Bur Dubai- the Perfect place to unveil the history of Dubai

Dubai is a desert land situated in the heart of the United Arab Emirates. Two decades ago Dubai was a coastal land where the local Arabs were engaged in fishing and indulged in various desert activities like riding the camels. It was in the early 90s the Arabs discovered oil fields and gold mines. The discovery of these two components changed their fortune. Slowly they started exporting these two materials to various parts of the world. Now the Middle East countries are so powerful that they are ready to buy even a country. The success and development which we see today do not come all of sudden. There was a man with an intelligent mind and creative ideas who knew how to utilize all these in an appropriate manner and how to manage the profits earned from the various effects for the development of a nation. Describing the success story of entire Middle East countries in a single essay is not possible. Hence I would like to dedicate this document exclusively to Dubai. Dubai whenever we hear the word the image that runs to our mind will be Burj Khalifa and the man behind the great skyscraper is Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Dubai would be the only place in the world which shelters more than 50 eye-catching skyscrapers. The scintillating architecture of each monument mesmerizes each and every person in the world. People from Ahmedabad and Chennai tour Dubai by purchasing packages from travel companies. As we all know Dubai is one of the fastest-growing states in the world, it never means that the city is losing its religious and cultural values passed from generation to generation by ancestors. Dubai is an exquisite instance of the world that beholds its traditional values and heritage without allowing any kind of adulteration of modernity.

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There are many places in Dubai that grab millions of hearts. Planning a tour to Dubai was something unimaginable. But now with the help of the Dubai Tour Trawell, the dream of visiting Dubai can be fulfilled. They curate packages for travelers from Mumbai, Kolkata, and Pune. People who visit Dubai the first place that could be seen in their itinerary would be the Burj Khalifa. It is one of the world’s tallest buildings with two observation decks. Associated with it one could enjoy the dancing of an amazing water fountain commonly known as Dubai Fountain. It is situated in the front of Dubai Mall- the most luxurious malls on the planet with more than 1000 shops and various multiplexes. Along with this one could traverse in the water and mingle with rare species of marine organisms and coral reefs. To make your underwater adventure hassle-free travelers can avail of glass-bottom boat rides. Also, you can savor your favorite dishes from the underwater restaurant. To marvel your hearts a tour to the Dubai Miracle Garden is a must. Over there one could capture more than 10000 flowers arranged in a spectacular manner that captivates visitors to visit the place again and again.

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 Before unveiling the mysteries of modern Dubai traverse through the old pages of Dubai. To learn about ancient Dubai the best place in Bur Dubai. Popularly known as Old Dubai, Bur Dubai is located in Dubai Creek. It is a contrast to modern Dubai. While strolling through the streets of Bur Dubai one will come across various works of local artisans and craftsmen. You will always understand the typical and unique architectural styles, lifestyles, culture, and pearl industries. Bur Dubai comprises of unique Dubai artifacts, handmade goods, cooking utensils, chests and crafts, and old house tents. It is the best place to collect souvenirs for your dear ones who love antique pieces. The important places in Bur Dubai are as follows.

  1. Dubai Creek

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Dubai Creek is a saltwater creek situated in Dubai. It has now being extended to Ras Al Khor Wildlife sanctuary and the Persian Gulf. There are many things that you can do in Dubai creek. They are as follows. To study Dubai history in depth just visit the oldest museum built-in 1787. The museum is located inside the Al Fahidi fort. To tour the entire Dubai creek in one hour you can travel in the cable car. To test the power of water you can avail of a water taxi or a wooden dhow. In Dubai Dolphinarium you can spot bottlenose dolphins. It is the perfect place to collect spices for your home. From a gold souk, you can buy gold at cheap rates. Bu never settles down at the first price.

  1. Majlis Gallery

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Majlis Gallery is a fascinating gallery constructed in the conventional model.  The gallery is a haven for art lovers. Inside the gallery, one could find mesmerizing emerald courtyard meadows, handcrafted potteries, glass products and many more. It is situated in the Al Fahidi fort. Today the gallery invites outstanding works from eminent artists from various parts of the world.

  1. Dubai Museum

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Dubai Museum was constructed in the year 1787 in Al Fahidi Fort. The museum was started with the aim of incorporating all traditional values. Inside the museum on could find dioramas that tell the ancient lifestyle of each emirate before the advent of oil in the United Arab Emirates. In 1969 Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum wrote a letter to Sheikh Badr Mohammad Al Sabah, head of the office of the state in Kuwait, requesting him to send a museum expert to Dubai for constructing an eye-catching the museum

By narrowing down the above sections you might have understood the peculiarities of Bur Dubai. So on your next trip do not forget to include Bur Dubai in your itinerary. To clarify your concerns regarding the outstanding services of the Dubai Tour Trawell without any hesitation you can contact the customer care support team or drop a message into your mailbox or WhatsApp. So what are you waiting for? Grab the package as soon as possible. While packing your luggage for Dubai never forget to load your camera with a high storage memory card.

Top 6 Stunning Sun-Kissed Beaches in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most captivating cities in the United Arab Emirates. To study the latest changes in the technologies, fashion, education, hospitality services and many more one should definitely visit the eccentric emirate of the United Arab Emirates called Dubai. Dubai is the only place on the planet where impossible things take place. And the skyscrapers are the perfect examples for it. The city is also known as ‘the city of superlatives’. The world’s tallest skyscraper Burj Khalifa is situated in the downtown of Dubai. Burj Al Arab is one of the luxurious hotels in the United Arab Emirates. Even though it is a 5-star hotel it offers services of a 7-star hotel. One could grasp the stories of ancient Dubai by strolling through the streets of Dubai Creek and also a tall mirror is built-in Dubai called Dubai Frame that exhibits the old Dubai as well as new Dubai. If you want to see the largest candy shop avail of Dubai tour package from any places like Ahmedabad, Bengaluru and etc. and visit the candy store. Students and romantic couples will love to indulge in snow activities in the snow park in Emirates Mall. The observation decks situated on two floors of Burj Khalifa will provide a fascinating panoramic view of the entire Dubai city. Dubai has undertaken several new projects such as the Dubai Museum, Bluewater Island, Aladdin city and many more. No wonder if one says that people in Dubai never sleep and how it could not be possible if a King with strong determination and imagination is ruling the emirate. There is only one man behind the tremendous success behind Dubai is the most respectable Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The key to the prosperity of Dubai is the oil fields. They export oil and petroleum products to various countries in the world. I don’t think that the emirate only gives importance to technology and infrastructure. They also give equal importance to entertainment and sports too. The amusement parks like Bollywood Park, Wild Wadi Adventure Park, Hollywood Parka and many more are the exquisite examples for the same. Apart from these, they encourage water adventure activities like parasailing, jet riding, banana rides and many. All these sports take place in the sun-roasted beaches of Dubai. Just like the oil fields, one could enormously see beaches in various corners of Dubai. The following sections will help you to study more about it.

