Some astounding features of Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary

When we are stressed with our daily schedules and professional goals we will be totally frustrated and would be in search of a serene place. Visiting the scenic places will help you to revitalize and energize your souls. Resting in the arms of Mother Nature will help you to rejuvenate and heal your inner wounds. Visiting the scenic destinations with your friends will let you know about the unheard wonders of nature. It is really a proud moment for Indians to know that our country shelters more 80 % of the best tourist destinations in the world. If you really want to explore nature by indulging in the enthralling activities then Kerala would be the best option. Irrespective of caste, creed and nationality the state welcomes thousands of travellers from various corners. People from nearby cities such as Bangalore, Hyderabad make their weekends memorable by making frequent visits to ‘god’s own country’. The state offers thousands of options for the nature lovers to discover the magical spell hidden in nature such as nature walk in the lush green forests, trekking to the lofty hills, indulging in beach activities and many more. Out of the several choices trekking always captivate travellers to purchase tour packages at cheap prices to become the part of the untouched environment.

Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary


 Kerala would be the only state that respects and protects both human beings and animals. Special areas have been reserved for the endangered species of fauna and flora. Positioned on the banks of Karamana River the famous Peppara wildlife sanctuary is sprawled in an area of 53 sq. km. Traversing through the densely populated forest governed by the various species of animals and birds and the picturesque landscape will remind you of a lovely fairy tale. Situated at a distance of 50 km from the capital city hundreds of environmentalist tour in groups to the sanctuary to marvel their hearts by viewing the forest range being blanketed with thick plantations of eucalyptus on one side and emerald herbs and curved knolls with milky streams gurgling through it adds beauty to the region. While exploring the forest range beware of the ferocious animals such as Asian elephant, Sāmbhar, leopard, lion-tailed macaque, Nilgiri langur, panther, wild dog, barking deer, gaur, wild boar, and more. The melodious songs from the Malabar Grey, hornbill, small sunbird, and many more will make your journey through the forest intriguing and exciting.

 Trekking in the breathtaking hills in Peppara wildlife sanctuary


Trekking is one of the most arduous and yet interesting adventurous activity practised all over the world. Travellers who make a visit to catch the glimpses of rare and endangered species also try a hand in trekking. Trekking to the lofty hills at Peppara is a little tedious. Skilled trekkers are mostly welcomed to the region to show their talent. There are many ways to practise trekking in the sanctuary but to know the best way avail of the tour package at cheap prices from Gogeo Holidays, the leading travel planner in Kerala. The easiest way to practise trekking is from the Kaanithara. You can begin your expedition through the thickly populated eucalyptus trees. After covering a few kilometres the journey won’t be so easy. The burning sun will absorb all your enthusiasm and energy and hence reduce your speed. Your arduous trekking will end when you see the glimpses of tall trees from a faraway distance. On reaching Vazhanthol you can mesmerise your hearts with two scintillating waterfalls. After enjoying the beauty of the fascinating cascading waterfalls you can move to another one. After exploring unseen places of Vazhanthol you can descend to the base camp. While descending down you can fill your camera with lovely images of nature.

When to visit the Peppara wildlife sanctuary

The most favourable time to visit the stupendous wildlife sanctuary is from March to July and also from September to November. Standing on the highest part of the sanctuary you witness the alluring panoramic view of the nearby surroundings using your binoculars. Don’t immerse too much in the scintillating beauty of the forest so that you forget that venomous reptiles such as King Cobra, Python and so on are present. So when you practise nature walk be vigilant.

Nearby attractions

The other noteworthy attractions near the sanctuary are the Golden Valley. From the top of the valley, you can view the golden sands present in the crystal clear water flowing from the deep valleys is really worth to praise. You soak yourself at Meenmutty waterfalls. The region is considered to be least visited and hence you have your own private time with your dear ones. The scenic nature and picture-perfect landscape will propel you to visit the amazing tourist place again and again. If you are a trek lover the Agasthayrkkodam hills are calling. Situated at the end of Thiruvananthapuram trekking to the breathtaking hill will gift you unforgettable memories. As the place has become an upcoming tourist destination you need have to carry water and other snacks to the top of the hill as specified counters are seen at finite intervals. Trekking to the second highest peak of Kerala will provide you with the bird’s eye view of the emerald surroundings and alluring natural resources. Prior permission is needed from the forest department to trek the most famous Agasthayrkoodam known as Agasthya mala in colloquial language. If you are fond of ancient architecture then Koyikkal palace would be the perfect place to learn the olden days of Kerala. The priceless equipment, ornaments, weapons and utensils exhibited in the palace will let you know more about the historic days.

Many more well-known destinations are still unexplored by the tourist. So what are you waiting for avail of tour packages and discover the untouched beauty of nature with your dear friends? If you have any suggestions regarding the tour itinerary without any hesitation you can contact the customer support team of Gogeo Holidays. They ready to clarify all your queries at any time. So what are you waiting for? Avail of the tour package and enjoy the scenic beauty.

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