Celebrate your Romantic Holidays at Palukachimala

There has not been a single day where the married couples do not discuss their most romantic holidays. Yes, a honeymoon is one of the most important parts of married life. Lovely trips soon after marriage help the bride and groom to get closer and understand each other. Honeymoon is also said to be a divine part of the successful marriage. To make your relationship stronger visit the scenic locations soon after the marriage. The calm ambience, serene nature, picture-perfect landscapes and many more will revitalize your soul and free you from all kinds of tensions. Visiting the unexplored destinations with your soul mate will add spice to your married life. Usually, newly married couples visit the mesmerising tourist destinations in the northern parts of India. Sudden climatic changes will hinder your joy and enthusiasm. Therefore select the places that carry infinite wonders of nature and provide a soothing climate. One such state where all kinds of people could adapt is the southernmost state of India called Kerala. The unexplored hill stations and lush green forests propel travellers to avail of tour packages. I would like to suggest the least visited tourist destination called Palukachimala in the northern district of Kerala, Kannur.

Palukachimala or Palukachi hills and the intriguing story


More than the scenic beauty and the emerald surrounding the captivating hill are known for its mythological story. The most famous Palkachimala is also known as ‘Varanasi of the south’ or ‘Dakshina Kashi’. The hill is popular for the Kottiyoor Shiva temple festival. The festival annually takes places in the month of May and June. Hundreds of pilgrims irrespective of religions, from various corners of the world avail of tour packages to Kerala at cheap rates with an aim to be part of the 28-day festival. Situated near to Kelkam town in Kannur district the hill is known to carry an interesting mythological story. Centuries ago the Dakshyani after the Dakshina Yaga ended her life in the burning Yagna. According to Hindu belief when any living being dies he or she will have a rebirth. Based on this concept Dakshayni took her second birth as the dearest daughter of Himalaya, Paravati. Goddess Paravati is not only known for her charming glow but also for her intelligence and power. Years later she got married to Lord Shiva and just like humans even they celebrated their honeymoon in a serene place. It is believed that the couples celebrated their most lovely romantic vacation at the Palukachimala. (As they are almighty lords they need not have to worry about the airfares to commute to the lush green forests). The couples decided to begin their honeymoon by boiling the milk. The whole nature was so delighted that the three hill rocks adjacent to the Palukachimala turned to be a stove or known as ‘adduppu’ in colloquial language. The tall trees encircling the hill offered their thick branches and small twigs as firewood to the couple. They deeply immersed in the romance that they forgot about the milk. It started to spill and hence the hill got the amusing name.

 Trekking to the breathtaking Palukachimala


 There are two ways to climb the lofty hills of Palukachimala either by crossing Kottiyoor and Neendunokki route or by traversing through the Adakkathodu and Ramachi road. To make your honeymoon special and memorable it would be better you chose the road from Ottapalvu.  To reach Ottaplavu road you will reach Chunkakunnu road by travelling 5 kilometres from Kelakam. Trekking to the captivating hill station is a kind of adventure activity. The best way to reach the top of the hill is either to hike or to avail of jeep safari. If you are buying the packages from Dream Holidays, they appoint an experienced professional driver who is able to ride the vehicle in unconditioned terrains. The path from the base station, Ottaplavu is encircled with rubber plantations. While ascending you can notice many houses abandoned. It indicates the hilly region was inhabited by several families. The absence of lush green grasses and thickly populated forest will tell you that you are approaching the top of the hill. All your tiredness will be wiped off by inhaling the aromatic smell that carries medicinal properties. As we reached the top of the hill we came across the idols of Hindu lords such as Ganapathi, Parvathi, and Shiva and so on. The hills were surrounded by the boulders on four sides. Take out your binoculars and enjoy the scintillating views of the Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary, Brahmagiri Mountain, Bavali River, and Ikkare Kottiyoor temple. Seeking the divine blessing from the Kottiyoor temple will prosper your married life with joy and happiness. The suicide point at Palukachimala will remind you about the Kodaikanal. The stunning images of the rising and setting of the sun will make your evening awesome. The twinkling stars and sapphire moonlight will enable you to witness the alluring glow of untouched nature. The amusing beauty of the scintillating nature will propel you to forget that you come for a romantic trip. Words are insufficient to describe the glittering night mode of the scenic environment.

Nearby attractions

The other noteworthy attractions of the district are the Aralam wildlife sanctuary. Even though the sanctuary is known to be the smallest, it shelters many rare and endangered species of fauna and flora. Traversing through the eucalyptus plantation is the best way to explore the beguiling beauty of the unseen nature. If you are a trek love Katti Beta peak, the only peak of the sanctuary will help you to enjoy the panoramic view of the emerald surroundings. The watchtower and meandering waterfalls at Meenmutty will make your honeymoon fabulous.

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