The slender stretch of stunning land, Kerala is on the bucket list of every travel enthusiast. Kerala is well-known for its exquisiteness as a travel destination which is one of the reasons why it has always retained its position in the list of top ten tourist destinations in India. The cuisine of Kerala binds in flavours that are to die for and is yet another factor which is enticing tourists and backpackers to the land. Last, but not the least it is also the various initiatives taken by the Government and travel organizations like Dream Holidays to facilitate comfortable travelling in the state, that is attracting tourists. Great quality and reasonable prices of Kerala tour packages are definitely making travellers happier. But above all this, the prime reason is its tourist spots that are embellished by natural beauty. All of you must be aware of this fact and might have heard about the lush green rolling hills, beaches, backwaters and waterfalls of Kerala. But how many of you know that Kerala is also home to some astoundingly beautiful islands. Well, if you don’t, take a peek at the list of the best islands of Kerala.

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Poovar Islands: The Serene Island of the Capital

Located in the capital district of Thiruvananthapuram, Poovar Islands has been drawing a lot of attention lately. The island is nothing less than a paradise. It is bathed in lush greenery which encircles the crystal clear backwaters where you could see water birds diving in to catch their prey. The bright green shade of the island is imparted by the innumerous coconut trees that blanket it. The island is open for visiting all around the year. You can visit this island anytime and enjoy its stunning beauty. Be it a honeymoon or a quiet family vacation, Poovar Island is simply perfect for spending peaceful quality time with your loved ones.

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Pathiramanal Island: Where Backwaters and Birds Define Beauty

Pathiramanal is one of the most popular islands of Kerala, located in the district of Allapuzha. Pathiramanal, meaning ‘Sands of the Night’, is a tiny island which stands out through its inimitable beauty. The backwaters of the island are adorned by the greenery surrounding it. But the actual striking feature of Pathiramanal is the rare and diverse variety of birds that it is home to. This is why the island is often referred to as a birdwatcher’s paradise. If you are into bird watching then, this is your haven that defines perfection. You will encounter various species of migratory birds here. Birds like Common Tea, Stork-Billed Kingfisher, Little Egret and Night Heron are the most frequently found varieties in the island. Though the island can be reached only via boat it is sure to make your trip more exciting.

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Dharmadam Island: The Dominating Island of Kannur

As the title suggests, Dharmadhan Island is situated in the land of delicacies, Kannur. The island is quite unique compared to the other islands in Kerala. This island which spreads up to 2 hectares of land is embellished by greenery which is lent by dense green bushes and the coconut groves which embraces the island. This is why Dharmadan Island is also addressed as ‘Green Island’. One can also see large rocky ledges amidst the vast expanse of water. Nature lovers can totally count on this place. In order to reach the islands, you can take a boat from Moidu Bridge. Wading through the shallow side of the waters will be an excellent experience. To be on the safer side, make sure you leave the island once the tides get stronger.

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Kuruvadweep Island: The Gem lying in the curves of Western Ghats

Kuruwadweep Island, also called Kuruwa Island, is one of the most serene islands of Kerala. This is the place where you can escape from the chaos of daily life and indulge in the goodness of Nature. The island is situated in the wild beauty of Wayanad. It is home to numerous endangered species of birds and even orchids. The emerald waters of Kuruwadweep is surrounded by thick vegetation comprising of rare varieties of flora and is encased by a dense canopy of trees. The Kerala Tourism Department has arranged all sorts of facilities for the travellers to explore the island to the fullest. You can avail rafts and fibre boats for trying out various tourist activities. This is one of the best spots for a family tour. There are many family travel packages to Kerala that includes Kuruwadweep Islands.

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Munroe Island: An Emblem of Pristine Beauty

Situated in Kollam, Munroe Island is a flourishing tourist destination of Kerala. If you were to ask any Native about the best islands in Kerala, he/she would definitely add Munroe Island amongst the top three. Munroe Island is without a doubt, ‘a must-visit island’ of Kerala. From a bird’s eye view, the island resembles an enormous sparkling sapphire stone surrounded by tinier stones of emerald. The water is crystal clear and exudes the most beautiful shade of blue. The best time to visit Munroe Island is during the months of August and September, as this is the time when the 10-day festival, Onam is celebrated. During this period a lot of exciting activities like canal cruise and boat races are conducted on the island. The Kallada Boat Race conducted in Munroe Island is quite famous amongst the tourists.

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Willingdon Island: A Calming Touch of the City

Situated in Kochi, Willingdon Island is one of the biggest man-made artificial islands in the state. A large section of the tourists is unaware of such an attraction lying in the outskirts of Kochin City. But the island is extremely popular among the natives and is a favourite hang-out spot. The backwaters flowing through the island makes it worth visiting. The island is connected to the mainland via a bridge. The closest railway station is the Ernakulam Railway Station which is barely a half-hour ride from Willingdon Island. So, next time you are in Kochi do ask your guide to drive you to the stunning Willingdon Island.

