

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Boys town, when you hear this name suddenly a picture of boys hostel will come into your mind. But actually the place has no connection with the boys. The place is a mind-blowing sanctuary. The park is situated at a distance of 13 km from Boys town. It is a perfect place to witness the gorgeous beauty of tea and spice plantations. The gene park at Boys town was built as a part of the Indo-Danish project. The place is worth to see.

Post office Road

Post office road will take to the land of temples and mosques.

Valliyoorkkavu Bhagavathi Temple

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Valliyoorkkavu Bahagavathy temple is one of the ancient temples in Kerala with goddess Durga as the presiding deity. It is believed that the idol of the goddess was self-built. Every year in the month of March a 14-day festival will be held. The temple is considered as the biggest festival in Wayanad.


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Pakshipathalam is a paradise for bird lovers. It provides shelters to rare species of birds like the gold fronted chloropsis, Asian fairy bluebird, giant Malabar squirrels, gaurs, the paradise flycatcher, and the emerald dove. Pakshipatahalm is located at a distance of 36 km from Mananthavady. Travellers will have to seek prior permission from the forest department to visit the sanctuary. In the past, the eagle King called Garuda rested on a rock and hence the rock got the name ‘Garudakunnu’.


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Kurwadweep is one of the famous islands in Kerala. The island is uninhabited. Migratory birds and animals are ruling these 950 acres of land. Visitors will have to get prior permission from the forest department for visiting the island. The island is famous for bamboo rafting, swimming, and also trekking.

Trekking and bird spotting are the major activities practised by travellers and locals. Travellers usually visit the iconic destination by availing of packages from the travel operator called Dream Holidays. If you have any concerns regarding the package you can directly contact the customer support team.

A Few Salient Features of Agasthyarkoodam – The Breathtaking Peak in Kerala

Kerala is a gift of the Arabian Sea. The state is abundantly blessed with natural resources. It is also called as ‘God’s own country’ and no wonder why the state has been bejewelled with the title. The marvellous beauty of the state lures travellers from various parts of the world. Words are insufficient to express the beauty of the state. The meandering rivers bubbling over rocks, sparkling waterfalls flowing through the thickly populated woodlands, undisturbed backwaters, avalanching movement of sand in pristine beaches, emerald forest ornamented with wilderness and tweaks of birds, magnificent bowl-shaped valleys and awe-inspiring mountains blanketed with the lush green carpets of tea and coffee plantations and many more. One whole essay would not be enough to beautify the charm of the state. The state is adorned with many historic monuments and herbal rejuvenation centers. Most of the foreigner avails of tour packages for participating in various kinds of Ayurveda treatments. The climate of Kerala is favourable not only to Indians but also to people from other nations. It is being a decade that the state started to give prominence to the tourism sector. And as part of enhancing tourism sectors, many disquieting hill stations and historic streets were being unveiled. Thousands of travellers visit the state by purchasing the packages for a cheap price to explore the magnificent gem hidden in unexplored parts of Kerala. Kerala is a haven for adventure lovers. The breathtaking hill stations and offers immense chances to improve their skills in trekking and rock climbing. It is not possible to describe each and every sparkling destination of the state with its peculiarities. I would like to dedicate this essay to explain the salient features of the famous hill called Agasthyarkoodam.

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Agastyarkoodam hill is the second tallest peaks in Kerala. It is situated in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala. It is one of the utterly bare and precipitous hill stations in Kerala. It is situated in the premises of Neyyar Wildlife sanctuary with a height of 1868 m. The hill is known as Pothigai Malai hill in Tamil Nadu. The slopes of the hills are blanketed with purple orchids. The hill shelters to various types of birds. Famously the hill is known for trekking but most of the Hindu believers consider the hill as a pilgrimage. On the top of the hill one could find a statue of Agasthya sage withholding a stone crusher on one hand and a bowl of medicines on other hands.  Worshipers climb to the top and offer prayers to him. He belongs to one of the seven sages (Saptarishis) of Hindu ideology. He is considered the father of Indian traditional medicines and Tamil literature. The surroundings of the hill are occupied with a tribal community called ‘Kanis’. They are engaged in various activities conducted by the forest department.

The Story Behind the Agasthyarkoodam Hill

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For long years women were not allowed to climb to the top of the hill as the Agasthya muni was celibate i.e. Bhramachary and intervention of women will affect the purity of the mountain. But 2 years ago the ban on women climbing the hill was removed and in January 2019 the first lady to conquer the mountain was Dhanya Sanal. Followed to her 100 women registered their names for trekking to the Agasthyarkoodam hill. There is also a story revolving around the hill is when all the sages (munis or maharishis) went to Himalaya for attending the wedding of Lord Shiva and Lord Parvathi the tilt to one side. Then Lord Shiva insisted Agasthya Muni to go the southern portion and balance the earth. He obeyed the commands. Gradually he liked the place and decided to reside there.

