Enjoying the beauty of Long Island with my parents in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

There are many places in the world that help us to revitalize and rejuvenate. There was a time when people used to visit scenic places either alone or with their family and friends. It is always said that to make the trip fabulous we should definitely accompany our dear ones. When cleaning my shelf accidentally I came across an old album. The album consists of fabulous pictures that we clicked when we went to explore new places with our family. When turning each leaf of the album I noticed one thing how naughty I was. How I irritated my parents especially my dad. I was very lazy to walk so my dad used to carry me everywhere!!! Time flies so fast, isn’t it? After college, we hardly went on a family trip. It is not because of the financial crisis but due to lack of time. Soon after graduation, I got placed in one of the most reputed multinational companies of India in Chennai. Hence I hardly got time to visit my parents. But after looking at the album I decided to plan an exotic trip to any of the scenic places. When I presented my wish to my parents they agreed. But the only demand they put forward was to visit any new place which they haven’t ever seen or heard. The task was really difficult for me. One whole night I surfed on the internet to find such a unique place unfortunately I failed. Later I shared my dilemma with my close friends. They suggested many places within and outside India. As my parents did not have a passport we dropped the idea of exploring European countries. It was my senior Rakesh who gave an idea of visiting Andaman and Nicobar Islands. As it is an island I thought there would be nothing to discover other than water bodies. But he explained the vast opportunities of learning aqua venture activities such as snorkelling, scuba diving, underwater sea walking and so on. And also the island is of the cleanest tourist places in the entire globe. I was truly inspired by the eccentric features of the island and decided to book the tour packages from Andaman Tour Travel, the only travel agency in south India that curates fabulous packages to the island.

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As Andaman and Nicobar Island is situated on the shores of Bay of Bengal, it shows many similarities with that of our Indian culture. Onboarding to Veer Savarkar International airport, Port Blair, the staff of the travel agency gave us a warm welcome. From the airport, we proceeded to our resort. The roads in Andaman are bordered with tall trees. The avenues somewhat resembled that of a south Indian state say Kerala or TamilNadu. On reaching the resort the authorities gave us the keys of our rooms and also invited us for a special lunch. After getting refreshed we went to mess and savoured mouth-watering delicacies prepared in traditional Andaman style. By evening we began our exploration. First, we went to one of the most popular and also infamous prison, Cellular Jail. The prison serves as an exquisite instance for ancient colonial days. We also attended the light and sound show telecasted by the authorities of the prison. Through the program, we came to know more about the patriotic heroes of India.

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The very next day we went to one of the least explored island called Long Island. With picturesque landscapes and emerald surroundings, Long Island captivates hundreds of travel enthusiast. As it is situated nearly 80 km from the capital city like you I also thought the island might be devoid of all facilities. But to surprise, the island comprises of schools, health centre, shops and so on. It also offered immense opportunities to learn water sports. The moment I reached the island the first thing I did, I collected the passes for practising snorkelling. Under the guidance of a professional guide, I learnt it. At that, my parents like a newly married couple enjoyed the beauty of waves and shores by sipping ice candies and juices under a tall coconut tree. Over there many tourists were busy practising trekking on the bare mountains. The island not only delighted our minds with picture-perfect landscapes but also it showed fun-filled activities of dolphins. It would be really strange to know that some of the tourists avail of tour packages to Andaman only to enjoy the innocent play of beautiful dolphins.

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The island comprises of mainly three villages namely Lalaji bay village, middle village, and long village and all these villages are well-connected with wireless facilities hence I did not find any difficulty in uploading my photographs into social media. The best and effective way to enchant the beauty of the island is to sail in the boat, said by our tour guide. Therefore we availed of boat service and captured the beguiling beauty of the island into our cameras. In the evening all the travellers who purchased the services of Andaman Tour Travel gathered together and practised bonfire and also played antakshiri. I think it was one of the best moments of the entire trip. The very next day we moved to Havelock Island, the neighbouring island of Long Island. Havelock Island is famous for providing the facility to walk under the sea. By wearing helmets, children and adults could walk deep in the sea and enjoy the beauty of coral reefs and other marine creatures. Followed to it we did small shopping. My parents were really happy with the trip and it delighted me. By the evening we departed adieu to Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Thank you Andaman Tour Travel for making our trip into a fabulous one.

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