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Kerala is one of the most romantic, peaceful, paradise nature place. Kerala which is known as God’s Own Country is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Southern India. Kerala is an ideal tourist spot for all kinds of travelers because it satisfies the people with different options like village tourism, spice plantations visits, coconut tree climbing, beach tourism, houseboat rides, and houseboat stay in famous backwaters, elephant rides and unique festivals and dishes attracts tourists from all over the world. Kerala is expensive as well as a cheap destination that depends on one’s budget. It has all sort of accommodations for everyone whether a rich or poor, whether on budget tour or luxury tour. Kerala is full of world-class accommodations and amenities. Even if you don’t have much budget, you can still visit Kerala. .When most of the travelers spend more on exploring nature and natural beauty well-explored destinations most of the offbeat destinations in Kerala are places that could be explored under very cheap travel cost. In addition, there are a number of travel operators like Gogeo holidays offering cheapest Kerala tour packages to some of the best travel destinations in Kerala allowing the tourist from around the world to explore and experience the rich nature in the land. Apart from the affordable package cost, there are a number of things that the travelers could do to reduce the travel expenses to a greater extent like those listed below.


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Transportation modes play an important role in the cost of the trip. Most travelers choose to travel via flight or train whereas there are travelers who choose the roadways to make the trip more cost effective. For overseas travelers, it would be best to travel via a flight. The price of flights would very time to time depending on the month, the day or even the time of the travel. Choose to travel at times when the flight rates are low. And it could be best to book a ticket in advance so that you would get the tickets at a lower rate comparatively. You can even choose to travel during weekdays as it could make a huge difference in the flight ticket rates. Whereas domestic travelers could choose railways or roadways depending on the distance to be covered and the transportation cost. For travelers within Kerala, it would be best to choose road trips as it would offer you a different and most unique experience of the place.


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Kerala offers travelers with a number of fascinating options for accommodation which are cheap and affordable There are a number of homestay options which is offered at a very low rate. For travelers who wish to enjoy the best budget stay in a friendly and lively environment homestays in Kerala is one of the best options.


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The food is not that much costly in Kerala. It mainly depends on the hotel you choose and what you want to eat. The main food in Kerala for lunch is Rice, in the north called chaval. It will be served with Sambar or Fish curry. It costs from Rs 30 to 100. You can have a decent lunch for Rs 50. Ask the locals about the best restaurants at an affordable rate, the best coffee shops, etc. And also get on the road to have from the Dhabhas and such local options. In addition, this is one of the best ways where you could explore the real taste of the land.


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Cost of these items would be very high in the travel destinations as compared to those you could get in cities. In such cases, it would be best to avoid shopping from travel destinations or you could get the same from the cities at cheaper rates.



Travel rates to Kerala would differ depending on the season. For travelers who wish to travel in low rates could choose to trip during the off seasons so as to get traveling tickets at lower rates. Traveling to Kerala during the festive season would be very costly as compared to the other days. So it would be best to choose offseason for holiday trips to Kerala for lower flight ticket rates.



Places like Munnar, Alleppey, and Wayanad are destinations with great natural beauty and different unique attractions that fascinates travelers from around the world. Being some of the cheapest travel destinations these places are a prominent destination in most travel packages organized to Kerala. Travelers can even choose to explore the different offbeat destination of the state so as to have a different and very unique experience of the land. Kerala has come up with a number of enchanting destinations which could be called the hideouts from the modern world. Most of the offbeat travel destinations in Kerala are very rich in natural beauty and potential which at present is being wasted. The Kerala tourism department is organizing a number of projects to develop and promote some of the best offbeat travel destinations. In addition, a number of cheap packages are also organized to the place allowing the travelers to explore the scenic natural beauty of Kerala under cheap and affordable rates.

Listed below are some of the best offbeat travel destinations in Kerala which one could explore in very cheap travel rates:


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It is a small municipality town in the Idukki district of Kerala, Kattappana is a place apt for a natural escape.


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The rich greenery of the place and the climate is the one main attraction in the land. A trip to Gavi would be one of the best trips for travelers who wish to escape from the hurry-berry lifestyle of the city. Wildlife, forest and a wider range of wildlife are all the main attraction of the area.

Travelers will have to plan the trip in one of the best cost-effective ways. It would take great effort. The best way is to take a good Kerala tour package from a good travel operator. With the best accommodation, transportation modes and fascinating attractions the travel destinations, Kerala is one of the best destinations in Southern India.

Honeymoon in the backwater stretches of Kerala

Kerala is a place that is known for expanding common magnificence arranged on the shoreline of the Arabian Sea. The most outlandish fascination of this South Indian state is its backwaters and streams. A couple of islands and  Numerous little water-townships stands as the backbone for backwater tourism in Kerala. Kerala backwater Honeymoon Packages are encased with streams, sun-kissed shorelines, stunning backwaters, prospering slope stations and fascinating natural life, dynamite craftsmanship gatherings, which make it an incomparable tourism goal.

Kerala is having astonishing and beguiling backwater goals like Kumarakom, Alappuzha, Cochin, Kollam, and Kuttanad. The backwaters in Kerala Honeymoon Packages are alluring and astounding; the most ideal approach to go around them is utilizing houseboats and conventional travels named Kettuvallam. The serene backwaters of Kerala are the most romantic and exotic place to kick start your love life. Kerala tourism has initiated various honeymoon packages in Kerala houseboat which gradually increased the demand of backwater tourism. Spending some time by exploring this enchanting water world, you can turn your Kerala honeymoon experience into something magical and unforgettable. That is why this backwater stretches of Kerala state have become the most searched honeymoon destination in India. Of course, hiring a houseboat is the best way to enjoy the backwater voyage. A ride or night stay in Houseboat is the high light of Kerala backwaters.

The best places to have a houseboat cruise are Alappuzha the Venice of the East, Kollam, Kumarakom or Kochi. It is Kerala’s traditional ‘Kettuvallam’ in the old days has gained a new face and named as houseboats. It was used to transport food grains and other goods to markets in the earlier times by the people who lived around the backwaters. Traditional techniques of boat building are used by the local carpenters to construct these houseboats in the construction of the houseboats traditionally only coir ropes are used to tie the whole thing together and surprisingly a single nail will not be used in the process. These houseboats are 100 feet long and could carry up to 30 tonnes of weight.

