Tour to the Less-Touristy Travel Locations of Kochi in Kerala

The largest city of Kerala is a lot more than its backwaters and beaches. Actually, Kochi had been chosen by the erstwhile colonial masters for its most favourable geographical patterns. With evidence for that, they had built many colonial historical structures that are still operating as either some sort of government buildings or heritage hotels. Even otherwise, the district is home to earlier royal dynasties and so they too had left behind their footmarks in this land. Henceforth, Kochi has got to offer more surprises in the kitty to its international and domestic travellers. Discussed below are the less-touristy travel locations of Kochi.

Paniyeli Poru

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No one would expect the existence for such a glorious confluence of three small rivers at this spot located near Kurupampady in Perumbavoor in the outskirts of Kochi. A single day tour to this splendid location will be offering you a different face of Kochi, as here you will behold the rare sight of the dark-hued river waters flowing across numerous slippery boulders. Such a sight would be a rare one as they are located at this region of Kerala instead of any hill stations. Since they are only gradually emerging as a tourist destination quite recently, you will not be availing the tour packages that would include Paniyeli Poru from all the travel firms.

Kodanad Elephant Training Camp

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If you are willing to travel some distance from the main Kochi city to the north-eastern region in Kodanad, you could drop in at one of the largest elephant training centres of the state. Here, a small tributary of River Periyar is flowing on one side the camp, so you could watch the numerous elephant dwelling in the centre taking bath in their own world. Besides that, you may take leisure strolls alongside the stone-paved pathways built very aesthetically. Most of these elephants were captured from the forest of Malayattor in the earlier days and trained here in the camp. But now they are functioning as rescue centres.

Njarakkal Aqua Tourism Centre 

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Set in a picturesque location in the Vypeen Island, precisely in Njarakkal, the Aqua Tourism Center could be one of the best examples of how a normal geographical condition existed in a place was effectively converted to a hot tourist spot. The fish farm maintained by Fisheries Department of the State is like any backwater space of Kochi, but except for the fact that these water bodies are more serene and is rich in a considerably larger aquatic life. Visitors coming here could also avail the boating facilities in either peddle boats or Dhow boats along with savouring the traditional spicy recipes cooked from the fish caught from the farm.

Paliam Palace

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The palace used to be a hideout place for the King of Cochin during the 16th century away from their original citadel space in the wake of any crisis or for recreational purposes in Chenamangalamn near North Paravoor. As they were recently, renovated under the Muziris Heritage Project you could easily tour them and experience the royal way of living life. Although they were mostly concerned when the Portuguese Army tried to invade them, the bastion was built without comprising on any luxuries enjoyed by those erstwhile royals. The typical architectural style of Kerala with remarkable sculpting can be gazed here.

Malayattoor hill of St Thomas

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When you climb up these hills in amid the wild green covers, you could feel more sanctified rather than visiting a mere pilgrimage centre. Most of the sights that you get to watch and know are concerned with the beliefs of Saint Thomas to have visited the place. Quite strangely, the religious centre is also situated adjacent to the River Periyar. Some startling relics do still exist here such as the Golden Cross, his footprints, Marthoma Mandapam and the chapel. You could even get to witness a continuously flowing water spring that is believed to acquire some healing powers. Moreover, the mandapam constructed here follows a combination of Indian and Greek architectural styles.

Pallipuram Fort

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It would be surprising to realize the fact that the first-ever European monument of the country is situated here in this part of Kerala. They are the Pallipuram Fort of Vypeen Island towards its northernmost region. In its structures, you should not expect anything like the Bhadra Fort of Ahmedabad, as they were constructed by the Portuguese in the early 16th with only the sole purpose of observing any potential enemies who could encroach by sea rather than by air. These large hexagonal ancient structures can be easily missed from your typical tour packages as they are not much popular unlike the other historical monuments based in Kochi. Yet you may plan for a single day tour to the spot concerning their historical significance.

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