The 4 Types of Forests Seen in Kerala

Who does not love to stroll in parks and densely populated forest areas with their better half or best friends? According to your opinion, what is nature and what comprises nature? The answer may vary from person to person. For some, the answer would be the presence of tall trees and emerald plantations blanketing the deep valleys. While for others it may be the exotic collections of various species of animals and birds that mesmerizes each and every individual. Nature always surprises human beings in many ways. Even if we spend a few seconds with nature it will gift lifelong memories. Nurturing natural resources is the foremost obligation of human beings. There would be no country in the world that does not possess any trees or gardens. Tress safeguards us from many natural calamities and purifies the air for us to breathe. From our school days, we have studied that planting trees will protect our life and deforestation breaks our life. From long years people have started to cut down trees for various reasons such as housing, making of furniture, toys, building skyscrapers and many more. Whatever may be the purpose it is the duty of people to plant at least two trees when they cut a tree. This is the only way to conserve natural resources. It would not be good to explain more scientifically about deforestation in this document. More than deforestation I would like to introduce the various types of trees seen mainly southern region India called Kerala. Due to the presence of coconut trees in abundance the state got the name (Kera-coconut). To enhance the tourism sector the forest department of state took several initiatives such as they built tree houses in the midst of densely populated forest regions so that newly married couples can spend their quality time without any disturbance. Like now several people for their family have started availing of tour packages to the state and explore the serene nature. Let us now have a glimpse of the various types of trees grown in the state.

Semi-evergreen forests


Semi-evergreen forests or commonly called as a west-coast semi-evergreen forest is considered as an intermediate stage between moist deciduous forests and evergreen. The forest requires a land area of 500 to 900m. The forest is home to exotic species such as Bourdillon’s great eared night jar, flying squirrel, Malabar civet, brown mongoose, nilgiri mante, nilgiri langur, and many more are seen there. Along with one could also find evergreen collections such as Mesua ferrea, Magnifera indica, Grewia tiliaefolia, Calophyllum elatum, Hopea ponga, Lagerstroemia microcarpa, and many more.

These types of forest are mainly seen in the slopes and hilly regions of Western Ghats and Andaman. The region experiences high rainfall upto4500mm and also extreme humidity in days of fewer rainfalls. Also, it is a place where high winds are experienced. In the west coast, tropical evergreen forest one could see tall trees up to a height of 50 metres. Wet evergreen and semi-evergreen climax forests are seen in the regions of the Western Ghats where windfall is high. The forest area annually receives a rainfall up to 2000m.

Deciduous forests


Deciduous forests are seen in moist places. According to their geographical specifications of the regions has been classified into two categories such as primary and secondary forests. The region experiences rainfall up to 1800 mm. deciduous forest is an intermediate between wet evergreen and dry deciduous forests. Dry deciduous forests are seen in dry regions of moist surfaces. Due to heavy grazing, the surface of the soil is very hard. Bamboos are absent and climbers are seen in large number in southern dry deciduous forest regions. The southern dry deciduous forests experience rainfalls from 900 to 1200 mm. primary deciduous forests are seen in Wayanad and Anamalai regions.



The grasslands of Kerala are generally called as ‘shrub savanna’. They are usually grown in the regions above 1500m. It is the place where shrubs, herbs and other important plants grow abundantly. one could also see animals, birds and reptiles in this region. The climate over here is very pleasing and moderate.

Mangrove forest


The mangrove forest is wetlands where plants and animals that are adapted to saline nature. Mangroves are mainly seen in upper portions of lagoons, creeks, and backwaters. Wayanad and Palakkad in north and Idukki and Pathanamthitta are blessed with mangrove forests. One could see various species of migratory birds, prawns and fishes. Urbanization, intensive grazing and many more are the reasons for the deterioration of the mangrove forests.

Now let us have a glimpse on the importance of conserving trees

  1. We can inhale the fresh air
  2. Wild animals and birds will be protected in the forests
  3. No scarcity of water and rainfalls.
  4. Pleasant climate
  5. No kinds of pollution.
  6. Can relish the taste of natural fruits without any fear of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
  7. Prevent the soil from erosion.
  8. Trees absorb block sound and can reduce 40 % pollutions.
  9. People can have a fun time under the shadow of the trees.
  10. Youngsters and adults can practise jogging early morning in the parks.
  11. A tree is a natural form of an air-conditioner. In fact, it can replace 10 man-made air-conditioners!

From the above information, one might have understood the various types of forests seen in Kerala. Forest is the lungs of nature. Without it, no one could survive on the planet. It is our duty to conserve nature and resources. If once all the resources become extinct or vanished from the earth, no one could ever recreate it. Hence be vigilant while utilizing it. To learn more about the types of forests and trees in Kerala avail of tour packages. Accompanying your family and friends will make the trip enthralling and exciting. Among the prominent travel operators in Kerala Gogeo Holidays curate packages at cheap and reasonable rates for the people of Chennai, Delhi and Pune. They always give prime importance to customer’s satisfaction and comfort. To clarify the queries of the customer’s Gogeo Holidays operate 24×7 customer service centre. To learn more about it visit their official website. When packing your bags for the exotic vacation to Kerala do not forget to carry a high-definition Handycam and also enough money to buy souvenirs for dear ones.