Houseboats are fully furnished with all most all the modern amenities and are available as, single room, double room, triple rooms with attached bathrooms and bio-toilets, a kitchen and a living room. It will be a mesmerizing experience that you could watch the surroundings from your deck balcony, as the cruise proceeds. In Alappuzha and Kumarakom, many double deck houseboats are also available.

The moments that you and your partner gather from the cruise voyage will be just awesome. Without any physical stress, you can enjoy an unending sightseeing. The houseboat takes you through the backwater labyrinth that consists of lagoons, lakes, rivers, rivulets, and canals, comprising of the Kuttanad region, will be a magical memory for you and your soul mate. It is undoubtedly clear that the cruise would really make you and your partner get fascinated by the natural wonder called Kerala. It will be so romantic that you could watch the sunset and the sunrise while you are sipping a hot cup of tea or enjoying coconut water at the deck of the houseboat. Visiting the little hamlets that are shaded by large coconut groves and lush paddy fields and watching- the village lifestyle is something very unique that no other honeymoon trip can offer.  The authentic Kerala cuisine that comprises of seafood, meat and vegetable dishes, Vegetarian, Continental, South Indian or North Indian food is also served according to the needs of the guests by the experienced and talented chefs in the houseboats, which will cast a spell on you. Special candlelight dinner and flower arrangements are complimentary for honeymooners

The Kerala backwaters are ideal for a honeymoon visit at any time of the year. This flexibility quotient is yet another reason for them being a beloved destination. If you enjoy the still tranquillity of a destination, plan your trip between August and May, so you can avoid the monsoons and enjoy the calm and quiet to the maximum.

Kerala backwaters with its charming scenarios, is endowed with the aura of romance and love, is the best option for honeymooners and is an apt choice to grow close with your spouse.  The breath-taking scenarios of this beautiful water stretches will treat you with memories of a lifetime. Serenity and calmness are the major attractions of houseboats which provide you with facilities to enjoy the mystic beauty of the state that ultimately helps you to start a fresh and romantic chapter of your love life. To check out the Kerala backwaters in its entire glorious splendour, houseboat voyage will be a great option. Travel agents like lifemadeasy Holidays take the hard work of organizing one for you.  To experience the thrill of being in a paradise the travel partners offer you hospitality services to make your moments beyond your expectations. Conducting budget-friendly backwater honeymoon tours are the prior intention of the travel operators. The packages are very affordable with full satisfaction and guarantee the most memorable times of your marriage. The travel partners allow you to explore splendid backwater destinations in Kerala which is blessed with beautiful paddy fields, lovely shores, mouth-watering cuisines, and romantic water flows. The customized packages of travel operators allow the couples to choose their destination and to select their convenient packages from budget houseboat packages to Luxury Packages, depending on your affordable expense. To keep it comfortable the travel operators offer you reasonable packages on accommodation, traveling to your different destinations, daily complimentary food, and so forth. A couple can cover many things other than just sightseeing and it even helps you to explore the unending beauty of Kerala profoundly. Hence the travel partners offer a range of enjoyments like house boating, fishing, visual treats of sunsets and sunrises, and many more. This tour operator truly has everything that can make your dream honeymoon come true as they give their visitors a perfect example of laid back honeymoon time. So book your honeymoon trip to avail the best deals to enjoy the beautiful nature of Kerala.


Kerala, undoubtedly, is one of the most beautiful honeymoon destinations in the world. There are many places in Kerala to celebrate the best time of your life with your better half. Jungle safari in Periyar National Park, surfing in the Fort Kochi beach, tea tasting tour in Munnar and a houseboat cruise in the backwaters of Alleppey, the state provides a wide range to choose from. For a memorable trip, Gogeo Holidays are the right choice for you. Here, the best part is that the newlywed couples can choose and customize their Kerala honeymoon packages, according to their wish.

Some of the best honeymoon spots in Kerala are:

Athirapally Falls


Athirapally waterfalls also known as Niagara Falls of India is one of the popular scenic destinations in Kerala and is located in the Thrissur and Ernakulam border. The view of the waterfalls is breathtaking and you can, enjoy the cool water droplets splashing over from the falls. Surrounded by dense forest it will give a good trekking experience and they are part of the Chalakudy river & is a retreat to your eyes. If you get lucky, you can spot wildlife in the dense green which comes while you take walk downhill for a full view of the falls. Vazhachal falls, Cheapara falls, Anakkayam, Sholayar dam, Vaalparai, and Malyattoor wildlife sanctuary are the other nearest tourist destinations in Athirapilly. Vazhachal falls is a quiet place that has seating arrangements, where you get to see the expanse of the river before it crashes down at Athirapally.



 If you are nature lover then Munnar will be the first place that will strike your mind when you plan for a holiday. People who would visit God’s own country would never want to miss the lush green tea gardens of Munnar. It will be a heavenly experience to take a romantic hand in hand walk with your spouse in the tea gardens of Munnar. Tourists opt for tea tasting for refreshment. Tea tasting is an activity which is turning as a hit among the tourists. Mattupetty dam, Eco point, Anamudi, Tea museum, Pothemedu, Attukal waterfall, Kolukkumalay tea plantation, and Rajamala hills are some of the favourite tourist places in Munnar.



