Kerala is one of the most romantic, peaceful, paradise nature place. Kerala which is known as God’s Own Country is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Southern India. Kerala is an ideal tourist spot for all kinds of travelers because it satisfies the people with different options like village tourism, spice plantations visits, coconut tree climbing, beach tourism, houseboat rides, and houseboat stay in famous backwaters, elephant rides and unique festivals and dishes attracts tourists from all over the world. Kerala is expensive as well as a cheap destination that depends on one’s budget. It has all sort of accommodations for everyone whether a rich or poor, whether on budget tour or luxury tour. Kerala is full of world-class accommodations and amenities. Even if you don’t have much budget, you can still visit Kerala. .When most of the travelers spend more on exploring nature and natural beauty well-explored destinations most of the offbeat destinations in Kerala are places that could be explored under very cheap travel cost. In addition, there are a number of travel operators like Gogeo holidays offering cheapest Kerala tour packages to some of the best travel destinations in Kerala allowing the tourist from around the world to explore and experience the rich nature in the land. Apart from the affordable package cost, there are a number of things that the travelers could do to reduce the travel expenses to a greater extent like those listed below.


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Transportation modes play an important role in the cost of the trip. Most travelers choose to travel via flight or train whereas there are travelers who choose the roadways to make the trip more cost effective. For overseas travelers, it would be best to travel via a flight. The price of flights would very time to time depending on the month, the day or even the time of the travel. Choose to travel at times when the flight rates are low. And it could be best to book a ticket in advance so that you would get the tickets at a lower rate comparatively. You can even choose to travel during weekdays as it could make a huge difference in the flight ticket rates. Whereas domestic travelers could choose railways or roadways depending on the distance to be covered and the transportation cost. For travelers within Kerala, it would be best to choose road trips as it would offer you a different and most unique experience of the place.


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Kerala offers travelers with a number of fascinating options for accommodation which are cheap and affordable There are a number of homestay options which is offered at a very low rate. For travelers who wish to enjoy the best budget stay in a friendly and lively environment homestays in Kerala is one of the best options.


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The food is not that much costly in Kerala. It mainly depends on the hotel you choose and what you want to eat. The main food in Kerala for lunch is Rice, in the north called chaval. It will be served with Sambar or Fish curry. It costs from Rs 30 to 100. You can have a decent lunch for Rs 50. Ask the locals about the best restaurants at an affordable rate, the best coffee shops, etc. And also get on the road to have from the Dhabhas and such local options. In addition, this is one of the best ways where you could explore the real taste of the land.


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Cost of these items would be very high in the travel destinations as compared to those you could get in cities. In such cases, it would be best to avoid shopping from travel destinations or you could get the same from the cities at cheaper rates.



Travel rates to Kerala would differ depending on the season. For travelers who wish to travel in low rates could choose to trip during the off seasons so as to get traveling tickets at lower rates. Traveling to Kerala during the festive season would be very costly as compared to the other days. So it would be best to choose offseason for holiday trips to Kerala for lower flight ticket rates.



Places like Munnar, Alleppey, and Wayanad are destinations with great natural beauty and different unique attractions that fascinates travelers from around the world. Being some of the cheapest travel destinations these places are a prominent destination in most travel packages organized to Kerala. Travelers can even choose to explore the different offbeat destination of the state so as to have a different and very unique experience of the land. Kerala has come up with a number of enchanting destinations which could be called the hideouts from the modern world. Most of the offbeat travel destinations in Kerala are very rich in natural beauty and potential which at present is being wasted. The Kerala tourism department is organizing a number of projects to develop and promote some of the best offbeat travel destinations. In addition, a number of cheap packages are also organized to the place allowing the travelers to explore the scenic natural beauty of Kerala under cheap and affordable rates.