3 Prominent Places that you Should Definitely Inculcate on your Palakkad Exploration

There are many places in Kerala that captivate thousands of travellers across the globe to visit the coastal region again and again. Also, there are many reasons that steal the minds of globe-trotters while visiting Kerala. Such as pristine beaches, tranquil backwaters, and shallow rivers, breathtaking hill stations enveloped with classy green plantations of tea and spices, the bowl-shaped valleys give spectacular images of rising and setting of the sun. The exotic species of fauna and flora were hidden in midst of thickly populated woodlands, an amazing destination for newly married couples to bring their hearts to their mouths, a perfect place to unveil the historic moments by strolling through the avenues in the ancient monuments, and many more. There is no end for the list. Annually new places are entering to the list. Being a Keralite it is the happiest moment for me. It is always being a dream of exploring the unseen destinations yet popular among the tourist. It will take more 365 days to visit all the 14 districts of Kerala. If I attempt to do so definitely I would be terminated from my job! So I am not daring enough to take the risk. But I and hubby decided to explore at least a few places in our district as well as neighbouring districts. As part of exploration last week we visited our neighbouring district, Palakkad. When I say we are neighbours of Palakkad you might be thinking where do from we belong either Malappuram or Thrissur. So let me clarify we belong to Thrissur. To make our journey hassle-free and comfortable we decided to purchase packages. We won’t have availed of packages if we don’t accompany our kids and parents. Exploring new places is our hobby. Soon after marriage, we both used to plan weekend tours. And it prolonged till I conceived my baby. But now as we are accompanying our family we felt it necessary to make use of the tour packages and, therefore, we decided to consult the famous travel operator of Kerala called Gogeo Holidays. It is one of the highly recommended travel operators in Kerala. To be very frank our trip was really fabulous and memorable one. We were pleased with their hospitality services. I cannot exactly write down what all happened during our family trip. But I can share the intriguing facts of the places which we visited. So don’t waste your time just stroll down the following paragraphs and absorb the needed information as much as possible. Before going through the important destinations of Palakkad just have a rough idea about Palakkad district.

Does anyone know how the district got the name? Palakkad got the name due to the presence of ‘pala trees’ in abundance. It is scientifically known as Alstonia scholaris. It is commonly called as ‘devil’s tree’ or ‘yakshi maram’ in the Malayalam language. Palakkad, the largest district in Kerala is also known as the ‘land of greenery’. Majority of the population of the district comprises Hindus. The place where the Brahmin community reside is known as ‘Agraharam’. The district is famous for its mind-blowing hill stations. The land of Palakkad is apt for cultivation for oranges in large scale. Now let us narrow down the important destinations in the district.

Palakkad Fort


Palakkad Fort is one of the ancient forts of Kerala. Even though the Palakkad Fort was constructed by Hyder Ali in 1766 AD, it is famously known as ‘Tipu’s Fort’. The fort is sprawled in an area of 60,702 square meters. Annually hundreds of travellers from various corners of world visit the iconic fort by purchasing tour packages with their family. The fort was constructed with the aim of improving communication with Coimbatore. It is a nearby town in Chennai. The fort carries many scintillating features such as it shelters a famous Hanuman temple or commonly called ‘anjaneya swami temple’. The architecture of the temple will make you speechless. A particular portion of land between Palakkad fort and the town hall was served as stables for Tipu Sultan’s horses. The ground is popularly known as ‘Kota Maidanam’. It is now being serving a platform for cricket, public gatherings, and circus and so on. An open-air auditorium is also well operated near to the Kota Maidanam and it is known as ‘Rappadi’. The other praiseworthy attractions of the Palakkad Fort are sub-jail, martyr’s column and a garden called vatika shilavatika and a Nehru park for children. The fort is now under the control of Archaeological Survey of India.

Nelliyampathy hills


Do you love to eat oranges? Then plan a tour to Nelliyampathy. It is a haven for orange lovers. It is positioned at a height of 46000 feet above sea level and is situated in the Nenmara village in Palakkad district. Due to its serene nature, pleasant climate and abode of immense treasure of natural resources the Nelliayampathy hill station are proudly known as ‘ooty of kerala’. The hills of region are blanketed with the orchards of oranges and carpets of paddy fields. Trekking enthusiasts avail of jungle safari packages and trek the places such as kaikatty, and Nelliyampathy hills in its extreme mode. The hill station protects amusing species of deer, monkey, porcupine, elephants and tiger. If you are a wildlife lover then do not forget to visit the Parambikulam wildlife sanctuary, Pothundi reservoir, Nelliyampathy hills.

Dhoni Falls



Who does not like to view water plunging from a great height? Dhoni waterfall is a perfect destination to capture the scintillating view of water cascading from mountains. The emerald surroundings add beauty to waterfalls. Along with Dhoni falls visitors can also inculcate sepal waterfalls situated at Parasuram Kundu and Azhakampara waterfalls.

By reading the above information now I think you are also now interested to visit the places. Then why are you wasting your time in thinking unnecessary matters? Get up and avail of tour packages as soon as possible from Gogeo Holidays. If you have any concerns regarding their services, you can directly contact their customer support team. On your Palakkad exploration do not forget to carry a high-resolution camera with you

An Epic Chronicle About The Hidden Gems In Alleppey

Since I’m a Malayali who born and bought up in Kochi, I was not excited about spending my precious honeymoon in Alleppey. Because of the influence of Hindi web series and films I was also dreamt of having a romantic honeymoon where we go for a long walk through the tempting landscapes covered with snow in Manali. But all my dream just disappears when the groom from Hyderabad express his intense love and passion to explore Kerala, especially Alleppey. By seeing his puppy face, I finally agreed to his opinion and packed my bag to Allepey.

Since he decided the destination, the rest of the decisions was mine. After long planning and plotting, I picked a travel company in Kerala called Gogeo Holidays because they have an amazing collection of honeymoon packages at the best prices. From the air ticket booking to all the leisure activities they have charted the entire trip and hence provide hassle-free honeymoon. Our honeymoon started with refreshing sunrise in the houseboat cruise in Kuttanad. A humble and bizarre town truly waiting for all nature lovers to explore its culture, heritage and the local delicacy of Kuttanad. Joshua, my better half was so excited to see the bunch of ducks in the lagoon near to our houseboat. He was mimicking their sound with them which was funny to watch. Kuttanad is all about its paddy fields, an unending stripe of coconut plantations and duck farming. Due to its rich spices and paddy cultivation, it is renowned as the rice bowl of India. Since he is a photography enthusiast Kuttanad feels like a divine paradise for him.  photography

I called myself an adventure junkie because adventures are like yoga for me, refreshing and exciting. I always wanted my honeymoon to be a little adventurous. And while choosing Aleppey I was not sure about it. But the travel company has managed to customize the package by including my carving for adventure also. From which Kayaking is the one I love the most. Moving through the alluring backwaters of Allepey where the rustic beauty and serenity of the green water and the sight of coconut moving plantations near to the lagoons are so refreshing. Holding your paddle and controlling your kayak like a captain through the narrow canals while the bunch of ducks and some species of small fishes, we called it by the name “Karimeen” in Malayalam. They took all the safety measures by giving life jackets, and give a trail kayaking before we start it by own. While kayaking through the lagoons, there are many fishermen, fishing with the fishing net and the way they pour the net accurately to the canals was fascinating to watch. The activity lasts for about 3 hours and in the beginning, my kayak was not in my control and it started moving in a zigzag way. Gradually everything come on phase and I enjoyed the ultimate pleasure.


