Bur Dubai- the Perfect place to unveil the history of Dubai

Dubai is a desert land situated in the heart of the United Arab Emirates. Two decades ago Dubai was a coastal land where the local Arabs were engaged in fishing and indulged in various desert activities like riding the camels. It was in the early 90s the Arabs discovered oil fields and gold mines. The discovery of these two components changed their fortune. Slowly they started exporting these two materials to various parts of the world. Now the Middle East countries are so powerful that they are ready to buy even a country. The success and development which we see today do not come all of sudden. There was a man with an intelligent mind and creative ideas who knew how to utilize all these in an appropriate manner and how to manage the profits earned from the various effects for the development of a nation. Describing the success story of entire Middle East countries in a single essay is not possible. Hence I would like to dedicate this document exclusively to Dubai. Dubai whenever we hear the word the image that runs to our mind will be Burj Khalifa and the man behind the great skyscraper is Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Dubai would be the only place in the world which shelters more than 50 eye-catching skyscrapers. The scintillating architecture of each monument mesmerizes each and every person in the world. People from Ahmedabad and Chennai tour Dubai by purchasing packages from travel companies. As we all know Dubai is one of the fastest-growing states in the world, it never means that the city is losing its religious and cultural values passed from generation to generation by ancestors. Dubai is an exquisite instance of the world that beholds its traditional values and heritage without allowing any kind of adulteration of modernity.

Dubai Tour Packages from Hyderabad

There are many places in Dubai that grab millions of hearts. Planning a tour to Dubai was something unimaginable. But now with the help of the Dubai Tour Trawell, the dream of visiting Dubai can be fulfilled. They curate packages for travelers from Mumbai, Kolkata, and Pune. People who visit Dubai the first place that could be seen in their itinerary would be the Burj Khalifa. It is one of the world’s tallest buildings with two observation decks. Associated with it one could enjoy the dancing of an amazing water fountain commonly known as Dubai Fountain. It is situated in the front of Dubai Mall- the most luxurious malls on the planet with more than 1000 shops and various multiplexes. Along with this one could traverse in the water and mingle with rare species of marine organisms and coral reefs. To make your underwater adventure hassle-free travelers can avail of glass-bottom boat rides. Also, you can savor your favorite dishes from the underwater restaurant. To marvel your hearts a tour to the Dubai Miracle Garden is a must. Over there one could capture more than 10000 flowers arranged in a spectacular manner that captivates visitors to visit the place again and again.

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 Before unveiling the mysteries of modern Dubai traverse through the old pages of Dubai. To learn about ancient Dubai the best place in Bur Dubai. Popularly known as Old Dubai, Bur Dubai is located in Dubai Creek. It is a contrast to modern Dubai. While strolling through the streets of Bur Dubai one will come across various works of local artisans and craftsmen. You will always understand the typical and unique architectural styles, lifestyles, culture, and pearl industries. Bur Dubai comprises of unique Dubai artifacts, handmade goods, cooking utensils, chests and crafts, and old house tents. It is the best place to collect souvenirs for your dear ones who love antique pieces. The important places in Bur Dubai are as follows.

  1. Dubai Creek

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Dubai Creek is a saltwater creek situated in Dubai. It has now being extended to Ras Al Khor Wildlife sanctuary and the Persian Gulf. There are many things that you can do in Dubai creek. They are as follows. To study Dubai history in depth just visit the oldest museum built-in 1787. The museum is located inside the Al Fahidi fort. To tour the entire Dubai creek in one hour you can travel in the cable car. To test the power of water you can avail of a water taxi or a wooden dhow. In Dubai Dolphinarium you can spot bottlenose dolphins. It is the perfect place to collect spices for your home. From a gold souk, you can buy gold at cheap rates. Bu never settles down at the first price.

  1. Majlis Gallery

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Majlis Gallery is a fascinating gallery constructed in the conventional model.  The gallery is a haven for art lovers. Inside the gallery, one could find mesmerizing emerald courtyard meadows, handcrafted potteries, glass products and many more. It is situated in the Al Fahidi fort. Today the gallery invites outstanding works from eminent artists from various parts of the world.

  1. Dubai Museum

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Dubai Museum was constructed in the year 1787 in Al Fahidi Fort. The museum was started with the aim of incorporating all traditional values. Inside the museum on could find dioramas that tell the ancient lifestyle of each emirate before the advent of oil in the United Arab Emirates. In 1969 Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum wrote a letter to Sheikh Badr Mohammad Al Sabah, head of the office of the state in Kuwait, requesting him to send a museum expert to Dubai for constructing an eye-catching the museum

By narrowing down the above sections you might have understood the peculiarities of Bur Dubai. So on your next trip do not forget to include Bur Dubai in your itinerary. To clarify your concerns regarding the outstanding services of the Dubai Tour Trawell without any hesitation you can contact the customer care support team or drop a message into your mailbox or WhatsApp. So what are you waiting for? Grab the package as soon as possible. While packing your luggage for Dubai never forget to load your camera with a high storage memory card.

Unveiling the Historic Reminiscences in Fort Kochi

Kerala, the southernmost state in India grabs travelers from various corners of the world. The state is known for its captivating beauty. Outstanding culture and traditions make the state unique and charming. The state comprises historic places like palaces, museums, and galleries. Nature has showered its marvelous blessings by providing the cerulean seas, tranquil rivers, shallow backwaters, traditional houseboats sailing in the undisturbed lakes, stunning species of fauna and flora, bare misty mountains enveloped with lush green plantations of tea and spices and many more. More than the natural resources it is the pleasing climate that pulls the nature enthusiasts from Ahmedabad, Surat, and Mumbai to tour the state. The present world is so busy that people have no time to spend on their personal needs and desires. Most of them are tired and exhausted with their hectic busy schedules. Availing the packages of Ayurveda therapies will help you to rejuvenate and unwind. The state has always been the favorite destination among travel enthusiasts. Kerala is a perfect place to learn about the ancient colonial days, ritual and traditional art forms, palaces and many more. Thousands of travelers flock to the state to learn its spectacular beauty.