1. Sunset Beach

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Sunset Beach is one of the famous beaches in Dubai. It is situated between Arabian Gulf and Umm-Suqeium beach. The beach is famous among families and youngsters. The beach has been seen in many selfies and is it gives a spectacular view of sunsets which other beaches do not give. You can indulge in various beaches activities over there. The beach provides all the basic facilities like showers, washrooms, changing cubicles, and Smart Palms that supply free Wi-Fi to beach lovers. To enjoy the strength of tidal waves one avail of the surfing activities. Tourists of any age can try it. For swimmers, there is good news it is the only beach in the whole of Dubai that allows swimming in the night! Isn’t it interesting?

2. JBR Beach

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JBR beach is located between the Arabian Gulf and Dubai Marina. The beach is located close to the famous Jumeirah Beach Park. It is famous in Dubai and has been accredited with the title ‘Blue Flag Beach’. The certification is credited to the beaches that strictly follow the international standard. The beach park is an ideal destination for small children and adults. The park offers numerous facilities to entertain visitors such as cafes, barbeques, play stations, recreational centers, sports activities and many more.

3. Kite Beach

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Kite beach as the name denotes is famous for kite surfers. The beach is an elongation of Umm Suqeium beach. The beach is famous for various kinds of sports activities like sandboarding, kite surfing and many more. Visitors could fill their tummies with food form the mobile trucks. Along with it, you can beef dishes in the restaurant on the beach. The beach has a 14 km long jogging track. All above this is one could a clear view of Burj Khalifa- the tallest building in the world.

4. La Mer

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La Mer beach is one of the few beaches that provide cent percent of entertainment to its travelers. Thousands of people visit the beach every year from various places like Hyderabad, Delhi, and Mumbai by availing of the tour package to Dubai. The main attractions of the beach are laguna waterpark – a theme park with five water slides, playground for kids, lazy river ride, and water hammocks and many more. Visitors can also practice kayaking, flyboarding and wakeboarding and etc.

5. Black Palace Beach

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Black Palace Beach is sandwiched between Palm Jumeirah and Burj AL Arab. The beach is also called as a ‘Secret Beach’. Over here travelers cannot find any basic facilities such as changing rooms, or sunbeds, etc. if travelers are lucky they can find the luxury yacht of the Sheikh.

6. Al Mamzar Beach

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Al Mamzar beach is all-time favorite beaches for families in Dubai. The four corners of the beach are guarded by safeguards. The beach comprises of swimming pools, picnic spots, playgrounds and many more. The beach gets highly crowded on Fridays with families and small kids. The beach provides basic facilities like changing rooms, bathrooms, and etc. travelers can avail of small tents with air-conditioner equipped in it. The famous Sharjah Palace hotel is situated close to Al Mamzar Beach.

From the above paragraphs, you might have understood various beaches in Dubai. Spending a few hours on the beach will help you to rejuvenate. If you are lured by reading the above sections you can avail of tour packages from Dubai Tour Trawell, a leading travel operator in India. They always curate packages by focusing on the customer’s satisfaction. If you have any doubts regarding their services, you can contact their customer representatives without any hesitation.

Top 4 Stupendous Mosques of Dubai

Dubai is no longer an unfamiliar word for anyone in the world. The emirate is famous for several reasons. I think the city gained more prominence after constructing two eminent skyscrapers called Burj Al Arab- one of the most expensive hotels in the world and the other one is Burj Khalifa- the tallest tower in the world. The seven eminent emirates that are Sharjah, Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, Fujairah, Ras AL Khaima and Umm-AL Quwain were united together to form the United Arab Emirates. After the formation of the UAE, each emirate or state was assigned with a ruler. Dubai came under the control of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. It was his dream to make Dubai city the top travel destination in the world. For that, he utilized the profit earned by exporting oil and petroleum products to various nations. But never think that with a few years the city gained today’s shape and structure. It was 2 decade’s perseverance, hard work, and dedication that Dubai got its present face.

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There is a common saying if you want to see some extraordinary things which are beyond human expectations just visit Dubai. If you can’t see there then don’t worry they might be constructing it. For Dubai nothing is impossible. They always emphasize molding Dubai into the latest trends and technologies. No wonder if one calls Dubai as a diversified emirate. Irrespective of caste and creed the city welcomes hundreds of thousands of travellers to witness the fabulous beauty of outstanding architecture. The city respects the culture and heritage of different countries by celebrating its traditional festivals in a grand manner. Some of the people visit the mesmerizing city to not only explore its charming beauty but also to discover job opportunities. People from the Asian continent are mostly seen working in the Arab city. Every year thousands of people from various parts of India such as Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Delhi and so on purchase tour packages to participate in the world-renowned Dubai shopping festival. The festival is conducted every year in the month of January and it is the occasion where people from different communities and different countries exhibit various kinds of products.

We often think a country that gives prime importance to technology and economic development will find difficult to pay attention to its religious matters. May lose its integrity, tradition and forcefully will bring changes in their unique customs and beliefs. As I aforementioned for Dubai, nothing is impossible. The emirate can be considered as a perfect example of bringing changes to the technology and growth of its country without affecting their religious and traditional values. As we all know Dubai strictly believes and follows Islamic religion, they implemented several rules and regulations for Muslims and non-Muslims in their land. As they invest huge amounts for attaining economic stability they also spend an equal amount on the building and maintaining traditional prayer halls called Mosques. We all know that women are restricted to enter Mosques. But there are a few mosques that welcome non-Muslims and even women! You can learn more about the famous mosques of Dubai by strolling down the following paragraphs.

  1. Al Badiyah Mosque

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Al Badiyah Mosque is one of the oldest mosques in Dubai. It is situated near to the coastal village in Fujairah emirate. It is also one of the smallest mosques in Dubai that can accommodate only 70 people at a time. The mosque was constructed by using burnt mud sealed with whitewashed plaster and stones. Unlike other mosques, the Al Badiyah Mosque is built in square shape and its roof is constructed using 4 domes. Photography is encouraged inside and outside the mosques.