After my victory, we go back to our houseboat. The delicious aroma of local cuisine gave us a warm welcome in the houseboat. Joshua was so surprised and excited to dig into it. The vibrant colors of the dishes were so dashing. From the most loved “Kappa and Thala curry” to the authentic duck roast the dishes were mind-blowing. To make the cuisine more interesting a bottle of “Kallu” or toddy is also added to the entire menu. He was so excited about trying toddy because it was his first time. Usually, I don’t prefer toddy but the one tasted from Allepey was different and gives an immense sensation to my taste buds. After an elegant lunch, we went for sightseeing. Before I saw the Alappuzha Zakariya Market, I didn’t realize that Allepey is a perfect place for shopaholics. From spices to handlooms it is an ideal destination for a spectacular shopping experience. He gifted me with a silver choker and a statement piece earing beautifully embellished with black stones. Maritime products are the other recommended things to buy in Allepey.  If your bargaining skills are good, then you can purchase anything at a very low price.

kappa with toddy 1

Since our romantic honeymoon was in August, we got a chance to witness the popular Nehru Trophy boat race in Alleppey.  With no doubt, the boat race so stunning. Our guide explained well about the legendary history behind this sport in Kerala. June to August is the best time for the photography enthusiasts and fans of this amazing sport to see the practice sessions more closely. The only thing which makes me feel uncomfortable is the rush and crowd. Because it is a seasonal period, we are lucky enough to see another treasure in Kerala, the “Kalaripayattu” which is an Indian martial art. This was one of my favorite parts about our honeymoon because apart from the movies and the famous “Vaddakan Pattukal” ballads, I didn’t see this priceless art form before. Nowadays people are practicing “Kalaripayattu” for keeping the body fit and energetic. Even though he showed his extreme interest to learn “Kalaripayattu”, I didn’t encourage him because it’s our honeymoon and I was not in the mood to spoil it. So if you are someone to love to learn new things and also wish to see the boat race then June to August is the perfect period for you. Also, so many attractive tour packages are available during this time at the best prices.Kalaripayattu_20th-Nov
After all the sightseeing and adventures we went to Allapuzha beach to experience a tranquil and gorgeous sunset with a romantic candlelight dinner. Soothing climate and the spectacular view will rejuvenate your mind for sure. This beach is popular for its 137 years old pier that stretches towards the sea. Being a Malayali I didn’t realize the beauty and prosperity of this precious land until I stepped into this mesmerizing paradise. There is much more to see and experience in Allepey but the trip is for a couple of days, so we returned to our hometown with a bundle of joy and happiness.

A Detailed Information Guide to the World’s Largest Shopping Mall- Dubai Mall

Dubai is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world. It is an exquisite instance of modern architecture and the latest technology. People usually visit the place to explore the charm of magnificent structures. There will be no one on the planet who does not like shopping. So let us traverse through the world’s second-largest shopping mall, Dubai Mall. It is situated in downtown Dubai, considered one of the expensive malls in the world. It was inaugurated in 2008. If you want to see all the wonders of the modern world under a single roof just avail of tour packages from Coimbatore, Delhi, and Chandigarh. Dubai touring will become cumbersome when there is no one to guide you to explore the best destinations. Therefore it would be good if one makes use of packages curated by the famous travel planner called Dubai Tour Trawell. Dubai Mall is a haven for shopaholics. 1200+ shops in the mall will marvel at each and every traveler’s hearts. Just enter the mall with a credit card, debit all your stress and credit your bags with eye-catching products. The following paragraphs will help you to narrow down the peculiarities of each floor in the Dubai shopping mall.

Dubai tour packages from Hyderabad

Level lower ground (level LG)

It is the lowermost floor of Dubai Mall. Usually, the lowermost floors of any building or mall are utilized to park private as well as public vehicles. But in Dubai Mall, the lower ground level has been dedicated to the world’s two most splendid architectures called Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountain. Don’t think that these two are situated on the ground floor. Actually the lower ground level of the mall serves as an entrance to these magnificent structures. As we all know that Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest structure is situated adjacent to Dubai Mall and Dubai Fountain, availing tickets to observation decks in Burj Khalifa will allow you to stroll the Dubai Mall. Isn’t it interesting! Followed to it you can enjoy the world’s largest manicured water fountain called Dubai Fountain. You cannot enjoy the operation of the fountain in the mornings. Visitors are requested to wait until noon to see its amazing performances. To watch the mesmerizing combination of water, music, and sound working together, wait until sunset.

Level Ground

Dubai Aquarium

Dubai tour packages from Mumbai

The 10 million liters Dubai Aquarium is the world’s largest aquarium. It is home to more than a thousand aquatic organisms. Travelers can avail of glass bottom rides to catch a glimpse of rare aquatic species like Ray Encounter, Otter Encounter, and King Croc Encounter. You can savor delicious meals by enjoying the innocent pranks of marine organisms at Rainforest restaurant located in the aquarium.

Candy store

Dubai tour packages from Delhi

Dubai Mall hosts the world’s largest candy store. Strolling through the store is just like traversing in a Cadbury’s chocolate factory where you can taste different flavors of candies. The mall has arranged many surprises for their loving visitors. A lollypop tree in the mall showers candies and lollypops of various flavors and sizes. Visitors can gift their dear ones a brownie key-chains, candy-themed products, and ice-cream plushies.

Gold Souk

Women hailing from the Asian continent have craze towards gold and its various products. You can purchase various products of gold at reasonable rates arranged in spectacular Arabesque patterns inside the store. The store is decorated with bronze statues of horses, camels and palm trees.

Dubai Dino

Have you seen a dinosaur in your lifetime with your naked eye? After watching the thrilling movie, Jurassic Park, won’t you ever dreamt of seeing the dinosaur at least once in your life. The Dubai mall hosts fossils of the world rarest species of dinosaur called ‘Diplodocus longdus’. The fossil is 25 m wide and 8 m tall. It was first found in the USA, understanding its specialty the Dubai government purchased it and placed it in the mall. After competition on twitter, the location where the fossil was placed got the name ‘Dubai Dino’. Now Dubai Dino sees more traffic than any other museum!