Listed below are some of the best offbeat travel destinations in Kerala which one could explore in very cheap travel rates:


kattapana tour

It is a small municipality town in the Idukki district of Kerala, Kattappana is a place apt for a natural escape.


gavi tour

The rich greenery of the place and the climate is the one main attraction in the land. A trip to Gavi would be one of the best trips for travelers who wish to escape from the hurry-berry lifestyle of the city. Wildlife, forest and a wider range of wildlife are all the main attraction of the area.

Travelers will have to plan the trip in one of the best cost-effective ways. It would take great effort. The best way is to take a good Kerala tour package from a good travel operator. With the best accommodation, transportation modes and fascinating attractions the travel destinations, Kerala is one of the best destinations in Southern India.

Honeymoon in the backwater stretches of Kerala

Kerala is a place that is known for expanding common magnificence arranged on the shoreline of the Arabian Sea. The most outlandish fascination of this South Indian state is its backwaters and streams. A couple of islands and  Numerous little water-townships stands as the backbone for backwater tourism in Kerala. Kerala backwater Honeymoon Packages are encased with streams, sun-kissed shorelines, stunning backwaters, prospering slope stations and fascinating natural life, dynamite craftsmanship gatherings, which make it an incomparable tourism goal.

Kerala is having astonishing and beguiling backwater goals like Kumarakom, Alappuzha, Cochin, Kollam, and Kuttanad. The backwaters in Kerala Honeymoon Packages are alluring and astounding; the most ideal approach to go around them is utilizing houseboats and conventional travels named Kettuvallam. The serene backwaters of Kerala are the most romantic and exotic place to kick start your love life. Kerala tourism has initiated various honeymoon packages in Kerala houseboat which gradually increased the demand of backwater tourism. Spending some time by exploring this enchanting water world, you can turn your Kerala honeymoon experience into something magical and unforgettable. That is why this backwater stretches of Kerala state have become the most searched honeymoon destination in India. Of course, hiring a houseboat is the best way to enjoy the backwater voyage. A ride or night stay in Houseboat is the high light of Kerala backwaters.

The best places to have a houseboat cruise are Alappuzha the Venice of the East, Kollam, Kumarakom or Kochi. It is Kerala’s traditional ‘Kettuvallam’ in the old days has gained a new face and named as houseboats. It was used to transport food grains and other goods to markets in the earlier times by the people who lived around the backwaters. Traditional techniques of boat building are used by the local carpenters to construct these houseboats in the construction of the houseboats traditionally only coir ropes are used to tie the whole thing together and surprisingly a single nail will not be used in the process. These houseboats are 100 feet long and could carry up to 30 tonnes of weight.

Houseboats are fully furnished with all most all the modern amenities and are available as, single room, double room, triple rooms with attached bathrooms and bio-toilets, a kitchen and a living room. It will be a mesmerizing experience that you could watch the surroundings from your deck balcony, as the cruise proceeds. In Alappuzha and Kumarakom, many double deck houseboats are also available.

The moments that you and your partner gather from the cruise voyage will be just awesome. Without any physical stress, you can enjoy an unending sightseeing. The houseboat takes you through the backwater labyrinth that consists of lagoons, lakes, rivers, rivulets, and canals, comprising of the Kuttanad region, will be a magical memory for you and your soul mate. It is undoubtedly clear that the cruise would really make you and your partner get fascinated by the natural wonder called Kerala. It will be so romantic that you could watch the sunset and the sunrise while you are sipping a hot cup of tea or enjoying coconut water at the deck of the houseboat. Visiting the little hamlets that are shaded by large coconut groves and lush paddy fields and watching- the village lifestyle is something very unique that no other honeymoon trip can offer.  The authentic Kerala cuisine that comprises of seafood, meat and vegetable dishes, Vegetarian, Continental, South Indian or North Indian food is also served according to the needs of the guests by the experienced and talented chefs in the houseboats, which will cast a spell on you. Special candlelight dinner and flower arrangements are complimentary for honeymooners

The Kerala backwaters are ideal for a honeymoon visit at any time of the year. This flexibility quotient is yet another reason for them being a beloved destination. If you enjoy the still tranquillity of a destination, plan your trip between August and May, so you can avoid the monsoons and enjoy the calm and quiet to the maximum.