  1. Al Noor Mosque

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Among the seven emirates, Sharjah is called as the ‘Culture Capital of the United Arab Emirates’. The emirate was adorned with the title in the year 2014. The emirate shelter more than 600 mosques but among them, Al Noor Mosque is the only Mosque that opens its door to non-Muslims and Women. It started welcoming visitors since 2005. A special area is allocated for females. The Al Noor Mosque is situated at the banks of Khalid Lagoon in Buhairah Corniche in Sharjah. The mosque was constructed by referring to the mind-blowing architecture of the mosque in Istanbul. The mosque comprises of minarets, semi-domes and 34 beautiful domes and can accommodate 22000 people at a time. The mosque is opened for visitors on Mondays from 10 am. For registration, visitors are asked to arrive a little early.  A one hour tour in Mosque will take you to a world of Islamic architecture and beliefs.

  1. Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque

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Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque is one of the popular mosques in Dubai. It is also called as Blue Mosque as its outer part resembles the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. The mosque is sprawled in 93,400 square feet and can contain 200 worshippers at a time. While strolling through the mosque one could come across 4000 Islamic scriptures. The architecture of the mosque is something praiseworthy. It comprises of 124 stained glass windows, 4 minarets, and 21 domes. The floors of the mosques are decorated with red and green carpets bought from Germany. The fascinating mosque was built-in 1986and it was further renovated in the years 2003 and 2011. The mosque is constructed in Ottoman and Andalusian architectural styles.

  1. The Grand Mosque

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The Grand Mosque of Dubai is situated in Bur Dhabi. It is located opposite to Dubai Museum. It can accommodate 12000 worshippers at a time. On the entrance, you can see Quranic inscriptions on the door. It welcomes non-Muslims from 8 am to 10 pm. As entry fees are exempted anyone can visit the mosque. The mosque showcases Islamic architecture.

From the above paragraphs, one could understand the Islamic architecture and their culture. So when you plan your next Dubai tour, definitely add these Islamic worship centres in your itinerary. Dubai Tour Trawell is one such travel company that curates packages from people from Hyderabad, Gujarat, and Karnataka to explore the magnificent beauty of the superlative city at affordable prices. So don’t waste your time. Grab the package before it expires.

Some Unknown Interesting Facts about Dubai

I was very happy when returning from school. It was not like all other days. Today I got my answer sheets of the exam which was conducted before Christmas. I scored good grades and in two subjects I became class topper. I was very thrilled. My teachers and classmates congratulated me on my achievement. I thanked them. I somehow wanted to reach my home early so that I could to share this happiness with my family. I asked the driver of the school bus to drive the bus at high speed so that I could reach home fast. The moment I entered the home I was surprised my mom was busy preparing special dishes and servant was busy cleaning our house even my room!!! (Actually, it is the rule of my house that I should clean my room). I wondered how they knew about my achievement. I asked my mom why she is preparing special food for tonight and that too vegetarian item. Before answering my question she asked the reason for my happiness and also asked whether I got my answer papers. I was surprised. I always think of how mothers understand their children’s emotions without speaking to them. I told my mom she is really genius and appreciated her sixth sense. I told her that I got my exam papers and in two subjects I am the class topper. Even though she was kneading the flour for chappathi she hugged me and kissed on my forehead and congratulated me. I again asked her who is coming today. She told that our close family relative from Ahmedabad is coming to visit us and will there with us tonight. While drinking hot tea and savoring banana chips I asked my mom is that the Ajay uncle who recently went for a Dubai tour. She nodded and said the tour package was formulated by their colleagues. He is really a lucky man I whispered and moved to my room to get fresh.

By the evening Ajay uncle and my dad reached our home. My mother welcomed them by offering fresh pineapple juice. We all sat together and engaged in a formal conversation. My dad told the main purpose of uncle visit is, he had a board meeting at his office over here in Hyderabad. And today was the last day of the meeting and my dad invited him for dinner. And my dad picked him from his office. Uncle inquired about my studies and my mom told him about today’s performance. He congratulated me. My mother asked him about his Dubai tour. He replied, it was beyond his expectation, the trip was fabulous and they all enjoyed to its maximum. He suggested my dad take us to Dubai by availing of tour packages. My dad who is least interested in long journeys did not welcome his suggestion and replied that there is nothing to see in that desert. Who said it is a desert city? asked my uncle. The city is no longer a desert. It has turned into one of the richest cities in the world and also one of the most sought tourist destinations in the world.

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My dad again questioned him by asking what is the need of wasting money to see only camel rides and belly dances in Dubai? Ajay Uncle corrected my dad’s assumption by explaining more about Dubai. Dubai is one blooming emirate of the UAE. The United Arab Emirates comprises of 7 emirates they are as follows Sharjah, Ras-Al-Khaima, Fujairah, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Umm al-Qaiwain. Abu Dhabi is called as the capital of the UAE. For a long time, I had a doubt whether Dubai is a country or a city. He told that the word emirates mean a royal state and hence Dubai can also be treated as an ordinary state ruled by a royal ruler. Each state has its own King or Sheikh for Dubai it is Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum the ruler. The capital of Dubai state is Dubai city. And hence my lifelong doubt has been cleared then. Thank you, uncle. I also asked him didn’t he feel any difficulty to spend his vacation with Arab locals who speaks only Arabic. He smiled and replied it is our myth that Dubai is composed of Arab people. Actually the city comprises only 15% of Arab locals and the rest 85% are foreigners. And among these foreigners, Indians are seen as abundantly. And about the matter of communication, most people love to communicate in Hindi and English and only the Arab speaks in the Arabic language. It was the vision of the present ruler that Dubai should become one of the best cities in the world and within two decades it has become a superlative city in the world by constructing skyscrapers such as Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Mall and many more.

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My mother asked what the secret behind the success of Dubai is. Uncle told it is the oil, pearl diving, fishing and farming and also manpower. The same manpower we have here also she told. But uncle said that what we have here are the people above 45 years and what Dubai has is people aged between 20-45 years and that is the perfect age to work hard. As aforementioned the city comprises mainly foreigners, after earning good money they return back to their homeland at the age of 45. My dad asked uncle is it true that the ATMs over there give gold bars. I and mom were astonished by hearing the question. Uncle smiled and replied yes. He also told that due to the presence of deserts the city receives high humidity and scarcely receives rain therefore air conditioners are installed in every public place such as railway stations, bus stations and so on. What about the crimes my dad asked. Even though the city welcomes different cultures and traditions they strictly adhere to their religious beliefs and laws. Smoking is restricted in designated areas only. Women are allowed to wear short dresses. Alcohol and pork are available only to non-Muslims and so on.  Severe penalties are applied even for small offences.