Kerala, when we hear the word the first thing which comes into our mind is the tall coconut trees oscillating in the cool breeze. It is the only state in India where coconut trees are seen in abundance and that is the reason why the state got the name (‘Kera’-coconut tree). Not only the scenic surroundings but also the generous mentality of the common people make the state ‘god’s own country’. The secluded hill stations, sun-kissed beaches provide the best moments to enjoy some quality time with dear ones. The national parks and wildlife sanctuaries shelter rare species of animals and trees. To tour the amazing wildlife many globetrotters from Hyderabad flew to Kerala by purchasing packages from eminent travel companies. The state is blessed with 14 astonishing districts. Each district differs from each other in many aspects such as natural resources, technology, and amenities. Irrespective of aspects each district cordially welcomes travelers for discovering the hidden gem. As mentioned each district has own specialties, the Ernakulum district which is an upcoming metropolitan city in Kerala has something to tell the world. By strolling through the following paragraphs you will learn more about the district and its peculiarities.

 Describing one whole district in a document is not possible. Hence this essay is dedicating on the special touches of Fort Kochi. Have you seen the popular Malayalam movie called ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’? people who have seen the movie at least once will never forget the location. Unlike other movies the Fort Kochi the place where it was shot acts as a main role in the movie. Fort Kochi is the place in Ernakulum that still maintains its ancient vibes and tells how it was in the olden days. It is an amalgamation of ancient and present amenities. People of all generations love to flock to the place to celebrate their special days like the New Year celebrations. It is the perfect place for night parties and many more. Before understanding the present conditions let us have a glimpse of its past. Fort Kochi was once ruled by the Chinese traders. It is believed that the word Cochin has been derived from the Chinese people i.e. Co-Chin. The spectacular monuments and building built-in Chines architectural style depict the influence of Chinese in Kerala. Followed to Chinese, Portuguese, and Dutch were the other merchants who visited the place for various s trade purposes. Fort Kochi is a perfect instance of the rise and fall of European administration. The main destinations in Fort Kochi are as follows.

  1. Chinese Fishing Nets

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Chinese Fishing Nets were introduced to Kerala by the famous explorer called Zheng He during 1350 AD and 1450 AD. It would be difficult to believe that these fishing nets are still in use. To use the functioning of the Chinese fishing nets travelers are requested to visit the place either early morning or evening.  It is the time when the fishermen throw the nets into the sea for grabbing their earning. Chinese fishing nets are called as ‘cheennavala’. It is 20 m wide and 10 m long and it is operated with the help of counterweight stones and cantilever.

  1. Fort Kochi Beach

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Strolling through the Fort Kochi Beach, one could witness the golden rays of sunrise and sunsets. Traversing the streets one could capture the stupendous pictures of historical events and monuments. One could see the most ravishing images of Chinese fishing nets. Also, travelers could copy the stunning picture of the first-ever built fort called Emmanuel fort by the Portuguese. Tourists can engage themselves by indulging in various activities like fishing, boating, beach photography and dolphin sighting. While riding in the boat one can come across various small islands.

  1. St. Francis Church

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It is one of the oldest churches built by the Portuguese. It was initially made from mud and water. The church was later conquered by the Dutch and followed to its Anglican Church. It is situated on the premises of the famous Emmanuel Fort. Till now the church has undergone several modifications but still, it maintains the ancient vibes and beauty. The church shelters the cenotaph of great martyrs of Kochi and the burial ground of well-renowned Vasco Da Gama before taking to Portuguese.

  1. Kashi Art Café

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It is the perfect place to hang out with friends and families. Foreigners on their Kochi expedition flock to the Kashi Café to savor mouthwatering delicacies like the chicken burger, mushroom burger and so on. It is an exquisite place for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. While relishing the dishes travelers can also enjoy the various arts exhibited over there.

  1. Pepper House Café

kerala tour packages from ahmedabad

People who have seen the famous Malayalam movie called ‘Premam’ will not forget the popular cake shop run by the hero. The cake shop in the movie is actually the well-renowned Pepper house café. The place gained much fame through the movie. Along with the restaurants the place also hosts jewelry, clothes, and stationery shops for travelers to buy souvenirs for their dear ones.

The other notable attractions in Fort Kochi are Kerala Kathakali center, Pierce Leslie Bungalow, Princess Street Kochi, Vasco Da Gama Square and many more. To make your travel more comfortable avail of packages from the Lelagoon holidays. They formulate by giving keen importance to customer’s desires and needs.

A Voyage To The God’s Own Country

Once you have family and kids it is quite impossible to explore new places and fulfill your craving for traveling and adventure. So after became a parent we both literally dropped our travel dreams and started enjoying our parenting. But every time I feel jealous when my colleagues and friends posting pictures about their exciting and fun trip on social media. One such day one of my friends has posted a dashing picture of their family tour in Kerala. I was so excited and curious because she is like me who has an 8-month-old baby. She forwards me some pictures and also mentions about a travel company called Gogeo Holidays in Kerala who organized each and everything for a comfy and tension-free family holiday. We consulted them and they offered so many customized tour packages especially for the family at best prices. From which we opted a 4-day package to Munnar and Vagamon.


After all the waiting and exciting we reach Kochi where our holiday started. On the way to Munnar, the climate was so pleasing and soothing from the first glance itself I completely fell in love with the tempting beauty of Kerala. God’s own country, a heavenly paradise that perfectly blends both tradition and urban culture. Eminent for its rustic backwaters, remote wildlife, the precious aromatic spices, captivating waterfalls, an unending array of tea and coffee plantations, all together Kerala is an ideal destination for a kick-ass holiday. Travelers from across the world will find this state not only because of its rich heritage and culture but also serene beauty and warm welcoming especially during festival seasons like Onam, Vishu, Thrissur Pooram. By witnessing an amazing sunrise in Munnar we started a spectacular day there. Reclining tea plantations, picturesque landscapes, exotic flora, and fauna made Munnar a popular destination among tourists. The two fascinating things about Munnar is Neelakurinji and Neelagiri Tahr. Neelakurinji is a beautiful miracle in Munnar blooms once every 12 years and unfortunately, we are not lucky enough to see that astonishing view.