Trekking to Agasthyarkoodam Hills

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Unlike other hills in Kerala, you can plan out trekking to Agasthyarkoodam hill when you wished to do. As aforementioned the hill is dedicated to Agasthya sage and hence trekking on it is possible only in the month of January i.e. the trekking routes will be opened on Makaravilaku till Shivarathri. Actually there are two routes that lead to the hill. First is through the Neyyar wildlife sanctuary and that is closed and the second route is Bonacaud village. The village is situated 69 km from the Trivandrum International Airport. So travellers coming from Delhi, Punjab, and Bangalore can either travel in local transport or can purchase the tour packages from Dream Holidays and the tour guides will guide you to the village. Trekking the hill will require three days. Before reaching the Bonacaud village trekkers have to avail of an entry pass of INR 500. Per day 100 pass will be issued. The issuing of passes will be started a couple of days before the Makaravilaku. Trekkers can purchase online also.

Itinerary for Trekking

  • 1st-day Bonacaud – Athiramula Base Camp

Travellers will have to reach the Bonacaud base by 7 am. It will take around for registration and verification. Do not forget to carry the necessary identity cards. Collect the food coupons and purchase the water bottles. You can start your trekking by 8 am. It will take 6 hrs to reach the Athiramula base camp. Over there you can rest and encash your coupon and satiate your hunger. After refreshing, you can stroll through the jungle. Do not make a loud noise as it will disturb the animals. You can build a camp and can spend your night in it. The canteen in the base camp works from 6.30 am to 8.30 pm, therefore, collect the food coupons for the next day before you sleep.

  • 2nd-day Athiramula Base Camp- Agasthayrkoodam Hill

After having light breakfast you can continue your trekking to the hill. It will take approximately 5 hrs to reach the top of the hill. On reaching the top of the hill you can capture the pictures of serene nature and soak yourself in nature’s bliss. Don’t forget to pack your lunch. Spend a few hours on the hill and return your journey before the sunsets. You can rest in the tent in the Athriamulla base camp.

  • 3rd-day Athiramulla Base Camp – Bonacaud

Followed to the breakfast travellers can descend to the village. It will take 6 hrs to reach the slope. From there you can return to your hometown. If you are new to Thiruvananthapuram you can visit the historic places of the district before concluding the trip.

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Dream Holidays are one such travel operator in Kerala that curates special packages for adventure enthusiasts. If you have any concerns regarding the same without any hesitation you can contact their customer representatives.

Tour to the Less-Touristy Travel Locations of Kochi in Kerala

The largest city of Kerala is a lot more than its backwaters and beaches. Actually, Kochi had been chosen by the erstwhile colonial masters for its most favourable geographical patterns. With evidence for that, they had built many colonial historical structures that are still operating as either some sort of government buildings or heritage hotels. Even otherwise, the district is home to earlier royal dynasties and so they too had left behind their footmarks in this land. Henceforth, Kochi has got to offer more surprises in the kitty to its international and domestic travellers. Discussed below are the less-touristy travel locations of Kochi.

Paniyeli Poru

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No one would expect the existence for such a glorious confluence of three small rivers at this spot located near Kurupampady in Perumbavoor in the outskirts of Kochi. A single day tour to this splendid location will be offering you a different face of Kochi, as here you will behold the rare sight of the dark-hued river waters flowing across numerous slippery boulders. Such a sight would be a rare one as they are located at this region of Kerala instead of any hill stations. Since they are only gradually emerging as a tourist destination quite recently, you will not be availing the tour packages that would include Paniyeli Poru from all the travel firms.

Kodanad Elephant Training Camp

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If you are willing to travel some distance from the main Kochi city to the north-eastern region in Kodanad, you could drop in at one of the largest elephant training centres of the state. Here, a small tributary of River Periyar is flowing on one side the camp, so you could watch the numerous elephant dwelling in the centre taking bath in their own world. Besides that, you may take leisure strolls alongside the stone-paved pathways built very aesthetically. Most of these elephants were captured from the forest of Malayattor in the earlier days and trained here in the camp. But now they are functioning as rescue centres.

Njarakkal Aqua Tourism Centre 

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Set in a picturesque location in the Vypeen Island, precisely in Njarakkal, the Aqua Tourism Center could be one of the best examples of how a normal geographical condition existed in a place was effectively converted to a hot tourist spot. The fish farm maintained by Fisheries Department of the State is like any backwater space of Kochi, but except for the fact that these water bodies are more serene and is rich in a considerably larger aquatic life. Visitors coming here could also avail the boating facilities in either peddle boats or Dhow boats along with savouring the traditional spicy recipes cooked from the fish caught from the farm.

Paliam Palace

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The palace used to be a hideout place for the King of Cochin during the 16th century away from their original citadel space in the wake of any crisis or for recreational purposes in Chenamangalamn near North Paravoor. As they were recently, renovated under the Muziris Heritage Project you could easily tour them and experience the royal way of living life. Although they were mostly concerned when the Portuguese Army tried to invade them, the bastion was built without comprising on any luxuries enjoyed by those erstwhile royals. The typical architectural style of Kerala with remarkable sculpting can be gazed here.