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We continued our conversation on the dining table. He praised my mother for preparing such lovely dishes. To my surprise, she prepared my favourite kheer for dessert (for becoming topper in the class). Dubai is actually a treasure of man-made wonders. it is not possible for one to describe its beauty literally to everyone. Therefore it would be good to visit the place by availing of tour packages. A trip to Dubai will be really expensive my dad said. Uncle suggested the name of the Dubai tour Trawell agency. He said that they curate packages at cheap rates and also provide excellent hospitality. My dad was impressed and assured us that he will take us to Dubai very soon.

A Trip to Stunning Shopping Malls in Dubai

After a one week Dubai trip we were back. There are no words to describe the beauty to express its immense glory and magnificent beauty. Even though we returned back from Dubai my mind was still roaming in the streets of the city of superlatives. I was amazed by seeing the splendid wonders of human creativity and imagination. For a moment I just thought whether I have stepped into heaven. The city offers immense opportunities for common and rich people to enchant its mesmerizing charm. It was always my dream to witness the delight of the city. One day while I was shopping for Diwali in one of the famous shopping malls in Hyderabad I got a chance to avail of a coupon. Like others, I also wrote my name and phone number in the coupon and put it in the box. It is not for the first time I am doing this. Unfortunately, every time I used to lose the victory. But this time my little princess asked me to buy the coupon. And I really do not want to disappoint my little angel so I purchased it. The lucky draw will be held on the very next day of Diwali. As luck never stands with me I didn’t go to the mall on that day. I was very busy with my household chores suddenly my phone ranged, I picked the call. They just wanted to inquire whether it is me Deepa. I said yes. They said that I have been declared as the winner of the Diwali coupon. And therefore I have got a chance to explore Dubai with my family. For a moment I was not able to believe. I was shocked. When my husband returned from the office in the evening we went to the same mall and inquired whether the call was genuine. They replied it was an authorized call. My husband and daughter were overwhelmed with joy and thrill. We completed all the formalities of the tour package and got ready for the exotic trip.

Dubai Tour Packages from Pune

We boarded a flight to Dubai International Airport from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad. It was hard to believe that we have stepped into our dream destination. After resting for a while we started our sightseeing. Whoever steps into Dubai the first thing what they would see will be the famous skyscraper called Burj Khalifa. The infrastructure is known for its two stunning observation decks. It is also termed as the world’s tallest tower. Near to it is located the world’s second-largest shopping mall known as Dubai Mall. Along with Dubai Mal, the city houses many other eye-catching shopping malls. The following paragraphs will help you to learn more about the malls and their eccentric features.

  1. Dubai Mall

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Dubai is considered to be the largest mall in Dubai and the second-largest mall in the world.  It is situated in Downtown and home to more than 1200 shops. It takes at least a week to completely enchant the charm of the mall. The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo with a glass-bottom boat ride make the mall unique in Dubai. One could savour scrumptious delicacies in the restaurants in the underwater zoo. The mall is spread over 3.77 million square feet in the area. It is sheltered to one of the largest candy stores in Dubai. It is also known for the largest choreographed water fountain show. The mall is not only known for shopping but also for entertainment. Children and adults together can enjoy their quality time by indulging in Sega Park and Kidzania theme parks. Also, they could entertain themselves at Reel Cinemas. Waitrose supermarket is a haven for homemakers. The mall is connected to the metro station and hence paves the way for comfortable travelling. No wonder why the Dubai mall is termed as the ultimate shopping destination in the world. It comprises Galeries Lafayette, Cheesecake Factory, Charlotte Tilbury, Kinokuniya, Five Guys, Magnolia Bakery, Bloomingdale’s, Laduree, Pappa Roti outlet, and Katsuya. The only Apple store in Dubai could be seen in the Dubai Mall.

  1. Mall of Emirates

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The Mall of Emirates is known as the second-largest shopping mall in Dubai. It is sprawled in an area of 24 lakh square feet. It is situated in Al Barsha city. The mall is known for its fashion trends and retail stores. The Ski Park is the highlighting feature of the mall which lures travellers across the globe. We indulged in various activities in the Snow Park at Ski Dubai and tasted the hot chocolate at -4 degree. Over there we got a chance to interact with the travellers from Ahmedabad who reached Dubai by availing of the tour packages from Dubai Tour Trawell.  What makes the Mall of Emirates one of the favourite destinations for the families is the Magic Planet. VOX Cinemas and rock climbing are the other luring attraction of the mall. It also has DUCTAC theatre which showcases various plays and dance shows.  Shopaholics can satiate their hunger by savouring mouthwatering delicacies from Tribes and Hallab, Texas De Brazil and Dean & Deluca. Like Dubai Mall, the Mall of Emirates is also directly connected to metro stations. Travellers can buy all the important items for their house from Carrefour supermarket.

  1. Dubai Festival City Mall

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The Dubai Festival City Mall is considered to be one of the largest shopping malls in Dubai. It is home to several popular brands. Such as Aldo Store, IKEA store, Ferrari store, the bowling centre, the most popular restaurant known as Serendipity, Mint Velvet store (the only store to be opened outside the UK) and Hard rock café. Apart from this, what makes the mall so famous is it is located near to historic creek. During the freezing winter season is the mini-fair held in front of the mall comprising of stalls and games. The fascinating fountain shows similar to that of Dubai fountain grabs millions of hearts.

There are many more shopping malls in Dubai. A one week trip is really not enough to learn all these malls. We visited 2 prominent shopping malls and continued our exploration of new places such as Dubai Creek, Palm Islands, and Dubai Miracle Garden and also we participated in various desert activities in daub. After one week’s thrilling trip we returned to our hometown with sweet memories.

Exploring the Night Life of Dubai with your Better Half in your Honeymoon

Dubai is that mesmerizing global city that provides you with an altogether different and exotic sight at night that can be experienced nowhere else in the world. Especially if you are with your better half and are opting those special destinations that already alters your mood to a more romantic one, you are always going to relish the sweet memories that you both had here in the magical city of Dubai. Here are a few of the places and ideas to have an everlasting memory of your honeymoon days in Dubai.