The very first thing that we explore in Munnar is the Eravikulam National Park, the place is renowned for its endangered inhabitant – the Nilgiri Tahr. The park is about 97 sq. km in area and a home for rare and unique species of animals. It was the first time I saw a Nilgiri Tahr. It is basically a mountain goat unique for its shaggy fur, a bristly mane and the most attractive curved horns having a length of 30 to 40 cms. My husband, Jofin is trying hard to grab its attention by making funny noises and try to give some foodstuffs. But it doesn’t care about his existence at all. We try to take pictures of it, but the one which was close to us is not a camera person or scopophobia. Even though our baby was just 9 months old, still he got surprised and giggling continuously by seeing the Nilgiri Tahr. Our guide explained about its unique features and also about the threat faced by the several habitats of Tahr due to eucalyptus cultivation and temple tourism. Inside the park, there was one more spectacular place called Anamudi Peak which is the highest peak in South India having a height of about 2700 m.


Meesapulimala is something we both want to explore after heard a lot about it on Instagram. But trekking with our baby is not a big yes so we switch to plan B, which was sightseeing the Tea Museum in Nallathanni Estate of Tata Tea in Munnar. Munnar is called as the tea bowl of South India and its own legacy when it comes to the evolution of tea plantations. In this museum, we can find artifacts, photographs, and machinery which clearly pictures the origin and evolution of tea plantations in Munnar. One of the major attractions in this museum is the Pelton Wheel which used in power generation plants in the 1920s. Then also show us a clear demonstration of the head to toe preparation of tea dust in the industries. Near the museum there was a stall from we can taste the different varieties of tea and we purchased some good stuff from there.

Our next holiday destination was Vagamon. Vagamon is must visit place in Kerala having a spectacular view of a beautiful meadow, tea gardens, and green valleys. Pine hills are the first place we visited in Vagamon. Vagamon is synonymous with the pine forests. For a Malayali like me, the pine forest in Vagamon is quite familiar from the movies ‘Devathoothan’ and ‘Thalavattom’ which perfectly show the mesmerizing beauty of pine forests. The shadows falling from the pine trees in the morning along with the chirping of birds make your morning dashing. More than us, our baby was so surprised and curiously looking at the tall trees without even blinking his little eyes. Vagamon id often called the jewel of Idukki which is spread over Peermade taluk of Idukki to the Meenachil and Kanjirappally taluks of Kottayam. the climate was so pleasing and cooling hence this amazing paradise got nicknamed as the Scotland of Asia.


An alluring network of green meadows is another fascinating thing one can explore in Vagamon. Enveloped with tall trees and lush greenery and the multi-colored flowers it is one of the romantic spots used in countless movies. There are at least 17 meadows in Vagamon and it offers a plethora of amazing activities like adventurous trekking or even boating through meadow valley. Another astonishing fact about Vagamon is its three hills which celebrate India’s religious diversity. Thangal Para hills have some devotional home for Muslims, Murugan Para is a religiously important place for Hindus and Kurisumala is a hill for Christian heritage and traditions. From June to September is the seasonal period with great availability of tour packages which includes many adventure activities because it is the best period to visit Vagamon. Here I realize that nothing can stop you from traveling and exploring the world. A visit to Kerala is totally worthy and we returned to our home town with a lot of remarkable memories.

Celebrating Honeymoon in Mananthavady – The Iconic Place in the History of Kerala

Is there anyone who does not like to unveil the elegance of emerald nature? How would it be if one starts his or her day with innocent chirps of adorable birds? Isn’t it would be pleasing? Many times I have thought who assigned them the duty of wakening up all the animals, trees and humans. Do they get the wages for doing so? Or is it a kind of thanksgiving to the almighty for giving one more day on the planet. Whenever I see the thickly populated trees in the forests I always think who waters them and who look after them. It is not possible for a few people to look after the trees regularly. Still, it survives on the earth for a half a century. The wild animals in the forest never have experienced starvation for more than a couple of days. Somehow they will get their food. There are many more examples in nature that teaches some bitter and important lessons of life that no textbooks could teach. The wonders and various activities of nature will teach how to lead a life peacefully with limited resources.

Cheapest Honeymoon Packages in Kerala

Most of the people in the world believe that spending a day in the lap of Mother Nature could gift wondrous experiences that no magnificent cities could present. That may be the main reason why people after their wedding decide to enjoy their honeymoon by exploring the beauty of nature. When considering our country India there are many places that truly display the immense scenic beauty of lush green surroundings. And the most luring place in the nation is the most popular Kerala. Year by year thousands of travellers visits the stupendous state to uncover the amazing beauty. Compared to the past now many travel operators have come forward with exciting packages to discover the captivating charm. More than the technological advancements it is the amusing charm. Couples travel to the state to enjoy the fabulous destinations in Kerala. They consider the state as an exquisite place to renew their marriage vows and to understand each other’s feelings in the soothing climate.

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There are many reasons for tourists to select Kerala for their short and long vacation trips. The cerulean seas, tranquil rivers, undisturbed backwaters, traditional houseboats, and excellent collection of various types of fauna and flora make Kerala a typical destination for travellers to rejuvenate. Not like the past, the travel cost to the state has now become cheap and best. Kerala comprises of 14 districts and each district has its own peculiarities. To enjoy the real charm of nature one should definitely avail of tour packages to the most famous district called Wayanad. It is the land of spice plantations. The bare mountains and bowl-shaped valleys are blanketed with emerald leaves of spices. Also one could find tribal settlements in abundance in the district. Wayanad is a haven for nature enthusiasts. The mesmerizing historical streets and caves, bio-reserves, and luxurious resorts make the district unique from others. Mananthavady is a well-known municipality taluk of the district.  By narrowing down the following paragraphs one could clearly understand the inner beauty of Mananthavady.

Mananthavady is one of the largest taluks in Wayanad district. The taluk resides on the banks of the river ‘Pusha’ or more commonly known as ‘Mananthavady River’. Nook and corner of the district have something reveals some pages of the history. In the past, the district was not accessible as it is now. The district was ruled by tribal communities called ‘Adivasi’. The town was formed in the 19th century. Ambukuthy is a place in Mananthavady, where a deer was pierced with an arrow and hence the taluk, got the name ‘Mananthavady’ (‘mane eytha vadi’). One could read the heroism of a famous freedom fighter called Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja or known as ‘Kerala’s lion or Kerala’s Simham’. The important places that could be visited while touring the taluk are as follows.

