Some Unknown Salient Features of Pathiramanal Island

Is there anyone who does not like to enjoy the elegance of the astounding flocks of birds flying in ‘v’-shape in the crystal clear sky? Capturing the amusing images of the lovely birds into your camera lens would be an awesome moment for you. Hundreds of travel enthusiast move to emerald surroundings to enjoy the ambiguity of the surreal nature. Kerala is the only state in India embodied with incredible wonders of the scintillating nature. People who visit the iconic state soothe their minds with alluring images of the picture-perfect landscapes. Has anyone ever thought of spending the marvellous holidays in the middle of tranquilising waters? If not, it is now, high time for you to think about it. Spending quality time in the midst of cold water will help you to tailor sweet moments to your treasure of memories. One such place is Pathiramanal, situated in the Alleppey district is one of the mind-blowing tourist destinations in Kerala. Alleppey district is known for its undistinguished beauty. The district is also known as ‘rice bowl of Kerala’. The serene nature and astounding backwaters of the district remind of the most famous Venice city. Hence the city is also nicknamed as ‘Venice of East’. The district is known as a haven for its mind-blowing tourist destinations. To know more about the fabulous features of the Pathiramanal just traverse the following paragraphs.

Pathiramanal Island


Situated in the Muhamma panchayat in Alleppey district, Pathiramanal is meant as ‘midnight sand’ in colloquial language. The island is not only famous for its irreplaceable beauty but also known as the abode of migratory birds. Pathiramanal was formerly known as ‘Anantha Padmanabhan Thopu’ was purchased by the Cochin Trust by Chevalier ACM Anthraper in the late 70s. While traversing the 10-acre amusing island you will let you know about the intriguing story revolving around the island. Years ago a Brahmin boy jumped into the Vembanad Lake for daily ablutions, suddenly land sprung out from the water below and thus how the island was originated. The island is uninhabited by the human beings but governed by the auspicious species of the fauna and flora. A 30-minute voyage through Alappuzha- Thaneermukham route will take you to a world of a fairy tale, Pathiramanal. But if you want to witness the gorgeous beauty of backwaters avail of houseboat tour packages at reasonable prices from Kottayam and enjoy the mind-blowing beauty of lush green surroundings. It will take only one hour to explore one of the smallest islands of Kerala. When strolling through the lonely island you can hear the sweet tweets of rare and unseen birds when the cool breeze swaying the palm-fringed coconut trees. The floating weeds and hyacinths will retire your tiring souls and energize your body. Naturalist and bird lovers flock to the region to capture the alluring images of rare medicinal plants and birds. While exploring the magnificent beauty of the stupendous island, you can halt at the Sree Narayana Guru statute and enjoy its architectural beauty. The historic place is usually frequented with tourists from various corners of the nations.

Inhabitants of Pathiramanal

As mentioned earlier the region is encapsulated with endangered species of birds such as Egrets, Whistling Duck, Little Cormorant, Pintail Ducks, Little Cormorant, Common Teal, Indian Pond Heron, Little Cormorant and Bronze-winged Jacanas, Cotton Pygmy-Goose Stork-billed Kingfisher, Cormorant, Night Heron, Darter, Purple Heron, Whiskered Tern, Gulls, Terns, Cattle Egrets, Water cock and Indian Shag. If you are lucky you can catch the glimpses of Monarch flycatcher.  Along with you can also trace the 91 species of local birds frequently seen on the shores of the island. To study more about the fascinating features of the fauna the authorities have constructed the aquarium and zoo.

Houseboats Rides to Pathiramanal


Pathiramanal Island is accessible only through water transport. Houseboats are the best vehicle to reach the destination. Sailing in the houseboats will help you to discover the gem hidden in nature. Depending on the availability of the amenities the houseboat is classified into various categories. While sailing to the captivating Pathiramanal you can also make a visit to the nearby attractions such as Kumarakom and Pallikunnu. If you are not familiar with the later name, just rewind your memories and go back to the famous Tamil movie, ‘Vinayyithandi Varuvaya’. The few parts of the movie were cast at Pullinkunu. St. Mary’s forane church is the perfect instance for the same. Along with there are many fanatic attractions located on the premises of the tourist destinations. So when you visit the place ask your travel operator to inculcate these places in your itinerary.

When to visit the mind-blowing Pathiramanal Island?

The most favourable time to visit the iconic destination is during the chilly winter season i.e. from October to March. But if you are ready to face the heavy downpours and you can avail of the tour packages at cheapest rates to Kerala from popular travel operators such as Pathiramanal.

How to reach Pathiramanal Island?

 There are many ways to reach a destination. Either you will have to purchase the train tickets to the Alleppey railway station or board flight to Cochin International airport and from there hire a private cab and move to the Pathiramanal. If you are fond of houseboat rides, you can choose to get down at Kottayam railway station and from there you can arrive at the destination by availing of houseboats. Sailing in the houseboat during the night will help you to enjoy the unseen beauty of nature.

From the above paragraphs, you will come to know about the unknown and intriguing features of Pathiramanal Island. If you are not a Keralite, an expert professional guide who can handle both English and native language easily will be appointed to you by the Dream Holidays. To study more about their facilities and services, the customer support team will be there for you. Without any hesitation, there are even ready to customise the packages. To grab the exciting prices purchase the packages as soon as possible from them. So don’t be late. Purchase it as soon as possible.

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