Celebrating Honeymoon in Mananthavady – The Iconic Place in the History of Kerala

Is there anyone who does not like to unveil the elegance of emerald nature? How would it be if one starts his or her day with innocent chirps of adorable birds? Isn’t it would be pleasing? Many times I have thought who assigned them the duty of wakening up all the animals, trees and humans. Do they get the wages for doing so? Or is it a kind of thanksgiving to the almighty for giving one more day on the planet. Whenever I see the thickly populated trees in the forests I always think who waters them and who look after them. It is not possible for a few people to look after the trees regularly. Still, it survives on the earth for a half a century. The wild animals in the forest never have experienced starvation for more than a couple of days. Somehow they will get their food. There are many more examples in nature that teaches some bitter and important lessons of life that no textbooks could teach. The wonders and various activities of nature will teach how to lead a life peacefully with limited resources.

Cheapest Honeymoon Packages in Kerala

Most of the people in the world believe that spending a day in the lap of Mother Nature could gift wondrous experiences that no magnificent cities could present. That may be the main reason why people after their wedding decide to enjoy their honeymoon by exploring the beauty of nature. When considering our country India there are many places that truly display the immense scenic beauty of lush green surroundings. And the most luring place in the nation is the most popular Kerala. Year by year thousands of travellers visits the stupendous state to uncover the amazing beauty. Compared to the past now many travel operators have come forward with exciting packages to discover the captivating charm. More than the technological advancements it is the amusing charm. Couples travel to the state to enjoy the fabulous destinations in Kerala. They consider the state as an exquisite place to renew their marriage vows and to understand each other’s feelings in the soothing climate.

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There are many reasons for tourists to select Kerala for their short and long vacation trips. The cerulean seas, tranquil rivers, undisturbed backwaters, traditional houseboats, and excellent collection of various types of fauna and flora make Kerala a typical destination for travellers to rejuvenate. Not like the past, the travel cost to the state has now become cheap and best. Kerala comprises of 14 districts and each district has its own peculiarities. To enjoy the real charm of nature one should definitely avail of tour packages to the most famous district called Wayanad. It is the land of spice plantations. The bare mountains and bowl-shaped valleys are blanketed with emerald leaves of spices. Also one could find tribal settlements in abundance in the district. Wayanad is a haven for nature enthusiasts. The mesmerizing historical streets and caves, bio-reserves, and luxurious resorts make the district unique from others. Mananthavady is a well-known municipality taluk of the district.  By narrowing down the following paragraphs one could clearly understand the inner beauty of Mananthavady.

Mananthavady is one of the largest taluks in Wayanad district. The taluk resides on the banks of the river ‘Pusha’ or more commonly known as ‘Mananthavady River’. Nook and corner of the district have something reveals some pages of the history. In the past, the district was not accessible as it is now. The district was ruled by tribal communities called ‘Adivasi’. The town was formed in the 19th century. Ambukuthy is a place in Mananthavady, where a deer was pierced with an arrow and hence the taluk, got the name ‘Mananthavady’ (‘mane eytha vadi’). One could read the heroism of a famous freedom fighter called Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja or known as ‘Kerala’s lion or Kerala’s Simham’. The important places that could be visited while touring the taluk are as follows.

Pazahassi Raja’s Tomb

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The famous freedom warrior of Kerala called Pazahssi Raja’s tomb is situated in Mananthavady taluk. The tomb is located on the banks of River Kabani. The museum comprises of main galleries called the numismatic gallery, Tribal Gallery, Heritage gallery, and Pazahassi gallery. Also, it has an excellent collection of weapons, utensils, and statues.

Boys Town

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Boys town, when you hear this name suddenly a picture of boys hostel will come into your mind. But actually the place has no connection with the boys. The place is a mind-blowing sanctuary. The park is situated at a distance of 13 km from Boys town. It is a perfect place to witness the gorgeous beauty of tea and spice plantations. The gene park at Boys town was built as a part of the Indo-Danish project. The place is worth to see.

Post office Road

Post office road will take to the land of temples and mosques.

Valliyoorkkavu Bhagavathi Temple

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Valliyoorkkavu Bahagavathy temple is one of the ancient temples in Kerala with goddess Durga as the presiding deity. It is believed that the idol of the goddess was self-built. Every year in the month of March a 14-day festival will be held. The temple is considered as the biggest festival in Wayanad.


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Pakshipathalam is a paradise for bird lovers. It provides shelters to rare species of birds like the gold fronted chloropsis, Asian fairy bluebird, giant Malabar squirrels, gaurs, the paradise flycatcher, and the emerald dove. Pakshipatahalm is located at a distance of 36 km from Mananthavady. Travellers will have to seek prior permission from the forest department to visit the sanctuary. In the past, the eagle King called Garuda rested on a rock and hence the rock got the name ‘Garudakunnu’.


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Kurwadweep is one of the famous islands in Kerala. The island is uninhabited. Migratory birds and animals are ruling these 950 acres of land. Visitors will have to get prior permission from the forest department for visiting the island. The island is famous for bamboo rafting, swimming, and also trekking.

Trekking and bird spotting are the major activities practised by travellers and locals. Travellers usually visit the iconic destination by availing of packages from the travel operator called Dream Holidays. If you have any concerns regarding the package you can directly contact the customer support team.

Top 7 Things to Do while Honeymooning in Kovalam of Kerala with Your Significant Other

The beach travel destination of Kovalam is basically an internationally acclaimed, as they are equally visited by the domestic travelers and the foreigners. However, lately, they had altered to a beautiful honeymoon location that could offer you with the most romantic experiences. If you are with your significant other in such tranquil space away from the bustles of everyday lives, that would be closest to your hearts. For some fun activities, you may also engage in any romantic things to be done along with your partner. The following are the most romantic things to do while you are honeymooning in the beautiful location of Kovalam in Kerala.

Click your best honeymoon picture in the lighthouse beach

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This particular beach of the southernmost district of Kerala is already quite popular for being the most beautiful beach of its kind that is with a lighthouse. In your honeymoon trip, you may take her to this beach at any time of the day and click that epic picture of your beginning of togetherness with this charming lighthouse in the background. In the very same frame, you see the golden sandy beach being pampered by the azure blue waves and on the other side, the large structure is erected at the side of a small hill covered with lush greenery.

Try out some couple kayaking and jet skiing

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Kayaking is a popular water sports activity in Kovalam. While you honeymooning in the lively travel destinations, you may attend some classes from the experts after paying the cheapest amount as fees. Once you had mastered some skills in the calming water activity, you may board the kayaks venture out to the vast expanse of sea with your life partner and have your most memorable views of the ocean. On the other hand, you may try your inborn skills for the simpler yet more exciting jet skiing on the beaches of Kerala. These services can be easily acquired if they are included in your honeymoon packages.          

Get some couple massage together

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Any tourists if they are traveling to Kerala, they would anyways find some time to get treated by the Ayurveda mode of treatment. Moreover, traditional spas at this part of the state are also much known for their efficiency and great customer service. Now that you have planned to visit Kovalam for your honeymoon, you may drop in at any of the reputed spas and demand for a couple of spas. The after-effects of Ayurveda massage would be very relaxing for both of you, as it could get rid of the fatigue that had evolved out of your hectic wedding schedules. Apart from that, you will be having so much fun and an altogether different experience.