Pazahassi Raja’s Tomb

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The famous freedom warrior of Kerala called Pazahssi Raja’s tomb is situated in Mananthavady taluk. The tomb is located on the banks of River Kabani. The museum comprises of main galleries called the numismatic gallery, Tribal Gallery, Heritage gallery, and Pazahassi gallery. Also, it has an excellent collection of weapons, utensils, and statues.

Boys Town

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Boys town, when you hear this name suddenly a picture of boys hostel will come into your mind. But actually the place has no connection with the boys. The place is a mind-blowing sanctuary. The park is situated at a distance of 13 km from Boys town. It is a perfect place to witness the gorgeous beauty of tea and spice plantations. The gene park at Boys town was built as a part of the Indo-Danish project. The place is worth to see.

Post office Road

Post office road will take to the land of temples and mosques.

Valliyoorkkavu Bhagavathi Temple

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Valliyoorkkavu Bahagavathy temple is one of the ancient temples in Kerala with goddess Durga as the presiding deity. It is believed that the idol of the goddess was self-built. Every year in the month of March a 14-day festival will be held. The temple is considered as the biggest festival in Wayanad.


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Pakshipathalam is a paradise for bird lovers. It provides shelters to rare species of birds like the gold fronted chloropsis, Asian fairy bluebird, giant Malabar squirrels, gaurs, the paradise flycatcher, and the emerald dove. Pakshipatahalm is located at a distance of 36 km from Mananthavady. Travellers will have to seek prior permission from the forest department to visit the sanctuary. In the past, the eagle King called Garuda rested on a rock and hence the rock got the name ‘Garudakunnu’.


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Kurwadweep is one of the famous islands in Kerala. The island is uninhabited. Migratory birds and animals are ruling these 950 acres of land. Visitors will have to get prior permission from the forest department for visiting the island. The island is famous for bamboo rafting, swimming, and also trekking.

Trekking and bird spotting are the major activities practised by travellers and locals. Travellers usually visit the iconic destination by availing of packages from the travel operator called Dream Holidays. If you have any concerns regarding the package you can directly contact the customer support team.

Top 7 Things to Do while Honeymooning in Kovalam of Kerala with Your Significant Other

The beach travel destination of Kovalam is basically an internationally acclaimed, as they are equally visited by the domestic travelers and the foreigners. However, lately, they had altered to a beautiful honeymoon location that could offer you with the most romantic experiences. If you are with your significant other in such tranquil space away from the bustles of everyday lives, that would be closest to your hearts. For some fun activities, you may also engage in any romantic things to be done along with your partner. The following are the most romantic things to do while you are honeymooning in the beautiful location of Kovalam in Kerala.

Click your best honeymoon picture in the lighthouse beach

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This particular beach of the southernmost district of Kerala is already quite popular for being the most beautiful beach of its kind that is with a lighthouse. In your honeymoon trip, you may take her to this beach at any time of the day and click that epic picture of your beginning of togetherness with this charming lighthouse in the background. In the very same frame, you see the golden sandy beach being pampered by the azure blue waves and on the other side, the large structure is erected at the side of a small hill covered with lush greenery.

Try out some couple kayaking and jet skiing

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Kayaking is a popular water sports activity in Kovalam. While you honeymooning in the lively travel destinations, you may attend some classes from the experts after paying the cheapest amount as fees. Once you had mastered some skills in the calming water activity, you may board the kayaks venture out to the vast expanse of sea with your life partner and have your most memorable views of the ocean. On the other hand, you may try your inborn skills for the simpler yet more exciting jet skiing on the beaches of Kerala. These services can be easily acquired if they are included in your honeymoon packages.          

Get some couple massage together

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Any tourists if they are traveling to Kerala, they would anyways find some time to get treated by the Ayurveda mode of treatment. Moreover, traditional spas at this part of the state are also much known for their efficiency and great customer service. Now that you have planned to visit Kovalam for your honeymoon, you may drop in at any of the reputed spas and demand for a couple of spas. The after-effects of Ayurveda massage would be very relaxing for both of you, as it could get rid of the fatigue that had evolved out of your hectic wedding schedules. Apart from that, you will be having so much fun and an altogether different experience.

Watch the sunset together at Edakallu

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Yet another version of the beaches can be witnessed when the sun is about to set. This particular beach near Kovalam could offer you the most mesmerizing view of the sky with varied shades ranging from dark crimson to the golden hues. Further, by the time, the deep blue ocean waters also do alter their colors to dark oranges. Being with your better half at such an atmosphere could be the most romantic thing to do while you are honeymooning at this beautiful beachside. You would seem everything around you syncing in your romantic mood. Even the waves of the beach will also look calmer at Edakallu when you walking across the beach with your beloved.

Dine at a beachside restaurant

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young couple enjoying a romantic dinner by candlelight, outdoor

Beachside eateries are quite a many in the present day tourist-friendly Kerala, so are the countless number of restaurants in Kovalam. Opt for a candlelight dinner at any of those restaurants to attain that romantic time together with your loving partner. Relishing tasty recipes at the beachside with your favorite person could be a special experience and create a beautiful memory in both of you. As your honeymoon destination is a coastal region, you could savor the seafood dishes at an incredible price. Moreover, such a facility will already be made available to you in most of the honeymoon packages             

Stroll through the beaches of Kovalam

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Every couple would love to spend their leisure time together on the beaches. The golden seashores of Kovalam would allow you to have those special moments along with your sweetest spouse on your most memorable honeymoon days. You may just stroll on these beaches by holding your hands to each other. You have got the choice of selecting any beaches of your choice from either the Hawa beach, Samudra beach or the Lighthouse Beach. However, the best beach that is most preferred by the couples is Samudra beach.    

Indulge in some adventurous water sports

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Although this is sound a bit awkward for the honeymooners, it can still be experienced by the adventure-loving couples. Moreover, the beaches of Kovalam are only of its kind that offers water activities such as parasailing, waterskiing, snorkeling, windsurfing and scuba diving. There will be expert divers to accompany you in this nerve chilling venture. So you don’t have to get worried on any means while you are indulging them in here in Kovalam. In addition, in this situation, you may analyze the endurance level of your partner if required.