Kerala backwaters with its charming scenarios, is endowed with the aura of romance and love, is the best option for honeymooners and is an apt choice to grow close with your spouse.  The breath-taking scenarios of this beautiful water stretches will treat you with memories of a lifetime. Serenity and calmness are the major attractions of houseboats which provide you with facilities to enjoy the mystic beauty of the state that ultimately helps you to start a fresh and romantic chapter of your love life. To check out the Kerala backwaters in its entire glorious splendour, houseboat voyage will be a great option. Travel agents like lifemadeasy Holidays take the hard work of organizing one for you.  To experience the thrill of being in a paradise the travel partners offer you hospitality services to make your moments beyond your expectations. Conducting budget-friendly backwater honeymoon tours are the prior intention of the travel operators. The packages are very affordable with full satisfaction and guarantee the most memorable times of your marriage. The travel partners allow you to explore splendid backwater destinations in Kerala which is blessed with beautiful paddy fields, lovely shores, mouth-watering cuisines, and romantic water flows. The customized packages of travel operators allow the couples to choose their destination and to select their convenient packages from budget houseboat packages to Luxury Packages, depending on your affordable expense. To keep it comfortable the travel operators offer you reasonable packages on accommodation, traveling to your different destinations, daily complimentary food, and so forth. A couple can cover many things other than just sightseeing and it even helps you to explore the unending beauty of Kerala profoundly. Hence the travel partners offer a range of enjoyments like house boating, fishing, visual treats of sunsets and sunrises, and many more. This tour operator truly has everything that can make your dream honeymoon come true as they give their visitors a perfect example of laid back honeymoon time. So book your honeymoon trip to avail the best deals to enjoy the beautiful nature of Kerala.

Kerala Backwater Tourism – An Amazing Experience to Cherish for Lifetime

Kerala is a popular tourist destination known for its backwater tourism, ayurvedic spa, and its natural beauty. The lush green coconut plantations, the complex water, and soil structure are the things that attract tourists from different parts of the world. The backwaters are the backbone and the most unique attractions in Kerala. And now with the increasing demand for backwater tourism, the government has put in a number of Kerala backwater packages for the tourist to explore the best of the attraction. Before setting out on a backwater tour it is important to plan the budget. Check out lifemadeasy and get an idea for the cost planning.

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Kerala backwaters are a network of interconnected canals, rivers, and inlets. Alleppey backwaters are one of the best backwaters in Kerala. Alappuzha was described by Lord Curzon as Venice of east and therefore it is known as the Venetian capital of Kerala. A trip to Kerala and particularly to Alleppey backwaters can never be complete without houseboat experience. The houseboats in Alappuzha are reworked versions of the kettuvalams that were used in the old times. It is actually a boat that is designed and modified to be used primarily as a home. There are different categories of houseboat based on the budget which include deluxe houseboats, luxury houseboats, premium houseboats, special cruise, etc. The houseboats will contain all the comforts of a good hotel room including furnished bedrooms, modern toilets, kitchen and balcony’s where you can enjoy the view of life in the backwaters.