Malayattoor hill of St Thomas

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When you climb up these hills in amid the wild green covers, you could feel more sanctified rather than visiting a mere pilgrimage centre. Most of the sights that you get to watch and know are concerned with the beliefs of Saint Thomas to have visited the place. Quite strangely, the religious centre is also situated adjacent to the River Periyar. Some startling relics do still exist here such as the Golden Cross, his footprints, Marthoma Mandapam and the chapel. You could even get to witness a continuously flowing water spring that is believed to acquire some healing powers. Moreover, the mandapam constructed here follows a combination of Indian and Greek architectural styles.

Pallipuram Fort

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It would be surprising to realize the fact that the first-ever European monument of the country is situated here in this part of Kerala. They are the Pallipuram Fort of Vypeen Island towards its northernmost region. In its structures, you should not expect anything like the Bhadra Fort of Ahmedabad, as they were constructed by the Portuguese in the early 16th with only the sole purpose of observing any potential enemies who could encroach by sea rather than by air. These large hexagonal ancient structures can be easily missed from your typical tour packages as they are not much popular unlike the other historical monuments based in Kochi. Yet you may plan for a single day tour to the spot concerning their historical significance.

Apart from the off-beat travel locations disclosed here, there are various other destinations in Kochi that can be explored if you are a true wanderlust. However, you will be in need of an efficient tour company to help you. Gogeo Holidays based in Kochi in Kerala is one such travel firm that had acquired absolute customer satisfaction for its exceptional services. The polite tour guides of the firm will accompany you from the moment you arrive at either your bus station or airport. Moreover, they had set the most diverse tour packages targeting each sort of travellers such as honeymooners, family tour groups and for even solo travellers. You just need to pick up your most suitable package, which could fulfil your travel preferences. Furthermore, the most striking feature of the company is that these travel deals could be acquired at most affordable prices.

Unveiling the Hidden Gem of Kottayam- Mango Meadows with My Better Half

I don’t know how to start writing. I rethink it is the 5th time I am trying to pen down my romantic days in limited words. Don’t think that I wrote one or two words in my last 4 attempts and then deleted it. More than a paragraph I wrote and then I thought the words are inappropriate or the introduction is not good without rethinking I just pressed the backspace key. After refreshing for a while I reattempted the task. I hope this time it may work. It is a normal custom that newly married couples plan an exotic honeymoon trip soon after their wedding. But for us, we planned our honeymoon after a year! Isn’t it strange? Whenever we share our honeymoon stories with our friends they used to wonder and ask what were you guys doing till then. And I hope after reading this you may also have asked the same question in your mind. To quench your anxiety I will explain the reason.

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The main obstacle for our honeymoon was our ‘job’. We both were working in a reputed multinational company. Soon after marriage like an ordinary couple, we weaved many destinations for our romantic trip but fate betrayed us. Suddenly my husband was assigned to do a project in the United States of America. With a broken heart, we accepted our destiny. The project was only for 6 months. After 184 days my hubby returned and we again started planning our pending romantic trip. But again destiny started testing our patience this time I got an assignment in the United Arab Emirates for half a year. For securing my job I was forced to accept the order. It was very hard for us to live without each other. I moved to the UAE. I started to countdown each day. Finally, I returned back. Each time when we successfully pass the tests given by destiny, destiny itself will reward us with precious gifts in return and it was true in our case.

As I am friendly in nature I never felt any kind of difficulty interacting with people whom I have never met before. When I was in the United Arab Emirates one of my colleagues who hailed from Kerala, a state in south India (NB: The majority of the population of the UAE is Malayalee), was very friendly to me. We shared all our personal stories. One day accidentally I got a chance to view her honeymoon pictures. To be very frank the pictures were really awesome. For a moment I thought the place will be somewhere outside India. I inquired her about her honeymoon destination. She with little shy told me that it was none other than Kerala. According to me, Kerala was a state comprised of only tranquil backwaters and breathtaking hill stations. It was hard for me to believe they celebrated their first love in a park. They mainly concentrated the Mango Meadows of Kottayam district of Kerala for sowing their first seeds of romance. I also asked her does she had any relatives or friends over there. They don’t have anyone in Kerala it was through the travel agency called Dream Holidays that helped them to make their honeymoon trip fabulous. They availed of their tour packages online. On returning to Delhi I discussed the same to my husband. He was very happy and agreed to purchase the packages.

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The best time to visit the Mango Meadows is from September to March. By mid of January, we purchased the package. On reaching Cochin International Airport from Delhi Airport our tour representative greeted us with a garland made of lotus and also they applied a paste made out of sandalwood on our forehead. For a moment we thought after a year of marriage we again became bride and groom. From the airport, it took more than an hour to reach Kottayam district. On reaching Mango Meadows our tour representative guided us to lake resort. As we were very hungry we had lunch first and then we moved to our room. Words are insufficient to describe the relishing taste of food. Till then I had only seen varieties of cuisines in luxurious hotels but it was for the first time I am seeing this in the resort. By the evening we started our excursion. We first selected the shikari boating. We had already booked for the same while purchasing the packages, therefore, we didn’t have to waste our time getting the passes. Boating through the mangrove forests gave us a scintillating experience which we never had experienced before. Apart from boating, there were many couples who were engaged in various activities like shooting, cycling, badminton and archery and so on.