Your memories of the time you had spent together with your significant other are to last forever. And if such experiences are acquired from any beautiful location like that of Kovalam, it would be special and close to your heart. For all such hassle-free and memorable honeymoon trip, you may contact Gogeo Holidays. The reputed tour company based in Kochi had curated the most romantic honeymoon packages on which you may spend some quality time with your beloved at any beautiful travel locations. They can be availed at the most affordable rates. Furthermore, if the newlyweds are wishing to engage in any adventure activities, that too can be fulfilled when demanded.

A Few Salient Features of Agasthyarkoodam – The Breathtaking Peak in Kerala

Kerala is a gift of the Arabian Sea. The state is abundantly blessed with natural resources. It is also called as ‘God’s own country’ and no wonder why the state has been bejewelled with the title. The marvellous beauty of the state lures travellers from various parts of the world. Words are insufficient to express the beauty of the state. The meandering rivers bubbling over rocks, sparkling waterfalls flowing through the thickly populated woodlands, undisturbed backwaters, avalanching movement of sand in pristine beaches, emerald forest ornamented with wilderness and tweaks of birds, magnificent bowl-shaped valleys and awe-inspiring mountains blanketed with the lush green carpets of tea and coffee plantations and many more. One whole essay would not be enough to beautify the charm of the state. The state is adorned with many historic monuments and herbal rejuvenation centers. Most of the foreigner avails of tour packages for participating in various kinds of Ayurveda treatments. The climate of Kerala is favourable not only to Indians but also to people from other nations. It is being a decade that the state started to give prominence to the tourism sector. And as part of enhancing tourism sectors, many disquieting hill stations and historic streets were being unveiled. Thousands of travellers visit the state by purchasing the packages for a cheap price to explore the magnificent gem hidden in unexplored parts of Kerala. Kerala is a haven for adventure lovers. The breathtaking hill stations and offers immense chances to improve their skills in trekking and rock climbing. It is not possible to describe each and every sparkling destination of the state with its peculiarities. I would like to dedicate this essay to explain the salient features of the famous hill called Agasthyarkoodam.

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Agastyarkoodam hill is the second tallest peaks in Kerala. It is situated in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala. It is one of the utterly bare and precipitous hill stations in Kerala. It is situated in the premises of Neyyar Wildlife sanctuary with a height of 1868 m. The hill is known as Pothigai Malai hill in Tamil Nadu. The slopes of the hills are blanketed with purple orchids. The hill shelters to various types of birds. Famously the hill is known for trekking but most of the Hindu believers consider the hill as a pilgrimage. On the top of the hill one could find a statue of Agasthya sage withholding a stone crusher on one hand and a bowl of medicines on other hands.  Worshipers climb to the top and offer prayers to him. He belongs to one of the seven sages (Saptarishis) of Hindu ideology. He is considered the father of Indian traditional medicines and Tamil literature. The surroundings of the hill are occupied with a tribal community called ‘Kanis’. They are engaged in various activities conducted by the forest department.

The Story Behind the Agasthyarkoodam Hill

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For long years women were not allowed to climb to the top of the hill as the Agasthya muni was celibate i.e. Bhramachary and intervention of women will affect the purity of the mountain. But 2 years ago the ban on women climbing the hill was removed and in January 2019 the first lady to conquer the mountain was Dhanya Sanal. Followed to her 100 women registered their names for trekking to the Agasthyarkoodam hill. There is also a story revolving around the hill is when all the sages (munis or maharishis) went to Himalaya for attending the wedding of Lord Shiva and Lord Parvathi the tilt to one side. Then Lord Shiva insisted Agasthya Muni to go the southern portion and balance the earth. He obeyed the commands. Gradually he liked the place and decided to reside there.

Trekking to Agasthyarkoodam Hills

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Unlike other hills in Kerala, you can plan out trekking to Agasthyarkoodam hill when you wished to do. As aforementioned the hill is dedicated to Agasthya sage and hence trekking on it is possible only in the month of January i.e. the trekking routes will be opened on Makaravilaku till Shivarathri. Actually there are two routes that lead to the hill. First is through the Neyyar wildlife sanctuary and that is closed and the second route is Bonacaud village. The village is situated 69 km from the Trivandrum International Airport. So travellers coming from Delhi, Punjab, and Bangalore can either travel in local transport or can purchase the tour packages from Dream Holidays and the tour guides will guide you to the village. Trekking the hill will require three days. Before reaching the Bonacaud village trekkers have to avail of an entry pass of INR 500. Per day 100 pass will be issued. The issuing of passes will be started a couple of days before the Makaravilaku. Trekkers can purchase online also.

Itinerary for Trekking

  • 1st-day Bonacaud – Athiramula Base Camp

Travellers will have to reach the Bonacaud base by 7 am. It will take around for registration and verification. Do not forget to carry the necessary identity cards. Collect the food coupons and purchase the water bottles. You can start your trekking by 8 am. It will take 6 hrs to reach the Athiramula base camp. Over there you can rest and encash your coupon and satiate your hunger. After refreshing, you can stroll through the jungle. Do not make a loud noise as it will disturb the animals. You can build a camp and can spend your night in it. The canteen in the base camp works from 6.30 am to 8.30 pm, therefore, collect the food coupons for the next day before you sleep.

  • 2nd-day Athiramula Base Camp- Agasthayrkoodam Hill

After having light breakfast you can continue your trekking to the hill. It will take approximately 5 hrs to reach the top of the hill. On reaching the top of the hill you can capture the pictures of serene nature and soak yourself in nature’s bliss. Don’t forget to pack your lunch. Spend a few hours on the hill and return your journey before the sunsets. You can rest in the tent in the Athriamulla base camp.

  • 3rd-day Athiramulla Base Camp – Bonacaud

Followed to the breakfast travellers can descend to the village. It will take 6 hrs to reach the slope. From there you can return to your hometown. If you are new to Thiruvananthapuram you can visit the historic places of the district before concluding the trip.

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Dream Holidays are one such travel operator in Kerala that curates special packages for adventure enthusiasts. If you have any concerns regarding the same without any hesitation you can contact their customer representatives.

A Blissful Travel Diary Through Andaman

The things which make me feel alive and happy are travel and food. Being raised by a typical Malayali family traveling and exploring new places was not always a big yes for me.  But the story changed entirely when I moved to Chennai for my Job. Here I found someone who is a super foodie and travel junky, Jeffrin, my colleague. Every weekend we went on a trip and he is the one who introduced to me the different aspects of traveling. One such fine day he sent me an article about Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The exciting and delightful thing in Andaman, the food, culture, adventures. Without any second thought, we just decided to make a trip to Andaman, the land of white sandy beaches where the sun kisses the crystal clear turquoise lagoons.