 The most suitable place for couples to begin their special journey of life. Alleppey, known as the Venice of East is the ‘Backwater Capital of Kerala’. Alleppey is famous for its unforgettable houseboat tours. A backwater journey in the houseboats with your loved ones makes your honeymoon perfect. This is one of the most romantic things you can do on your honeymoon. If you want to make your honeymoon a memorable one then enjoy this ultimate romantic experience in the houseboats by watching the paddy fields, coconut trees, the cool breeze, etc along with some freshly prepared tasty meals. Also, the toddy shop cuisine is an absolute delight to any non-veg lover. Alappuzha beach, Vembanad, Marari beach, Pathiramanal, Punnamda lake are some of the interesting destinations of Alappuzha.



Kovalam Beach is one of the remarkable beaches that is located in the capital city of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram. One can indulge in various beach activities like swimming, sunbath, Ayurvedic massages, etc. There is a lighthouse near the beach that will give you a panoramic view of coconut trees and a full view of the beach. Enjoy the mesmerizing view and the sunset too. The place also has plenty of shacks that provide delicious foods.



This place contains ruins of majestic forts and majestic beaches which take you down the memory lane of the colonial period. The iconic song ‘Uyire’ in the movie “Bombay” was shot here. As the fort is near the beach, the views are spectacular. The panoramic view of the Bekal fort and closeness to the calm serene backwaters offers an intimate holiday with your spouse. Bekal fort, Bekal beach, and Nithyanadasram caves are the places to visit here.



Kochi is known as the commercial capital of Kerala and also as the queen of the Arabian Sea is a great stop for the newlyweds. This place has architectural wonders with historic importance were Arabs, Portuguese, British, Dutch and Chinese have left their footprints in the area. Mattancherry Palace, Cherai beach, Hill Palace, Jew town, Willington island, Vypin, Fort Kochi beach, Marine drive, Dutch cemetery are some of the places to visit in Kochi. As Kerala is the land of spices the influence can be seen in the cuisine of the town especially in Kochi. Kerala sadhya is the most recommended and traditional food and you shouldn’t miss this once you are in Kochi The fish curry, cannot be matched with any other variation of fish curry so it is a must to try the fish curry available there.

Wayanad: Another highly popular honeymoon paradise in Kerala. The rough and bumpy mountains, thick green forests and stunning waterfalls, this place has every piece of the element for enjoying and firming the fondness of newlyweds. There are many adventurous activities like trekking, jeep safari which makes the trip to this place more fun.

Vagamon: This hill station will make people fall in love with its natural beauty. It attracts tourists from various parts. It is situated almost about 1100 meters above the sea level, the place is particularly beautiful with its valleys, green meadows, pine forests, tea estates, and waterfalls. The top attractions of the place are the Pine Forests, Barren Hills, Vagamon Lake, and Vagamon Falls. One of the best hill stations in Kerala, if you want to escape in clouds then visit this place.

Kozhikode: Kozhikode has a special position in Kerala tourism due to its remarkable position in Indian history with the arrival of Vas CoDa Gama at Kappad beach. This active commercial city is widely appreciated for its authentic Malabar food like  Dum Biriyani, Kallummakaya, Chattipathiri, and yummiest varieties of sweets. Kozhikode beach, Mananchira, Kadalundi bird sanctuary, Beypore beach are the places to visit there.

  Kerala is the best option for honeymooners. Because sightseeing is very attractive and comparatively very affordable. So, pack your bags and book the best honeymoon packages in Kerala for an unforgettable journey into the god’s own country.

Explore the Breathtaking Wilderness and the Backwater Stretches of Kerala


Filled with hill stations, spice and tea plantations, historical monuments, pilgrim centers and much more Kerala is one of the best and most visited tourist destination in south India. The land is not just a well-known tourist destination or a traveller’s hub but also a place which is known for its scenic beauty and nature and is now a well-known honeymoon destination. One of the major factors that attract travellers and honeymooner’s to the land is the presence of a number of hill stations and adventure spots that provide the travellers with the best experience of nature. Kottayam is one such destination in Kerala which is known for its beautiful backwaters and hill stations. The land is known among couples for the presence of a number of tourist destinations mainly backwaters and hill stations, couples who wish to spend their initial days in the lap of hill stations and backwaters avail different honeymoon tourism packages in Kerala offered by tour operators like Holiday Mango. The land with its hill stations, climate and the beauty of the waters is one of the best tourist destinations where couples could spend some quality time with each other.

Illickal Kallu, Poonjar, Kottayam keralatrips.co (1)

Illikkal Kallu is one such hill station in Kottayam which is one of the highest peaks in the area from where you could enjoy the majestic view of the place. Illikkal Kallu is pace which is well-known among the trekkers and mountaineers as the place allows the best trekking facilities which adventure seekers would love to experience. Trekkers and mountaineers should walk a minimum of 1 km to reach the peak point from where they could see the entire city. One of the major factors that attract travellers and mountaineers to the peak is the fascinating sunset where you could see the setting orange sun and the silver moon rising to the sky. Climbing the rock Illikkal Kallu is one of a task for the travellers as the rocks are slippery and the travellers are supposed to climb the hill without much safety measures. The rock climbing is one of the most adventurous sports offered by the land. One can clearly enjoy the nature and the wilderness of the land by getting themselves involved in the sport of rock climbing. It is not necessary that to enjoy the nature and the natural beauty one should reach the summit; one can easily get the view of the city and the nature of its wilderness from the base of the mountain.