Ice Rink

Dubai tour packages from Chennai

I hope everyone knows about the snow park in Emirates Mall. Now let us learn about the ice rink in Dubai Mall. The ice rink in the mall is an Olympic- sized rink. Travelers who are interested to participate in the winter wonderland must purchase the tickets online. It has special sessions like Disco sessions and snowfall sessions, where snow will be sprayed on the visitors.

Dubai Waterfall

Dubai tour packages from Bangalore

Very next to the Ice rink the Dubai Mall waterfall is situated. The mall is decorated with fiberglass sculptures shaped like human divers. The waterfall rolls down from all the 4 floors of the mall. The peculiarity of the divers is when you stare at one the other disappears!

Level Shoes

Level shoes are situated on the ground floor of the mall is a paradise for shoe lovers. The level shoe store is sprawled in 96000 square feet and is considered as the world’s largest shoe store. It shelters 40 stores of both trendy and classic fashion.

Apple Store

Apple Store is the perfect place to catch the glimpses of Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountain. The store carries 180 feet wide window with 18 motorized solar wings. These wings open and closes according to environmental conditions.

Second Floor


Cheap Dubai Tour Packages

Kidzania is an educational center, constructed with an aim to upgrade the knowledge and boost confidence in children. At Kidzania children from ages, 4 to 16 can participate in various activities such as role-play activities like journalists, doctors, firefighters and so on. By indulging in these activities they will be rewarded cash amounts which they can utilize in purchasing their favorite things from Kidzania.

SEGA Republic

Dubai tour packages from Ahmedabad

The SEGA Republic is an abode of entertainment. The park shelters various rides and games such as trampoline, rope walking, video games, adventure activities and so on. Two types of passes are available in the park one is pay and play pass and the other is unlimited passes.


Dubai tour packages from Coimbatore

Hysteria is a haunted manor where visitors have to haunt the hysterical parents of the missing children of a mythological story.

By strolling various sections of the Dubai Mall you might have understood which section suits your taste. And on your net trip to Dubai definitely visit these places. So what are waiting to purchase the tour packages from any place like Ahmedabad, Chennai, and Bangalore and explore the city in your way at affordable rates from Dubai Tour Trawell.

A Voyage To The God’s Own Country

Once you have family and kids it is quite impossible to explore new places and fulfill your craving for traveling and adventure. So after became a parent we both literally dropped our travel dreams and started enjoying our parenting. But every time I feel jealous when my colleagues and friends posting pictures about their exciting and fun trip on social media. One such day one of my friends has posted a dashing picture of their family tour in Kerala. I was so excited and curious because she is like me who has an 8-month-old baby. She forwards me some pictures and also mentions about a travel company called Gogeo Holidays in Kerala who organized each and everything for a comfy and tension-free family holiday. We consulted them and they offered so many customized tour packages especially for the family at best prices. From which we opted a 4-day package to Munnar and Vagamon.


After all the waiting and exciting we reach Kochi where our holiday started. On the way to Munnar, the climate was so pleasing and soothing from the first glance itself I completely fell in love with the tempting beauty of Kerala. God’s own country, a heavenly paradise that perfectly blends both tradition and urban culture. Eminent for its rustic backwaters, remote wildlife, the precious aromatic spices, captivating waterfalls, an unending array of tea and coffee plantations, all together Kerala is an ideal destination for a kick-ass holiday. Travelers from across the world will find this state not only because of its rich heritage and culture but also serene beauty and warm welcoming especially during festival seasons like Onam, Vishu, Thrissur Pooram. By witnessing an amazing sunrise in Munnar we started a spectacular day there. Reclining tea plantations, picturesque landscapes, exotic flora, and fauna made Munnar a popular destination among tourists. The two fascinating things about Munnar is Neelakurinji and Neelagiri Tahr. Neelakurinji is a beautiful miracle in Munnar blooms once every 12 years and unfortunately, we are not lucky enough to see that astonishing view.

The very first thing that we explore in Munnar is the Eravikulam National Park, the place is renowned for its endangered inhabitant – the Nilgiri Tahr. The park is about 97 sq. km in area and a home for rare and unique species of animals. It was the first time I saw a Nilgiri Tahr. It is basically a mountain goat unique for its shaggy fur, a bristly mane and the most attractive curved horns having a length of 30 to 40 cms. My husband, Jofin is trying hard to grab its attention by making funny noises and try to give some foodstuffs. But it doesn’t care about his existence at all. We try to take pictures of it, but the one which was close to us is not a camera person or scopophobia. Even though our baby was just 9 months old, still he got surprised and giggling continuously by seeing the Nilgiri Tahr. Our guide explained about its unique features and also about the threat faced by the several habitats of Tahr due to eucalyptus cultivation and temple tourism. Inside the park, there was one more spectacular place called Anamudi Peak which is the highest peak in South India having a height of about 2700 m.


Meesapulimala is something we both want to explore after heard a lot about it on Instagram. But trekking with our baby is not a big yes so we switch to plan B, which was sightseeing the Tea Museum in Nallathanni Estate of Tata Tea in Munnar. Munnar is called as the tea bowl of South India and its own legacy when it comes to the evolution of tea plantations. In this museum, we can find artifacts, photographs, and machinery which clearly pictures the origin and evolution of tea plantations in Munnar. One of the major attractions in this museum is the Pelton Wheel which used in power generation plants in the 1920s. Then also show us a clear demonstration of the head to toe preparation of tea dust in the industries. Near the museum there was a stall from we can taste the different varieties of tea and we purchased some good stuff from there.

Our next holiday destination was Vagamon. Vagamon is must visit place in Kerala having a spectacular view of a beautiful meadow, tea gardens, and green valleys. Pine hills are the first place we visited in Vagamon. Vagamon is synonymous with the pine forests. For a Malayali like me, the pine forest in Vagamon is quite familiar from the movies ‘Devathoothan’ and ‘Thalavattom’ which perfectly show the mesmerizing beauty of pine forests. The shadows falling from the pine trees in the morning along with the chirping of birds make your morning dashing. More than us, our baby was so surprised and curiously looking at the tall trees without even blinking his little eyes. Vagamon id often called the jewel of Idukki which is spread over Peermade taluk of Idukki to the Meenachil and Kanjirappally taluks of Kottayam. the climate was so pleasing and cooling hence this amazing paradise got nicknamed as the Scotland of Asia.