On the next day, we pick some random travel agencies from which Andaman Tour travel is the one in which I feel more genuine and having some amazing tour packages. After all the planning and plotting we started our journey. From the Chennai International airport, we took Spicejet to reach Port Blair, which takes approximately 2 hours to reach there. And is the most convenient and cheapest way to reach Andaman from Chennai. On the way to our hotel, I was really surprised by seeing the dashing beauty of this heavenly paradise. After a healthy breakfast which includes an authentic Andaman local cuisine, we started our first day in Andaman. While planning our journey to Andaman we both made our wishlist clearly so on the basis of that our very first wish was to fulfill a deep dive in the enchanting emerald green water to explore the mystery of its beauty.


We moved to Barracuda city in Havelock Islands for our first water adventure. He was so excited and keep on asking about the finest details about scuba diving but on the other hand, I was nervous and confused about my choice because I consider myself a hydrophobic. But keeping my fear aside we just dive into the turquoise crystal clear water. For a moment I feel very panic but the guide so friendly and helping. Trust me it was so refreshing, swimming near to a spectacular array of fishes, sea turtles, Batoids, multi-colored corals reefs and so on. It was so rejuvenating and it completely wipes out my fear of water.

Being a shopaholic, the next thing which I was eagerly waiting for was street shopping.  In every nook and crook, you will find a shop or stall with a huge collection of amazing handicrafts. From Aberdeen Bazaar to Delanipur, this Island will offer you a spectacular shopping experience for sure. In which Port Blair is the busiest zone with a vibrant array of shops that sells a wide variety of local handicrafts. From which I brought some shell jewelry and pearls for my niece and for myself. Shell jewelry is one of the most famous local handicrafts among tourists than precious jewelry.  While he was so busing in purchasing fishbone articles and it seems quite funny and weird for me. But then I came to know it is one of the top-selling handicrafts in Andaman and widely used as home decor. It is usually made from either dead or eaten fishes.


After a 3 course heavy lunch we went for sightseeing. The travel agent suggested the rare view of turtles nesting in the Diglipur beach. This amazing process can only be witnessed from December to January where the turtles go on through its gestation period. We are lucky enough to watch this fascinating process and it was the first time that I’m seeing a huge turtle in my life. They are quite huge from the normal turtles and not afraid of the crowd. He was really tried hard to impress and pamper the turtles by feeding them fruits, gently rubbing through its body but the turtles were really don’t care about his existence and which was extremely funny to watch. December to January is the best time to explore Andaman where the climate is so pleasing and also so many amazing tour packages are available during this season.

Cellular jail was the next thing on my wishlist which I really wish to see because of the movie “Kalapani”, but Jeffrin was still in the mood for adventures. By seeing his extreme craving for adventure we have decided to do Parasailing in the Elephant beach in Havelock Island. Since it is a customized tour package it was really easy and exciting to fulfill our wishes in Andaman.  Parasailing is a recreational kiting activity where you can fly in the air like a bird and the most magnificent part about it was the alluring aerial view of the heavenly Island. It costs about an INR 3500 per person but it totally worth the money. One thing which was common in our wishlist was Barren Island. First I didn’t believe about the volcano eruption but the stunning view of the Island was really breathtaking. Barren Island is about 138 km away from Port Blair and it is the only active volcano in India. Barren Island comes under the restricted zone and special permits are necessary for the visit, even though thousands of tourists are coming here to experience this spectacular phenomenon.

barren island

After all the adventures and shopping we both are so tired and really needed something refreshing. So we just entered to the first pub near to Govind Nagar beach in Havelock. The pub was so classy, sophisticated and well furnished. While I was enjoying my Martini and he asked me to come to go for a walk to experience a romantic sunset glimpse. Your Andaman journey doesn’t complete if you’re not enjoying a lovey-dovey sunset with your loved one near to a beachside. After a captivating sunset, we go to our hotel and the next morning I feel so sad and jealous of the blessed souls who are so lucky to spend their whole life in this paradise. We packed our bags with a lot of sweet and beautiful memories and said bye to Andaman.

The 5 Essential Museums You Should Not Miss on Your Andaman Trip

No one would ever expect that this exotic archipelago does encompass such a rich history of both its indigenous tribe and its British settlers. The reminiscent of their existence here in the forms of their ancient structures such as the places they lived in and activities they had been indulged in times immemorial are made observable to the present and the future. All these pieces of evidence are anyhow collected, protected and preserved for the posterity here in the same land where all of these had happened. Moreover, when visiting these museums with the utmost care, you would get to analyze how the whole picture of Andaman was and how that had impacted the present condition of the islets.

The following are the essential museums you are not supposed to miss while you are holidaying in Andaman.

Cellular Jail Museum

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Being the largest Museum established in Andamans, it would take longer to roam around and analyze the exhibits of Cellular Jail Museum. The thought-provoking historical premises of the Cellular Jail of Port Blair would indeed as a whole will resemble a museum. Or in other words, they are meant to function as a museum where the present generation and the posterity may visit for further research on the British settlers. With the light and sound show organized in the museum, you would get to witness the mishaps the prisoners had to face during the erstwhile freedom struggle. Moreover, the jail constructed here was one of the scariest places ever made by the British colonial masters, as they are situated in the most remote places that anybody could think of. Now, its remnants are very artistically set by the administrative institution of the museum.

Samudrika Naval Marine Museum

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Situated almost in the heart of Port Blair, the Samudrika Naval Marine Museum is meant for protecting the marine life inhabiting these environmentally rich regions of Andaman. Even though they are known as Naval Marine Museum, there are more exhibits of aquatic life such as the corals, fishes and other fauna, unlike the fighting ships found in the Navy Aircraft Museum of VizagFurthermore, the visitors could get to widen their knowledge about the marine life from the exhibits of dormant corals and seashells that had existed underneath the azure ocean waters of Andaman for ages. You may get to behold at those nature marvels when you are indulged in activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving that would be readily visible in the tour packages based in Andaman. But you would only scientifically get to know them on the tour from your visit to the museum.