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The day cruise, which is a part of every Kerala houseboat package is the best way to experience the backwater beauty if you do not prefer to sleep on a houseboat. Here, you enjoy the paddy fields, coconut trees, the cool breeze, etc at its best. When the sun is up the paddy fields seems like a golden carpet which adds to its beauty. The views match the Kerala you have in mind. The boat will pass through the narrow canals where we see the glory of village life. People mainly use canoes to move around and that too even children. There is also a chance to witness farming and fishing. Also, look out for ducks swimming and waddling on the river banks. It is best to take a good camera with you as there are many photo opportunities during the travel. During the journey, you also come across other houseboats and some happy and excited tourists waving their hands on us. You can also stop at toddy shops if needed and can experience tasting some local food and also some good snacks like tapioca, fish curry, etc. During the journey, a delicious lunch will be provided with some mouth-watering dishes. As for the food, it will be traditional Kerala style food. The food will be of a good standard in all the houseboats. There will be both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods according to your choice. The food mostly includes rice, sambar, mixed vegetable, fish fry, chicken, etc. They will also provide you with fresh coconut juices. The day cruise will end around 5 pm. If choosing a night cruise then they provide you with dinner. It is the most popular option as you can enjoy the surroundings and relax a little. During the night there will be no traveling, the boat will be docked. But it gives you the experience of sleeping on the water and also witnessing a beautiful sunrise.

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Apart from the houseboat traveling experience, Alappuzha also has some amazing places to visit. Alappuzha beach in Alappuzha town is a major tourist spot. During the New Year, an event called Alappuzha beach festival is organized every year. Thousands of people gather from different places in the event. Vijaya Park has amusement amenities which act as a plus point for the tourists visiting the beach. Another main attraction of the place is the Nehru Trophy Boat Race which is organized every year on the Second Saturday of August, on the tranquil waters of Punnamda Lake. The race attracts various sports lovers. The excitement of the participants and cheerleaders is worth watching.

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It is attended by almost two lakh people who include both locals as well as foreigners. Also, the ayurvedic spa and massages in Alappuzha need no introduction, it gives you ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. There are many modern spa’s where you get the massage. You must definitely include it in your list if you need to get rid of anxiety, stress and body pain. It is also a cure for chronic disorders. Alleppey has many religious spots some of which are dated back to the colonial times. Temples such as Ambalapuzha Sri Krishna temple, Chettikulangara Sree Bhagavathi temple are all famous and are visited by thousands of pilgrims. One of the churches built by St Thomas Kokkamangalam Church is also there in Alappuzha. Although Alappuzha might not be famous for shopping, it offers a decent shopping experience for the tourists. Alappuzha is known for spices, carpets, handicrafts. You can also take a visit to Kuttanad which contains dense paddy fields, coconut trees, duck farming, and spice cultivation. It is called the rice bowl of India. You can experience farming below sea level there in Kuttanad.

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As Kerala is the land of spices the influence can be seen in the cuisine of the town. Kerala sadhya and Kerala breakfast are the most recommended dishes that you should try out when in Alappuzha. The fish curry, especially in Alleppey, cannot be matched with any other variation of fish curry so it is a must to try the fish curry available there. The toddy shop cuisine is an absolute delight to any non-veg lover. Also, the snacks like the tasty crispy banana chips are something that you shouldn’t miss out on.

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Even though Alleppey is an all weather-destination, winters are the best time to visit that is from November to February as the weather is mild and pleasant. This will be a perfect time to go on a houseboat ride and explore the backwaters of Alleppey.


Explore the Breathtaking Wilderness and the Backwater Stretches of Kerala


Filled with hill stations, spice and tea plantations, historical monuments, pilgrim centers and much more Kerala is one of the best and most visited tourist destination in south India. The land is not just a well-known tourist destination or a traveller’s hub but also a place which is known for its scenic beauty and nature and is now a well-known honeymoon destination. One of the major factors that attract travellers and honeymooner’s to the land is the presence of a number of hill stations and adventure spots that provide the travellers with the best experience of nature. Kottayam is one such destination in Kerala which is known for its beautiful backwaters and hill stations. The land is known among couples for the presence of a number of tourist destinations mainly backwaters and hill stations, couples who wish to spend their initial days in the lap of hill stations and backwaters avail different honeymoon tourism packages in Kerala offered by tour operators like Holiday Mango. The land with its hill stations, climate and the beauty of the waters is one of the best tourist destinations where couples could spend some quality time with each other.