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There are many interesting things to enjoy and see. Our tour guide told us that the Biodiversity Park sprawls in an area of 30 acres with more than 4,800 varieties of flowering plants, 780 types of trees, and 174 species of fruits. The man-made park was constructed under the leadership of Mr. M Kurian. He is a true nature lover and took 14 years to build this park. In the park, we could not only see honeymoon couples but also many families and youngsters who come there to explore the serenity of the park. Most of the family bring their kids to the park for a picnic. It is the only place in Kerala where parents and children could enjoy their time in their own way.  As the parks consist of amusement parks for children and secluded areas for adults both can discover the gem hidden in nature in their way. As we wanted to spend a night in treehouse we asked our tour guide to make slight changes in the packages. And he agreed for it. Words are insufficient to express the feeling of spending a night in the midst of forests. we began our next day by hearing the meticulous chirp from birds.

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We also rowed in ‘Kotta vanchi’ (basket boat). We were afraid of whether it will break. But it was strong as a pillar. We also did fishing and fed food to the fishes while we were in the lake resort. It is the belief of Hindus that feeding fishes are like feeding to Lord Vishnu. We then moved to ‘Sarppa Kavu’. It is a place where serpents rest. It regarded as a sacred place by Hindus. People from various places come here to worship the serpents. It is believed that serpents have the magical power to cure wounds and illnesses of all kinds. There are many more places in the park. The park is actually divided into various sections such as Bird sanctuary. Over here we captured the beautiful images of varieties of birds in our camera the authorities have allocated special benches to sit and mesmerize the beauty of birds. Animal husbandry and Plant nursery is another place that helps to study more about nature. Nakashtraval is the place where people can find trees related to their Malayalam Zodiac sign. Bible Statute is another eye-catching place. The Bible is placed on a long wooden structure with its centre page opened.

After spending two days in Mango Meadows we moved to other places to explore the beauty of Kottayam. Places like Bay Island Drift Museum, St. Mary’s Orthodox Church (it is built-in Hindu architectural style), Poonjar Palace, and many more. After 4 days we departed to Delhi by carrying sweet memories and sweet gifts for our relatives and friends.


Best Things to Do for Honeymooners in the Less-Touristy Locations of Gavi in Kerala

Except for the fact that the state government had put some restriction in the number of visitors to Gavi on a timely basis, everything is favourable for Honeymooners to pick them up from the rest of travel destinations in Kerala. Situated most advantageous on the highway leading to Vandiperiyar from Kollam the forestry destination is a part of the Periyar Tiger Reserve. So the evergreen rainforest is home to diverse flora and fauna. Below explained are some of the best things that honeymooners can indulge in when you are holidaying in the eco-tourist of Gavi in Kerala.

  • Go Sailing in the Lakes of Kochupampa

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Who would not love to go for romantic boating while they are honeymooning? The travel destination of Gavi also favours its visitors an enticing experience of sailing across its serene waters. You would feel refreshed once you go for paddling across the lakes of either Kochupampa or Pampa. They can be called as artificial lakes formed after the construction of the reservoir nearby. As most parts of the lake are still untouched, you will find that the waters that form small ripples in the soft movements of the boat are crystal clear.

  • Spend a Night in the Rainforest

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Such an idea may seem daring to at least some! The natural beauty of Kerala can be experienced at its best, especially when you are honeymooning in these regions of Gavi. When booked your tour packages earlier, you will be provided with the facilities of charming tents in which you could stay privately with your partner. You may avail such services of staying up a night in the jungle once paying the cheapest prices when booked online. You could feel most affective to each other in this particular venture of your honeymoon trip.

  • Adore the Beauty of Neer Veezhcha Water Falls

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Barely a 2km drive from the prominent eco-tourism spot of Gavi will take you to the splendid Neer Veezhcha Waterfalls. Strolling along the forestry path up to the cascading waters along with your partner can be pleasurable. Again the river flowing across the large rocks is yet another tributary of River Pampa. You may hire a country boat and reach near the premises of its foot. As they can be sited in proximity to Pampa Lake, you cannot easily resist from visiting the place. Moreover, everyone would love to click a picture with their loved one on these exotic locations.

  • Catch a Glimpse of Sabarimala from the Viewpoint

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Although this may sound startling when finding the name of the viewpoint, as they were indeed a controversial religious space for all the south Indians for the past few years. However, from this specific viewpoint, you both will be able to behold at the famous Hindu shrine at a far distance amid the thick forests. The pictures captured from green meadows nearby would be your perfect epic honeymoon click. The cool mists formed in the spot can bring about a romantic mood for you instantly.

  • Go for Trekking

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There is a lot to explore in the 25km stretch in Gavi for the honeymooners, especially in the dense jungles of Gavi. In such an experience, you would get to know each other very well, as you both will explore your pathways alone. Or if you are insisting to have a travel guide with you, you may demand the same with the forest officials. On an approximate rate, the trek will take around 2 to 3 hours, which depends on your ability to stroll via the rough forest path. Furthermore, it would be recommended to accompany a travel guide before setting out to very bushy and dense regions, as you may rush into wild animals inhabiting in the place.