Gaze at the starry night from Al Sadeem Observatory

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If you are ready to travel a distance of 150 km from Dubai, to Al Wathba in Abu Dhabi, you could gaze at the starry night with your partner from the observatory of Al Sadeem. Apart from the alluring view of the night sky, they could provide you both with the unanticipated amenities of campfires and tents rather than the powerful telescopes as offered by the popular tour packages based in Dubai. However, they were established quite recently with the financial backup of the businessmen of Emirati unlike the ancient observatory of Nizamia at Hyderabad.  Such as act of gazing the starry night should never be missed even if you are on your usual tour or honeymoon trip to Dubai.

Stroll through the banks of Dubai Marina

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What can be more romantic than the stroll through the banks of Dubai Marina with your beloved? You may witness the splendid reflections of the flickering light from the skyscrapers in the Dubai waters. The sight of this artificial and fence-like structure at night will be indeed glorious to your eyes. Once you finish your walk alongside the Jumeriah beach residence areas, you both may satisfy your tummies from any of the restaurants or cafes lined at the Marina of Dubai. Meanwhile, if you are wishing for a calm and composed time with your partner in your honeymoon, you may skip the schedules of night clubs of Dubai Marina. Instead, you may pay heed to the faintest tunes that are being played from the tourist cruises sailing across the waters.

Book a ticket for Madinat Theatre

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The shows displayed at the Madinat Theatre of Dubai especially at night are going to imprint you with the honeymoon memories that are going to last forever in both of your lives.  There would be the numerous stand-up comedies, musicals, classical ballets and other plays to entertain you for the fullest. It can be said so as the programmes organized here creates a special connection with the audience witnessing them. Moreover, the major reason for including this specific point in the list is that exclusive shows will be conducted at night targeting youngsters and couples. Furthermore, one may easily access the theatre while you are honeymooning in Dubai as they can be effortlessly sighted right amid the Jumeirah of Souk Madinat.

Never Skip the Spectacular play of Dubai Fountain

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None of the tourists to Dubai returns without witnessing the spectacular play of Dubai Fountain. They can obviously be sighted at night precisely once the clock strikes 6 in the evening and almost up to midnight. Synchronized music with the light show is indeed a pleasure to watch especially when you are with the love of your life touring in the bustling city of Dubai. Furthermore, with this magnificent backdrop, you may click as many pictures of your partner as you wish for. Besides all that it will be a free of cost entertainment that can be availed along with your partner. The dazzling lights of the fountains create a beautiful blend of colours as its reflections on the adjacent high-raised buildings can be glanced at enduringly.

Go for a romantic cruise along Dubai Creek

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Cruising at night can always be listed at the top positions of the ‘must-do’ things for the honeymooners. So for the couples visiting the city for their honeymoon, the vast saltwater Dubai Creek flowing right in the heart of Dubai offers a wonderful prospect. Catch a ticket for the Dhow Cruise either directly or choose from any of the tour packages with the inclusion of such a traditional boat ride.  At night, these customary dhows will be adorned with colourful lights providing you both a dreamy mood instantly. The varied amalgamation of modernity with traditional Arab architecture is celebrated alongside the banks of the Creek, which can be best experienced while you are on the traditional boat cruise. Lights of diverse colours will be put up on them so creatively, further increasing its charm. You may try to drop into the dhows that conduct the special dance performances of the traditional art forms of Tanura and the likes during these blissful night cruises.

Dine at 360 Lounge together for a romantic night

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Very perfectly located at the end of the Dubai Marina, the high-raised building on which the popular eatery of 360 Lounge is set up could offer you the best panoramic view of the entire night. Especially, the most alluring seashore of Dubai can be sighted from here at night in an altogether different perspective rather than in broad daylight. More surprises for you in the kitty once the sun sets in, as you will be viewing a breathtaking sunset when dining from the upper floors of 360 Lounge. Henceforth, for the most romantic dinner you ever going to have in Dubai can be made to reality here in this beautiful restaurant. So you may take them on any of your scheduled dates to not to clash with any of your other honeymoon plannings.


The global city of Dubai has got yet another enchanting side once the sun sets in. So if you had planned your honeymoon in the city, never ever skip experiencing its nightlife. For further knowing the best ideas for spending your honeymoon in Dubai in the most diverse way, plan with Dubai Tour Trawell. They have the got the most interesting honeymoon tour packages that nobody could offer and that too in most affordable rates. Their tour executives could suggest you some pleasing concepts for your honeymoon. Furthermore, you may discuss your demands and wishes for your honeymoon with them.

A Lunch with my Brother-in-law on a fine Sunday

As usual, I woke up at 6 am in the morning; you might be thinking what is there to mention if the activity is a daily routine. It was not like an ordinary working day. As Sunday is declared as a national holiday in all the countries except in the Middle East regions, I was not willing to wake up early because I really wanted to compensate for all my pending nights of sleep. But my mother is a strong Christian believer that forced me to attend the morning holy mass. During the mass when the priest asked to handover all your prayers to almighty I will be the only person who prayed to somehow ask the priest to end the service. Soon after the holy mass, I ran to my house. Over there my granny was desperately waiting for me with a list of unending household chores. I was so angry that I didn’t respond to her. By that time my parents reached home and I inquired what’s happening in our house is there any special program being organized which I am unaware of? As I had already lost my temper they didn’t test my patience and answered my question. They told me, they had invited my cousin who recently got married to a sales manager working in Dubai and they had informed me about it a week before. I was also asked to recollect about it with a cool mind. Followed to it my mom served the breakfast and called me for savouring it. After seeing my favourite ‘up puma’ on the table my mind was delighted and I started conversing with my family in a normal mood. While having breakfast we all used to share all the incidents that happened in the last week. Sometimes our conversation used to prolong for hours. But on that day my dad reminded me to wind up the discussion as our guest would arrive soon for lunch. Soon after breakfast, I assisted my mom and granny while my little brother helped my dad. After the preparation of the starters, we finished all our kitchen chores and moved to change our dresses. By 11 am our special guests, Sandhya and Rajeev arrived and my dad asked to serve the fresh juice which we had prepared for them. As I am afraid of carrying the tray with glasses, I didn’t move from my position. So I was staring at my mom. We all know that if the beginning is bad everything will be bad. Again my dad asked to serve the juices this time he specified my name. As my dad is short-tempered I did not want to spoil my good impression in front of my new brother-in-law I soon ran to the kitchen and returned with the tray. My brother-in-law was very friendly and generous understood my discomfort and asked to place the tray on the table. I smiled at him with gratitude.