Watch the sunset together at Edakallu

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Yet another version of the beaches can be witnessed when the sun is about to set. This particular beach near Kovalam could offer you the most mesmerizing view of the sky with varied shades ranging from dark crimson to the golden hues. Further, by the time, the deep blue ocean waters also do alter their colors to dark oranges. Being with your better half at such an atmosphere could be the most romantic thing to do while you are honeymooning at this beautiful beachside. You would seem everything around you syncing in your romantic mood. Even the waves of the beach will also look calmer at Edakallu when you walking across the beach with your beloved.

Dine at a beachside restaurant

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young couple enjoying a romantic dinner by candlelight, outdoor

Beachside eateries are quite a many in the present day tourist-friendly Kerala, so are the countless number of restaurants in Kovalam. Opt for a candlelight dinner at any of those restaurants to attain that romantic time together with your loving partner. Relishing tasty recipes at the beachside with your favorite person could be a special experience and create a beautiful memory in both of you. As your honeymoon destination is a coastal region, you could savor the seafood dishes at an incredible price. Moreover, such a facility will already be made available to you in most of the honeymoon packages             

Stroll through the beaches of Kovalam

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Every couple would love to spend their leisure time together on the beaches. The golden seashores of Kovalam would allow you to have those special moments along with your sweetest spouse on your most memorable honeymoon days. You may just stroll on these beaches by holding your hands to each other. You have got the choice of selecting any beaches of your choice from either the Hawa beach, Samudra beach or the Lighthouse Beach. However, the best beach that is most preferred by the couples is Samudra beach.    

Indulge in some adventurous water sports

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Although this is sound a bit awkward for the honeymooners, it can still be experienced by the adventure-loving couples. Moreover, the beaches of Kovalam are only of its kind that offers water activities such as parasailing, waterskiing, snorkeling, windsurfing and scuba diving. There will be expert divers to accompany you in this nerve chilling venture. So you don’t have to get worried on any means while you are indulging them in here in Kovalam. In addition, in this situation, you may analyze the endurance level of your partner if required.

Your memories of the time you had spent together with your significant other are to last forever. And if such experiences are acquired from any beautiful location like that of Kovalam, it would be special and close to your heart. For all such hassle-free and memorable honeymoon trip, you may contact Gogeo Holidays. The reputed tour company based in Kochi had curated the most romantic honeymoon packages on which you may spend some quality time with your beloved at any beautiful travel locations. They can be availed at the most affordable rates. Furthermore, if the newlyweds are wishing to engage in any adventure activities, that too can be fulfilled when demanded.

Unveiling the Hidden Gem of Kottayam- Mango Meadows with My Better Half

I don’t know how to start writing. I rethink it is the 5th time I am trying to pen down my romantic days in limited words. Don’t think that I wrote one or two words in my last 4 attempts and then deleted it. More than a paragraph I wrote and then I thought the words are inappropriate or the introduction is not good without rethinking I just pressed the backspace key. After refreshing for a while I reattempted the task. I hope this time it may work. It is a normal custom that newly married couples plan an exotic honeymoon trip soon after their wedding. But for us, we planned our honeymoon after a year! Isn’t it strange? Whenever we share our honeymoon stories with our friends they used to wonder and ask what were you guys doing till then. And I hope after reading this you may also have asked the same question in your mind. To quench your anxiety I will explain the reason.

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The main obstacle for our honeymoon was our ‘job’. We both were working in a reputed multinational company. Soon after marriage like an ordinary couple, we weaved many destinations for our romantic trip but fate betrayed us. Suddenly my husband was assigned to do a project in the United States of America. With a broken heart, we accepted our destiny. The project was only for 6 months. After 184 days my hubby returned and we again started planning our pending romantic trip. But again destiny started testing our patience this time I got an assignment in the United Arab Emirates for half a year. For securing my job I was forced to accept the order. It was very hard for us to live without each other. I moved to the UAE. I started to countdown each day. Finally, I returned back. Each time when we successfully pass the tests given by destiny, destiny itself will reward us with precious gifts in return and it was true in our case.

As I am friendly in nature I never felt any kind of difficulty interacting with people whom I have never met before. When I was in the United Arab Emirates one of my colleagues who hailed from Kerala, a state in south India (NB: The majority of the population of the UAE is Malayalee), was very friendly to me. We shared all our personal stories. One day accidentally I got a chance to view her honeymoon pictures. To be very frank the pictures were really awesome. For a moment I thought the place will be somewhere outside India. I inquired her about her honeymoon destination. She with little shy told me that it was none other than Kerala. According to me, Kerala was a state comprised of only tranquil backwaters and breathtaking hill stations. It was hard for me to believe they celebrated their first love in a park. They mainly concentrated the Mango Meadows of Kottayam district of Kerala for sowing their first seeds of romance. I also asked her does she had any relatives or friends over there. They don’t have anyone in Kerala it was through the travel agency called Dream Holidays that helped them to make their honeymoon trip fabulous. They availed of their tour packages online. On returning to Delhi I discussed the same to my husband. He was very happy and agreed to purchase the packages.

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The best time to visit the Mango Meadows is from September to March. By mid of January, we purchased the package. On reaching Cochin International Airport from Delhi Airport our tour representative greeted us with a garland made of lotus and also they applied a paste made out of sandalwood on our forehead. For a moment we thought after a year of marriage we again became bride and groom. From the airport, it took more than an hour to reach Kottayam district. On reaching Mango Meadows our tour representative guided us to lake resort. As we were very hungry we had lunch first and then we moved to our room. Words are insufficient to describe the relishing taste of food. Till then I had only seen varieties of cuisines in luxurious hotels but it was for the first time I am seeing this in the resort. By the evening we started our excursion. We first selected the shikari boating. We had already booked for the same while purchasing the packages, therefore, we didn’t have to waste our time getting the passes. Boating through the mangrove forests gave us a scintillating experience which we never had experienced before. Apart from boating, there were many couples who were engaged in various activities like shooting, cycling, badminton and archery and so on.

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There are many interesting things to enjoy and see. Our tour guide told us that the Biodiversity Park sprawls in an area of 30 acres with more than 4,800 varieties of flowering plants, 780 types of trees, and 174 species of fruits. The man-made park was constructed under the leadership of Mr. M Kurian. He is a true nature lover and took 14 years to build this park. In the park, we could not only see honeymoon couples but also many families and youngsters who come there to explore the serenity of the park. Most of the family bring their kids to the park for a picnic. It is the only place in Kerala where parents and children could enjoy their time in their own way.  As the parks consist of amusement parks for children and secluded areas for adults both can discover the gem hidden in nature in their way. As we wanted to spend a night in treehouse we asked our tour guide to make slight changes in the packages. And he agreed for it. Words are insufficient to express the feeling of spending a night in the midst of forests. we began our next day by hearing the meticulous chirp from birds.

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We also rowed in ‘Kotta vanchi’ (basket boat). We were afraid of whether it will break. But it was strong as a pillar. We also did fishing and fed food to the fishes while we were in the lake resort. It is the belief of Hindus that feeding fishes are like feeding to Lord Vishnu. We then moved to ‘Sarppa Kavu’. It is a place where serpents rest. It regarded as a sacred place by Hindus. People from various places come here to worship the serpents. It is believed that serpents have the magical power to cure wounds and illnesses of all kinds. There are many more places in the park. The park is actually divided into various sections such as Bird sanctuary. Over here we captured the beautiful images of varieties of birds in our camera the authorities have allocated special benches to sit and mesmerize the beauty of birds. Animal husbandry and Plant nursery is another place that helps to study more about nature. Nakashtraval is the place where people can find trees related to their Malayalam Zodiac sign. Bible Statute is another eye-catching place. The Bible is placed on a long wooden structure with its centre page opened.