  • Romantic Getaway in Gavi

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You would feel closest to nature when you are residing in a treehouse for your romantic getaway in Gavi.  Such an experience is rarely available in the forest of KeralaLiving in such an enclosed space with such a limited, though primitive facilities would be indeed fun. Moreover, this special tour along with your best half can be made unforgettable if you are had booked your packages once referring to any efficient tour companies who would offer you the best with affordable price. Also, there are many accommodation facilities set up by the KFDC in the destination where you may stay in.

  • Exploration by a Jeep Safari in Anghamoozhy

kerala honeymoon packagges

This is exclusively set for the daring lots, who would love to make their honeymoon trip memorable. Via the jeep safari centred in Anghaamoozhy, you could avail the rare opportunity to endure into remote spaces of the Gavi. The jungle ride sparing the 2 hours can be experienced to its fullest if you had opted for a top-open jeep, from which you may adore at the real aesthetic beauty of the naturally blessed travel destination. Moreover, there is no doubt that you will be appreciating the rich flora and fauna for which Gavi is a bounty home.

When all these exciting things are said about the less-visited travel destination of Gavi in Pathanamthitta, you would be craving to visit them by any means.  As mentioned before, considering the sensitive ecology present in the location, you will not be permitted to travel in your vehicle in your schedule. So book your best honeymoon packages with Dream Holidays, who could help you around in making your trip to a most romantic one. Pick up the best travel deals that are fulfilling your requirements. Even then, if you are not pleased, you have the golden chance to customize your package with your personal favourite destinations.


My First Kerala Trip with my Family and Relatives

Kerala is prominently known as ‘god’s own country’ and it is famous not only for Indians but also for travelers across the world. The first thing that comes into our mind when we hear about Kerala is the tall coconut trees oscillating in the breeze. And the second image will be of houseboats and canoes. Many of the famous writers in Malayalam have penned down the mesmerizing beauty of the nature of Kerala. Along with the coconut trees, the state is also blessed with sun-kissed beaches, tranquil backwaters, turquoise rivers, cascading waterfalls and eye-catching varieties of flora and fauna and many more. Hundreds of thousands of travelers visit the splendid state to be part of the eccentric nature by availing tour packages to the state from the leading travel agencies.

It was my childhood dream to explore the state. When I was in the 8th standard, my parents fulfilled my dream. From Ahmedabad, we availed of tour packages to Kerala at cheap prices from Gogeo Holidays travel partners. I was really thrilled. It was for the first time we were going for a long journey. With all my cousins I really had a fun time. On reaching Trivandrum International Airport from Ahmedabad we were welcomed by a garland made out of jasmine flowers and they applied a paste made from sandalwood on our foreheads. For a moment we felt like we are chief guests.  The tour coordinators took us one of the best hotels in Thiruvananthapuram. We were amazed by seeing the secretariat, national parks and many more. Before reaching the hotel we visited the famous Priyadarshini Planetarium. On reaching the hotel we refreshed ourselves and by evening we went out for strolling through the historic streets. We did a small sort of shopping.  The next day after relishing mouthwatering breakfast we started our sightseeing. The first place which we visited was the Napier Museum. Our tour guide told us that the museum was constructed some 150 years ago and it hosts several mural paintings, musical instruments, sculptures and many more. Adjacent to it lays the famous Kanakakunu Palace. The palace was built by the King of Travancore. From there we moved to the famous Poovar Island. Over there we indulged in small kinds of beach activities. We also availed of the boat ride and it cost above INR 1000 (I exactly don’t remember the amount). By evening we returned to our hotel. After having delicious dinner we unwind ourselves.

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The next day we continued our exploration. After having ‘appam and vegetable stew’ we visited the famous Padmanabhaswamy temple. Our tour guide told that it is considered one of the wealthiest temples in the world. There are yet many more chambers to be opened and no one knows what is hidden in it. It took more than an hour to completely explore the palace. After exploring the palace we moved to the nearby beach called Kovalam. The beach is famous for its exceptional beauty. More than the locals it is the foreigners that are seen in large numbers. While playing on sand (we were making sandcastle) our tour guide shared many interesting facts about the state. I asked him how the state got the name. He told us that there are many stories behind the name. Some say the state got the name Kerala due to the presence of coconut trees in abundance and while some others tell it is because of the mythological characters. According to the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO), Kerala is considered one of the cleanest states in the country. The presence of hospitals and banks in every village indicates the development of the state. By the time an ice-cream seller passed us. All of us bought ice-creams.

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After a short break, he continued. More than the exploration, travelers from various parts of the country visit the state to be part of Ayurveda treatments. The state is famous for herbal therapies. Kerala is known to have the highest sex ratio. It also stands in the top position when it comes to the matter of literacy. He asked one question of why the brides of Kerala wear heavy gold ornaments. We kids replied it maybe because gold is available at cheap rates. He smiled and said that it is not because of that it is due to the country’s 1/5 th of gold is present in Kerala. He again asked another question whether we knew the state animal of Kerala. My brother replied it is the elephant and he appreciated his correct answer. Elephants play a vital role in each and every Malayalee’s life and they are used for processions in temple festivals. The next day we trek to Agasthyakoodam Mountains. The mountain shelters rare species of plants and herbs. It is a haven for bird lovers. Karamana River provides water to the whole district, origin from the Agasthyakoodam hills. It is also called as the second-highest hill station in Kerala. It was for the first time I did trekking and it gifted me a wonderful experience. We clicked on many photographs.