 Forest Museum

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The art of Andaman can experience to its fullest in this sophisticated Forest Museum of Port Blair that is located in the historic premises of Saw Mill in Chatham Island. The unique artefacts that are exhibited in the museum were sculpted from the timbers of Satinwood, Padauk, Peuma, Gurjam and Marble. You would get to stroll around the beautifully set garden composed of endangered flora and the stuff related to wild animals in the zoo adjoining the museum.  So the travellers of Andaman would pull over their vehicle and visit the museum in large groups, every now and then. Various woodworks installed here say much about the adventure and the art culture of Andamanese archipelago. Therefore, you must take your effort to drop in the museum on your mandatory visit to Chatham Saw Mill.

Zonal Anthropological Museum

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Owned and maintained by the Anthropological Survey of India, the museum offers a wide perspective to its visitors. The travellers visiting the Zonal Anthropological Museum would get to know briefly about the indigenous tribes who had dwelled in these islets namely, North Sentinelese, Onges, Great Andamanese and Jarawas. Various sections of the museum are meant for each of these tribes. However, among which they are more into the Shompens and Nicobarese as these Mongoloid tribes are separately set in the ethnic section of the Museum. The installations and exhibits of the museum will make you aware of the hostility of the most dangerous tribe of the world that is the Jarawas. Despite the ban of the entry of the remotes places where they live in, visitors would now find the reasons for such a restriction once visited the informative museum.

Zoological Survey of India Museum

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Yet another museum located in Port Blair is meant for the preservation of marine species. When you are visiting the museum on your tour, you would get to see and widen your knowledge about their survival of various other specimens of wildlife. The aquatic creatures preserved here consist of starfish, corals, anemones, whales and the dead fossils along with their skeletons. While strolling through the premises of the museum you would get to witness the birds such as hawk and parakeets stuffed scientifically. Moreover, these remnants of underwater marvels are collected from the adjoining Andaman Sea. Therefore, the Zoological Survey of India Museum is preferred by the researchers and science students to study about the exclusivity of the marine life around these parts of the Andaman Islands or the group of islets as a whole. Apart from all these, the museum is home to a sizeable population of diverse kinds of beetles, butterflies, birds and other mammals.


Besides these intriguing museums, other various spectacular experiences should never be missed while holidaying in the surprising islands of Andaman. There are beaches, historical monuments, shopping places and above all that the most exciting water sports. For indulging in all such experiences and beholding such marvels of nature quite effortlessly, you may contact Andaman Tour Travel. They are one of the best operators of Andaman based in Port Blair. The efficient travel firm will aid you in finding the best accommodation and cab facilities wherever you are wishing to stay and the sort of activities you are wishing to indulge in. Moreover, they had also curated some diverse tour packages with the inclusion of sightseeing to different scenic locations and that too at incredible rates.

Top 6 Stunning Sun-Kissed Beaches in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most captivating cities in the United Arab Emirates. To study the latest changes in the technologies, fashion, education, hospitality services and many more one should definitely visit the eccentric emirate of the United Arab Emirates called Dubai. Dubai is the only place on the planet where impossible things take place. And the skyscrapers are the perfect examples for it. The city is also known as ‘the city of superlatives’. The world’s tallest skyscraper Burj Khalifa is situated in the downtown of Dubai. Burj Al Arab is one of the luxurious hotels in the United Arab Emirates. Even though it is a 5-star hotel it offers services of a 7-star hotel. One could grasp the stories of ancient Dubai by strolling through the streets of Dubai Creek and also a tall mirror is built-in Dubai called Dubai Frame that exhibits the old Dubai as well as new Dubai. If you want to see the largest candy shop avail of Dubai tour package from any places like Ahmedabad, Bengaluru and etc. and visit the candy store. Students and romantic couples will love to indulge in snow activities in the snow park in Emirates Mall. The observation decks situated on two floors of Burj Khalifa will provide a fascinating panoramic view of the entire Dubai city. Dubai has undertaken several new projects such as the Dubai Museum, Bluewater Island, Aladdin city and many more. No wonder if one says that people in Dubai never sleep and how it could not be possible if a King with strong determination and imagination is ruling the emirate. There is only one man behind the tremendous success behind Dubai is the most respectable Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The key to the prosperity of Dubai is the oil fields. They export oil and petroleum products to various countries in the world. I don’t think that the emirate only gives importance to technology and infrastructure. They also give equal importance to entertainment and sports too. The amusement parks like Bollywood Park, Wild Wadi Adventure Park, Hollywood Parka and many more are the exquisite examples for the same. Apart from these, they encourage water adventure activities like parasailing, jet riding, banana rides and many. All these sports take place in the sun-roasted beaches of Dubai. Just like the oil fields, one could enormously see beaches in various corners of Dubai. The following sections will help you to study more about it.

1. Sunset Beach

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Sunset Beach is one of the famous beaches in Dubai. It is situated between Arabian Gulf and Umm-Suqeium beach. The beach is famous among families and youngsters. The beach has been seen in many selfies and is it gives a spectacular view of sunsets which other beaches do not give. You can indulge in various beaches activities over there. The beach provides all the basic facilities like showers, washrooms, changing cubicles, and Smart Palms that supply free Wi-Fi to beach lovers. To enjoy the strength of tidal waves one avail of the surfing activities. Tourists of any age can try it. For swimmers, there is good news it is the only beach in the whole of Dubai that allows swimming in the night! Isn’t it interesting?

2. JBR Beach

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JBR beach is located between the Arabian Gulf and Dubai Marina. The beach is located close to the famous Jumeirah Beach Park. It is famous in Dubai and has been accredited with the title ‘Blue Flag Beach’. The certification is credited to the beaches that strictly follow the international standard. The beach park is an ideal destination for small children and adults. The park offers numerous facilities to entertain visitors such as cafes, barbeques, play stations, recreational centers, sports activities and many more.

3. Kite Beach

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Kite beach as the name denotes is famous for kite surfers. The beach is an elongation of Umm Suqeium beach. The beach is famous for various kinds of sports activities like sandboarding, kite surfing and many more. Visitors could fill their tummies with food form the mobile trucks. Along with it, you can beef dishes in the restaurant on the beach. The beach has a 14 km long jogging track. All above this is one could a clear view of Burj Khalifa- the tallest building in the world.