After spending two days in Mango Meadows we moved to other places to explore the beauty of Kottayam. Places like Bay Island Drift Museum, St. Mary’s Orthodox Church (it is built-in Hindu architectural style), Poonjar Palace, and many more. After 4 days we departed to Delhi by carrying sweet memories and sweet gifts for our relatives and friends.


Best Things to Do for Honeymooners in the Less-Touristy Locations of Gavi in Kerala

Except for the fact that the state government had put some restriction in the number of visitors to Gavi on a timely basis, everything is favourable for Honeymooners to pick them up from the rest of travel destinations in Kerala. Situated most advantageous on the highway leading to Vandiperiyar from Kollam the forestry destination is a part of the Periyar Tiger Reserve. So the evergreen rainforest is home to diverse flora and fauna. Below explained are some of the best things that honeymooners can indulge in when you are holidaying in the eco-tourist of Gavi in Kerala.

  • Go Sailing in the Lakes of Kochupampa

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Who would not love to go for romantic boating while they are honeymooning? The travel destination of Gavi also favours its visitors an enticing experience of sailing across its serene waters. You would feel refreshed once you go for paddling across the lakes of either Kochupampa or Pampa. They can be called as artificial lakes formed after the construction of the reservoir nearby. As most parts of the lake are still untouched, you will find that the waters that form small ripples in the soft movements of the boat are crystal clear.

  • Spend a Night in the Rainforest

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Such an idea may seem daring to at least some! The natural beauty of Kerala can be experienced at its best, especially when you are honeymooning in these regions of Gavi. When booked your tour packages earlier, you will be provided with the facilities of charming tents in which you could stay privately with your partner. You may avail such services of staying up a night in the jungle once paying the cheapest prices when booked online. You could feel most affective to each other in this particular venture of your honeymoon trip.

  • Adore the Beauty of Neer Veezhcha Water Falls

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Barely a 2km drive from the prominent eco-tourism spot of Gavi will take you to the splendid Neer Veezhcha Waterfalls. Strolling along the forestry path up to the cascading waters along with your partner can be pleasurable. Again the river flowing across the large rocks is yet another tributary of River Pampa. You may hire a country boat and reach near the premises of its foot. As they can be sited in proximity to Pampa Lake, you cannot easily resist from visiting the place. Moreover, everyone would love to click a picture with their loved one on these exotic locations.

  • Catch a Glimpse of Sabarimala from the Viewpoint

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Although this may sound startling when finding the name of the viewpoint, as they were indeed a controversial religious space for all the south Indians for the past few years. However, from this specific viewpoint, you both will be able to behold at the famous Hindu shrine at a far distance amid the thick forests. The pictures captured from green meadows nearby would be your perfect epic honeymoon click. The cool mists formed in the spot can bring about a romantic mood for you instantly.

  • Go for Trekking

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There is a lot to explore in the 25km stretch in Gavi for the honeymooners, especially in the dense jungles of Gavi. In such an experience, you would get to know each other very well, as you both will explore your pathways alone. Or if you are insisting to have a travel guide with you, you may demand the same with the forest officials. On an approximate rate, the trek will take around 2 to 3 hours, which depends on your ability to stroll via the rough forest path. Furthermore, it would be recommended to accompany a travel guide before setting out to very bushy and dense regions, as you may rush into wild animals inhabiting in the place.

  • Romantic Getaway in Gavi

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You would feel closest to nature when you are residing in a treehouse for your romantic getaway in Gavi.  Such an experience is rarely available in the forest of KeralaLiving in such an enclosed space with such a limited, though primitive facilities would be indeed fun. Moreover, this special tour along with your best half can be made unforgettable if you are had booked your packages once referring to any efficient tour companies who would offer you the best with affordable price. Also, there are many accommodation facilities set up by the KFDC in the destination where you may stay in.

  • Exploration by a Jeep Safari in Anghamoozhy

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This is exclusively set for the daring lots, who would love to make their honeymoon trip memorable. Via the jeep safari centred in Anghaamoozhy, you could avail the rare opportunity to endure into remote spaces of the Gavi. The jungle ride sparing the 2 hours can be experienced to its fullest if you had opted for a top-open jeep, from which you may adore at the real aesthetic beauty of the naturally blessed travel destination. Moreover, there is no doubt that you will be appreciating the rich flora and fauna for which Gavi is a bounty home.

When all these exciting things are said about the less-visited travel destination of Gavi in Pathanamthitta, you would be craving to visit them by any means.  As mentioned before, considering the sensitive ecology present in the location, you will not be permitted to travel in your vehicle in your schedule. So book your best honeymoon packages with Dream Holidays, who could help you around in making your trip to a most romantic one. Pick up the best travel deals that are fulfilling your requirements. Even then, if you are not pleased, you have the golden chance to customize your package with your personal favourite destinations.


5 Romantic Things to do in Kozhikode of Kerala

The calm and historic colonial small town of Calicut is not only about its popular ‘Kozhikodan Halwa’ and ‘Dum Biriyani’, but also for its scenic locations and verdant hilly regions. The ancient city and its heart was a major centre for trading spices, tea and other traditional clothing. Besides that, the place is otherwise known for its generous living community. So, these are the natural wonders of the place. Here we are discussing few romantic things to do which may sound off-beat to some. Yet we are now into exploring the place as honeymoon destination rather than a hideaway to satisfy your tummies and relish them wholly.

Below listed could be some of the romantic things to do in Kozhikode of Kerala that can be implemented if you had chosen to honeymoon here.

  1. Stroll through the beaches of Kappad

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It was on the serene beach of Kappad where the first-ever European had set their foot in the land of Kerala. When the Portuguese traveller Vasco da Gama was here for trading spices, you may reach here for your honeymooning and experience the natural aesthetics of the location. They can make a good frame to the honeymoon picture you are about to click along with your partner. Moreover, they are quite different from other beaches of the state as you get to see the large black boulders scattered along its shores washed off by calmer waves. The orderly planted Casuarina trees erected on the long stretch of seashore gives a refreshing new look to this already alluring oceanfront. Hence, when you are at Kappad for a romantic getaway, you may stroll along the beach with your loving partner.

 2. Go for a Romantic Cruise Along the Backwaters

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The state of Kerala is already known for its serene backwaters worldwide. However, most of them are of the backwaters of either Allepey or Cochin. You may go for boating once catching the traditional canoe alongside the Kallayi or Elathur River on any sunny day on your Honeymoon. When researched more, you may avail various engaging honeymoon packages that could fulfil your this dream. Houseboat cruises could be the next best alternative for you as a newlywed couples do to voyage through the backwaters of Kozhikode. For the very same purpose, you may also request your partner to enquire and confirm whether any boating services are plying through the historic Canolly Canal and Kalipoika. While sailing you may behold at the real aesthetics of nature alongside the banks of these beautiful water bodies and the beautiful sight of the large varieties of flora and fauna residing at their natural habitat.