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On reaching our hotel I and my cousins were very busy uploading all the images into social media. Many gave us good comments. The hotel was furnished with all modern facilities such as 24 hrs we got hot and cold water, and laundry facility was also there. In fact, there was a special play station for children below 15 years. Soon after sightseeing, we used to spend long hours here. The next morning we bided goodbye to Thiruvananthapuram. I was happy and at the same time, I was sad too. Because it was for the first time in my life I am visiting a place which is far away from my home town. The trip really gifted me with lots of sweet memories that to be cherished in my early thirties. After getting the boarding pass I entered the flight and I pleaded the air hostess to change my seat as it is was far away from my parents’ seat. She accepted my request. I grabbed that seat and hugged them firmly and thanked them for gifting me such a wonderful journey.

The Miraculous Stories that Made Me a Strong Believer of St. Sebastian of Kanjoor

Don’t ever think that lying at the bottom of the country; Kerala will remain unpopular among the Indians. More than any other Indian state Kerala has made a special place in the hearts of not only Indians but also of foreigners. I have been always surprised by what may be the reason behind such large popularity? Later I realized that it may be the colourful festivals and unique culture and traditions. And it is true. The state is blessed with 14 districts and each district is known for its dazzling festivals. Irrespective of the religion and creed all the natives together celebrate the occasions in a grand way. Thus make the state different from other places in the country. It is being a long time since my mother was wishing to attend the famous church festival of St. Sebastian at Kanjoor church located in Ernakulum district in Kerala. I just asked her where she heard the name and what the peculiarity of the church is. She asked me whether I remember the day when my cousin (i.e. my mom’s nephew) told me about the church and the miracles happened over there. I said I don’t exactly remember what he said but I know that he is permanently settled in Kanjoor with his family for years. She said every year the St. Sebastian’s festival takes place in the month of January in St. Mary’s Church at Kanjoor. She also said that the saint is very powerful. I was amazed at how he could be powerful when the main deity of the church is Mother Mary. And I also asked her to share any of the stories if she was able to recollect from her memory. Oh! Why not I will definitely she replied (from her words I understood she was desperately waiting for someone to share the stories as she got me she was very happy).

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The famous St. Mary’s Church at Kanjoor which is located on the banks of Periyar River was built in the year AD 1001. Even though it is a Christian pilgrim centre the church was constructed in an ancient Hindu archaeological style. It also has copied the designs from Indian, Persian and Portuguese artworks. The sanctum of the church was made out of gold dust, fruit pulp, and rare plant leaves. The mural paintings of the Nativity, the Annunciation, Blessed Virgin Mother, the offering of Lord Abraham, the presentation of the Lord in the Temple and the Ten Commandments to Moses add beauty to the church. Apart from this the church also has a rare collection of paintings, manuscripts, and antiques. I asked her how could she describe the beauty of the church has she ever visited the famous pilgrim. She said during her school days, she visited this mesmerizing church with her siblings. During those days the travel to the church was a little horrible and it took long hours to reach the destination. The journey has now become easy. Nowadays people from various parts of the world visit the splendid pilgrim shrine by availing of tour packages from the famous Dream Holidays travel operators in Kerala. They curate the packages by inculcating the price of air tickets for travellers to visit the Saint of Kanjoor also known as Kanjoor Punyavan.
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There were many incidents took place in the history of Kanjoor that highly reflected the miraculous power of the St. Sebastian. Out of the several incidents, only two stories have gained much popularity. She started explaining the story. Years back on the day of the festival the famous ruler of the local kingdom named Sakthan Thampuran made a visit to Puthiyedam Kovilakam in Kanjoor. He was deeply immersed in a conversation with family. At that time the fireworks from the church interrupted his conversation and made the ruler furious. Angry ruler commanded his warriors to throw all the saluting mortars (Kathina Vedi) into the river. The warriors did accordingly. After returning to the mansion the mortars started bursting. The furious ruler scolded his disciples for not obeying his commands. They said they never disobeyed his words and asked him to go near to the river. By seeing the mortars bursting in the river he realized his mistake and went to the church and paid obeisance. He offered Elephant Lamp (Ana Vilakku) made out of from an alloy of five metals (Pancha Loha).

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Followed to it one more incident also took place. Years later the ruler asked to demolish the gatehouse (padipura) of the church. As soon as the demolishing started the elephant of the palace (Kovilakam) started destroying the gatehouse of the palace. Understanding his mistake the ruler apologized and donated a perpetual lamp (Keda Vilaku) to the church and for meeting the expense of the oil the ruler gave permission to possess the paddy filed of the palace without paying tax.

Another miracle that took place during the colonial period in the 18th century. Tipu Sultan visited Kanjoor and decided to destroy the St. Mary’s church. People over there begged the Tipu Sultan to not to demolish the church. If he attempted to do so the saint will punish him. But he didn’t hear anyone’s words. He even tested the power of the saint. He looked at the statue and asked ‘if the statue has divine powers let it speak to me’. Soon the statute replied ‘won’t you allow me to rest’. Hearing the voice Tipu Sultan left the place without destroying the church. And the incident has been mentioned on the walls in front of the church.