An alluring network of green meadows is another fascinating thing one can explore in Vagamon. Enveloped with tall trees and lush greenery and the multi-colored flowers it is one of the romantic spots used in countless movies. There are at least 17 meadows in Vagamon and it offers a plethora of amazing activities like adventurous trekking or even boating through meadow valley. Another astonishing fact about Vagamon is its three hills which celebrate India’s religious diversity. Thangal Para hills have some devotional home for Muslims, Murugan Para is a religiously important place for Hindus and Kurisumala is a hill for Christian heritage and traditions. From June to September is the seasonal period with great availability of tour packages which includes many adventure activities because it is the best period to visit Vagamon. Here I realize that nothing can stop you from traveling and exploring the world. A visit to Kerala is totally worthy and we returned to our home town with a lot of remarkable memories.

A Blissful Travel Diary Through Andaman

The things which make me feel alive and happy are travel and food. Being raised by a typical Malayali family traveling and exploring new places was not always a big yes for me.  But the story changed entirely when I moved to Chennai for my Job. Here I found someone who is a super foodie and travel junky, Jeffrin, my colleague. Every weekend we went on a trip and he is the one who introduced to me the different aspects of traveling. One such fine day he sent me an article about Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The exciting and delightful thing in Andaman, the food, culture, adventures. Without any second thought, we just decided to make a trip to Andaman, the land of white sandy beaches where the sun kisses the crystal clear turquoise lagoons.

On the next day, we pick some random travel agencies from which Andaman Tour travel is the one in which I feel more genuine and having some amazing tour packages. After all the planning and plotting we started our journey. From the Chennai International airport, we took Spicejet to reach Port Blair, which takes approximately 2 hours to reach there. And is the most convenient and cheapest way to reach Andaman from Chennai. On the way to our hotel, I was really surprised by seeing the dashing beauty of this heavenly paradise. After a healthy breakfast which includes an authentic Andaman local cuisine, we started our first day in Andaman. While planning our journey to Andaman we both made our wishlist clearly so on the basis of that our very first wish was to fulfill a deep dive in the enchanting emerald green water to explore the mystery of its beauty.


We moved to Barracuda city in Havelock Islands for our first water adventure. He was so excited and keep on asking about the finest details about scuba diving but on the other hand, I was nervous and confused about my choice because I consider myself a hydrophobic. But keeping my fear aside we just dive into the turquoise crystal clear water. For a moment I feel very panic but the guide so friendly and helping. Trust me it was so refreshing, swimming near to a spectacular array of fishes, sea turtles, Batoids, multi-colored corals reefs and so on. It was so rejuvenating and it completely wipes out my fear of water.

Being a shopaholic, the next thing which I was eagerly waiting for was street shopping.  In every nook and crook, you will find a shop or stall with a huge collection of amazing handicrafts. From Aberdeen Bazaar to Delanipur, this Island will offer you a spectacular shopping experience for sure. In which Port Blair is the busiest zone with a vibrant array of shops that sells a wide variety of local handicrafts. From which I brought some shell jewelry and pearls for my niece and for myself. Shell jewelry is one of the most famous local handicrafts among tourists than precious jewelry.  While he was so busing in purchasing fishbone articles and it seems quite funny and weird for me. But then I came to know it is one of the top-selling handicrafts in Andaman and widely used as home decor. It is usually made from either dead or eaten fishes.


After a 3 course heavy lunch we went for sightseeing. The travel agent suggested the rare view of turtles nesting in the Diglipur beach. This amazing process can only be witnessed from December to January where the turtles go on through its gestation period. We are lucky enough to watch this fascinating process and it was the first time that I’m seeing a huge turtle in my life. They are quite huge from the normal turtles and not afraid of the crowd. He was really tried hard to impress and pamper the turtles by feeding them fruits, gently rubbing through its body but the turtles were really don’t care about his existence and which was extremely funny to watch. December to January is the best time to explore Andaman where the climate is so pleasing and also so many amazing tour packages are available during this season.

Cellular jail was the next thing on my wishlist which I really wish to see because of the movie “Kalapani”, but Jeffrin was still in the mood for adventures. By seeing his extreme craving for adventure we have decided to do Parasailing in the Elephant beach in Havelock Island. Since it is a customized tour package it was really easy and exciting to fulfill our wishes in Andaman.  Parasailing is a recreational kiting activity where you can fly in the air like a bird and the most magnificent part about it was the alluring aerial view of the heavenly Island. It costs about an INR 3500 per person but it totally worth the money. One thing which was common in our wishlist was Barren Island. First I didn’t believe about the volcano eruption but the stunning view of the Island was really breathtaking. Barren Island is about 138 km away from Port Blair and it is the only active volcano in India. Barren Island comes under the restricted zone and special permits are necessary for the visit, even though thousands of tourists are coming here to experience this spectacular phenomenon.

barren island

After all the adventures and shopping we both are so tired and really needed something refreshing. So we just entered to the first pub near to Govind Nagar beach in Havelock. The pub was so classy, sophisticated and well furnished. While I was enjoying my Martini and he asked me to come to go for a walk to experience a romantic sunset glimpse. Your Andaman journey doesn’t complete if you’re not enjoying a lovey-dovey sunset with your loved one near to a beachside. After a captivating sunset, we go to our hotel and the next morning I feel so sad and jealous of the blessed souls who are so lucky to spend their whole life in this paradise. We packed our bags with a lot of sweet and beautiful memories and said bye to Andaman.

Top 4 Places for Trekking in Andaman Island

The stupendous archipelago of India is known as Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The island is famous among travelers for many reasons. People often tour the island for rejuvenation and relaxation. There was a time when the Andaman and Nicobar Island was unknown to the external world. The islands were once used to imprison the Indian freedom fighters in the cellular jail situated in Port Blair. Over there the prisoners were brutally torched. Now the jail has been declared as a national monument by the Indian government. Studies reveal that the islands comprise of more than 500 islands and among them, only 37 islands have been explored till now. The magnificent beauty of the islands, crystal blue waters, amazing species of various birds and animals, sun-kissed and silver-lined beaches and many more lure the travelers from various parts of the world. Travelers move to the island only to participate in a wide array of water sports such as snorkeling, scuba diving, jet riding, banana boat ride and many more.