3. Click your Honeymoon Picture from Thikotti Lighthouse beach

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The lovely moments between you and your better half spent during the honeymoon can be captured from this picturesque beachside of Thikotti. Moreover, the tourist spot at Velliyamkallu is more popular for a majestic lighthouse that stands as a saviour perched at the top of the beach cliff. Built almost a hundred and fifty years ago, the lighthouse is currently not operating, yet a sizeable number of tourists do visit the site. Not far from the large structure, you could find the remnants of an old shipwreck.  So if anyone of you is fond of photography, you are inevitably going to have a great time. Try visiting in either early morning or late evening to capture the best photographs, as you will also be witnessing the lively flying sessions of numerous migratory birds all along with the premises.

4. Picnicking at Kariyathumpara

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For a moment, you would get confused whether this bewitching location does exist in the state of Kerala. Travelling around 47 km from the main city, the spectacular sights of Kariyathumpara can never be skipped by any nature lovers. So when you are honeymooning in Kozhikode, spare a single day for picnicking at this beautiful site in Kariyathumpara. Also, on the route to this, you may also stopover at Kakkayam Dam that would inevitably gift you with mesmerizing views. Amid your picnic time, you could have some fun by playing in the pristine waters of Kariyathumpara along with your partner. As they are not much popular to a large number of tourists, the location is not at all polluted. The breathtaking scenery all around cannot resist you from clicking pictures of your partner in the most alluring backdrop you had seen recently.

5. Do some Bird watching at Kadalundi Sanctuary

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Located to the south-western part of Kozhikode district, Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary could be of its kind that welcomes the largest number of migratory bird in the entire state of Kerala. You may readily visit the place with your beloved to this coastal region on your honeymoon, which is an adorable estuary where the Kadalundi River makes confluence with the Arabian Sea. Yet another striking factor of the location is that it has been conserving as a community reserve where the visitors are given the basic concepts of environment conservation. As the birds that are coming to the sanctuary had started from foreign regions, you don’t have to spend extra airfare for watching them. However, the packages that would take you to Kadalundi would be rare; as they can be easily accessible by both train and road you may visit the sanctuary by yourselves. Accompanying your partner, you may catch the beautiful glimpse of trains plying to Kozhikode city and back just above the railway bridge across the estuary. The thick stretches of mangrove forests at Kadalundi are also an adorable sight to relish.

Every newlywed would be longing for a moment to spend along with each other in any sort of circumstance or at any honeymoon destination. It is a calm and good atmosphere around you that creates the perfect setting for you to have a peaceful honeymoon. So to relish a peaceful honeymooning at Kerala, you may book your most appropriate tour package with Dream Holidays who could fulfil your dream of a hassle-free honeymooning at your favourite holiday destination at the most affordable prices. They have the best travel deals that nobody else would provide you.



Travelogue on Honeymooning in Poovar in Kerala: An Engaging trip from Delhi

In every means, we feel blessed to have spent our beautiful honeymoon days in God’s Own Country of Kerala. Never even for a moment, we will regret our decision for choosing them over other common hot honeymoon destinations of our country. Let me say, to be frank, our dream destinations for our honeymoon were Bali and Indonesia. We had a clear idea and plans for the same even before our marriage. Yes, we had planned them just after our Sagai that was around five months ago. Then in the latter parts of October, we had a beautiful wedding session at Kalkaji Mandir and Townhouse in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi.

Kerala honeymoon packages

However, God had set other honeymoon plans for us. We saw ourselves relaxing along the rippling waters of the picturesque estuary of Poovar in Kerala for our favourite time together. Due to some technical issue in the Passport of my husband, we could not make it fly from our hometown Delhi. However, since the time from our Sagai, I was desperate for holidaying with my loving husband in a beautiful place like Bali.  Seriously, I was almost heartbroken. In that instance, my sister-in-law, Priya suggested me this amazing destination of Kerala. She had been working in the National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology (NIIST), which is a branch of the more popular CSIR. Later she added that Poovar is barely a half an hour drive from her place, and there could some tour packages that could take us to Poovar for our perfect honeymooning.

I had enough time to be spent for meaningful research for this very purpose, as I had resigned my job even before our marriage. So I surfed day and night and finally settled up with one of those popular tour companies in Kerala. As ordered by my saali, I especially enquired whether any honeymoon package with the inclusion of Poovar as its major location was available. It was a half ‘no’ reply from them, as they later agreed to customize one of their honeymoon tour package for us. I felt thankful for their polite response to my demand. The tour consultant over the phone merely asked us to book them online and decide the dates of our journey. Once my hubby was back home after his work, within no time lagging we informed the company of the dates. They appreciated us for choosing our honeymoon date in January when the weather too was favourable.

We arrived at the International Airport of Trivandrum on the specified date for our honeymoon on a late morning flight. We boarded a morning flight by SpiceJet as they were assuring of cheapest airfares to this part of Kerala, at this time of the year. We were not in any hurry to reach our hotel, as were we terribly feeling hungry. We went to the cafeteria operating inside the airport itself. I reminisced that this could be my best opportunity to savour the traditional Kerala delicacies for which my saali had no words to express. She was very right. The wholesome lunch we had with all those spicy and tangy tastes. Me being a person who is very much particular of the ever-increasing number of calories that we ate, this day was absolutely out of my thoughts. My husband was already an ardent fan of South Indian dishes. I was now more relieved of my decision of customizing our preferences rather than settling with the available packages, as I was pretty sure that, I will eat more!  

Kerala Honeymoon packages with airfare

After satisfying our tummies, when we were just moving out of the terminal, our tour executive phoned us and said that along with the cab he was waiting for us at the parking deck. He seemed to be a polite and nicely behaved person. We got into the cab, it was well maintained and the drive was smooth. As we were travelling to an island destination, most time of our journey was along the coastal line of Trivandrum. We got to witness various scenic location right from this short travel up to our resort that we were to stay. Time just flew by, as I never realized that we had covered the whole of 30 km through the beautiful places. We reached Poovar within a span of 1 and half hour. The moment we reached and stepped out of the cab, I patted the back of my shoulders. I was again right with my decisions. The very first entrance of Poovar Island Resort was very pleasing.

Women dressed in traditional Kerala attires welcomed us with floral garland and welcomed us to the reception of the resort. We did not have to wait for much time at the check-in as we were on some already set and sophisticated tour package. We gradually moved to the cottages that we had booked prior to our visit. It was very spacious and beautiful than we thought before. Above all that, these adorable living spaces were indeed floating in the backwaters. Finally, I and my husband were all alone for our honeymooning in our dream destination. He opened the large windows of our bedroom to feel the soothing air of the adjacent backwaters. Moreover, the view from this space to the Poovar backwaters and vast sea at a distance was truly mesmerizing.

Honeymoon packages to Kerala

We thought of taking some rest at our cottage before setting out and explore Poovar. When we woke after a one hour sleep, we got fresh and stepped out of our cottage. It was almost approaching sunset so the views got even more beautiful and splendid. I knew that the sunsets would be beautiful in these regions of Kerala. But this sight was out of our imagination. The light littered from each of these cottages and their reflections on the backwaters is still in my minds. These sights made us more romantic and we promised that we will be visiting these locations again as the experiences we had here was indeed ravishing.

Even though we were travelling with a limited budget, nothing hampered our wishes of honeymooning in a serene destination like that of Poovar Island in Trivandrum. Thanks to Dream Holidays! The best travel deals that they had was a true blessing to us.

