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Kerala is abundantly blessed with the magnificent resources of nature. The emerald surroundings of Kerala encompassed with richly populated tall trees, excellent collection of fauna and flora wandering in the midst of large woods, cerulean seas, pristine rivers, breathtaking hill stations enveloped with carpets of mist and fog, lovely hamlets, moderate climate and many more. Just spend a day in the arms of Mother Nature in Kerala you would definitely understand why the state has been accredited with a tagline ‘god’s own country’. Each nook and corner of the state has been so beautifully designed people who visit Kerala will be tempted to visit it again and again. The 14 districts of Kerala carry a magical spell that attracts travellers not only from different states of India but also from foreign nations. There are many factors that make Kerala a perfect tourist destination. One among them is it offers a plethora of opportunities to practise adventure games. Trekking is the only enthralling event that is admired with all ages of people. Even though there are many places in the state to learn various levels of trekking. Muthanga forest situated in the hearts of Wayanad district is known to be a haven for trekkers. There are many more fascinating features related to trekking. To know more about it grab the tour packages from the famous travel operators.

Lush green Muthanga forest

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Situated at a distance of 16 km from Sultan Bathery, Muthanga forest is also widely known as Wayanad wildlife sanctuary. The forest is encapsulated with wide varieties of trees, medicinal herbs, rare and endangered species of animals and birds such as monkeys, wild dogs, civets, squirrels, cats, tigers, panthers, lions, leopards. Jungle fowls, cuckoos, woodpeckers, owl and babblers are the commonly seen birds in the forest. The largely seen trees in the sanctuary are moist deciduous, dry deciduous and semi-evergreen forests. The amusing forest of Kerala connects Bandipur and Nagarhole sanctuaries of Karnataka and Mudumali ranges of Tamil Nadu. Sprawled in an area of 343 sq. km the forest was officially declared as a sanctuary in the year 1973. The amusing Muthanga wildlife sanctuary is a part of the four forests namely Kuriachiat, Tholpetty, and Sulthan Bathery. Hundreds of hundred travel enthusiasts flock to the region to catch the best views of nature. As the sanctuary shelters, the amusing species many travellers accompany their family with them. Over there along with nature enthusiast, you could also find many photography enthusiasts wandering in the different parts of the sanctuary with their high-resolution camera. There are different ways to explore the magnificent beauty of the region. Either you can opt for elephant safari or jeep safari.

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Jungle exploration can be done in mainly two ways. If you are courageous enough, you can try out elephant safari. With the help of the guide, you can ride on the elephant and enjoy the astounding panoramic views of the classy green nature. When you are planning to visit the stunning Muthanga forest, do not forget to carry a binocular with you so that you can easily spot many beautiful and unseen views of nature. Another method is to avail of jeep safari from the authorised dealers. Most of the travel planners inculcate the best jeep safaris in their tour package. But if you can’t find one don’t worry you can contact the Gogeo Holidays in Kerala. They draft the trip packages for the family by incorporating the best adventure events and amusing sightseeing destinations. The two-hour jeep safari is conducted through the unvisited lanes of the jungles. You will be accompanied by a well-experienced professional guide who would be there to assist you to share some unknown facts about the jungle and its surrounding areas. The rate of jeep safari and elephant safari starts from INR 300. The timing of jeep safari is from morning 7 to 10 and evening 3 to 5 pm. During the jungle exploration if you meet with an accident or unfortunately gets a bite from insects and reptiles, without wasting a second you will be taken to the nearest medical health centre.

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Followed to jungle exploration do not forget to visit the nearby amusing hill stations such as Chembra peak, Soochipara waterfalls, Edakkal caves and so on. Chembra peak is known to offer a bird’s eye view of the lush green surroundings. From the peak, you could enjoy the stupendous beauty of the heart-shaped lake or commonly call as Cupid Lake. Soochipara waterfall is also known as one of the most waterfalls in Kerala. It is a really joyful moment to watch the water plunging down from a great altitude. Nature lovers who visit the marvellous Wayanad love to spend their most of their time at the Soochipara waterfalls. Edakkal caves of Wayanad are known to carry the unique writing styles of ancient days. According to the archaeological survey, the writings inscribed on the walls of the cave belong to the Neolithic and Mesolithic period. Along with this, there are many more places present in the district that directly touches your mind and delights your eyes. Before concluding your Wayanad explorations do not forget to visit the awe-inspiring green plantations of tea, coffee and spices such as cardamom, pepper and so on. To know more about the fabulous places in Wayanad grab the tour packages from well-trusted tour operators.

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