Illickal Kallu, Poonjar, Kottayam (1)

Illikkal Kallu is one such hill station in Kottayam which is one of the highest peaks in the area from where you could enjoy the majestic view of the place. Illikkal Kallu is pace which is well-known among the trekkers and mountaineers as the place allows the best trekking facilities which adventure seekers would love to experience. Trekkers and mountaineers should walk a minimum of 1 km to reach the peak point from where they could see the entire city. One of the major factors that attract travellers and mountaineers to the peak is the fascinating sunset where you could see the setting orange sun and the silver moon rising to the sky. Climbing the rock Illikkal Kallu is one of a task for the travellers as the rocks are slippery and the travellers are supposed to climb the hill without much safety measures. The rock climbing is one of the most adventurous sports offered by the land. One can clearly enjoy the nature and the wilderness of the land by getting themselves involved in the sport of rock climbing. It is not necessary that to enjoy the nature and the natural beauty one should reach the summit; one can easily get the view of the city and the nature of its wilderness from the base of the mountain.


Apart from the hill station, Kottayam is a land which is known for the presence of the most beautiful backwaters. The waters with complexity are one of the main sources of tourism in the land. Backwater tourism is one thing that is most enjoyed by couples due to the scenic beauty of the waters and the romantic moonlit night ambiance. One of the main features of the backwaters that attract the couples to the land is the houseboat facilities that are available in almost all backwater stretches of Kerala. Couples could sail through the backwater stretches enjoying the scenic beauty of the complex waters, the paddy field and the backwater villages. For travellers, nature lovers and honeymooners who wish to enjoy the day in the company of natural wilderness and backwaters, Kerala is the ideal destination to explore. Kerala is a land with innumerable resources to be explored and developed and a place that could be considered as the traveller’s paradise.

Ken Before You Leave…Get the Answers to These Questions on Kerala Backwaters

How many of you backpack to a destination with a proper idea and research? Or do you completely believe the itinerary and brochures? Even though you have been guided by a travel agent, you have to take the pain to do a little bit research about the destination you are heading to. The north Indians and foreigners coming to South India especially Kerala used to talk with their friends or relatives who have prior visited Kerala and gains enough knowledge about various places. One such marvel in their eyes is Kerala backwaters and being the crown jewel of Kerala tourism, the Kerala houseboat cruise in backwaters is something the travellers will not miss. Prior to booking houseboats, get answers to some basic questions on Kerala backwaters and houseboats journey. It is special to conduct honeymoon on a houseboat and while picking the packages for the same, ultimate care must be given. The most renowned backwater trip arrangers, Lifemadeasy will give answers to some of the basic questions on Kerala houseboats and backwaters, which are frequently asked by the customers. To make your trip in Kerala memorable, meticulous planning and preparations are necessary.


How can one say that houseboat cruise is really worth in Kerala tourism?

Of the Arabian Sea bordering Kerala, there are many lakes and rivers flowing parallel to the coast. These waterways are actually interconnected network of canal, lakes and rivers. Amidst these, there are some major cities or towns like Alleppey, Kumarakom, Kollam and Trivandrum. Vembanad Lake is the largest one and at each destination, it has got several names. The reason why travellers pick a backwater package is that the ecosystems of these backwaters are really unique and nature is at its best here with many paddy fields surrounding the borders of backwaters. Honeymoon tours are best conducted on houseboats as couples can spend romantic moments amidst the brackish lagoon with all comfortabilities and luxuries they seek for. Just by sitting comfortably in a houseboat, couples can enjoy the scenic beauty and also gets a chance to taste the traditional Kerala food. Hence, one can say that Kerala backwater tours are really unique.


How many days can the guests hire the houseboat?

As per the package, the guest can pick a day trip or overnight stay. The number of overnight stays can be discussed with the travel operator and the package price will depend on that. The day cruise will take place at morning and will come to an end by evening. For night stays, the houseboat will be anchored at any location. Food will be provided on board itself. Depending upon the number of days and nights required for houseboat cruise, the rate of the package also differs.


