Top 4 Places for Trekking in Andaman Island

The stupendous archipelago of India is known as Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The island is famous among travelers for many reasons. People often tour the island for rejuvenation and relaxation. There was a time when the Andaman and Nicobar Island was unknown to the external world. The islands were once used to imprison the Indian freedom fighters in the cellular jail situated in Port Blair. Over there the prisoners were brutally torched. Now the jail has been declared as a national monument by the Indian government. Studies reveal that the islands comprise of more than 500 islands and among them, only 37 islands have been explored till now. The magnificent beauty of the islands, crystal blue waters, amazing species of various birds and animals, sun-kissed and silver-lined beaches and many more lure the travelers from various parts of the world. Travelers move to the island only to participate in a wide array of water sports such as snorkeling, scuba diving, jet riding, banana boat ride and many more.

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Scuba diving needs prior training whereas snorkeling can be practiced by people of any age. Most of the aqua venture sports demand a little bit of courage whereas sea walking requires only enthusiasm. Visitors will have to wear only a helmet and should walk in the water under the guidance of a professional trainer. Indulging in water sports in Andaman will take the travelers to a magical world of marine life and coral reefs. You will come across several species of the aquatic world that you were unaware of it. As the island is situated far away from the modern world it offers immense solitude and calm ambiance. And this is the factor that attracts thousands of travelers especially honeymooners to the island. Among the various islands in Andaman, Port Blair is considered as the busiest island as it acts as the governing seat of the island. Also, it carries the only airport of the island called Veer Savarkar International Airport. Havelock Island and Neil Island are the apt destinations on the island to view the scintillating beauty of nature. It is hard to believe that there is still a group of people who love to live in the nomadic lifestyle such as tribal people who are mainly seen in Jarwa Island and Sentinel Island. But communications to these people are strictly prohibited by the government.

Often people believe that the island is only famous for aqua venture sport and beach activities. But most of them do not know the island is equally famous for adventure activities such as trekking, mountaineering, and bird spotting. Travelers can be part of the enthralling activities by availing tour packages from Andaman Tour Travel. Every year they craft exciting packages to the travelers from Bangalore, Pune, and Mumbai to explore Andaman. There are some people who visit the island only to participate in adventure activities. The following paragraphs will help you to learn more about the places where trekking is widely practiced.

1. Chidiya Tapu and Kala Pahad

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Chidiya Tapu is situated in the southern parts of Andaman. The place is a haven for varieties of birds. Bird lovers from various parts of the world visit this place to capture the lovely photographs of the birds especially migratory birds. The place is not only famous for different kinds of birds but also for the gorgeous sunset. Most of the people are unaware of the possibility of trekking in the hilltops. Trekking is usually done from the Chidiya Tapu beach and it covers the ‘Kala Pahad’ or ‘Black Mountains’. The trekking over there requires only 40-60 minutes. Some may need less time than it. It depends on each individual. On reaching the top of the hill you can click beautiful snaps of yours and your family and friends with the serene nature as the background.

2. Mount Harriet

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Mount Harriet is situated in Madhuban in south Andaman. It is regarded as the highest peaks of the island. The place holds unique species of fauna and flora. Recently a new species of frog was founded from the place. Along with them mammals, green marine turtles, and moths were also seen there. The amazing creatures of fauna and flora are protected under the shadow of tall trees. One can start trekking from the Elephant training camp which is 16 kilometers away from the mountain.

3. Saddle Peak and Alfred Caves

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With 732 meter height from the mean sea level, the Saddle Peak is considered as one of the highest peaks in Andaman. While trekking one could see the Alfred caves and the transparent river. The peak is abundantly blessed with indigenous species of 6 trees, 13 birds and 36 insects. Alfred caves are formed by the combination of 22 caves. The only river that flows through this peak is the Kalpong River.

4. Baratang Caves

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Baratang caves are famous for rock climbing. The cave is formed due to the deposition of limestone years ago. Once you reach the island you can trek through the dense forest. During the trekking, you will come across mangrove creeks. It needs only 15-20 minutes to trek the caves. Near to Baratang Island, you can spot the nomadic tribe called the Jarwa tribe. As aforementioned interaction with the Jarwa by the visitors is strictly prohibited. Don’t forget to carry a camera to capture the stunning pictures of the interior of the caves and also its beautiful surroundings.

From the above paragraphs, you might have clearly understood the places in the Andaman that appreciate trekking widely. As the mountains on the island are not so scary when compared to mountains in our country, trekking in Andaman will definitely boost one’s enthusiasm and courage. There are many more places on the island that showcases a dazzling part of nature. Avail of the packages from the prominent travel operators and be part of the virgin nature as soon as possible. If you have queries regarding the services of Andaman Tour Travel without any hesitation you can directly contact their customer executives. Don’t waste your time. Grab the package before it expires.

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