An Exquisite Honeymoon Trip to Wayanad in Kerala from Delhi

We wanted some fresh air! This was one of your basic conditions that we had when the time for choosing our honeymoon destination was fast approaching. Satisfying this very criterion, we shortlisted the common and nearby hill station from Delhi such as Manali, Shimla and Dalhousie. However, we soon left that thought when my wife urged that she had already been to these locations several. Even in the last summer, she was with her friends holidaying in the hills of Kullu. Furthermore, when she was sharing her same travel experiences with me, one point just stroke me. One of her friends is from Kozhikode in Kerala. On their travel, she had no words to express the beautiful experiences she had acquired while holidaying in their nearby hilly district of Wayanad.

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Before this particular instance, when I get to hear about Kerala, the first things that come to my mind are the Kathakali, Idli and Dosa, houseboats and Kalaripayttu. However, when I surfed about the glorious South Indian state more, I realized that they are more than the ‘Idlis and Sambhars’. Truly speaking, I was regretting that I never made myself to know more about or tour Kerala. I was craving to visit Kerala since then. So when I shared this thought with my beloved wife, she was in all praise for my decision. However, she was doubtful whether we have to rely on any direct tour packages to Kerala. Later I saw myself surfing about the private tour package that would take us to the beautiful state of Kerala and book from the best tour company that we could find.

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We set out for our dream honeymoon from the hometown by the last week of October. As there was only a limited number of direct flights from Delhi to the destination (there is no airport in Wayanad!), our tour company booked us a ticket straight to Cochin International Airport and from there to Kannur Airport. Later, I got to know that the latter was the latest and the fourth airport built in the state. When we shared our demands that we were more into adventure, and had chosen this particular destination to catch a glimpse of vast forest cover of Kerala. So they customized our package according to our wishes. They also informed us that even the path leading to Wayanad from Kannur Airport situated in Mattanur is a delight to watch.

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Once reaching the airport at Cochin in the afternoon, we had to wait until evening to catch the next flight to Kannur International Airport. In that particular time gap, I and my wife were transformed into our own sweet world. We did not even feel that we had spent the whole of 3 hours just by chatting about our travel ambitions. Then after savouring our delicious traditional Kerala lunch from the Cafeteria there, we were on the venture of catching our next flight to Kannur. Along with us, there were quite many foreign tourists in the gatehouse of the airport. Moreover, we met an American Vlogger, who was on his tour to Kannur. He said that he had already made many travel videos based in Wayanad on his last visit. So he suggested some beautiful destinations where we could have the best holidaying as the loving newlywed couples.

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When we reached the airport at Kannur within 1 and a half hours of flight, we saw the tour guides of the company we had relied on. With our names written in the placard, he was waiting for us in the arrival gate itself and showing that friendly Kerala gesture. He looked polite and welcoming. So within waiting much, he followed him up to the cab that would take us to our dream destination of Wayanad. After moving a few kilometres I saw my already sleeping. She might have got tired of flying and waiting in the airport for such long hours. Just then I was feeling relieved of the fact that we had planned our trip to a new place like Kerala with special honeymoon packages. Without the passing of much time, I too dozed off.

kerala honeymoon packages with airfare

When I woke up after an hour, I saw some signboards indicating that we were travelling in the scenic Malabar Hill Highway. Without much time lag, I was creating a rapport with the guide. His good name was Sumesh and was from Kozhikode. He said that the accommodation for us had been set in the central part of Wayanad. So we were heading to a small town of Manathavady. Since it was already late evening and approaching towards night, we were beginning to feel cold. However, the entire atmosphere and chill were of a different kind here in Wayanad than that of Delhi.

In the very next morning, we were ready to head up to the Kurava Islands which is almost nearby our hotel. The picturesque scenic of the petite rocky terrains amidst the serene Kabani River was rather ravishing. When my beloved wife was playing in the shallow waters, she indeed seemed childlike. We had great fun in Kuruva. Next destination in our bucket list was Chembra Peak. Later, Sumesh too thought that we were heading up to the hills in the most favourable time. When we reached the foothills of Chembra, we realized that he was very accurate. It seemed that the majestic hills were having great fun by hiding behind the clouds. Once reaching halfway through the trek, we witnessed the remarkable heart-shaped pond. The moment when the climate was clear, we clicked our epic honeymoon snap in the backdrop of the romantic pond.

kerala honeymoon packages from delhi

Without getting much late, we descended the peak, as the natural lights were gradually decreasing. In the chilling night, we drove back to our hotel and just fell off to our beds. As we only got to realize, we were indeed exhaustive after the eventful trek. Even then we had a great time in Wayanad along with the aid of Dream Holidays, which was with us all through the journey. As mentioned before, we had our personally customized honeymoon tour packages, when we shared about our dreams of a perfect honeymoon.

Top 6 Ecclesiastic Temples in God’s Own Country

Kerala being the most-sought tourist destination in India is famous for several alluring factors. Exceptionally beautiful landscapes, wild roars of animals and the melodious chirp of birds from thickly populated forest lands, tranquillizing river waters, breathtaking hill stations, marvellous tea and coffee meadows sprawling misty hill stations and valleys are the few among them. Above all these, the unique and praiseworthy heritage and traditions attract travellers across the globe. Kerala, the god’s own country is popular for its ancient culture and bewitching art forms. Not only foreigners but also local especially people from north Indian cities like Delhi organizes a tour to witness the traditional lifestyles of Kerala. It is said that whatever may be the event each and everything comprises some sorts of music and art. And that is absolutely true. By availing the package travellers can see that people in Kerala show their uniqueness in each and everything. Where people on one side spend a huge amount of money on purchasing plates and glasses Keralites will save the money using the leaves of banana as plates and leaves of jackfruit tree as spoons instead. Another amusing factor of Kerala is the temples. The state is blessed with a large number of temples with different deities in it and the architectural style of the temples makes the travellers speechless. Below is a shortlist of temples with unique design patterns and festivals.

  1.  Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple

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The temple Sree Padmanabahswamy is not only famous for its exemplary Dravidian architectural style but also being one of the richest temples in India. The temple is devoted to Lord Vishnu who resides on the Anantha- the five hooded serpent lord. The temple is situated in the heart of the Thiruvananthapuram district, the capital of Kerala. It was constructed in the 8th century. The presence of the temple is clearly mentioned in Hindu scriptures such as Padma Purana and Skanda Purana. The idol deity – lord Vishnu comprises of 12008 sacred pebbles (Salgramas) from River Gandaki in Nepal. Each sacred pebble represents Lord Vishnu, sanctity, etc. Travellers can also see separate shrines in the flourished temple for Lord Rama, Lord Sita, and Lord Laxmana, Lord Hanuman, Shri Yoga Narasimha, and Shri Dharma Shastha.

When to visit: October and November- Alpashy festival

                               March and April – Panguni festival

2. Sree Krishan Temple, Guruvayoor

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Sree Krishan Temple is more famously known as the Guruvayoor temple in and out of Kerala. The deity of the temple is four-armed Lord Krishna carrying lotus with holy basil grassland, the mace of Kaumodaki, Panchajanya and Sudharshans discuss in each of the four hands. The idol of the lord has been made out of Patalanjana stones ( mainly used for medicinal values). The temple is well-known for marriages and rice –feeding functions ( it is custom prevailing in Kerala of feeding rice to newborn babies). Guruvayoor is termed as Dwarka of South India. Surrounding to the temple is a tank and it is believed that Lord Krishna and family worshipped Lord Vishnu. Now this pond is considered sacred.