Apart from the hill station, Kottayam is a land which is known for the presence of the most beautiful backwaters. The waters with complexity are one of the main sources of tourism in the land. Backwater tourism is one thing that is most enjoyed by couples due to the scenic beauty of the waters and the romantic moonlit night ambiance. One of the main features of the backwaters that attract the couples to the land is the houseboat facilities that are available in almost all backwater stretches of Kerala. Couples could sail through the backwater stretches enjoying the scenic beauty of the complex waters, the paddy field and the backwater villages. For travellers, nature lovers and honeymooners who wish to enjoy the day in the company of natural wilderness and backwaters, Kerala is the ideal destination to explore. Kerala is a land with innumerable resources to be explored and developed and a place that could be considered as the traveller’s paradise.

The Finest Tourist Destination of Thrissur and Idukki

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I have often heard people say that heaven exists on Earth, it is no distant place far away from the world. Well, I wouldn’t have agreed to it a few weeks back, until I went to Kerala. That place is a heaven on Earth, no wonder the state is called ‘God’s own Country’. This tiny little state is truly a wonder. You see Nature’s creations flourishing in this state. The region is literally a display of various shades of green, blue and brown. I can still feel the light breeze that tours the luscious green coconut groves and the chill that surrounds the hills of Munnar. I had the best time of my life in Kerala. I went as a tourist and came back as a traveller from Kerala. Moreover, our travel planner, SeasonzIndia Holidays provided us with a tour package to Kerala at the best possible price. This was indeed icing on the cake. The package was worth every penny, for we could tour almost all the popular tourist destinations of Kerala within a few days time. We covered almost 6  districts during our trip and each district was unique from the other and provided us with an experience to be preserved for an entire lifetime. Of all these places I found Thrissur and Idukki very much interesting. Idukki is the abode of greenery and majestic hills while Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala is home to beautiful palaces and ancient temples. I have listed out some of the very best tourist spots in both Idukki and Thrissur. Don’t forget to visit these amazing tourist spots while in Kerala.
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Guruvayur Sree Krishna Temple: Guruvayur Sri Krishna temple is undoubtedly one of the best 3 popular temples of Kerala. There is not one day in the temple, that is not crowded with devotees, which is the absolute proof to the fact mentioned before. In fact, one could say that it is the most popular destination in Thrissur. The temple has an enchanting architecture. The engravings on the wall and the sculptures of the Hindu Gods are simply spectacular. The temple is worth a visit. Your visit to Thrissur becomes incomplete without visiting Guruvayur Sree Krishna Temple.
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Shakthan Thampuran Palace: Shakthan Thampuran Palace is undoubtedly one of the best tourist spots in Delhi. The palace was built by Raja Rama Varma in the year 1791. Both history and art lovers are going to fall in love with the place, its Dutch architecture is definitely a sight to behold. The palace is open on all days except Mondays from 9:30 am to 4:30 PM. The palace is home to some amazing relics and antique pieces that once belonged to the King. No visit to Thrissur is complete without visiting the Shakthan Thampuran Palace.
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Thrissur Zoo and State Museum: Thrissur Zoo and State Museum located in Chembukkavu which is the heart of Thrissur city. The Zoo houses a large variety of flora and fauna and is one of the best places to take your children. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, then you should definitely visit the zoo when in Thrissur.  The museum displays a collection of wonderful artefacts and relics that are said to have a lot of historical significance. There is a story behind almost all the artefacts stored in the museum and the details about each artefact will be given next to it. Such a visit helps in updating your knowledge too. The Thrissur Zoo and State Museum will open on all days of the week except on Mondays. The timings for visiting are from 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM. Include this spot into your tour itinerary while you are in Kerala.
Vintage Vauxhall Velox Car Club: If you ever pay a visit to Thrissur, do not miss this extraordinary museum of cars. It is going to gift you with a whole new experience. Vintage Vauxhall Velox Car Club exhibits cars from the late 50s and 60s. This is the perfect place for car enthusiasts as you can happily do the thing that you do best over here, which is to study cars. Vintage car lovers should not miss this place at any cost. When you get there you can see an array of cars displayed in a very attractive manner. As said always, the vintage never goes out of style and people are loving this museum. If you ever feel like visiting the museum head to Pallikulam in Thrissur. Vintage Vauxhall Velox Car Club is open all weekdays except Sundays. The visiting hours are from  10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
Painavu: If sightseeing is what you love, then you must head to Painavu. The vast expanse of captivating scenery where the lush green hills overlook the crystal clear lake that flows beside them is a sight that travellers look forward to when they include Painavu in their tour package to Kerala. Painavu is a wonderful hill resort situated in Idukki. Painavu is often called the headquarters of  Idukki district and is also a popular tourist destination. Painavu is located in the Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary at an altitude of 3900 ft. Adventure lovers are going to love Painavu as it is a great destination for trekking.
Ilaveezha Poonchira: Ilaveezha Poonchira is a unique destination located in the Idukki district. Ilaveezha Poonchira is a valley that is situated at the foot of three hillocks namely, Mannakunnu, Kudayathoor Hill, and Thonippara near a place called Kanjar. Any idea how Ilaveezha Poonchira got its name? Ilaveezha Poonchira, in the native language, means’ the valley where leaves never fall’. There are no trees in the valley which is why it was named so. Ilaveezha Poonchira offers great views of both the sunrise and sunset. One can also try trekking in Ilaveezha Poonchira which is a wonderful experience as well. Ilaveezha Poonchira is gradually turning into one of the best tourist destinations in the state and is included in almost all the tourism packages to Kerala.
Thommankuthu Waterfalls: The Thommankuthu Waterfalls is one of the best waterfalls in the entire state. Situated about 25km away from the main town of Idukki.the splendid waterfalls attracts loads of visitors every year. The magnificent waterfalls fall from a height of 300 feet and is a seven-step cascading waterfall which creates a pool at every step. The greenery surrounding the fall is a mesmerizing sight. You can indulge in some fun time near the waterfalls and swim in the pool. The spray of water as it juts out is an experience that is worth everything. The area is also an amazing trekking spot as well.  Thommankuthu Waterfalls is one of the best waterfalls in Idukki and it ought to be added to your travel itinerary for a fantastic experience.
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Hill View Park: Hill View Park is located at a very convenient spot where travellers can reach it easily. It is situated 500 meters away from the Idukki Dam. So, on your way back from Idukki Dam you can also visit the park. In fact, you must visit the place, it is simply beautiful. The park offers great views of the scenery that surrounds it. While here, you can even get an opportunity to spot a wild elephant as well. Do add the Hill View Park in your travel itinerary and rest assured you are not going to regret it.
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Vandanmedu: Vandanmedu is a very popular tourist spot of the Idukki district. Often called the spice centre of Idukki, Vandanmedu is one of the largest auction centres for cardamom in the world. Vandanmedu is located 34km away from Idukki city. Vandanmedu is situated at a height of 4000m on the Thekkady-Munnar route. Vandanmedu can make a proper getaway from the busy city life and tensions of daily lives. Honeymoon couples love the destination a lot. Every year a number of honeymooners come flocking into the destination every year. Vandanmedu is a place that should not be missed especially by those who loves serenity and quietness. A trip to Vandanmedu will help you forget all worries.