What are the category and type of houseboats?

The houseboats in Kerala come in various standards and types.

Standard houseboats have basic boat facilities but most of them are without air conditions.

Premium or Deluxe houseboats are fully air-conditioned with standard facilities and at night too, the AC can be used. But, care must be taken to note that the premium houseboats are fully covered with glass. Talk on this to your travel operator.

Luxury or super luxury houseboats are on the lists to experience ultimate royalty.

The type of houseboats comes with the presence of the number of rooms, sun deck and upper decks. One can choose the houseboats with your desired number of tours. Groups tours are economical in houseboats.


What are the houseboat cruise routes?

At the time of picking your backwater tour package, the routes of houseboat cruises in Kerala will be mentioned with the Alleppey- Kollam route being the longest one taking 8 hours. All the cruises will start from Alleppey or Kumarakom and can travel to any desired places. Kuttanad, Munroe islands, Kumarakom, Kayamkulam, Ashtamudi Lake, Alumkadavu, Trivandrum backwaters are some of the common destinations. To be specific, the routes are mentioned below and these same routes can be chosen with desirable days.

Alleppey to Alleppey (Kuttanad), Kumarakom, Thottappally, Alumkadavu and Kochi

Kumarakom to Alumkadavu, Thottappally


What about the crew on a houseboat and the food?

Every houseboat will be having two oarsmen and one professional cook. The cook prepares the traditional Kerala style food on board. To relish the marvel of the traditional cooking of Kerala food, one must surely take a houseboat ride. The dishes are mostly rice, with varieties of curries, fish curries, fish fry, chicken items etc. Evening, Kerala snacks will be served with a hot cup of tea or coffee. The tapioca and fish curry are one of the tastiest dishes on Kerala food menu. The crewmembers will take care of any issues to the houseboats.


What if the houseboats are not available for the day cruise?

If houseboats are not available for the ride, then one must pick the Shikkara rides as an alternative. The Shikkara rides serve the same picturesque beauty as in the houseboat and are also more economical but privacy will be assured if you are coming with the group. If family get-togethers or celebrations are your prime need, then houseboat must be chosen. Always book in advance for the cruise.

Are the houseboat cruises safe?

This is the most asked question by most of the tourists. To have the safest travel on board, always pick from the packages of most renowned tour operators. Since the tourism is safeguarded by the Government of Kerala by all means, one can safely travel but always be cautious. Honeymoon couples can be fully assured with the privacy and freedom in the houseboat.


Does the houseboat ply during monsoon; if so are discounts available for the same?

Monsoon seasons are the time of offseason tour in Kerala and the people looking forward to an economic travel would love to travel in monsoon as accommodation, and tickets can be availed with less price. Houseboat will ply during monsoons but the rates are really low during these times. One can speak with the tour operator and avail the discounts.


What are the best options for backwater tour?

In backwater tour, the options are many other than a day in the houseboat. The village tourism and bird watching are some of the interesting activities. Canal tours allow you to go deep into the village and backwater world and the coir retting process, fishing etc can be seen so close. Canal tours will bring you to lotus ponds, churches, temples on the shores. Adventure tours in backwaters can be best experienced by kayaking. At certain places, there are options for kayaking. Thus, honeymoon couples can have a thrilling backwater vacation by kayaking. If interested, canoeing is also the best idea. In Kumarakom, a bird sanctuary is located and avid bird watchers can focus their eye on rare bird species and migratory birds visiting the backwaters. Cycling through the villages in Kuttanad can make you breathe the fresh air surrounding and also present with the morning beauty of green paddy fields.

Dwelling deep into the backwater tours one will come to know that the thrill is a lot more than as expected from the itinerary. As a travel operator, Lifemadeasy will be giving full assistance and support on conducting backwater tours in Kerala.