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After hearing the inspiring stories of Saint Sebastian, I now became a great devotee of him. More than my mom it is now me who desperately wants to visit the church. I told her to avail of the cheap and best tour packages to Kerala as soon as possible so that we could visit the church. But she asked me to wait until January. I asked why to wait for January. She told every year on January 19th and 20th the festival of St. Sebastian commences. And on 20th January after 2nd Holy mass, an eagle flies and it is considered as a glorious moment. I told her that I am going to book the packages for January in advance.

5 Romantic Things to do in Kozhikode of Kerala

The calm and historic colonial small town of Calicut is not only about its popular ‘Kozhikodan Halwa’ and ‘Dum Biriyani’, but also for its scenic locations and verdant hilly regions. The ancient city and its heart was a major centre for trading spices, tea and other traditional clothing. Besides that, the place is otherwise known for its generous living community. So, these are the natural wonders of the place. Here we are discussing few romantic things to do which may sound off-beat to some. Yet we are now into exploring the place as honeymoon destination rather than a hideaway to satisfy your tummies and relish them wholly.

Below listed could be some of the romantic things to do in Kozhikode of Kerala that can be implemented if you had chosen to honeymoon here.

  1. Stroll through the beaches of Kappad

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It was on the serene beach of Kappad where the first-ever European had set their foot in the land of Kerala. When the Portuguese traveller Vasco da Gama was here for trading spices, you may reach here for your honeymooning and experience the natural aesthetics of the location. They can make a good frame to the honeymoon picture you are about to click along with your partner. Moreover, they are quite different from other beaches of the state as you get to see the large black boulders scattered along its shores washed off by calmer waves. The orderly planted Casuarina trees erected on the long stretch of seashore gives a refreshing new look to this already alluring oceanfront. Hence, when you are at Kappad for a romantic getaway, you may stroll along the beach with your loving partner.

 2. Go for a Romantic Cruise Along the Backwaters

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The state of Kerala is already known for its serene backwaters worldwide. However, most of them are of the backwaters of either Allepey or Cochin. You may go for boating once catching the traditional canoe alongside the Kallayi or Elathur River on any sunny day on your Honeymoon. When researched more, you may avail various engaging honeymoon packages that could fulfil your this dream. Houseboat cruises could be the next best alternative for you as a newlywed couples do to voyage through the backwaters of Kozhikode. For the very same purpose, you may also request your partner to enquire and confirm whether any boating services are plying through the historic Canolly Canal and Kalipoika. While sailing you may behold at the real aesthetics of nature alongside the banks of these beautiful water bodies and the beautiful sight of the large varieties of flora and fauna residing at their natural habitat.

3. Click your Honeymoon Picture from Thikotti Lighthouse beach

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The lovely moments between you and your better half spent during the honeymoon can be captured from this picturesque beachside of Thikotti. Moreover, the tourist spot at Velliyamkallu is more popular for a majestic lighthouse that stands as a saviour perched at the top of the beach cliff. Built almost a hundred and fifty years ago, the lighthouse is currently not operating, yet a sizeable number of tourists do visit the site. Not far from the large structure, you could find the remnants of an old shipwreck.  So if anyone of you is fond of photography, you are inevitably going to have a great time. Try visiting in either early morning or late evening to capture the best photographs, as you will also be witnessing the lively flying sessions of numerous migratory birds all along with the premises.

4. Picnicking at Kariyathumpara

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For a moment, you would get confused whether this bewitching location does exist in the state of Kerala. Travelling around 47 km from the main city, the spectacular sights of Kariyathumpara can never be skipped by any nature lovers. So when you are honeymooning in Kozhikode, spare a single day for picnicking at this beautiful site in Kariyathumpara. Also, on the route to this, you may also stopover at Kakkayam Dam that would inevitably gift you with mesmerizing views. Amid your picnic time, you could have some fun by playing in the pristine waters of Kariyathumpara along with your partner. As they are not much popular to a large number of tourists, the location is not at all polluted. The breathtaking scenery all around cannot resist you from clicking pictures of your partner in the most alluring backdrop you had seen recently.

5. Do some Bird watching at Kadalundi Sanctuary

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Located to the south-western part of Kozhikode district, Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary could be of its kind that welcomes the largest number of migratory bird in the entire state of Kerala. You may readily visit the place with your beloved to this coastal region on your honeymoon, which is an adorable estuary where the Kadalundi River makes confluence with the Arabian Sea. Yet another striking factor of the location is that it has been conserving as a community reserve where the visitors are given the basic concepts of environment conservation. As the birds that are coming to the sanctuary had started from foreign regions, you don’t have to spend extra airfare for watching them. However, the packages that would take you to Kadalundi would be rare; as they can be easily accessible by both train and road you may visit the sanctuary by yourselves. Accompanying your partner, you may catch the beautiful glimpse of trains plying to Kozhikode city and back just above the railway bridge across the estuary. The thick stretches of mangrove forests at Kadalundi are also an adorable sight to relish.