The Ravishing Paths of Kerala that are Less Trodden

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Kerala is not just about Munnar and Alappuzha alone. There are loads of tourist spots in Kerala other than what you usually see in websites and pictures. If you really research into the tourist destinations of Kerala you will be amazed to find out that the state is way more than you actually see. There is an endless list of destinations that have a great potential to be popular all over the world as a tourist destination. It is more fun exploring the unexplored and untrodden paths. Travelling becomes more meaningful when you take a different turn and find undiscovered paths to true bliss. But there are very few travel planners that offer packages to offbeat destinations in Kerala. Well, you don’t have to worry. You can always avail for customized travel packages to Kerala. Travel planners like SeasonzIndia Holidays offer customized tour packages to Kerala at prices that are quite affordable. Anyway, do make it a priority next time to visit ravishing offbeat destinations of this state which has been blessed abundantly by nature. Here is a list of the most loved offbeat destinations in Kerala where you will be able to spend cherishable moments with your loved ones.
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Illikal Kalu: Illikal Kalu is one of the most amazing tourist destinations, not just in Kottayam but the entire state of Kerala. If adventure is what you love, then you should definitely give this place a try. It is literally a gem of Kottayam and the dream of explorers. The peak is set at a height of 3400 ft above sea level and is considered the highest peak in the Western Ghats. A long winding road leads to Illikal Kalu and in order to reach the destination you will have to trek another 3 km. This place is the abode of tranquility. The distant skies suddenly seem closer adorned by a slight cover of mist displaying a tinge of blue and grey as though God himself rubbed the colors vaguely on his canvas, which is the sky. You simply can’t miss a beautiful place such as this. You can reach Illikal by the Pala-Erattupeta- Thekkoya- Adukkom route. Once you reach the stop you will have to hire a private vehicle to reach Illikal Kalu. Illikal Kalu basically consists of three peculiar shaped hills. The hill named Kuda Kalu ( it is named so due to its shape which resembles a huge mushroom) is very famous for the medicinal herb called Neela koduveli which grows on this hill. The Neela Koduveli which is a blue color flower is said to have high medicinal values. Many people have come in search of Neela Koduveli in the past to attain supernatural powers. There have been films made based on the supernatural powers of Neela Koduveli. But whether this saying is true or not is yet to be found out. The second hill also called Koonu Kallu due to the presence of little hunches on its sides also houses a bridge called ‘Narakapalam’ (meaning ‘bridge to hell’ in the native language), near it. In order to reach this particular hill, you will have to cross the Narakapalam. It is always advisable to be extra cautious when trodding through the bridge as it is very slippery and could lead to accidents. Though challenging the experience will be one of a kind that will gift your memories to be cherished dearly for an entire lifetime. Illikal Kalu not only gives you a travelling experience but also a rejuvenated state of mind!
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Chempara Peak: Chempara Peak is situated amidst the Western Ghats and is the highest peak in the district of Wayanad. The Chempara Peak is situated 8 km south of the town of Kalpetta in Wayanad. One can reach the hills only by foot and by no other means. You will have to walk almost 5 km from a tiny town called Meppady till you reach the peak. But in order to trek, you will have to get the permission of the forest authority. On the way to the peak, you will be greeted by some very stunning views. The most attractive feature is a naturally formed heart-shaped lake that is such a splendid sight that will blow your mind. You can also avail for necessary provisions for trekking from the forest office in Meppady. Do not miss visiting Chempara Peak, the experience is going to be a very beautiful one.
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Kumarakom: Did you know that India’s longest lake was in Kerala? Vembanadu Lake is situated in Kerala and spreads towards 3 districts in the state namely; Alappuzha, Ernakulam and Kottayam. Kumarakom is a village located in the Kottayam district and borders the Vembanadu Lake. The village of Kumarakom is blessed abundantly by Nature. This village is full of life and luscious greenery. It houses a variety of flora and fauna. The famous Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, which spreads up to 14 hectares of land, is home to various migratory birds like the Siberian stork and wild duck. One can also get a chance to see birds like the waterfowls, darters, herons and cuckoos. The Vembanadu Lake also houses a rich thriving marine life that consists of fishes like pearl spots, tiger prawns and other varieties of prawns. Kumarakom should not be missed at all, if you do then you are sure to regret it. The happening village is adorned by luscious greenery from the swaying paddy fields, the golden sun reflected on the rippling waves of Vembanadu Lake and the sprawling coconut groves. Kumarakom is one of the favorite honeymoon spots in Kerala. There are many travel planners in Kerala who offer honeymoon packages to Kumarakom alone. So, one can imagine the popularity of Kumarakom among st honeymooners. If you have recently entered wedlock, then Kumarakom would definitely be one of the best places to visit. You will be completely mesmerized by the natural beauty of this little village. You should make sure that you add this wonderful village into your travel itinerary.