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Scuba diving needs prior training whereas snorkeling can be practiced by people of any age. Most of the aqua venture sports demand a little bit of courage whereas sea walking requires only enthusiasm. Visitors will have to wear only a helmet and should walk in the water under the guidance of a professional trainer. Indulging in water sports in Andaman will take the travelers to a magical world of marine life and coral reefs. You will come across several species of the aquatic world that you were unaware of it. As the island is situated far away from the modern world it offers immense solitude and calm ambiance. And this is the factor that attracts thousands of travelers especially honeymooners to the island. Among the various islands in Andaman, Port Blair is considered as the busiest island as it acts as the governing seat of the island. Also, it carries the only airport of the island called Veer Savarkar International Airport. Havelock Island and Neil Island are the apt destinations on the island to view the scintillating beauty of nature. It is hard to believe that there is still a group of people who love to live in the nomadic lifestyle such as tribal people who are mainly seen in Jarwa Island and Sentinel Island. But communications to these people are strictly prohibited by the government.

Often people believe that the island is only famous for aqua venture sport and beach activities. But most of them do not know the island is equally famous for adventure activities such as trekking, mountaineering, and bird spotting. Travelers can be part of the enthralling activities by availing tour packages from Andaman Tour Travel. Every year they craft exciting packages to the travelers from Bangalore, Pune, and Mumbai to explore Andaman. There are some people who visit the island only to participate in adventure activities. The following paragraphs will help you to learn more about the places where trekking is widely practiced.

1. Chidiya Tapu and Kala Pahad

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Chidiya Tapu is situated in the southern parts of Andaman. The place is a haven for varieties of birds. Bird lovers from various parts of the world visit this place to capture the lovely photographs of the birds especially migratory birds. The place is not only famous for different kinds of birds but also for the gorgeous sunset. Most of the people are unaware of the possibility of trekking in the hilltops. Trekking is usually done from the Chidiya Tapu beach and it covers the ‘Kala Pahad’ or ‘Black Mountains’. The trekking over there requires only 40-60 minutes. Some may need less time than it. It depends on each individual. On reaching the top of the hill you can click beautiful snaps of yours and your family and friends with the serene nature as the background.

2. Mount Harriet

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Mount Harriet is situated in Madhuban in south Andaman. It is regarded as the highest peaks of the island. The place holds unique species of fauna and flora. Recently a new species of frog was founded from the place. Along with them mammals, green marine turtles, and moths were also seen there. The amazing creatures of fauna and flora are protected under the shadow of tall trees. One can start trekking from the Elephant training camp which is 16 kilometers away from the mountain.

3. Saddle Peak and Alfred Caves

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With 732 meter height from the mean sea level, the Saddle Peak is considered as one of the highest peaks in Andaman. While trekking one could see the Alfred caves and the transparent river. The peak is abundantly blessed with indigenous species of 6 trees, 13 birds and 36 insects. Alfred caves are formed by the combination of 22 caves. The only river that flows through this peak is the Kalpong River.

4. Baratang Caves

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Baratang caves are famous for rock climbing. The cave is formed due to the deposition of limestone years ago. Once you reach the island you can trek through the dense forest. During the trekking, you will come across mangrove creeks. It needs only 15-20 minutes to trek the caves. Near to Baratang Island, you can spot the nomadic tribe called the Jarwa tribe. As aforementioned interaction with the Jarwa by the visitors is strictly prohibited. Don’t forget to carry a camera to capture the stunning pictures of the interior of the caves and also its beautiful surroundings.

From the above paragraphs, you might have clearly understood the places in the Andaman that appreciate trekking widely. As the mountains on the island are not so scary when compared to mountains in our country, trekking in Andaman will definitely boost one’s enthusiasm and courage. There are many more places on the island that showcases a dazzling part of nature. Avail of the packages from the prominent travel operators and be part of the virgin nature as soon as possible. If you have queries regarding the services of Andaman Tour Travel without any hesitation you can directly contact their customer executives. Don’t waste your time. Grab the package before it expires.

A Romantic Day with Husband in Andaman Islands

 Andaman tour packagesIt was nearly 6.30 pm. Usually, on Friday evenings I used to take rest as Saturdays and Sundays used to be off for me and my husband. But on that day I was in a hurry burry to finish my household chores. I was a little bit tensed as on Saturday we had planned a fantastic trip to explore the hilly regions in Tamil Nadu. As I was sweeping the floor suddenly my phone ranged it was my husband. He asked me to carry some woolen clothes for the exploration tour. I kept my broomstick there and went to search for the woolen dresses. While searching for the same something fall on my leg I guessed it might be the accounts book. I switched on the lights and inquired what it was. It was an album that carried a few lovely and romantic pictures of our honeymoon. For a moment my mind traveled to our old sweet days. I was then 20 years and my hubby was 27 years. Soon after our marriage, we started to plan for our fabulous honeymoon trip. Many places came into our minds. It was my husband who wanted to celebrate our special days away from our home town, Madurai. 2 months passed and still, we did not plan our honeymoon. I got angry at him. After a couple of weeks, he approached me with a few white sheets on his hand. I inquired what it was. He handed those papers to me and asked to read it. The papers were actually tour packages for our most-waiting honeymoon trip and that too to Andaman. To be very frank at first I did not like the destination. In my concept, the island was encircled with thickly populated forests and crystal waters. I begged him to change the destination. It is not possible said to me by him.

 Andaman tour packages from chennai

Every newlywed couple in the world used to tailor many dreams for their stunning romantic trip. Like every bride, I too had many concepts for the same but all my dreams scattered in a few seconds. Finally, with a broken heart, I moved with my hubby for the most waited honeymoon trip. On reaching the airport in Andaman I thought we may have to hire a cab but my hubby pointed to a person who carried our names on the placards. He was the representative of Andaman Tour Travel from whom we purchased the tour packages. With us another couple who hail from Hyderabad accompanied us in the cab. They were also of our age. We were taken to the hotel. After refreshment, we asked to get ready for sightseeing. We first visited the famous historic monument called Cellular Jail. It was the place where our freedom fighters were imprisoned and made to suffer brutal atrocities. The guide took us to each and every corner of the jail and explained about it. In my mind, I was cursing my hubby. I would be the only person in the world who is celebrating the romantic days in jail. I was angry with him. From there we moved for shopping. As revenge, I did heavy shopping. Without uttering a single word my hubby corporate with me. While returning back to the hotel our guide asked to wake up early the next morning as were have to explore some islands. I became really furious. I asked my hubby whether it is our honeymoon trip or educational tour. Does anyone wake up early in the morning? He smiled and asked me to corporate.

