Express your Love by Climbing to the Summit of Illickal Mala

Here is a question for the newly married couples do they have any plans for their most waiting honeymoon trips? If not, I would like to dedicate this essay to them. Explaining the importance of honeymoon in marriage life will definitely make you bore. Therefore, I would like to directly enter into the topic. Here I would like to discuss the most fascinating yet not so famous travel destination situated in the bottom-most state of India called Kerala. I know that no one needs a brief introduction to Kerala. Kerala is one of the most ravishing and alluring tourist destinations. There are many reasons for travel enthusiasts to avail of tour packages to the state. Most of the highlighting features that attract the tourists are excellent hospitality services, mind-blowing ayurvedic treatments, excellent scenic locations, calm ambiance, and pleasant weather. Due to these characteristics, the state has been nicknamed as ‘god’s own country’.

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As aforementioned more than the famous tourist destinations, the state is comprised of unexplored places. Trust me more than the popular picnic destinations it is the least explored places that will delight your eyes and soothe your minds. Illikkal Kallu is one such tourist place situated in the hearts of Kottayam district that within a short span of time, has grabbed thousands of hearts. More than the families it is the newly married couples visit the place to enjoy their honeymoon in the immense solitude place. It is really hard to describe the beguiling charm of the lush green place in mere words. Therefore, when you pack your bags to Illickal Kallu do not forget to carry a high-resolution camera and binocular top capture there are and undistinguished images of the serene nature. Before purchasing tour packages to Illickal Kallu, just narrow down the following paragraphs and learn the fascinating features of the place.

 Illickal Kallu- Least explored, yet a marvelous tourist destination

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Situated at a distance of 50 km from the main town of Kottayam Illickkal Kallu is positioned at a height of 4000 ft above the mean sea level. The hill region is popular among the adventure enthusiast as it gives a plethora of options for them to practice trekking, mountaineering, and rock climbing, and so on. Not only the trekking to the summit of peak si daring but the road journey from your hometown to the destination is really enthralling. The path mainly comprises of several hairpin and zigzag roads. Therefore, accompany a professional driver who is an expert in driving in the daring paths. If you are purchasing tour packages from the prominent travel operators, they will arrange a driver cum tour guide to make your excursion stress-free.

There are three magnificent rocks that make the Illickal Mala famous

The most luring Illickal Mala is comprised of three spectacular hills with an altitude of 3400 feet each.  The three hills vary in their peculiar shape and structure. The foremost hill which resembles the shape of a mushroom is popularly called as ‘umbrella-shaped rock’ or ‘ Kuda Kallu’ in colloquial language. Followed to it is the most famous hill called ‘Koonu Kallu’, the hill is well-renowned for growing the medicinal herbs. The most amusing feature of these two rocks are they are connected with a small bridge. Due to the structure of the bridge and the peculiarity of the landscape the bridge is called ‘Narakapalam’ in the Malayalam language that means ‘a bridge to hell’. The ultimate or final hill called Illickal Kallu is famous for nurturing the rare medicinal plant called Neela Koduveli. The sapphire flowers add beauty to the bare hills. The local residents say that planting those flowering plants will bring prosperity and good health. What makes the hill so famous is some portions of it is fallen. It is always said that the amusing beauty of the Illickal Kallu reminds the famous hill station called Kodaikanal.

Don’t miss these eye-soothing attractions situated next to Illickal Kallu

Kattikayam waterfalls

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It is always said that concluding the Illickkal Mala without visiting the famous Kattikayam waterfalls would be a big loss. Spending private moments on the slopes of the waterfalls cascading from a great altitude will truly pump your oxytocin and provide enough time to you to enhance your precious relationship. You can enjoy some quality moments at the Kattikayam waterfalls by splashing water on each other’s faces. If you can lazy top drench in the pure crystal-clear water plunging down, you can rest in the bamboo planks and enjoy its splendid beauty. The tall trees surrounding the waterfalls oscillating in the cool breeze will tickle your hair and incite joy and romance in you.


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Vagamon, situated in the Kottayam district is known to be a haven for newly married couples. Most of the romantic couples when decide to celebrate their lovely honeymoon in Kerala, the first name that runs into their minds will be that of Vagamon. Not only Keraliteis but also travelers from Delhi, Pune, and Mumbai avail of honeymoon packages to the above-mentioned destination. Vagamon is known to be a home for emerald plantations of spices, tea and coffee, and so on. It is also famous for practicing paragliding. The cold weather and scenic nature together make Vagamon a romantic destination for newly married couples.


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It is normal that if there are trees, obviously they shed. But there is a valley in Kottayam close to Illickal Mala where the trees do not shed their flowers and leaves. Isn’t it surprising? Along with honeymooners, many visitors along with their families visit the region to be part of the marvelous phenomenon of nature. Another intriguing feature of the valley is it provides a mirror-perfect image of morning sun to the visitors. By trekking to the highest point called Kannadipara will offer you an excellent panoramic view of the lush green surroundings on your honeymoon tour.

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