Chokramudi peak: the place where you can get the panoramic view of astounding Idukki Dam

Trekking is one of the most famous and fabulous adventure activities that can be practised by any age of people. Practising adventurous activities will definitely help to change your concepts regarding life and other aspects. There are many places in the nation that serve as a perfect platform for an adventure enthusiast. Most of the people gush to northern states of India to learn more about the trekking, rock climbing, and other enthralling activities. But don’t think all the breathtaking hill stations are situated only on the topmost portions of the nation. Some of the spectacular hill regions could also be found in the southern parts of India. Among the various south Indian states, Kerala always stands on the topmost place. The state not only offers excellent chances to learn daring sports events but also the eye-soothing places help the stressed minds to rejuvenate and relax. Most of them will be familiar with the popular hill spots of south Kerala. But there would be only a few who know about the Chokramudi peak. The Chokramudi peak is a haven for amateur trekkers. From the sloppy peak of Chokramudi, you can catch the panoramic views of the emerald surroundings.

Chokramudi Hills


The name would be unfamiliar to most of the readers. The captivating hill station is situated in Munnar in Idukki district. With a height of 7200 ft, the Chokramudi hill is one of the tallest hill stations in Munnar. The alluring hill station not only allows the people to learn various parts of trekking but also it gives the stupendous and irreplaceable views of sunrise and sunsets. To capture the marvellous images in the camera avail of group tour packages to Kerala. While trekking the lofty mountains you catch the amazing views of Nilgiri Tahr and Gaur from the Eravikulam National Park. As the peak is situated inside the national park trekkers will have to spend much time in the registration counter to get the prior permission from the forest department for mountain exploration.

How to trek to Chokramudi peak?


As mentioned earlier the amusing peak is situated in the midst of the Eravikulam national park thousands of people who visit the amazing national park also try out a hand in trekking. Within 3 to 5 hours you can reach the top of the mountain (based on your speed). Just like any other peaks the Chokramudi peak does not carry any snacks corner at finite stoppages so don’t forget to carry necessary food items and water with you while ascending to the peak. Trekking starts from the mind-blowing green meadows of tea. From there, trekkers will cover the green grasslands and finally rocky terrain. At the initial stage, you may be able to cover the long distance but as you ascend to the top you will face the difficult part of the peak. The rocky terrains will absorb all your enthusiasm and energy and make you feel retarded. The muddy and slippery paths in the peak will pull back you from reaching your destination. Hence wear sturdy shoes to avoid the chances of slipping. There might be chances of meeting the wild animals during your journey. They won’t harm therefore don’t be panic just remain calm and continue your trek. If you are buying the tour packages from a reputed travel agency like Gogeo holidays they will appoint a tour guide for you so that you can get detailed information about the obstacles and presence of animals on the peak. If you really want your camera to click the gorgeous images of untouched nature carry it when you climb the highest peak of Munnar. Standing at the top of the peak you can enjoy the outstanding image of the green surroundings as well as you can have a bird’s eye view of the Idukki dam, Anamalai hills and Devikulam. When you descend to the bottom it will take half of the time to reach the bottom of the peak.

When to trek the Chokramdudi peak?

Except for the monsoon season, trekkers can visit the amazing destination during winter and summer holidays. If you are afraid of scorching summer heat, visit the place during the chilly winter days. Even during noon, the mist will be lazy to leave the premises. If you try to capture the mist enveloping the peak into cameras, you will satisfy with the blurred images as it is difficult to click the amusing beauty of misty clouds.

 How to reach the Chokramudi peak?


When you board a flight to Cochin International airport either hire a private vehicle or wait for the cab arranged for you by the tour operator. It will take more than an hour to reach Munnar and from the move to the Pothamedu. Over there you will have to spend some valuable time to complete the official formalities before trekking.

The nearby attractions to Chokramudi are the Pothamedu viewpoint. The fabulous place provides the scintillating views of the deep valleys, green hills and lush green plantations of tea and coffee. Mathiketan Shola is another luring scenic place in Idukki. Be careful while strolling the paths of the jungle as there are chances of getting lost. The Mathiketan Shola forest is also popularly known as ‘brain puzzling’. Letchmi tea estate and Yellapetty tea estate are the perfect places from where you can pluck a variety of tea leaves. Sipping a cup of hot Munnar tea at the top of the Chokramudi will help you to revitalise and rest in the arms of Mother Nature. To know more about the fascinating features of the amazing hill station in Kerala purchase the tour packages at cheap prices from Gogeo Holidays. They are the only travel partners that include adventure activities along with mesmerising sightseeing places. So, to make your holidays memorable buy the services from them. Along with adventure tour packages, they also formulate honeymoon and family trips. Even for students, they create educational tours. To clarify all your doubts regarding the tour services contact their 24×7 customer support team.

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