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The next morning we boarded a ferry and reached Havelock Island. The island is popularly known for its stunning beauty. The Radhanagar beach of the island is accredited as the cleanest beach of the island. Till yesterday I was upset with my husband. After inhaling the aromatic scent of fresh air my mindset changed I started to like the place. I was lured by its charming nature. We indulged in various water sports. We first took sunbath and thereafter we savored traditional food from the local restaurant. After resting on the beach we moved to the next famous beach called Elephant beach. Over there we clicked a few pictures of us with elephants. We swim with them. Also, we participated in Sea walking.  As I had aforementioned about a couple who accompanied us at the airport they were planning to participate in parasailing. We saw them talking the same with the guide. Their idea stroked our hearts. We also decided to do the same. Therefore our guide took us to the famous Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex. It is popularly known for parasailing activities. We asked to stand in the queue for availing of the passes. After getting the pass the instructor gave us an oral explanation for about 10 minutes to explain the pros and cons of parasailing. Afterward, they took us to the sea in the boat. After enjoying the sea in our own way we told them that we are ready to do parasailing. The instructor then tied the parasailing chute on our waist and chest and its other end will be connected to long pulling apparatus which would be locked the moment we start to fly. The moment we said we are ready the instructor pulled the long rope and we reached high on the sky. We really had a wonderful experience. For a moment I felt I am flying like a bird. I tried my best to touch the birds but I couldn’t. In my mind, I thanked my husband for his brilliant idea of selecting Andaman for our romantic trip. And felt sorry for being angry with him. Parasailing helped us to witness the fabulous panoramic view of the island.

 Andaman tour packages

After returning back to the boat I thanked him by hugging him firmly. I apologized to him. He smiled and kissed on my forehead. In the same complex various other activities such as jet riding, banana boat rides and many more also practiced there. We availed of banana boat rides and returned back to the island for exploring a few more hidden places. They also had arranged a scrumptious candlelight dinner for us. After 3 days of Andaman exploration, we returned back to our hometown safely. Suddenly someone was ringing my doorbell. I was amazed who it will be. I ran to open the door. It was my dearest husband. Only then I realized it the hour hand of the clock had reached 8. Looking at the house he inquired what I was doing till then. I showed the album of our honeymoon and told him that I was recollecting those old days. To my surprise, he didn’t get angry with me and I was happy.

An Andaman Trip – A 25th Wedding Anniversary Gift for My Parents

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From the day I remember my parents used to celebrate mine and my sister’s birthdays, small and big achievements and festivals. As we are grown up it is our turn to return those special moments to them. We were commencing to the auspicious day- the 25th wedding anniversary of our loving parents. We both wanted it to celebrate in a special way. On ours every special occasion, they used to marvel our hearts with surprises and precious gifts. So this time we decided to surprise with a wonderful gift. At first, we thought of presenting them with expensive dresses or ornaments. By god’s grace, they have enough and more. After spending 2 days we reach a decision to send them for a trip.  And now the question raised where to send? Many places’ names ran into our brains. Suddenly my younger sister remembered the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. They had once shared with us they really wanted to celebrate their honeymoon at Andaman but due to lack of money they couldn’t afford the tour package and were forced to drop the trip. We thought it would be the best occasion to send them to the Andaman Islands. Now the next step was to find the best travel partner who curates packages to the island. Without doing much research we decided to select Andaman Tour Travel Company. The sincere feedbacks received from the travelers were enough for us to trust them. I probably think it was 1 month before the anniversary we disclosed the surprise it is because we wanted them to cut their anniversary cake on the island. After hearing our gift, tears started rolling down from their cheeks. They never expected such a wonderful surprise from us. With joy in their hearts, they said they are really proud of us. But they put forward one condition that they need us with them. We tried our best to get rid of it. But they warned us if we do not accompany them they will not accept the gift. We did not have any other option finally we were forced to join them. We again approached the Andaman Tour Travel and discussed our family trip. They with a pleasing smile said they have the latest family package and like to sell it for exciting discount rates. Then and there itself we grabbed the package. We didn’t forget to ask whether any water activities were inculcated in the package. A wide range of aqua venture sports are incorporated in the package they replied.

 Andaman tour packages from chennai

Two days prior to the anniversary we boarded the flight to Veer Savarkar International Airport at Port Blair in Andaman from Madurai International Airport. We had a warm welcome at the airport. From there we proceeded to one of the classy hotels in the capital city, Port Blair. On reaching the hotel we were greeted with fresh cool drinks. We were then guided to our rooms. Our rooms were really spacious. Balconies were attached to our rooms from there we were able to witness the panoramic view of the city. After relaxing for a few hours we were asked to get ready for the sightseeing. My sister reminded me to carry the camera to click auspicious moments of our family. As per the itinerary of the package we were first taken to the Cellular Jail. Over there we were able to capture the golden moments of history. Followed to it we stroll through the historic streets and did a little bit of shopping.  To ease our trip a tour guide was allocated to us. He shared valuable information. He commented that Port Blair is one of the busiest islands in Andaman and it is known as the seat of government. It also comprises the only airport of Andaman. By the evening we returned back to our rooms for unwinding and relaxing.

The next day we moved to Neil Island. It is considered as the vegetation bowl of Andaman and Nicobar Island. The serene nature and soothing climate lure not only us but thousands of travelers to the island. The island is well-renowned for its smooth sandy beaches. Rampur Beach, Sitapur Beach and Laxmanpur Beach are a few among them. These beaches were named after the mythological characters of the holy book Ramayan. I and my sister participated in various water sports such as snorkeling, scuba diving, jet riding, and parasailing. I exactly don’t remember I think we cut the cake at Sitapur beach. On our special request, the authorities had made all the necessary arrangements. On that glorious moment, our dad gifted a Kancheepuram saree to my mom and a golden necklace too. In return, my mom presented him with a fast track watch, golden ring, and a dress also. That evening we remained in the Neil Island itself.