Every newlywed would be longing for a moment to spend along with each other in any sort of circumstance or at any honeymoon destination. It is a calm and good atmosphere around you that creates the perfect setting for you to have a peaceful honeymoon. So to relish a peaceful honeymooning at Kerala, you may book your most appropriate tour package with Dream Holidays who could fulfil your dream of a hassle-free honeymooning at your favourite holiday destination at the most affordable prices. They have the best travel deals that nobody else would provide you.



An Exquisite Honeymoon Trip to Wayanad in Kerala from Delhi

We wanted some fresh air! This was one of your basic conditions that we had when the time for choosing our honeymoon destination was fast approaching. Satisfying this very criterion, we shortlisted the common and nearby hill station from Delhi such as Manali, Shimla and Dalhousie. However, we soon left that thought when my wife urged that she had already been to these locations several. Even in the last summer, she was with her friends holidaying in the hills of Kullu. Furthermore, when she was sharing her same travel experiences with me, one point just stroke me. One of her friends is from Kozhikode in Kerala. On their travel, she had no words to express the beautiful experiences she had acquired while holidaying in their nearby hilly district of Wayanad.

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Before this particular instance, when I get to hear about Kerala, the first things that come to my mind are the Kathakali, Idli and Dosa, houseboats and Kalaripayttu. However, when I surfed about the glorious South Indian state more, I realized that they are more than the ‘Idlis and Sambhars’. Truly speaking, I was regretting that I never made myself to know more about or tour Kerala. I was craving to visit Kerala since then. So when I shared this thought with my beloved wife, she was in all praise for my decision. However, she was doubtful whether we have to rely on any direct tour packages to Kerala. Later I saw myself surfing about the private tour package that would take us to the beautiful state of Kerala and book from the best tour company that we could find.

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We set out for our dream honeymoon from the hometown by the last week of October. As there was only a limited number of direct flights from Delhi to the destination (there is no airport in Wayanad!), our tour company booked us a ticket straight to Cochin International Airport and from there to Kannur Airport. Later, I got to know that the latter was the latest and the fourth airport built in the state. When we shared our demands that we were more into adventure, and had chosen this particular destination to catch a glimpse of vast forest cover of Kerala. So they customized our package according to our wishes. They also informed us that even the path leading to Wayanad from Kannur Airport situated in Mattanur is a delight to watch.

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Once reaching the airport at Cochin in the afternoon, we had to wait until evening to catch the next flight to Kannur International Airport. In that particular time gap, I and my wife were transformed into our own sweet world. We did not even feel that we had spent the whole of 3 hours just by chatting about our travel ambitions. Then after savouring our delicious traditional Kerala lunch from the Cafeteria there, we were on the venture of catching our next flight to Kannur. Along with us, there were quite many foreign tourists in the gatehouse of the airport. Moreover, we met an American Vlogger, who was on his tour to Kannur. He said that he had already made many travel videos based in Wayanad on his last visit. So he suggested some beautiful destinations where we could have the best holidaying as the loving newlywed couples.

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When we reached the airport at Kannur within 1 and a half hours of flight, we saw the tour guides of the company we had relied on. With our names written in the placard, he was waiting for us in the arrival gate itself and showing that friendly Kerala gesture. He looked polite and welcoming. So within waiting much, he followed him up to the cab that would take us to our dream destination of Wayanad. After moving a few kilometres I saw my already sleeping. She might have got tired of flying and waiting in the airport for such long hours. Just then I was feeling relieved of the fact that we had planned our trip to a new place like Kerala with special honeymoon packages. Without the passing of much time, I too dozed off.

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When I woke up after an hour, I saw some signboards indicating that we were travelling in the scenic Malabar Hill Highway. Without much time lag, I was creating a rapport with the guide. His good name was Sumesh and was from Kozhikode. He said that the accommodation for us had been set in the central part of Wayanad. So we were heading to a small town of Manathavady. Since it was already late evening and approaching towards night, we were beginning to feel cold. However, the entire atmosphere and chill were of a different kind here in Wayanad than that of Delhi.

In the very next morning, we were ready to head up to the Kurava Islands which is almost nearby our hotel. The picturesque scenic of the petite rocky terrains amidst the serene Kabani River was rather ravishing. When my beloved wife was playing in the shallow waters, she indeed seemed childlike. We had great fun in Kuruva. Next destination in our bucket list was Chembra Peak. Later, Sumesh too thought that we were heading up to the hills in the most favourable time. When we reached the foothills of Chembra, we realized that he was very accurate. It seemed that the majestic hills were having great fun by hiding behind the clouds. Once reaching halfway through the trek, we witnessed the remarkable heart-shaped pond. The moment when the climate was clear, we clicked our epic honeymoon snap in the backdrop of the romantic pond.

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Without getting much late, we descended the peak, as the natural lights were gradually decreasing. In the chilling night, we drove back to our hotel and just fell off to our beds. As we only got to realize, we were indeed exhaustive after the eventful trek. Even then we had a great time in Wayanad along with the aid of Dream Holidays, which was with us all through the journey. As mentioned before, we had our personally customized honeymoon tour packages, when we shared about our dreams of a perfect honeymoon.