4. La Mer

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La Mer beach is one of the few beaches that provide cent percent of entertainment to its travelers. Thousands of people visit the beach every year from various places like Hyderabad, Delhi, and Mumbai by availing of the tour package to Dubai. The main attractions of the beach are laguna waterpark – a theme park with five water slides, playground for kids, lazy river ride, and water hammocks and many more. Visitors can also practice kayaking, flyboarding and wakeboarding and etc.

5. Black Palace Beach

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Black Palace Beach is sandwiched between Palm Jumeirah and Burj AL Arab. The beach is also called as a ‘Secret Beach’. Over here travelers cannot find any basic facilities such as changing rooms, or sunbeds, etc. if travelers are lucky they can find the luxury yacht of the Sheikh.

6. Al Mamzar Beach

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Al Mamzar beach is all-time favorite beaches for families in Dubai. The four corners of the beach are guarded by safeguards. The beach comprises of swimming pools, picnic spots, playgrounds and many more. The beach gets highly crowded on Fridays with families and small kids. The beach provides basic facilities like changing rooms, bathrooms, and etc. travelers can avail of small tents with air-conditioner equipped in it. The famous Sharjah Palace hotel is situated close to Al Mamzar Beach.

From the above paragraphs, you might have understood various beaches in Dubai. Spending a few hours on the beach will help you to rejuvenate. If you are lured by reading the above sections you can avail of tour packages from Dubai Tour Trawell, a leading travel operator in India. They always curate packages by focusing on the customer’s satisfaction. If you have any doubts regarding their services, you can contact their customer representatives without any hesitation.

Mango Meadows – An exquisite place for children and couples

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It is always said that life changes when you get married. And it is true in my case. I was just recollecting my old days when my mother used to wake me up early in the morning. Even though I have an alarm in my room I just open my eyes to stop it. Again I will cover my face with the blanket and enjoy my sleep. Those olden days were the glorious days of my life. And it is not for me alone…. It is the same for each and everyone who is reading this blog. In my deep sleep, I was recollecting my school, and college days where I wholly depended on my mother for every minute thing. She would be always busy in the kitchen in the early morning but whenever I call her… she would run to me to solve my issues… suddenly I felt like something was crawling on me… and it continued for a minute …. I thought it would be some ant… therefore I did not open my eyes and continued to be part of the dream… but something again interrupted me …. But this time it was not the ant but something else… someone was hitting with a hard material… without any second thought, I decided to uncover myself and to my surprise, it was my second child beating me with his water bottle… he is the only person in our house who wakes up so early that many a time even if we forget to set the alarm he will be there to wake up us…. thank God for gifting him for us… by the time my husband woke up and we together sort out all the household chores… later we both got ready for our office… he used to drop me to the office everyday…. That day I shared my dream that I saw in the morning and old school days with my husband…. I really miss those days I told him…. I expressed my wish to go back to the olden days…. for a moment he remained silent… and then told that we can plan an exotic vacation during the summer holidays. I was thrilled… he asked me to find a fascinating destination for us as well as for kids.

Kerala familytour package

As we both had a shortage of leaves I did not surf any places outside Kerala. More than the duration of the trip it is the way how much we enjoy it… therefore we decided to search places in Kerala itself… many places came into my mind…. at first we decided to plan a stunning trip to hill stations like Munnar…but when I discussed the same to my hubby.. he said that it will be boring for kids…as our kids are too small and they cannot enjoy the adventurous activities… then we thought of amusement parks…but over there only kids can enjoy and we will have to look after them and we will not be able to celebrate the trip in our own way… even spending more than an hour on the computer we were not able to finalize the destination…hence with disappointment, we shut down the system… to refresh my mind I started to spend some time surfing social media sites …. suddenly I came across the family pictures of my friend … she and her family had an amazing vacation somewhere in Kerala…after zooming one of the pictures I got the name of the place… it is the Mango Meadows… it is for the first time I am hearing the place… I showed the same to my hubby… he found it interesting and asked me to inquire about it to her… the very next day I contacted her … and asked about the place…she told me that it is the Mango Meadows in Kottayam. It is the biodiversity park and best place for vacationing… she gave me their contact numbers… before ending the call I ask her whether the park is suitable for couples she replied that the park is suitable for both couples as well as for kids… there are separate sections for kids and adults. Therefore we availed of the family tour packages from Gogeo Holidays. The name of the travel operator was suggested by my friend… we utilized the online services.

cheapKeralafamily tour package

It took nearly two hours to reach the Mango Meadows. It is situated in Kadathuruthy in Kottayam district. It is one of the largest biodiversity parks in the world. The park is sprawled in an area of 30 acres with more than 4500 varieties of trees and various species of birds and animals could be seen there. It was Mr. Kurian’s dream to build an amusing agricultural and he took 14 years to accomplish his dream. As my friend told the park comprises separate sections for couples and kids. For kids, there are amusement parks and for couples, there is a special place called ‘valentine’s corner’ and only married couples are permitted to enter. As we both were busy we hardly found time to spend with each other and this valentine’s corner really helped us to spend some quality time. We indulged in many activities like badminton, cycling, shooting, pedal boating and may more. For more than a decade it was for the first time I was riding the bicycle… It took half an hour to regain the cycle balance. And we also had a cycle competition. And in that our kids defeated us. Followed to it we played badminton too… by noon we savoured traditional Kerala foods in their restaurant the food was served in a long banana leaf. Over there we saw many families coming from various parts of India as well as foreign countries by availing of the family tour package. It is the traditional custom of Kerala to serve food on banana leaf…it was a new experience for many of the non-Keralites. Followed to it we visited the sacred grove called ‘sarpakavu’… It is the place where serpents were protected. Then we moved to the ‘Nakshtraval’ it is the place where you can find trees corresponding to your zodiac signs. Many of the foreigners found it difficult to identify the trees related to their birth star and I helped them. It was a proud moment for me. We clicked on many lovely photographs. In the night we opted for treehouse to refresh. It was a mind-blowing experience for us. It was for the first time we spend a night in the midst of trees. As aforementioned it was our son who wakes up early in the morning. On that day it was the melodious chirp that called us back from the deep sleep. A one day tour really gifted us life long memories. We are really thankful to the Gogeo Holidays for organizing such a wonderful trip and also to our friend for suggesting this place.