 Andaman tour packages from Hyderabad

The next day we moved to Havelock Island. The main purpose of the visit was not only to witness awesome nature but also to provide a chance for our parents to participate in sea walking. As it is the only game that they can indulge at this age, therefore, we insisted on the guide to first take to Elephant beach and then to Radhanagar Beach. Under the special guidance of the professional experts, we all participated in sea walking by wearing a helmet. It is really difficult to express the feeling which we experienced under the water while walking in the sea. We were able to meet many rare and gorgeous aquatic organisms and coral reefs of various patterns and colors. After relishing mouthwatering traditional Andaman foods we moved to Radhanagar Beach. It is declared as the most beautiful and cleanest beaches in Asia. We really had a family time under palm-fringed tress by watching the sea waves wiping the beach. Over here we had arranged a candlelit dinner for our parents (due to lack of time it was not possible in Neil Island). We hope the dinner might have helped them to recollect their good olden days.  From Havelock Island also we did a little bit of shopping and moved back to Port Blair. By the evening we boarded the flight to our native from Veer Savarkar International Airport. Tour coordinators dropped us to the airport. We really had a wonderful time in Andaman. Thank you Andaman Tour Travel for making our trip awesome.

An Exhilarating Road Trip from Hyderabad to Kerala: A Delightsome Travelogue

The aftermath of a tiresome wedding session lasting for a couple of days, we were craving for some refreshing getaways to be spent in any other places. Besides, we were very particular of choosing a location with varied contrasts to that of Telugu cultures, traditions, places and everything. Furthermore, I and my husband had some conditions prior to our trip that it should not be any North Indian locations or boarding any straight flights to the destination.

It was in this instant that I got to know that the hills of Munnar in Kerala were surprisingly laid out by a delicate layer of snow during the past year’s winter. The beauty of this whole new version of the otherwise lush green hills was rather astonishing, which would be ideal for a romantic honeymoon. Usually, the state of Kerala is known for its tropical climate with most time of the year drenched in soothing monsoon. Therefore, tourists dropping in Kerala mostly get to visit its backwaters and its golden shores, as they would be readily included in their tour packages to spend their vacations. However, we wished to do something different and explore on our own. We finally decided to travel to the Munnar Hills from our hometown of Hyderabad and that too by road.

Kerala tour packages from Hyderabad

Since we only had limited time for our vacation, we set off our journey at a late evening in our own car. Most parts Telgana were covered in utter darkness expect the major towns of Mahbubnagar, Kurnool, Anantapur and Penukonda. Visiting these places in Andra borders were obviously excluded from our list as it was definitely not in our list, as we took the fastest road possible via NH44. Due to the numerous of tolls in the otherwise smooth path, it was almost midnight when we reached in the Electronic Capital of Karnataka, Bengaluru.

Bengaluru was like any other major cities of the country, in terms of their traffic congestion and the fastest growing infrastructure. Due to the time in which we arrived at this vast city saved us from this mess to a greater extent. On the wild path leading to Hosur, we got to realize that yet another state of Karnataka had also been left behind. Just then the name of Hosur just struck and later confused me that, isn’t’ that the same ‘Hosur’ in of Karanataka nearby Madikeri. The name was quite familiar to me as I had already visited a Samudri Ganesha Temple located there. However, this was a different place located in the borders of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

By early mornings, we reached the scenic locations of Krishnagiri district of Tamil Nadu. Again here too we could not experience the very essence of this beautiful ancient town. Later the first rays of the early morning sun were striking us when our car was very gently approaching towards Erode. Now, we were excited to journeying via the dense forest covers of Udumalpet once covering the temple towns of Thirvachi, Palladam, Avinashi and numerous other ones. We were almost in sync with our calculations of witnessing the dense forest regions of both Anamalai Tiger Reserve and Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary in broad sunlight. Consequently, we have succeeded in this very same venture also.

Up to these locations, the roads were not much challenging as the paths were laid out in plains. However, once we were about to cross the Kerala-Tamil Nadu borders, you will know about the very nature of the rocky terrains of this part of Western Ghats. Numerous hairpin curves on these roads will truly be testing most accurate driving skills of my husband. But he was definitely not in a mood to give up. Meanwhile, the deep gorges adjacent to the roads scared me.  From my research just before the trip, I had read that Chinnar is the sole rain shadow region in the state of Kerala

Kerala tour packages from Mumbai

In our research, I had already noted down that a waterfall named Thoovanam is situated at this location is a must-visit site. For trekking up to the waterfall, we pulled over our car in the parking area across the Alampetty Check post. The staff at the check post then said that to catch a glimpse of the Thoovanam Waterfalls, we need to trek across the dark jungles for a whole of 4kms. We just felt that we were walking very close to nature at its lap. When the cascading waterfalls were closest to our view, it was indeed a pleasure for our eyes to watch the beautiful sight. The trekking is basically a guided program operated by the State Tourism Department of Kerala.

Kereala tour packages

After the witnessing the surprising waterfall, we continued our journey via Marayoor, which has the only natural sandalwood forest among all the forest covers in Kerala. Here also we had to halt our travelling in the car, and had to catch a jeep that would take us to these rare forests. If we had opted for the other options of vacationing through the packages, we did not have to wait much in these kinds of places. But on the other hand, these halting could also give some rest to the former that had been plying all the way from Hyderabad. Along with us, we saw many other tourists enjoying the rich flora and fauna found only in these regions. Apart from that, we got to see a few ’Muniyaras’ which are the primitive cabins made of stone. Someone travelling with us on the jeep said Chinnar is home to a giant variety of flying squirrel and can be only be observed if you are lucky enough.

Kerala tour packages from Pune

We were departing from the sandal forest covers of Marayoor and saw yet another signboard indicating the path that leads to Lakkam Waterfalls. However, we could not make it to visit them as it was already approaching the dusk. Mounting up to the waterfalls in such an hour will be futile and also dangerous. From there it did not take much to reach the popular hill station of Munnar. While we reached there, the temperature was very chilling and felt exhausted. We sole groped for a space to lie down after the eventful journey.

Before planning for any road trips, it is always advised to book your dates to any efficient tour companies like that of Lelagoon Holidays. By doing so you would be visiting every tourist spots in a location in an organized manner without missing any exciting sights!