When to visit: February and March- Ulsavam

                               Middle of April – Malayalee new year

                                December and January – Kuchela’s day

3. Ambalapuzha Sri Krishna Temple

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Ambalapuzha Sri Krishna Temple was constructed in the 17th century in Ambalapuzha. It is one of the famous temples in the state. The deity of the temple is Lord Krishna ( the childhood version of Krishna more commonly known as ‘Unni Kannan’). There is a myth associated with the temple it is said so that Guruvayoorappan (Lord Krishna from Guruvayoor temple) visits Ambalapuzha while serving the delicious Palpayyasam. People who visit the pilgrim will definitely visit the backwaters which are hardly 8 miles apart. It is also believed that the deity of the temple as bought from the Guruvayoor temple during Tipu Sultan’s administration.

When to visit: July – Ambalapuzha temple festival

                                 March – April – Arattu festival

4. Chaottanikara Temple

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Chottanikara temple is situated in Ernakulam district. Positioned in the hilltop it is one of the most popular temples in Kerala. The deity of the temple is Chottanikara Devi. It is worshipped in three different ways. In the morning it is devoted as lord Saraswati, at the noon as lord Laxmi and in the evening as lord Durga. Along with Chottanikara Devi, Lord Vishnu is also worshipped. It is believed that Devi has curing powers and removes all mental illnesses.

When to visit: October – Navarathri Aghosham

                             Vrishichika Mandala Mahotsavam and the annual festival of the temple.

5.  Aattukkal Bhagavathy Temple

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Located at a distance of 2 km from the famous Padmanabha Swamy temple, Aattukakal Bhagavathy temple is situated in Thiruvananthapuram. The deity of the temple is goddess Kannaki or incarnation of goddess Parvati, believed as a supreme mother, the creator of the whole universe, etc. The temple holds the record of the largest gathering of women for temple festivals. Devotees who visit the Padmanabha Swamy temple will surely visit the Aattukkal temple also.

When to visit: February- March- Aattukal Pongal

6. Sabarimala Temple

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Sabarimala temple is not only famous in Kerala but among all the Ayyappa devotees in the country. Located in Pathanamthitta district in Kerala the presiding deity of the temple is Lord Ayyappa. Closely situated to Periyar tiger reserve the temple is surrounded by rocky hills and thickly populated forest areas. The temple mainly remains open during two major festivals ie. Mandala Pooja and Makara Sankranti Pooja celebrated during the months from November to mid of January. The temple also opens during the first 6 days of every Malayalam month. Men of all ages visit the temple by wearing either black or blue dresses with chandanam (sandal) smeared on their foreheads. Till the end of the pilgrim, the devotees remain unshaven.

Key point: Females during the menstruating period are exempted from entering the temple.

 The above are the most prominent temples in Kerala which not only pull the Hindus from the state but also from various parts of the world. The temples in Kerala are not only worship centres but also a place to study ancient architecture styles and the colonial ruling system prevailed in India. So don’t waste your precious time couples enjoy the tour with Dream Holidays at affordable package rates. They are one among the few travel partners who are ready to customise their price. So pack your bags and prepare yourself to seek the blessings from ‘God’s own country’.

5 Prominent Wild Homes in Kerala

Kerala is always being home to exotic species of various kinds of birds and animals. The cerulean seas, crystal clear waters, bewitching dusks, coconut-palm fringed trees oscillating in accordance to the cool puff of air, moderate tropical climate, thickly populated forests lands, funnel-shaped valleys blanketed with emerald tea and coffee meadows etc are the few fascinating features which lure nature lovers across the globe to Kerala. Every year thousands of tourists visit the beautiful state with their dear ones only to enchant the mesmerizing glory of Kerala. There may be different reasons for each traveller to put their feet in the coastal land. Some may visit the state to spend quality time with their dear ones others may visit the land for business or education purposes. There another group of people who visit the Malabar region to revitalize themselves in Ayurveda centres.

Kerala tour packages with price

There are many travel operators who organize frequent trips to the state. Some grab travellers with exciting offers. Some formulate a tour package to exotic Kerala at an affordable price and even they are ready to customize the packages on traveller’s request. People often plan a tour to the state with an aim to explore the wondrous collections of fauna and flora. The state is blessed with 16 fascinating national parks where endangered species of birds and animals are protected. You might have a small idea about the serene beauty and hot tourist spots in the state but you might not be aware of the distinguished wildlife sanctuaries in the state. A few prominent national parks are briefly studied below.

  1. Anamudi Shola National Park

Anamudi Shoal Park is located in the Idukki district, Kerala. The amusing national park is spread over 7.5 km square. It was nominated as a World Heritage site by UNESCO world heritage programme. It was declared as a national park in 2003. Since then it has been under the control of Munnar wildlife division and Kerala wildlife forest department. The park assures cent per cent solitude and is popular for its bewildering nature and excellent biodiversity. Unlike other national parks here you can see the endangered and unknown creatures wandering here and there. Travellers can closely examine and learn the typical lifestyle of them by interacting and clicking photographs. As you ascend to the top you can come across most of the hilltop regions being occupied with vegetation. The park consists of 38 kinds of climbers, 60 types of trees and 175 varieties of shrubs and herbs. Travellers can spot jungle cat, wild dogs, leopards, sloth bear, civet cats, Indian Bison, wolves, wild boars, flying squirrels, elephants, Panther, tigers, and more. Don’t think that only wild animals are ruling the park, there a wide collection of birds are also seen here such as 100 types of butterflies and 200 varieties of moths and more than 76 species of rare birds. Travellers can also enjoy the beauty of nature by drenching in Thoovanam waterfalls, Chinnar River and Pambar River located near to the park.

Kerala tour packages with price

Best Time to Visit the Park: Although visitors can visit the park throughout the year the best time to explore the sanctuary is during the months from October to March.

2. Silent Valley National Park

With its green meadows, cool environment, pleasant climate and amazing views of flora and fauna make Silent Valley national unique and distinguished parks in Kerala. The park is spread across 89 square kilometres of land. It is situated in the Kundali Hills in Palakkad. Even though smaller in size what makes the park unique is it’s Sylvan environment, lofty hills and misty peaks and sapphire waters running along. One could find numerous kinds of plants and animals residing inside the park unharmed by the outer world. The park is home to 1000 various kinds of flowering plants, 200 types of liverworts, 108 varieties of orchids and 200 types of algae. The park is sheltered to 22 species of amphibians, 13 species of fishes, 292 species of birds, 31 species of reptiles, 500 species of moths and butterflies. The most commonly seen species are the lion-tailed macaque, Indian Pangolin (Scaly anteater), Nilgiri Langur, elephant, sambar, Flying Squirrel, Stripe-necked Mongoose, Porcupine, wild pig, Barking Deer, panther, Otter, Sloth Bear, Mouse Deer, tiger, Small Indian Civet, Fishing Cat, Common Palm Civet and gaur. One could quench their thirst by drinking pure crystal water from Kunthi River passing through the region after descending from the Nilgiri hills. The Silent Valley National Park is also famously known as ‘Sairandhrivanam‘. It is so-called because the place where the park is residing was once considered as hiding abode of Sairandhiri, the secret identity undertaken by Draupadi, the wife of Pandavas from their cruel cousins (Kauravas). The Kunthi river is named after the mother of Pandavas. The entry fee to the park is INR 50 and for guide is INR 150.

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Best Time to Visit the Park: The ideal time to visit the Silent Valley National Park is from December to April.