Periyar: Where We Fell For The Most Comfortable Natural Habitat Of Animals.

Kerala remains favorite to all the travelers who have been to the place at least once in their lifetime. It is, in short, a destination where nature speaks for itself. It makes a hub where the travelers get to explore the wilderness in sheer excitement. This excitement was something that packed up my family every year at that point in time where I and my sibling have holidays and my parents have off from work. Most of the holidays we traveled to Kerala as my moms ancestral house was located at Alleppey right by the backwaters. So we never had to be on a backwater journey as such but every alternate year we visited Kerala, we always made sure that we visited one place of significance. Palakkad, Thrissur, Kozhikode had all been covered through the Kerala tour package from Bangalore. This time we had planned something new where we would get to enjoy more of the richness of nature by being at one single place which was Thekkady.

It had got colder at Bangalore and was one of the best weather I loved to be there but there was no other time all of us were free to escape to Kerala due to which we got into the train to Alleppey from where we got to set off to our locality as we always took my moms parents along with us whenever we travelled around in Kerala. And then we hired a vehicle in which we drove 140 kilometers where we reached Thekkady. We had booked 2 rooms in the resort where we were looking forward to having another best holiday at Kerala. It was astonishing that there were a number of places worth paying a visit located in this Gods own country. The resort was worth the money we had to spend on it as we had taken luxury rooms. As of my dads and moms opinion, they always insisted that we spend holidays in luxury as the rest of the days all of us are working hard. So if it is for two days, make the most out of it. We had reached at 6 pm in the evening that there was nothing much for us to do in the evening. The resort was more of a hangout place where we spend time by the pool that had hammocks and pool lounge chairs. The night went by where we had the best family time. We ordered food in the night that 6 of us could consume as no money goes wasted on food that is unconsumed. We all got early to bed as the next day, early in the morning we would set off to Periyar National Park. More than the fact that it was a wildlife sanctuary, it is also a tiger reserve which made the place more interesting to me.

I had taken everything required which included binoculars, shoes, repellent creams as I had a notion in my mind that it would literally be a walk through the wild. The entry time to the place was from 6 am to 5 pm which was probably why we had been standing at the doorsteps by 5:50 am with our entry passes in our hands. The passes were just 25 rupees and did not seem to be costly at all except for the foreigners. After having some quick bites and coffee, we got inside.  My maternal grandparents had been all healthy and they seemed as enthusiastic as me to be on the nature walk. We hired a guide who we thought would be more helpful in taking us through the several activities that take place inside. Jungle scout, Tiger Trail, Nature walk, Border trekking and a lot more of exploration was possible inside the sanctuary. The most exciting to me was bamboo rafting where we would be set on a three-hour journey through the wildest place ever.  A large number birds that would count up to 230 reside inside the sanctuary. I had already begun sighting some while the sounds of the other animals had been reaching to all us. And all of us a sudden, I was reminded of Bannerghatta in Bangalore where we had once gone. In fact, this was the second national park I had been visiting.

The nature walk took us through the trees and plants that had been there. Both my mom and grandmom were quite into planting that they got immersed in the walk completely. I had already been on nature walks with school squad when I had been at Bangalore but none of it seemed close to what I had been experiencing here. By 11 am, we set off on the bamboo for rafting. We took two rafts and decided to move in the same direction. The literal hope I had in my mind was to see elephants in the banks. We went through trees that surrounded us on one side and on the other side we could to see grasslands. We went long where the rafters spoke to us about the sanctuary. The freshness of both the Periyar Lake and the surroundings were quite reviving to all of us. Also, we had safety guards where all of were in life jackets. When we reached a point we decided to return back. I saw jackals and jungle cats that had been on the shores. The fun fact was how all the animals lived their lives in the natural habitat of forests. We have to pay a lot of money to see them in cages at the zoo which I always found to be the most disgraceful way of making money. Here we could see them stride happily and that was what made all of us happy. On the way back, we also got to see a herd of elephants that had been sipping water from the lake. I had seen elephants before a lot of time where those that had been crossing roads at Bandipur when we had been on our way from Banglore, had been the most exciting but this sight took its place.