 My cousin (whom we call ‘Akka’) introduced each of us to her husband (whom we call ‘machaan’). Without any starting trouble, he mingled with us as he knew us from years. My dad inquired about his works and Dubai life. Meanwhile we three young girls (I, mom and granny) of our house served all the dishes on the dining table. My granny invited them to the table by interrupting their conversation. It was for the first time he tasted the south Indian foods prepared in Coimbatore style. He was pleased and praised my mom and granny for their exceptional talent. While having lunch he inquired me and my brother’s studies and our ambitions too. He asked whether we were willing to visit the dazzling Dubai city. By looking at our dad we said he must grant permission. All of us laughed at it. My mom always wished of visiting the place as we don’t have any close relatives and friends over there we never planned the tour. What is the need for seeking help from your relatives and friends when you can avail of the packages from the travel operators at cheap rates, asked by machaan? My thampi (little brother) asked him what is there to see in Dubai. Rajeev machaan replied by asking what you know about Dubai. Thampi answered by saying the city is famous for its hot sandy deserts and many eye-catching skyscrapers built for business purposes. As a support to my thampi, I also said that the city is not a place worth to see as it always concentrates on constructing tall towers only to become a superlative city and not to win people’s minds.

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He smiled and told us it is high time to change our thoughts. Whatever new thing they are constructing it is always focused on human beings’ welfare. I then asked him to explain the purpose of building Burj Khalifa, according to me it was constructed only to gain the fame of becoming the only city of carrying the tallest tower. He patiently explained to me and said the tower was constructed not only to become famous but also it helped mankind to view the whole city just by standing in the observation deck. Or else one will have to seek the help of a helicopter that a common man could not afford. With its construction, it provided thousands of job opportunities to several people. Oh! The city is concentrating more on technology and urbanization rather than conserving the environment, which was asked by my granny. To her question, he asked another question to her. Is it possible to view thousands of varieties of flowers and aquatic organisms under a single roof? Grandma said it is impossible to imagine. But nothing is impossible for Dubai. Dubai Miracle Garden and Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo are the perfect examples for it. By constructing all these, the authorities would be relaxing now, right? I asked him. He replied, am absolutely mistaken. Dubai is not like any other city. It is not only the land of opportunities (as I early mentioned) but also a land of boundless creativity.

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As part of promoting tourism and economic development, the city has proposed several projects and a few of them are at its finishing line. One of them is Bluewaters Island. It is a man-made archipelago built on Jumeirah Beach. The island will comprise of residential areas, beverages and there are two specialities which make the island unique. One is the driverless car and another is the giant wheel named Dubai Eye. It is taller than London’s giant wheel. Riding on the Dubai Eye one could witness the illuminating Burj Kahlifa. Isn’t it wonderful? He continued by asking do we remember the famous place Venice (a commonplace in Shakespeare’s plays). The city is going to build a floating Venice. It is termed as “the world’s first luxury underwater vessel resort.” One of the decks will be under the water. The days are not far when the well-renowned Burj Khalifa will gain the 2nd position. Dubai is going to build another skyscraper taller than Burj Khalifa. They have named it as ‘The Tower’. Looking at my dad’s and thampi’s bulged tummies he said Dubai is going to construct a tower. If one who wants to reach the bottom of the tower will have to climb up 500 steps. By walking twice uncle’s and thampi’s extra fat will be lost, he replied with a smile.

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I was so curious to know more about the future projects of the city. Rajeev machaan said it is not easy to share all the information about Dubai projects. To learn more about it, he asked us to avail of the tour packages to Dubai for Christmas holidays so that we could participate in the world-famous Dubai Expo 2020. When he was working in Hyderabad some of his friends purchased the packages from Dubai Tour Trawell and commented with excellent feedback. He also added that their hospitality services are really outstanding. We were so immersed in the talk that we forgot to serve the desserts as we all finished meals an hour before. My mom offered twice the desserts only to Rajeev machaan. By seeing the special preference he asked is it the fees for the information he shared. Hearing to it we all laughed.

A Journey to Dubai with Buddies

Dubai is one of the most captivating cities in the world. People are lured by its charming beauty, skyscrapers, and mind-blowing architects. Dubai has something special that no other country has. It is the perfect example for the proverb nothing is impossible. With a decade of constant hard work, dedication, and unity, their success touched the sky. The city is a haven for adventure activities, shopping, and sightseeing and also for creativity and imagination. People always say the city is a land of opportunities. Dubai has been sheltering thousands of foreigners for years. The city is appreciated for its unity in diversity. Without any discrimination, Dubai respects other religions and celebrates their festivals. Every year thousands of people visit the iconic city for various purposes. And nearly half of them settle there.

Dubai city tour

You might be thinking why I am describing the city so much. Whether I had visited the city before? And so on. Let me clarify one thing I have not visited the city but have seen it many times in movies, advertisements and in the internet. After watching the Malayalam movie ‘Diamond Necklace’ I became a big fan of Dubai. Half of the movie was shot in Dubai. From that day onwards I started dreaming of visiting the marvelous city. I talked about it to my friends, family, and cousins. After a few days, one of my cousins told me about the Dubai Tour Trawel team. There are the leading tour operators in Dubai. Within a few years, they gained fame by curating packages at cheap rates for travelers across the globe. I discussed the same with my close friends. They were thrilled and agreed for the same. We booked the package on a convenient day.

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Some of my college mates were working in the southern states of the country. I also had conveyed about the idea of Dubai tour. A few of my friends working in Coimbatore also joined us by purchasing the packages for Dubai. We boarded a flight to Dubai International airport from different locations. On reaching the airport the tour coordinators were there to receive us with a bouquet of aromatic flowers. We were very excited and thrilled not only for landing Dubai safely but also for meeting our buddies after a long time. We all traveled in a cab from the airport with a tour guide to one of the elegant hotels. After savoring delicious food we relaxed for a few hours. By the evening we started our sightseeing. We were first taken to the world’s tallest tower, Burj Khalifa. The tour guide conveyed some valuable information about the Burj Khalifa. The tower is nearly 850 m in height with two observation decks. It was built by Emmar properties. During the inauguration time in 2010, the skyscraper had only one observation deck. A few years later China built a tower with an observation deck at an elevation greater than that of Burj Khalifa. And hence our favorite came Burj Khalifa was dropped to 2nd position. As we all know Dubai is well-renowned as the city of superlatives. It won’t like to remain in the 2nd stand, therefore, it constructed a new observation deck on the top of the previous one.  There is a facility of savoring delicacies at the observation decks while enjoying the panoramic view of the entire city. Near to it, the famous Dubai Fountain is situated. During the evening the fountain will be illuminated with colorful lights and one could see water dancing with the music played. After enjoying the water dance we moved to Dubai shopping mall– the paradise for shoppers. We remained dumbstruck by seeing its interior decorations. The mall is designed on various themes. It comprises 100+ shops with restaurants and a children’s park. We purchased many valuable items from the mall and tasted various food items from the food corners. Nearly 1000 people visit the mall per day. After grand shopping, we moved back to the hotel.