3.  Eravikulam National Park

Eravikulam National Park is also known as Rajamalai Wildlife sanctuary is termed as a world heritage site by UNESCO. It takes hardly 45 – minute drive from Munnar to reach the park. In 1978 it was declared as a national park. It is spread over 97 sq km in the Kannan Devan hills. The park is popular for protecting the endangered mountain goat known as Nilgiri Tahr. Along with it is also shelter to Elephant, leopard, Nilgiri langur, Indian bison, Nilgiri marten, lion-tailed macaque, Atlas moth (largest in the world), small-clawed otter and a rare tiger or leopard are the few of the main animal species that can be seen here. Next to the park, one could see Neelakurunji flowers which bloom once in 12 years.

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The park offers numerous activities to its visitors. They are as follows.

  1. Tea Museum: A good portion of the park is occupied by the green meadows of tea. Adjacent to the tea plantations one could see a tea museum which has to share many tales related to the construction of the museums and types of machinery and equipment used then and now the struggles faced by the workers in initial days and so on. By visiting the museum’s travellers will get a clear picture of the ancient days.
  1. Rajamala: Rajamala is the prominent tourist hub of Eravikulam National Park where travellers can view the famous Nilgiri Tahr. Except in the months of February and March, tourists can visit Rajamala at any time. While visiting Rajamala one could enchant the beauty of Kurinji and Shola grassland ecosystem. The park is a paradise for shopaholics as it has restaurants, eco shops and an amenity centre to buy basic items of requirements.

           Visiting time: 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM

           Entry Fee: INR 90 (Adult), INR 65 (Children), INR 360 (Foreigner);

            Reservation fee: INR 50

  1. Lakkom Water Falls: The cascading and marvellous Lakkom Water Falls originates from the Evarikulam Park and flows to river Pambar, the east-flowing river in Kerala. The milky water descending from the crevices of the hills offers stunning experiences to each traveller. The waterfall is located in between Munnar and Marayoor route and there also lies an eco- shop cafeteria and refreshing centre to help the visitors.

           Entry Fee: INR 20 per visitor.

  1. Lakkom Log House:  Very adjacent to Lakkom waterfalls is the log house where travellers can spend quality time with their dear ones without any hustle-bustle of the outer world. Travellers can avail the accommodation if they report the office before 3 PM to the office. Overnight stay in the log house will definitely provide remarkable experience especially to honeymoon couples.

           Rate: INR 3000 for two Indians; Additional person: INR 1000

  1. Marayoor Sandal Division: Marayoor Sandal Forest Division is the only place in the state where travellers could find a large natural population of sandal trees. Strolling down through the forest will definitely help you to learn more about the trees and its habitat.
  2. Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary: The Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the Western Ghats in Kerala. This region is richly populated with a wide range of indigenous flora and fauna. The sanctuary houses myriad types of medicinal plants, and its animal species such as grizzled giant squirrel, wild elephant, gaur, tufted grey langur, crocodile, spotted deer, star tortoise, slender loris, tiger, leopard and many birds.

           Best Time to Visit Eravikulam National Park: September to November and from April to June is the ideal time to visit                   Eravikulam National Park.

4. Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary is the second largest wildlife sanctuary in Wayanad. It is home to large varieties of wild animals. It is a part of the Nilgiri Bioreserve. The sanctuary was established in 1973, it is an amalgamation of semi-evergreen, dry deciduous forest and moist. The sanctuary is proud to say that it has declared as Project elephant site. As it is situated in the dense forests one could spot various kinds of animals like Panthers, civet cats, jungle cats, Indian Bison, tigers, elephants, deer, monkey, wild dogs and bears. With the scenic landscape and the excellent wildlife, the sanctuary lures wildlife and photographers enthusiasts. With Wayanad’s pleasant climate, a combination of bison, civets, wild dogs, monitor lizards, monkeys, varieties of snakes and elephants are seen widely in the sanctuary. Blessed with avifauna, the sanctuary is not only famous for owls, peacocks, fowls, and cuckoos but also for red-head vultures and white ramped-vultures. Unfortunately, these vultures are termed as endangered because they are used to kill to develop an anti-inflammatory drug called diclofenac.

Kerala Travel Packages

Entry Fee: The entry fare to the Muthanga wildlife sanctuary is very cheap. Indian adults will have to pay INR 10 and children below 12 and students with valid ID card have to pay only INR 5, while foreigners are requested to pay INR 100.

5. Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

The Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the Western Ghats in Idukki District. It is flourished over an area of 90.44 km². The sanctuary is abundantly blessed with a wide range of exotic species flora and fauna which makes it a stunning tourist destination. It is a shelter to a wide range of medicinal plants. It’s animal family comprises of species such as wild elephant, slender loris, tufted grey langur, gaur, crocodile, spotted deer, grizzled giant squirrel, tiger, leopard and many birds. The sanctuary is completely under the control of the government and hence travellers can enjoy the natural habitat without any disturbances. Small kind of trekking is well appreciated by the authorities. Deciduous forests are seen in large number over here. Chinnar wildlife sanctuary is also termed as world heritage site along with the Western Ghats and Anamalai. The other attractions of the park are the few famous peaks such as Nanadala Malai, Vellaikal Malai, Viriyoottu Malai, Kottakombu Malai and Kumarikkal Mala peak. The sanctuary receives water from Chinnar and Pambar rivers. It is also home to Thoovanam waterfalls. Travellers can also interact with 11 tribal settlements inside the sanctuary. Due to its unique topography and amazing varieties of flora and fauna the sanctuary is termed as a biodiversity hotspot. It is a paradise for nature and wildlife lovers. The sanctuary has a unique and spectacular facility for its visitors – treehouse stays. Treehouses are perfect stay home for nature lovers. Travellers can rent the treehouses for an overnight stay and witness the bewildering sunset and sunrise. The melodious chirp of birds will wake you in the morning. Overall the experience will be really awesome.

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Don’t think these national parks are exclusively meant for school children or families. Even newlywed couples are visiting these parks to enjoy the awe-inspiring beauty of the serene nature. These parks not only shelter various species of birds and animals but also turn out to be the perfect backdrop for romantic photos of honeymoon couples. As Kerala is proudly known as ‘Garden of Eden’, honeymooners avail tour packages at cheapest rates from travel operators like Dream Holidays in the state. Hope the above-mentioned articles might have helped you to enlighten your minds the need to preserve these species and obey the instructions issued by the concerned authorities.


Know Why Kerala is Suitable for Honeymooning All-Round the Year

Kerala the ‘God’s Own Country‘ with rich culture offers a lot of amazing views to its visitors. The state’s diverse landscapes along with its unique culture and heritage make it a must-visit place at least once in one’s life. Kerala tourism is so famous because unlike other tourist destinations that has got a well-defined off-season and peak season, Kerala is got something to offer to each and every traveller all-round the year. Backwaters of Kerala are beautiful always no matter which season it is. Beaches are great in winter while the magnificent waterfalls are for monsoons and the enchanting hill stations in summer. This versatile nature of Kerala especially makes it best for honeymoon packages in the world. This is because people get married according to their convenience in life and that time may not be a tourist-friendly season in many places but Kerala has something to offer at all times of the year.

The best tourist spots honeymooners can visit according to the time of year are as follows:


The most popular tourist season in Kerala is during the winters i.e. from October to February. The cool and pleasant climate of this period makes it the perfect time for sightseeing.  Low humidity and the occasional drizzles would keep the temperature cool but never chilly even though the winters in Kerala do witness sunny days.