We got back and walked through along with the guide where he showed us the paws of the tiger. It had been an imprint on the mud and a way through which they got back setting on their prey. The guide said that this was the main reason that the sanctuary closed by 5 pm as the tigers and other animals would get out on hunting as the darkness falls and so safety measures are always to be taken.  The natural habitat was indeed so much more fun than I had thought it would turn out to be. It was 5 pm and we were out on time.The single-day exploration had come to an end but our Kerala trip was still on. There was some more scope for us where we could be sitting alongside the Vembanad lake and tossing in some spicy Seafood alongside the fresh toddy where we did not have to spend a single penny on it. And we would be taking catamaran rides to go across as well where we would still feel touristy on a 3 rupee service until we get back to Bangalore. This other part of life is hence something that is worth treasuring for a life where we can live with a stipulated amount of money but we choose to be different. The village life is worth an experience when on a Kerala tour package with the price. It is, in short, a journey of realization of what we have on the other side of the coin.

Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations in Kerala!


Kerala is definitely the most attractive place south India, perfect for honeymoon holidays. The intrinsic beauty of Munnar, the enchanting forests of Thekkadi and Wayanad, the pristine beaches of Kovalam and Mararikkulam, the lush backwaters of Allepey and Kollam, and the gregarious and entertaining Kochi are all equally perfect for the Best Kerala Honeymoon Packages. Choosing to visit 5 of these locations will give the honeymoon tourists, the best of Kerala’s nature and landscapes. There’s a lot you can explore and do here than you would ever have thought of. Mere travel will not help you understand the essence of Kerala and let you enjoy the place to the maximum. It is a mix of exploration combined with adventure, relaxation, entertainment, and the cuisine that gives the tourists the perfect holiday experiences of their life. The most astounding fact about Kerala is that you get the best of all these and more during your holidays here. There’s this perfect blend of nature, tradition, and modernity available in all popular tourist destinations of the state. Being a 100% literate state, education and technology reach out to far corners of the state as does the social and political awareness. Hospitality is a part of Kerala’s culture and that’s why even homes are willing to take in a few guests, even strangers, as they give away a part of their home for homestays, sharing their travel experience and food with the tourists. Here I am listing 5 such destinations of Kerala, and how you can make your honeymoon here the most special days of your life. They are so popular that you will find information about these locations in many sites. But I bet no one would have told you these:

Enjoy some adventure at Munnar


Munnar is definitely a beautiful place that arouses the romance in honeymoon couples. But it is as much loved by the adventure enthusiasts too. There are some amazing destinations where you can get dissolved in nature and be a part of it without a hint of technology. Visiting places such as Top station, Thommankuthu, Mattuppetty, and the tea gardens can be the most relaxing holiday plans for your Kerala Honeymoon Packages. But if you need some adrenaline rush, hire a bicycle and hit the road to explore the hills and valleys of Munnar. You can cycle through the winding roads on the tea estates early in the morning with your partner, to enjoy the most enchanting sunrise sceneries of your life. Similarly, do come here to try some trekking, camping, and forest safari to keep your adrenalin pumping. In fact, adventure tourism is the most trending aspect of holidays in the hill stations of Munnar and Idukki. So explore these too while you are in Munnar.


Go on a Plantation tour at Thekkady


Thekkady’s tiger reserves and jungles are quite popular among the honeymoon tourists. But the most interesting holiday experiences can be sought at the most beautiful plantations in Thekkadi. Otherwise, a visit to Thekkady will have hardly a day’s plan of boating at the Periyar Reserve and a jungle safari at the Tiger Reserve where you will some animals only if you are lucky. Instead, visiting a tea estate, coffee plantation or a vegetable farm will offer you a great holiday experience in Thekkady. Many tour operators offer amazing plantation tours now with a stay in secluded and romantic plantation resorts where you can enjoy some privacy amidst the stunning landscapes created by nature. You can even spend a couple of days exploring these plantations to the core.

Explore Allepey on a Canoe


Allepey’s houseboats are quite famous among the tourists. What you must try out is to explore the smaller water channels of Allepey on small wooden canoes during your Best Kerala Honeymoon Packages. You will be stunned at the lush landscapes and villages that flourish around the waterways of Allepey. These people still use the canoes to travel around, trade and to transport goods from on village to another and are quite efficient in that. You can forget about traffic jams, dust, and heat while traveling through Allepey’s waterways. It is an experience which involves a little bit of adventure also as balancing yourself on the canoe is not an easy job! The best part of these tours would be that you can enjoy the hospitality of the friendly locals and taste some yummy homely food with fish and non-vegetarian dishes they offer. These are things you will definitely miss in the most luxurious houseboat cruises!

Spend some solitary moments at Marari beach


Mararikkulam is about 100 kms from Kochi and near Allepey. Ranked as one of the top 5 beaches in the world, Marari beach is a must-visit which many couples miss out. So you mark this place in your honeymoon travel chart to enjoy the most tranquil beach in Kerala. The place not at all crowded and is very clean. You can opt to stay in one of the traditional resorts nearby that offer traditional Kerala food. These resorts are mostly built in typical Kerala architecture using a lot of wood and terracotta tiles for roofing. Do not miss the Ayurvedic clinics here that offer rejuvenating massages and wellness treatments that will leave you completely refreshed.

Nurture your love for food at Kochi


People visit Kochi to have a lot of fun. There are a lot of modern entertainment options available in Kochi and it is the best place to shop for anything and everything under the sun! But I will tell you another reason to visit Kochi on your Kerala Honeymoon Tour Packages and that’s the variety of cuisine available here. Kochi has a lot of people who come from different parts of Kerala and they have brought with them their exclusive cuisines and flavors which you can relish in the specialty restaurants in the city. The city has some of the best restaurants in Kerala even though they cannot compete with the flavors of the Malabar region.