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The next day we began our trip by visiting the Dubai Mall again as on the previous day we were not able to visit the famous Dubai Aquarium. Words are insufficient to describe the charming beauty of the aquarium. It is the only place where one could see varieties of fishes and coral reefs together in an aquarium. We availed a glass-bottomed boat tour to view the entire mesmerizing aquarium. Inside the Dubai aquarium, one could see several restaurants from there we tasted mouthwatering dishes in company with marine creatures. From there we moved to Dubai Miracle Garden. On the roadway journey, we were amused by seeing the amazing bridges constructed in spectacular patterns. During the travel, our tour guide discussed a few points about the garden to us. The garden was inaugurated on a valentine’s day. It is sheltered to thousands of thousand flowers. And the maintenance of the garden was hand over to a private company. We reached the marvelous garden. We were amazed by the gorgeous arrangement of flowers in a peculiar manner. We clicked several photographs in the garden and uploaded on the social media after reaching the hotel (by using the hotel’s WI-FI). From there we proceeded to explore the man-made island- Palm Island. The islands are designed in the shape of palm leaves. How could a Dubai trip be completed without participating in desert activities? From Dubai Miracle Garden we moved for desert safaris. We tried 4×4 quad rides and camel rides. We were fortunate enough to relish the taste of traditional Arab foods by enjoying the belly dance performed by the professionals. After receiving the golden rays of sunrise we planned to indulge in some adventure games. We discussed it with our guide about the same. He suggested the hot air balloon flight. Before noon we reached the spot. At first, a few of us (including me) were afraid to try. As we really do not want to disappoint others we tried. The moment we were lifted we were so thrilled that we screamed in joy. I could see very closely birds flying. Along with hot air balloon flight, we also tried jet skiing.

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After a few days of the trip we returned back to our hometown. I don’t know how to thank the Dubai Tour Trawell team and their services.  We were really pleased with their hospitality. After reaching my home I logged in to their website and upload a fabulous comment and rated them with 5 stars.

Me and My Dream Dubai

I don’t think there would be anyone who hasn’t heard the name, Dubai at least once in their lifetime. It was my lifetime dream to visit the most mesmerizing city in the world. I heard the city’s name not from any history book or from any newspaper. It was through my father and uncle that I came to know about this city and its beauty. My father and uncle were working in a construction company as a supervisor in Dubai. Not like today, my dad used to get only 45 days of holiday once a year. Whenever he used to visit us he used to bring lots of chocolates, toys, and dresses. It was for chocolates which I used to wait eagerly. I used to always ask my dad what is there in Dubai that makes it so special and different from other countries. With an innocent smile, he used to reply that the residents over there believe in the principle ‘nothing is impossible if one has strong will power and immense dedication’. He also added it is one of the few cities in the world who knows to preserve their traditional and cultural values while running behind the modernity. Because of my dad, the place became an inevitable part of my life. From my childhood, I used to tell my friends one day I will certainly visit this fascinating city.

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Before completing graduation my dad got retired and returned back from his job to our home town. Soon after my studies, I got placed in a reputed multinational company through campus placement. Many of my cousins were relocated to Dubai as part of their job and marriage. They used to upload many photographs of beautiful places in Dubai. It was my biggest dream to visit the world’s eighth wonders and the tallest skyscraper known as Burj Khalifa and many other wondrous monuments. I used to feel very sad by seeing the pic. Looking at my sadness it was my dearest friend who recommended about Dubai Tour Trawel and their excellent packages. She also mentioned that this time they were grabbing the customers by providing a special offer for the people of Hyderabad to tour Dubai. I was really thrilled. Words are insufficient to describe my excitement. I shared this happy news with my family. At first, they were hesitant to avail of the package as it might be very expensive. But I explained to them their features and their hospitality of the tour partner. Also, I showed them the feedback and reviews of the people who availed their packages. After going through the testimonials they were pleased and agreed to travel to Dubai.

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Finally, that day arrived. It was very really difficult for me to believe that am going to visit my dream destination. We, a group of nearly 100 travelers together boarded a flight from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad to Dubai International Airport in Dubai. We reached Dubai in the morning. The tour representatives were there to receive us at the airport. They guided us to one of the best hotels in Dubai. After refreshment, we started our sightseeing. They first took us to the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa. We remain startled by seeing its height. The tour guide, as well as our dad, shared many stories behind its constructions which were not revealed to any public media. After waiting for a while we got the entry pass to the observatory deck located on the 124th floor of the building. We remain dumbstruck by seeing the stupendous beauty of the entire city. The observation deck provides a panoramic view of the whole Dubai city. Just for a moment, I thought whether am watching any dream. I asked my younger sister (whom we call ‘chotu’) to pinch me to make me realize that this is not a dream. She giggled and pinched me. We also had a marvelous lunch in the sky on the 126th floor. Followed to Burj Khalifa we visited the most famous Dubai Mall. Dubai Fountain which is located adjacent to the mall is worth to see. In the evenings the fountain is illuminated with various colors. Dubai Mall is a haven for shopaholics. The mall comprises of more than 100 shops.  It not only consists of textiles and cosmetics shops but also many recreational centers such as gym, fitness club. It also offers a plethora of opportunities to indulge in various games. We availed the tour package in the month of January so we were blessed to participate in the world’s famous Dubai Shopping Festival. From there we purchased several antique items and garments. Also, we did a little bit of gold shopping too. From there we visited the man-made archipelago known as Palm Islands. The islands are constructed in the shape of the palm. Only the Palm Jumeirah Island can be visited. Followed to it we went to Dubai Miracle Garden. Our tour guide told us that the garden was inaugurated on 14th February i.e. on Valentine’s Day. The garden is home to thousands of varieties of flowers. Some flowers are decorated in the shape of various patterns like animals, national symbols, and many more. How could we forget to visit the Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo? The aquarium is sheltered to plenty of fishes. My sister who was pursuing a degree in Zoological was really thrilled by seeing all the fishes together which she had only learned in her textbooks. It would have been a great loss if we omit this place from our package. One can view various species of fishes and other marine creatures by traveling on a glass-bottomed boat in the aquarium. We also had a marvelous dinner with aquatic creatures in the underwater zoo. We Indians are always a fan of Bollywood actors and their movies. While learning about Dubai I heard about Bollywood Park. I asked our tour guide whether there is any possibility to visit Bollywood Park. He nodded his head with a smile and promised us to take to the park on the pre-final day. We all especially youngsters participated in various adventure games and enjoyed a lot.