The backwaters of Alleppey are an amazing place to visit during winters. In a hired houseboat or in a country canoe, you could enjoy this bewitching water world. The cool breezes of the backwaters act therapeutically as it takes away all your worries about your hectic life. As you sail away through the tranquil backwaters, the breeze becomes stronger and it will soothe your mind, body and soul.

While in Alleppey it would be great to make a visit to the nearby incredible backwater town, Kumarakom also as it is only 32 Km from Alleppey and just 15 Km from Kottayam town. The little string of islets is very scenic with thick mangrove forests, a multitude of coconut palms, greenery in dazzling shades of green and emerald green paddy fields. Altogether the place has it all to make you spell bonded.

Ashtamudi in Kollam district and Valiyaparamba in Kannur district are the other backwater destinations in Kerala. Apart from sailing in houseboats, the Ashtamudi backwaters consist of some floating cottages where you can stay in order to experience the backwaters more intimately. Valiyaparamba is astonishingly beautiful as the Island of Valiyaparamba has backwaters on one side and beach on the other. So you can enjoy both the things in the same place.

The backwater destinations in Kerala are also famous for traditionally prepared seafood. It is very common to see local restaurants such as ‘Shappu’ in and around these backwater destinations. It is the best place to enjoy some mouth-watering exotic food. These kinds of restaurants also sell toddy which is an alcoholic drink fermented out of coconuts. If you want you can even try that.

The city of Kochi which is the commercial capital of Kerala is also a great place to visit during this time of the year. This is a city with a natural harbour and has a lot to offer to its visitors. Kochi represents the modern face of Kerala with high-end shops and hotels. However, there is also another side to Kochi which is known as Fort Kochi where the Portuguese, Dutch, British and the Jews have once lived. This has given the place a unique identity that oozes the charm and vibe of mixed traditions and cultures. The narrow streets in Fort Kochi are lined by shops selling souvenirs and antiques and it would be great to go on a walk through the streets.

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Other tourist spots in Fort Kochi are Dutch Palace, Jewish synagogue, etc. However, apart from Fort Kochi, there are also other tourist spots near Kochi and they are Bhoothanthankettu Dam, Thattekad Bird Sanctuary, Hill Palace Museum and ecologically sensitive Magalavanam. Bhoothanthankettu is a very beautiful place with a dam overlooked by hills around it. It is a good place to come for picnics and boating facility is also available. A famous ornithologist once complimented Thattekad Bird Sanctuary as one of the richest bird habitats on entire peninsular India. The sanctuary is abundant inland birds as well as water birds. Different types of cuckoos are the main attraction of this sanctuary and there is even a separate portion in the sanctuary which is known as the cuckoo paradise. Drongo Cuckoo, Indian Hawk Cuckoo and Large Hawk Cuckoo are the main types of cuckoos found here. In fact, 15 Km from Thattekad Bird Sanctuary is another beautiful spot of Kerala the Edamalayar.

The numerous beaches in Kerala would quench the temptation of dipping in sea and for that too winter season is the best. The west coast of Kerala shares plenty of lovely beaches with the Arabian sea such as Alappuzha, Marari, Cherai, Varkala, Kovalam, Kollam, Muzhappilangad, Snehatheeram and Payyambalam beach. The winter season will keep you away from getting burnt by the sun at the same time giving you a beautiful suntanned glow to your body. Kovalam and Varkala beach located in the Thiruvananthapuram district is suitable for swimming. Surfing is also possible for these two beaches. In fact, these two beaches are the most famous beaches in Kerala however be prepared to encounter some touristy things.

Honeymoon trip to Kerala

If you are interested in beaches soaked in solitude you have to pay a visit to Marari beach. Marari beach was ranked as one of the best hammock beaches in the world by a reputed travel publication. It is the kind of beach where you can go on long walks holding the hands of your loved one undisturbed by crowds or locals trying to sell things to foreigners at heavy prices. Bekal beach in Kasargod district is famous for its huge fort sprawling over 40 acres with sea lining the 1/3rd of the fort. The walkways of the fort are so good to take a walk enjoying the amazing vista of deep blue sea and enjoy the sea air blowing through your hair. Kappad beach is yet another beach which may seem interesting for history buffs.  This is because Kappad was the place where Vasco Da Gama first set his foot on.


The summer season in Kerala is between March to May. With temperature and humidity going high, you will have to take a few precautions such as wearing cotton clothes, applying sunscreens etc. However, the temperature still does not go over 40-degree Celsius and also the occasional downpours will keep the heat in check.

Hill station of Western Ghats is the best place to visit for honeymooners visiting Kerala during this time. The climate is cool and there exist mountain breezes from hill stations that provide great relief from the scorching sun of summer. The most popular hill stations in Kerala are Munnar, Vagamon, Wayanad, Neliyampathy, Thekkady, Ponmudi and Gavi.

Munnar is the prettiest of all hill stations. The hills of Munnar are strewn with greeny tea shrubs and that looks so pleasing to the eyes. The valleys and meadows in Munnar probably can turn you into a photoholic and the photographs you click are going to linger as souvenirs of your honeymoon trip to Kerala. In fact, there are a couple of tourist attractions in and around Munnar such as Mattupetty Dam, Tata Tea Museum, Eravikulam National Park and Chinnar National Park. Echo point is another fascinating spot in Munnar where the honeymooners especially get a chance to make their beloved feel special. At the Echo point in Munnar, you can scream the love for your partner or apparently anything and the forest across the dam will repeat each word once you finish.

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Wayanad takes a close second as far as the hill stations of Kerala are considered. Wayanad has a romantic spot for the honeymooners in its green valley on the edge of a mountain that is 1500 ft above the sea level. The spot is none other than the Chembra Peak which holds the perfect heart shaped pond. Vagamon is a hill station that provides adventure sports such as ballooning and paragliding.


The iconic monsoon season in Kerala is from June to September. The landscape of Kerala that is blessed with scenic beauty and greenery comes alive during this season. However, Kerala does not cause much havoc unlike many other places in the country. The monsoon season in Kerala does have a romantic touch to it as its rivers will be full and the waterfalls cascade with extra strength.

About 57 Km from Ernakulum and 54 Km from Trissur stand the towering Athirappilly falls which are also known as the ‘Niagara of India’. The cool crisp water that flows from a height of 80 ft provides an amazing view and is the most visited during Monsoon season. The best way to enjoy it is in fact by booking a tree house facing the mighty Athirappilly waterfalls. In fact, travel another 5 Km from Athirappilly and you will reach Vazhachal falls which is yet another visual treat. The lush green forests surrounding both these falls make it truly alluring and the drive to these places is also scenic. Monsoons also make it possible to go on an adventurous rafting trip through the rapids of Tejaswini river in Kannur district. Tejaswini river flows between Kannur and the forests of Coorg and that give rise to some awesome scenery.

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Kerala also boasts of a number of authorized Ayurveda spas and hospitals that provide the treatments. So you can look forward to some Ayurveda treatments. Ayurveda therapies come in different combinations for different seasons. So no matter which time of the year, there will always be treatments in line with the features of a particular climate to give you complete rejuvenation. Ayurveda is generally a medical system that concentrates on the overall well-being of a person and that includes physical, mental and spiritual. There are some Ayurveda resorts in Kerala that offers Ayurveda packages for couples. If you book them, after consulting an Ayurveda consultant they will provide you packages including diets, treatments, yoga, etc., which will motivate you to have a healthy lifestyle change.

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