Dubai trip packages from Mumbai

On the final day, we returned back to Hyderabad with bags full of gifts and minds full of good memories. We didn’t feel Dubai trip as expensive. The package was very cheap and the expenses didn’t go beyond our expectations. We all were pleased with the hospitality offered by the Dubai team. Many people who availed tour packages from other agencies were not able to visit many important places. But we were fortunate enough to visit all the prominent spots. Thanks to the Dubai Tour Trawell team for organizing such a wonderful trip for us.

5 Stunning Bridges of Dubai that Connects Human Hearts

Dubai is an all-time favorite destination for tourists across the world. Every year the Dubai stuns the world with magnificent skyscrapers and astonishing human wonders. The city is already famed for its exemplary creativity. Have you ever imagined a place where one can relish the dazzling beauty of natural and man-made skill works at a time under a single roof? Dubai is the only place where you can witness this awesome miracle. The things which a common man can’t even imagine in his dream can be seen in real only in Dubai. The city is also known as the home of superlatives. Apart from the man-made wonders, the city is also famous for its unique culture and art forms. Dubai is a haven for food lovers and nature enthusiasts. The city is considered to be an ultimate destination for shopaholics and entertainment lovers. Every thousand globetrotters plan an exotic tour relish the charming beauty of the city. One could get several packages to roam across the city. Select the cheap and affordable one from them and enjoy the bewildering beauty of the well-renowned structures. Burj Khalifa- the tallest building in the world, Dubai Mall, Emirati Mall, Dubai Aquarium, Snow park, Palm Island, etc. are some of the best examples for the same.

Don’t ever think that only by entering the aforementioned places you can view the gorgeous beauty of the city. Each corner of the city will make the travelers speechless and one such captivating creativity is the interconnecting structures more commonly known as bridges. The bridges of Dubai are really praiseworthy. The way they are constructed, its architectural style, its fascinating beauty, and many more lure not only civil engineers and architects but also ordinary people. Below is a short description of the amusing bridges in Dubai that are enough to assess the competency of the city when it comes to formulating something new out of the limited resources.

5 Amusing bridges in Dubai

  1. Floating Bridge

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Have you ever heard a long bridge been constructed in just 23 days!!! It is really unbelievable, isn’t it? Unimaginable and unbelievable things take place only in Dubai. And no wonder the construction of a floating bridge also took place in the city of Dubai. It was the dream of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid al Maktoum to construct a bridge to overcome the traffic in Al Maktoum Bridge. Even though the construction needed hardly one month it takes around 10 months to design and plan the bridge. The project was handed over to Waagner- Biro. The bridge carries 6 lanes across the Dubai Creek. The pontoon bridge is an interconnection between Deira City Centre and the Yacht club by connecting Dubai Creek Golf.

Situated at: Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Length of bridge: 365m

Inaugurated in the year: 16th July 2007

  1. Al Maktoum Bridge

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Most of us have seen in movies the opening of the bridge while a ship passes and resumes its initial position within a few minutes. Such a bridge could also be seen in Dubai. The bridge is named Al Maktoum Bridge. The bridge had undergone several transformations in the years such as 1974, 1990, 2001 and 2007 to accommodate several vehicles and passengers at a time. Salik (road toll) was implemented in the year 2008. The bascule opening of the bridge which permits large ships to sail is the feature which attracts tourist from various parts of the world. To witness this awe-inspiring moment travelers from Coimbatore can avail tour packages to the mesmerizing city. Travelers can also click photographs when the traffic is least.

Situated at:  Al Maktoum Bridge – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Length of bridge: 37m

Inaugurated in the year: 1963

  1. Al Garhoud Bridge

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Al Garhoud Bridge was built in order to tackle the hectic traffic issues in Dubai Creek. The bridge was first inaugurated in 1976. As it became difficult to accommodate a large number of vehicles the existing bridge was destroyed and a new one was constructed in 2006. It took nearly 2 years to complete the construction and 2008 the bridge was opened for everyone. The bridge now comprises 14 lanes with 7 in each direction. The new bridge marvels at everyone with its distinguishing artworks.

Situated at:  Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Length of bridge: 520m

Inaugurated in the year: 1976

  1. Business Bay Crossing

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One of the newest bridges opened in Dubai is the Business Bay Crossing Bridge. It mainly connects Bur Dubai from Deira through its 7 lanes and from Deira to Bur Dubai through the remaining 6 lanes of a total of 13 lanes. The bridge with 15 meters height and 1.6 km length was opened in the year 2007. The luring feature of the bridge is it provides a corridor for the motorist to ride their favorite bike from Bur Dubai to Deira and Sharjah.

Situated at : Business Bay Bridge – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Length of bridge: 1.6km

Inaugurated in the year: June 2007

  1. Skybridge Dubai

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Glass Bridge is one of the eye-catching attractions of not only Dubai but the whole United Arab Emirates. The 150m high glass bridge is also known as Sky Bridge. The bridge offers a stunning panoramic view of the whole city. The floors are situated 48 floors from the ground and the view is quite enthralling. The bridge is completely blanketed with glass panels.  An intriguing fact about the bridge as you start walking through the glass floors it turns transparent and you will be able to see the Zabeel park beneath the bridge clearly with the help of glass floors. Another major attraction of the bridge is the telescopic cameras installed on the bridge, permits the travelers to observe the prominent wonders of Dubai. Altogether the bridge is a perfect example of entertainment and fun.

Situated at : Al Kifaf, Zabeel Park Jogging Track – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Length of bridge:150m

Inaugurated in the year : 2018

All these bridges might pump our enthusiasm and excitement but these extraordinary bridges are not only bridges for Dubai people but significant features that changes the identity of the city. Dubai Tour Trawell is one such tour operator which frequently organizes trips to the city. Not like other travel partners, they not only important to spectacular architectures but also to bewitching wonders such as bridges. These bridges not only connect different places together but also our hearts with the amazing city. So prepare yourself for a heartwarming vacation to the city of Dubai.